Friday, June 25, 2010

Upper Level Queensboro Bridge and 60th Street Lower Ramp Closed Due To Roosevelt Island Tram Tower Work On Saturday June 26

Weekend traffic advisory from Roosevelt Island Operating Corp. (RIOC):
Please be advised due to work being done on Tower 1 in Manhattan, the Queensboro Bridge upper Roadway will be closed from 5:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday June 26, 2010. In addition, East 60th street will be closed on Saturday from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. between the lower ramp exit and 1st Avenue.

Please review the attached notices for complete detailed information.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
Click here and here for the referenced notices.

New York 2010 Public School Year Almost Over - Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217 Kindergarten Class Doesn't Want Year To End

You Tube Video of PS/IS 217 Kindergarten Class Performing Kindergarten Song from RIGANDT

We're near the end of June and that means the school year is almost over but the kids in Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217 Kindergarten class don't want it to end.

For more information on PS/IS 217, check out the

Roosevelt Island Little League Team In Extra Inning Walk Off Victory 12 -11 - Plays Again Friday Against Stuyvesant Little League

You Tube Video of 2009 Roosevelt Island Baseball Game

Received the following message yesterday from Charlie DeFino, Executive Director of the Roosevelt Island Youth Center:
Tonight the Roosevelt Island Youth Program Inc. Little League 9 and 10 year old Division team coached by Carolyn Christianson, Jamal Perry and James Hereliy scored an exciting walk-off win in extra inning12 -11. This game marks the return of Little League Tournament play for the R.I. Little League. Jaden Perry scored the winning run in the bottom of the 7th inning to win the game (regular games are 6 inning), Congratulations to the coaches and players for the success. The next is Friday at 5:30pm at 16th Street and Avenue C against another team from Peter Stuyvesant Little League, it would be great to see you at the game.

The Teams are sponsored by the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development and the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation.
Hope to get some pictures and post them later.

Good Luck in Friday's game Roosevelt Island Little Leaguers!

For us older folks, who wants to play catch?

Remember the Roosevelt Island Adult MeetUp Softball Pick Up group is playing Saturday morning at Firefighters Field. Players of all skill levels are welcome.

Lighthouse Park Closed Saturday June 26 For Reunion Of Original Roosevelt Island 1976-80 Kids

Received the following advisory from RIOC:

Please be advised Lighthouse Park will be closed on Saturday, June 26th for a private event. The grills at Octagon will still be available on a first come, first served basis.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
Several readers have asked why Lighthouse Park is being closed for a private event including this reader:
RIOC announced that Lighthouse Park will be closed on Saturday, June 26th for a private event. Has that ever happened before?
RIOC President Steve Shane explained that the private event being held at Lighthouse Park is for a "RI Reunion". One of the event organizers adds:
Lighthouse Park is closed to a private event (by invite only) from 1-11PM on Sat June 26th for a reunion of the orginal teenagers of Rossevelt Island from the years 1976-1980".
Below is a You Tube Video of the 2007 reunion at Lighthouse Park.

Help Save the Roosevelt Island Public Library And Other New York Public Libraries From Budget Cutbacks - Write A Letter, Make A Donation

One of the best resources for Roosevelt Island residents of all ages is our local branch of the New York Public Library. Toddlers, pre-teens, teens, adults, parents, and senior citizens all benefit from the programs, activities and offerings at the Roosevelt Island Public Library.

As we all know, the NY State and City budget crisis may lead to some libraries closing and others having their hours of operation reduced. According to Crains New York:
The heads of the three major library systems in New York City testified in front of the City Council today to try to stave off the biggest city budget cuts in their history.

The proposed cuts in Mayor Bloomberg's executive budget total nearly $75 million for the three systems, with the Queens Library facing a $17 million reduction, the Brooklyn Public Library facing a $20 million cut, and the New York Public Library facing a nearly $38 million decrease, 25% of its city funding...
WNYC reports:
The state budget crisis, of course, won’t spare city services. One that may take a big hit is public libraries. Forty branches could be closed if funds aren’t restored -– under a worst-case scenario. But with so much up in the air and a good deal of politicking, it's hard to tell what to believe this year.

A letter writing campaign is underway for library patrons to express support for their local libraries. A reader asks for more Roosevelt Island library users to show support for our local library by writing letters to their elected official urging them to save the NY Public Library from the harshest cuts in history.
Please post this to your blog, the RI library has one of the lowest turn outs of public support with only 200 letters submitted via this website, well below the 1000s that the Manhattan libraries are turning out.

Please help save the New York Public Library from the harshest cut in its history: $37 million. Follow the links below to take action.

Write your elected officials.


Thank you for making a difference!

You Tube Video of Don't Close The Book On Stories

UPDATE 12:30 PM - WNYC reports:
At a late-night press avail, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Chrsitine Quinn tried to put the best face on their $63 million budget "handshake" deal. Surrounded by most of the City Council, Bloomberg and Quinn said it would preserve the city's core services, despite some $1 billion in cuts. But there are still a lot of asterisks, and blank spaces that need numbers.

Quinn said New Yorkers would feel the cuts. Library service will be cut from six to five days and some daycare and senior centers still face closure...
The NYPL letter writing and donation links are no longer working.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

New York City Outdoor Summer Movies Come To Roosevelt Island This Weekend - Watch Spiderman Save Tram Passengers From Green Goblin

On a day not very long ago, a normal ride on the Roosevelt Island Tram was interrupted by an attack from the Green Goblin. Then, out of nowhere comes Spiderman to the rescue of Tram passengers dangling out over the East River.

Do you want to know what happens next or do you already know and want to see it again? If so, come to opening night of the 2010 Roosevelt Island Summer Outdoor Movie Series featuring movies shot on Roosevelt Island and watch the first Spiderman with your friends and neighbors.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp. (RIOC) Community Relations Specialist Erica Wilder invites you to a showing of Spiderman this Saturday, June 26 at Firefighter's Field:
Hello Everyone,

Summer is finally here! We are excited to present our annual Free Outdoor Movie Series starting this Saturday, June 26th at Firefighters Field. Thie series will feature movies filmed over the years on Roosevelt Island commemorating the 40th anniversary of the signing of the General Development Plan for the R.I. community.

Our first feature film will be "Spiderman". Films will begin at dusk- 8:30 PM (8:05 PM for screenings in August), but patrons are invited to come at 7 PM and enjoy great pre-show music, entertainment and food for purchase. So, Bring your family and friends, lawn chairs & blankets, and enjoy a fantastic evening at Firefighters Field!

Future movies and show dates:

Saturday, July 10th- Zoolander
Saturday, July 24th- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Saturday, August 7th- Conspiracy Theory
Monday, August 21st- Nighthawks

In the event of rain, movies will be rescheduled for the following week depending on the weather. Please check our website for rain dates and additional information on each movie.

Hope to see you there!
This is pretty cool. Watch how the Roosevelt Island Tram Station, miniaturized and reduced to 1/8th scale of its size, was blown up for the Spiderman movie.

You Tube video of Roosevelt Island Tram Station Spiderman Explosion

According to GMDFX:
SPIDERMAN 1 Miniature shoot in 2001, 1/8th scale model of Roosevelt Island tram station in New York.
Scene: chase sequence between the Green goblin and Spiderman
Event: Green Goblin launches a missile from his rocket sled, Spiderman evades, missile hits tram station
Resulting in a HUGE Explosion courtesy of Richard Helmer.
Here's the rest of the Roosevelt Island Outdoor Summer Movie Series Schedule.

UPDATE 7/9 - Received the following notice from RIOC that Saturday's outdoor movie showing of Zoolander has been postponed until Sunday 18 due to inclement weather forecast.
Please be advised due to the weather forecast of heavy rain and thunderstorms for Saturday, tomorrow evening's feature Outdoor Movie "Zoolander" has been rescheduled to next Sunday, July 18th at Firefighters Field beginning at 7 PM.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group

Roosevelt Island Historical Society Visitors Center Kiosk Getting A Whole New Look - Stop By And Watch The Transformation

With the Tram out of service, there's not much reason for most Roosevelt Island residents to walk in the area of the Roosevelt Island Historical Society (RIHS) Visitor's Center Kiosk. So, here's a progress report on the Kiosk renovation from RIHS President Judy Berdy:
If you were walking around the island on Wednesday, you saw the contractor "raise the roof" on the visitor center kiosk. The old roof has been removed and the cupola (Square top) was removed intact.

The flat surface roofing material was copper and will be replaced by new copper and the cupola will be cleaned and restored to its original copper color.

The entire roof will be left to oxidize on its own. The new roof should be in place within a week.

Come by and watch the transformation of our ugly duckling kiosk into a showplace of restoration.
Soon the terra cotta will be completely cleaned and restored, all the trim removed, cleaned, primed and painted, a new interior floor, Guastavino ceiling cleaned and grouted. A new a/c and heating system is coming along with some other wonderful surprises. Stop by and peek in any day!

Our contractors love visitors (and they are great at giving out island information by now).
You can also check out the steady progress of the tram work, while you are in the neigborhood.
All of the images are from RIHS President Judy Berdy. More pictures of the RIHS Visitor's Center Kiosk roof removal are available here.

The Visitor's Kiosk opened in July 2007 (One of this blog's first posts - remember the caps?). The Main Street WIRE reported at the time:
... Originally, the kiosk was one of five visible entrances to the trolley car system, which transported New Yorkers over the Queensboro Bridge and back. Before the tram, F train, and the Roosevelt Island Bridge existed, trolley passengers would disembark on the Queensboro Bridge and access the Island, then known as Welfare Island, via a set of elevators from the lower level of the bridge. When the workers began digging the foundation for the kiosk, the first thing they hit was a thick stone elevator wall. They also found 1,000-pound elevator wheels, cables, pulleys and other debris. In all, it took seven full dumpster loads to excavate the site....

New Roosevelt Island Governance Bill Sponsored By State Senator Serrano Passes NY State Senate - Waiting On State Assembly To Pass

Received the following message from Roosevelt Island's representative to the NY State Senate, Jose Serrano's office:
The New York State Senate today unanimously passed a bill (S7985/A10392), sponsored by Senator José M. Serrano (D-Manhattan/Bronx), that will improve the governance of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), while making it more representative of the residents of the area by improving accountability and increasing transparency and openness within the Corporation.

"This bill is designed to help Island Residents play a more active role in their governance," said Senator Serrano. "Just as Roosevelt Island is a wonderful, one-of-a-kind treasure to our city, it also has distinctive needs that are specific to the area."

RIOC, which has been managing Roosevelt Island since 1984, has also been responsible for overseeing the Island's development and allocating state capital funding. This legislation will reconstitute the RIOC board by requiring that all of its public members be residents of Roosevelt Island, and will improve the board's accountability by requiring that elected officials be provided with any and all information received by board members in board meeting agendas. It also stipulates that some of the board's public members are to be appointed upon the recommendation of the local elected officials representing the island.

"Elected officials are uniquely familiar with the challenges and needs of our constituents," said Serrano. "Providing electeds with all of the information received by the board further qualifies them to make informed recommendations as to who would be capable of working toward finding solutions to any problems facing the Island," said Senator Serrano.

The bill also improves openness and transparency within the board by specifying that meetings of the board, or any committee within the board, be subject to the open meetings law. In addition, it specifies that prior to hiring the chief executive officer of the corporation, the board must hold a public hearing to interview at least three qualified candidates for the position. During this hearing, Island residents will have the opportunity to get their questions answered by the candidates.

The bill has not yet passed the Assembly, where it is carried by Assemblyman Micah Kellner (D-Manhattan).

Here is link to the full Senate Bill S7985 on Roosevelt Island governance and:
SUMMARY OF SPECIFIC PROVISIONS: -reconstitutes the RIOC board into a nine member body, with the commissioner of the Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR, and the NYS Budget Director serving as ex-officio members, and seven public members appointed by the governor subject to the advice and consent of the senate-one upon the recommendation of the local member of the state senate, one upon the recommendation of the local member of the state assembly, and two upon the recommendation of the mayor of the city of New York, all seven public members being residents of Roosevelt Island; -provides that the elected public officials who represent Roosevelt Island shall be provided with all information received by board members for all board meeting agenda items; -provides that all meetings of the board of directors or any committee of the board shall be subject to the open meetings law; -requires purchase and contracts to be entered into in accordance with a program adopted under ? 2879 of the public authorities law; -provides that prior to hiring the chief executive officer of the corporation, the board shall hold a public hearing to interview at least three qualified candidates for the position where at residents of Roosevelt Island can question the candidates;, and -requires that any expenditures of the corporation be in accordance with the adopted budget or a modification approved by the board of directors. -act to take effect on the thirtieth day after it shall have become a law.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Disruption In Verizon Internet FIOS Service For Roosevelt Island's Riverwalk Buildings - Landscaper Accidentally Cuts Fiber Optic Cable

There has been no Verizon FIOS Internet service in Roosevelt Island's Riverwalk buildings for the last several hours. I thought it might have something to do with this 6/22 - 23 Public Safety Report:
Telephone Out Of Service - PSD was notified by Verizon that both hospitals had no telephone service. Verizon stated they would have to dig up the ground by Riverwalk. RIOC engineering department was notified.
I inquired of RIOC VP Of Operations Fernando Martinez if he knew what is the cause of the FIOS Internet problem and he replied:
A Hudson/Related landscape contractor, working on the south side of 405 Main Street, accidently cut a Verizon fiber optic cable. Andrew Jackson from the Hudson Companies is on site working with Verizon to the facilitate repair.
Fortunately, internet service is available at the Riverwalk Bar & Grill. They don't use Verizon FIOC.

UPDATE 7:30 PM - Verizon FIOS Phone service was out too but now all back working.

UPDATE 9:30 PM - A reader adds:
I think these are the folk that cut the FIOS lines, this morning at 9
a.m. at the 405 back door! OOOPS

Dead Baby Goose Observed In Middle Of Roosevelt Island Road - Not Shot With An Arrow But Remains Eaten By Large Seagull

Prospect Park Goose With Arrow Shot In Neck Image From NY Times

Not a good week to be a goose in New York City. Earlier this week it was reported that a Prospect Park Goose, Sticky, was shot through the neck with an arrow and today we learn of a Roosevelt Island baby goose not only found dead in the middle of a Roosevelt Island road but devoured by a large seagull.

From the 6/22 -23 Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Report:
Dead Goose - PSD observed dead baby goose in the middle of road. While waiting for grounds to remove carcass, a large seagull landed and dragged the carcass to the side of the road and devoured the remains.
I have heard from several residents who were worried about a family of Geese that have made the area just north of the Southpoint Park construction site a home and are concerned that the geese may be hit by speeding vehicles on the East Channel Road by Goldwater Hospital, though don't know if that is what happened to this particular baby goose.

The June 5 2010 Main Street WIRE interview with Roosevelt Island Operating Corp. (RIOC) President Steve Shane touched on the Goose Issue.
... Did you hear about the geese? There’s a family of geese. What happened, apparently, was that they were behind the fence in the Southpoint area and, for reasons best known to them, they led their goslings outside [north of] the fenced area, because there’s a lot of construction activity down there, and now they can’t get back to get in the water. There’s no place for the goslings to get in the water, so the tenderhearted goose lovers now want to make some special arrangements for them in our wildlife sanctuary. Unfortunately, our wilderness out here is passing as we do our development. And to encourage this family of geese to reestablish their nest next year – that would probably be a mistake, because they always come back.
That’s the goose story....
Not geese, but here's a family of Roosevelt Island Ducks out for a stroll last night.

Hope they watch out for cars, and hungry seagulls.

Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 Gifted & Talented Program Class Update - Good News, Will Continue Next Year But More Students Still Welcome

You Tube Video of PS/IS 217 Kindergarten Field Day

As previously reported, the NYC Department of Education (DOE) decided earlier this month to discontinue Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217 Gifted & Talented Class program for the incoming 2010 -11 kindergarten class due to a lack of student enrollment. Following this announcement, the PS/IS 217 PTA, individual parents and local elected officials met with DOE officials to try and reverse this decision.

Here's the latest from PS/IS 217 PTA President Nikki Leopold on the Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 Gifted & Talented Class Program:

The Administration & PTA of PS/IS 217 has decided to go forward with the planned G&T Kindergarten class for the 2010/11 School Year – regardless of DOE’s stated minimum requirements. What does this mean? It means that there WILL BE a Kindergarten G&T class in place, and that you can still put your child’s name on the list to attend – regardless of whether you’ve already registered at another school.


1) Immediately contact Parent Coordinator Lauraine Rademaker at (or call 347-563-5165) to express your intent and to fill out a ‘Placement Exception Request Form”, which is a required document in this process.

2) Email Kim Cobb (, and Michael Greenberg (, in the Enrollment Office of the DOE expressing your intention (please cc: Nikki Leopold at

Per the DOE’s Elizabeth Rose, Director of Portfolio Planning: “Families will not give up their current seat unless and until we make a decision to open the class at 217.”



If you have any questions or require any additional information, please contact Nikki Leopold, PS/IS 217 PTA President, at
More on the Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 G & T Class Program controversy from Inside Schools, the Wall Street Journal Blog and Roosevelt Island Gifted & Talented Class Blog.

The NY Times reported yesterday on a new Gifted & Talented Class Program test:
The city will search for a new admissions test for its gifted and talented public school programs, a Department of Education official said on Monday, in part to address concerns that some families were “gaming” the test through extensive preparation....
UPDATE 7:40 PM - Received the following joint statement from Assembly Member Micah Kellner and NYC Council Member Jessica Lappin:

“It is with great joy that we are able to announce that the Roosevelt Island gifted and talented program has been saved. Two weeks ago, the Department of Education unilaterally announced that the program would not be accepting a class of kindergarteners for next year. This was the wrong decision and our offices immediately began working with parents and school officials to make it right. At a meeting with us and parents on June 11, the DOE committed to maintaining the program if at least 18 students could be found who were interested in attending. Our offices worked with parents from Manhattan, Queens, and Roosevelt Island to spread the word and recruit families for this program.

“We are pleased to say that as of today, there are 18 students enrolled in the program. There will definitely by a new G&T kindergarten class on Roosevelt Island next fall.

“This is a huge victory for parents who worked so hard and who refused to take no for an answer. More than that, this is a victory for the families who will now have a first-rate gifted and talented program for their children this fall.

“We’d especially like to commend PTA President Nikki Leopold, Principal Mandana Beckman, and Elizabeth Rose of the DOE for their efforts to preserve the G&T program on Roosevelt Island. This is excellent news and we look forward to continuing to watch the G&T program on the Island grow and thrive in the years to come.”

Assembly Member Kellner adds:
Now that next year’s kindergarten class has been secured, we will seek to expand the program to make it citywide — bringing some of New York City’s brightest students to Roosevelt Island and securing the Island’s gifted and talented program for the long term.
UPDATE 6/24 - PS/IS 217 PTA President Nikki Leopold adds:


Hi everyone,

You might have already heard, but the DOE confirmed that there are 18 families who are ready to register for the PS/IS 217 G&T program. This is a monumental accomplishment given the time frame that we were working with and the obstacles that we had to overcome. The breakdown includes 7 Roosevelt Island, 5 Jackson Heights and 6 District Two families. The role of parent advocacy in this effort cannot be overstated. Thank you to those who worked tirelessly on outreach and recruitment. I will send out more information tomorrow, but wanted to let you know the good news.

One more tour tomorrow so we may see a further increase.
This email was received late last night so the tour referenced was to take place today.

RIRA Town Hall Meeting Tonight On Roosevelt Island Main Street Retail, Master Leaseholder & June RIOC Board Of Directors Meeting Agenda

Main Street Image Of Roosevelt Island Is The Village From Glark

Are you interested in what is going on with the long time empty Roosevelt Island Main Street retail stores? If so, come to tonight's Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Town Hall Meeting and hear the latest about plans for the empty stores and Main Street Retail Master Leaseholder proposal from RIOC Directors and Staff as well as other matters on the June 2010 RIOC Board of Directors Meeting Agenda. RIRA President Frank Farance has the details:
The RIRA Town Hall meeting will be Wednesday, June 23, 8PM at the Good Shepherd Community Center. There are two agenda items:

(1) Discussion of Main Street storefront leases. This is intended to be an informational discussion among RIOC staff, RIOC directors, merchants, and the community.

(2) Discussion of June 28 RIOC Board Meeting Agenda (see below)

JUNE 28, 2010

I. Call to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Approval of Minutes
1. May 6, 2010 Board Meeting (Board Action Required)
IV. Old Business
V. New Business
1. Presentation of RIOC?s Audited Financial Statements for Fiscal Year 2009-10;
2. Approval of Report on Procurement Contracts for Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2010 (Board Action Required);
3. Approval of Report on Investments for Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2010 (Board Action Required);
4. Approval of Property Report for Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2010 (Board Action Required);
5. Approval of Annual Report for Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2010 (Board Action Required);
6. Authorization to Adopt Guidelines Regarding Procurement Lobbying (Board Action Required);
7. Authorization to Enter into Contract for Independent Auditing Services (Board Action Required);
8. Authorization to Enter into Contracts for Landscape Architectural Services (Board Action Required);
9. Authorization to Amend the Contract for Construction Management Services for Oversight of the Aerial Tramway Modernization Project with Liro Engineers Inc. (Board Action Required);
10. Authorization to Enter into Contract for HVAC System Replacement at the Good Shepherd Center (Board Action Required);
11. Authorization to Enter into Contract for the Good Shepherd Center Plaza Restoration Project (Board Action Required);
12. Authorization to Enter into Contract for Resetting Z-brick Pavers (Board Action Required);
13. Authorization to Amend License Agreement with Riverwalk Landing LLC for Zipcar Parking at Southtown (Board Action Required);
14. Authorization of Distribution of Performance Based Increases (Board Action Required);
15. Authorization to Adopt 2010 Retirement Incentive Program (Board Action Required);
16. Presentation of the Proposed Master Plan for the Blackwell Open Space Area;
17. Committee Reports
a. Audit Committee
b. Governance Committee
c. Operations Advisory Committee
d. Real Estate Development Advisory Committee
18. Public Safety Report
19. President's Report
VI. Adjournment
Here is an audio webcast of the May 17, 2010 RIOC Real Estate Development Committee meeting discussion on Main Street Master Leaseholder plan.

More on Roosevelt Island Master Leaseholder plan here and the Main Street Retail Consultant's report is below.

Roosevelt Island Main Street Retail Study

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Roosevelt Island Soccer Ball Recovered From East River

I was walking by the playground on the West Channel promenade next to PS/IS 217 last night at dusk. It was a beautiful night and lots of people were out relaxing, biking, talking and just hanging out having a good time.

There was a group of kids kicking around a soccer ball in the playground. The ball got away from inside the playground, rolled past the promenade and bounced over the railings into the East River.

Click On Image To Enlarge

Two kids quickly went after the ball and jumped over the railing on to the rocks trying to retrieve the ball from the water.

Click Image To Enlarge

Fortunately, the East River current pushed the ball back to the rocks.

Click Image To Enlarge

The boys were able to recover the ball and resume playing.

There was a happy ending but it could have ended differently if the boys slipped into the East River.

Getting To Work From Roosevelt Island During Yesterday Morning's F Train Subway Service Disruption - A Reader's Commute

How was your Roosevelt Island commute yesterday morning? As reported yesterday, there was no F Train service from Roosevelt Island to Manhattan and limited Queens bound service for almost 2 hours due to a Police investigation at the 21 street Queensbridge Station.

Reader Trevre Andrews shares his commuting experience caused by the F train service disruption and wonders about the little green tags on bicycles at the Subway bike rack:

If you wanted to go to manhattan this morning around 845 you would have had to go back to Queen's, although it wasn't clear where you could go from there. It was noted as an ongoing police investigation causing the delay. No signs, just an audio warning when I got to the bottom of the train (Isn't this what the station attendant should do, make a sign?). If I had a pen and paper I would have made one myself.

I also found the Queen's bound trains were taking their sweet time as I waited on one for about 15 minutes before I gave up on the RI public transit all together which leads me to my second story.

Upon exiting the subway I decided to grab my recently locked bike from the rack outside the station, only to notice little green tags on a lot of the bikes. The tags contained four digit numbers but no notifications were to be found.

Image From Trevre Andrews

My imagination ran wild thinking of the psd down there with a plasma torch cutting through hundreds of dollars of perfectly good locks, but it could just be my imagination. Anyone know what's up with the little green tags?

My other options were the red bus service...i didnt want to even start to figure that shirade out, or a taxi, none of which are on the island at that hour. Given my options I hoofed it over to Queen's and grabbed the Vernon blvd 7 train (not wanting to mess with queensboro or leave my bike there).

Image From Trevre Andrews

On my way over to Queen's I also got to see the gridlocked 36th ave bridge, with both lanes stalled maybe due to a broken vehicle.

Image From Trevre Andrews

There is also a water taxi at Hunters Point, which I haven't tried yet. Despite all this I made it to manhattan in under an hour. All in all the frustration is sort of what makes New York so much fun.
RIOC VP Of Operations Fernando Martinez provides some additional information:
At approximately 9:30 AM, RIOC received notice of an F train service disruption on Manhattan-bound trains. To accommodate passenger needs, the following red shuttle bus service was provided:

Manhattan Bound [9:45 AM]: Filled to capacity*
Manhattan Bound [9:50 AM]: Filled to capacity*

Queens Plaza Bound [9:45 AM]: Filled to capacity*
Queens Plaza Bound [10:00 AM]: Filled to capacity*

Manhattan Bound [10:20 AM]: Approximately 40 passengers.
Manhattan Bound [10:25 AM]: Approximately 35 passengers.

Queens Plaza Bound [10:30 AM]: Approximately 50 passengers.

The departure times are from the Riverwalk bus stop.

At approximately 10:30 AM, RIOC received notice that F train service had resumed with residual delays. No additional red shuttle buses were dispatched, and normal Manhattan-bound shuttle service resumed.

*Capacity - 34 seating, 20 standing or a total of 54 passengers
and a reader of yesterday's post adds, though unconfirmed:
What really happened was that is yet unknown wheather or not a man committed suicide.
Also: NYC Transit Forum reported yesterday:
Have no further details at this time but the Medical Examiner is in route and responding to 21st queens bridge. At this time, Due to a police investigation at the 21st Street-Queensbridge Station, F trains are running on the V line in both directions between the 36th Street Station and the 47-50th Street-Rockefeller Center Station.

Monday, June 21, 2010

New Roosevelt Island Tram Tower Up And In Place - Work Starts On Manhattan Tower This Week

The work on the Roosevelt Island Tower Tram Top is now complete

and the new Tower Top is in place.

The crane, which had to be delivered to Roosevelt Island by water via barge due to DOT weight restriction enforcement on the Roosevelt Island Bridge, was disassembled on Friday, placed on a barge

Image From Janet Falk/RIHS
and taken back

Image From Janet Falk/RIHS

with a tugboat's push

Image From Janet Falk/RIHS

under the Queensboro Bridge and down the East River

Image From Janet Falk/RIHS

to it's home yard. The crane will return to start work on the Manhattan Tram Towers this week via truck.

What's the latest status on the Roosevelt Island Tram Modernization Project? According to RIOC President Steve Shane's latest Report (item 2):
Tram: Currently, sixteen weeks after shutdown, POMA advises that the schedule for reopening has fallen behind by about a month to the first week of October. The Contractor has offered a variety of excuses for the delay, chief among them being crane availability. Station work proceeds apace at both ends. A crane was delivered to the Island by barge on June 2. The top of the Island tower is in place. On to Manhattan. Preliminary architectural design for station improvements continues. There will be a community presentation for reaction, comment and decisions about trade-offs.
More on earlier work at the Roosevelt Island Tram Tower and the original construction schedule for the Tram Modernization Project including shutting down traffic near the Manhattan Tram Station

Manhattan Tram Station at 2nd Avenue 60th Street

and surrounding areas as well as the Queensboro Bridge Upper Level Roadway.

Image Of Queensboro Bridge Upper Level

F Train Subway Delays This Morning At Roosevelt Island Subway Station Due To Police Investigation At 21 St Queensbridge Station

You Tube Video Of Manhattan Bound F Train Entering Roosevelt Island

There were problems with this morning's Roosevelt Island F Train subway commute to Manhattan. Loidagarciafebo tweeted:
No trains to Queens. Stuck in Roosevelt island. Asked to take bus back to manhattan. Happy Solstice!!
An explanation from RIOC:
Please be advised due to a Police Investigation at the 21st Street-Queensbridge Station there is limited F train Service into Queens. There is no Manhattan Bound F Train Service at this time. Please change at 74th and Roosevelt Avenue for other destinations.

RIOC has added additional Red Bus Service to Manhattan and the Q102 Bus is running on schedule.
A reader comments:
It's all nice to say in words, but after waiting at the bus stop infront of the school (under the ramp) for Manhattan bound bus for 45 minutes (that was after walking back and forth from the subeway) and seein 4 buses (3 red and 1 MTA) skipping the bus stop, these words have no meaning. Considering the fact that without today's problem, the bus schedule or our commute (without tram) was any way perfect or comfortable, did we expect anything better from RIOC?
According to RIOC:
Please be advised the F Train is back in service in both directions.
UPDATE 4:30 PM - RIOC VP Of Operations Fernando Martinez reports:
At approximately 9:30 AM, RIOC received notice of an F train service disruption on Manhattan-bound trains. To accommodate passenger needs, the following red shuttle bus service was provided:

Manhattan Bound [9:45 AM]: Filled to capacity*
Manhattan Bound [9:50 AM]: Filled to capacity*

Queens Plaza Bound [9:45 AM]: Filled to capacity*
Queens Plaza Bound [10:00 AM]: Filled to capacity*

Manhattan Bound [10:20 AM]: Approximately 40 passengers.
Manhattan Bound [10:25 AM]: Approximately 35 passengers.

Queens Plaza Bound [10:30 AM]: Approximately 50 passengers.

The departure times are from the Riverwalk bus stop.

At approximately 10:30 AM, RIOC received notice that F train service had resumed with residual delays. No additional red shuttle buses were dispatched, and normal Manhattan-bound shuttle service resumed.

*Capacity - 34 seating, 20 standing or a total of 54 passengers

RIRA Fundraising Concert And Bake Sale Sunday June 27 - Please Support Your Residents Association

Image of June 2010 RIRA Meeting

Received the following messages from the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA):
We're going to be having a fundraising Concert and Bake Sale at the church on June 27th to raise money for RIRA. I've attached the promotional flyer to this e-mail. The bake sale will also be continuing after the show (outside of the church) until we sell out of baked goods!



Sunday, June 27, 2010 @ 3 p.m.

At the Chapel of the Good Shepherd/Community Center

Ticket Purchase Information:

Advance sale: $10 adults, $8 seniors, disabled & children under 12

Advance purchases can be made through your RIRA Representative

At the Door: $15 adults, $12 Seniors, disabled & children under 12

Works by Mozart, Offenbach, Lehar, Strauss, Verdi,

Gilbert & Sullivan,

Cold drinks & homebaked goods will be available for a nominal fee and

raffle tickets featuring Island merchants!

Don’t know who your RIRA Rep is?

Call 212-935-7534 and find out!

It’s YOUR Residents Association --

Support it So We Can Support You!

The event is a fundraiser for RIRA, to help support its various small annual expenses, plus the biennial elections for Common Council officers and building representatives.

So, buy a ticket, come enjoy the music, and support your residents' association! (If you can't attend the concert, please buy a ticket(s) anyway, to keep your residents' organization solvent.)
RIRA is a worthwhile organization for Roosevelt Island residents to support. Please consider contributing.