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You're Invited To Roosevelt Island Senior Day Open House Sunday 2 PM October 13 With Guest Speakers And Entertainment - Life Is Short, Live It To the Fullest

Report From RIOC President Charlene Indelicato - Roosevelt Island Halloween Parade, Construction Updates, Fall For Arts Festival, Bike NY Classes, FDR Park Hourss & Contacting RIOC

 Image of RIOC President Charlene Indelicato From RIOC

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Charlene Indelicato sends the following report to the community.
With the huge success of the Fall for Arts Festival last weekend, Roosevelt Island is looking forward to its next big event – The annual Halloween Parade on Main Street. As the community and its activities adjust to the changing weather, RIOC is continuing to make improvements to the streets, Motorgate Garage and other parts of the Island in preparation for the upcoming year.

Halloween Parade

Halloween is coming up, and the 2013 Roosevelt Island Halloween Parade is scheduled for Saturday, October 26th, from 12 PM until 3 PM. Sponsored by Urban American with support from RIOC, the annual Parade begins at Blackwell Park and travels down Main Street, culminating in a community celebration at Capobianco Field. In the event of inclement weather, the festivities will be moved to P.S./I.S. 217. Every year, hundreds of Roosevelt Island families come out to watch and take part in this island tradition, showcasing their ghoulish and creative costumes, playing games and enjoying the holiday in a safe and fun way. We hope that you come join in the festivities.

Construction Updates

Commuters should note that the RIOC Red Bus and the Q102 bus stops at 40 River Road have been moved back to their original location due to completion of construction in the area.

Updates to the Motorgate Garage are proceeding according to schedule: The installation of new lighting fixtures and parking surface upgrades in Section 5B has been completed and work has begun on Section 5D. We would like to extend our thanks for your patience and cooperation during this necessary construction. RIOC and Central Parking are also looking into a combination of solutions to address the issue of pigeons nesting inside the Garage.

During the past week, the Helix ramp was inspected between Wednesday, October 2nd and Thursday, October 10th. The structure was examined, core samples were taken and the gathered information is being evaluated in preparation for resurfacing that will take place in 2014. The resurfacing will help prepare the road for the passage of construction vehicles when Cornell begins construction at the southern end of the Island. The crosswalk at the base of the Helix has been re-striped for better visibility, and plans are in place to re-stripe the rest of the crosswalks on Main Street in the coming months.

Repairs recently took place at the dog run near Southtown – gates were repaired and lowered to prevent small dogs from escaping through the gap.

Fall for Arts Festival

Last Saturday’s Fall for Arts Festival was a great success – thousands of parents and kids came out to enjoy the art, music and warm weather together. Activities ranged from pumpkin decorating to henna tattooing, candy sculptures and more! Many thanks go out to the hugely talented artists who painted the murals, including many fantastic local artists and renowned Taiwanese artist Tang-Wei Hsu, a muralist whose work has been exhibited from Taipei to the streets of NYC and who painted on behalf of the Jim Luce Foundation. Even if you were unable to make it out to the celebration, you can take a look at the murals outdoors, which are now visible at Southpoint Park and the lawn south of Rivercross. Photos of the murals and a listing of the artists who participated are available on our Facebook page:

Bike New York Classes

Bike New York’s class last Saturday was also a big hit – kids had a great time learning to ride safely at the outdoor basketball court located on the east side of the Sportspark facility (250 Main Street). The next Learn to Ride – Kids class takes place tomorrow on Sunday, October 13th from 10:00 AM until noon. Children should bring a bike and a helmet! Bike New York’s classes are a free, fun, safe way to learn to ride a bike before hitting the streets. Sign up for tomorrow’s class online at:

Schedule Change at FDR Four Freedoms State Park

The daylight hours are getting shorter, and the FDR Four Freedoms State Park is switching over to its winter schedule: The Park will now be open from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM, Wednesday through Monday. Southpoint Park will remain open from 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM, 7 days a week.

Contacting RIOC

Looking to contact us? RIOC’s Facebook page now offers a contact form for you to submit questions, comments, or concerns. You can also visit our page for event photos, announcements, news and more at As always, you may also send an email to or you may call the office at (212) 832-4540.

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NYPD And Auxiliary Officers Searching For Missing Autistic 14 Year Old Boy On Roosevelt Island Tonight - No Evidence Boy Is Here But Search Is In An Abundance Of Caution Says RIOC PSD Director

Received the following advisory from Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) at 4:47 PM:

To All Island Residents,

Please be advised that the NYPD and its Auxiliary force will be conducting a city wide search, including Roosevelt Island, for a missing mentally challenged child. Please do not be alarmed by the abundance of law enforcement officers in the area.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group

RIOC Public Safety Department Director Jack McManus advises that there could be as many as 75 Auxiliary Officers searching Roosevelt Island for Avonte Oquendo tonight. Mr. McManus adds that there is no specific evidence that he is on Roosevelt Island but the search is being conducted "in an abundance of caution".

More information available from this October 7 WABC New York report:

If you see Avonte Oquendo on Roosevelt Island, please call the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department (212 832 -4545)

No Roosevelt Island F Train Service From Manhattan This Weekend - Plan On Crowded Tram Cabins Coming Home

Image of Blurred, Moving F Train From Venus in Furs

According to the MTA:
F Jamaica-bound trains run via the after 47-50 Sts to Roosevelt Av

Weekend, 9:45 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon, Oct 11 - 14

No Jamaica-bound service at 57 St, Lexington Av/63 St, Roosevelt Island and 21 St-Queensbridge.
The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) adds:
The MTA has advised that there will be no Queens bound F trains this weekend, October 11th- 14th from 9:45 PM Friday to 5 AM Monday. Trains will be rerouted via the M line.

For service to Queens, take the Manhattan-bound F train to 47-50th Sts. and transfer to a Queens- bound F train.

The Tram will operate on a rush hour schedule (every 7.5 minutes) Saturday and Sunday from 7 AM until 10 PM during the F train service disruption.

For up to the minute F train service updates, visit or call 511. To sign up for real time alerts on planned service changes, visit


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group

Proposed Roosevelt Island Tram Route Extension To Long Island City And Central Park From Forum For Urban Design Next New York - What Do You Think?

At the Forum For Urban Design Next New York held last spring, architects Claire Weisz, Mark Yoes and Jacob Dugopolski of WXY Architecture +Urban Design proposed:
Imagine new uninterrupted connections across the river, linking major destinations across the five boroughs.

First, we could extend the Roosevelt Island tram in both directions, creating a new link from Queens Plaza to Central Park. The tram could be a high-visibility attraction, steering tourists from Central Park to the museums and galleries of Long Island City. And it would serve commuters as an above-grade transit option with a fantastic view that links Queens Plaza with Midtown Manhattan or the new Roosevelt Island campus and innovation hub.

The East River Ferry could also be expanded to bridge neighborhoods directly across the river from one another. Paired with new bikeways and express bus routes along the waterfront, the ferry would offer a quicker transportation alternative to existing multi-stop bus and subway routes. The ferry should create new access points at Roosevelt Island; Pier 35, Houston Street, and Stuyvesant Cove in Manhattan; and Jay Street and the Brooklyn Navy Yard in Brooklyn...

Curbed NY reports:
... It would be transit with a view, plus make getting to Cornell's new tech campus on Roosevelt Island easier from both boroughs....
Except, according to an article from yesterday's NY Daily News:
... there’s no money in anyone’s budget to actually build the sky-high link...
and a Roosevelt Island Tram rider adds:
... "It would be inconvenient, because there would be too much traffic,” said Rashida Selim, 62. “The tram cars are very small, and they are already crowded during rush hour.”...
So what do you think? Do you like the idea? I like the idea of a Tram extension to Long Island City but not to Central Park. The tourist traffic from Central Park would be overwhelming.

Here's more Urban Design Forum Next New York interesting ideas.

Roosevelt Island Residents Association Meetings Most Dysfunctional In 17 Years Says RIRA Planning Committee Chair Frank Farance - Examples Include Island Shakespeare, Korean Pavilion And Meeting Procedures

 Image Of September 2013 RIRA Meeting

Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Planning Committee Chair Frank Farance reports:
As a RIRA Common Council representative from Island House, I am reporting the very sad state of affairs in RIRA. We are half-way through our RIRA term, the meetings have been the most dysfunctional in my 17-year recollection. Our monthly Common Council meetings start at 8 PM, there is a 15-minute Public Session, and then we get onto the business (President's report, committee reports) and conclude around 10 PM. Our September meeting was the worst ever: Roll Call started at 10 PM. At our October meeting, in reaction to a year's worth of poor meetings, we spent much of the time trying to change procedures, e.g., taking away our right to speak and debate at RIRA meetings. The procedural change failed (another a waste of time), yet we were still prohibited from discussing committee reports.

For the decades history of RIRA, the main purpose of our monthly meetings is information-sharing: the public sharing with us (the Public Session), and us Building Representatives sharing among ourselves in reports, progress, etc. from each of our committees. The monthly meetings are our main governance event where we make decisions. This is all dysfunctional now.

The solution to our problems is not more rules, the solution is following the rules we already have: the RIRA Constitution and By-Laws, and Roberts Rules. The most important and most visible function of the RIRA President is to conduct those meetings properly and efficiently. With four years prior as RIRA Vice President, and years as a CB8 representative, one would have expected Ellen Polivy to be prepared for this role. Unfortunately, she has done a terribly poor job as RIRA President. About a half dozen of us with deep experience have tried to coach her (myself a former RIRA Parliamentarian and RIRA President), but with little success. Her reactions are thin-skinned, emotion-laden, and avoid the topics of substance, e.g., suggestions/feedback from Common Council members she frames as "character assassination".

Sure, a new leader might need some help, but rather than embrace the organization's culture and procedure, she sees this essentially as "Ellen's Meeting": not a meeting of equals in an atmosphere of fairness (we're treated equally), openness (everyone has a right to speak), and transparency (information should be revealed, not hidden).

Rather than learn the basics of running a meeting by Roberts Rules, a year later, she still is unable to competently take a vote. Some suggest getting rid of Roberts Rules, which devolves into chaos. Our October meeting saw the first time a Public Safety Officer was guarding our meeting, presumably Ms. Polivy (as RIOC permit-holder for the space) was ready to eject anyone she thought was unruly.

These problems have had significant negative effect upon our community. Just to highlight a few, at the September meeting, thanks to Ms. Polivy's poor actions, our community has lost the Island Shakespeare (IS) organization -- they have decided to move off of Roosevelt Island. IS was looking for a more permanent home for their temporary productions, but rather than Ms. Polivy moving this topic to (say) the RIRA Planning Committee (as RIRA Presidents Matt Katz, Steve Marcus, and I have done the decade prior), Ms. Polivy allows a free-for-all discussion, including members of the public to participate in ganging up on IS, with Ms. Polivy worrying out loud "I'm worried that you'll burn down Motorgate" (the outdoor steps area on the East Promenade between Motorgate and the bridge was a possible temporary site). Ms. Polivy's comments were inflammatory (no pun intended), and furthered this pile-on mentality.

What should have happened was: IS would present their suggestions to the Planning Committee, there were some concerns/suggestions about their prior use/permits, the issues would have been vetted and resolved with related organizations and appropriate RIOC staff, and then the Planning Committee would come back to the RIRA Common Council with a package of information, options, and recommendations -- all presented in a civil manner. Ms. Polivy is resistant to that approach. In departing, the head of IS described the September RIRA meeting with the words like "blindside pummeling", "extreme exaggerations", and "invective lies". Ms. Polivy, your concern about Island Shakespeare's Burning Down Motorgate is now moot, but the Island has lost an important organization.

Another example was the UN development committee to present an expansion project that would be constructed in the UN area (visible from the southern tip of the Island). Because one of the presenters happened to be Peter Krokondelas (who consults on a variety of projects, including the Cornell effort), RIRA members who are also in Ms. Polivy's other organization (RICC) focused upon Mr. Krokondelas' involvement and they could not seem to think past the Cornell effort: complaints about Cornell ("Why can't you give the community $70 million?") were lobbed at the UN. The UN people looked truly perplexed in that some RIRA members could not think clearly and could not keep separate in their mind: the Cornell project HERE on the Island versus the UN project OVER THERE on 42nd Street in Manhattan. Again Ms. Polivy should have delegated this to the Planning Committee where Common Council time would have not been wasted on free-for-all discussion.

Another example is the Korean Pavilion (a large, 500-sq-ft gazebo) to be built in Southpoint Park, see video at Even after the September RIRA meeting, and myself (as Planning Committee Chair) arranging for the Korean association to address a variety of important community concerns (e.g., Where might this large structure be placed?, and What about other community organizations that would request their own structures in Southpoint Park?), Ms. Polivy was Gaveling Through her own proposal in RIRA to approve this organization's request without the normal RIRA review. In our October meeting, motions were made to prohibit the rights of members to express their points of view during this debate.

As a last example, RIRA representatives to RICC were to be elected the beginning of our term in December 2012, but Ms. Polivy delayed their election until the after the main City planning activities were over with Cornell. Now, a year later and without notice, Ms. Polivy gives us a half-dozen nominees for these RIRA representatives to RICC: the nominees' names are embedded in her Presidents report, there was no open call for volunteers or nominees, just Ms. Polivy's selections. She needed immediate approval for her selections and, again, they were Gaveled Through.

For whatever reason, Ms. Polivy is unable lead the Common Council in a fair and competent manner -- her resistance to improvement has resulted in its ongoing dysfunction in countless ways. RIRA members (that's all of us residents, not just the Common Council), you have a stake in this, you need to advocate to your building representatives that you want this fixed right away. We can't have another year of dysfunctional meetings, of community organizations abandoning the Island, and ill-conceived resolutions.

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Fearless Roosevelt Island Squirrel Hanging Out On Bench

From the Roosevelt Island Twitterverse:

Report From RIRA President Ellen Polivy - Roosevelt Island Life And Death, Passings Of Construction Adviser Adek Apfelbaum, Young Ben Imbrogno And Building Our Community

Adek Apfelbaum Testimony To 2/6/13 NYC Planning Commission on Cornell NYC Tech Project

Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) President Ellen Polivy sends the following Report To The Community:
In this column I am focusing on the theme of building our community. I focus on two people recently departed who made a difference here and the wonderful fairs and performances and celebrations that bring our neighbors together. All these gatherings create an active engaged community.

In last month’s column I wrote that Roosevelt Islanders started hugging to celebrate the memory of the young island resident Ben Imbrogno who died at the way too young age of 21. At his memorial this past Saturday strikingly similar speeches were given by each person who remembered Ben. Each gave their version of how it felt to get a hug from him and to feel truly accepted for themselves. Ben gave love and elicited love from everyone he knew.

Image Of Ben Imbrogno

The apt quote on his memorial program was from Henry David Thoreau. “The greatest compliment that was ever paid me was when someone asked me what I thought and attended to my answer.”

The mother of one of Ben’s friends remembered when her son met Ben. He was the new kid in school. Ben immediately embraced him in a big hug, a greeting and friendship. He knew every day would start with one of Ben’s hugs.

What stood out for me was that despite his struggles with learning difficulties in an achievement oriented world, Ben was able to focus on the gift that he did have which was his ability to be really present, to listen and to respond as a warm human being.

That gift came from a young man who was unable to achieve what most young people feel are the important things in life. Success in school. His lasting gift to all who knew him is that he changed the way they view what is important. Perhaps it was his struggles that gave him the precocious insight that school or financial success is not what matters. Perhaps it was the unconditional love of his parents that gave him the self esteem to keep putting himself out for people. Regardless of the reasons, the lesson he taught us is that how we treat each other is the key to success.

The number of hugs given in honor of Ben Imbrogno were 1,546. Keep it up! I would like to see the Ben hugs become the traditional count at each RIRA event. If you are willing to play along, I will be happy to report on the number of hugs that were given in the next two weeks and in any column thereafter where I get a cumulative count. We need to make our world a kinder and gentler place.

In memorium

The Roosevelt Island Community Coalition is saddened by the passing of Adek Apfelbaum, our construction advisor. He was a powerful help in dealing with Cornell and advising us on what we should be asking for. We will miss his kind and gentle manner and his steely will in fighting for the protection of his community. His son Randy, also a construction cost engineer, has generously offered to continue his father’s legacy of advice to the community.

We already miss Adek. We are deeply grateful to his son for continuing his work.

How wonderful it is to be on Roosevelt Island where people see the need, have the expertise, and step up. It is an even greater gift when their children see the need and continue that help.

Fall For Arts

The Fall for Arts festival, sponsored by RIOC, was a wonderful day in Southpoint Park. The activites were scattered around the lawn and the paths showing off the best parts of the park. I loved walking aroundwatching the children and parents participate in the many art activities.

The activities at the park were mostly geared to children but many could be enjoyed by all. Tables were set up by local community groups and artists to allow participants to experience different art forms. I stood on line at the candy sculpture and watched two artists create the Chinese art form making crispy delicate delicious dragons on a stick out of dripped molton sugar. It was both beautiful and fascinating watching an artist create whimsical characters out of such a simple substance. RIVAA gave a pastel class in their gallery and other artists created the large murals that we will see beautifying the lawn on the south side of Rivercross and perhaps eventually being moved to Motorgate for a permanent display.

Creating a sense of community

What makes our community so full of life? It is the participation of the residents in the multitude of activities that exist here.

RIOC, to its credit brings the community together in the many annual fairs and programs it sponsors. We have movies in the park summer, Fall for arts in Autumn, It joins Urban America in sponsoring Roosevelt Island Day and the Halloween parade and festival, The Christmas tree lighting festival happens when the snow might be falling. Other groups jump in and sponsor other annual events that draw crowds. The Menorah Lighting event is sponsored by Roosevelt Island Chabad with jelly donuts and cider for all. RIRA has begun sponsoring an annual Easter Egg Hunt and Cherry Blossom Festival.

Moving on to the regularly scheduled events that are open to all. RIRA has a monthly meeting on the first Wednesday of each month at 8pm at the Good Shepherd Community Center. The first Sunday of each month is a fabulous jazz ensemble at the Gallery RIVAA with dancing and food. RIOC has a monthly meeting and monthly committee meetings. Toastmasters meets twice a month.

For women only, there is a monthly womens movie group. Women watch a film that focuses on theme about a women’s issue. Afterwards is a discussion ably facilitated by a psychotherapist. The Roosevelt Island women’s health organization has monthly meetings that bring women together to discuss how to improve their physical well being. Healthy food is served at both these events. These two groups give women a chance to interact and get to know one another.

Sponsored by RIRA, the cherry blossom festival and the Easter Egg Hunt and the RIRA showcases which emphasize the talents of our residents.

The Main Street Theater and Dance Alliance provides quality entertainment.

The R &R concert series brings us quality music in memory of Rosemarie and Robin Russell who used to run the music school and bring musicians to Roosevelt Island to entertain.

Last but not least, the WIRE and this blog and the kiosks are the three important communications outlets on the Island. Without each of them the ability to reach out to the community would be severely limited. is becoming a tool as well with our RIRA committee meetings and events being posted.

The biggest way to feel a sense of community it to get involved and volunteer to help create any of these wonderful events. Many people are needed to produce every activity. One of them could be you. Please choose something and get involved. The activities are listed in the WIRE under coming events or you can email me or contact us at our website and ask how to get involved in a particular organization. We will put you in touch with the right person.

The Korean Association offers the gift of a Pavillion

Southpoint park has lots of lovely nooks and crannies and is a fun place to amble. It is lacking several things. One is running water and real bathrooms. The other is a covered structure. The Korean Association has generously offered to gift the park a beautiful pavilion in the shape of pavilions in use all over Korea. Such traditional structures have been shown to be sturdy and maintenance free structures that withstand the elements. They provide covered seating areas and open space for relaxing and socializing. At our last RIRA meeting the Common Council agreed to support the concept of a Pavillion in Southpoint park. It is now up to RIOC real estate committee and the engineers to evaluate the form and structure of the Korean design and determine whether it is a structure that could be placed somewhere in the park. They will also determine whether and where there is a place for it in the park.

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Roosevelt Island Youth Program Soccer Season Recap After Week 4 - Players Learning Skills, Teamwork And Leadership, More Exciting Games Coming Up

Image Of RIYP Soccer Goalie From Caroline Stjernstrom

Roosevelt Island Youth Program (RIYP) Soccer Director Adib Mansour updates us on the 2013 RIYP Soccer Season.

According to Mr. Mansour:
The following is an update on the soccer for all divisions of the Roosevelt Island Youth Program Beacon Soccer (with over 300 players, ages 5 through 13).


                               Points         Rank                Goals
James Highsmith    6                2nd place         4 goals
James Brown          6                2nd place        10 goals
Marc Block             5                3rd place         2 goals
Dan Sadlier             5                3rd place         4 goals
Tony Leon              8                 1st place         8 goals
John Evans             3                4th place          7 goals

The Minors' teams have improved drastically as the players are learning their formations and the importance each position is for the team and the games. The coaches are doing a great job in the training sessions. The drills include short distance passing, shooting on the goal, and I'll be working with them on goalie skills. Two teams are tied at 2nd place and 2 teams are tied on 3rd place. The teams improvement is evident in the game scores this last weekend:
  • James Highsmith (Blue) 1 vs. John Evans (Brown) 0
  • Marc Block (Yellow) 1 vs. Tony Leon (Orange) 1
  • James Brown (Red) 1 vs. Dan Sadlier (Black) 2


                            Points              Rank                 Goals
Patrick Reidy      3                      3rd place          10 goals
Johan Marfey      6                      2nd place         14 goals
Jack McManus     9                     1st place           15 goals
Jessey Krieg        6                     2nd place          12 goals

The Juniors' games are a thrill to watch. The teams are equal in strength and skills. Most of the last Saturday's games were held in the midfield where each team is holding on to their possession. The goals have mostly been through dribbling skills combined with smart passes. Note worthy is the team work between Rajan and Tenzin on Jack McManus' Red team. The Blue team has been training hard with coach Johan -several days a week- and have resulted in 2 straight wins. Tia Young has become a strong defender on Coach Patrick Reidy's Yellow team. And finally, the team work between the trio of Muad Kurer, Galen Bennie, with the new addition of Antun Obou is exciting to watch. The last weekend's scores were as follows:
  • Johan Marfey (Blue) 3 vs. Jesse Krieg (Black) 2
  • Patrick Reidy (Yellow) 1 vs. Jack McManus (Red) 3


                                            Points        Rank              Goals
Cesar & Marianna               3              3rd place        13
Daniel Folla                        6               2nd place       11
Frantz Enama                     9                1st place        14
Boris Lassassi                    6                2nd place       17

The Seniors' games are so exciting, it beats watching a professional game on TV. Team work with precise and speedy passes culminated in beautiful goals, some from long distance, accurate, hard to reach kicks, and others through quick passes and smart short distance kicks.

Noteworthy are the two powerful goalies Daniel Wolczuk (from Frantz Enama's Orange team) and Desmond Bent (from Daniel Folla's Purple team).

Another noteworthy player is Luis Tejada (on Cesar's Blue team) who started the season by being frustrated and quickly learned to be a leader and a team player. Also on the Blue team is the new addition of Jaden Perry and Georgia Bobo; please help us welcome them to our league.

On Daniel Folla's team, Youssef Afif, Donald Smith, Richard Conde, and Ahmed El Shakshouki have played impeccably as team players. On Frantz Enama's Orange team, Taj Young and Xavier Leon have stepped up their relentless pursuit to apprehend the ball throughout the game!

Last but not least is Namkhy Y. Tobgyel, on Boris' Yellow team, who has proven to be a sophisticated and skilled player with fantastic moves, accurate passes in tight situations, and powerful kicks. Also on the Yellow team is Jaden Luna who has shown a lot of improvement and has become an integral part of her team. The last weekend's scores were as follows:

  • Frantz Enama (Orange) 5 vs. Boris Lissassi (Yellow) 4
  • Cesar & Marianna (Blue) 2 vs. Daniel Folla (Purple) 3
Images of RIYP Soccer From Caroline Stjernstrom

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Amazing Spectacular New York City East River Sunset Seen From Roosevelt Island Tonight - WOW Is Right

Did you see the sunset from Roosevelt Island tonight? Kara DeYoe Curtis did and shares this beautiful picture of the NYC East River waterfront and sky as seen from Roosevelt Island

Image From Kara DeYoe Curtis

New York City beautiful! Was so in awe I snapped a pic!
Simonetta Buttazzi also saw tonight's sunset from Roosevelt Island sharing this equally beautiful picture

Image From Simonetta Buttazzi
and reports:
Another breathtaking sunset. Wow!!
Wow is right. Thank you ladies for sharing what you saw tonight.

Roosevelt Island Residents Petition RIOC To Save Sportspark From Closing When Steam Plant Shuts Down - RIOC President Indelicato Believes Will Not Be Closed For More Than 2 Weeks

A Roosevelt Island online petition is circulating to:

To date it has 62 signatures. You can add your signature here.

Earlier today, I asked Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Charlene Indelicato:
A petition to "save" the Sportspark from closing is being distributed on Roosevelt Island and signed by residents.

Any statement from RIOC updating it's plan for Sportspark.closing once the Steam Plant has been decommissioned.
Ms. Indelicato replied:
Sportspark will close briefly for a conversion from the steam plant to alternate energy (boiler) initially with a generator ultimately with gas.

I do not believe it will be more than 2 weeks. Much of the timing is dependent on the steam plant closing date.
I reported last August 23:
During the August 22 RIOC Real Estate Advisory Committee Meeting (here's audio webcast of meeting), RIOC Director Howard Polivy and President Charlene Indelicato reported that the Roosevelt Island Sportspark facility

Sportspark Image From Google Maps

may have to temporarily close for an unknown period of time because of the scheduled closing of the Steam Plant.

 Image Of Roosevelt Island Steam Plant

Mr. Polivy explained that the Steam Plant supplies power to the Sportspark and without the Steam Plant, or, a substitute energy source, the Sportspark cannot operate. Ms Indelicato noted that Sportspark could be closed for as little as one or two weeks in order to install a temporary energy source. It is unknown at this time if Sportspark would be closed for a prolonged period of time.

Here's the discussion on subject

Here's link to the Save Sportspark From Closing online petition.

UPDATE 2:20 PM - Roberta Kleiman reports:
... printed version of Petition has 133 signatures.

Monday, October 7, 2013

New Voices New Sounds Roosevelt Island Friday Night Music Series At Gallery RIVAA Starting October 18 With Katie Seller And Allegra Levy - Mark Your Calendars, See You There

Mark your Roosevelt Island calendars for a new Friday night music series at Gallery RIVAA starting October 18. According to Gallery RIVAA
Following a successful season of First Sunday Jazz Salon at the RIVAA Gallery, the Roosevelt Island Visual Art's Association is pleased to announce NEW VOICES , NEW SOUNDS @ RIVAA

NEW VOICES, NEW SOUNDS is an innovative and artistically curated music series that showcases fresh talent that is destined to make their mark on the New York jazz scene. With progressive and contemporary sounds that are rooted in the jazz tradition, these new voices bring fresh perspective and an innovative interpretation of the jazz canon to Rooseveltt Islands RIVAA Gallery.

NEW VOICES, NEW SOUNDS begins its fall series on October 18th, and continues on two more Friday evenings at 7 pm: November 15 and December 13th

Admission is a suggested $5 donation at the door.


Katie Seiler and

Allegra Levy

Wow - looks great and am looking forward to October 18. See you there.

Former Grand Slam Tennis Champion Mats Wilander On Wheels Fantasy Camp At Roosevelt Island Tennis Club Today - Was That You Warming Up?

Here's something for Roosevelt Island tennis fans. Former Grand Slam tennis champion Mats Wilander tweets:

Mats Wilander is here on Roosevelt Island as part of his Wilander On Wheels (WOW) tennis fantasy camp:
... WOW is a revolutionary tennis experience that brings the fantasy of hitting with MATS WILANDER, former 7 time Grand Slam champion (8 if you count doubles) to your backyard...

More from Mats Wilander On Wheels Fantasy Tennis Camp.

Did you play tennis with Mats Willander today.

Be Advised, New York City Tornado Watch Until 5 PM Tonight - Which Means Roosevelt Island Too

NYC Gov Tweets:

According to NYC AccuWeather report:
... There is a chance of a brief spin-up tornado, which could be concealed by rain.

According to 1010 WINS Radio, a crane hoisting a load became disabled the top of a building on West 57th Street, between 6th and 7th avenues in Manhattan Monday midday, Oct. 7, 2013.

There is the potential for high winds in the New York area late Monday afternoon.

The strongest winds and heaviest rain will hit Manhattan from west to east between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. Monday. Gusts with the storms could reach between 40 and 60 mph. Prior to the storms winds from the south and southeast will average 12 to 25 mph. As the storms roll through, winds will suddenly shift into the west....

Here's how a couple of Brooklyn guys handled a 2010 Tornado watching from their apartment.

Just be careful today.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Roosevelt Island Family Attends First Fall For Arts Festival Yesterday - Enjoyed A Fun Filled Day Of Murals, Clown Balloons, Pumpkin Making, Drawing, Hat Making & More

The 2013 Roosevelt Island Fall For Arts Festival was held Saturday at Southpoint Park and the Rivercross Lawn. Attending their first Fall For Arts Festival were Roosevelt Island newcomers, the Reyes family.

Jen Reyes shares these photos from yesterday's Roosevelt Island Fall For Arts Festival and reports:

We are the Reyes family resident of RI and members of the RI Toddler & Parent Group. We've been here for just about 4-months & can't get over the sense of community!

Our family outing to the Fall Festival this year was super cute! There was just about everything from artist painting murals throughout the park,

Images From Jen Reyes

clowns making animal balloons, pumpkin decorating,

Image From Jen Reyes

Candy Art, Hanna Tattooing, drawing stations, and my personal favorite, The Materials for the Arts (MA) table. MA is a great resource for art teachers and nonprofits providing free art materials to create just about anything one desires. The MA table was providing materials for DIY hat/crown making,

Image From Jen Reyes

as well as DIY bug making. The fall festival was a beautiful free event that was much appreciated and fun-filled for everyone! Very kid-oriented

Image From Jen Reyes

and super friendly.
Welcome to Roosevelt Island Jen and I am glad you and your family had a good time.