Friday, September 16, 2022

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Today Is 2022 National POW/MIA Recognition Day - POW/MIA Flag Flies Below US Flag Over Main Street Roosevelt Island Thru Efforts Of Local Resident West Point Grad & RIOC

The third Friday in September has been designated by Congress as National POW/MIA Recognition Day.

According to the US Defense Department

... More than 80,000 American service personnel are missing from previous conflicts and 38,000 are estimated to be recoverable. The Defense POW/MIA Agency remains relentless in its mission to provide the fullest possible accounting to their families and the nation, until they're home....

Today, Friday September 16, 2022, is National POW/MIA Recognition Day.

An excerpt from September 15, 2022 Proclamation by President Joe Biden:

 ... On National POW/MIA Recognition Day, we pledge to seek out answers for the families of service members still missing in action. We commit to doing all in our power to identify and recover America’s missing sons and daughters. And we pay tribute to former prisoners of war — individuals who exhibited remarkable courage, love of country, and devotion to duty to protect our Nation’s safety and freedoms.

Today and every day, we fly the iconic black and white flag symbolizing America’s Prisoners of War and Missing in Action above the White House, at the United States Capitol, on military bases, at memorials and cemeteries, and at homes across America. It is a reminder that we have not forgotten the heroism of our POWs and MIAs and that we still hope for their return. There is no undertaking more fundamental than the rite of remembrance, and there is no act more sacred or more American than keeping the faith with those who have sacrificed so much for our Nation....

The black and white POW/MIA Flag flies every day beneath the American Flag at the Roosevelt Island Blackwell Flagpole on Main Street. 

 How did the POW/MIA Flag get raised on Roosevelt Island? 

As previously reported:

... It was on the initiative of Roosevelt Island resident Ross Wollen in 2017 with the assistance of former Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Susan Rosenthal and Director of Transportation Cy Opperman. Mr. Wollen, a resident of Rivercross for almost 40 years, graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point NY in 1965.Over the years Mr. Wollen has hosted West Point Cadets and his Classmates on Roosevelt Island as they visit NYC for various events and reunions.

Among his frequent guests is Robert Jones, a West Point Classmate and good friend who joined the US Air Force as a Fighter Pilot upon graduation, and like almost all of the members of the 1965 Class spent time in the Viet Nam War several years after leaving the Academy. Mr. Jones was shot down over North Viet Nam close to his final mission, severely injured, captured and spent over five years in captivity, as a POW at various prison camps including the infamous Hanoi Hilton. There he was quartered, when not in solitary confinement or being privately tortured, with the Navy pilot, former Senator John McCain.

Mr. Wollen wished to recognize and honor the service of his friend and West Point classmate, Robert Jones. According to Mr. Wollen in 2017:

It was in connection with Bob Jones latest visit to Roosevelt Island that RIOC was kind enough to add the POW-MIA Flag to the Main Street Round-a-Bout, just under Old Glory, as it flies all over the Country.

Mr. Wollen often tells of Classmate Bob's then deadly serious but now delightful story of his interrogation by North Vietnamese captors. Jones was required at gun point to name his unit's several commanders and realizing he would be tested over and over so could not just make up names he couldn't remember, Jones volunteered the NY Yankee line up with which he was very familiar as a young New Jersey fan and having pitched against the Yankees when they played against Army at West Point in a pre-season exhibition game. Jones was challenged days later and specifically asked by a North Vietnamese interrogator the spelling of Jones' Flight Commander. Jones spelled out his Flight Commander - Yogi Berra. Yogi loved it when told the story in the 1990's.

Here's Mr.Wollen, Mr Jones and their West Point Classmate, US Marine Reg Dryzga

 Image Of Ross Wollen, Bob Jones & Reg Dryzga From Left To Right
at the Roosevelt Island Flagpole during a past visit.

The West Point Oral History Project has a fascinating interview with Mr. Jones
describing his experiences as a fighter pilot during the Vietnam War and his internment as as a POW in North Vietnamese prison camps including the Hanoi Hilton.

Here's an excerpt from Bob Jones West Point Oral History describing being shot down:

...on the way down I'm  looking around, and I look out on the horizon, and I see this airplane. It's a MIG, and I see a plane through the MiG and he's turning in on me, and I'm looking and I said this guy's gonna come and shoot me right out of this parachute, and here he comes. And I don't know if it was the guy that shot us down or one of the other ones, but he's coming right at my parachute.

So I'm sitting there thinking, well, we carried side arms. I had a little 38 pistol, and I pull out my 38 pistol, and I'm  hanging in the parachute, and I'm like this. And I'm thinking if this SOB is gonna shoot me, I'm gonna get some shots off at least here. Well, this little peashooter I got is gonna go out about 50 feet and do this. This guy's got a 20- millimeter cannon in his airplane, so not much of a challenge here.

But I'm sitting here like this and I'm thinking, well, I got tracers in my gun because we put tracers in them because there's very few times that we thought that you're gonna have a gun battle out there with somebody, but you're gonna use this gun to signal. If you go in heavy trees or something, you can signal and the tracer will go through the trees and the rescue people can find you, so I knew I had tracers in this gun. I had five tracers in the gun, so I'm thinking, well, if I shoot first, he's  gonna see this so maybe he's not gonna shoot me. I don't know. So I stood there like this and I think I'm gonna let him fire first and I'm gonna unload this gun off, whatever. So he goes right over the top of me and he was just kind of thumbing his nose at me, or whatever, I don't know, but he went flying by....

I highly recommend reading the full transcript or watching the video interview...

Also, watch this fascinating video from the West Point Oral History of Mr Wollen describing his 1964 student interview with President Dwight Eisenhower among other highlights

Here We Go Again, No Roosevelt Island F Train Service To Manhattan This Weekend Says MTA - Plan On Crowded Roosevelt Island Tram And Astoria Route NYC Ferry

According to the MTA, there is no Roosevelt Island F Train service to Manhattan this weekend. Alternatively, you can take a Roosevelt Island Queens bound F train to Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave and then switch to a Manhattan bound F train. It's about a 10-12 minute ride from Roosevelt Island to Roosevelt Ave.
Plan on the Roosevelt Island Tram and Astoria Route NYC Ferry being crowded this weekend.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Roosevelt Island Dog Owners Waiting To Find Out Location Of New Southtown Temporary Dog Run - RIOC Says Today It Will Be In Firefighters Field And Ready Before Start Of Hudson Related Building 9 Construction

As reported last May 24:

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Shelton Haynes reported to the May 19 RIOC Board Of Directors meeting (full video of meeting here) that in the next 3 to 4 weeks the North Dog Run near the Octagon building will be upgraded and that longer term plans include a Dog Run in Lighthouse Park. 

Also, Mr Haynes announced a Southtown "temporary" dog run to be developed in the area next to the Ferry Dock landing under the Queensboro Bridge and appeared to say it would be ready in about a month. 

Mr Haynes added that a more permanent solution for a Southtown Dog Run will be located in the area between the Hudson Related Riverwalk Building 8 and Building 9 when construction of Building 9 is completed. It is anticipated that Building 9 construction will begin in the next few months.

However, it is possible that the "Temporary" Dog Run, if successful, will become permanent. 

But, today RIOC Tweeted the Temporary Dog run near the Ferry Dock will open in the Fall...

Until today, there had been no further information from RIOC about the replacement of the current Southtown Dog Run.

with a temporary one located in a new location.

Earlier this week I asked RIOC VP of Communications Akeem Jamal:

Is there any update on plans for the Southtown dog run?

Back last May, RIOC said a new Temporary Southtown Dog Run would be ready near the Queensboro Bridge in the Fall.

I've heard from many Dog Owners recently upset and angry that there has been no communication all summer about the status of dog run and no apparent work being done in the proposed area near the Queensboro Bridge....

... Any statement from RIOC on this matter?

According to RIOC Vice President of Communications Akeem Jamal, the temporary dog run will not be near the ferry dock as pictured (Red Circle) in presentation from May 19 RIOC Board Meeting,

but in Firefighters Field.

Mr Jamal reports:

The location of it will be in Firefighter Park near the ball field. Overall size 85’x30’. Large dog run 60’x30’. Small dog run 25’x30’.

The temporary Firefighters Field Dog Run is expected to be open in October prior to the start of Riverwalk Building 9 construction. 

Portions of Firefighters Field adjacent to the Building 9 construction site will be fenced off during construction for safety reasons.

Not known at this time if any portion of Firefighters Field will be available for soccer, football, softball, frisbee, kite flying or any other recreational activity during building 9 construction other than the dog run.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Roosevelt Island Sportspark Pool And Gym Closed Since September 2021 For $11 Million Renovation Project - When Will Sportspark Open Residents Ask?

The Roosevelt Island Sportspark Pool and Gym closed September 1, 2021 for an $11 million renovation currently being undertaken by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC). 

 As previously reported:

... Sportspark is a state-provided recreation facility that serves Roosevelt Island and the community. The Sportspark Building consists of two floors and is approximately 56,000 gross square feet. After 40 years of use, the facility is in need of infrastructure and general renovations to accommodate current and future programming and operational needs. 

The Sportspark Renovation project entails demolition and removal of existing mechanical, electric, and plumbing (“MEP”) infrastructure serving the East and West portion of the facility; and the installation of two new HVAC units and new ductwork in the Eastside pool area. In addition to this, installation air handling units will also be installed, as well as unit heaters, among other renovations on the east and west side locker rooms. Steel dunnage will be done for HVAC on the roof; and upgrades to the fire alarm, and a BMS system, will also be installed in the facility. 

For Sportspark, architectural upgrades include reconfiguring locker rooms, upgrades to finishes, and new light fixtures on the East and West Side. Work on the Westside consists of a new administration office, new reception area, new weight room, a renovated multipurpose room for the second floor, and new gym flooring. Finally, upgrades will be made to the main Westside entrance with a new curtain wall and exterior cladding with “Sportspark” signage....

Image From June 2021 RIOC Board Meeting President's Report
RIOC originally projected the Sportspark renovations to be completed by the Spring of 2022 but that was pushed back to September and then the Fall of 2022.

A few days ago, a resident took these photos of the Sportspark Pool Entrance

Pool area

and basketball court.

Last Monday, I asked RIOC Vice President of Communications Akeem Jamal:

Is there an update on the status of Sportspark renovation. I have some pictures of the current status .... Many residents have been asking when the Sportspark pool will be opening. Last spring Rioc said it will open in September/ the Fall. 
Mr Jamal replied:

An update will be coming from RIOC on Sportspark renovation in the coming weeks. At this time the project is on target for completion early Fall.
One resident expressed some hope that an "early" Fall" Sportspark opening may imply an opening sooner than just the Fall.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Watch As Out Of Town Skateboard Team Sneaks Into Roosevelt Island FDR Four Freedoms Park And Goes Airborne With Two Never Been Done Before Tricks Off Monument Wall - Until RIOC Public Safety Officers Shows Up

According to Jenkem Magazine:

... Roosevelt Island is a toothpick-looking landmass plopped in the middle of the East River across from Manhattan’s Upper East Side. We’re not sure if Roosevelt actually “counts” as part of the city or is just some weird state property, but frankly, that is unimportant for this vid. If you really care to know, call 311 yourself and get to the bottom of it.

Let’s be real: the reason the island is chock full of fresh spots is that no New York skater is willing to make the trek. People do actually live there, but it’s kind of a world of its own that’s not really comparable to any other part of the city. Even if someone does wind up taking the tram to this shitty “island,” the security is so tight everywhere you go that you might not even be lucky enough to step on your board in most places....

Watch the Etnies Skateboard Team sneak into the Roosevelt Island FDR Four Freedoms Park Memorial, then perform two Never Been Done (NBD) tricks jumping off the Memorial Wall and their encounter with Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department.

Monday, September 12, 2022

He's Been Away For A While But Today Roosevelt Island Welcomes Back The Subway Fruit Stand Seller - His Kindness And Presence Exiting Station Is The Perfect Community Arrival Says Resident

Roosevelt Island residents have been asking: 

What happened to the Fruit Stand seller at the subway? He's been away for a while.
Good news. He's back today with his Fruit Stand next to the Roosevelt Island subway station.

After posting this picture on Roosevelt Islander Instagram page, residents commented: 

  • We are so happy you're back. Your kindness and presence exiting the station makes it the perfect community arrival.
  • Very kind man

36.5/A Durational Performance With The Sea Wednesday September 14 - Join Environmental Performance Artist Sarah Cameron Sunde And iDig2Learn Founder Christina Delfico Standing In East River Hallet's Cove Across From Roosevelt Island Lighthouse Park

Roosevelt Island resident and iDig2Learn founder Christina Delfico reports: 

As iDig2Learn celebrates 10 years and continues to engage the public with all things land, air and water we are thrilled to team up with artists like Sarah Cameron Sunde. In her 36.5 Project she will stand in the New York Estuary for 12 hour and 39 minutes inviting us to explore our vulnerabilities connected to the water.

Please join us on 9/14 from 7:27am to 10:30am at Roosevelt Island's Lighthouse Park to peer through the telescope across the East River for a view of Sarah in the water and learn more about her work. Meet us at the Monarch Butterfly pollinator plantings near the Willow tree on the Queens facing entrance of Lighthouse Park.

Others will be on hand later with the telescope as iDig2Learn joins Sarah in the water. 

According to 36.5 Project website

36.5 / A Durational Performance with the Sea (2013-present), a series of nine site-specific participatory performances and video artworks by interdisciplinary artist Sarah Cameron Sunde, will present its final work, 36.5 / New York Estuary, on Wednesday, September 14 in New York City. Initially created in response to Hurricane Sandy’s impact on New York City, this environmental artwork features Sunde standing in ocean water for a full tidal cycle, generally 12–13 hours, as water slowly engulfs her body and then recedes. 36.5 engages the public, who participate in all aspects of making the live work, in personal, local, and global conversations around sea-level rise and deep time. Spanning nine years and six continents, 36.5, which is filmed in real-time from multiple perspectives and livestreamed, is a radical call to reconsider our relationship to water as individuals, as communities, and as a species.

The ninth and final artwork, 36.5 / New York Estuary, will take place on September 14, 2022, at so- called Hallet’s Cove, located at 31-10 Vernon Blvd, where Astoria meets Long Island City on the East River, in Queens. It will begin at 7:27 AM and conclude at 8:06 PM. Everyone is welcome to join Sunde standing in the water at the Cove or mark the passing hours from the shore. Viewing stations will also be set up on the northern tip of Roosevelt Island and the Upper East Side.

Sunde, who is based in Harlem, sees the 36.5 / New York Estuary as a homecoming. As part of building the final artwork, she co-founded Kin to the Cove, a site-specific community-powered environmental public art process that connects local residents to the cove and the water that surrounds New York City. The group meets regularly at the performance site, building kinship with the water and wildlife, imagining a healthier future, and committing to future stewardship of this site.

In addition to her hyper-local socially engaged process in New York, Sunde has assembled a large group of international partners over the project’s nine years. On September 14, as the final performance takes place in New York, collaborators from Bangladesh, Brazil, Kenya, the Netherlands, and Aotearoa-New Zealand will join Sunde remotely in performances in their local communities. These international performances will be integrated into the livestream, which is produced by Theater Mitu and available online at ...

36.5 / The Global Story - May 2022 from Sarah Cameron Sunde on Vimeo.

Ms Sunde talked in detail about her art during this September 2022 interview.

Hallet's Cove is very close to Roosevelt Island on the Queens side of East River.

Are You Interested In Local Politics? 4 Freedoms Democratic Club Hosting Annual Roosevelt Island Meeting Wednesday September 14 At The Sanctuary, You're invited

Are you interested in Democratic Party politics and wish to meet like minded folks? If yes, the Four Freedoms Democratic Club is hosting its annual Roosevelt Island meeting Wednesday September 14, at The Sanctuary Events Space/Cafe (851 Main Street). and you're invited.

According to Kim Moscaritolo, Democratic District Leader from the 76th AD Part B: 

The Four Freedoms Democratic Club is one of the largest and most active Democratic Clubs in Manhattan. We engage with local residents on issues that matter most to them, we campaign for Democratic candidates, both locally and around the country, and we hold regular events that allow members to socialize and meet their local elected officials.

This month our guest will be Council Member Julie Menin, and we will be asking her specifically about the Council redistricting process, which we know is very important to residents of Roosevelt Island.

RSVP here.

More info about the Four Freedoms Democratic Club available at their website.

Last year, NY State Senator Jose Serrano spoke at the 4 Freedoms Democratic Club Roosevelt Island meeting.

Due to NY State Senate redistricting, Senator Serrano will not be representing Roosevelt Island next year. Liz Krueger is expected to be then new State Senator representing Roosevelt Island.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Roosevelt Island Remembers 9/11 Terror Attack On World Trade Center Towers 21 Years Ago Today

It's been 21 years since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on the World Trade Center Towers, Pentagon, and the downing of Flight 93 in Shanksville Pennsylvania. This is how it looked that day seen from the Rivercross building.

Main Street Wire Image of 9/11 Smoke Burning From World Trade Center by Vicki Feinmel/Linda Heimer
Roosevelt Island's Main Street Wire local newspaper reported on the 9/11 attack at the time.

September 12,2001

September 22, 2001

September 7, 2002

Roosevelt Islanders who died in the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center are honored at the Roosevelt Island 9/11 Remembrance Tree 

and Memorial Plaque.

at Good Shepherd Plaza.  The Roosevelt Islanders who died on 9/11 are:
Ed Beyea,
Anthony J. Fallone,
Taimour Khan,
Scott Larsen,
Kevin J. Smith and the firefighters who were based on Roosevelt Island
Deputy Chief Ray Downey,
Deputy Chief Charlie Kasper,
Battalion Chief John Moran, and
Battalion Chief John Paolillo.

Former Roosevelt Island Public Safety Chief and NYPD Assistant Chief Jack McManus died of 9/11 World Trade Center related cancer.

Unknown how many other Roosevelt Islanders may have died from 9/11 related illnesses. Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Shelton Haynes adds:
Dear Friend,

Today marks the 21st anniversary of September 11, 2001, a day that forever changed our state and our country.

We remember the 2,977 innocent lives, including Roosevelt Islanders that perished due to the terrorist attacks in New York City, Washington, DC, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Out of the ashes, we rose more united as a nation.

The worst attack in American history brought out the very best in the American people. Heroes ran into crumbling buildings, volunteers lined up to donate blood, and communities across the nation joined together in acts of service and charity. The outpouring of generosity that has continued in the years since 9/11 proves that America is stronger than any adversary.

We will continue to stand united, we will work to reaffirm the strength of our country, and we will never forget the heroes we lost.

May God bless you and your families, and may God bless the United States of America.