Friday, July 9, 2010

Start The Weekend Right With The Roosevelt Island Rock Reunion Brotherhood Band - Then Time Travel Back To the Late 1970's

You Tube Video Of Rock Reunion Brotherhood Band

Thought a good way to start the weekend right would be with the Rock Reunion Brotherhood Band who played at the recent Lighthouse Park Reunion of Roosevelt Island Teens from the late 1970's.

These guys are really, really good!!!

And here's an earlier version of the Brotherhood Band from a time, unfortunately, far, far away.

One of the Reunion organizers, Dana Doyle, sent in the picture of the band members from the late 1970's. The picture (left to right) is of Craig Wehringer, Frank Farance, and Chris Cangeleri. All three were in the Brotherhood Band at the reunion this year. (Craig bass, Frank keyboards, Chris guitar). Ms. Doyle adds:
Oh and..the pic was taken on Rivercross lawn. Not sure of the year or who took the pic. Frank might know. We spent many a weekend "hanging out" on Meditation Steps back then ;)
We were all young once.

Upper Level Queensboro Bridge and 60th Street Between Lower Ramp & 1st Avenue Closed Due To Roosevelt Island Tram Tower Work On Saturday July 10

Weekend traffic advisory from Roosevelt Island Operating Corp. (RIOC):
Please be advised due to work being done on Tower 1 in Manhattan, the Queensboro Bridge upper Roadway will be closed from 5:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday July 10, 2010. In addition, East 60th street will be closed on Saturday from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. between the lower ramp exit and 1st Avenue.

Please review the attached notices for complete detailed information.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
Click here and here for the referenced notices.

Progress Being Made On Roosevelt Island Octagon Soccer Field Artificial Turf Resurfacing - Planned Opening At The End Of July

Last January the Roosevelt Island Board of Directors (RIOC) approved a plan to resurface the Octagon Soccer Field with artificial turf. Work began when the weather got warmer and after an unfortunate incident involving the mistaken removal of some area trees it looks like real progress is being made on the Octagon Soccer Field artificial turf resurfacing.

Image By Francine Lange (Click To Enlarge)

Francine Lange was walking by the area this morning,

Image By Francine Lange (Click To Enlarge)

took some pictures

Image By Francine Lange (Click To Enlarge)
and reports:
Despite an ongoing heat wave, a crew continued working on the Octagon Soccer Field resurfacing project on a recent July morning, scheduled for completion at the end of the month.
UPDATE 5 PM - Received this image

and report concerning the extreme artificial turf temperatures at NYC Parks from Geoffrey Croft of NYC Park Advocates:
Surface temperatures taken at a dozen city parks yesterday reached more than 170 degrees, according to readings taken by NYC Park Advocates. Artificial turf fields came in at over 170 degrees, (image below) the highest temperature recorded in three years of monitoring. Temperatures on black rubber playground safety surfacing were recorded at over 160 degrees. By 9:15 am temperatures on artificial turf fields had reached over 140 degrees. All the temperature reading were taken before 12:00pm. Park users are advised to exercise extreme precautions in our city's playgrounds and artificial turf playing fields during this hot weather.

Young children are particularly susceptible as it can take only two seconds to burn on solid surfaces greater than 140 degrees, according to doctors. Each year more than a dozen children are treated in the City's three burn centers for injuries suffered on playground safety surfacing....
Don't know if artificial turf being installed at Roosevelt Island's Octagon Field is similar to the ones described by NYC Park Advocates but will inquire of RIOC.

Roosevelt Island Outdoor Movie Showing Of Zoolander Scheduled For Saturday Postponed Until July 18 Due To Forecast Of Heavy Rains & Thunderstorms

Image from jrkkasterlee

The Roosevelt Island Summer Outdoor Movie Showing of Zoolander scheduled for Saturday July 10 has been postponed to Sunday July 18 due to expected inclement weather. According to RIOC Community Relations Specialist Erica Wilder:
Hello Everyone:

Due to the weather forecast of heavy rain and thunderstorms for Saturday, tomorrow evening's feature outdoor movie "Zoolander" has been rescheduled to next Sunday, July 18th at Firefighters Field. As always, the fun will begin at 7 PM.

I hope you can make it!

Try Out The New Outdoor Ping Pong Tables & Home Made Lemonade Stand During Trip To Saturday's Roosevelt Island Farmers Market

Roosevelt Island Farmers Market

If you are heading over to the Roosevelt Island Farmers Market on Saturday, there are two new things you might want to try out.

First, take a couple of whacks with a paddle at the outdoor ping pong tables located next to the paddle ball courts

Roosevelt Island Outdoor Ping Pong

and then cool off with some tasty and refreshing Home Made Lemonade supplied by these young Roosevelt Island entrepreneurs.

Home Made Lemonade Stand At Roosevelt Island Farmers Market

Nice additions to a Roosevelt Island Saturday.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New York City Cooling Center Available At Roosevelt Island Senior Center & Public Library - It's Still Pretty Hot Out There!

As we all know, the weather outside this past week has been unbearably hot. According to the July 6, NY Times:
A record-breaking heat wave tightened its grip on New York City on Tuesday, as triple-digit temperatures tested Consolidated Edison’s power supply, threatened the health of the elderly, and tried the patience and resilience of anyone who dared to venture outside...
... In New York, the heat’s effects were unsparing: Some city pools were filled to capacity within an hour or so of opening, sending seekers of respite to libraries, cooling centers and other public havens from the heat. Hospitals set out jars of ice water as their waiting rooms filled with wheezing elderly patients and exhausted firefighters.

Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said that the Police Department was mindful that crime sometimes increased in the extreme heat of night, and was also prepared to send extra officers to places that had lost power...
It's not quite as sweltering hot today as it has been all week but it's still very hot. According to NY 1:
Temperatures will not be as hot today, but records were shattered again yesterday as the mercury hit at least 100 degrees for the second day in a row....
Yesterday, I inquired of RIOC's VP of Operations Fernando Martinez:
Are there any cooling centers available on Roosevelt Island for those who may not have access to air conditioning during current heat spell?
Mr. Martinez replied:
RI does not have any cooling centers. Residents without AC should go to the centers provided by NYC.
I learned from Roosevelt Island Disabled Association President Jim Bates that:
The Senior center is a cooling center
The Senior Center is located at 546 Main Street.

According to the NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM):
When the heat index is predicted to be dangerously high, New York City opens cooling centers in air-conditioned public community centers, senior centers, and public libraries to offer people relief from the heat. Individuals who have no ready access to a cool environment, and particularly those at risk for heat-related illness, should use the cooling centers during a heat wave.

Call 311 (TTY: 212-504-4115) during a heat emergency to find the location of a cooling center or pool, or use our online finder to choose a cooling center near you...
The Roosevelt Island Public Library at 524 Main Street is also listed as a Cooling Center by OEM. Additional cooling centers on or near Roosevelt Island can be found here.


UPDATE 2:50 PM - The OEM must be out of their minds if they think the Roosevelt Island Public Library is fit to be used as a NYC Cooling Center for relief from the heat wave. I walked into the Library today and the air conditioning is barely working, if at all, and am told that it hasn't been adequately working since the beginning of summer. It was hotter and muggier inside the library than outside. Maintenance crews have been at the library trying to fix the air conditioning but with no success. This is not a new situation since I recall the same problem existing last year as well.

The air conditioning at the Roosevelt Island Public Library needs to be fixed right now. It is a health hazard to the elderly, young children and others who use this precious resource.

UPDATE 10:40 PM - I sent the following message to NYC Council Member Jessica Lappin's office.
I was wondering if Council Member Lappin is aware of and can help with the following situation at the Roosevelt Island Public Library.

According to the NYC Office of Emergency Management, the library is one of the designated Cooling Centers located on Roosevelt Island and available for those without air conditioning to seek relief during heat waves like the one we are currently experiencing.

Unfortunately, the air conditioning at the Library is not working and the Library is of no use as a Cooling Center. In fact, it is hotter and muggier inside the library than outside. Is there anything Ms. Lappin can do to get this situation fixed...
and received this response within several hours:
We contacted the library and evidently repair people have been on site and tomorrow they are coming back with parts.

We reported the problem to OEM and they are looking into the situation and trying to find an alternate site. OEM is taking the library site off line so that 311 doesn’t direct people there.

Will keep you posted.

Good job by Ms. Lappin and her staff in addressing this issue. Will continue to follow up.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dogs Banned From Roosevelt Island's Riverwalk Lawns By Related Management - Will RIOC Do Same For Riverwalk Commons?

Unleased Dog On Riverwalk Lawn Between 405 and 415 Main Street

Dogs pooping and running unleashed on the Riverwalk communal lawns continues to be a problem for the Roosevelt Island luxury Rental and Condominium complex. At first, Related Management sent out a warning memorandum:
...Dogs will continue to be permitted on the lawn as long as it remains a clean and safe environment for everyone. However, if concerns arise in the future the lawn will become a dog-free zone. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.
Looks like there was not much cooperation because soon thereafter this memorandum came out from Related Management:
Re: Dogs on Lawns between 405, 415 and 425 Main Street

Effectively immediately, dogs are no longer permitted on the lawn between 405 and 415 Main Street or the lawn between 415 and 425 Main Street.
This decision was made for the safety of our residents and appearance of our landscaping.

Staff from both buildings will be monitoring this space to ensure that residents are adhering to this newly established policy.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.
Aerial View of Riverwalk Lawn Between 425 and 415 Main Street

I sent the following message to Related Management:
I saw the notice that dogs are no longer permitted in the grassy area between 405 -415 -425 Main Street which I think is a very good idea.

Will that prohibition be extended to the Commons Area. between 425-455 as well?

I certainly hope so.

The dog problem there is as bad if not worse than the other Riverwalk grassy areas.
Related's representative responded that the 425 -455 Riverwalk Commons area is not under their jurisdiction but is governed by RIOC.

Yesterday, I inquired of RIOC's Interim President Steve Chironis and VP of Operations Fernando Martinez:
...will RIOC follow the policy of Related and ban dogs from the Riverwalk Commons area between 425 - 455 Main Street in order to protect the safety of Roosevelt Island residents and the appearance of the lawn as well?...
Have not heard back yet but will let you know what RIOC's position is on the matter.

I witnessed another dog related incident last Monday. On the way through my building's lobby heading to the elevator I encountered two tiny dogs being admonished by their owner who was carrying a very smelly poop bag in his hands. Apparently, the dogs could not hold it in and crapped on the lobby rug.

Dog Crap Stain on the Building Lobby Rug

Not properly curbing your dog outside is bad enough but inside a building is particularly disgusting.

Unfortunately, responsible dog owners are being punished for those who are not.

There is a new Roosevelt Island Dog Owners Group being formed. It's called FIDO - Federation of Independent Dog Owners of Roosevelt Island. Perhaps they can come up with a solution.

Here's another Roosevelt Island dog encounter. It's going after it's owner's mom.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Looking Good On Stylish Roosevelt Island With A Korean Designer, Custom Guinea Outfit, Mini S J Parker Frilly Skirt & Frohawk- Where'd They Get That?

What New York City neighborhood would your typical stylish New Yorker visit to get the latest in fashion advice and tips in looking good? Perhaps The Lower East Side? Maybe the Meatpacking District or Soho? How about Alphabet City or Williamsburg?

Nah, none of those neighborhoods will do. At least not for this recent My Fox NY, Where'd You Get That From Feature by Good Day NY reporter Christal Young which profiled the fashionable residents of Roosevelt Island:

... The first person Christal checked out was a young woman from Korea, wearing a top and belt from Korean designer McGinn Knightsbridge. It was $100. Then a young woman in a custom made outfit told Christal she picked the fabric in Guinea in West Africa. Total cost for the outfit was $150. Two little girls who looked like mini-Sarah Jessica Parker's walked by with the most adorable frilly pink skirts on. They were purchased at H & M for just $3 each....
And let's not forget the young lady's FroHawk Hair Style.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Roosevelt Island On The Web Links

The Roosevelt Island on the Web Links feature did not make it into the July 3, 2010 Main Street WIRE. Here it is anyway.

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