Friday, August 5, 2022

Roosevelt Island Resident Rescues Man From Bronx Subway Station Tracks As Train Approaches - Watch The Video

According to Washington Square News:
Bryce Demopoulos, a senior at Cornell University, pulled a stranger off of the subway tracks at a subway station in the Bronx just moments before a No. 6 train approached the station at about 6 a.m. on Thursday.

“It was pretty surreal,” Demopoulos, a Roosevelt Island resident, said of the incident. “While I was actually on the track, I did hear a train getting louder and louder and I didn’t know if it was on that track or another track at first. I knew that I could get out of the way quickly, but I was worried about carrying him out.”...

Click here to read the full Washington Square News story.

You're Invited To Reading Rocks - NY Public LIbrary Hosting Dance Party NYC In All 5 Boroughs Saturday August 6 And At The Roosevelt Island Library New Outdoor Plaza Too

The New York Public Library is hosting Dance Party NYC at locations in all 5 boroughs on Saturday, August 6.

You're invited to the NYPL Dance Party NYC

tomorrow at the Roosevelt Island Public Library's new outdoor plaza area (504 Main Street).

Reading rocks 

at the NYPL Roosevelt Island branch.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Invasive Spotted Lanternfly Spotted All Over Roosevelt Island Now, Save Our Trees And Plants By Squishing Them Or Try An Insect Vacuum - What Is RIOC Doing?

Reported last September 21:

Invasive Spotted Lanternfly Arrives On Roosevelt Island - Slow Their Spread And Save Our Trees By Squashing Them

The Spotted Lanternflies have returned this summer and last month were spotted in New Jersey,  

Western New York

and now the Spotted Lanternfly has made it's way to Roosevelt Island.

Today, I asked Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Shelton Haynes:

I've received reports of Spotted Lanterflies infesting Roosevelt Island.

Is RIOC doing anything to identify locations where they are and killing them?

Any statement from RIOC?

No response yet from RIOC.

According to the NYC Parks Department:

... Harming our city’s wildlife is prohibited, but in an effort to slow the spread of this troublesome species, we are putting out a one-time call: if you see a spotted lanternfly, please squish and dispose of this invasive pest....

The Cornell Chronicle reports:

... “Right now, we don’t have that many tools for managing the pest other than insecticides,” Calixto said. “We need other tools, and we’re looking at new generation pesticides that are softer and more specific for controlling that pest.”...
The Staten Island Advance reports on an alternative to insecticide:
More on efforts to battle the Spotted Lanterfly.

UPDATE 8/5 - Roosevelt Island Garden Club President Neil Weismann adds: 

Spottedlanternfly (SLF) are now in all five boroughs of New York, including Roosevelt Island and Governors Island. The Garden Club has an ad hoc committee working to address SLF but we are learning as we go. When they were small we had gotten a portable vacuum cleaner to remove them and we eliminated hundreds of them within the garden, but its like pulling weeds as there are always more. All methods we are looking at are natural methods as we look to protect all our native insects and wildlife.

It looks like a serious issue that is not going away anytime soon. We had a few last year but we are seeing many more this year. Next year no doubt we will have even more.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Hot Dog Cart Vendor Beverage Sales Ruining Visitors Center Kiosk Business Says Roosevelt Island Historical Society President - Asks RIOC To Move Hot Dog Cart From In Front Of RIHS Visitors Center Kiosk

Roosevelt Island Historical Society (RIHS) President Judy Berdy is angry that the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) will not move the Hot Dog Cart from in front of the RIHS Visitors Center Kiosk entrance.

According to RIHS President Judy Berdy:

As you might have seen lately, the RIHS is still fighting the battle of the Hot Dog Vendor. The vendor has been parking his cart next to the kiosk entrance for weeks. No matter of pleas or complaints to RIOC will move him.

Our problem with this vendor is:
  • Dirty cart. He wears one glove when serving food and violates health rules.
  • Banners hanging from Cart
  • No license with letter rating, though yesterday one appeared stating that the cart was inspected in January!!
  • No price list
Our major complaint is that he has ruined our business. Beverage sales add up and we have hardly sold any since he is there.

The Tram staff have made numerous complaints about him being in front of the station (prior to construction fences) to no resolution.  His cart attracts rats and vermin also gives off charcoal and fuel odors.

There is no reason why RIOC cannot move him 100 feet away from our entrance so visitors have easy access to our kiosk.

It is funny that RIOC defends the rights of this cart over an island organization and kiosk that has served the community for 15 years.

 Earlier today, I asked RIOC President Shelton Haynes:

I am preparing an article for today about the Hot Dog Vendor at Tram Plaza operating and competing with the Roosevelt Island Historical Society for sale of beverages

Does the Hot Dog Vendor's permit allow him to operate in that area? If it does, why did RIOC give the Hot Dog Vendor a permit to operate so closely to the RIHS Visitors Kiosk? Has RIOC responded to any of the complaints about the Hot Dog Vendor from RIHS President Judy Berdy?

... as we discussed yesterday at the National Night Out, I just want to make sure as much as possible that the story is fair and accurate so a response from RIOC would be appreciated.

... Please let me know if RIOC will comment on this matter.

Will update if RIOC replies.

UPDATE 10:30 PM - Roosevelt Island resident Raye Schwartz adds:

The hot dog vendor is also blocking the red busstop access to and from the tram and impeding access for the elderly and disabled to have use of the tram!

Monday, August 1, 2022

Watch Debate Tomorrow August 2 Between Carolyn Maloney, Jerry Nadler And Suraj Patel For NY Congressional District 12 Democratic Party Nomination To Represent Roosevelt Island and Manhattan's East And West Sides - Tweet Your Questions To NY1 And WNYC


WNYC and New York1 are hosting a debate tomorrow evening, August 2, between the Democratic Party Candidates

for the 12th Congressional District which includes Roosevelt Island, the East Side and West Side of Manhattan.

See the full map at

Carolyn Maloney is the long time incumbent, a powerful Congressional Committee Chair of the House Oversight Committee and is well known to Roosevelt Island residents 

for her many years of service to Roosevelt Island and knowledge of community issues.

Jerry Nadler is a long time Congressman representing the West Side of Manhattan and a powerful House Committee Chair of the Judiciary Committee. Mr Nadler spoke to Roosevelt Island residents during Roosevelt Island Day last June 11 

although he acknowledged not being familiar with specific Roosevelt Island issues.

Suraj Patel is an attorney who came close to defeating Ms Maloney in the 2020 Democratic Party Primary.


WNYC previews the debate.

The Primary Election Day is August 23. Early Voting August 13-21.

Sunday, July 31, 2022

UPDATE On Sailboat Mast Hitting Roosevelt Island Bridge Yesterday Morning - Close Up Photos And Video Show FDNY Water Rescue From Fast Moving East River Current

 As reported yesterday:

Sailboat Hits The Roosevelt Island Bridge This Morning, Mast Fails To Clear Under The Bridge And Boat Turns Over In East River - Water Rescue By FDNY And NYPD
According to the FDNY Instagram Page:
Yesterday, #FDNY members were a able assist a sailboat that become disabled and lodged under the Roosevelt Island Bridge in Queens. FDNY Marine Companies alongside FDNY Rescue Operations Units were able to remove the occupant safely while operating in a swift current. FDNY members then worked in-conjunction with the Department of Transportation Bridge operators to dislodge the sailboat.

Here's an eyewitness video report of what happened. 

The Waterway Guide reports:

Roosevelt Island Bridge

Lat / Lon: N 40° 45.814' / W 073° 56.761'

Bridge Type: Lift

Vertical Clearance (Closed): 40.00 ft.

Horizontal Clearance: 403.00 ft.

Schedule: The draw of the Roosevelt Island bridge shall open on signal if at least two hour advance notice is given to the drawtender at the Grand Street/Avenue bridge, mile 3.1 across Newtown Creek (East Branch), the New York Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) Radio Hotline or NYCDOT Bridge Operations Office. In the event the drawtender is at Borden Avenue or Hunters Point Avenue bridges mile 1.2 and 1.4, respectively, across Dutch Kills, up to an additional half hour delay may be required.