Friday, September 30, 2016

Broken Roosevelt Island Fire Hydrant Falls Down In Front Of Red Bus As Passengers Are Exiting - Mom With Stroller Says Its Embarrassing And Dangerous Situation

Reported September 20 on the fire hydrant in front of Red Bus

stop next to Riverwalk building at 425 Main Street that has been broken for at least more than a month. 

Here's an update. Earlier this afternoon, a Roosevelt Island resident shared these photos and reports:
Guess what just happened half an hour ago?

The red bus stopped right in front of the broken fire hydrant on Main Street. Your already wrote an article about that. Someone had put the hydrant back but it was not very sturdy!

When the bus stopped and a passenger went out,

the hydrant fell down,

right in the gap in between the bus and the sidewalk.

I had to go over the hydrant with my stroller and my one year old. Some people had to carry the hydrant away later so that the bus could move on.

Well, that is not only embarrassing but dangerous in my opinion!

Another woman promised to call Public Safety.
Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Acting President Susan Rosenthal explained the problem of the broken hydrant:
NYC Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Water and Sewer Operations is responsible for the fire hydrant. The hydrant was called in on 8/10, and 8/16, and we spoke to DEP on 9/1 about this issue. DEP said the hydrant is on the list for repair.
How much longer will it take to fix the broken Roosevelt Island Fire Hydrant?