Saturday, November 7, 2020

Roosevelt Island Celebrates Election Of President Elect Joe Biden And Defeat Of Donald Trump With Cheering, Applause, Pots Banging, Smiles And Pure Joy

It was a beautiful November Saturday on Roosevelt Island today and made even more glorious by the news of President-Elect Joe Biden's victory over Donald Trump.

As I was walking back from the Farmers Market this morning, there was a sudden eruption of cheering, banging cans, people shouting with joy and telling each other of Joe Biden's victory and Trump's defeat.

The Twitterverse reports:

Friday, November 6, 2020

RIOC Announces RI Racquet Club Managing Partner Bringing NYC DOE Learning Bridges Child Care Program To Roosevelt Island - What Happened To Island Kids Application For Program?

 Reported last Saturday on a petition drive and virtual rally organized by Island Kids

to bring NYC Department of Education Learning Bridges child care program to Roosevelt Island including statement from NYC Council Member Ben Kallos in support of these efforts. According to Mr. Kallos:

Families and public school students at PS/IS 217 on Roosevelt Island serving 632 students rallied for a “Learning Bridges” - remote learning center - where there currently is none. Island Kids had been working since August to become a Learning Bridges site to serve 45 children, but was rejected on October 27, 2020 with a form letter that included no explanation. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright, and Acting RIOC President Shelton Haynes joined Council Member Ben Kallos and more than 40 families for a virtual rally with signs drawn by children calling for the city to open Learning Bridges on Roosevelt Island. An online petition for Learning Bridges started on October 30 has already exceeded 100 signatures....

... Mayor de Blasio must provide more than one hundred Roosevelt Island families with Learning Bridges on Roosevelt Island and work with the providers we’ve lined up on the Island to serve our families and children...

This evening, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) tweeted that the managing partner of Roosevelt Island Racquet Club was bringing a Learning Bridges Program to Roosevelt Island.


Not known at this time if local child care organization Island Kids is involved in the new Roosevelt Island Learning Bridges program. Stay tuned for more.

More on Roosevelt Island seeking a Learning Bridges program at this prior post.  

UPDATE 11/8 - Statement this evening from Island Kids Executive Director Nikki Leopold:

RIOC Announces Sportspark Pool Closing Immediately Yesterday With No Advance Notice - Roosevelt Island Swimmers Ask Why, RIOC Gives Vague Answer

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) pleased local swimmers when the Sportspark Pool reopened last August 10 after being closed since March due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

But yesterday, Roosevelt Island swimmers were disappointed to learn without any advance notice that the Sportspark Park is closing effective immediately.

RIOC announced yesterday evening :

Please be advised, the Sportspark pool, located at 250 Main Street, will be closed effective immediately, until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience. An update will be sent when the pool reopens.
According to a Sportspark swimmer:

Oh no! I’ve been counting on the pool now more than ever! And I’m sure I’m not the only one! Do you have any idea if this is a mechanical problem or pandemic/budget related, etc.? 

I asked RIOC yesterday: 

Why is the pool being closed?
 RIOC spokesperson Jessica Cerrone:replied today: 

Now that we have entered the Fall season, we are reevaluating pool operations and are currently in a transition phase with staffing.
I followed up:
Does that mean the pool is closed because RIOC does not have enough staff to operate it?

Will update when more info received from RIOC.

Roosevelt Island Transportation This Weekend - Subway, Tram, Ferry & Citibike - Keep Your Social Distance And Wear Face Covering On Public Transportation - Tram Cabin Social Distancing Capacity Increased To 35 Passengers

According to the MTA, there is Roosevelt Island F train service to and from Manhattan this weekend. 

Image From MTA

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):

While we continue to follow social distancing and align our operations with New York Forward guidance, we also continue to incrementally increase the number of passengers permitted on the Tram. Tram capacity will increase on Sunday, November 1st, from 20 to 35 passengers per cabin, and we will continue to assess and gradually increase in phases. 

We understand the need for this mode of transportation, however, the health and safety of our riders and operators are our priority. We appreciate your cooperation.

Here's the NYC Ferry Roosevelt Island Astoria Route Schedule which now extends to East 90th street on the Upper East Side. 

Also, Roosevelt Island Citbike docking stations

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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Weill Cornell Medicine Research Project Seeking Volunteeers For Study On Effects Of Extreme Heat And Covid 19 On Older Adults In NYC - Contribute To Knowledge About Unique Physiological and Psychological Stresses Of Older Adults

Philip Martinez is a senior at Cornell University. Mr Martinez writes:

I am currently working on a research project pertaining to the effects of extreme heat and COVID-19 on older adults in New York City with Dr. So-Min Cheong from Kansas University, and Dr. Cary Reid and Dr. Jo Anne Sirey from Weill Cornell Medicine. 

I was wondering if you would be able to share the study recruitment flyer, which I have attached below, in the Roosevelt Islander Blog? This is a fantastic opportunity to help contribute to the growing body of science about the unique physiological and psychological stresses of older adults.

According to the flyer: 

We are looking for individuals (aged 65 and over) whose lives have been impacted in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic and/or extreme heat 

Eligible participants will complete a ​15-minute survey​ of demographic information, social connectedness, and depression, a ​30-minute interview,​ and an ​optional smartphone-based​ ecological momentary assessment (EMA) to be done 5 times a day for a total of ​5 minutes​ for up to 3 weeks to assess your mood and stress. 

We are interested in understanding ​the physiological and psychological stresses of extreme events on older adults in New York City​. By participating, you can help us to improve mental health and disease prevention programs. 

If you would like to help us by participating in our research, please contact

Roosevelt Island Farmers Market Relocating To New Spot Under Motorgate Helix For Winter Starting Saturday November 7 - Haki Compost Collective Food Scrap Drop Off Site Moving There Too

The Roosevelt Island Saturday Farmers Market and the Haki Compost Collective Food Scrap program drop off site are relocating from Good Shepherd Plaza to their temporary winter home under the Motorgate Helix starting this Saturday, November 7.

According to Farmers Market vendor Israel Wengerd of Wengerd Farms: 

The move is necessary to be out of the inclement winter weather.
The Farmers Market new winter location will move from it long time former winter site under the Helix (currently occupied by Citibike Docking Station)

  to the north side of the Motorgate ramp roadway.

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC)
This Saturday, Nov. 7th, the Farmer's Market, alongside the Food Scrap Drop off, will be relocating underneath the Helix, next to the Motorgate turnaround, to shelter for the winter season. 

While enjoying the fresh fruits and greens, a friendly reminder that the plastic bag ban is now in effect. Practice going green this weekend by bringing reusable bags when you shop. Stop by the Haki Compost Collective and drop off your Halloween pumpkins. Islanders have diverted 8,000 pounds of food scraps from landfill since Big Reuse's program was reinstated on Sept. 12th, 2020! Thank you to all who participate!

Even when the weather gets cold, stop by the Roosevelt Island Farmers Market for a wide selection of locally grown fruits, vegetables and homegrown products.

And drop off your food scraps for composting too.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Roosevelt Island & UES Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright Declares Victory In 76 AD Re-election Bid, Republican Challenger Lou Puriafito Not Conceding, Says Thousands Of Absentee Ballots Still To Be Counted

Roosevelt Island and Upper East Side NY State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright declared victory last night in her re-election bid against Republican challenger Lou Puliafito

According to a Seawright spokeperson, she declared victory to supporters at her campaign headquarters last night and sent out this thank you message 

 This was a long journey. We went from the deepest valley to the highest mountain top. The voters found us on the ballot and honored us with their support. We will continue to fight for the best interests of our community as we rise and unite to combat the impact of the pandemic in every way. 

Ms Seawright ran on the Rise and Unite ballot line after she was denied the Democratic Party ballot line due to petitioning irregularities

The NY State Board Of Elections reported these unofficial results for Seawright's 76th Assembly District.

Seawright 16,151 votes (45.72%), Puliafito 13,163 votes (37.26%).

The NY State Board of Election results do not include absentee ballots which have not been counted yet.

The NYC Board of Elections reports 16,573 absentee ballots were returned by registered Democrats in the 76 AD and 2,159 absentee ballots returned by registered Republican in the 76 AD. The chart below shows absentee ballots requested and returned by registered voters in the 76 AD.

The Seawright spokesperson adds:

Putting aside the huge number democratic absentee ballots and the relatively few Republican ballot’s left to count, permit me to point out a bit of history that readers may find interesting. 

Rebecca’s victory in this race represents the first time an independent line candidate has defeated a major party candidate In this district serving the upper East side, Yorkville and Roosevelt Island. she faced many obstacles with the pandemic in the forefront of these. I believe it’s worth pointing out the historical significance of her achievement at this juncture when she has claimed victory.

 Republican Lou Puriafito is not conceding.

Ms Seawright received 986 votes from Roosevelt Island residents on the Rise And Unite line (Column 4)

Mr Puliafito received 670 votes from Roosevelt Island residents,434 on the Republican Party line (Column 3) and 236 on the Liberal Party line (Column 5)

How Did Roosevelt Island Vote In 2020 Presidential Election - Trump Or Biden? Take A Deep Breath, It's Going To Be OK

We still don't know yet if Joe Biden or Donald Trump won the Presidential election but we have unofficial 2020 election night results for Roosevelt Island Election Districts from the NYC Board of Elections.

Joe Biden received a total of 1832 Roosevelt Island votes, 1637 on the Democratic Party Line and 195 on the Working Families Party line.

Donald Trump received a total of 381 Roosevelt Island votes, 354 on the Republican Party Line and 27 on the Conservative Party line.

The results do not include absentee ballots.

Below is the unofficial 2020 NYC Board Of Elections Roosevelt Island Presidential vote breakdown by Election Districts. Column 3 is Biden on Democratic Party Line, Column 4 is Trump on Republican Party Line, Column 5 is Trump on Conservative Party Line and Column 6 is Biden on Working Families Party Line.

Election Districts correspond to the these Roosevelt Island locations:

  • 82 Election District - Cornell Tech House, Southtown Riverwalk Buildings
  • 83 Election District - WIRE Buildings
  • 84 Election District  - WIRE Buildings
  • 85 Election District - Wire Buildings 
  • 86 Election District Manhattan Park Buildings
  • 87 Election District - Octagon Building, Coler Nursing Facility

In 2016, Hillary Clinton received 2229 Roosevelt Island votes and Donald Trump received 331 Roosevelt Island votes. 

Watching the returns last night was very stressful:

Count every vote.

Here's what happened at Roosevelt Island polling location yesterday.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Roosevelt Island Residents Come Out In Large Numbers This Morning To Vote - I Have Never Seen The Line This Long, This Early, But Not A Bad Wait Says Resident, Everyone Needs To Vote To Restore Democracy Says Another

There was a long line early this morning for voting at the Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 polling locaton. Julia Chang shares this photo

and reports: 

The line so far has made it past the school to the back of Westview!

Roosevelt Island Twitterverse adds:

Monday, November 2, 2020

Does Support For Biden Or Trump In Presidential Election Matter In Race To Represent Roosevelt Island And Upper East Side In NY State Assembly? Incumbent Rebecca Seawright Strongly Supports Joe Biden, Republican Challenger Lou Puliafito Refuses To Say If He Supports Donald Trump

American democracy is on the line in tomorrow's Presidential election between Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate former Vice President Joe Biden. Where do you stand?

The Lincoln Project descrbes what's at stake:

This fall’s elections will be about much more than just who controls one house of Congress or the White House. This November, the American people will decide the path for America’s future. All of the prosperity and freedom we’ve come to take for granted depends on our public servants serving the Constitution first, last and always. Today, one party has abdicated that responsibility and instead pledged their loyalty to one person....

President Donald Trump and those who sign onto Trumpism are a clear and present danger to the Constitution and our Republic. Only defeating so polarizing a character as Trump will allow the country to heal its political and psychological wounds and allow for a new, better path forward for all Americans....

Long time Republican political operative and Lincoln Project advisor Stuart Stevens blasts Republicans who have embraced Trump.

What does support for President mean in a local Roosevelt Island election? Does it matter to Roosevelt Island and Upper East Side voters in the 76 Assembly District who Republican candidate Lou Puliafito (also on Liberal Party Line) and incumbent Democrat Rebecca Seawright (running on the Rise And Unite Party ballot line) support for President?

I've been asking Republican Lou Puliafito for months on Twitter to reveal who he support for President. To this day, Mr Puliafito refuses to say publicly who he supports.

Lou Puliafito says in this local election for NY State Assembly who a candidate supports for President is not relevant.

Rebecca Seawright disagrees. According to Ms Seawright:

The Republican candidate’s refusal to denounce Donald Trump is shameful but understandable because he is the candidate of the Trump-loving Manhattan Republican Party. 

There is nothing of more local importance to the Roosevelt Island community than the terrible mishandling of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the mean-spirited withholding of urgently- needed federal funds to New York, and Trump’s horrifying attacks on health insurance coverage for our neighbors with pre-existing conditions.

It is of local importance when Donald Trump undermines the right to vote, ballot access, and the U.S. Postal Service System. The rights of women and the LGBTQ community to full equality are of local importance. The Republican candidate can run from denouncing Trump, but he cannot hide the fact that his evasive tactics are shameful.

I am a proud Joe Biden delegate, elected in June by the voters of Roosevelt Island, the Upper Eastside and Yorkville. We need leadership at all levels that will protect our health, strengthen our education, save the environment, and promote gender and racial equality.

Therefore, it is time for America to say,” Donald Trump and Mike Pence, you’re fired.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, you’re hired”.

Does who a candidate support for President this year matter to Roosevelt Island and Upper East Side voters in 76 Assembly District? 

Here's more info on Ms Seawright and Mr.Puliafito.

Sponsored Post - Election Day Is Tomorrow, Tuesday November 3, Are You Ready To Vote - Roosevelt Island Polling Location Is PS/IS 217 At 645 Main Street Open 6 AM To 9 PM, You Can Drop Off Absentee Ballot There Too

The Roosevelt Island polling location is PS/IS 217 at 645 Main Street and is open from 6 AM to 9 PM.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Healthy And Flavorful Mexican Lentil Soup Dish Cooking Demo From Roosevelt Island Cafe @Cornell Tech Executive Chef Danny - Part Of Be Well Recipes For October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech Cafe Manager Chris Lewis shares video showing Executive Chef Danny Constantino cooking demonstration of a Mexican Lentil Soup dish.

Mr. Lewis reports:

Check out the healthy cooking demo from Executive Chef Danny here a Cornell Tech. It is one of our “Be Well” recipes in relation to Breast Cancer Awareness for the month of October. 


 Here's the recipe

Upcoming week menu at Cornell Tech Cafe here.

25% social distancing indoor seating capacity limit currently at Cornell Cafe.

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