Monday, March 31, 2008

At least No Roosevelt Islander Run Over By Own Car But More Public Safety Incidents at Motorgate Garage

You Tube video of parking garage moron

There were several more public safety incidents at the Motorgate Parking garage last week. From the Roosevelt Island 24 hour Public Safety Incident reports:

3/29/08-700 AM to 3/30/08-700 AM
Petit Larceny- At 688 Main Street (Motorgate Garage) A vehicle parked that had the hatch lock previously damaged. Unknown subject gained entry and took an EZ pass and a transistor radio.
NYPD refused.

3/28/08-077 AM to 3/29/08-700 AM Petit Larceny
At 688 Main Street (Motorgate Garage) a vehicle's window was broken and a bag was taken. NYPD responded and prepared a report. PSD conducted a search for the subject yielded negative results.

Criminal Mischief- At 688 main street (Motorgate Garage) a Vehicle's window was broken. PSD responded conducted a search for the subject with negative results. Complainant will go to the 114 th Precinct and file a report.

Found Property- At 688 Main Street (Motorgate Garage) a black bag was turned over to the PSD where it was secured.

0700 hrs 03/25/08 - 0700 hrs 03/26/08
Unsecured vehicle - Officer observed unsecured vehicle in garage.
Owner notified and corrected condition.

3/23/08-700 AM to 3/24/08-700 AM
Loose Animal-At 688 Main Street (Motorgate Garage) PSD receive a report
of a loose beaver. Search made with negative results.

You can help by remembering to keep your car doors, windows and trunks locked. Also, don't follow any parking or garage safety tips from people like the guy in the video who get run over by their own car.

The full Roosevelt Island Public Safety Incident reports from January 19 to date are here. For comparison purposes here is the Police Blotter for Brooklyn neighborhoods including Park Slope, Williamsburg, Fort Greene and Brooklyn Heights from The Brooklyn Paper.