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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another Roosevelt Island

Did you know there was another Roosevelt Island? The other island is named Theodore Roosevelt Island and is located on the Potomac River in the Washington DC area.
This weekend, the artist Jenny Holzer is using Theodore Roosevelt Island as a backdrop for her projected text installations. She:

will use high-powered projectors to cast text from the River Terrace of the Kennedy Center across the Potomac River and onto the island. Quotations from the two memorials' namesakes -- Presidents John F. Kennedy and Theodore Roosevelt -- will scroll like movie credits from 7 to midnight each night through Sunday .
Holzer has compiled an hour's worth of quotes, which will run on a loop. Her design calls for the words to start on the river and then rise to the trees on the island. The white text will be so huge that only one line will fit on the trees at a time.
Here is a You Tube video of the project.


Anonymous said...

the "other" roosevelt island is wonderful. it's got running trails and has a real rustic undeveloped characteristic a bit like what we have south of the hospital at the tip of the island. nice footbridge too.