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Monday, September 25, 2017

Geese Making Home For Themselves At Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech Campus & Adjacent Road - Rider Gets Off Red Bus To Shoo Away Hug Geese On Street So Bus May Pass

The new Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech school has not only attracted residents, tourists and Tech Leaders to it's beautiful new campus, but a large number of Canadian Geese appear to have found a new home there too. Here's just a few of the Geese I saw on the Cornell Tech campus last Saturday.

Roosevelt Island long-timer, Nina Lublin, who has:
... likely seen & heard just about everything transportation &/or pedestrian safety-related issue here on RI...
shares this message she sent to Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Transportation Director Cy Opperman last Saturday evening about the geese:
Well, thought you could use a good laugh tonight -- and please do not get mad at either the driver or me. Everything we did was careful & safe.

Coming north on the West Channel Rd just north of Southpoint Park & before the Cornell Cafe, the road was blocked by about 15-20 or so of the biggest Canadian geese I've ever seen on RI.

Our driver slowed to a crawl, then stopped completely, & honked his horn gently a few times, but the geese would not budge to either side.

He then carefully stopped the bus, I jumped off & started shooing them to one side. Easier said than done. But after about 2 minutes, I cleared the roadway, got back on the bus, he thanked me& we proceeded.

It being RI, of course there were visitors on the promenade watching & taking pix w. their phones, but not helping. I may be somewhere in the Twitterverse -- or worse.
Also, be careful where you walk on the Cornell Tech campus grounds, particularly the hilly meadow area - goose droppings everywhere.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Take An East River NYC Ferry Ride From Roosevelt Island To Astoria - Sit Back And Enjoy The View

Have you taken a ride on the new Roosevelt Island ferry service yet? It's fantastic and the best $2.75 you'll spend.

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the view.

Join me on this 6 & 1/2 minute ride today from

from Roosevelt Island to Astoria.

After a ten minute walk from the Astoria Ferry dock, I stopped in to the Astoria Craft Bar & Kitchen for a little Green Bay Packer football watching and Cider.

The new East River Ferry service makes it alot easier to check out many of the excellent restaurants and bars in Astoria and Long Island City.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Long Lines Greet Roosevelt Island BubbleCool Bubble Tea Cafe Soft Opening Today, Try It Out - They're Hiring Too

Long lines greeted

the soft opening

of Roosevelt Island's newest shop on Main Street today - BubbleCool Bubble Tea Cafe.

The BubbleCool owners told me today the soft opening will continue for the next 10 days and then they will have a Grand Opening.

Bubble Cool plans to to be open daily from 10 AM to Midnight.

It's good to have a new Roosevelt Island retail opening.

Still waiting for Nisi/Trellis, the new Mexican restaurant and Cafe/Panini Bar to open.

Take A Look At Some Of The Roosevelt Island Fall For Arts Festival Murals Painted Today - Wonderful Job By All The Artists

Take a look at some of the Roosevelt Island Fall For Arts Festival murals painted today.

The murals can be seen at Southpoint Park and Rivercross Lawn.

Wonderful job by all the artists.

Roosevelt Island NYC OEM Emergency Preparedness Fair Sunday, September 24 At Firefighters Field - Tips And Info On How To Prepare For Hurricanes And All Types Of Emergencies

The NYC Office Of Emergency Management (NYC OEM) is sponsoring NYC Runs 5K & 10K Squirrels Stampede race on Roosevelt Island happening Sunday September 24 including an Emergency Preparedness Fair.

According to NYC OEM:
It’s National Preparedness Month, and the New York City Emergency Management Department is helping Roosevelt Islanders prepare with a preparedness fair and marathon on Sunday, September 24th. The NYCRUNS 5K&10K races will begin at the Roosevelt Island Tram Station – 405 Main Street – with runners heading north along the Manhattan side of the island, looping around Lighthouse Park, then heading south down the Queens side of the island back to the tram station.

NYC Emergency Management Commissioner Esposito will kick off the marathon, and NYC Emergency Management staff and partners will be teaching New Yorkers to prepare for all types of emergencies. The preparedness fair will feature tips and information about preparing for hurricanes, how to make an emergency plan, how to pack a Go Bag, and more.

National Preparedness Month is a month-long, nationwide campaign, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, to promote emergency preparedness and encourage volunteerism. Each September, the NYC Emergency Management Department organizes activities throughout the city and distributes information, host demonstrations, and leads preparedness presentations.
The Roosevelt Island NYC OEM Emergency Preparedness Fair will take at Firefighters Field tomorrow from 8 AM - 11:30 AM.

You can download the new Notify NYC emergency preparedness app
and learn more about hurricane preparedness from NYC OEM.

Friday, September 22, 2017

New Yorkers Helping Puerto Rico Devastated By Hurricane Maria - Roosevelt Island Donations Being Taken At Saturday's Farmers Market Tomorrow

New Yorkers are helping provide disaster relief to Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico.

Roosevelt Island residents can help out with donations of needed items at the Farmers Market tomorrow.

According to Help Now NYC:
Donation Relief

Making a financial contribution to a volunteer agency involved in disaster relief is the best way of helping people in need after a disaster.

Donate cash to The Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City. Donations are being accepted for Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria.

Currently, the City encourages donation of items that are critically needed for recovery. These items will be delivered to families directly affected by the storm. Below is a list of items New York City is collecting to send to those affected by Hurricane Maria:

Baby food
First aid supplies
Feminine hygiene products

Please note the City is only collecting the items listed above. All donated items must be non-perishable, not second-hand, nor contain any liquids of any kind. Open or unsealed donations of food or hygiene supplies will not be accepted. Wet wipes will also not be accepted. Any other items will be kindly returned....

Donations are also needed for the victims of the Mexico earthquake.