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Roosevelt Island On The Web Links

Roosevelt Island on the Web Links as appearing in the June 19, 2010 Main Street WIRE.

Roosevelt Islander - DOE Plans To Discontinue PS/IS 217 G&T For 2010 Kindergarten Class
Roosevelt Islander - Work On Roosevelt Island Tram Tower Tops Proceeding
RI G&T Blog - 2nd Round Of Enrollment for PS/IS 217 Kindergarten G& T Class Possible
RI 360 Twitpic - Tommy Teaches RI Kids T-Ball
RIOC - 6/10 Real Estate Committee Meeting Web Cast
RIOC - 6/9 Operations Committee Meeting Webcast
RIOC - 6/8 Audit Committee Meeting Webcast Session A
RIOC - 6/8 Audit Committee Meeting Webcast Session B
RIOC - Roosevelt Island Outdoor Summer Movie Schedule
RIOC - Street Closures Due To Tram Modernization Work
RIOC - Weekend Construction Regulation Due To Tram Work
Open NY Senate - New Roosevelt Island Governing Legislation Proposed
Wall Street Journal - DOE Plans To Discontinue PS/IS 217 G & T Program
Politics Daily - Incumbent Maloney versus Upstart Saujani For RI Congressional Seat
NY Daily News - Family Reads 2000 Books At RI Public Library -
Huffington Post - Jim Luce Commencement Speaker At Legacy High School
NY Times - RI Resident At Puerto Rican Day Parade
Gothamist - Bloomberg Still Dreaming of Governors Island Tram
NY Times - Cardio Fitness Tennis Class At RI Racquet Club
Audacity Of Hypocrisy - Elderly Hide Assets To Enter Coler-Goldwater Nursing Home?
DNA Info - RI Resident Wants LeBron James To Come To NYC
Tenement Museum - Old Roosevelt (Blackwells) Island Map
NY Art Beat - RI Resident Art Show On Way To Faraba
You Tube - PS/ISs 217 Kindergarten Chorus Spring Concert
You Tube - Q102 Bus On Roosevelt Island Bridge

RIRA President On Roosevelt Island Blood Drive, Gifted & Talented Class, Town Hall Meeting On Master Leaseholder & More

Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) President Frank Farance sends the following report to Roosevelt Island residents. Mr. Farance addresses:

1. RIRA Blood Drive on June 19, Roosevelt Island Day. Roosevelt Island Day is my favorite day here. The weather looks good so far. RIRA will have it's bagel and coffee breakfast at 9AM. I and other RIRA volunteers will be serving. Please remember to donate blood. Matt Katz has done a great job organizing this and I hope we have a good turnout.

2. Gifted and Talented at PS/IS 217. I had an opportunity to speak at the meeting at PS/IS 217 and emphasize how important this school is to the community. The principal, her staff, the PTA, and the community have worked together for an upward trajectory for this school. Although not every student is in the gifted and talented program, it is an important attraction for all families (even if only one child is the G&T program) and makes the Island itself a more attractive place to live. I will be following up with the RIRA Common Council and the CB8 education committee to get support for continuing the G&T program on Roosevelt Island.

3. RIRA Town Hall meeting on Main Street storefronts. As promised, we will have a town hall meeting to inform the community. The WIRE covered this is the last issue. RIOC President Steve Shane will attend. I'm expecting RIOC board members to attend, too.

4. RI-311 reloaded. We met with RIOC's Operations Committee to discuss the collaboration between RIOC and RIRA. It sounds like a good fit. Hopefully a couple screen snapshots and demos by my next column.

5. RI Trambots? I believe the WIRE has covered this story: a team of mostly 8-year old competes city-wide against 14-year olds and comes in 7th place (of 24 teams), including taking home a First Place Trophy for teamwork. Wow! Thanks to Charlie DeFino, the RI Youth Program, NYC DYCD (Department of Youth and Community Development) for supporting our efforts.

6. RIRA elections this November. We reach out to the community to become more involved. You can volunteer to be a RIRA Common Council member. We have building-wide representatives (several for each of the housing complexes) and Island-wide representatives (President, Vice President) -- all are directly elected positions. If you'd like to see what this is like, please come to one of our meetings. It's rewarding, you get to know your neighbors and community, and you can have a positive effect on things around you.

7. Upcoming RIRA meetings. The next meeting is on September 15 at 8:00 p.m. in the Good Shepherd Community Center; future meeting is October 6. Upcoming RIRA Town Hall meeting (in preparation for RIOC Board meetings) is on June 23 (note the new date). Have a great summer!
The RIRA President's message is also published as the RIRA column in the 6/19/10 Main Street WIRE.

Upper Level Queensboro Bridge and 60th Street Lower Ramp Closed Due To Roosevelt Island Tram Tower Work On Saturday June 19

Image From Janet Falk/RIHS

Now that the work on the Roosevelt Island side Tram Tower has been completed and the crane pictured above barged off of Roosevelt Island, work will soon begin on the Manhattan Tram Towers which will require periodic closings of surrounding streets and the upper level of Queensboro Bridge. Received the following advisory from RIOC:
Please be advised due to work being done on Tower 1 in Manhattan, the Queensboro Bridge upper Roadway will be closed from 5:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday June 19, 2010. In addition, East 60th street will be closed on Saturday from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. between the lower ramp exit and 1st Avenue.

Please review the attached notices for complete detailed information.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
Click here and here for the referenced notices.

Roosevelt Live Summer Art, Music & Food Festival Comes To Roosevelt Island's Riverwalk Commons With Eclectic Jazz, Interactive Figment & BBQ Festival

You Tube Video of Albert Ayler's Summertime

The same folks who brought last year's fantastic Roosevelt Live Concert Series to the Riverwalk Commons are at it again with a new 2010 Series of Summer Art and Music on Roosevelt Island. From Roosevelt Live:

This summer, the central green lawn at Roosevelt Island's Riverwalk Commons will be filled with the sights and sounds of ROOSEVELT L!VE. From an eclectic jazz festival to the perfect summer barbeque, ROOSEVELT L!VE is bringing exciting entertainment to this fantastic spot steps away from the F train stop at Roosevelt Island. Enjoy views of Manhattan from the lawn while experiencing music, art and fabulous fun -all for FREE!

Kicking off the live entertainment series is the First FREE Annual Albert Ayler Festival. This marathon record fair and musical celebration honoring the influential tenor saxophonist Albert Ayler will take place on Saturday, July 10 from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Forty years after his death, Ayler's music continues to inspire artists of all disciplines to delve into jazz, improvisation and beyond, and will be brought to life on stage this summer. With over 30 musicians and 20 record vendors, this festival promises to be the must-see event of the summer for jazz music lovers throughout the city.

For lovers of the visual arts come two innovative projects from FIGMENT, a forum for interactive art by emerging artists. The first installation features HiveMind, a steel sculpture by Deborah Yoon. The HiveMind will be on display in RiverWalk Commons from July 18 - August 14, 2010. On the weekend of July 24 and 25, sound artist Zemi17 will install his Gamelatron in the HiveMind. The Gamelatron is the world's first fully-robotic Indonesian Gamelan orchestra. The combination is mesmerizing.

During the last weekend in July, Conscious Cycle will bring artists together to motivate and dignify conscious living, particularly highlighting life's cyclical nature on Roosevelt Island. Using reclaimed materials from the side of the road, Conscious Cycle will build a canvas wall and invite artists to paint the wall, after and over one another. At the same time, DJs play music, dancers perform, yogis and taiji practitioners teach and demonstrate, artists teach, learned folk talk, and spectators interact. The whole event is videoed for a time-lapse production complete with soundtrack.

The festival culminates with Yelp's So Long, Summer BBQ! On Sunday, September 12, members of the Yelp Community will dine on RiverWalk Bar & Grill's complimentary sliders, dogs and dip as they relax on the lawn and chat with fellow Yelp-ers. This event is RSVP only and brings likeminded individuals together in a picturesque setting, and is the perfect way to end the summer, as well as ROOSEVELT L!VE.
Riverwalk Commons -- the site of ROOSEVELT L!VE -- is one of Roosevelt Island's many open green spaces and includes a central green lawn, landscaped gardens, shops, and restaurants. Roosevelt Island features some of New York City's most breathtaking views. Boasting two miles of riverfront vistas along midtown Manhattan, it is truly a hidden gem.

ROOSEVELT L!VE attendees can use their metro cards on the F train to Roosevelt Island, which will let them out steps away from the Riverwalk Commons performance venue.

ROOSEVELT L!VE is sponsored by Riverwalk Court, Related Companies, The Hudson Companies Inc., and Time Out New York.

Roosevelt Island Saturday's at the Riverwalk Commons are going to be a lively and entertaining place this summer.

Summer Internships Available For High School And College Students With Roosevelt Island NYC Council Member Jessica Lappin - Learn About Local Gov't

Are you a smart high school or college student interested in local politics and government? Do you know someone like this? Is so, there may be an internship opportunity with Roosevelt Island's NYC Council Member Jessica Lappin's office this summer. From Ms. Lappin:
Internship Opportunities
Summer internships for college and high school students

My office is currently looking for our team of summer interns. We’re looking for a dedicated group of high school and college students who are willing to work in my legislative or district offices. It’s an excellent opportunity to get a close first-hand look at local government. Interns will respond to constituent and community concerns, attend hearings, and take on special projects of interest to the community. Interested students should contact Taina Prado by calling (212) 980-1808 or e-mailing

Report From RIOC President - Tram Delayed, Work Moves To Manhattan, Sign Up To Address Board Directors, Roosevelt Island Day & More

RIOC President Steve Shane sends the following report to Roosevelt Island residents. Mr. Shane updates us on:
June 17, 2010

1. Board of Directors: Next meeting, originally scheduled for June 24 has been postponed to June 28, 2010 at 5:30 p.m. with a brief public-comment period before the official start of the meeting. Anyone wishing to speak should sign up in advance at either the RIOC office or on the RIOC website at The Agenda will be published on the RIOC website.

2. Tram: Currently, sixteen weeks after shutdown, POMA advises that the schedule for reopening has fallen behind by about a month to the first week of October. The Contractor has offered a variety of excuses for the delay, chief among them being crane availability. Station work proceeds apace at both ends. A crane was delivered to the Island by barge on June 2. The top of the Island tower is in place. On to Manhattan. Preliminary architectural design for station improvements continues. There will be a community presentation for reaction, comment and decisions about trade-offs.

3. Bus service:
A. Red Bus Shuttle to Manhattan: Weekdays and Weekends, Same stops and service into and returning from Manhattan -See the schedules posted on RIOC s web site and on the posters throughout the Island. If the F train is not in service, the frequency into and out of Manhattan will be increased to every half-hour weekdays, and, on weekends, hourly on the hour from the Island starting at midnight until 10:00 a.m. and every half-hour thereafter, returning from Manhattan 30 minutes after departure. Fares are $1.00, with seniors, disabled and children (5-16) at 50 cents.
B. Q102: The MTA continues to operate the Q102 bus on the Island on its published schedule, with the route changed eliminating the alternating Coler – Goldwater loops.
C. Red Bus: Service continues on the Island as previously.

4. Southpoint: The Southpoint area remains closed while active construction is under way on both the FDR Memorial and Green Rooms/Wild Gardens projects. Work is on schedule and we expect to reopen the paths as far south as the Renwick Ruin by the fall, although planting will require restrictions until the growth takes hold.

5. Projects:
A. Octagon Soccer Field resurfacing: Work continues and when complete, new specimen trees will be planted at designated locations. The schedule indicates completion around the end of July.
B. Other: Sportspark, Motorgate joint repair, fiber-optic cabling, Good Shepherd plaza and HVAC, street lighting, etc., all keep Engineering very busy. The pilot test of LED lighting at Motorgate is underway in the new section, levels 3 & 4. Come see.
C. AVAC: New compactor chambers have arrived and are being installed. New paneling is complete.
D. Security Cameras: The cables are being pulled for a street security camera system. First two cameras are installed and the system should be operational by mid summer.

6. Roosevelt Island Day: June 19. Come on out and enjoy. Child ID Protection program. Bicycle stenciling. Fun and games.

7. Reunion: The second annual RI Reunion is scheduled for Lighthouse Park on Saturday, June 19 from 1-11. Access to the park will be limited.

8. Traffic enforcement: With school ending, less congestion on Main Street, but more opportunity for speeders and stop sign and crosswalk scofflaws. Public Safety is stepping up enforcement, especially radar enforcement at the southern end of the Island.
This message also published as the RIOC column in the 6/19/10 Main Street WIRE.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Roosevelt Island Child School/Legacy HIgh School Graduation Ceremony & Controversial School Play Of La Cage aux Folles

2010 Legacy High School Commencement Image From Huffington Post

Roosevelt Island resident Jim Luce, Founder and CEO of the Jim Luce Stewardship Report and Orphans International Worldwide, gave the commencement speech for the graduating High School class at Roosevelt Island's Child School/Legacy High School. He wrote about the experience for the Huffington Post. An excerpt:
...I know your school quite well. The Legacy High School on Roosevelt Island. Your principals. Your teachers. It is excellent. Here you have learned the skills to succeed.

Life is about relationships. Look around you now! You have made so many here. Now you will go out and begin to make new relationships.

It doesn't matter where you go or what you do as long as you follow your own heart and be the best person you can be. My mom used to tell me that: Be the best person you can be! One thing that I didn't really get in high school is that your parents won't be with you forever. True, parents can sometime annoy you. But they are really, really important. Cherish them. The reason I know about this is because my mom and dad have passed on - and today I am a parent myself.

Some of you might know my kid. He is the friendly Chinese-Indonesian-American boy at the Child School. He begins here at the high school this summer. My son's name is Mathew Luce. I believe in him just like I believe in you. Just like my mom and dad - and teachers - believed in me...
What is the Roosevelt Island Child School/Legacy High School? According to their web site:
The Child School/Legacy High School is an academically rigorous, yet supportive community addressing the needs of a diverse population of special children, many of whom have failed in other schools. Our children have learning disabilities that manifest themselves as disorders in thinking, listening, speaking, reading, spelling, perceptual handicaps, dyslexia, developmental aphasia, etc. They are not learning disabled because of impaired vision or hearing, nor do they have gross motor handicaps.

The Child School’s goal is for each child to perform to his/her maximum potential. To realize this goal, we embrace the total child, in the belief that their self-image, motivation and ability to interact are critical to their ultimate success...

The Child School was also in the news today for other reasons. New York Post Columnist Andrea Peyser wrote about some Child School parents who were not happy with the school's June Play, a kiddie version of La Cage aux Folles which Ms. Peyser describes as:
a cross-dressing, limp-wristed, gay comic romp whose main characters are a pair of "married" men.
and writes:
... Some 50 children as young as 10 were cast to play screaming queens, a school assistant told me.

The father, whose boy is autistic, was horrified that his vulnerable child might be made into a spectacle.

"I'm outraged!" said the dad, who did not want to be identified for fear his kid would be hurt. "They're advocating for the gay lifestyle, giving them ideas. Saying, 'It's OK. If you're having these feelings, experiment with it.' "

Then came the defense, necessary in this climate.

"Look, I'm not a homophobe," the father said. But as a Catholic, "I'm teaching him that straight couples screwing around is a sin. If they want to teach tolerance, do 'West Side Story.' "

Better yet, "teach them reading and writing."...

... Previously, kids put on "The Rocky Horror Show," whose star sings that he's a "sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania."

Gothamist adds:
La Cage aux Folles is a comedy written for an adult audience, but it's not sexually graphic. The 1996 movie adaptation was rated R, but GLAAD praised the film for "going beyond the stereotypes to see the character's depth and humanity. The film celebrates differences and points out the outrageousness of hiding those differences." That's why Maari de Souza, founder of the private Child School, wanted students to do it. "Children tease each other about being gay," she tells the Post. "It's a common problem with our youngsters." To which Peyser replies, "Kids of 10?" Obviously, things were a little different when Peyser was ten, because kids definitely use words like "gay" pejoratively, starting basically the first day of kindergarten.
The June Play is a very important part of the Child School curriculum:
The June Play is one of the most special aspects of life at The Child School. Students in Middle School and Elementary are given a character role that is created and sculpted to meet the psycho-social, academic, neurological and performance needs of that student. Much more than a play -- it is the synthesis of each child’s needs into creative form, a concrete approach to dealing with problems, academic needs, and neurological deficits -- and offers to the child, and his parents, an alternative perspective on their day-to-day challenges.
Image of Rocky Horror Performers from Child School/Legacy High School

What do you think? Is La Cage aux Folles an inappropriate play to be put on under these circumstances or are the parents who object to this blowing it out of proportion?

Great Roosevelt Island Riverwalk Census Controversy Resolved By Related - Workers Allowed In Buildings But Not Those Cornell Or Sloan Kettering Owns

Census Workers Outside of Riverwalk's 415 Main Street

An update to this Roosevelt Island Census 2010 post regarding workers prohibited from entering buildings earlier this week:
... the Related management at 405 and 415 Main Street would not allow them into their new Luxury rental and condo building to count the number of residents living in the premises...
Last evening, I learned from Census Workers that Related will now allow them into the buildings to do their job and today received this explanation from a Related Companies spokesperson:
... At Riverwalk and all our buildings, we are providing access to Census workers in compliance with the law and our security practices.

We are facilitating access by reaching out directly to our residents via our internal communication system as we do with all visitors to the building. Once it is confirmed that residents are home and available, workers then visit the resident directly...

A reasonable response. Good job by Related in solving the problem quickly.

So, the Great Roosevelt Island 2010 Census Controversy has been been resolved? Well not so fast.

While it is true that Related will accommodate census workers in their Riverwalk Buildings, I have been told that the Riverwalk Buildings owned by Institutions such as Cornell -Weill (465 Main Street) and Memorial Sloan Kettering (475 Main Street) are still not letting Census Workers into their respective buildings to count the residents.

Cornell and Memorial Sloan Kettering should follow the lead of Related and allow the census workers into their respective buildings to count the residents.

UPDATE 3:55 PM - Here is the email blast that Related is sending to Riverwalk residents regarding Census Workers being allowed into the building.
As some of you already know, 2010 Census workers are visiting those households in NYC apartment buildings that did not respond to the paper survey mailed to every residence earlier this year.

Related Management is obligated under federal law to provide access to individuals working for the Census Bureau. Therefore, if a Census worker requests access to your apartment, they will be announced as a guest. If you agree to meet with them, we will send them to your apartment in the same way we send other guests.

Our goal is to satisfy the needs of the Census Bureau while being respectful of your privacy.

If you have any questions, please contact your Resident Service Specialist.

Good News For Eastwood/Roosevelt Landings Tenants - NY Assembly Passes Micah Kellner's Tenant Protection Bill On Electricity Submetering Charges

Assembly Member Micah Kellner speaking before Eastwood/Roosevelt Landings residents 2/2009

Received the following message from Assembly Member Micah Kellner:
Victory for Tenants: Kellner Submetering Bill Passes Assembly

When the management at the Eastwood housing complex on Roosevelt Island attempted to impose a potentially disastrous plan to directly charge tenants for their electricity use—a practice called submetering, which would have resulted in a massive de facto rent increase—I successfully worked with the building’s tenants to stop the scheme in its tracks. But the victory at Eastwood demonstrated the need to enshrine strong tenant protections into law, to ensure that residents of Eastwood and buildings across the state are never faced with this threat again.

The submetering plan at Eastwood presented a host of problems for tenants. The building’s poor insulation and clunky electric heat would have meant that under submetering, tenants would be paying enormous electric bills just to keep warm in the winter. And the electric charges would be deemed as rent in tenants’ leases–meaning that tenants could be taken to housing court and potentially evicted for nonpayment of their electric bills. Tenants faced the prospect of having to choose between paying the rent and heating their homes.

I am proud to report that the Assembly has passed a critical tenant protection bill which I introduced in response to this threat. The bill (A. 7353-A) prohibits landlords from deeming electrical charges as rent. The enactment of this legislation would mean that tenants would no longer be faced with the possibility of eviction in the event that they are unable to pay their electric bills. It will also help guarantee that tenants are able to exercise their rights as energy consumers, and, if necessary, get assistance in paying their bills.
The bill still needs to pass the State Senate and be signed by the Governor before it becomes law.

More on Eastwood/Roosevelt Landings electricity submetering issues from earlier posts.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Roosevelt Island Westview Resident Not Happy With What Is Going On

Image Of Westview Entrance

A Roosevelt Island resident of the Westview Mitchell-Lama housing complex writes in to ask what is going on at the building.
Westview, my home of 28 years, was recently put out to a Lottery, advertised in the Papers for Section 8 for only 1 bedroom and Studio apartments.
Click To Enlarge. Image From 5/9 Main Street WIRE Page 9 (PDF File)

Our waiting lists, external and internal have been closed for awhile now.

RY Management et al stating that people seeking apts. in Westview-"They" don't want the smaller apts., i.e. the one bedroom and Studios.

I find that really hard to believe, this is Roosevelt Island and NYC, where housing is hard to find and we are extremely desirable.

I have friends all over, some at MSKCC who would love a one bedroom or a Studio.

What is REALLY going on here?

Also, the current loss of our Case in NYS Supreme Court against our rent hike imposed on us back on 10/1.

The Case was being considered for a long time, then on or around 5/21, the Judge ruled against it.

Same old under the table dealing, probably payoffs and God only knows.
The links and Westview Application lottery image were inserted by me. Note that the Westview submission application deadline stated in the advertisement is Wednesday June 17, 2010, today is Wednesday June 16, 2010.

More information on Westview including charges of illegal warehousing and subletting of apartments is available at the Westview Task Force and from previous posts.

Discussions are also underway for the privatization of Westview, as well as Rivercross and Island House. RIOC President Steve Shane talked about these issues in a June 5, 2010 interview with the Main Street WIRE.

In his March 24, RIOC Column (Item 9), Mr. Shane reported this about the privatizations:
Privatization of Mitchell-Lamas: With the extensive discussion and debate at the Board meeting to express the sense of the Board for ground lease extensions, RIOC has moved forward in preserving the long term affordability of the portion of the housing on the Island represented by Rivercross, Island House and Westview. Much work and many details remain to be resolved with the other governmental agencies who are stakeholders in Roosevelt Island. We met with the City and ESDC last week and outlined a task force approach to working on the issues. Stay tuned.

3 Men Reported Running Around Roosevelt Island Naked - Unfounded Says Public Safety Director - But Good Reason To Watch Some Northern Exposure

You Tube Video Of Northern Exposure's Running Of The Bulls

Have some Roosevelt Island residents decided to follow in the tradition of Northern Exposure's Running of the Bulls, the Tufts Naked Quad Run and the 1970's Streaking fad to run around our Island in the buff?

According to the 6/14 -15 Roosevelt Island Public Safety Report:
Public Lewdness - Resident reported to PSD that there were three males running around naked. PSD conducted search with negative results.
I asked Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Keith Guerra for further details on the incident. Mr. Guerra replied:
No info to report. Someone called to report it, but upon our quick arrival, it was unfounded.
Even if there was no Running of the Bulls on Roosevelt Island, I'm glad the Public Safety Report gave me a reason to again watch some portions of Northern Exposure, one of my all time favorite TV programs. Here's how it ended for Dr. Joel Fleischman in Alaska with his return to New York - the Jeweled City of the North.

You Tube Video of Northern Exposure's The Quest Episode

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Census Workers Not Allowed Into Roosevelt Island's New Luxury Condo & Rental Riverwalk Buildings By Related Management To Do Count -What Up With That?

Last evening, I noticed two Census Workers standing outside of Roosevelt Island's Riverwalk Buildings at 405 and 415 Main Street trying to talk to residents as they were entering and exiting the buildings.

Census Workers Outside of Riverwalk's 415 Main Street

I went over to speak with them and learned that they were Roosevelt Island residents working for the Census. According to these Census workers, unlike every other Roosevelt Island building including other Riverwalk buildings, the Related management at 405 and 415 Main Street would not allow them into their new Luxury rental and condo building to count the number of residents living in the premises. Why is that? Are these buildings and residents living in them somehow exempt from their constitutional and civic duties that the rest of us are abiding by?

According to Fact Check:
...It’s true that the law (13 U.S.C. 223) requires landlords and building managers to give Census workers "free ingress" to "any hotel, apartment house, boarding or lodging house, tenement, or other building." But Census spokeswoman Shelly Lowe told us, "This means into the building, not the residence itself, in order to be able to knock on the resident’s door, not into individual apartments." And that’s true; nowhere does the law require landlords to let Census workers into an "apartment" or dwelling when nobody is home.

Furthermore, the Census manual for its enumerators gives specific instructions on "Procedures to Follow When No One Is Home," and these procedures do not include entering an apartment or dwelling. Rather, the manual requires workers to come back later and try again, and to ask neighbors who lives there and how to contact them. Lowe says, "We specifically instruct census takers never to ask to enter a resident’s home. We certainly would not allow them [to] try to enter a home if the residents are not even present."...

Why is it important that every Roosevelt Island resident be counted in the Census? According to Census 2010:
When you fill out the census form, you’re making a statement about what resources your community needs going forward.

Accurate data reflecting changes in your community are crucial in apportioning seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and deciding how more than $400 billion per year is allocated for projects like new hospitals and schools.

That's more than $4 trillion over a 10-year period for things like new roads and schools, and services like job training centers.
The Related building management at Riverwalk's 405 and 415 Main Street should change their procedures, follow the law and allow the Census Takers access to the building and it's residents. It's in the interest of all Roosevelt Islanders for this to happen.

I have asked Related for a comment and will report back if and when they do.

Blogger My Two Census has more on difficulties encountered by census workers gaining access to some apartment buildings:
... We’re in an urban area.
My district has only apartments or condominiums. All of these have external control devices/call boxes, with the exception of one building that has a locked door and no identifying marks other than the street number.
I have been surprised by the the number of property management organizations and condominium owner’s associations that have actively impeded Enumerators in pursuit of the data. This includes posters from “management” stating “do not allow Census workers into the building” or stating “access to the building is only available by invitation of each individual condominium owner.”...
6/17 - Update Here.

Roosevelt Island Day Saturday June 19 - Games, Rides, Petting Zoo, Blood Drive, & Plantings - Fun For The Whole Family

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp. (RIOC) Community Relations Specialist Erica Wilder reminds us that this Saturday is the Annual Roosevelt Island Day. Here's a chance to give back to the community with a little gardening spruce up and Blood Drive as well as some fun events for kids of all ages.

The day will start with coffee and bagels for the volunteers starting at 9 AM followed by:
  • Spruce Up and Flower Plantings 9 -12 PM
  • Games & Rides 12 - 3 PM
  • Petting Zoo 1 - 3 PM
  • Blood Drive at the Senior Center 10:45 AM - 3 PM
  • Main Street Theater & Dance Alliance Presentation 6 PM
  • and closing with a Motown Review Concert at 6:30 PM
Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Chief Keith Guerra reports that:
PSD will have a table set up for Roosevelt Island Day, with small give-aways for the kids.

In addition, the 114th Pct. will be present with us to etch bicycles for Island Residents who would like to take advantage of that service.
Roosevelt Island 360 made this video of the 2008 Roosevelt Island Day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217 G & T Class For Fall 2010 May Be Saved If Enrollment Can Be Increased Says DOE - Details Being Worked Out

An update to last Wednesday's report regarding decision of the NYC Department Of Education (DOE) not to offer a Gifted & Talented Class Kindergarten program at Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217 for the 2010 -11 school year though the current G & T Kindergarten class will continue to the first grade next year in the G&T Program.

A meeting was held last Friday regarding this decision by the DOE.

PS/IS 217 G & T Meeting Image From RIGAT Class Blog

In attendance were Roosevelt Island elected officials, City Council Member Jessica Lappin, and Assembly Member Micah Kellner, Sarah Chu of Community Board 8 and the District 2 Community Education Council, Elizabeth Rose from the Department of Education, Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) President Frank Farance. PS/IS 217 PTA President Nikki Leopold, Ms. Mandana Beckman, Principal of PS/IS 217 as well as other concerned members of the school community.

Ms. Lappin's office sent the following report as to what happened during the meeting:
The upshot of the meeting is that Elizabeth {DOE's representative} said that the reason the program wasn’t going to be taking a kindergarten class this year was that enrollment was not high enough. However, if the enrollment were to increase, the DOE would open another kindergarten class in the program next fall. We’re getting started now on working with the DOE, the school, and parents in Manhattan and Queens to build up enrollment for next fall. All of the details are still being worked out on how that’s going to happen, but I’ll keep you updated.

Thanks for following up on this. It really is a big deal for the school and there’s a lot of potential for a great program on Roosevelt Island if it’s done right.
I will continue to follow this and update you when additional information is available. Meanwhile there is more to PS/IS 217 then the Gifted & Talented Program as shown by this 2010 Spring Concert performed by the school's Kindergarten Chorus.

Roosevelt Island Outdoor Summer Movies Return - Showing Spiderman, Zoolander, Ninja Turtles, Conspiracy Theory & Nighthawks, All Filmed Here

Outdoor Summer Movies Return to Roosevelt Island's Firefighters Field starting Saturday, June 26 with the showing of Spiderman followed by:
  • Zoolander - Saturday July 10,
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Saturday July 24,
  • Conspiracy Theory - Saturday August 7 and
  • Nighthawks - August 21.
Image of Firefighters Field Outdoor Movie Venue from amreekandesi

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Roosevelt Island's General Development Plan, the theme of this summer's Roosevelt Island Outdoor Summer Movie Series is films shot on Roosevelt Island.

Nighthawks Tram Hostage image with Stallone and Hauer from Mr. Peel's Sardine Liqueur

More on Roosevelt Island movie making here.