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Roosevelt Island On The Web Links

Roosevelt Island on the Web Links as appearing in the June 27 Main Street WIRE.

Roosevelt Islander - Stabbing At Roosevelt Island Subway Platform
Roosevelt Island 360 - Main Street Road Signs
Eater - Sports Bar Coming To Roosevelt Island
Columbia University - Transportation Study
Roosevelt Island Listings - Online Classified Marketplace
RIOC - New Tram Station Design
RIOC - Webcast of 6/16 Operations Committee Meeting on Southpoint Park
RIOC - Webcast of 6/17 Audit Committee Meeting
RIOC - Webcast of 6/25 Board Of Directors Meeting
DHCR - Groundbreaking At Southpoint Park
New Yorker - Short Story Describes Roosevelt Island as Permanent Non Sequitur
Improv Everywhere - Video of Roosevelt Island MP3 Experiment
Roosevelt Island Dogs - Answers From Vet
Art Net - Tom Hoving Won' Fly Small Plane over East River Corridor
Daily News - Grucci Fireworks At Southpoint Park
Adventures of Officer Pepe- Visits Roosevelt Island
You Tube - Crowded Subway Escalators For Improv Everywhere
You Tube - Roosevelt Island Red Bus Ride
Easy Tiger Comedy - Roosevelt Island Resident Makes Comedy Videos

Things To Do This Weekend In New York City & Roosevelt Island - Free Himalayan Art, Edible Garden, Robinson Crusoe & Transformers Outdoor Movie

Looking for fun or interesting things to do on Roosevelt Island or in some other part of New York City this weekend? Here are some ideas:

On Friday night, free admission is available to the Gallery Floors of the Rubin Museum of Art in Chelsea which specializes in art from the Himalayas and surrounding regions. An added bonus is 2 for 1 cocktails at the K2 Lounge from 6-7 PM and Naked Soul, an all acoustical music series.
Friday Nights at K2 Lounge

The K2 Lounge is from 6 p.m. until late, every Friday night.
Performances start at 7 p.m. Happy Hour 6–7 p.m.
Free gallery admission after 7 p.m.
For Saturday, the New York Post Weekend Hot Pick recommend the New York Botanical Garden's Edible Garden. From the NY Post:
Dude, grow your own -- food that is. The New York Botanical Garden shows you how with "The Edible Garden" -- a summer-long celebration kicking off this weekend with kitchen demos, gardening experts, garden tours and more. Highlights include a cocktail hour hosted by Martha Stewart featuring ingredients from her onsite culinary herb garden at 3 p.m. on Saturday and a demo by Gramercy Tavern chef Michael Anthony at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday
The Roosevelt Live Concert series continues this Saturday, hopefully weather permitting, with Steve Bernstein's Baby Loves Jazz described as:
A new twist on kid’s music, this joint project of Steven Bernstein and producer Andy Hurwitz corrals an all-star lineup of formidable jazzers to rev up children’s songs like “Old MacDonald” (in which the farmer is recast as a hip bandleader) and “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.”
You want to know what it is like living on a deserted Island? If so, Free NYC suggests heading on over to Riverside Park on Sunday for a family friendly:
Life on a Desert Island "an interactive guide to surviving the wilderness and respecting the environment, based on Daniel Defoe¹s 1719 classic story of Robison Crusoe, will be performed as a one-man outdoor spectacle play this summer, with preview performances beginning Saturday, June 27th and Sunday, June 28th... The show will continue performances throughout the summer at both Manhattan's Central Park and Brooklyn's Prospect Park.
On Sunday night, after several postponements due to rain, the Roosevelt Island Outdoor Movie Series will be presenting Transformers at Firefighters Field.

Also, on Roosevelt Island this weekend, in addition to the Roosevelt Live Concert featuring Steve Bernstein's Baby Loves Jazz on Saturday, the Farmers Market is open as usual as is Gallery RIVAA, the Roosevelt Island Visual Arts Association which is exhibiting for the last weekend a celebration of the Queensboro Bridge Centennial - Connecting Islands and Generations. Another suggestion - RIOC has produced a great self guided tour map (PDF File) of Roosevelt Island for any visitor or resident looking to stroll the Island and learn something more about it. There is also the outdoor movie showing of the Transformers on Sunday night at Firemen's Field, weather permitting.

The MTA is reporting no Roosevelt Island F Train subway advisories this weekend and neither is RIOC with Tram advisories.

Check out some other ideas on what to do in New York City this weekend from the NY Times Urban Eye and Spare Times, Free NYC, NY Post Weekend Calendar and Newyorkology.

Roosevelt Island Subway & Tram Bike Racks Can Now Be Used For Late Night Storage - If Preregistered With Public Safety Department

Image of Subway Bike Rack With Enforcement Notice From Roosevelt Island 360

According to the RIOC Advisory Web Page:
Bike Rack Advisory

For All Bike Racks On Roosevelt Island
There Will Be No Bicycle Storage Between the Hours of 2:00AM and 5:00AM.
Bicycles Found In Violation Will Be Removed By The Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department.
Well, that is about to change. RIOC has modified the Roosevelt Island overnight bicycle storage policy recently implemented in which any bicycle found at the Tram or Subway bike racks between the hours of 2-5 AM would be removed, taken to the Public Safety Office and later, if not abandoned, claimed by the owner. Both Streetsblog and Roosevelt Island 360 reported extensively on this policy. From Streetsblog:
According to an e-mail from Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation President Steve Shane, however, enforcement will not begin until next week. At that point, any bike found on a rack between 2 and 5 a.m. will be confiscated, says the RIOC, and owners will have 48 hours to claim them before they are donated to a thrift store.

Subway Bike Rack This Morning

RIOC will now allow overnight storage of bicycles at the Tram and Subway Bike Racks if they are preregistered with the Public Safety Department. In response to my inquiry, RIOC President Steve Shane advises:
We are not regulating bike racks other than at the Tram & Subway. If preregistered with Public Safety, won't be removed. The intent is to clear the derelict & long term storage bicycles so that commuters will have plenty of parking space and thus be encouraged to use their bikes, for all the appropriate health & ecological reasons.
Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Keith Guerra adds:
There is no overnight storage of bicycles on bike racks owned and managed by RIOC. Bike racks owned by the buildings themselves are managed by them. As Mr. Shane indicated, if someone needs to lock their bike to one of the racks (i.e. the Tram or Subway) during the hours of 2:00AM and 5:00AM, they may advise the Desk Officer at Public Safety and that bike will not be removed.
So, if you work late at night or are just out having fun and use your bicycle to commute to the Tram or Subway, let the Public Safety Department know and your bicycle should be there when you return. It is not clear if one must notify the Public Safety Department on a daily basis if you are going to use the bike racks during late night hours or there will be some sort of weekly or monthly registration.

Happy Late night pedaling.

UPDATE - 4:15 PM- For clarification purposes, Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Guerra advises that bikes may be locked up at the tram and subway bike racks during the 2-5 AM hours but there has been no change in the policy that prohibits overnight storage of bikes on a regular basis. The intent of this policy is to allow late night commuters to use the bike racks, not to allow residents to use these bike racks as a permanent storage area as some have previously been doing. As of now, contact the Public Safety Department each day you plan on having your bicycle locked up at the Subway or Tram bike racks during the 2-5 AM hours and it will not be removed. If you need your bike locked up during these hours on a regular basis, advise the Public Safety Department of your situation. They will attempt to work out a solution.

Mr. Guerra also reported that a total of 26 bicycles have been confiscated and only three were claimed. The unclaimed bicycles were given to the Thrift shop.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIOC Approves FERI FDR Memorial and Announces Another Delay in Tram Modernization Project

Image June 25 RIOC Board Meeting

A quick note from this mornings RIOC Board Hearing. The Board approved FERI's proposed FDR Four Freedoms Park but construction will not start until all funds for Phase 1 are raised and other conditions met.

Also, RIOC President Steve Shane announced that it was likely that the Roosevelt Island Tram modernization project will be delayed again. The new start date for the Tram Modernization project is March 2010 when it will go out of service for approximately 6 months.

Webcast of the meeting will be available shortly.

Bluebeard's Invitation To Celebrate Roosevelt Island Little League Players and Mend Some Fences

You Tube Video of Noah's Roosevelt Island Baseball Game

I received the following invitation:
"A day of celebration"

This Saturday, the kids of Roosevelt Island are celebrating their Little League season with the final two games. I invite all the residents and friends of the island to attend these two games and honor the kids for their passion and love for baseball, as well as their undisputed friendships.

It is an occasion to truly understand the emotions that stem from the children as well as their parents, friends, and neighbors. They are the roots of this community. Once on the field I am confident you will emerge yourself in an atmosphere of sportsmanship that binds our community closer. It is a place where everyone drops their stress, politics, and worldly pressures behind them before entering the filed.

The Red and Blue teams will play for 1st and 2nd place, while the Green and Purple teams play for 3rd and fourth place. And as in any baseball game, there'll be a lot of cheers, encouragements, some fleeting disappointments, as well as celebrations... a demonstration of the Youth Center's successful programs, the volunteer coaches' commitment, and the general celebration of youth on this island.

This invitation is open for EVERYONE: Roosevelt Island children, parents, friends, neighbors, visitors, employees and governors.

It is a place and time to mend hard feelings and a start of island bonding.

Adib Mansour, A.F.
(aka Blue Beard)

Mr. Mansour is the parent who was arrested during the recent little league permit dispute incident.

I think this is a great idea and urge all who can to attend the Celebration. I asked RIOC President Steve Shane to comment and he replied:
See my response, with regrets, below:
Mr. Mansour:
Thank you for the invitation. I unfortunately have survived to the 4th round of a golf tournament in Westchester so will be unable to attend Saturday morning's games.
The sentiments and aspirations for Island bonding are exactly on target. Thank you for expressing them so eloquently.
UPDATE - 4:15 PM - Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Keith Gurra responds to the invitation:
Thank you for the invitation. I will free up my schedule to attend.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A New Wrinkle In Roosevelt Island FDR Memorial Controversy - FERI Altered Louis Kahn's Final Design For Memorial

Click on Image to see two FDR Sculptures in Final Kahn FDR Memorial Design

A new wrinkle has popped up in the Louis Kahn/FDR Memorial controversy the night before RIOC is scheduled to vote on whether or not to approve the project. To date, the Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute (FERI) has always maintained that no changes can be made to the Louis Kahn design of the FDR Memorial. However, Mark Diamond, a Roosevelt Island resident and architect has done some research and discovered that FERI's plan for the FDR Memorial is itself different from Louis Kahn's final design. In a letter to the RIOC Board Mr. Diamond writes:
As an architect, I wish to express my concern about the plan that the Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute has submitted to you for approval. It is inconsistent with Louis I. Kahn's final design for the FDR Memorial. That design includes two sculptures. One is located outside the open-roofed room. The second is inside the room. This second sculpture has been omitted in FERI's Plan.

Restoring the omitted sculpture would return the Memorial to Kahn's design and provide an opportunity to represent FDR's disability within Four Freedoms Park....
Mr. Diamonds full letter with images is embedded below.

- 6/29 - During the June 25 RIOC Board Meeting, FERI representative Gina Pollara responded to Mr. Diamond's article by saying that the second statue was an earlier version eliminated during the final design stage of the Memorial and removed from the construction documents.

Mr. Diamond replies:
Like Gina, I had assumed that the two sculptures were in an earlier version of Kahn's design. I researched it in order to reference the sculptures for a non-newsworthy opinion I was preparing to send to the Board to express my support of RIDA's call to depict FDR's disability. It took much time to learn and confirm that two sculptures are in Kahn's final design, that the UDC approved that design, and Kahn was pleased with it. He died weeks later. Hence, my letter all of a sudden became substantive, delayed and delivered too late for proper consideration. Fortunately, the outcome was good.
Gina is correct that the second sculpture is not in the construction drawings, but those were drawn up after his death. The references in my letter clearly document that two sculptures are in Kahn's final design, not just in an earlier version. Among other evidence, there's Paul Goldberger in the New York Times describing two sculptures in an approved plan a month after Kahn died. Goldberger also notes that construction docs are yet to be drawn up. The post-Kahn architectural team may be able to tell us why one sculpture was removed from the design and clarify other important discrepancies.
I'm encouraged that the Ambassador said he will discuss my letter with their advisor, the architect James Polshek. I will follow through as well. I am thrilled that RIDA has won a pledge from the Ambassador to expend substantial funds to address FDR's disability at the Four Freedoms Park. And the community should be quite gratified that Patrick Stewart and David Kraut are committed to holding FERI to its pledges.
A webcast of the June 25 RIOC Board meeting should be available shortly.

Will RIOC Board Rubber Stamp Approval of Proposed FDR Memorial Or Will They Seek Answers To Unresolved Financial & Park Maintenance Issues?

Image of Magnifying Glass from

Here are some questions the RIOC Directors might ask during tomorrow's June 25 Board Meeting prior to voting on whether or not to approve the FDR Four Freedoms Memorial Park proposed by the Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute (FERI).

As set forth in the February 6, 2009 Conditional Designation Agreement (CDA) between FERI and RIOC, FERI was required to demonstrate a financial commitment to completion of Phase 1 of the FDR Memorial. Section 5d of the CDA provides that:
By April 15 2009, FDR LLC will provide financial commitment to RIOC (in a form that is acceptable to RIOC in its reasonable discretion including, but not limited to, cash, letter of credit, guarantees or other financial documents) that demonstrates FDR LLC's financial ability to complete Phase 1 of the FDR Project...
Ignoring the April 15 deadline, the question is whether FERI has provided such financial documentation even at this late date? According to the materials presented by FERI to the RIOC Board (the "Presentation"), funding for Phase 1 of the project is complete, having raised $9.5 million in private funds and $8.5 million in public taxpayer funds. (Page 7 of the FERI Narrative Description in the Presentation). However, further down page 7 FERI claims only approximately $5.5 million are available for Phase 1, $80,000 for Phase 2 and $750,000 for Phase 3 - even using FERI Math that does not add up to the claimed $9.5 million. Why the discrepancy in funds? Click on the image below to read page 7.

More importantly, of the $5.5 million in private funds FERI claims are available, only $1.27 million is cash on hand with $4.285 million in what are described as pledges (Exhibit 15 of the Presentation). Nothing in the Presentation about Letters of Credit, Guarantees or other financial documents as required by section 5d of the CDA. In the current economic climate of Bernie Madoff Ponzi schemes and financial recession, detailed due diligence must be done to verify that these funds are real and not a figment of FERI's imagination. Does anyone really not think that with the proposed construction time table so close for Phase 1 and needing the approval of the RIOC Board that if these claimed pledged funds were real and deliverable, they would be in the bank by now or in some other verifiable financial instrument? Click on the image below to read Exhibit 15.

The amount of private funds raised by FERI is crucial to the financing plan for Phase 1 because the $4 million allocated to the FDR memorial by NY State is expressly conditioned upon all other money being available to complete Phase 1 before the State money can be used. According to the NY State Capital Projects Appropriation, Exhibit 18 of the Presentation:
... For services and expenditures related to the construction of phase 1 of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms park on Roosevelt Island. No funds shall be expended from this appropriation until $4,000,000 is made available from the City of New York and $8,000,000, or however much is necessary to complete Phase 1, is certified to be in the possession of the Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute and available for expenditure.
Since NY State is requiring FERI to certify (whatever that means) that the required privately donated funds are available before releasing any State money, why should RIOC not require the same before approving the project at tomorrow's RIOC Board meeting, particularly since the CDA (5d) requires specific financial documentation? Click on the image below to read Exhibit 18.

The CDA (section 6) also requires FERI to provide a firm commitment for maintenance of the completed park. FERI claims that the letter below from NY State Park Commissioner (OPRHP) Carol Ash provides such a commitment. However, the letter does no such thing and is expressly subject to the creation of a future endowment. According to Ms. Ash:
... an endowment will be necessary in order for OHRHP to operate the Memorial. The Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute has agreed to assist OPRHP to raise the endowment. We hope to make progress on fundraising over the summer....
Click on the image below to read the full letter.

Of course the RIOC Board could just ignore these financial and park maintenance issues and rubber stamp approval of the FDR Memorial tomorrow. However, perhaps in the exercise of their fiduciary duty to RIOC , the resident Board members might ask some of these questions, not receive any clarifying answers and either reject the FERI Louis Kahn/FDR Memorial Project or at least postpone any decision until sufficient answers are provided.

Yeah, I know I'm just dreaming but surprises sometimes do happen.

Roosevelt Island Ping Pong Night Moves To Wednesdays At The Sportspark

Roosevelt Island Health and Fitness Day Ping Pong Tournament

A reminder to all you Ping Pong aficionados that Roosevelt Island Ping Pong Night has been moved from Thursday to Wednesday nights starting tonight. Below is the announcement from RIOC:
Roosevelt Island Ping Pong Night - Previously on Thursdays
When: Every Wednesday Night 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (Starting June 24th)
Where: Sportspark
Kids + Adults are Welcome FREE!
To Sign-Up call Steve Chironis at (212) 832-4540 x350 or e-mail

Roosevelt Island Public Safety Reports 6/8 Thru 6/24 - Subway Platform Stabbing, Grand Larceny, Counterfeit Money, Debris Falling From Bridge & More

You Tube Video of the Clash Performing "I Fought The Law - But The Law Won"

RIOC is posting the most current Daily and April/May 2009 Monthly Roosevelt Island Public Safety Incident reports on their web site. Also, available is a breakdown of Roosevelt Island Public Safety incidents by location and category (the Blotter) for the months of April/May 2009.

Below are the Roosevelt Island Daily Public Safety Reports for June 8 - June 24, 2009. Incidents include:
  • Missing Pocketbook after door left open (6/8)
  • Shouting Profanity at Public Safety Officers during car stop (6/8,12)
  • Counterfeit Money given to delivery person (6/8)
  • Shoplifting (6/9)
  • Forcible Touching (6/9,10)
  • Harassment Complaint Against RIOC employee (6/11)
  • Outstanding Warrant Arrest (6/12)
  • Aided Male with allergic peanut reaction (6/12)
  • Firefighter Picture From 9/11 Memorial Missing (6/13)
  • Grand Larceny, Missing Laptop (6/14)
  • Apartment Lock Out (6/15)
  • Missing Goldwater Patient (6/17)
  • Possible Subway Gas Leak (6/18)
  • Stabbing On Subway Platform (6/20)
  • Bike Missing From Rack (6/22)
  • Car possibly Damaged By Falling Objects From Queensboro Bridge (6/22)
0700 hrs 06/08/09 - 0700 hrs 06/09/09

Aided - PSD officer observed EMS responding to apartment for possible aided. Elderly female burnt leg. Aided transported to hospital.

Missing Property - Tenant reported to PSD that she left her door to apartment open while vacuuming, when unknown person took her pocketbook from kitchen table. PSD responded and made search with negative results. NYPD responded, but no report was taken by NYPD.

Disorderly Conduct - While PSD was on a car stop, another motorist driving by stopped his car and shouted out profanity towards officers. Officers issued motorist summons for disorderly conduct.

Aided - PSD responded to apartment for past aided. Aided stated to PSD officer that home attendant spilled hot coffee on her leg and was taken to hospital and treated for the burn on her leg. Aided stated she doesn't know if it was accident or pre-meditated. Aided filed report with home health agency.

Petit Larceny/Counterfeit U.S. Currency - Male subject handed pizza delivery person money for pizza. When delivery person noticed that it was counterfeit, subject fled. Money was taken to NYPD and vouchered. NYPD will look into occurrence.

Aggravated Harassment - Female victim walked into PSD to report that her ex-boyfriend keeps calling her and leaving inappropriate messages. NYPD responded and filed report. Also being referred to detective squad.

Smoke Alarm - PSD responded to apartment for smoke alarm going off. Upon arrival, tenant had his door open and stated that he burnt food on stove. PSD opened windows. No injuries or damages reported.

Verbal Dispute - Between two females. PSD responded and spoke to both parties and advised them to stay away from each other. No injuries.

0700 hrs 06/09/09 - 0700 hrs 06/10/09

Shop Lifter - PSD responded for shop lifter inside store. Male subject was gone when PSD arrived. Search was conducted with negative results.

Aided - PSD responded for elderly female falling down on street. Aided sustained bump on head. EMS transported aided to hospital.

Forcible Touching - Female victim reported to PSD officer that male touched her while she was inside elevator. Victim gave description of male subject and PSD conducted search with negative results. NYPD filed police report.

There's More!

0700hrs 6/10/09- 0700hrs 6/11/09

Forcible Touching (follow up)- Previously female reported a male touched her inappropriately While on patrol PSD officer observed subject, subject was arrested and taken into custody.

Public Consumption of Alcohol- Anti-Crime unit observed subject drinking in public, subject was summonsed and released.

Escort Out of Apartment- PSD responded to an apartment along with NYPD, a male was escorted out.

Aided- Male not feeling well transported to hospital.

Alarm Sounding- PSD responded to location, made a search with negative results.

0700 hrs 06/11/09 - 0700 hrs 06/12/09

Harassment/Complaint Against RIOC Employee - Resident made complaint at RIOC office of RIOC employee harassing him. PSD report was taken.

Aided - PSD and EMS responded to apartment for possible aided. Aided complaining of pain due to past burn she received on her leg. Aided transported to hospital.

Investigation - PSD officers responded to apartment building for female screaming. Several apartments were checked with negative results.

Found Property - Back pack was found on street and secured at PSD.

Graffiti - PSD officer observed graffiti in stairwell. Officer made search for subject(s) with negative results. Housing management notified.

Disabled RIOC Bus - PSD responded for disabled bus. Traffic was directed around bus. Bus was fixed and put back in service.

Investigation - PSD responded to smell of marijuana. Search was made with negative results.

0700hrs 6/12/09 - 0700hrs 6/13/09

NYPD Arrest- NYPD made an arrest on the east seawall, subject had a warrant, transported to 114th Precinct.

Alcohol Open Container- PSD observed two males drinking Coors, subjects were summons and released.

Aided- Male had an allergic reaction to a brownie that contained peanuts, aided was transported to Cornell Hospital.

Disorderly Conduct- Male failed to stop at stop sign, had no license or identification, sister brought ID to PSD. Passenger use profanity toward PSD officer and failed to comply he was summons and released.

Investigation- PSD officers responded for a complaint of suspicious male knocking on doors. Male stated that they knocked on the wrong door. They were escorted out of premises.

0700hrs 06/13/09- 0700hrs 06/14/09

Aided- Female not feeling well, transported to hospital.

Verbal Dispute- Two female had an argument in the past, NYPD notified.

Missing Property- A picture of a fire fighter was taken from the 911 Memorial, search made with negative results, NYPD refused.

Trespass- PSD observed a male in the fenced off area under the 59th street bridge, subject was summoned and released.

Domestic Dispute- Couple going threw a divorce had and argument, husband was intoxicated, slapped his wife, husband was arrested by PSD.

Public Urination- PSD officer observed male urinating, subject was summons and released.

0700 hrs 06/14/09 - 0700 hrs 06/15/09

Reckless Endangerment - Resident complained to PSD that unknown tenant above is throwing objects onto her patio. PSD responded and made search with negative results. Housing Management notified.

Found Property - Purse turned into PSD. Owner was contacted and picked up property.

Hazardous Condition - PSD responded for report of missing glass mirror. Area was cautioned off. Housing management notified.

Disorderly Person - PSD responded. Person was gone upon PSD arrival.

Grand Larceny - Tenant stated that when she returned home that her lap top was missing from apartment. No force entry was found on apartment door. NYPD responded and took report.

Missing Property - Employee reports her personal items were missing from a security booth. PSD responded and made report.

Harassment - Husband and wife reported to PSD that female subject began yelling and cursing at them. Complainant states this is a on going situation and that previous report was made to PSD. There was no physical contact between both parties.

Unsecured Premises - Construction site door was found opened by PSD. Door was unable to lock. PSD conducted periodical check of the area.

Aided/Lift Job - PSD and EMS responded to apartment for possible aided. Aided was found on floor and was picked up by EMS. Aided refused medical attention.

Trespass - PSD issued summons for male subject trespassing inside Southgate.

Dispute - Between passenger and cab driver. PSD officer responded and spoke to both parties. Passenger was also referred to call TLC to make complaint against driver.

Damaged Property - PSD officer observed damaged wall at comfort station.

Aided - PSD responded to lobby for aided. Aided was observed laying on bench. EMS responded and transported aided to hospital.

0700 hrs 06/15/09 - 0700 hrs 06/16/09

Aided - PSD responded to an apartment for possible aided. Aided needed help getting into wheelchair. Home attendant was on scene and corrected condition. Aided refused medical attention.

Water Leak - PSD and maintenance entered apartment for water leak. Maintenance corrected condition and secured apartment.

Aided - PSD responded for man on the ground. Aided appeared to be intoxicated and was transported to hospital.

Unsecured Vehicle- PSD officer observed car window down on Main Street. Car didn't appeared to be tampered with.

Trespassing - PSD responded to four males on rocks. Youths were warned and admonished and parents were contacted. Youths were released.

Aided - Family member called PSD and reported he didn't hear from his mother and was concerned. PSD responded to aided's apartment and was informed by friend that she was admitted to hospital.

Aided - PSD responded for unresponsive male in wheelchair. EMS responded and transported aided to hospital.

Aided - Resident notified management that she was locked out of her apartment. Handyman stated he would assist her. Before he arrived at apartment, resident called 911 and stated there was an aided inside apartment. FDNY responded and forced door open and there was nobody inside apartment. Handyman secured door.

0700 hrs 06/16/09 - 0700 hrs 06/17/09

Vehicle Accident - Owner reported unknown person hit his parked vehicle. Vehicle sustained damaged. NYPD responded and took report.

Aided - Inside school. PSD and EMS on scene for aided that passed out. Aided was awake upon EMS arrival. Aided refused to be transported.

Trespass/Smoking In Prohibited Area - PSD officer observed male subject smoking cigarette in hallway and remained at location unlawfully without authorization or permission. Subject was issued summons and released.

Open Container of Alcohol - PSD officer observed male subject drinking in public. subject was issued summons and released.

Trespass - PSD observed two male youths trespassing in hallway. Youths were escorted to PSD and guardian was contacted. Guardian picked up youths.

Hazardous Condition - PSD noticed lights were missing from ceiling in lobby due to construction. Super provided spotlight. PSD officer was posted in lobby.

Aided - Barricaded herself inside bedroom. Aided was in living room when PSD arrived and stated she was off her medication. EMS and NYPD was on scene. Aided was transported to hospital for medical evaluation.

0700 06/17/09 - 0700 06/18/09

Aided - PSD responded for female aided on Main Street. Aided was feeling dizzy and was transported to hospital by EMS.

Disorderly Youth/Trespass Notice - PSD responded to store for disorderly youth. Youth was taken to PSD and parent was notified. Trespass notice was issued to youth because he was warned to stay out of store previously.

Stuck Elevator - Three males were stuck in elevator. Upon PSD and maintenance arrival, males exited elevator. Medical attention was refused.

Attempted Trespass - PSD responded to apartment building for male subject trying to gain entry. Subject told PSD he was visiting someone in building, but didn't know where she lived. Subject was escorted out of building.

Investigation - PSD officer observed mechanical access arm on 8th floor inside parking garage broken. Motorgate attendant was notified.

Unsecured Vehicle - PSD officer observed vehicle window open inside parking garage. Attendant was notified and message was left with owner. Vehicle appeared to be in order.

Missing Patient - Goldwater Hospital notified PSD of missing patient. Search was made with negative results. NYPD responded and made report.

0700 hrs 06/18/09 - 0700 hrs 06/19/09

Vehicle Accident - PSD responded to vehicle accident between two vehicles. Both parties refused NYPD report and will work it out on their own. Both vehicles received minor damage. No injuries were reported.

Unsecured Property - Motorist left key in trunk lock. Key was secured at PSD and note was left on vehicle.

Possible Gas Leak - FDNY and PSD responded to subway for possible gas leak. FDNY made search with negative results.

Emotionally Disturbed Person - NYPD, EMS, and PSD responded to apartment for emotionally disturbed person. EMS deemed person to be normal. Person was not taken to the hospital.

Temporary Storage - PSD responded with maintenance to senior center. Maintenance was ordered to remove art work from center that tenant left inside. tenant stated he didn't have room in apartment. Art work was removed without incident.

Aided - PSD responded to apartment for aided. Aided stated she was in pain and wanted to go to hospital on her own.

0700hrs 06/19/09- 0700hrs 06/20/09

Aided- Female not feeling well, complaining of pain on right leg. Aided went on her own to Lenox Hills Hospital.

Disorderly Conduct- Two youths were issue "Youths Referrals" for fighting in public. Youths were release to their parents.

Open Container- Two individuals were issued "Criminal Court Summons" for drinking beer in public view.

0700hrs 06/20/09 - 0700hrs 06/21/09

Open Container- PSD observed two subjects consuming beer in public view, subjects were summonsed and released.

Family Dispute- PSD and NYPD responded to apartment mother wanted son out of the apartment, son was escorted out and advised to report to family court to retrieve property.

Aided- Concerned daughter wanted PSD to check on her mother who was not answering her phone and has a heart condition, PSD responded, no answer at door, mother returned home from shopping at the Farmers Market.

Found Property- Bag was left on Tram, PSD contacted owner, owner reports she will retrieve bag later.

Assault Two- Male age 16 stabbed on subway platform treated by EMS and transported to Mount Sinai Queens, injuries not life threatening.

Unsecured Property- One bike and three scooters were taken from Westview Hallway, search made with negative results, NYPD refused.

Water Leak- Tenant's ceiling was leaking, Urban American found source, tenant was not home, PSD on scene, leak was fixed, door secured.

0700 hrs 06/21/09 - 0700 hrs 06/22/09

Car Stop - PSD stopped motorist for driving wrong way. Motorist gave paper work to officer, but took off. Motorist was stopped again and was issued two summonses.

Missing Property - Owner retrieved purse from door station, but stated that money and Amex card was missing.

Dispute/Disorderly Conduct - PSD and NYPD responded for dispute between male and female. Third party got involved and was issued summons for disorderly conduct. NYPD made Domestic Incident report.

Missing - Father walked into PSD to report that his son did not return home from school. NYPD responded and made report.

Investigation/Recovered Starter Pistol - Resident reported to PSD that she found starter pistol in closet. Reporter stated it belonged to her husband who she is separated from. Pistol was secured at PSD.

0700 hrs 06/22/09 - 0700 hrs 06/23/09

Missing Property - Owner made report with PSD that her bike was missing from bike rack. PSD checked bike log and bike was not removed by PSD.

Lost Property/Escort - Resident reported to PSD that he left his cell phone in church while attending mass. PSD escorted resident to church and resident retrieved his cell phone.

Aided - PSD observed unresponsive male in his wheelchair. Aided had odor of alcohol on his breath. Aided was transported to hospital by EMS.

Property Damage - Owner found his rear windshield shattered possibly by contractors working on 59th St. Bridge. NYPD responded and took report. Message was left regarding incident with contractor. No injuries were reported.

Missing Youths - Father reported to PSD that his son and another youth did not return home. PSD called cell phone number that father provided. Youths answered and were advised to return home. Both youths returned home into reporter's custody.

0700 hrs 06/23/09 - 0700 hrs 06/24/09

Vehicle Accident - PSD officer responded to vehicle accident inside parking garage. Owner stated second vehicle was wedged against his vehicle causing damage. NYPD report refused.

Aided - Male aided became emotionally upset during his counseling session at the group home. PSD, EMS, and NYPD responded. Aided was transported to hospital for evaluation.

Aided - PSD and EMS responded to apartment for possible aided. Aided refused transport.

Hazard/Lights Out - While on patrol, PSD observed lights out in Light House Park. RIOC personnel was notified.

Civil Court Papers - Served to resident by PSD.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Roosevelt Island Outdoor Movie Showing Of Transformers Cancelled For Tonight Due To Weather - Rescheduled For Sunday June 28

Image from jrkkasterlee

Looks like we can't get the weather to cooperate with us so that the Roosevelt Island Outdoor Movie viewing of the Transformers can be shown. RIOC Community Relations Specialist Erica Wilder reports the following:
Hello Everyone:

Unfortunately, due to the unpredictable forecast for this evening, the outdoor movie at Firefighters Field, "Transformers", has been canceled and moved to Sunday, June 28th at 8:45pm.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for great weather on Sunday evening!

RIOC Board Of Directors To Decide Whether Kahn/FDR Memorial To Proceed Or Not - Has FERI Complied With Prior RIOC Agreement?

The Roosevelt Island Board of Directors may decide to approve, reject or postpone a decision regarding the proposal by the Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute (FERI) to build the Louis Kahn Memorial (incorrectly described as the FDR Memorial) during the June 25 RIOC Board Meeting (See Item 6). The package of materials provided to the RIOC Board Members in support of the FERI proposal is embedded below as is the February 6, 2009 Conditional Designation Agreement (CDA) between RIOC and FERI for the FDR Memorial project which set forth the conditions that FERI had to meet prior to any future approval.

One would think that among the criteria to be used by the RIOC Directors in making their decision on this issue is whether FERI has complied with the requirements imposed by the CDA. Many questions remain unresolved including whether FERI has provided demonstrable evidence (and not mere statements) that they have secured the required funds from private non-public taxpayer sources (Page 6-7 of FERI Submission) and whether the State of New York has definitely committed to managing the site once completed (letter from NY State Parks Commissioner Carol Ash indicates that NY State management of Park is subject to creation of endowment not yet raised). There is also nothing in the materials relating to the ownership or disposition of the real estate that is contemplated to comprise the site as it pertains to the application of the Public Authorities Act.

Read the documents below and decide for yourself.
FDR Memorial Presentation By FERI To RIOC 6/25 Board Meeting

Conditional Designation Agreement between RIOC and FERI

Roosevelt Island Summer Outdoor Movie Showing of Transformers Tonight Plus The Schedule For The Rest Of Summer

Image of Roosevelt Island Outdoor Summer Movie Series From RIOC

Remember that the Roosevelt Island Outdoor Movie showing of the Transformers which was canceled last Saturday due to the rain is scheduled to be shown tonight at Firefighters Field.

Also, RIOC Community Relations Specialist Erica Wilders send the following information regarding the remaining Roosevelt Island Summer Outdoor Movie Schedule:
Hello Everyone,

Summer is almost here! We are excited to present our outdoor movie series at Firefighters Field starting this Saturday. Our June 20th screening of "Transformers" promises to be one of the best movies of the summer line up. In the event of rain, which seems very likely for Saturday, we will meet on Tuesday, June 23rd. Bring your family and friends as we enjoy great pre-show music and entertainment.

Films will begin at sundown (8:45pm. 8:05pm for screenings in August), but patrons are invited to come early, bring a picnic basket, spread out a blanket, grab some popcorn and enjoy an awesome evening at Firefighters Field! Also, be sure to book the following dates for the remaining films:

Sunday, July 19th- 50 First Dates
Monday, July 27th- Kung Fu Panda
Saturday, August 8th- Forrest Gump
Monday, August 17th- Hairspray

Hope to see you there!
For fans of Transformers, the sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, is expected to be the big summer blockbuster movie and is opening tomorrow. The Daily News says:
"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" - the biggest, most smashmouth movie of the summer - has arrived, and trying to avoid it will be like getting out of the way of a 20-robot-car pileup.

With wild anticipation waiting for it, "Trans 2," its blood a mixture of Red Bull and diesel fuel, is set to be 2009's box-office steamroller. But though it has plenty of popcorn moments that can be big, dumb fun (alien secrets under a pyramid, sexy girls who sprout mechanical tails at the worst moments), director Michael Bay's sequel is louder and more illogical than the megasuccessful 2007 original....
UPDATE - 10:45 AM - RIOC reports that tonight's Transformers movie has been canceled again and is being rescheduled for Sunday night June 28 8:45 at Firefighters Field.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Stabbing at Roosevelt Island Subway Station Platform

Image of Roosevelt Island Subway Station Platform

The June 20, 2009 daily Roosevelt Island Public Safety Report indicated that there was a stabbing at the Roosevelt Island subway station. Below is the report of the incident.
Assault Two- Male age 16 stabbed on subway platform treated by EMS and transported to Mount Sinai Queens, injuries not life threatening.
Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Keith Guerra provides further details.
On 6/20/09 at approximately 1:18 PM, a male victim was assaulted on the Manhattan Bound Platform of the Train Station by a subject known to him. The suspect confronted the victim over an issue involving a friend of the victim. When the victim attempted to walk away from the situation, the suspect tugged at him from behind and stabbed him in his right upper chest area with a knife. The suspect then fled the scene and the victim, who is an island resident, came to the Public Safety Department to report the incident. He received proper Medical attention and was transported to Mt. Sinai Hospital in Queens. The NYPD Transit Detectives caught the case and are handling the investigation from here on out.

June 25 RIOC Board Of Directors Meeting Includes Agenda Item To Decide Fate Of Controversial FDR Memorial

Below is the notice and agenda for the June 25 meeting of the Roosevelt Island Board of Directors. Note that Item 6 deals with the decision by the RIOC Board whether or not to approve the Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute's Proposed Louis Kahn/FDR Memorial.


JUNE 25, 2009

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes

1. May 14, 2009 Board Meeting (Board Action Required)

IV. Old Business

V. New Business

1. Presentation of RIOC’s Audited Financial Statements for Fiscal Year 2008-09

2. Approval of Report on Procurement Contracts for Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2009 (Board Action Required)

3. Approval of Report on Investments for Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2009 (Board Action Required)

4. Approval of Property Report for Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2009 (Board Action Required)

5. Approval of Annual Report for Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2009 (Board Action Required)

6. Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park Project: Authorization to Serve as Lead Agency and Issue Negative Declaration Pursuant to the State Environmental Quality Review Act; Approval of Plan and Project; Designation of FDR Four Freedoms Park LLC as Developer of the Project; Authorization to Expend Funds and Enter Into Development Agreement; and Authorization to Take Related Actions (Board Action Required)

7. Authorization of Extension of Contract with Doppelmayr CTEC, Inc. for Operation and Management of the Roosevelt Island Aerial Tramway (Board Action Required)

8. Authorization to Enter Into Contract for Construction Services for the Motorgate Garage Rehabilitation (Board Action Required)

9. Authorization to Enter Into Contract for Construction Services for the Sports Park Gym Rehabilitation (Board Action Required)

10. Authorization to Enter Into Contract for Replacement of Heating and Cooling Ventilators for the Roosevelt Island Youth Center at 506 Main Street (Board Action Required)

11. Authorization to Enter Into Contract for the Purchase of a Hybrid-Electric Bus (Board Action Required)

12. Authorization to Purchase Benches (Board Action Required)

13. Approval of Modification of the Corporation's Internal Control Guidelines (Board Action Required)

14. Authorization to Approve Assignment and Assumption of Lease From the New York National Bank to the Amalgamated Bank and to Enter Into a Fourth Amendment of Lease for Commercial Space at 619 Main Street and a Portion of 615 Main Street (Board Action Required)

15. Committee Reports

Audit Committee
Governance/Operations Advisory Committee
Real Estate Development Advisory Committee
16. Public Safety Report

17. President’s Report

VI. Adjournment

RIRA President Reports On Blood Drive, Blackwell Park Design, Red Bus, FDR Disability Depiction, Permit Dispute & Other Roosevelt Island Issues

Image of June RIRA Meeting

RIRA President Frank Farance sends the following report to Roosevelt Island residents.
1. RIRA-sponsored blood drive. Former RIRA President Matt Katz and Common Council volunteers have again run a successful blood drive, with 40 pints donated.

2. Best Roosevelt Island Day in memory. Thanks to Doryne Isley and Charlie DeFino for staging an excellent event – and for their control over the weather. Thanks also to the sponsors: Urban American, RI Youth Program, RIOC, Island House, Island Kids, Rivercross, RIRA, RISA, RIVAA.

3. RIOC wants your input on the new Blackwell Park. RIOC architects will hear from residents on Blackwell Park at the June 17 RIRA town meeting. RIOC is developing a master plan for the new park, and would like to identify the stakeholders. Come and contribute your ideas.

4. Good progress on RIOC-RIRA collaboration on red bus schedule. The results look good: a reliable schedule for segment #2 (late morning, approximately 9:50 to noon), with the buses arriving within 1-2 minutes before tram departure. Next is segment #1, the morning rush. An MTA bus planner will be meeting with us to add their expertise. Steve Shane and I will let you know when we've finalized our next experiment.

5. RIRA takes position on FDR Memorial at Southpoint. In response to the RIOC meeting on the proposed memorial, RIRA adopted a resolution supporting the inclusion of a celebration of President Roosevelt as a disabled person by depicting him in a wheelchair or on crutches.

6. RIRA Activity on Roosevelt Island Youth Services. Nikki Leopold, chair of the Social, Cultural, and Educational Committee, is leading this effort. The interests include: raising the quality of current youth programs, raising awareness of current offerings, coordinating disparate youth agencies, evaluating the well-roundedness of current offerings, including youth in discussions pertaining to youth services (creating a youth forum in which topics such as arts, education, and sports are the focus), advocacy for youth organizations, identifying youth who do not get involved, and parent education — impressing on parents the need to have children involved in extra-curricular activities. For more information, contact Nikki directly at

7. Baseball fiasco with arrest of a parent. This has been reported elsewhere. Here are my observations:

— RIOC's lack of maintenance of the baseball fields contributed to the problem, because the first permitted players, the RI Little League, had to clear the fields, remove water, etc., which delayed their games.

— Parents, friends, and relatives need to behave better. As parents, we all sign that form from the RI Youth Program on sportsman-like conduct, including parents and friends. Shouting obscenities and bigoted comments has no place on the field.

— Big Apple Softball League (BASL) could have done a better job of identifying their official representative. Little League parents, players, and umpires were under the impression that they could continue playing the last inning (about 10-15 minutes more). While I respect the right of the BASL permit holder to choose not to let the Little League continue to play, the BASL representative's decision was poorly communicated to them (thus, confusion).

— Public Safety (PSD) needs to improve its conflict-resolution skills. Mike Shinozaki reported their poor technique, including his impression that PSD chose to arrest Adib Mansour because he was taking pictures. PSD is looking to blanket the Island with surveillance cameras (it's OK to take pictures of us), yet they object when we use cameras.

— Public Safety needs to improve its arresting skills. Aside from the reportedly poor handling of Mr. Mansour, his young son was separated from him and cried outside PSD's doors while he wondered how his father was inside; meanwhile, his father worried about his son — primal emotions. Mike Shinozaki asked PSD if it was OK if the son could just see the father for a moment to be reassured that everything was OK, but PSD refused. NYPD would have handled this better, by making arrangements for the orderly separation of parent and child during the parent's arrest.

— Public Safety needs a new approach to better community relations. PSD Director Keith Guerra did nothing to investigate the reports of the poor handling of Mr. Mansour — only asking for a PSD officer's opinion is an incomplete story. Had this been NYPD, they wouldn't have responded this way: not on the field, not afterwards, not in the post-incident investigation, and not with a vow of non-cooperation.

— Mike Shinozaki had a good idea: Since the children were traumatized by the event, Public Safety should make it up to them. I'm all for better ties between PSD and the community, but to make it really stick with the children, their parents need to be supportive of PSD's message, too, i.e., PSD should also focus on soothing parents' concerns.

— Many parents complain about RIRA's permitting policy and the unavailability of fields for residents' pick-up games. RIRA will take up this topic in the fall, and hold a town meeting to gather residents' input.

Maybe we can all (RIOC, parents, etc.) take a deep breath and think about cooperating, which means doing our level best. Certainly, not cooperating doesn't help. I've had disagreements with Public Safety, but my children see me act with courtesy and respect to the officers. As parents, we owe it to our children.
The RIRA President's message was also published as the RIRA column in the 6/13/09 Main Street WIRE.