Friday, September 30, 2016

Broken Roosevelt Island Fire Hydrant Falls Down In Front Of Red Bus As Passengers Are Exiting - Mom With Stroller Says Its Embarrassing And Dangerous Situation

Reported September 20 on the fire hydrant in front of Red Bus

stop next to Riverwalk building at 425 Main Street that has been broken for at least more than a month. 

Here's an update. Earlier this afternoon, a Roosevelt Island resident shared these photos and reports:
Guess what just happened half an hour ago?

The red bus stopped right in front of the broken fire hydrant on Main Street. Your already wrote an article about that. Someone had put the hydrant back but it was not very sturdy!

When the bus stopped and a passenger went out,

the hydrant fell down,

right in the gap in between the bus and the sidewalk.

I had to go over the hydrant with my stroller and my one year old. Some people had to carry the hydrant away later so that the bus could move on.

Well, that is not only embarrassing but dangerous in my opinion!

Another woman promised to call Public Safety.
Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Acting President Susan Rosenthal explained the problem of the broken hydrant:
NYC Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Water and Sewer Operations is responsible for the fire hydrant. The hydrant was called in on 8/10, and 8/16, and we spoke to DEP on 9/1 about this issue. DEP said the hydrant is on the list for repair.
How much longer will it take to fix the broken Roosevelt Island Fire Hydrant?

Roosevelt Island Jewish Congregation Celebrates New Year - Rosh Hashannah Services Begin Sunday October 2, Yom Kippur October 11 - Check Out Full Schedule

Roosevelt Island Jewish Congregation (RIJC) President Nina Lublin reports:

Leana Moritt, Rabbi
Nina Lublin, President

L'Shanah Tovah !!
The RIJC, the first & oldest Jewish Congregation on Roosevelt Island wishes everyone a very healthy, sweet & happy new year !!

Please join Rabbi Moritt, and welcome Hazzan Rabbi Leslie Schotz, for services this coming Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, October 2, 3 & 4,

In the Sanctuary / Studio at the Cultural Center, 548 Main Street

Rosh Hashanah Schedule:

Sunday 10/2 -- 7:30 pm -- 1st night Rosh Hashanah Evening Service

Monday 10/3
9 am -- 1st day Rosh Hashanah Services
9 am -- Child Care - Blackwell Room
11 am -- Children's Service in the Theatre
1:30 pm -- Tashlich at the Meditation Steps ( time approximate )
7:30 pm -- 2nd night Rosh Hashanah Evening Service

Tuesday 10/4
9 am -- 2nd Day Rosh Hashanah Services
9 am -- Child Care - Blackwell Room ( if needed )

Our Yom Kippur schedule for October 11-12 is on the RIJC website.

Please visit our RIJC website to learn more about High Holiday information, our full schedule for the new year, Hebrew School, & our Torah fund. You can also contact us at or 212-688-0003.

Access to the Cultural Center is via the Staircase entrance through the Breezeway between 540 & 546 Main Street.

Barrier-free / Elevator access is available through the Breezeway at 556 Main Street, turning right, & entering through the double doors behind the RI Public Safety Office.

In the words of Rabbi Moritt, "...blessings for shalom, justice, good health, prosperity, & strength in the coming year..."
More information available at RIJC web site.

Good News, Roosevelt Island F Train Service To And From Manhattan This Weekend - E Train Service Too

According to the MTA Weekender, there will be Roosevelt Island F train service

to and from Manhattan this weekend.

E Trains run via the F in both directions between W 4 St and 21 St-Queensbridge Weekends, 11:45 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon, Sep 30 - Oct 3 • Oct 7 - 10 • Oct 14 - 17

Tad Sudol Retrospective At Roosevelt Island's Gallery RIVAA - Last Chance To Check Out Exhibition This Weekend

Image From Gallery RIVAA

This weekend is your last chance to check out Tad Sudol's exhibition - Retrospective 1989 -2016

 Image From Gallery RIVAA

at Roosevelt Island's Gallery RIVVA (527 Main Street).

Images From Gallery RIVAA

Mr. Sudol is the long time President of Gallery RIVAA.  In October 2015,  Mr. Sudol presented his concept of Roosevelt Island as an "Island Of Art"

to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Board of Directors.

UPDATE 2:45 PM - Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Acting President Susan Rosenthal was impressed with Tad Sudol's Retrospective telling him:
I stopped by the gallery and was WOWed! Boy are you talented!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Roosevelt Island Families Escape The City To Go Apple Picking Last Sunday At Orchard Farms - RI Parents' Network Partner With Chabad Of Roosevelt Island For Fall Fun Adventure

Roosevelt Island Parents' Network Coordinator Eva Bosbach reports:

Dear all,

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the

Image From Nechama Duchman

Family Apple Picking

Image From Nechama Duchman

trip last Sunday!

Image From Nechama Duchman

Due to popularity of the event we opened a second bus

Image From Nechama Duchman

so that 28 families with over 90 people in total were able to join for the fall fun.

Image From Nechama Duchman

Here are some pictures from our visit to the Outhouse Orchards farm. Families could enjoy apple picking, hay rides, a pumpkin patch and a corn maze.

Image From Nechama Duchman

A big thank you to Nechama and Rabbi Zalman, of Chabad of Roosevelt Island, for partnering with the RI Parents' Network for this event and inviting all Island families to join! The following feedback received from one family upon return says it all:

"We enjoyed the apple picking trip very much. Thank you so much for letting us all join! Our son turned 1 this Sunday and it was a very special birthday. It was great to escape the city without a car. And we have not seen an American school bus from the inside before. That was really fun. The apples we picked up taste so good. Much better than the ones that one can buy in a shop!"

Image From Nechama Duchman

We look forward to seeing you at our next event! :)
Here's more on NY State

apple picking season.

Roosevelt Island Food Scrap Drop Off Compost Bin Saved Over 10 Tons Of Garbage From Landfills Since Last November, More Than 4 Thousand Families Participated - You Can Too Every Saturday At The Farmers Market NYC Compost Project Hosted By Big Reuse

The Roosevelt Island Garden Club (RIGC) updates us on the Roosevelt Island Big Reuse Food Scrap drop off composting project

located every Saturday morning to afternoon at the Farmers Market next to the Motorgate Garage.

According to the RIGC:

Thanks to all the Island residents and Island organizations who actively support our environment and our natural resources! Here is the latest news on the Roosevelt Island Food Scrap Drop Off to Compost site sponsored by NYC Compost hosted by BigReuse.

We are so glad to see news and listings whenever possible on the Roosevelt Islander blog, in RIOC facebook reports and all around the island.

Over 10 U.S. tons diverted from landfill (20,894 pounds!) Keep spreading the word!

Late November opening - Roosevelt Islanders dropped off 220 pounds of food scraps and by back to school September we now tip the scale at a total of 20,894 pounds.

Participation increased as well - 32 households on 11/28/15 increased to more than 4,164

EVERY SATURDAY - 9:30AM to 3:30PM - Food Scrap Drop Off / over 20,894 lbs diverted from landfill

Food scraps are composted into healthy soil enrichment and available for community projects. It is so simple, every Saturday from 9:30 to 3:30 residents can drop food scraps like vegetables, fruit, bread, rice, egg shells, coffee grinds, paper tea bags, flowers and plant leaves beyond their prime near the Wengerd Farmers market. No meat, oil or dairy please. Store in the freezer or under the counter in a sealed container and drop every Saturday. Paper bags can go right in, no plastic bags in compost please.

The NYC Compost Project hosted by Big Reuse composts our kitchen scraps to rebuild our soil neighborhood by neighborhood.

Last November, Roosevelt Island Girl Scout Troop Leader Aiesha Eleusizov showed us how how easy it is to drop off your food scraps to be recycled

at the Big Reuse Roosevelt Island Farmers Market Food Compost Drop Off.

It's easy, give it a try.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Roosevelt Island Emergency Preparedness Town Hall September 29 Hosted By NYC Council Member Ben Kallos - Free Go Bags And Info On Joining RI Community Emergency Response Team Too

NYC Council Member Ben Kallos is hosting a Roosevelt Island Emergency Preparedness Town Hall with the NYC Office Of Emergency Management 6 PM Thursday, September 29 at the Good Shepherd Chapel (543 Main Street).

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) tweets:

Roosevelt Island Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member Frank Farance adds:
I ran into Council Member Ben Kallos, who wanted to make sure the community is aware of the annual Town Hall meeting on Thursday September 29 at 6:30 PM in Good Shepherd Community Center (543 Main Street). At the event, he will be giving away Go Bags to the first 250 people who sign up (see link above). Roosevelt Island CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) members will be there, too.

As a certified presenter for the City's Ready New York program (both adults' and kids' versions), I can't emphasize enough that one should plan for emergencies. Sure, many events will involve Sheltering In Place (i.e., staying at home), but they still require planning. Also, hurricanes aren't the only things we prepare for ... there's power black-outs, snow storms, heat waves, and other things.

Three things that are especially important for families:

(1) have a pre-arranged primary meeting place (probably near your home/building), and have a pre-arranged secondary meeting place (possibly not on Roosevelt Island, but nearby), and make sure you have friends/relatives outside New York City you can connect and check in with;

(2) have copies of important papers (prescriptions, doctor contact info, ID cards, important account numbers, insurance info, etc. - including pets, too) and a small amount of cash (in case ATMs don't work) all in a plastic waterproof bag, which is in your Go Bag;

(3) recognize that emergencies might arise when everyone is away from home during the day (work, school, activities, etc.), so have plans on how to coordinate and corral the family, including your pets (which are accepted at shelters).

Looking forward to seeing you at the Town Hall meeting.
Here's video showing portions of December 2013 Roosevelt Island CERT Team emergency

disaster training.

More on Roosevelt Island CERT at these previous posts.

UPDATE 9/29:

Jobs Available With Roosevelt Island Youth Program, Apply Now For Beacon Group Counselor, Violin Instructor And Dance Instructor - Help Local Kids And Make Some Money For Yourself

Are you looking for a job on Roosevelt Island?

Would you like to help Roosevelt Island kids and make money doing so? If yes consider these newly opened positions with the Roosevelt Island Youth Program (RIYP).

 Image From RIYP Facebook Page

According to RIYP:
The Roosevelt Island Youth Program (RIYP) Beacon has exciting opportunities for motivated individuals in a variety of areas. RIYP Beacon currently has several open positions in the after school program.

Group Counselor
Job Description
In this position, you will supervise a group of children and lead a broad range of recreational activities that include but are not limited to indoor/outdoor free-play or organized sports; tutoring; social & special events; and mentoring.

Violin Instructor
Job Description
In this position, you will provide instruction in an activity (Violin) in which you have a specific background and/or education in (see specialty above). Working with the Program Director, you will plan, organize and manage the activity, as well as perform administrative duties that support and facilitate the above primary functions.

Dance Instructor
Job Description
In this position, you will provide instruction in an activity (Dance) in which you have a specific background and/or education in (see specialty above). Working with the Program Director, you will plan, organize and manage the activity, as well as perform administrative duties that support and facilitate the above primary functions.
To apply or obtain more information contact Akaterina  or 212-527-2505

Good luck!

RIOC Says No New Southbound Red Bus Stop For Front Of Rivercross Building - In Part Because It Would Eliminate 4 Main Street Parking Spaces

Reported August 1:

Is an additional Roosevelt Island Southbound Red Bus stop needed between the current Good Shepherd and Riverwalk stops?

A reader suggests:
.... a bus stop between the church and the next stop. I go to The doctors office and it's a long walk from the church to the Drs office. When you're  not feeling good or it is extremely hot you don't feel like walking that far.
I have heard similar requests for a southbound Rivercross Red Bus Stop

Image of Proposed Red Bus Stop In Front Of Rivercross Building

from others

Red Bus Passing Rivercross Building On Way To Riverwalk Stop

as well.
And n response, RIOC Transportation manager Cy Opperman replied :
...we are evaluating the request for a bus stop at 507 Main Street....
I followed up with RIOC asking for an update last week. RIOC Acting President Susan Rosenthal replied:
For now, there will not be an additional stop there---in part, because it would eliminate 4 parking spaces on Main Street.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

SPONSORED POST - Roosevelt Island Gristedes Supermarket Bonus Savings Card Diamond Rewards Loyalty Program September 23 To October 6 - Get Exclusive Offers And Earn Points On Hundreds Of Items To Be Redeemed On Next Order

The Roosevelt Island Gristedes Supermarket

brand new Diamond Rewards customer loyalty program for September 23- October 6 is now available .
Gristedes representative Bob Capano explains the new Customer Diamonds Rewards Loyalty Program, how to sign up to receive exclusive offers and earn points that can be redeemed on your next order.

According to Gristedes:
Start Earning Points Today

Join the Diamond Rewards loyalty program today! Get exclusive offers and earn points on hundreds of items! Get $5 Coupons for every 500 points earned, redeemable on next order.

Look for the Diamond Rewards label on the shelf or the product
Examples of featured items purchased from September 23 - October 6 that earn you big points include
  • Glad Tall Kitchen Bags earn 100 points,
  • Chock Full Of Nuts Coffee earn 75 points,
  • Polly-O Mozzarella Cheese earn 50 points,
  • Progresso Vegetable Classic Soups earn 25 points and
  • many more shown in flyer below.

If you have a Gristedes Bonus Savings Card and provided your email address, you are automatically enrolled in the Diamond Loyalty Program.

You can sign up for a Gristedes Bonus Savings Card online or in store - just make sure you give your email address, whether a new or existing Bonus Savings Club member, in order to be eligible for the Diamond Rewards Loyalty program.

Also, Roosevelt Island Gristedes Supermarket invites you to check out their:
  • Groceries, 
  • Organic & Gourmet, 
  • Snacks
  • Meat, 
  • Fresh Produce, 
  • Deli &;
  • Fresh Bakery
Department Offerings for September 23 - October 6 (Pages 1-4)  and Perishable Items September 23 - September 29 (Pages 5-6)

Gristedes representative Bob Capano invites Roosevelt Island residents to check out their various product departments for all of your shopping needs.

Don't forget the 10% Roosevelt Island Seniors Discount on Tuesday and Wednesday and Sign Up for the Gristedes Diamond Loyalty Rewards Program.

More Gristedes Supermarket information available at their web site, Facebook Page and Twitter feed.

You're Invited To Roosevelt Island Disabled Association Celebration Of Americans With Disabilities Act At The Roosevelt Island Senior Center Carter Burden Program Thursday September 29

Wendy Hersh reports on behalf of the Roosevelt Island Disabled Association and the Carter Burden Center:
Roosevelt Island Disabled Association Invites you to a celebration of The Americans With Disabilities Act

Thursday, September 29th

4:00PM to 7:00PM

at Roosevelt Island Senior Center

A Program of the Carter Burden Center for the Aging.

546 Main Street


Resources available

Refreshments will be served

For additional information contact

Jim Bates at  (718) 6144784) or
Take a look at the Americans With Disabilities web site for more information and watch President Obama

celebrating the 25 anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act in 2015.