Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Silicon Island Coalition Organizational Meeting on Cornell Technion NYC Applied Sciences and Engineering School Tonight 7:30 PM At Westview- Come Help The Next Roosevelt Island Perry Chen and Kickstarter

Image of Proposed Roosevelt Island Cornell Campus From You Tube

As previously reported:
...Work is progressing on developing the Silicon Island Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) for Roosevelt Island organizations with Cornell Technion....
Come out to hear what a community benefit agreement is and what you can do to help be a part of it. If you represent an organization, come and see what your organization can do to help.
Roosevelt Island resident Jonathan Kalkin is one of the CBA organizers. Mr. Kalkin tweets earlier today:
Come attend and RSVP for our next Coalition Meeting tonight at 7:30PM Westview
The purpose behind the Roosevelt Island Cornell NYC Applied Sciences and Engineering School is to develop and spin off new high tech businesses. Did you know that one of the most exciting new businesses created recently was founded by a young man who grew up on Roosevelt Island?  His name is Perry Chen and he co-founded a business called KickstarterMr. Chen's Tumblr page states:
I grew up on Roosevelt Island, a psuedo- socialist hamlet smack in the center of New York City.
I took daily rides on the Roosevelt Island Tramway into Manhattan to attend Hunter, where I was repeatedly suspended for marginal idiocy.
Mr. Chen explains Kickstarter's innovative platform to fund creative projects at this recent TED Conference.

There will very likely be a whole bunch more Perry Chens from Roosevelt Island in the upcoming years.

Here's video of what happened at first organizational meeting of the Silicon Island Coalition on March 14 including an introduction to the CBA concept, a review of of what has happened to date and plans for the future.


Liz630 said...

I think the Cornell project could be positive for Roosevelt Island. I've heard that a lot of the store front on Main Street might finally start getting occupants.  I certainly hope so.