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Monday, December 10, 2018

RIRA $3.250 Public Purpose Funds Recommendation Slap In Face Of Roosevelt Island Seniors Says Center Exec Director - RIOC Proposes To Revise And Increase Grant For Programs To More Than 10 Grand At Dec 13 Board Meeting

As previously reported, the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) 2018-19 Public Purpose Funds recommendations to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) for the Carter Burden Roosevelt Island Senior Center was significantly less than other Roosevelt Island non profits:

... The RIRA recommendations ranged from $9,750 to $29,500 for 9 of the 10 Roosevelt Island non profit organizations. Left far behind was the Carter Burden Roosevelt Island Senior Center who received a recommendation for much less - $3,250.

The final decision on distribution of Public Purpose Funds is made by RIOC...
During the December 4 Carter Burden Roosevelt Island Senior Center General Meeting, Executive Director Lisa Fernandez said that decision was a:
... Slap in the face of the senior population. You don't care as much as a cat. You don't care as much as the dirt. We all care, we all matter. We all matter equally...

Ms Fernandez incorrectly attributed the recommendation to RIOC rather than RIRA.

But, the Carter Burden Roosevelt Island Senior Center members will have some good news this Holiday Season thanks to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC).
Revising the RIRA recommendations, RIOC plans to grant the Carter Burden Roosevelt Island Senior Center $10,588 in Public Purpose Funds later this week during the Thursday, December 13 Board of Directors meeting.

According to this November 16 memo from RIOC President Susan Rosenthal to the RIOC Board of Directors:
Attached are the Roosevelt Island Resident Association Public Purpose Grant recommendations for the fiscal year 2018-19. RIRA conducted evaluations through its Public Purpose Funds Committee (“Committee”). The Committee took into account information provided in the applications and at public interview sessions, while considering evaluative criteria provided by RIOC. This year, the budget for grants has increased 50% for a total of $150,000. Grants will remain open through March 31, 2019.

RIOC is also in receipt of the annexed letter from William Dionne, Executive Director of the Carter Burden Network (“CBN”), vis-à-vis RIRA’s recommended allocation of $3,250 to CBN (16% of CBN’s $20,000 request). In sum, the letter highlights that seniors account for 25% of the Island’s community and that CBN’s budget for instructor-led programming is severely underfunded. Only 5% of their budget of $50,120 for these classes is funded by NYC Department for the Aging. Absent sufficient Public Purpose funds, CBN would be adversely affected in its ability to provide this much needed programming. Also attached is CBN’s presentation to the community, showcasing their achievements and the critical need for these funds.

In light of the foregoing, we recommend that the Board modify RIRA’s recommendations to all other applicants at a modest rate of 5% and increase CBN’s award by that amount. The proposed awards are summarized in the table below.

Below is letter from Carter Burden Network Executive Director Bill Dionne to RIOC requesting an increase to the RIRA Public Purpose Funds recommendation

and more from the Carter Burden Roosevelt Island Senior Center General Meeting on the subject

including discussion of Roosevelt Island Senior Center funding sources.

RIRA declined to comment on reasons for their Public Purpose Funds recommendations for the various Roosevelt Island non profit organizations and to specify the evaluative criteria provided by RIOC.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Happy Chanukah From Roosevelt Island - Join The Chabad Of Roosevelt Island For Family Public Menorah Lighting Saturday December 8 At Rivercross Lawn - Pass The Latkes Please & Spin the Dreidel With The Maccabeats

The Chabad of Roosevelt Island invite you to the Annual Family Public Menorah Lighting for the 7th Chanukah Light at the Rivercross Lawn

on Saturday evening December 8 (6:30 PM):
Come together to celebrate Jewish pride!

Enjoy hot latkes, hot drinks, music, dreidels and other  ttreats.

For more information contact

Happy Chanukah from Roosevelt Island

and the Maccabeats. Have fun spinning the dreidel

and enjoy the Latkes.


History of Chanukah here.

Roosevelt Island Transportation This Weekend - No Roosevelt Island F Train Service From Manhattan, Both Tram Cabins At Full Capacity And NYC Ferry Winter RI Service Schedule

No Roosevelt Island F Train service from Manhattan this weekend.

According to the MTA:
TRACK MAINTENANCE 11:45 PM Fri, Dec 7 to 5 AM Mon, Dec 10 to 5 AM Mon Jamaica-bound F trains are rerouted via the E after 47-50 Sts in Manhattan to Roosevelt Av in Queens.

No Jamaica-bound service at Lexington Av/63 St, Roosevelt Island and 21 St-Queensbridge.

... To Roosevelt Island and 21 St-Queensbridge, take the F to Roosevelt Av and transfer to a Brooklyn-bound F.

From these stations, take a Brooklyn-bound F to 47-50 Sts and transfer to a Jamaica-bound F. 
... STATION ENHANCEMENTS | Until December 2018 57 St F Station is closed...
Both Tram Cabins operating at full capacity.

There is Roosevelt Island ferry service on the Astoria Route. Here's the Winter Schedule for Roosevelt Island ferry service.

Sponsored Post - Check Out Roosevelt Island Gristedes December 7 To December 13 Product Offerings, Specials & Sales Items - Complete Christmas Dinner Too

The Roosevelt Island Gristedes Supermarket

invites you to check out their December 6 - December 13 Product Offerings, Specials & Sales items.

Grab & Go Prepared Items too.

Also, Complete Christmas Dinner.

Don't forget the 10% Roosevelt Island Seniors Discount on Tuesday and Sign Up for the Gristedes Diamond Loyalty Rewards Program.

More Gristedes Supermarket information available at their web site, Facebook Page and Twitter feed

Thursday, December 6, 2018

All Female Version Of Shakespeare's Richard 111 Coming To Roosevelt Island's Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance This Weekend December 7 - 9 Performed By Blunt Ensemble - Political Machinations, Backstabbing And Secret Treasons, Get Your Tickets

Shakespeare's Richard 111 is coming to Roosevelt Island this weekend at the Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance performed by the Blunt Ensemble.

The $5 tickets can be purchased here:
Richard III

Blunt Ensemble presents a stripped-down 6 woman adaptation of Shakespeare's classic play. Director Rachel Matusewicz uses her all-female cast to explore the dynamics of power in the patriarchal society of Richard's England, in a play full of political machination, backstabbing and secret treasons. Where one man's ruthless ambition will bring himself and his country to the brink of destruction.

Director: Rachel Matusewicz
Stage Manager: Sage Spitz
Lighting Design: Terrence Dalton

Ellie dEustachio
Brooke Garfinkel
Meredyth Kenney
Bess Miller
Ryan Natalino
Marie Eléna OBrien

More info on the Blunt Ensemble Facebook Page.

Your DASH Donation Of An Electric Can Opener Can Help Feed A Roosevelt Island Resident In Need Says RI Disabled Association Support For The Homebound, Disabled And Elderly At RIRA Public Session Last Night

DASH is the acronym for the Roosevelt Island Disabled Association Support for the Homebound, Disabled and Elderly. Last evening, during the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Common Council Public Session, DASH Director Louella Streitz asked the Roosevelt Island community to help insure that neighbors with arthritis will be able to eat by donating an electric can opener.

According to Ms. Streitz:

DASH (Disabled Association Support for the Homebound, Disabled and Elderly) is reaching out to ask if anyone would kindly adopt a senior for the Holidays and gift the 7 or so needy seniors, an electric can opener. The ones I am thinking of have acute arthritis and many of them eat quite some canned food.

DASH operates on a $0 budget based with pure volunteerism and would appreciate any donations of electric can openers.

I, Louella Streitz am the Director and will handle all distribution. I  will handle all distributon and can be reached at
More info about DASH, volunteer opportunities or if you need assistance available at The Roosevelt Doctor web site.