Saturday, July 25, 2020

Take A Listen To Beautiful Song Titled Roosevelt Island By Amsterdam Netherlands Singer Pieternal - Her Trip On Roosevelt Island Tram Helped Let Go A Broken Heart

The Twitterverse asked:

I offered my favorite song about Roosevelt Island titled Roosevelt Island from the album Roosevelt Island by the artist Pieternal based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

It's a beautiful song. Take a listen.

According to Pieteranl:
When I lived in NYCI I was trying to let go of my broken heart. One day I visited Roosevelt Island, the aerial tram was such a nice ride: flying in the air, underneath me busy NYC traffic, the swirling East River and then this tiny island. That only would be a reason to go there! Something about water makes me relaxed and grounded. When I walked towards the end of the island I thought it would be really nice if you could just let go of your worries, send them left and right of you, like the river splits left and right when it meets an island. And then the island itself would be the carefree zone. All you have to do is just walk all the way to the end, take a seat and see how the river comes back together.
More from Pieternal's Instagram:

I N S I G H T - long post- thank you for giving your choice in my insta story poll. I wrote two songs with @alexwongsounds ; Fragile Space and Roosevelt Island. The last one was your favorite so here is my insight inside this song. When I lived in NYCI I was trying to let go of my broken heart. One day I visited Roosevelt Island, the aerial tram was such a nice ride: flying in the air, underneath me busy NYC traffic, the swirling East River and then this tiny island. That only would be a reason to go there! Something about water makes me relaxed and grounded. When I walked towards the end of the island I thought it would be really nice if you could just let go of your worries, send them left and right of you, like the river splits left and right when it meets an island. And then the island itself would be the carefree zone. All you have to do is just walk all the way to the end, take a seat and see how the river comes back together. Sometimes things don’t come back together. But I learned, letting go of the thought of it getting back together, is better. It opens up possibilities, gives you unexpected joy and the choice of change. “Let the river decide” This is an important lesson for me and there fore I named my album Roosevelt Island. Thank you for reading and your interest to know the story behind the song. You can listen to the track on spotify, apple and deezer. Link ik bio ❤️ #story #behind #emotions #to #words #to #song #writing #NYC #alexwong #titletrack #rooseveltisland
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Check out more music from Pieternal at her web site.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Resident Reports Speeding Revel Scooter Crash Early Morning Hours Last Weekend, Says Area Reeked Of Alcohol - Also, Late Night Revel Scooters Racing On Roosevelt Island Pedestrian Paths

The NY Times reported July 20:

A local television journalist died over the weekend, the police said, after she fell from a scooter that had been rented from Revel, a moped-sharing company whose Vespa-style vehicles have become a familiar sight on the streets of Brooklyn and Queens....

Have you noticed Revel Scooter riders on Roosevelt Island recently?

The Roosevelt Island Twitterverse reported speeding Revel scooter riders crashing near the ferry dock in the late night early morning hours this past weekend.

I asked Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Department Chief Kevin Brown about the incident. Chief Brown replied:

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Roosevelt Island Transportation This Weekend - F Train Service To And From Manhattan, Tram Passenger Limits At Discretion Of Operator, New Summer Ferry Schedule And Citibike Too - Wear Your Masks To Travel Safely For You And Others

According to the MTA, there is Roosevelt Island F Train Service to and from Manhattan this weekend.

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) adds:
Tram Passenger Limits

As the region begins to reopen and more people return to work, the tram will have more riders. The tram operator has the discretion to allow an increase in the stated thirteen passenger limit based on conditions at a given time. If you feel a tram car is too crowded, we encourage you to wait for the next one. If you see an unsafe condition, please notify a the tram operator or a Public Safety Officer or call PSD directly at 212-832-4545.

The Roosevelt Island Tramway will be closed from 1:00 AM until 6:00 AM to ensure that disinfecting measures can be performed. Regular tram service will resume at 6:00 AM each day and continue until 1:00 AM the following morning. These early morning closures will continue each day until further notice...
Here's the NYC Ferry Roosevelt Island Astoria Route Schedule.

Roosevelt Island has a new transportation option with the recent addition of Citbike docking stations.

Also, beginning in August, the E train will replace the F Roosevelt Island subway service on select overnights and weekends due to the MTA's work on the Rutgers Tube tunnel between Manhattan and Brooklyn. According to the MTA:
... On select overnights and weekends between August 2020 and March 2021,... E trains will be rerouted during select overnights and weekends over the F line between 36 St in Queens and a temporary terminal at Delancey St in Manhattan. New York City Transit will provide further service details and dates as they are finalized....

You're Invited To Engaged Roosevelt Island Virtual Zoom Event Monday July 27 - Meet Cornell Tech Student Summer Interns Working On Roosevelt Island Renewable Energy Opportunities

Engaged Roosevelt Island was formed last year to to promote environmental understanding and boost sustainable practices on Roosevelt Island. As previously reported:

... An Engaged Opportunity Grant from Cornell University's Office of Engagement Initiatives was awarded to Cornell Tech for a year of planning and learning with the community. The goal of this grant is to promote environmental understanding and boost sustainable practices on Roosevelt Island. Throughout the year there will be engagement events to foster collaboration with residents, community groups, schools, building managers, island businesses, RIOC, RIRA and elected officials toward a cleaner and healthier neighborhood....
Engaged Roosevelt Island invites you to their upcoming event.
Let’s Reconnect and Meet the Summer Interns

Please Save the Date Monday, July 27th 4:00 to 5:00 pm


or email

Zoom link to be provided upon registration

Although unable to hold in-person events since March, thanks to three Cornell University summer interns, work continues towards the goals of Engaged Roosevelt Island: to foster environmental understanding and boost sustainable practices on Roosevelt Island.

These three internships, supported through Cornell University’s Office of Engagement Initiatives, were awarded to Cornell University Cooperative Extension-NYC Programs (CUCE- NYC) in collaboration with Cornell Tech to carry out work that builds on the goals of Engaged Roosevelt Island. Please join us to meet the interns, learn about their work and ask any questions you may have.

According to Engaged Roosevelt Island:
What the interns are doing:

Working to make Roosevelt Island a Climate Smart Community: Camilla Bacolod is working under the supervision of a key staff member at Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) to complete and submit an application for Roosevelt Island to “mimic” and be compatible with New York State requirements and/or compliance on energy efficiency and sustainable practices.

Identifying Renewable Energy Use and Decarbonization Opportunities on Roosevelt Island: Stefan Engquist and Yosief Kidane are working under the supervision of Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Common Council member, Chris Gassman, to explore and address one of the key questions surfaced by Engaged Roosevelt Island: what is the potential capacity to expand Roosevelt Island’s use of renewable energy? The interns are gathering information on current energy sources used by Roosevelt Islanders to identify opportunities for decarbonization including switching to renewable energy sources and identifying new place-specific options for renewable energy (e.g., tidal, geothermal power).
RSVP at or email

More info about Engaged Roosevelt Island at their web site and sign up here to participate in ongoing efforts.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Garbage And Empty Beer Bottles Left Overnight At Roosevelt Island Subway Promenade Pier, Can We Do Better - Big Belly Solar Trash Cans Could Help

A resident shares photo taken about 11 this morning of garbage and empty beer cans left overnight at the Subway Pier.

Residents react on Roosevelt Islander Instagram:
It seems to be happening all over at night and on weekends. I hope RIOC will act and order the "big belly solar trash cans" like in LIC.

Southpoint Park will need many of the big belly trash cans when that promenade and walking paths open up in the coming year & 1/2. A few more more thousand people a day will be coming over to the park.
Terrible. Always baffles the mind. Take your trash with you and discard it when you come upon a garbage can.
We can and must. Some proactive enforcement on the part of Public Safety would be helpful. Parking violations are important but should not be the mainstay of a police or security operation. Open air dope congregations and dope smoking under buildings and at east side riverfront, transients urinating in plain view in front of Starbucks and near subway station and garbage strewn about are all quality of life issues that need to be addressed before they worsen.
Do we need more garbage cans? Signs threatening fines? And yes more patrolling but also more money to clean up
By 2:30 pm, the area was cleaned up.

UPDATE 8:30 PM - Comments from Roosevelt Islander Facebook Page:
  • This has been happening everyday, they leave their garbage behind after they dine. They have no respect! ... There are garbage cans all around the area but there are to many people! ... The ones that drive over and park around the Cornell campus have their tête-à-tête then drop their garbage out the door and pull away!
  • We used to have trash cans near there. Yes, big belly trash cans could help. Also,always cleaning up and throwing out your Garbage helps.
  • How about posting that there are fines for leaving trash. Sometimes just the idea that someone is watching will help prevent bad behavior.
  • Quite often people come, park their cars drink their beer and then leave, leaving their garbage behind. Close to Cornell you can see the beer boxes next to where they parked their cars.
  • With that many bottles and that size mess security must have passed them multiple times and done nothing.
  • Was Rioc on Vacation? This isn’t the 80’s Where you needed an ID to enter the Island... “We” are doing great! There’s no way to enforce tourists to live as we do.
  • As a common rule, people suck and are selfish. Make it easier on those people not to have to work "too hard" for the general good. Disney world has stated many times that there is a trash can within 30 feet of anywhere a person is standing in their parks. In the month I have lived here, I have found myself searching for the closest trash can several times... and then... the can is already overflowing because there are. Too. Few!!!! Because I love my earth and my home... I'll hold on to my refuse until I find an available trash bin. But as we see by these photos, others will not.

More Roosevelt Island Covid Restart Good News - RIOC Hopes To Reopen Sportspark Pool For Social Distance Open Swim In Next Two Weeks

Good news for Roosevelt Island Sportspark Pool Swimmers.

Earlier today, NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio announced opening of some pools.

I then asked Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Acting President Shelton Haynes:
Mayor announced that NYC pools will open tomorrow.

Any news if and when Sportspark pool will open?
RIOC Director Of Communications & Community Affairs Erica Spencer-El answered:
Our operations team is currently working on logistics to reopen the pool for Open Swim only on select days, keeping in mind social distancing protocols and the health and safety of pool staff and swimmers. We hope to have the pool back in operation in the next two weeks.

Roosevelt Island FDR Four Freedoms Park Commemorates 100th Anniversary Of 19th Amendment Extending The Right To Vote To Women With Field Of Sunflowers Covering Monument's Grand Staircase - Watch We Rise Documentary To Learn More

According to the Roosevelt Island FDR Four Freedoms Park:

In just a few short weeks, America will remember the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment - a symbol of the collective actions taken within the Women’s Suffrage movement. Continuing its commitment to the universal human rights outlined in FDR’s Four Freedoms speech - freedom of speech & expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear - FDR Four Freedoms Park, in partnership with the New-York Historical Society and the League of Women Voters, has unveiled a 12’ x 100’ field of sunflowers on the park’s monumental staircase.

Image From Cory Antiel/Four Freedoms Park Conservancy

"We're proud to join Four Freedoms State Park in this commemoration of the 19th Amendment," said Valerie Paley, senior vice president, chief historian, and director of the Center for Women's History at the New-York Historical Society. "It's also important to remember that the right to vote was not instantaneously extended to all women in 1920 and that the work for full equality continues to this day.

Using a symbol of the movement to surround the words of the 19th Amendment, the Park seeks to fuel the necessary conversations around the need for equal access to voting - both the historical impact and current implications - as we head toward the most important election since WWII. Since #AscendwithPride, the Board of Directors of Four Freedoms Park Conservancy have remained committed to celebrating human rights in a very visual way - acknowledging the actions of the past and advancing the necessary human rights of the present.

“Four Freedoms Park has found a beautiful way to connect our history of voting rights to the present,” said Virginia Kase, CEO of the League of Women Voters. “As we commemorate the 19th Amendment this year and work to lift up the significant contributions that Black women and women of color made to the suffrage movement, we do so with an eye towards a future where the power of every woman is recognized and their contributions are valued. The path to equality still begins at the ballot box and we encourage all women to exercise their right to vote this year and find the election information you need at

Learn more about the Women's Suffrage Movement from the documentary We Rise and

at the NY Historical Society Center For Women's History.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

RIOC Southpoint Park Shoreline Restoration Project Tour Answers Questions From Assembly Member Seawright, Borough President Brewer And Residents On Crumbling Seawall, Public Access To Waterfront, Removing Trees, Soil Contamination Cat Sanctuary & More - Watch Video Of The Tour To Find Out What's Going On

Last Saturday, July 17, NY State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Chief Financial Officer John O'Reilly together with RIOC staff joined with local residents on a tour of the Southpoint Park Restoration Project. According to Ms Seawright, the purpose of the tour was to:
... better understand and address the RI community concerns of the upcoming Southpoint Shoreline project...
As previously reported, some Roosevelt Island community members, led by the Wildlife Freedom Foundation (WFF) President Rossana Ceruzzi, vigorously oppose the Shoreline Restoration project to fix the crumbling seawall and provide greater waterfront access to the public because they claim the project will:
... destroy 325 Trees and decimate the wildlife living in the area....
RIOC answers that the Southpoint Park Shoreline Restoration Project:
... preserves the natural habitat and wildlife that currently exist, while also enhancing the surrounding greenspace paths. The required work involves the removal of toxic soil that has been inundated with overgrown landfills, choked with invasive vegetation, that must be removed before the seawall can be repaired. Roughly 99 small trees (ten inches in diameter) will be removed and replaced with 79 trees. The tree removal is necessary to access the area to be remediated. In addition, 870 shrubs, 645 other indigenous plantings, and approximately 14,500 sq. ft. of new grass that will encourage more wildlife to visit the shoreline. This project must be completed in order to prevent further deterioration of the seawall due to the ever-increasing impacts of climate change....

... Due to community concerns of the project’s potential effects on local flora and fauna, we are pushing the start date back. In the interim, RIOC will provide the community with regular updates on the project through meetings, press releases, its website and social media....
Here's portion of the Southpoint Park Shoreline Restoration Project tour.

Part 1 - Questions raised about need for cutting down trees, soil contamination and moving Cat Sanctuary to a new location.

Part 2 - RIOC shows off new Southpoint Park WFF Cat Sanctuary.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

It's Very Hot Outside But No Swimming In The East River - NYPD & FDNY Marine And Helicopter Units Rescue And Pull Man From Water Onto Roosevelt Island This Afternoon

Passersby on the Roosevelt Island East Promenade spotted a man in the East River this afternoon and called for help.

The NYPD and FDNY Marine and Helicopter units quickly arrived on the scene to rescue the man,

pulling him out of the water and onto Roosevelt Island.

The man was alert and taken to NY Presbyterian Hospital.

Neither the NYPD nor FDNY press office have any more info on the incident.

As previously reported, last Saturday afternoon the  FDNY marine unit rescued 2 people in East River near Roosevelt Island from a Swan Pool Float.

More Roosevelt Island Covid Restart - Subway Fruit Stand Vendor Returns Today, Welcome Back

Usually, one of the first signs of Roosevelt Island spring is the return of the Subway Fruit Stand vendor. But today, on a hot, steamy, summer Tuesday in 2020, the Subway Fruit Stand vendor's return is another sign of Roosevelt Island Covid restart.

Welcome back.

Monday, July 20, 2020

NYC Desperately Needs Blood - Roosevelt Islanders Have Always Stepped Up To The Plate, It's Time To Do So Again Right Now

For the past 19 years, the Roosevelt Island community has held a summer Blood Drive but not this year due to the Coronavirus Pandemic shutdown.

Among the long time Roosevelt Island Blood drive organizers are Matt Katz and Sherie Helstien who encourage residents to donate badly needed blood right now.



The New York Blood Center is Open & Accepting Donations!!

at: 310 E. 67th Street (between 1st-2nd Ave.)

You MUST telephone ahead for an appointment: 1-800-933-BLOOD (25663)



Sunday, July 19, 2020

And Now For Something Completely Different - FDNY Rescues 2 People In East River Near Roosevelt Island From Swan Pool Float Overcome By Fast Moving Current And Marine Traffic

This must be a first. We've seen East River water rescues of people from sailboats and jet skis but today the FDNY marine unit rescued two people in the East River from a Swan Pool Float.

UPDATE 9:30 PM - Before the resuce:

Take A 3 Minute Virtual Bike Ride Around Roosevelt Island - Whew That Was Quick

A Roosevelt Island Engagement Story, She Said Yes At Lighthouse Park - Congrats Rich & Erica

Roosevelt Island is for lovers and a great place for marriage proposals and weddings on the Tram.

Congrats Rich & Erica.