Friday, April 4, 2014

No Manhattan Bound Roosevelt Island F Train This Weekend Or Next - RIOC Advises Tram Rescue Drills Sunday 6 - 10 AM

According to the MTA's Weekender:

F Coney Island-bound trains run via the E from Roosevelt Av to 5 Av/53 St

Weekends, 11:15 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon, until Apr 14

Trains resume regular service at 47-50 Sts.

No Coney Island-bound F service at 21 St-Queensbridge, Roosevelt Island, Lexington Av/63 St and 57 St.

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) adds that Tram Rescue Drills will be conducted on Sunday April 6. According to RIOC:
Please be advised that this Sunday, April 6, an evacuation drill will take place on the Roosevelt Island Tramway from 6 AM until 10 AM. A single cabin will be running continuously during this time to avoid disrupting Tram service. Expect to see emergency personnel in the area.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
Earlier today, I asked RIOC President Charlene Indelicato:
I have received questions from residents asking why the Tram Evacuation Drill is scheduled during the same weekend (Sunday April 6) that there is no Manhattan bound F running from Roosevelt Island. As stated in the Advisory below, there will only be one Tram Cabin operating Sunday from 6- 10 AM.

As you know, the Tram becomes very crowded when there is no weekend F Train servicing Roosevelt Island in one direction or the other even when both cabins are in operation.

Is it possible to reschedule Sunday's Tram Evacuation Drill to a day when there is full F Train Service.

Is there any statement from RIOC on this matter?
Ms. Indelicato replied:
I have been advised by POMA, our tram operator, that 6:00 am to 10:00 am on a Sunday morning is of the least impact on ridership. I have sent your request for a delay until there is full service on the F train to POMA but I believe that coordinating with the F train schedule would be indeed difficult.
Armando Cordova of Poma's Tram Operations adds:
Yes we’re very much aware of the “F” train schedule change. We are actually conducting this mandatory practice drill on Sunday morning from 6:00 am to 10:00 am. which is the time frame with the least impact to our passenger service, Also we will have one tram cabin in operation. Please remember it is of great importance to the safe operation of the tram to conduct this kind of training. It is our responsibility to be ready at all times in case of any emergency situation.

Thank you very much for your understanding.
UPDATE 8:15 PM: MR. Cordova reports just after 10 AM:
The tram practice evacuation drill was successful. The tram is back in full service

Report From RIOC President Charlene Indelicato - Roosevelt Island Motorgate Art Gallery Opening, Motorgate Non Resident/Visitors Parking Rate Increase, Sportspark Temporary Heating Done, Outdoor Dining At Pier Options, Tram Station Painting, Potholes & More

Aerial View Of Repaired West Pier

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Charlene Indelicato sends

Image Of Repaired Roosevelt Island West Pier Deck

the following report to the community.
As the weather warms up, events and outdoor activities are being planned – a date has been set for the Motorgate Gallery Opening, and Bike New York is planning a Spring Kickoff event for mid-May. As RIOC’s new fiscal year began on April 1, the regular fare on the Red Buses has been eliminated and the RIOC Board will soon meet to review recommendations for the award of Public Purpose Funds. Work continues on construction projects and seasonal maintenance of the Island’s roads and fields.

Bus Fare Elimination

As of last Tuesday, April 1, the $0.25 fare on the Red Bus has been eliminated. A refund for any unused fare change cards can be obtained at the RIOC Bus Garage (680 Main St.) until April 30, 2014. If you have any questions or would like more information, you may call the RIOC Offices at 212-832-4540. Please note that this fare elimination is effective for local and express bus service only, and does not affect fares for special bus service such as the Shopper's Bus.

Motorgate Garage

A rate increase has been planned for non-resident and visitor parking in the Motorgate Parking Garage. Resident rates for monthly parking passes will not be affected, and an advisory will be issued before the change goes into effect. You may call the Garage at 212-832-4585 with any questions. In addition, frequent parkers in the Motorgate Garage should be aware that the elevators on the North side of the Garage have been repaired and are in excellent working condition. With easy elevator access, parking on the North side or the South side of the Garage is equally convenient.

Public Purpose Funds

Every year, Public Purpose Funds are allocated to not-for-profit programs that benefit Roosevelt Island residents by providing educational, artistic and cultural enrichment, or contributing to an overall better environment for the community. Applications for the 2014-2015 Public Purpose Funds have been reviewed by the RIRA Public Purpose Fund Committee and their recommendations will be presented at the April 10 meeting of the RIOC Board of Directors for approval.


On March 31, reconstruction work on the West Pier near the Subway Station was completed, and we are looking forward to reopening the Pier to the public shortly. RIOC is pleased to restore this beautiful area to active use and is currently looking into outdoor dining options for this Summer.

Last week, the Sportspark facility was closed on Monday and Tuesday while contractors performed the necessary tie-ins for the facility’s temporary heating system. Work was completed on time, and Sportspark reopened on Wednesday, March 27 for Open Swim and Mommy & Me classes. Although the work may have caused a slight inconvenience to the community, we are pleased to note that this was the only closure of the facility during the temporary system’s installation process.

Now that temperatures are suitable for the work to be performed, both the Roosevelt Island and Manhattan Tram Stations will undergo renovation work, including repainting and platform repair. A kickoff meeting was held with the contractor, and the project is scheduled to commence within the next week. Work is projected to last approximately 18 weeks and is weather sensitive. RIOC will issue advisories to notify the public in advance of any affects on travel.

Our Facilities Department has begun to repair damage done to the roads by the past Winter’s cold and stormy weather. A number of potholes on Main Street, including the area near the Helix Ramp, have already been sealed and filled. Staff will also be working with a contractor throughout the coming week to repair other locations throughout Main Street.

Motorgate Gallery Opening

Save the date – on Saturday, April 26, RIOC and the Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association will be hosting the second annual Motorgate Gallery Opening. The show will exhibit the beautiful murals painted at last year’s Fall for Arts Festival as well as selected works from previous years. We hope you will be able to join in and enjoy the wonderful artwork that has been created right here on Roosevelt Island.

RIOC Advisories

RIOC Advisories is an email alert system that keeps the public up to date on traffic disruptions, emergency situations, construction diversions, community meetings, events and other Roosevelt Island specific information. We encourage all residents to sign up for RIOC Advisories in order to receive community and emergency alerts. Remember, if we can’t reach you, we can’t alert you. To subscribe, visit or send an email to

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Status Of Roosevelt Island Projects, Summer Community Programs, Island Lighting And More To Be Discussed At RIOC Operations Committee Meeting Monday April 7

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a meeting of the Operations Advisory Committee of the RIOC Board of Directors will be held on Monday, April 7, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. at the RIOC administrative office, 591 Main Street, Roosevelt Island, New York.


Status Updates on the General Projects
Discussion of the Summer/Community Programs
Discussion of the BikeGuard Program
Discussion of the Island Lighting
Any Other Committee Business That May be Brought Before the Committee
An audio web cast of the meeting will be available soon thereafter.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Women Art Revolution Documentary Screened At Roosevelt Island Women's Movie Group Thursday April 3 - You're Invited To A Secret History Of Feminist Art

Image From Women Art Revolution

An invitation from the Roosevelt Island Women's Movie Group:
Women Artists and Friends! See you on Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 7:00 pm for our next movie.

A secret history of feminist art, Women Art Revolution deftly illuminates the under-explored women's movement through conversations, observations, archival footage, and works of visionary artists, historians, curators, and critics. Starting from its roots in the 1960s antiwar and civil rights protests, the film details developments in women's art through the 1970s and explores how the pioneering artists created the most significant art movement of the late 20th century.

Features interviews with the Guerrilla Girls and Judy Chicago, plus footage of Congressional debate about The Dinner Party.

And if you think the art world no longer discriminates against women, and this movie is outdated, read this review of a book about a woman who asked men to front for her so her work might be exhibited.

Suggested minimum donation is $7 to cover our room rental costs.

Please reply and RSVP to and plan to bring healthy snacks or drinks for six guests.

Feel free to invite your friends and neighbors.
Here's the Women Art Revolution movie trailer.

Learn more about the movie at its web site and remember to RSVP.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NYC Council Member Ben Kallos Describes Constituent Services Available To Roosevelt Island Residents - Roosevelt Island Office Hours Wednesday April 2 At Seniors Center

 NYC Councilmember Kallos Honoring 5 Roosevelt Island Women At RIWHO Meeting

Roosevelt Island's NYC Council Member Ben Kallos spoke to the March 26 meeting of the Roosevelt Island Women's Health Organization. In addition to celebrating Women's History Month by presenting a Proclamation honoring 5 Phenomenal Roosevelt Island women, Mr. Kallos also described the constituent services available to the Roosevelt Island community through his office.

Here's what Mr. Kallos had to say about constituent services:
... if you need anything, if you are feeling hungry and maybe you qualify for federal, state or city programs that you may not know about or you need access to health care or you name it, just pick up the phone...
and contact his office.

NYC Council Member Ben Kallos will be holding constituent office hours on Roosevelt Island tomorrow. From Mr. Kallos' Office:
WHAT: Mobile District hours on Roosevelt Island

WHEN: Wednesday, April 2, 2014; 4PM-7PM

WHERE: Roosevelt Island Senior Association; 546 Main Street
If you have any questions to ask of Mr. Kallos' City Council staff or are in need of any assistance that may require their intervention, stop by and see if they can help.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Big Day Tomorrow April 1 - Roosevelt Island Red Bus Fare Eliminated And It's NOT AN APRIL FOOL'S JOKE

Remember, starting tomorrow the Roosevelt Island Red Bus Fare will be eliminated.

According to Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Charlene Indelicato's March 21 Report:
...As March comes to an end, RIOC would like to remind the community that the Red Bus will be free to ride beginning April 1. The elimination of the fare will help keep traffic on Main Street moving with faster boarding times, encouraging the use of mass transit on the Island. Making the Red Bus free to ride will also reduce operating costs by eliminating the need to collect fares from the buses. If you have a fare change card, please be advised that March is the last month these cards will be accepted on the bus. Once the fare is eliminated, refunds for any unused value remaining on the cards will be available at the RIOC Bus Garage (680 Main Street) until April 30, 2014....

Terribly Sad Story - Roosevelt Island Mom With Cancer Chooses Baby's Life Over Her Own

A terribly sad story in the NY Post yesterday about a young couple, Max and Elizabeth Joice, who moved to Roosevelt Island in June 2013 to start a family. Ms. Joice, a cancer survivor, learned she was pregnant a few days after moving to Roosevelt Island. But, a month later, she received the news that the cancer tumor had returned.

According to the NY Post:

... Doctors removed the mass, but because she was pregnant, Elizabeth couldn’t undergo full-body MRI scans and her oncologist couldn’t see whether the cancer was growing.

The baby was due March 4, but the doctors could no longer wait. In January, a surgeon performed a C-section and beautiful baby Lily was born.

Elizabeth’s health quickly declined as her cancer spread. Tumors invaded her right lung, heart and abdomen “We said our goodbyes,” Max said. “It was like something out of a movie. We sat there and cried. We tried to tell stories, talk about all the great things.”

“Liz came home five days after Lily was born,” Max said. “That one night at home was all we had.”

Elizabeth died on March 9 in her hospital bed with Max by her side....
Click here for the entire NY Post article.

Learn more about Elizabeth, Max and Lily and how to help the family here.