Friday, April 15, 2011

Decrepit and Broken State of Roosevelt Island's Meditation Steps - Will RIOC Repair Before Nice Weather Returns? Before the End of Summer, Before the Next Snowstorm?

Roosevelt Island's Meditation Steps Image From Roosevelt Island 10044

Roosevelt Island's Meditation Steps is a great place to sit by the East River and watch the boats go by, have a bite to eat, get some sun, think, read a book or just relax.

Except when it looks like this,

with holes where wooden boards should be.

Spring is here and Summer rapidly approaching.  I hope the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) starts work on repairing the broken and decrepit state of the Meditation Steps soon so they can be enjoyed by Roosevelt Island residents and visitors as soon as the warm weather arrives.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should not have given away the granite that used to cover the Roosevelt Island Bridge supports. The stone stood for over 50 years. We have had numerous sets of poor quality wood and shoddy constructed steps deteriorate and corrode in the last
30 years.

Let's find a better material and get it right this time.