Saturday, August 28, 2021

Roosevelt Island Panorama Room Rooftop Bar At Graduate Hotel Quickly Becoming Destination For Serious Cocktails And Fabulous Views - Take A Look At The Food Menu

The Roosevelt Island Panorama Roof rooftop bar at the Graduate Hotel opened only two weeks ago and has quickly become a destination attraction for local residents and visitors to marvel at the one-of-a- kind NYC East River waterfront and skyline views and enjoy a cocktail or two or three.

According to Forbes:
... expect to see Panorama Room soon drawing the chic and savvy in droves for serious cocktails with unrivaled views...

Roosevelt Island residents have been asking when the Panorama Room food menu will be available? Here it is.

A Panorama Room representative adds:

Please keep in mind the menu is constantly changing right now. We want to continue to build better practices and have the best menu possible for our guests!
Panorama Room rooftop bar hours are: 

  1. Thursday 5pm-midnight 
  2. Friday 5pm-2am 
  3. Saturday 3pm-2am 
  4. Sunday 3pm-midnight 

Reservations are recommended.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Roosevelt Island Disabled Association President Wendy Hersh Honored By NY State Senator Jose Serrano As 2021 Women Of Distinction - Congrats, It Is Well Deserved

Roosevelt Island's New York State Senator Jose Serrano honored Roosevelt Island resident Wendy Hersh as a 2021 Women Of Distinction.

According to Senator Serrano:

As we celebrate Women's Equality Day, I'm proud to announce Wendy L. Hersh, President of the Roosevelt Island Disabled Association (RIDA), as the 2021 Woman of Distinction for the 29th Senate District.

Each year, the New York State Senate's Woman of Distinction award highlights outstanding women living and working in New York State whose contributions have greatly enriched the quality of life in their communities and beyond.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the scope of RIDA’s work increased significantly over the last several months, not only to include the disabled, but seniors and all those in need within the Roosevelt Island community. Under Ms. Hersh’s leadership, RIDA has addressed food insecurity, providing food and PPE for those at risk. As the pandemic began, Ms. Hersh and her team organized a meal delivery program for RIDA members with food provided by the New York City Department of Education. As they saw a need outside of their membership, they expanded delivery services, and within a few months, more than 180 individuals and families on Roosevelt Island were receiving meal delivery.

In August 2020, RIDA started a food pantry in place of deliveries, providing a week’s worth of fresh produce, meats, dairy, canned goods, and shelf stable food for Roosevelt Island Residents.

You can read more about this year's Woman of Distinction here, and watch the New York State Senate's Virtual Program here.

 Ms. Hersh is a National Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She is a former President and board member of both the Metro chapter of the National Rehabilitation Association and New York State National Rehabilitation Counseling Association. She has been working as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for New York State Education Department, Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) since 2004, and since 2016 as a Senior Rehabilitation Counselor, and is President of the Roosevelt Island Disabled Association. She also oversees a vocational program for kids and young adults at risk in her community.

Ms. Hersh has worked as a Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for Bailey House, working with individuals with HIV/AIDS. As a Supervisor at ACCES-VR, she specializes in individuals with a wide range of disabilities. She has spearheaded a Downstate Reentry Pilot since 2016 for those involved in the criminal justice system, although she has been working with these individuals since 2009. Her unit at ACCES-VR engages people with disabilities who are incarcerated, prior to their release from prison, as well as those engaged with criminal justice agencies. She works to encourage and motivate them to take advantage of vocational rehabilitation services in order to help prevent recidivism. She created the Brooklyn Reentry Consortium and a resource guide to enable criminal justice agencies to work together more effectively for the success of their clients.

Ms. Hersh received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/Psychology from the University of Hartford in 1973 and a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from New York University in 2001.

Ms Hersh spoke with me about the Roosevelt Island Food Pantry operations last May

and the RIDA Disability Fair last July.

Congrats to Wendy Hersh, a Women of Distinction Roosevelt Island can be proud of.

Update On 78 Year Old (Not 88) Roosevelt Island Woman Hit By Car Last Sunday, Broken Wrist And Shoulder And Still In Hospital - RIOC Needs To Do Something About Drivers Not Stopping On Main Street Says Friend And Praises PSD Officers And Neighbors Who Helped Victim

An update to August 24 story about 2 separate weekend incidents last Saturday and Sunday of cars hitting Roosevelt Island pedestrians as they were walking in the Main Street crosswalk.

A friend of the woman who was hit on Sunday reports that the victim was 78 years of age, not 88, as reported by NYPD and adds more info as to what happened:

According to the friend, the victim's:

... left wrist was broken in the accident. Her shoulder is also broken and her foot was damaged, i.e., bleeding and red and swollen, but not broken thank goodness.

Her accident happened on Sunday around 2:30/3:00ish. She was on the west side of the street and crossed in the crosswalk by the beauty salon going over to the northbound bus to go down to Foodtown. She got more than half way across when a car didn't stop at the stop sign. He was a young man with an out-of-state license. He ran over her foot and hit the side of her body. In addition to the broken bones, one side of her body is very bruised and black/blue/purple. She's in the Hospital now and will be going to a rehab facility from there because at this point she's unable to come directly home without physical therapy.  

She doesn't think the driver was speeding. He just didn't stop. 

She said Public Safety was right there and very solicitous. She was half sitting and half lying on the ground and one of the PSD Officers put his legs behind her and stood there so she could lean on him and not fall down completely. They got the name and address of the driver, but no insurance information. I'm not sure whether the police are supposed to get that information or it's confidential so I'm not faulting them for that. 

She said people were terrific. The rain was really coming down and people stood over her holding umbrellas so she wouldn't get too wet. Makes you feel good about the neighborhood. But RIOC really needs to do something about drivers not stopping. I think putting back the speed bumps and the stop sign stanchions would be a pretty good start. They did give him a summons. 

I'll never understand why RIOC ever got rid of the speed bumps we used to have. And those stop sign stanchions in the middle of the street made it easier for drivers to realize they were supposed to stop. I know they got rid of those because trucks used to keep knocking them over, but I have to believe they could have found a solution to that.

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) daily Public Safety report listed the incident as:

08/22/21 – 1453 – 510 Main St – Aided /Vehicle Accident – Aided transported to hospital – Summons issued to motorist.

More info about this incident and the one on Saturday at this earlier post including NYPD report.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Join Adela & Cristina's Adventures In Reading And Wine Tastings Book Club At Amazing Roosevelt Island And NYC Locations Starting At New RI Panorama Room Rooftop Bar

Roosevelt Island resident Adela Sinclaire is a poet, educator, avid reader of great books and enjoys a good glass of wine. Ms Sinclair and her friend Cristina Afodorcei have combined these interests and formed a new book club entitled Books and Wine Tastings. 

Image From @michaelgoldburg

According to Ms Sinclair:

Our first book is called Slow Man by Nobel Prize winner J. M. Coetzee. Please join us in our adventures with reading and wine tasting. 

We will meet in person with others once a month. We will set up different locations on Roosevelt Island and the City and announce these to our book club members. 

This is a reading guide for those who want to join us in reading Slow Man by J.M Coetzee.


Meet Adela and Cristina as they introduce the Books and Wine Tastings Club at Roosevelt Island's Panorama Room rooftop bar in the Graduate Hotel. (Videographer credit @michaelgoldburg)
More info at the Books and Wine Tastings Instagram Page.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Roosevelt Island Job Fair Friday August 27 At Good Shepherd Plaza Featuring 14 Businesses Including Trader Joe's, Cornell Tech, Graduate Hotel Among Others - Resume Review Help, Interview Tips/Counselors, & Endless Rack Free Interview Clothing Too

The Roosevelt Island Seniors Association (RISA) is a hosting a job fair Friday August 27 at Good Shepherd Plaza featuring 14 businesses and companies in attendance including:

  • Trader Joe's,
  • Cornell Tech,
  • Graduate Hotel,
  • Cornell Cafe and
  • ShopRite among others
According to RISA Vice President Andrea Jackson:

RISA is hosting this JOB FAIR in an effort to help restore the integrity of the economic shortfalls of our Wonderful Community! The core messages that we are sending are community is revitalization, empowerment, unity and sustainability. We are excited to bring this venue to the community as the first ever JOB FAIR in the Roosevelt Island Community.

Our community although resilient in appearance, some have developed sedentary lifestyles as well as financial setbacks. Our mission is to provide employment for those that need additional funds to defray the cost associated with their loss of income and any additional domestic needs.  

This forum will provided 

  • Resume Reviews, 
  • Interview Counselors, 
  • Interview tips and
  • Work culture advisors. 

There will be resources and employers with Job opportunities that will range from retail to home based businesses.  

We will have an on-site resource called the “Endless Rack” where we will provide clothing to conduct an interview via Zoom, Video or in person. We invite the community to take advantage of this great opportunity. 

Friday, August 27, 2021 

“JOB FAIR” 9 AM - 5 PM in The Good Shepard Plaza 

15 Employment Agencies & Businesses 

“The Endless Rack” Free clothing for your Zoom, Video, or live Interview.  

Resume Reviews, Career Counselors & Interview Tips

Ms Jackson spoke about the upcoming Job Fair during July 31 RISA Summerfest Community Celebration.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

88 Year Old Woman Was One Of 2 Roosevelt Island Residents Hit By Car While Walking In Crosswalk on Main Street In Separate Incidents This Weekend And Taken To Hospital

Last Saturday night a Roosevelt Island Tipster sent this picture


Happening on Main Street. Lots of NYPD and PSD
Yesterday, I asked Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Information Officer Amy Smith and Public Safety Department (PSD) Chief Kevin Brown:

Was there a traffic accident on Main Street with a car hitting a pedestrian Saturday or Sunday night.

Do you have any details? Any injuries or arrests?

No answer from RIOC, but the PSD Daily Incident report shows:

2243- 08/21/21- 576 Main St- Aided/Vehicle Accident- PSD/EMS/NYPD RespondedTransported to Hospital.

Another Tipster reports:

A car, driven by a young male driver, didn’t stop at the Deli’s stop sign or at the Cleaner’s stop sign and hit a woman as she was crossing the street. This happened during the storm on Saturday. 

One person from the car got out and tried to move the woman who was lying on the street while the driver was trying to go around the woman to escape. 

PSD came and held the traffic and the car and driver, all the neighbors that were trying to cross the street and saw it, kindly stayed to give their account of events to PSD.

 I do not know if NYPD showed up or not, but these guys should have been arrested. The noise when the car hit the woman was loud, the car was speeding, and the woman was crossing where she should have: at the zebras.

According to a NYPD spokesperson today:

On Saturday, August 21, 2021 at 2230hrs, police officers responded to the vicinity of 576 Main Street within the confines of the 114th Precinct. Upon arrival, it was reported to police that a 49-year-old male was operating a 2019 Chevrolet when he struck a 33-year-old female pedestrian who was attempting to cross the street. EMS responded and transported the female to Mount Sinai Hospital and the operator of the vehicle was issued a summons for failing to yield to a pedestrian.

 The NYPD spokesperson adds:

On Sunday, August 22, 2021 at 1420hrs, police officers responded to the vicinity of 523 Main Street within the confines of the 114 Precinct. It was reported to police that a 24-year-old male was operating a 2021 toyota when he struck a 88-year-old female pedestrian who was walking in the crosswalk. Roosevelt Island Public Safety issued a summons to the operator and the female was removed to NY Presbyterian Hospital.
UPDATE 8/25 - Roosevelt Island residents react to the hit by car incidents last weekend:
  • Cars don’t stop. They roll through STOP signs, I have seen the Red bus, PSD, delivery trucks do it, daily! I think it’s time for speed bumps! We now have motorized bikes, scooters Vespas driving on the promenades! Any thing motorized belongs on the street. Unless your 12 and under!
  • Yes!! I am getting afraid Every time I cross the street..I have been almost hit more than once!
  • We need more patrolling of bikes and cars- a lot more near misses than ever. And more visible stop signs
  • They need to slow down! People don’t abide by the crosswalk driving there.
  • I’m concerned that now that we are becoming a NYC hotspot with the Panorama Room we will have people driving onto the island and drinking. Public Safety needs to be diligent about traffic after dark.

Sponsored Post - You're Invited To A Roosevelt Island Special Event At The Sanctuary, Chef Pairing Dinner Featuring Classic Woodfired Flatbreads Alongside Glenrothes Single Malt Whiskey Thursday August 26 And Sunset Live Jazz With Local Artist Too

This Thursday, August 26, The Sanctuary Cafe and Event Space on Roosevelt Island's East River Waterfront is hosting:

An educational pairing dinner featuring wood-fired flatbreads and the Glenrothes Single Malt Whiskey

It's a special evening hosted by Glenrothes Distillery, who will do a guided tasting through some complex and delicious flatbread+whiskey pairings! Limited tickets available for $20; additional tickets available at the door for $35.

Sunset Live Jazz will also be playing feat. local artist Jonah Bobo!

Thu, August 26, 2021 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT

The Sanctuary Roosevelt Island 851 Main Street New York, NY 10044

Click here for tickets and more info about the event.

And take a tour of The Sanctuary Cafe and Event Space with co-owner  Alphonse Biondi.

Here's more info about The Sanctuary including menu and upcoming events too.

Monday, August 23, 2021

NYC Bridgerunners Workout Running Up Roosevelt Island Subway Station Deep Underground Down Escalators And Later Wowed By New Panorama Room Rooftop Bar Views - Expect The Chic And Savvy Coming In Droves To Roosevelt Island Panaorama Room Says Forbes

According to NYC Bridgerunners:

The City Is Our Gym 

A few days ago, running up the deep underground down escalator in the Roosevelt Island F Train subway station provided the workout for a group of NYC Bridgerunners

Afterwards, the NYC Bridgerunners enjoyed the view from Roosevelt Island's new Panorama Room rooftop bar at the Graduate Hotel and a tour from owners Med Abrous and Marc Rose.

With great views of the Queensboro Bridge, the group booked the Panorama Roof for their NYC Marathon Party.  

Here's the NYC Bridgerunners subway trip to Roosevelt Island, running up the subway escalator and visit to the Panorama Room.

According to Forbes:
... expect to see Panorama Room soon drawing the chic and savvy in droves for serious cocktails...