Saturday, October 24, 2020

Sponsored Post - NY State Early Voting Starts Today Thru November 1, Roosevelt Island Early Voting Location 225 East 75th Street Robert Wagner Middle School - Last Day To Request Absentee Ballot October 27

There is no early voting polling station on Roosevelt Island. The Robert Wagner Middle School at 225 East 75th Street is the early voting period polling location for Roosevelt Island.

Early voting days and hours are:

The last day to request an Absentee Ballot is October 27.
Click here for Early Voting information.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Former Roosevelt Island Operating Corp President Susan Rosenthal Files Lawsuit Against RIOC For Wrongful Termination - Says Allegations Of Racism And Sexist Language Are Malicious, False And Baseless Made By Member Of Long Time Cabal Of RIOC Employees

Reported last June 20 of former Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Susan Rosenthal's 

firing at the direction of NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo carried out by the RIOC Board of Directors based upon certain allegations against Ms Rosenthal made by an employee.

According to this June 20 statement from Rich Azzopardi, Senior advisor to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo:

A complaint was made to the Governor’s office and others on June 12th by an employee of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation that alleged that the President of the organization had u‎sed inappropriate language and engaged in inappropriate conduct in the workplace.

This complaint was immediately referred to the New York State Governor’s Office of Employee Relations for investigation. This investigation substantiated that the President had used racially and sexually offensive language, in clear violation of State policy and the strict standards set by this Administration. The President was Immediately terminated.

The specific allegations made by the employee are contained in an email shown at this prior post)

Ms Rosenthal has remained silent until now. On October 19 Mr Rosenthal filed a lawsuit in NY State Supreme Court alleging wrongful termination. According to the lawsuit (Page 1-2):

... Rosenthal, until her abrupt and improper termination on June 19, 2020, was the President of the Roosevelt  Island Operating Corporation ("RIOC", or "Respondent"). A long time, fierce advocate for civil rights and, more recently, a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement Rosenthal, a white female, brought an increased level of racial diversity to RIOC over her more than five year tenure as President. It is thus both ironic and tragic that Respondents blindly accepted the malicious, false and baseless allegations of racism and using sexist language from a known malcontent employee (the "Employee"). 

Rushing to announce their decision to terminate Petitioner on Juneteenth, Respondents conducted a brief, sham investigation which ignored irrefutable evidence that the allegations were nonsense. Had the Respondents conducted a good faith investigation, they would have quickly come to that conclusion. Instead, not only did Respondents terminate Rosenthal in violation of their own internal policies, but they did so with a public announcement which had the anticipated effect of besmirching a more than 45 year long exemplary career. 

In short, in order to obtain some cheap publicity on Juneteenth, they arbitrarily, maliciously and in violation of law threw Rosenthal under the proverbial bus. By this special proceeding, Rosenthal seeks reinstatement, back pay, attorneys' fees and damages. 

Also (Page 9):

... When she was hired in 2015, Rosenthal was warned by RIOC management of a 'cabal,' which included Employee, which targeted management and sought to oust them from RIOC. Roosenthal was told to be careful because of their propensity. Again further proving the axiom that no good deed goes unpunished, Rosenthal even supported the promotion and increased pay Employee enjoyed....
Here's a copy of the lawsuit.

and Ms Rosenthal speaking during the 2020 Roosevelt Island Black History Month Celebration at Gallery RIVAA.

Stay tuned. This is a developing story.   

Assorted Ideas, Large And Small from David Stone published a report on the Rosenthal lawsuit earlier today.

Roosevelt Island Transportation This Weekend, Subway, Tram, Ferry & Citibike - Keep Your Social Distance And Wear Face Covering - MTA Has New Real Time Subway Data Map Too

According to the MTA, there is Roosevelt Island F Train Service to and from Manhattan this weekend. Also, Roosevelt Island E Train service to and from Manhattan.  

And there's a new live Subway Map.

There is a Roosevelt Island Tram Cabin 20 passenger Covid-19 Social Distancing limit.

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) was recently asked by a resident: 

There has been a lot of complaints again about terrible tram congestion and waiting times at weekends, with one resident saying that she waited an hour to get back from Manhattan in the tram queue. 

Can you look into the issue again and consider solutions such as a red bus service on weekends for tourists and retaining the tram for residents during this period ? 

The Red Bus Shuttle to Manhattan is hardly used during the week but really necessary at the weekend when limits on numbers inside each tram, alongside visitors, makes using it impossible 

RIOC spokesperson Jessica Cerrone replied:

Thank you for your feedback. We have notified the Transportation Director about this issue, however, we are not considering priority access to the Tram for residents.

Here's the NYC Ferry Roosevelt Island Astoria Route Schedule which now extends to East 90th street on the Upper East Side.  

Also, Roosevelt Island has a new transportation option with the recent addition of Citbike docking stations

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Teenager Climbs Above Queensboro Bridge Pedestrian Path to Sit On Girder Perched High Above Roosevelt Island And East River This Afternoon Until Removed By NYPD Emergency Services Unit

At about 4:30 this afternoon, a 17 year old male walking on the Queensboro Bridge pedestrian path started to climb up the bridge and sat down on a girder
before being 
brought down by the NYPD Emergency Services Unit.

One witness said: 

Watched this unfold with NYPD ESU on bridge talking this young man in crisis down. It won't make big news but you have to admire the patience and dedication here. Seeing it on a telescope you could observe the Police Officer and his compassion and care. 

CBS New York video has up close view.


According to an NYPD spokesperson, the teenager was taken to the 19th precinct. 

The 17 year old live streamed the incident on You Tube. While perched on the Bridge he told the police he "just wanted to get a better view".

UPDATE 10/23:

According to the LIC Post, the teenager::

... was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, criminal trespassing and unlawful possession of noxious matter. He had pepper spray on him which he handed over to officers, police said....

... He was taken to Cornell Hospital for psychiatric evaluation before being discharged and arrested, police said.

Man Shot At Roosevelt Island Octagon Building Parking Lot Just After Midnight This Morning - Victim In Stable Condition, NYPD Investigating

I received a tip this morning and asked Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Acting President Shelton Haynes and Public Safety Chief Kevin Brown: 

I understand there was a shooting last night near the Octagon Can you confirm that Any more details

RIOC issued this advisory:

On Thursday, October 22nd, at 12:48 AM, there was a shooting incident on the north end of Roosevelt Island, located in The Octagon parking lot (888 Main St.). The victim, a 23-year-old male, is in stable condition and is not a resident of the island. Public Safety was called to the scene and is working in collaboration with the NYPD’s 114th Precinct to investigate. Public Safety will continue to be vigilant, with regular patrols and visible presence throughout the island.

According to a NYPD Spokesperson, a 23 year old male victim approached 2 males sitting in a car and heard 2 gunshots. The victim was shot in the upper arm and taken to hospital. Injuries were not life threatening.

No arrests have been made. Incident is under NYPD investigation.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Roosevelt Island Fall For Arts Festival Black Lives Matter 3D Mural Damaged - Was It Deliberate Hate Crime Or Weather Related Accident?

This morning, a tipster out for a walk noticed that the Roosevelt Island Fall For Arts Festival Black Lives Matter 3D Mural at the Rivercross Lawn was damaged. The letter V panel was removed leaving Black Lies Matter instead. The Tipster added:

This should be investigated by NYPD as a hate crime.

I asked the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Acting President Shelton Haynes and Public Safety Chief Kevin Brown:

 Is Rioc investigating what happened? 

RIOC spokesperson Jessica Cerrone reported: 

I have the letter and it will be re-attached. 

The Tipster added: 

Public safety called me after my report, saying Jessica had found the letter on the lawn, and that they think it’s weather related (again).

The Tipster says "again" because several weeks ago the Black Lives Matter 3D mural was knocked over and damaged, as were several other murals. At the time, RIOC attributed the incident to an overnight wind storm. 

Reacting to today's incident, the Black Lives Matter 3D Mural artist Savior Elmundo said:

I don't know what happened. Hope it was not a negative thing that someone did on purpose
. I spoke with Mr Elmundo about his mural last month.
Will update when more info received.

Are You Interested In Becoming Active In Roosevelt Island Community? Roosevelt Island Residents Association Is Seeking New Members To Represent Your Building, Nomination Deadline October 25 - RIRA Postponing 2020 Election Until 2022 Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA)  Interim President David Lawson and Nominations Committee Chair Adib Mansour report:

Dear Roosevelt Island residents,

I hope you are keeping well in these difficult times.
We are a few days away from the US general election! Traditionally, this is also the time for the election to the Common Council of the Roosevelt Island Resident Association (RIRA). The purpose of the RIRA, is to represent the interests of the island residents to all governmental, governmental-related and private institutions:

  • that develop policy affecting Roosevelt Island and its residents; 
  • that supervise or manage our housing and that supervise or manage other Island operations; 
  • as well as to ensure that the health, safety and welfare of its members and the quality of life in our community are maintained and improved. 

This is an important entity, as it is the only elected body on the Island formally entrusted by the community to defend its interests.
Earlier this month, the RIRA Common Council unanimously decided that RIRA 2020 election be rescheduled to 2022, as a result of COVID-19 and exceptional and unprecedented circumstances, presenting life-threatening risks and complex logistical constraints that do not allow for a fair and transparent RIRA election to proceed.
Consequently, the outgoing Common Council members will remain seated through the upcoming term Nov. 2020 - Nov. 2022. Nevertheless, a RIRA nomination campaign has been launched to invite and encourage Roosevelt Island residents to join RIRA, as a majority of RIRA Common Council seats (34) are currently vacant. Interested residents will be voted in by the current Common Council members on November 4th. In the absence of the usual RIRA election, once new Common Council members are voted-in and seated with the current ones, the President and Vice-President will exceptionally be elected among and by Common Council members, like the other officers (Secretary and Treasurer).

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Free Flu Shot Tomorrow, Wednesday October 21 At Carter Burden Roosevelt Island Senior Center, All Are Welcome, First Come, First Serve - This Could Be The Most Important Flu Shot You Ever Get This Year Says NYC Health Department

The Carter Burden Network Roosevelt Island Senior Center (546 Main Street) is offering free flu shots tomorrow. You don't have to be a Senior to get the Flu Shot. It's available to all. Come on by to the Senior Center at 546 Main Street from 10 AM to 12;30 PM for your flu shot.. First come, first serve. Please bring your insurance info.(The Flyer says Seniors Only but I'm told the Flu Shot is available for all)

It's important to get your flu shot this year because of the Coronavirus Pandemic says NYC Health Department Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi.

Wow - Never Before Seen Incredible View From Roosevelt Island Of Rainbow Floating Just Above East River Waterfront And Under East Side Apartment Building Tops This Afternoon

Diana Uribe shares an incredible view seen this afternoon from Roosevelt Island of a rainbow

seemingly floating just above the East River and under the tops of East Side apartment buildings.



Monday, October 19, 2020

No Good Shepherd Plaza Reindeer Sled This Year - RIOC Cancels 2020 Roosevelt Island Holiday Lights Display Due To Revenue Shortfalls Says Acting President Shelton Haynes - Not Known Yet What Other Events Will Be Cancelled Too

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Acting President Shelton Haynes announced during the October 15 Operations Advisory Committee meeting that the annual Roosevelt Island Holiday Lights display will be cancelled this year due to revenue shortfalls. 

No Reindeer sled,

no Roosevelt Landings Arcade Lights,

no Tram Plaza animal lights

or any other Holiday Lights.

Mr Haynes explained that RIOC is currently experiencing a $2.7 million revenue loss this year and reducing it's community events budget from $150 Thousand annually to $50 Thousand.

Last Friday,I asked Mr Haynes what other upcoming Roosevelt Island events will be cancelled. Will update when answer received.

Learn What Really Happened Inside Roosevelt Island Coler Nursing Facility From Those Who Lived It During Early Stages Of Coronavirus Pandemic - You're Invited To October 21 Virtual Zoom Special Sneak Preview And Conversation Of New Documentary, Fire Through Dry Grass, From Local Filmmakers

 As previously reported:

The Friends Of Coler are a group of Roosevelt Island residents organizing to help the patients and staff of NYC Health & Hospitals Corp (HHC) Coler Facility during the Coronavirus pandemic

The Friends of Coler helped establish a Coler Task Force and according to this June 25 letter from Roosevelt Island NY State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright and other elected officials to HHC President Mitch Katz:

... we are constituting a community-based Coler Task Force under the auspices of Community Board 8, chaired by Alida Camp, CB8’s Chair and a professional mediator to be called upon when necessary. The Task Force will be composed of Coler residents and families, local stakeholders and elected officials. The Task Force will identify issues of concern and obtain timely responses from Health + Hospitals senior management, facilitate tours of Coler for members of the committee and elected officials, and ensure healthcare workers or residents who speak out are shielded from any retribution...
Julia Feguson is a Friends Of Coler volunteer and reports today:

COVID has dissipated at Coler as it has all over NYC and the Roosevelt Island Medical Center established within Coler has gone, but when individual cases arise due to staff Covid infections, then lockdown of patients ensues. 

Recent reports from Coler Rehab Nursing Care Center indicate we need to be very concerned for a pattern of actions that severely limit patient movement and keep them away from family and friends and advocates. As we all know from recent months, mental health and physical health are closely intertwined. 

The Friends Of Coler invite you to learn more about what really happened at the Roosevelt Island Coler nursing facility during the early stages this year of the Coronavirus Pandemic at a Virtual Sneak Preview and Conversation on Wednesday October 21 of a new documentary currently in the works - Fire Through Dry Grass.

This Wednesday evening, October 21, the Roosevelt Island NYPL branch and Friends of Coler are co-hosting a storytelling/fundraising event to support a forthcoming documentary about life inside Coler during the pandemic.

 Please join the Open Doors Reality Poets alongside filmmakers Andres "Jay" Molina (a Coler resdient) and Alexis Neophytides for the trailer release of their forthcoming documentary, FIRE THROUGH DRY GRASS, and a conversation about #ownvoices pandemic storytelling. 

 Fire Through Dry Grass - 2 min teaser from The Big Chair on Vimeo.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disproportionately affect people of color, poor people, currently and formerly incarcerated Americans, and nursing home residents, Molina and Neophytides will discuss the critical impact of documenting from the inside and uplifting narratives from the communities most at risk. 

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Beautiful Aerial Drone View Of Roosevelt Island Southern Tip, NYC East River Waterfront, Renwick Smallpox Hospital And FDR 4 Freedoms Park

Click on icon at bottom right of video for full screen view.

More Roosevelt Island Wildlife - Hawk Spotted Perched In Tree Then Soaring Over Over Roosevelt Island


The Roosevelt Island Twitterverse reports: