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Roosevelt Island On The Web Links

Roosevelt Island on the Web Links as appearing in the November 21 2009 Main Street WIRE.

Roosevelt Islander -
Indecent Exposure Incident At Roosevelt Landings
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RI 360 Twitpic - Straight Line Leads To Roosevelt Island
Ri 360 Tweet - Swaying Tram In Wind
Lateral Window - Smiles On Way To Work
Jonathan Kalkin Tweet - RIOC Director Suggests Subway Countdown Clock To MTA
NY Times - Recession Impact On Roosevelt Island
Crains - Riverwalk Condo Receives FHA Financing Approval
Columbia Spectator - Iphone App Explores Southpoint Park
Daily News - Retired Teachers Retirement Checks Bounced
NY Post - RI Resident In Global Internet Brainstorm To Solve Global Hunger
RIOC - Winter Coat Drive
RIOC - September/October Public Safetu Blotter
RIOC - FDR Memorial Owner's Rep RFP
Our Town - Lappin Sponsors Childrens Art Show At Sothebys
Very Simple - Photo Walk
Me In The Big World - A Little Scared of the Tram
Twitpic - Roosevelt Island Mineral Apaphyllite
Yfrog - Manhattan As Seen From Renwick Smallpox Ruins
Chuck Holiday Tweet - Does Not Like Walking Over RI Bridge
Tim Melideo Photography - Dog Run
You Tube - NYC and Red Bus
You Tube - Journey To Roosevelt Island

Report From RIOC's President - Upcoming Board/Town Hall Meeetings, Temporary Ferry Service, Tram Outage, Tree Lighting & Other Roosevelt Island Issues

RIOC President Steve Shane sends the following report to Roosevelt Island residents. Mr. Shane updates us on RIOC Board Nominees, December 10 Board Meeting followed by Residents Town Hall, FDR Memorial, Green Rooms/Wild Gardens, Tram Overhaul, various construction projects, Public Purpose Funding, consultation with RIRA, possibility of temporary ferry service during tram outage, problems with NEXT BUS GPS tracking system, Sportspark Pool opens, Happy Thanksgiving Wishes, Christmas Tree Lighting on December 3 and other issues of concern to Roosevelt Island.
November 18, 2009

1. Board of Directors: November 5 meeting cancelled for lack of agenda. The nominations of Margie Smith and Mike Shinozaki to the Board and the re-nomination of Dr. Grimm are still pending confirmation by the NY State Senate. Next meeting Thursday, December 10 at 4:30 PM, Town Hall to follow.

2. Southpoint:
(A) Green Rooms/Wild Gardens: The work continues; Phase 2 to complete the park, including finish grading, capping, and utilities, fencing and planting to follow.
(B) FDR Memorial: RIOC continues with the round robin among City, State and FERI lawyers. The scheduled meeting with Commissioner Ash was cancelled because of her scheduling conflict to be reset as soon as possible.

3. Tram: On schedule for shutdown March 1, 2010 and reopening end of August 2010. As regulatory and budget issues arise, we are revising our station upgrade aspirations until available budget is determined. Nothing will interfere with the operational overhaul of the Tram and its earliest possible return to service.

4. Projects: Work is ongoing on many projects and others are being completed. Motorgate lighting experiments continue; resurfacing and waterproofing work postponed until Spring. AVAC enclosure work under way. Swimming pool at Sportspark reopened by November 9. Rehabilitation of the gym (bleachers, flooring and padding), ADA compliance and installation of a fire safety system is underway. RIOC is studying solar panels for the rooftop of Motorgate with NYPA. Octagon sewer connection restoration from the water tunnel to begin, allowing reopening of the comfort station. Octagon field back in operation with natural surface, but with settlement of issues about artificial surfaces, ready to resume the project for new drainage, lighting and surface.

5. Coordination with RIRA: A long list of matters of common interest is being discussed so that everyone’s input will be available. Parking, red bus scheduling, Good Shepherd Plaza, landscaping, public purpose criteria, budgeting, etc., etc.

6. Ferry: Explored temporary service at the existing pier at the meditation steps while the Tram is out next year, but underwater rock formations make spud pier infeasible. Now operator is reviewing the old oil dock on the east channel behind the steam plant and is scheduled to be on Island Friday the 20th. Subject to engineering clearance, approvals from the Coast Guard, if there is sufficient ridership interest based on surveys for a service to 35th Street and maybe on down to Wall Street during rush hours, and with the Board’s approval and commitment of approximately $100,000 to subsidize for 6 months, maybe there will be ferry service during the Tram shutdown. Participated in the RIRA sponsored meeting of all interested parties, but little new light shed. Will keep everyone posted. The City’s indicated schedule for proceeding with the proposed ferry service at the Octagon is end of 2010, at best.

7. Public Purpose Fund: For interested parties for the 2010/11 cycle, see the RIOC website. Applications should be prepared and submitted as soon as possible. For any group needing assistance, please call Erica Wilder in our office. RIRA will again be asked to give recommendations and the ultimate funding decisions will be made by the Board to be included in the next RIOC budget.

8. Red Buses: Two new Hybrid Buses are delivered and on the street. Look for Numbers 5 and 6. The Nextbus system vendor has not been able to get the GPS transponders onto the new buses, so the reliability of Nextbus is temporarily up in the air. We are cooperating, but not in our control.

9. Trees: Happy to enable new trees to be planted across from PS 217. Kids participated and a good time was had by all. The NYPA program is really a help.
10. Swimming Pool: With the newly refurbished pool, programs of water aerobics, mommy and me, water polo, learn to swim and adult master swim are all in the works. Come on out and get in the pool! See information on our website and as published in the WIRE and blog sites.

10. Swimming Pool: With the newly refurbished pool, programs of water aerobics, mommy and me, water polo, learn to swim and adult master swim are all in the works. Come on out and get in the pool! See information on our website and as published in the WIRE and blog sites.

11. Blackwell Park: Planning for new Blackwell Park is an ongoing collective effort to incorporate various community constituencies, but not without different stakeholders having divergent views.

12. Holidays: Finally, Thanksgiving is next week; enjoy. Year end is rushing towards us. Christmas tree lighting scheduled for December 3 at Blackwell House.
This message was also published as the RIOC column in the 11/21/09 Main Street WIRE.

UPDATE - 11/24 - In response to Item 8 of RIOC President's Report concerning Next Bus GPS System for new hybrid buses, RIOC Director Jonathan Kalkin Tweets:
Contacted NEXTBUS.COM other day and they will be putting GPS trackers on the 2 new Roosevelt Island Red Buses by today! Nice!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Keep The Trees, Lose The Tram Parts - Roosevelt Island Blackwell Park Master Plan Work Suspended Due To Community Opposition!

Aerial View Image Of Blackwell Park From Judith's Gallery

A reader of this post from Southtown wrote:
... my husband and I are concerned about the proposals for Blackwell Park. I especially enjoy the tall trees that block the view of the power plant, and the tot park and basketball courts which bring different members of the community together. My husband plays basketball at the courts. At times we sit behind the Blackwell home and just enjoy the trees and serenity. We are disappointed that this site has been chosen for a possible historic tram center when there is so much space in Southpoint that could be utilized. Or, why not put the tram close to the current visitor's center?

There is little we can do to stop the building of new residencies where the land has already been sold, but I hope that planners are responsible enough to keep island sustainability interests in mind (as far as commercial space, population and transportation needs, etc), and that our park preservation - the trees, game fields, and existing structures - be somewhere in the forefront.

Blackwell House

Blackwell Park Lawn

Blackwell Park Fountain
Blackwell Park Basketball Court Image From Judith's Gallery

Well, the latest news on proposed Blackwell Park Master Plan that was opposed by many members of the Roosevelt Island community is that work on the project has been put on hold and the contract with the landscape architect Lee Weintraub has been suspended.

Image Of Landscape Architect Lee Weintraub Discussing Plans With Community

The reasons for community opposition to the plan are summarized in this letter from the Blackwell Park Task Force to RIOC VP Of Planning and Inter-Governmental Affairs Rosina Abramson.
November 6, 2009
Dear Rosina,

Since the Saturday Walk-through with Lee Weintraub, a Task Force Committee has met several times for many hours over the past two weeks to formulate a response to what was presented and provide feedback on our priorities. The committee has remarkable consensus on virtually all of the recommendations that are presented below.

A) The committee is enthusiastic about the proposed placement and design of the new Tot Lot on the south side of the park. We feel strongly that the park should be a place for pure recreation and play and that it should not have a “science-theme”. We concluded that the best place for the future dismantled tram pieces is the glass enclosure of Motorgate, especially because of the need to continue protecting them from the effect of the elements and since Motorgate is a natural extension of the industrial art motif.

The elements that we most appreciate are
• The consolidation of facilities – so that caregivers can supervise kids of all ages
• Well designed bench locations
• Ambitiious sprinkler plan – we hope you splurge on this, should be great fun
• Ample shade
• Varied elevations

B) The committee is unanimously opposed to relocating trees. Such relocation is costly and unsafe to the trees. This is not to say that we oppose moving one or two trees to fulfill a specific objective, but we believe that the wholesale relocation that was presented at the walk-through was very undesirable and unnecessary.

C) The committee is also almost unanimously opposed to relocating the basketball courts. We are certain that the basketball courts’ present location is optimal. The 40 to 50 trees that ring them are appealing and block some of the view of the power plants. The courts should be resurfaced so that they drain properly and so that drains are not so prone to clogging by leaves and other debris.

D) We applaud the plans to make the park entrance more appealing, and encourage bold efforts in this regard. We all agree that the green fence next to 504 - the former Lillies Blackwell School and the unused area that it encloses should be removed in favor of a more open southwest vista. Benches should be replaced with more appealing and durable ones – such as those in and around Octagon Park or LIC park in Queens below the Pepsi sign.

At the entrance, we also encourage consideration of a pergola, arbor area, trellis or garden, to direct the attention of passersby to the direction of the park.

E) The sloping lawn next to the Blackwell school already has a nice open feel to it, and will become larger once the area inside the fence is integrated into it. The grade extending to the river can be modified by terracing. Terrace walls can be used as natural bench backs.

F) The former “Castle playground” should be considered as the locale for a fitness area for teens and adults.

G) The western border overlooking both basketball courts should be wheelchair accessible. The area between the two courts (the red pergola) can be remodeled but should continue to provide ample seating.

H) The ambience of the park would be enhanced with the addition of appropriate sculptures – perhaps in the area just south of the Blackwell House back deck.

I) Park lighting needs to be upgraded, both at the basketball courts and along the paths and playgrounds, and by any sculptures. Improved lighting around Blackwell House has already made it more attractive at night and has reduced the risk of vandalism.

J) The path of stairs leading from the courts to the back of Blackwell House is attractive and should remain. This area would benefit from a less cluttered appearance. Hedges should be trimmed back. Flowers or a garden should be considered if there is a suitable location either here, or at the Park entrance. All the walkways would be improved by use of wheelchair accessible brick or dense gravel material.

K) The committee feels strongly that significant expenditure around the 504 building should be deferred until its final use is resolved. Clearly, requirements for this area will be different for a library, than it will for, say, a restaurant.

L) The committee wants to see nearby bathroom facilities, but not in the park. Ideally, the new tenants for 504 Main Street or other nearby storefronts would offer facilities.

M) The “Castle” had a quality about it that challenged imaginations and was beloved by generations of kids. We’d like to see something like it replace the play equipment currently in place, possibly a “cityscape” or some other equipment that lends itself to exploration the way the Castle did.

N) Blackwell Park renovation needs to be considered in the context of the Island as a whole. While the Task Force, as per your request, has focused on Blackwell Park, the committee does not believe that it should take priority over other pressing issues such as the repair of rusted promenade railings or rehabilitation of the lighting and grounds at the pier south of the Meditation Steps.

The committee extends a very warm invitation to you and Mr. Weintraub to discuss these recommendations any weekday evening or weekend at either the RIVAA gallery or Rivercross Community room.
Asked to comment on the letter, RIOC President Steve Shane responded:
The letter to Rosina seems to be a wonderful product from the community process underway. Will there be different views from different participants? Absolutely. Ultimately, the democratic process is messy, but when a consensus is achieved, the effort should be worthwhile.
It's very interesting that community feedback was so welcomed and sought by RIOC for Blackwell Park renovations but similar views were ignored and rejected for the proposed Louis Kahn FDR Memorial Boondoggle at Southpoint Park. I guess the reason is that Roosevelt Island community views are valued only to the extent that they do not interfere with the plans of politically powerful Democratic Party allies and fundraisers.

Austere Helvetica Font As Metaphor For Roosevelt Island's Drab, Brutalist Main Street - Will RIOC Seek Master Leaseholder To Take Over

Image of Roosevelt Island Main Street Retail Signage From Glark

Blogger Evan Coyne Maloney grew up on Roosevelt Island and compares the Helvetica font with Main Street store signage, neither of which he likes.
... one of the more odd aspects of Roosevelt Island still remains: the storefront occupants on Main Street seemed to compete over whose sign would display the most generic and lifeless name:
  • ...and my personal favorite: THE CHILD SCHOOL
The drab brutalist architecture of Main Street, Roosevelt Island and the austerity of Helvetica always made me wonder if that’s what NYC would have “evolved” into had the Bolsheviks taken over here and not in Russia.
Hopefully, the reign of Roosevelt Island's Bolshevic store design may soon be over. The future of Roosevelt Island's Main Steet retail corridor as well as store signage typeface will be addressed on Friday during a meeting of the Roosevelt Island Board of Directors Real Estate Development Advisory Committee. Perhaps a private sector Master Leaseholder will finally be sought for Main Street and RIOC will remove itself from the business of retail landlord. According to RIOC:
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a meeting of the Real Estate Development Advisory Committee of the RIOC Board of Directors will be held on Friday, November 20, 2009 at 5:30 p.m. at the RIOC administrative office, 591 Main Street, Roosevelt Island, New York. The Committee will meet to discuss:

1. the Main Street master lease appraisal;
2. the Main Street consultant recommendations;
3. the Main Street master lease and RFP; and
4. the Liberty of Roosevelt Island Corporation’s hardship application for a lease modification.
More on the Roosevelt Island Main Street Retail Report can be read here.

A live webcast of the meeting will be available from RIOC here and archived for approximately a month afterward.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

America's Next Top Model TV Show Filming On Roosevelt Island Yesterday - Miss J and Nigel Spotted But No Tyra Banks

You Tube Video of Americas Next Top Model Trailer

Yesterday's disruption in Roosevelt Island Tram service was due to filming scenes of the Tyra Banks catwalk TV show America's Next Top Model. The production crew posted this notice warning Tram Riders to stay out of the videotaping area if they did not want their likeness or voice used in any possible distribution platform now known or hereafter devised.

America's Next Top Model also shot scenes at the Good Shepherd Community Center. One Roosevelt Island resident tweeted:
Omfg they are shoooting ANTM's new Season on Roosevelt Island near my apartment.. Yesss I see ms.Jay and Nigel Barker.. Can't rake pixxz :(
No pictures of models or Tyra Banks either but here is the limo waiting outside Good Shepherd.

Another Roosevelt Island resident tweeted:
Tyra Banks came to Roosevelt Island, today!by tram! BUT I couldn't see her.woo...this was my 1st chance to see someone famous in US.
I could not confirm that Tyra Banks came to Roosevelt Island with the show. In fact, I was specifically told she did not. Maybe next time the show comes to Roosevelt Island Tyra will be here and take some pictures - Just like Andy Garcia did.

Image By Alain

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Swimming With The Marlins Of Roosevelt Island - Have Some Fun And Jump Into The Pool!

Image of Sportspark Pool From RIOC

The Roosevelt Island Sportspark pool is now open. I received this message from a reader:
Haven't been swimming in a while? Come and work on your technique with a coach at Sportspark Pool – twice a week for one hour FOR FREE!

I am so pleased that RIOC and The Marlins have gotten together and are offering twice weekly Adult/Lap/Master swim classes from 7:00PM to 8:00PM at Sportspark Pool!

These coached classes are held every Monday and Friday and will be offered for free with pool admission. In fact, the first couple of weeks Sportspark pool admission will be free of charge for participants!

The classes will run from November thru March of 2010 and your only cost is the normal pool entrance fee of $5. No membership or class fee required.

Adult Lap Swimming (15+ yrs)
Mondays & Fridays 7:00-8:00PM

Please note that these classes are NOT for beginners. The classes require intermediate swimming skills: You should be comfortable using all 4 strokes and able to perform a variety of intense swim drills. But don't be put off, come on in and give it a try and see how much fun it is to be coached to swim properly. (Also, if you're new to swimming be sure to ask The Marlins and RIOC about beginner classes.)

This is a great opportunity for all of you that love swimming. Come and enjoy a healthy fun exercise session and bring a friend!
And from the Marlins.
We are pleased to inform you that the Adult/Lap/Master swim classes will start on Monday, November 16th, 7:00PM, at Sportspark. The classes are 1hour long.

Water polo
will start on Wednesday, November 18.

Adult Lap Swimming (15+ yrs)
Mondays & Fridays 7:00-8:00PM
Water polo basic (15+ yrs)
Wednesdays 7:00-8:00PM
Please note that these classes are NOT for the beginners.
You can simply come and work with the coach.
In the beginning (1-2 weeks) there will not be any fees for the participants.
When the classes take of (from November to March of 2010), you will have to pay at the pool entrance ONLY when you attend the class (no monthly fees, or memberships would be required).
This is a great opportunity for all of you that love swimming.
Come and enjoy & bring your friend(s).

(classes offered by RIOC and coordinated by Marlins)
646 415 8583
There are also beginners swimming classes held at the Westview pool.
1. Marlins - Learn to Swim
Every Tuesday & Thursday: 5:00 pm - 6:45 pm
Every Saturday: 12:00 - 1:45
Learn to Swim Program for kids (4yrs - 14yrs)
Groups: Beginners, Intermediates & Advanced

2. Marlins - Mom/Dad & Me
Babies swimming classes (6 months - 18 months)
Every Saturday at 11:30 am

3. Marlins - Mom/Dad & Me
Toddlers swimming classes (2 yrs - 3,5 yrs)
Every Saturday at 11:30 am

4. Marlins - ADULTS Learn to Swim
Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7:00 pm
Saturdays at 12:00

All classes are at Westview pool (625 Main Street)

646 415 8583
Have some fun and jump into the pool. The water is not that cold.

Donate Your Roosevelt Island Ideas To Global Brainstorming Benefit - Idea Aid Aims To Help Solve Global Hunger

You Tube Video of Idea Aid

Roosevelt Island residents are a creative and resourceful bunch so maybe we can put some of our collective talents to use helping others by participating in a week long internet brainstorming campaign sponsored by Mensa Process called Idea Aid. The campaign is designed to come up with new fundraising ideas that make giving to non- profit organizations easier and more appealing. The NY Post recently wrote about this project and Roosevelt Island resident Hal Worsham who is involved.
... Idea Aid is a weeklong Internet campaign launching today. Sponsored by Mensa Process, the consulting arm of the genius club Mensa, the campaign aims to collect practical strategies for getting food to people without enough of it. The theory is if you put 100,000 people in a room and ask them to solve a problem, you’re likely to get some creative solutions. But put 100,000 of the certified smartest people in the world in that same room, and you might just get a few solutions that work.

In this case, that “room” is the Web site “We’ve been blessed with excellent brains and need to harness the energy of those brains for good,” says local Mensa member Hal Worsham. “Of course, ending world hunger is an extremely lofty goal, but hopefully we of all people have the mental ability to think outside the box...

... there is no Mensa membership requirement for this contest. You don’t even need to be able to do calculus. If you can turn on a computer, you have the skills to enter — though Mensa hopes entrants will think long and hard before submitting ideas....
According to Idea Aid:
One problem. Seven days. Thousands of solutions. One can change the world. This is the revolutionary idea behind Idea Aid.

Our goal is to connect big thinkers around the world to generate ideas to solve specific global problems. We know that combining high intelligence and high creativity generates remarkable results. Fresh thinking will go a long way to addressing these underfunded global issues.

We're confident that with new ideas to act upon, organizations like Heifer International can step in with proven solutions to create a framework of hopeful, workable, sustainable programs.
Some thought starters from Idea Aid include:
  • What action, as frequent and convenient as swiping a barcode card at the grocery checkout or getting cash from an ATM, could conveniently raise funds?
  • Could something be added on to free services, calls or Internet charges?
  • Do certain seasons or holidays lend themselves to possibilities for giving?
  • How could social networking play a role?
  • What new possibilities do emerging technologies offer?
An interesting brainstorming idea to emerge from the process is:
... There should be a human right (I'm sure there already is a similar one) which says: shortly before you die, you can call toll-free 800-NEEDFOOD and within the next 24 hourse an emergency parcel is delivered.

Only slightly kidding. After all, this is brainstorming.
Something like an organ donation but instead of giving a kidney or other body part you can donate some food, money or other needy item.

Get started brainstorming. The session ends on November 21.

Countdown Subway Train Arrival Clocks Being Installed By MTA On 6 Line - Not Planned For Roosevelt Island or F Train Until 2014

Image Of L Train Countdown Clock From NY Times

Subway countdown clocks similar to those on the L line informing riders when the next train will arrive are being installed by the MTA at several more stations according to this Daily News article.
... By the end of next month, NYC Transit will activate the clocks at three No. 6 line stations in the Bronx: Longwood Ave., Brook Ave. and E. 149th St.

The agency then will roll out the new communications system to nearly 150 other stations along the Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 lines, NYC Transit Program Officer Mark Bienstock said yesterday...

In response to article, RIOC Director Jonathan Kalkin Tweets:
Going to suggest in Dec. Mtg. with MTA that they add these subway arrival clocks to Roosevelt Island F train.
Unfortunately, current MTA plans do not include Roosevelt Island or the F Trains for the new countdown clocks any time soon. The NY Times reports:
There are no plans in place for the other lettered lines to get the clocks until at least 2014.
A previous post via Gizmodo reported on another subway countdown clock system being used by the MTA and Gothamist explained that this system will:
... cull data from the L line’s computerized operating system, which tracks exact train locations and then shows them advancing (or not!) along the screen. Pretty cool stuff, but this is hipster central; the MTA needs to make these screens interactive and let us play some L train Frogger while we wait.
Image From Gizmodo

Do we have dueling subway countdown clock systems?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Roosevelt Island Indecent Exposure Reported At Roosevelt Landings During Early Morning Newspaper Delivery

The Roosevelt Island 11/14 - 15 Daily Public Safety Report indicates that there was an indecent exposure incident.

Indecent exposure- A female stated a male exposed himself to her . Male fled. PSD conducted a search with negative results.
I asked Public Safety Director Keith Guerra for additional details and he replied:
The incident was reported to have occurred at 540 Main ST. on the 4th Fl. at 5:23AM, while the female was delivering newspapers. No contact was made and no Children were present.

Opportunity For Roosevelt Island Children To Display Art Work At NYC Council Member Jessica Lappin's Annual East Side Children's Art Show

Image From Brain Dorfmann at Roosevelt Island Fall For Arts Day 2009

Are there any future artists among Roosevelt Island's young children?

If so, you may be interested in this message I received from Roosevelt Island's NYC Council Member Jessica Lappin seeking:
Calling All Artists!
Submit your work for Lappin's 4th Annual East Side Children's Art Show - Hosted by Sotheby's
Do you know any artists between the ages of 3 and 13? If so, have them submit their artwork to the Fourth Annual East Side Children’s Art Show! Paintings, drawings, and photographs are welcome. All art must be submitted framed or mounted on poster board. Please label with name, age, grade, school and title of artwork. Limit of 2 pieces per artist. Submissions are due by Wednesday, November 25. Art work should be submitted to:

Council Member Jessica Lappin
330 East 63rd Street, #1K
New York, NY 10065

All submissions will be displayed at a special exhibition at Sotheby’s on the evening of Monday, December 7.

Art work will be available to be picked up after the exhibition. This has been a great event in the past and we hope you will participate. If you have any questions, please call Taina Prado at (212) 980-1808.
Roosevelt Island's Child School/Legacy High School participated in the 2008 show and report:
Councilmember Jessica Lappin sponsored the 3rd Annual East Side Children's Art Show on Wednesday December 10 at Sotheby's. A mural by students at The Child School was on display. It was the largest mural in the exhibition, measuring 4.5 x 6 feet. The mural paid homage to environmentalism and contained the quote "Treat the earth well. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children," an old Native American proverb. Various students from all grade levels created the mural under the guidance of new art teacher Camille,...

Don't have any pictures form the 2008 East Side Art Show but above shows Child School student creating a sculpture for show at RIVAA Gallery.

UPDATE - 8:55 PM - Received this picture of last year's East Side Children's art show from Ms. Lappin's Press Secretary John Moore.

Image By John Moore