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Important News On Roosevelt Island Cornell Technion Project Among Items Reported In RIRA President Ellen Polivy's Report To The Communty - Your Help Is Needed Evaluating Cornell Draft Environmental Statement

RIRA President Ellen Polivy At November 2012 Common Council Meeting

The Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) President's Report has returned to Roosevelt Islander Online after an absence during Matt Katz's recent term as RIRA President. Newly elected RIRA President Ellen Polivy has chosen to make the RIRA President's Report available to readers of Roosevelt Islander as well as the local print newspaper, Main Street WIRE.

Here's Ms. Polivy's RIRA President's Report.
Margaret Mead said "Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. “ Sometimes one individual can make a difference. Matthew Katz, in his four terms as leader of RIRA has consistently been one of those individuals. One small example: Matt used his position as RIRA president to convince the MTA to accept the Metrocard on the Tram. The next time you slide your card through the slot at the Tram, give a silent “thank you” to Matt – and then think what you can do – to make a difference in our community. His successes show the impact that one committed person can have.

In this column, I will discuss two island organizations with the potential to improve the quality of life for all Roosevelt Island residents. It’s important for all of us to know about these organizations, what they are currently doing, what they hope to do in the future, and most importantly, how you can become involved.

The Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA)

RIRA represent the 14,000 residents on Roosevelt Island and serves as a outlet for your voice. You have elected a group of smart, energetic and motivated Common Council members. Many of them are new to the Council but come with a great deal of enthusiasm and experience. Our first order of business in our next meeting is electing committee chairs and filling committees. The committees will identify projects, fundraisers, issues to address and problems to solve. Committees and monthly Common Council meetings are open to everyone. We encourage you to come and to participate.

I promised I would mic the meetings and I did. Thanks to the owners of Riverwalk Bar and Grill for loaning us their sound equipment. This is one of the innovations I intend to make that will make meeting more accessible to the community. What else would you like us to do?

Our Communications Committee will be exploring the best ways to run community polls. We want to get fast, consistent and reliable responses. The compiled answers will be given to elected officials and RIOC. Who else do you want to share your opinions with?

Our first poll will be of the children to help RIOC know what Island children want. RIOC Community Relations Specialist, Erica Spencer-El is suggesting questions that will help RIOC enhance Fall for Arts, the Halloween festival and other programs. These are great programs. Let’s make them even better by involving our children. Let’s give our children an early start on civic involvement.

Roosevelt Island Community Coalition

Over the past year RIRA played an important role in creating what is now a separate organization, the Roosevelt Island Community Coalition (RICC). The goal of RICC is to represent every organization on Roosevelt Island to protect Roosevelt Island’s interests and develop a working relationship with Cornell-Technion during their development phase. I am Co-Chair with Jonathan Kalkin. We are excited about Cornell coming to Roosevelt Island. As we look forward to a productive relationship we want to sustain the character of our community. Getting input from our thirty- three member organizations and interest groups, we have worked together to create a comprehensive list of our wants and needs. We identified the most urgent and immediate concerns of the community: quality of life, health, security and the safeguarding of our infrastructure. This document will be used in meetings with elected officials, Cornell and Community Board 8.

Important news on the Cornell Development plan:

Mark your calendar for Monday November 26 at 6:30. A Public Hearing is being held by the Cornell –Technion Roosevelt Island Task Force of Community Board 8. It is essential that we have a good turnout, so please attend. The meeting will be held at The Manhattan Park Theater, 8 River Road.

Cornell is coming to Roosevelt Island with or without our input. If we don’t voice our concerns and our wants, they will design, construct and create their project maximizing their needs and minimizing our concerns. They will deliver their construction materials in a manner that is cost effective for them and potentially disruptive to the Roosevelt Island community and damaging to our infrastructure.

Here is the background. Cornell is in the beginning stages of a nine month Uniform Land Use Review Process (ULURP). This process starts with approval of Community Board 8 and ends with approval of the New York City Council. Councilmember Jessica Lappin plays a crucial role in this process. As our representative on the City Council, her role is to protect the needs of our community. The City Council will vote on whether or not to grant final approval. Cornell’s role is to prepare their required 800 page Draft Environmental Impact Study (DEIS) which describes the 25 year construction project and the impact on the community and the surrounding area.

We recently received copies of this DEIS. Those of us who are reading it have discovered numerous surprising assumptions, inconsistencies, and serious omissions that could damage the quality of life in our community. We are identifying these problems and will present them to Community Board 8 and to the officials who will be approving the Cornell project. A review this large requires a tremendous amount of scrutiny.

We welcome readers of sections or the whole document. You can download a copy of the DEIS by going to the CB8 website If you plan to comment on a chapter, please email RICC at We would like to know what you think.

The meeting on Monday November 26 is an important opportunity to give input to Cornell. CB8 votes to approve or disapprove the construction project Wednesday, December 12.

Please come and listen on November 26. If you plan to make a statement, bring a written copy and prepare to read it. The format for the statement should include your name, years on Roosevelt Island, your Island affiliations (if any) and your comments. It should be 110 words or less. (1 minute). You will hand it in and if time permits, you can read it. The Community Board committee members will read all statements before the final vote in December.

Hurricane Sandy responses

The destructiveness of Sandy took everyone by surprise. Thanks to all the Island groups and individuals that gave of their time and resources to help people in need and to clean up. Stay tuned for more about this in my next column.

As the President of RIRA, I want to make it easy for as many people as possible to get involved in the community. As an individual you can make a difference. I welcome your questions and your comments. Please share them with me and with your elected building representatives. Let us know what we can do to improve the quality of life for everyone on Roosevelt Island.

Swans Return To Roosevelt Island - Perform Swam Lake

Roosevelt Island resident C. Grant shares these photos of our East River wildlife neighbors

Image From C. Grant

and adds:
 Displaced hurricane residents perform Swam Lake spotted off the north eastern bow
Image From C. Grant

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No Queens Bound F Trains To Roosevelt Island This Weekend

Image of Blurred, Moving F Train From Venus in Furs

According to the MTA:
F Jamaica-bound trains run via the M from 47-50 Sts to Roosevelt Av

Weekend, 9:45 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon, Nov 16 - 19

Trains run express from Queens Plaza to Roosevelt Av.

No Jamaica-bound service at 57 St, Lexington Av/63 St, Roosevelt Island and 21nSt-Queensbridge.
More subway service disruption information available from the MTA's Weekender.

Dummy Rescued From Roosevelt Island Tram By FDNY Today

Got off the Roosevelt Island Tram this afternoon to find FDNY huddling around this body on a stretcher at the foot of the Tram Station staircase.

Not to worry. It was not a real person but a dummy participating in FDNY Tram rescue drills today.

The Roosevelt Island Twitter-verse captured the rescue drill with the lowering of the dummy from the Tram earlier today

More on NYPD and FDNY Roosevelt Island Tram Rescue Drills.

Roosevelt Island Meditation Steps Renovated And Now Open With Brazilian Hardwood - They Look Great And So Does The NYC East River View

Roosevelt Island's Meditation Steps are open today and they look great.

It's a bit chilly out today but give it a look and a sit down.

When spring and summer return in a few months, expect alot of people relaxing at the new Meditation Steps watching the East River flow by.

Here's how the Meditation Steps looked last Spring

and the story behind it's $359 Thousand Brazilian Hardwood renovation.

Report From Acting RIOC President Don Lewis - Roosevelt Island Hurricane Sandy Damage, Team Rubicon Hurricane Relief Efforts, Blackwell Park Cleanup, Cultural Center Flooding Renovation, RICC Cornell Meeeting, Tree Lighting & Happy Thanksgiving

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Acting President Don Lewis sends the following report to Roosevelt Island residents.
The State of New York, including the Roosevelt Island Community, has been through a rough stretch with Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath. Be that as it may, we still have much to be thankful for, including the fact that no one on the Island was injured as a result of the storm. With that in mind, I want to wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving from RIOC.

Hurricane Sandy Damage

Over the past three weeks, we have assessed damage to the Island caused by the storm. The lower locations on the Island experienced three to five feet of flooding and approximately 21 Island trees were lost. We are continuing to inspect the trees that withstood the storm to make sure that none are in danger of falling. As I mentioned in my last column, we are eligible for federal assistance from FEMA because we followed the agency’s emergency command procedures.

Team Rubicon Relief Efforts – Donations Needed

RIOC has partnered with Team Rubicon USA to help people in New York City who are suffering as a result of the storm. We are collecting donated canned goods, baby food, baby clothes, diapers, winter coats, batteries, toiletries, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, shovels and more. Team Rubicon USA is transporting the items to areas hardest hit by the storm, including Staten Island and the Rockaways. The Roosevelt Island community has responded with great generosity, and we have received an overwhelming amount of supplies. However, help is still needed and we are continuing to accept donations from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday at our 591 Main Street office. If you are unable to donate during those hours, please bring items to the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department at 550 Main Street anytime after 5:00 p.m. For more information and a complete list of items that are needed, please call 212-832-4540 ext 349.

Blackwell Park Cleanup

RIOC was pleased to team up with the Roosevelt Island Jewish Congregation, the Roosevelt Island Residents Association and the Main Street Theatre and Dance Alliance to clean up Blackwell Park on Sunday morning. About 20 volunteers – children and adults – bagged 80 bags of leaves and branches, and enjoyed the gorgeous fall weather. We appreciate everyone’s efforts.

Cultural Center Renovation

Last week RIOC met with representatives from the Main Street Theater Group and the Roosevelt Island Jewish Congregation to discuss the progress of the renovation of the Cultural Center. The renovation requires two distinct steps to return the Center to a usable condition. First, there is remediation, which encompasses the demolition and removal of all the damaged flooring, walls, ceilings, and the removal of molds from the affected areas, and establishes the extent of the renovation work. The second phase, will involve the renovation of the facility. We will continue to work with both groups to help them find alternative space on the Island while the work is ongoing.

Roosevelt Island Community Coalition

RIOC recently had a productive meeting with the Roosevelt Island Community Coalition (RICC) to discuss community items of interest and concern related to the Cornell-Technion campus. RIOC is also involved in discussions with Cornell concerning infrastructure and additional issues related to the project. We look forward to continued coordination between RICC and RIOC concerning the campus.

Tree Lighting

We invite you to join us for our annual Tree Lighting event on Friday, December 7th at 7:00 p.m. at Blackwell Plaza. The Main Street Theater and Dance Alliance and children from Roosevelt Island Youth Center will provide entertainment. We also expect Santa Claus to stop by and be available to take pictures. We encourage you to attend and celebrate the holiday season with the Roosevelt Island community.

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Roosevelt Island Hurricane Sandy Donations To The Rockaways Continue Sunday November 18 From 8-9:15 AM In Front Of PS/IS 217 - President Barack Obama And Mayor Bloomberg Tour The Rockaways And Staten Island Today

 Image of Roosevelt Islanders Collecting Donations For Rockaways last Sunday From Olya Turcihin

A Roosevelt Island resident asked earlier today:
Please provide information on supplies for families in need because of the hurricane. I attended the Galleria Riva jazz salon last Sunday and was told that specific lists will be provided and items/goods accepted on Sunday mornings between 8 and 9 AM at the school. I cannot locate that information on any website. Thank you.
Karine Wong, who organized the Roosevelt Island Hurricane donations and deliveries to the Rockaways, provides the answer:
Hi Everyone,

Our next collect is on Sunday Nov 18 in front of PS 217 between 8:00 and 9:15 am and we will deliver on Monday morning to the Rockaways.


Here is the list of things that they really need this week:
Work Gloves
Rubber Gloves
Air Mattresses
Flashlights – they have batteries but not enough flashlights

Thank You
More information on the Roosevelt Island Rockaways Hurricane Sandy relief efforts from earlier posts.

Earlier today, President Obama toured the Rockaways and Staten Island with Mayor Bloomberg. Here's a report.

The NY Times has more on President Obama's visit to New York City today.

What's Going On At The Roosevelt Island Sportspark Pool - It's Closed Until Further Notice

On October 27, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) issued the following advisory concerning the recently refurbished Sportspark Pool:
Due to repairs, the sports park pool will be closed until further notice.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
and another on November 6:
Please be advised Sportspark is now open however, the pool will be closed until further notice.
A Roosevelt Island resident sent in this message earlier today about the Sportspark Pool:
I came across your website and thought you just might be the person to contact. Do you happen to have any insight into the seemingly permanent pool closing. We have been left high and dry (quite literally) since Sandy. As I am unaware of actual storm damage to the island, I'm perplexed by this. The tennis facility is, and has been, open and running since almost immediately post storm. Other than the fact that one is privately owned and the other govt operated, I cannot make sense of this. Is it simply that the Roosevelt Island government is not interested in performing their duties because no one is holding them or their pocketbooks accountable? Any insight you have here would be greatly appreciated.
I asked RIOC Vice President Of Operations Fernando Martinez about the reason for the Sportspark pool closing and the anticipated re-opening. Will update when an answer is received.

I was informed by a Roosevelt Island resident, though not confirmed by RIOC, that the problem with the pool is:
... with the heat exchange. It's apparently a relatively difficult repair because some of the parts are old and/or unique to the RI pool.
According to RIOC:
Our recently refurbished, handicapped accessible, Olympic-style pool is available for lap-swimming seven days a week. Additional pool area is designated for recreational use and children's free play. With life-guards on duty, the pool sits amid stadium seating, giving the vital adult swimmer an ambiance of competition for their laps or energetic kids added grandeur to their play. Kickboards and other supplies for specific swim exercise are available poolside. Locker rooms are available for men and for women with showers and lockers....
The Sportspark Pool was renovated in November 2009. The pool was also closed last July for mechanical problems.

Olya's Eye Searches For Street Art And Finds New Examples On Roosevelt Island

Image From Olya Turcihin

Roosevelt Island photographer Olya Turcihin, who blogs at Olya's Urban Journal, shares these photos and reports:
I found the images on the East side of the island turning right after the tramway towards Southpoint. They were found on the concrete barriers across from the tennis court parking entrance.

I don't know whose street art this is - but I always find it refreshing to see new work on the island. My eye is always searching for street art, and when I see it here - I get a thrill to know that the island may just be getting a bit cooler with each new piece.
Image From Olya Turcihin

Check out more of Ms. Turcihin's photos at Olya's Urban Journal. and these previous posts.

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Watch Roosevelt Island Kahn FDR Four Freedoms Boondoggle Built In Seven Minutes Time Lapse Video

You Tube Video Of FDR Four Freedoms Time Lapse

Roosevelt Island Gristedes Beginning Long Awaited Renovation, Moving Entrance To Main Street, Adding Cafe, New Deli, Produce Section & More - Coach Scot's Main Street Sweets Ice Cream Store Almost Complete Says Hudson Related's David Kramer

I noticed that renovations appear to be starting at the Roosevelt Island Gristedes supermarket this week

so asked Gristedes owner John Catsimatidis:
what is the latest status on the renovation of the Roosevelt Island Gristedes? When will it begin and what changes are being made?

I understand that the entrance will be moved from the side beneath the garage to Main Street near the Post Office entrance. Is that true?
Mr. Catsimatidis replied:
Paperwork all signed and submitted to the building dept for permits. Due to hurricane a little behind
Entrance moved correct
Cafe added
New deli and produce
New floors
Prepared foods
New decor
Reported last month that a representative from Main Street Master Leaseholder Hudson Related told me that:
... Gristedes will soon be undergoing their promised and long awaited complete store renovation. Included in the renovation will be moving the gloomy and depressing store entrance from beneath the Motorgate Ramp

to the light and brightness of Main Street next to the Post Office.

Interestingly, the suggestion to move the Gristedes entrance came from Roosevelt Island resident Deborah Beck during March 12 Town Hall Meeting with Gristedes owner John Catsimatidis...
I also asked Hudson Related's David Kramer for an update on Main Street retail stores. Mr. Kramer replied:
We have 3-4 pending negotiations. The ice cream store is almost complete, which will be followed by the natural foods market and then the wine store. Trellis is developing their renovation plans. 
Future Home To Coach Scot's Main Street Sweets

 Check out the web page for the soon to open Coach Scot's Main Street Sweets

mmmmmm, tasty.

Looking forward to Coach Scot's Main Street Sweets opening and the Gristedes renovation.

Also, here's recent interview of Gristedes owner John Catsimatidis from the Stoler Report.

Mr. Catsimatidis talks about Roosevelt Island at the 12 minute 30 second mark. He says the Roosevelt Island Tram "never really worked right".

Not sure what he meant by that.

Roosevelt Island Hurricane Sandy Response, Ferry Study, FDR Park Maintenance, Parking, Red Bus, Cultural Center Flooding & More Subject Of RIOC Board Operations Committee Meeting Tomorrow November 15

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC)\
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a meeting of the Operations Advisory Committee of the RIOC Board of Directors will be held on Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 5:30 p.m. at the RIOC administrative office, 591 Main Street, Roosevelt Island, New York.


1. Discussion of RIOC's Response to Hurricane Sandy
2. Presentation of RI Ferry Landing Study
3. Discussion of Four Freedoms Operations and Maintenance Agreement
4. Discussion of Four Freedoms Park Fence
5. Presentation of FDNY Special Operations Boat Launch
6. Update on Smart Parking Solutions Project
7. Discussion of Red Bus Stops and Proposed Bus Lane
8. Update on Cultural Center Repairs
9. Update on Prow Restoration Project
10. Update on CCTV Wireless Infrastructure Project - Phase II
11. Discussion of Octagon Composting Area
12. Any Other Committee Business That May be Brought Before the Committee
A webcast of the meeting will be available soon thereafter.

UPDATE 11/16 - Below is the audio webcast of the RIOC November 15 Operations Committee meeting.

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Roosevelt Island Explorers October Harvest At Children's Garden - Picking Carrots And Flowers, Planting Bulbs

Image From RiEX's Leila Vujosevic

Reported last month that the Roosevelt Island Explorers were planning a harvest at the Southtown Children's Garden between 455 and 465 Main Street.
... In addition to harvesting our carrots, we shall also plant some bulbs and make flower bouquets, which we intend to share with anybody who stops by - We hope to have a fun and bonding event....
I am a bit late with this but Leila Vujosevic from the Roosevelt Island Explorers recounts what happened at the harvest:

Image From RiEX's Leila Vujosevic

We had a beautiful day and about 50 children and their parents came (total)…

Image From RiEX's Leila Vujosevic

The carrots range from “this is the smallest carrot you have ever seen” to the ones children could eat.

Image From RiEX's Leila Vujosevic

In addition, children picked flowers and created bouquets which they gave away to people on the street.

Image From RiEX's Leila Vujosevic

They had a lot of fun shouting that they were free. The bouquets had little tags saying that that was a gift from Children’s Garden at 455 Main.

Then they planted bulbs (with parents’ help).

Image From RiEX's Leila Vujosevic

Everybody was excited. Many parents offered help with future events – they had ideas (to plant a tree) – it is exactly what we hoped for.

Next, we plan to put a Wishing Well Tree for the holidays with ornaments to feed the birds and to send well wishes to people we know and those around the world…
More information on the Roosevelt Island Explorers at their web site and from previous posts.

Exciting Season Recap Of 2012 Roosevelt Island Youth Program Soccer League Season - Championship Games Played This Saturday November 17 At Octagon Field

Here's the latest recap from the Roosevelt Island Youth Program (RIYP) Soccer League. Coach Adib Mansour sends the following report and pictures.

Don't forget that the RIYP Championship Games take place this Saturday November 17 at Octagon Field beginning 9:30 AM. Also later today (6 PM at the Octagon Field) will be a Seniors Playoff Game between the Blue and Orange teams.

From Mr. Mansour


1- Green team (Johan Marfey is the coach) plays vs. Orange team (Tony Leon is the coach) for Championship - 1st and 2nd place. Game is at 11:10 AM

 Image From RIYP

Green team is a solid one even after their main player, Majd Matug broke his arm during one of the games, a couple of weeks ago; he was designated honorary coach -will the doctor permit him to play in the finals? The Green team has been an exemplary one in compensating for the loss of their main player with 20 goals. Dylan Marfey wore numerous hats, from goalie, to offensive and defensive player. The team's solid offense was a triangle comprised of Mach Messy, Elias , and Dylan who developed strong passing skills. The team's solid defense played a major role in sustaining their ranking; this is the work of Dafina Mustafa and Cathy who were fired up all the time and put their utmost efforts during the games; Kaia Keaton was the leader of defense, with the ability to kick the ball from end to end, and has a tremendous throw in -in the semi-final game, she had a throw in from the mid field all the way to the goalie. Lydia Evans in midfield was, according to coach Johan Marfey, "a tough little thing, she surprised me with her soccer abilities".

The Orange team

 Image From RIYP

has been undefeated however all the games vs. the Green team have been a close call. The championship will be very exciting! Tony Leon's passion for the game transcended to his teams at an early stage with the help of the experienced assistant coach Sasha Prokic. Heaven Leon proved crucial to the teams solid defense; through incredible determination, went from inexperience to a top tear player. Abdelbast Elakrmi had the respect of his coaches and teammates for his magic dribbling and scores in the final game. Maya Levanon has become an all around best defensive player with accurate passing, dribbling, and many saves. Lillian Williams scored two goals in the playoffs taking her team to the championship.

2- Blue team (Foching Li is the coach) plays

  Image From RIYP

 vs. Teal team (James Brown is the coach)

 Image From RIYP

for conciliation game - 3rd and 4th place. Game is at 9:30 AM

Both teams have come a long way since the start of the season. Foching and James built strong teams, through extensive practices and team building. The energy both teams have injected into their games is unsurpassed!

In the Blue team, Valdemar Magnusson proved his value to the team's offense from the get go. Emily Highsmith became the central defender and improved on dribbling and positioning and became a good leader. Bijan Navab earned his place as a good attacking midfield player. Billy Cuozzi was dubbed as the Terminator" by his coach. Terri Diarra earned her title as Team Captain with her support to her team both on and off the field.

James' Teal team had 12 well earned goals this season with the help of the incredible Sebastian Navarro, who is one of the few players that can see the entire field, instead of where the ball is. Emilia Brown's determination was obvious throughout the season and culminated in powerful performances during the games. Giulia Cartegni's Italian heritage was obvious in her performance; she understood the game and developed formidable skills. Xavier Martinez was omnipotent during the games... he was everywhere, right behind the ball. Miles Brown was determined to learn all the goalie tricks, practiced hard, and performed with virtuosity. Luise Stadler was very impressive from the very beginning... during the qualifications she impressed everyone with her kicks, even though she was wearing flip flops!


1- Green team (Juan Correa is the coach) plays vs. Orange team (Cesar Rodriguez-Arvizu is the coach) for Championship -1st and 2nd place. Game is at 11:30 AM.

Both teams have shown strength in passing and shooting. The championship game will be one of the best this season! HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS! Both teams have worked really hard to reach the finals with 19 points each, and a difference of 3 goals throughout the season. The playoffs were great games to watch. The runner ups gave a robust fight.

In the Orange team

  Image From RIYP

Eric Leon rose up as one of the strong players, taking over his brother Kevin who was a champ in the last few years before retiring. Johaness is another strong offensive player this year. Coach Cesar had a powerful assistant coach this season: Marianna Espinosa. They promised a surprise in the Championship game! Noteworthy are Nea, nominated as most improved player with strong defense skills. Ayanava Ganguly designated as the captain of the team, for his strong scoring skills and leadership qualities. Rajan is dubbed the fastest player. multiple position Jared Pazmino.

In the Green team,

 Image From RIYP

 coach Juan had a strong team of assistant coaches who worked hard all season long: Nerida Vasquez and James Suggs! This team has been a powerhouse since the start. The coaches are often on the sidelines screaming their instructions to their team, that could be heard across the island. The green team's power comes from a strong offense often carried by Manuel Correa, Liebe Martinez, and Tenzin Dhasel. Also note worthy is the strong defense often led by Ilias Soumayah and Adam Wolczuk.

2- Blue team (Scott Bobo is the coach) plays vs. Teal team (Ibrahim Diara is the coach) - 3rd and 4th place. Game is at 9:30 AM.

The runner up game will be exciting with both teams showing off what they learned throughout the season.

On the Teal team

  Image From RIYP

 the offense will prove to be a force not to be reckoned with: Muad Kurer (a skillful player that has one of the most accurate passes in the Juniors' division), Kristen Leopold (who is not just a good player, but one who understands the game and is often at the right place and right time all the time), and Nisany McDonald (who had the energy of a tiger throughout the season)! The Teal's defense held their ground throughout the season with Amira Diarra (who earned her soccer name "Defensive Wall"), and Shuma Hasegawa (who always appeared out of nowhere to stop any offensive play against his team), just to name a few. This team's performance during the semi-final game showed tremendous improvement and a solid team work; they promise a solid fight in the finals.

The Blue team

  Image From RIYP

had one of the most robust learning curve this season; even though they did not have experienced players, coach Bobo and his players built their team from the ground up: Their amazing young goalie Georgia Bobo gave her team 110% throughout the season; she was eager to learn and always asked questions, practiced hard and was proud of all the saves she had this season. Some of the noteworthy players on the Blue team are: Ander Martinez who zoomed across the field with determination and solid skills; Dominic Pabon who, with his powerful kicks, gave his team exhilarating advantage; Jaden Luna assisted in numerous goals with his skills to pass and be in the right place at the right time; Isiaha Dickens was crucial for the team's solid defense; Joana Calderon started with no experience and moved her way up to become a solid part of the defense; and finally Czarina Elisaia who also started with no soccer experience, to become Captain of the defense halfway through the season and kept the team's defense line ready!


The second playoff game was interrupted due to the lack of light on the field, with 25 minutes remaining between the Orange and Blue teams. The game is scheduled to resume Tuesday Nov. 13 evening at 6PM (pending weather / rain). Winner of this game will go the championship vs. the Teal team, with game scheduled on November 17 at 3:00 PM. The runner up will play vs. the Green team at 1:00 PM.

The Teal team

  Image From RIYP

(George Daniels is the coach, with 2 great assistant coaches: Felix Cardinal and Luz Leon). This team had a solid run throughout the season with a player that held the title of best player by his opponents, Tshering Penjor: He has great long range shots, accurate heading, accurate passing and a tremendous speed. Alessandro Cartegni with his Italian background has what it takes to be a great player, with the advanced knowledge of the game and the skills to carry it on the field. Nicholas Loveless successfully wears multiple hats: fro a great goalie to a speed dribbler injecting energy to his team. Laura King and Sunshine Martin have proven themselves to be a defensive power not to be reckoned with. Isaiah Cole is a solid player that adjusts his skills according to the team he's playing against, dribbling where needs to or shoots long distance passes accurately. Emma Ike is beyond doubt a great midfielder and defensive player.

The Green team

  Image From RIYP

(Sal Bakhrani is the coach with Shirley Payne as his assistant). This team built itself from the ground up with solid players like Luka Delic who is the dribbling wizard, and has a power kick that attract the opposing defense out of fear of eminent scoring. Minh Pham has a run that cannot be caught by any opponent’s defender. He's always ready to take any opportunities in front of his opponent’s goal keeper. Max Dorfman also proved crucial to his team wearing multiple hats, from a solid Goalie, to a a midfielder with the combined short and long passing in his playing strategy. Maria Meriton was the defensive player that saved her team from eminent goals; she has a solid kick that often reached the defensive positions of the opposing team. The Green team had 18 goals this season many of it the result of Ahmed ElShakshuki's foot or his assistance. Maren Martinez is one of the best defender in the Seniors' league; with her Spanish background, she held off 90% of the attacks against her defensive position.

The Orange team

  Image From RIYP

(Serge Enama is the coach, with 2 great assistants: Franz and Johanne Enama). This too has become a team solid performances week after week, with 41 goals most of which came from one of the best player in the league, Wilson Wong. Wilson is a massive player with killer kicks -he has scored numerous goals this season from a midfield position. He is a team player and encourages his teammates throughout the games and practices. Wilson is not the only star player in this team... Nguyen Nam has a powerful kick that can score a goal from a corner shot. He is the center of defense for the Orange team. Salomon Diarra has proven to be a solid player in the midfield with tremendous speed and accurate passing. Regis and Blaise Enama both also have colossal energy and varied skills that move the ball forward no matter what position they are in. Don't let Ja'niah Payne's sweetness fool you... she is a solid defense player that understands her responsibilities to her team. Other noteworthy players are: Max, Maurice, Mohammad, Taj, and Alusa).

The Blue team

  Image From RIYP

(Adib Mansour is the coach, with the help of assistant coaches Chris Enock, Vlada Bestic, and Vanni Bucci). The Blue team has built itself with solid Offense (Tristan Todorovic, Kerwin Barrera, Aaron Pazmino and Donald Smith -DJ), a powerful Defense (Khalif Cole, Mira Girard, Daniel Wolczuk, Hoang Nguen, Alex Cole, Gabriela Roldan, and Tatiana Dickens), a robust Midfield (Mark Shinozaki, Gonzalo Palomino, Theo Spedalle, Alex Cole, Jarroll Navaro, and Joshua Carter), and the "best goalie" -according to his coaches- of the season Andrew Enock. The offense developed a strong relationship transcending in speed, accurate passing, and solid kicks with advanced skills. Some of the noteworthy players are: Tristan, who became a leader from the beginning with thoughtful advise and sophisticated skills. Kerwin and DJ's role in the offensive maneuvers are exceptional. Mark Shinozaki has brought energy and concrete expertness in the midfield area. Andrew's fearless Parkour skills enabled him to become the ultimate goalie, saving his team from numerous defeats. Daniel Wolczuk surprised his coaches and teammates midway through the season with advanced dribbling skills, and power kicks; he has become an integral part of the team's success. Mira Girard's energy and quench for knowledge was evident in games with a lofty learning curve. Khalif is one of the most prominent defenders in the league with magical speed, powerful kicks, and omnipotent presence on the field. Tatiana has a powerful kick that proved valuable to the defense.

Our referees are: Luis Ticona, Xina Ticona, and Gustavo Mendes.
And let's not forget the RIYP Kinder Kids,

 Image From RIYP

the future players of RIYP Soccer Program.

A sample from action at RIYP Soccer game earlier this year.

You Tube Video of RIYP Soccer

Good Luck to all the RIYP teams in Saturday's Championship games!!!!!

What Type Of Training Should Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Receive - Is Tiered Level Of Training An Answer?

During November 3 Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Meet The RIRA/RIOC Candidate Forum, a question was asked by a resident concerning the training of Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Department Officers, particularly as it applies to traffic direction. RIOC Director Margie Smith stated that the Public Safety Officers do receive some training in traffic direction but that the whole Public Safety training issue needs to be looked at again and differently by the RIOC Board.

Ms. Smith suggested that consideration should be given to a restructuring of the Roosevelt Island  Public Safety Department to include a small number of NYPD type officers trained at the Police Academy, a second tier of officers trained almost as well as the NYPD type officers and a third tier of officers who can get the "cat out of the tree" or provide escorts from the Motorgate Garage.

Ms. Smith added that she asked NYPD to do an analysis of the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department which they had agreed to do but were unable to due to a lack of manpower.

Newly elected RIOC Board Director Nominee Larry Parnes agreed with Ms. Smith and newly elected RIRA Vice President Jeff Escobar noted that RIRA should advocate for the structure suggested by Ms. Smith as well.

Here's the discussion of the issue.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Cornell NYC Tech October 22 Presentation To Community Board 8 Roosevelt Island Cornell Technion Task Force - Next Meeting November 26

Cornell NYC Tech Proposed Campus (page 23 CB 8 Presentation)

Below is video from the October 22 presentation by representatives of Cornell NYC Tech to Community Board 8's Roosevelt Island Cornell Technion Task Force.

The meeting began with an
  • overview from Cornell NYC Tech Vice President Cathy Dove, 
  • followed by Director of Capital Projects & Planning Andrew Winters discussing the overall vision of the campus,
  • Skidmore Owings Associate Director Colin Koop discusses the Master Plan For The Cornell NYC Tech Campus,
  • Morphosis Architect Scott Lee discusses plans for first Cornell NYC Tech Academic Building,
  • Fried Frank Attorney Melanie Myers discusses zoning and Land Use issues for Roosevelt Island Cornell NYC Tech project and
  • Review of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Then came questions and answers from the audience

(Part 2 of the Q and A)

and a discussion by Community Board 8 Roosevelt Island Cornell Technion Task Force members with the Cornell representatives.

Cornell will be updating the CB 8 Roosevelt Island Cornell Technion Task Force on November 26. Come ask questions and learn the latest plans for the project.

Here is PDF File of Cornell NYC Tech Presentation to October 22 CB 8 meeting.

Roosevelt Island Business Networking Group Meeting Tuesday Morning 7:30 AM Riverwalk Bar & Grill - Local Entrepreneurs Meet, Share Stories and Potential Opportunities

The Roosevelt Island Business Networking Group (RIBN) will hold their next meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) morning,  November 13 7:30 AM. at the Riverwalk Bar & Grill (425 Main Street). According to RIBN:

You want to connect with someone on LinkedIn whose name is Janet F. How do you learn the person's full name?

Gentle sleuthing around the LinkedIn page can reveal a person's full name, even when s/he has made an effort to conceal it.

Bring a technique you've used or a tip you've read about, plus a laptop or tablet for demonstration and practice, to the Roosevelt Island Business Networking Group's meeting at Riverwalk Bar & Grill on Tuesday, November 13 at 7:30 am.

We'll ALL share what we've learned about LinkedIn to build our networks and grow our businesses.

If you are a novice when using LinkedIn, contact Janet Falk to request one of the many LinkedIn manuals she's collected.
More information on the Roosevelt Island Business Networking Group at Linked In and previous presentations from RIBN members at this posts.

Where's Manhattan This Morning - Foggy Views From Roosevelt Island Today

Image From Roosevelt Island's Southtown Looking North Towards Manhattan East River Views

Turned out to be a beautiful Springlike morning and afternoon but you never would think that from the heavy fog early this morning that made much of Roosevelt Island and New York City East River waterfront disappear.

Image From Roosevelt Island's Southtown Looking  Towards Queens East River Views

The Roosevelt Island Twitter-verse adds:



and finally:
When the fog cleared, here's what  the view of NYC East River Skyline looked like from Roosevelt Island.

Veterans Day 2012 - Thank You To All Members Of The Military For Your Service

President Barack Obama honors veterans at Arlington National Cemetery during Veterans Day Ceremonies yesterday. Here's what he had to say

and official Veterans Day Proclamation.

Presidential Proclamation -- Veterans Day, 2012


- - - - - - -



Whether they fought in Salerno or Samarra, Heartbreak Ridge or Helmand, Khe Sanh or the Korengal, our veterans are part of an unbroken chain of men and women who have served our country with honor and distinction. On Veterans Day, we show them our deepest thanks. Their sacrifices have helped secure more than two centuries of American progress, and their legacy affirms that no matter what confronts us or what trials we face, there is no challenge we cannot overcome, and our best days are still ahead.

This year, we marked the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. We began to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. We welcomed our veterans back home from Iraq, and we continued to wind down operations in Afghanistan. These milestones remind us that, though much has changed since Americans first took up arms to advance freedom's cause, the spirit that moved our forebears is the same spirit that has defined each generation of our service members. Our men and women in uniform have taught us about strength, duty, devotion, resolve -- cornerstones of a commitment to protect and defend that has kept our country safe for over 200 years. In war and in peace, their service has been selfless and their accomplishments have been extraordinary.

Even after our veterans take off the uniform, they never stop serving. Many apply the skills and experience they developed on the battlefield to a life of service here at home. They take on roles in their communities as doctors and police officers, engineers and entrepreneurs, mothers and fathers. As a grateful Nation, it is our task to make that transition possible -- to ensure our returning heroes can share in the opportunities they have given so much to defend. The freedoms we cherish endure because of their service and sacrifice, and our country must strive to honor our veterans by fulfilling our responsibilities to them and upholding the sacred trust we share with all who have served.

On days like this, we are called to reflect on immeasurable burdens that have been borne by so few. We pay tribute to our wounded, our missing, our fallen, and their families -- men and women who have known the true costs of conflict and deserve our deepest respect, now and forever. We also remember that our commitments to those who have served are commitments we must honor not only on Veterans Day, but every day. As we do so, let us reaffirm our promise that when our troops finish their tours of duty, they come home to an America that gives them the benefits they have earned, the care they deserve, and the fullest opportunity to keep their families strong and our country moving forward.

With respect for and in recognition of the contributions our service members have made to the cause of peace and freedom around the world, the Congress has provided (5 U.S.C. 6103(a)) that November 11 of each year shall be set aside as a legal public holiday to honor our Nation's veterans.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim November 11, 2012, as Veterans Day. I encourage all Americans to recognize the valor and sacrifice of our veterans through appropriate public ceremonies and private prayers. I call upon Federal, State, and local officials to display the flag of the United States and to participate in patriotic activities in their communities. I call on all Americans, including civic and fraternal organizations, places of worship, schools, and communities to support this day with commemorative expressions and programs.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this seventh day of November, in the year of our Lord two thousand twelve, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-seventh.

More on Veterans Day from previous posts.

Roosevelt Island Volunteers Clean Up Blackwell Park Sunday Morning - 80 Bags Of Leaves And Branches Cleared

Image From Frank Farance

Roosevelt Island Historical Society President Judy Berdy reports on the efforts of local residents to clean up Blackwell Park. According to Ms. Berdy
About 20 volunteers from the Roosevelt Island Jewish Congregation and our community bagged 80 bags of leaves and branches from Blackwell Park on Sunday morning.

Image From Judy Berdy

This community effort will make our park look better and it was a great day to be out-of-doors. The kids were great

 Image From Judy Berdy
Image From Lynn Strong Shinozaki

and full of energy. The adults who are used to desks dove in

Image From Lynn Strong Shinozaki

 Image From Judy Berdy
 Image From Judy Berdy
 Image From Judy Berdy

and everyone had a great time in the fresh air and enjoyed the rewarding work

The cleanup was arranged by the Roosevelt Island Jewish Congregation and other community groups including RIRA and the MSTDA. RIOC staff

Image From Judy Berdy

coordinated the effort including Acting President Donald Lewis,Erica Spencer-El, Michael Smith, and Tony from the grounds crew.

Image From Frank Farance

Thanks to everyone for a fun and productive morning.
More pictures from the Roosevelt Island Blackwell Park Clean Up below.