Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Coronavirus Patients Being Transferred To New Roosevelt Island Medical Center In Same Building But Separate Area Of Coler Nursing Facility Says NYC Health & Hospitals Corp - Adds Every HHC Health Care Worker Who Needs Protective Equipment Is Able To Receive What They Require, But Coler Nurses Say Not So

NYC Health & Hospitals Corp (NYC HHC) President Mitch Katz tweeted today:

I asked NYC HHC:
Roosevelt island Coler Staff are pleading to be supplied with N 95 Masks and Personal Protective Equipment to treat Coronavirus patients.

I'm told that the Staff was advised they will not get the equipment because Coler is considered a Nursing Home and not a Hospital. Will Coler Staff be supplied with N 95 Masks and PPE? If not, why?

Also, I'm being told that Coronavirus patients are being transferred to Coler which the Mayor said would not happen. Are Coronavirus patients now being transferred to Coler.
NYC HHC spokesperson replied tonight:
To address the need for ICU space in our hospitals, NYC Health + Hospitals has moved covid-19 patients to the Roosevelt Island Medical Center. The Medical Center is separate from the post-acute, nursing facility known as NYC Health + Hospitals/Coler. Roosevelt Island Medical Center is in a separate area with no overlap or shared space. No covid-19 patients were moved into the nursing facility.

​NYC Health + Hospitals facilities are on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic and our dedicated employees are working day and night to ensure that all our patients receive the individual care they need. We’re doing everything we can to keep our employees protected with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Every health care worker in our system who needs PPE is able to receive what they require.

On April 3, reported this plea from a Coler Nurse for protective equipment to treat Coronavirus patients:
... The leaders in the City of NY have to do better if they want us to do our duties 100 %.

Please help us. Please help us. Thank you.We have families too....

Also reported April 5 about a group of Roosevelt Island residents organizing to help Coler residents and staff:
Friends of Coler are coordinating together on Roosevelt Island to help Coler Rehab & Nursing Care Center during the COVID-19 crisis. The RI resident who acquired and donated medical supplies on Friday said that administration was very appreciative.

RIOC, NY City, and NY State elected officials and staff were all contacted this past week and on Saturday. They have responded. And they are on it!

An online suggestion box has been set up for people living and working at Coler to send in ideas about concerns or suggestions. You may share this link if you have friends who are staff or residents at Coler.

Coler has requested art work or photos for encouragement from Islanders. Some RI residents have recently donated money.

Please email friendsofcoler@gmail.com for more specific information and ways to help out. You may also email to simply to be counted anonymously as part of our RI support for Coler.
UPDATE 8:05 PM - Roosevelt Island's NY State Senator Jose Serrano adds:
For the past several weeks we have been working closely with our colleagues in government and reaching out to the relevant city agencies to ensure that we address COVID-19 concerns while ensuring that all safety precautions are maintained on Roosevelt Island. Recently, we have been made aware of changes at Coler Hospital regarding their care for COVID-19 patients, and we have expressed our concerns regarding adequate PPE for our healthcare workers and other safety measures to protect both COVID and non-COVID patients.
UPDATE 4/8 - Roosevelt Island Coler resident died yesterday from Coronavirus.

Condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.