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Happy Chanukah - Roosevelt Island Menorah Lighting Ceremony Tonight At 6 PM In Front Of Blackwell House

You Tube Video of Adam Sandler's The Chanukah Song (Part 3)

A Chanukah Menorah Lighting ceremony will take place tonight starting at 6 PM in front of Blackwell House. Come join your neighbors for some hot drinks, latkes, donuts and music.

As to the holiday of Chanukah or Hanukkah, the NY Times writer David Brooks has a great article about it's origins and meaning. I highly recommend it. An excerpt:
Tonight Jewish kids will light the menorah, spin their dreidels and get their presents, but Hanukkah is the most adult of holidays. It commemorates an event in which the good guys did horrible things, the bad guys did good things and in which everybody is flummoxed by insoluble conflicts that remain with us today. It’s a holiday that accurately reflects how politics is, how history is, how life is...
Now For Roosevelt Islanders in Texas or a Texas State of Mind wherever you may be - enjoy the Dreidel song.

You Tube Video of the Dreidel Song Texas Style

UPDATE - 6:45 PM - The Roosevelt Island Jewish Congregation will also be holding a Chanukah Party and Menorah Lighting Ceremony on Sunday December 13 (4 - 6 PM) at the Rivercross Community Room - 531 Main Street.
RIJC Chanukah Flyer_5770-1

Friday, December 11, 2009

Roosevelt Island On The Web Links

Roosevelt Island on the Web Links as appearing in the December 12 2009 Main Street WIRE.

Roosevelt Islander - Kicked Out Of MTA F Train Meeting With WIRE Editor
Roosevelt Islander - Will Southtown Dog Run Replace Blackwell Park Basketball Court?
Roosevelt Islander - RIOC Considering Ferry Service During Tram Outage
The Bravest Tweet - Roosevelt Island Fire
Kalkin Tweet - RIOC RE Committee Agrees To Draft Retail Master Lease Holder RFP
Kellner Tweet - Asks For Civilian Complaint Review Board For State Authority Police
The Gov Monitor - Public Authorities Reform Act Passes Assembly
You Tube - Spider Man Saves Tram Riders From Plunge
RIOC - December Board Of Directors Webcast
Bulgogi Brothers - Fancy Car 1968 Bizzarrini P538 Photo on Roosevelt Island
Our Town - 35th Anniversary Highlights Tram
You Tube - Perfect View Of Queensboro Bridge and FDR Traffic - Manhattan Park Receives $4.48 Million In Federal Stimulus Funds
You Tube - Fire At Island House
NY State Comptroller's Office - Warehousing Mitchell Lama Apartments
Roosevelt Island Listings - Manhattan Park Room To Rent
SeeClickFix - Report & Fix Roosevelt Island Issues
You Tube - Roosevelt Island Christmas Tree
AFL-CIO - Pension Fund Invests In Green Octagon Apartments
NY Times - Neediest Case Teen Lives Part Time On RI
Wired NY - Great Roosevelt Island Photos
Runnin Scared - Missing Roosevelt Island Women Found In Flushing
Micah Kellner - Emergency Preparedness Presentation
RI Bus Tracker - Android Cell Phone Red Bus GPS Tracker
RIOC - Operations and Audit Committee Webcast
RIOC - October Public Safety Statistics
Roosevelt Island Historical Society - Photos Of 1968 RI
Associated Content - Reviews Trellis Restaurant and Likes It
NY Magazine - Resident Tim Keller Leading Evangelical Preacher
RI Moms - New Online Social Network
Callmekcookz Tweet - Americas Next Top Model On Roosevelt Island
City Limits - Foreclosures Worry Roosevelt Landings Residents
Brain Terminal - Ugly Main Street Signage Remembered By Former Resident
Toon Zone - Red Garden Japanese Anime Series Takes Place On RI
Curbed - Google Maps 360 Panoramic Views of RI
NY Times - Undercover At Psychiatric Hospital like Nelly Bly
The Uptowner - Octagon Asylum Used As Example For Harlem Preservation
Early American Crime- Stone Quarry At Blackwells Island
You Tube - Roosevelt Island Pictures & Soundtrack
OHNY - Tram Photo Among Winners Of Architectural Contest

FDNY Drills On Roosevelt Island This Weekend & Update On 11/30 Island House Fire

You Tube Video of 11/30 Roosevelt Island Fire at Island House

RIOC is reporting:
Please be advised on Saturday December 12th and Sunday December 13th from the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. FDNY will be performing training drills at various locations on Roosevelt Island to better respond to the Island's needs in case of a fire or other related emergency.
That is a very good development. Remember on November 30 there was a fire at Roosevelt Island's Island House. At the time Public Safety Director Keith Guerra reported:
The fire this afternoon took place at 551 Main Street #203, which is an "Up apartment". FDNY extinguished the fire. The Fire Marshall informs that it started in a bedroom on the 2nd floor of the apartment. There is a possibility that it was caused by an electric blanket, but that has not been confirmed as of yet.

The entire 2nd floor of the building was evacuated by PSD, including the residents of apartment 203, who I'm told are nuns from the church. Thankfully, there were no injuries. The Red Cross is on the scene.
During the December Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) meeting there were several eyewitness complaints concerning FDNY's response time to this fire as well as their knowledge about the layout of Island House. RIRA President Frank Farance met with FDNY representatives and reports:
Fire in Island House. As reported in the WIRE, there was a fire in 551 Main Street. We heard several complaints about the performance of FDNY afterwards. I spoke with Lt. Philips at Engine 260, which is our nearest firehouse. The discussion was in the spirit of comparing notes and lessons learned. Overall, there's a little bit of improvement everywhere: FDNY, RIOC, Public Safety, managing agents, and the residents themselves. RIRA will be compiling an informative list for an upcoming Town Hall meeting.

In church on Sunday, Fr. Miqueli asked residents to avoid idle gossip: there were no candles or electric blankets to cause a fire in the nuns' apartment. He suggested that we await the fire marshal's report to understand the cause of the fire. On Monday, a half dozen of us helped pack up the convent while the apartment is being repaired.

Here's a fire safety tip especially for Roosevelt Island residents: Many baseboard heaters have no guard, so power/electric cords can slip up into the heating elements and cause a fire. In my apartment, the heater configuration makes it impossible to have a bed in a bedroom that doesn't abut a heater (for me, those heaters are ALWAYS off). Please be careful and regularly check sofas, beds, cables, etc. to make sure they are well clear of baseboard heaters.

Island Hous Fire Image From rizares Tweetphoto

Roosevelt Island Temporary Tram Outage Yesterday - Did Spiderman Saves The Roosevelt Island Tram From Green Goblin?

There was a temporary outage yesterday on the Roosevelt Island Tram.

What happened? You're not going to believe it. According to this You Tube Video, a normal trip on the Roosevelt Island Tram was interrupted when suddenly it was attacked by the Green Goblin. Then, out of nowhere Spider Man came to the rescue of Tram passengers dangling over the East River. (The action starts just after the 2 Minute mark of video.)

You Tube Video of Spiderman Saving Roosevelt Island Tram

Well, not really. This is what did happen.
According to the 12/10-11 Roosevelt Island Public Safety Report:
Tram Temporary Outage - Tram employee called PSD to report that the tram was out of service. Condition was corrected and tram resumed service.
Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Keith Guerra provides some additional details:
Yes, the Tram was out of service for approximately 45 minutes. The Control Panel indicated a problem with the Hydraulic System, while the Tram was in the Station. Our Tram Engineers immediately went into "Trouble-shoot" mode and rectified the problem. There were no injuries to any passengers.
The temporary tram outage did cause some additional problems for some disabled residents according to first comment from this post:
This morning's brief Tram outage left a few disabled people challenged when they got to the subway and got out at 63rd St and discovered no elevator service.
I like the Spiderman story better.

Apparently, there was quite a controversy over the Spiderman movie shoot on Roosevelt Island. According to the May 5 2001 Main Street WIRE:
Roosevelt Island ended last week with a transportation crisis brewing. As of late Friday night, RIOC staff members were set to sign over the Tramway to Columbia Pictures most of Tuesday through Saturday or Sunday.

By Monday night, as residents gathered for a Town Meeting hastily called by Residents Association (RIRA) President Matthew Katz, parents concerned over transportation of their children were ready to go on the attack with questions and criticisms of everything about the plan, which would have taken the cable car out of service from noon on each day....
There's alot more. Read the whole article as well as editorial and cartoon.

There always seems to a some sort of transportation problem here on Roosevelt Island.

No Queens Bound F Train Service To Roosevelt Island This Weekend/ Accident On Subway Escalator -Why Not Email the F Train Line Manager?

You Tube Video of F Train Arriving At Roosevelt Island Subway Station

It seems as though the last several days have been all about the MTA and Roosevelt Island F Train subway service. Today is no different.

Here we go again.

Be aware that there will be no Queens Bound F Train Subway Service from Roosevelt Island beginning 12 AM Saturday until 5 AM Monday this weekend. According to the MTA:
F Jamaica-bound trains run on the V from 47-50 Sts to Roosevelt Av

Weekend, 12:01 AM Sat to 5 AM Mon, Dec 12 - 14

,,, For service to Roosevelt Island and 21 St-Queensbridge, take the F to Roosevelt Av and transfer to a Coney-Island bound F.
RIOC advises:
F-Train Advisory

Please note the following planned service disruption on the F line:

Northbound F via 53rd St from 0001 Sat, Dec 12 to 0500 Mon, Dec 14. No northbound trains at Roosevelt Island.

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp. will operate the Tram and Bus Service throughout the service disruption.
In addition to the disruption in Roosevelt Island subway service difficulties, problems with Roosevelt Island's brand new escalators occurred this week.

Roosevelt Island Escalators
A reader reports:
This week alone there have been two accidents involving the escalator at the F train station at Roosevelt island. The first accident was during the heavy rain on Wednesday (12/09/09 aprox: 9:35am). The floor was very slick with water and I was super careful, walked slowly and held on to the rail on the escalator. I was also wearing rubber soled shoes. None of that mattered. I took one careful step forward, still holding on, and slipped and landed on both shins. Lucky for me nothing was broken, but I have heavy bruising on both shins and the right shin has a gouge in it. It makes walking very difficult. I had to get to work and figured by the time actually managed to stagger back upstairs to complain I'd get the brush off and also get yelled at when I got to work.

The second accident was this morning (12/11/09 aprox: 9:25 am). A couple was just ahead of me and my husband on the escalator heading down to the train. They rode it down instead of walking down. On the second escalator, close to the bottom, the man's jacket got snagged on a part of the escalator because 2 entire panels were missing, exposing the inside of the escalator. He got yanked back, tried to free himself and ended up having to walk up the escalator as he worked his jacket free. If that happened to an older person, they could have gotten seriously hurt.

I'm not really sure if the MTA will give a crap, they had me on perpetual hold and don't have an email address that one can find easily to report this stuff. But I figured alot of people read your blog, and someone should know that the station is unsafe. By the way, that little yellow caution sign does nothing if they don't mop the floors once in a while....
Here is the MTA's Elevator and Escalator Status Page for Roosevelt Island. Interesting that the MTA states on this page that the Roosevelt Island subway station is in Queens and not Manhattan.

I did find a MTA web page that says you can email the Subway Line General Manager including the one for Roosevelt Island. Perhaps Roosevelt Island residents unhappy with F line subway service could email the F line manager and see if it works. If you do, please send me a copy as well.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

MTA Tram Outage Plan For Roosevelt Island F Train Subway Riders- Nothing, Nada & Nilch

Image of Roosevelt Island MTA Meeting From Jonathan Kalkin Tweet

An update to yesterday's post about the meeting concerning Roosevelt Island F train subway service in which I got kicked out of but first a brief recap:
I am very pissed at being removed earlier this morning by MTA Press Office from meeting on finding temporary solution to alleviating the anticipated overcrowding on the Roosevelt Island F Train service during 2010 Tram outage despite being invited to attend by a Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Director, the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) President and with the knowledge of Assembly Member Micah Kellner's office who convened the meeting. I also got soaking wet walking in the poring rain to MTA Headquarters for this meeting which did not help.

MTA press people present removed me and the Main Street WIRE editor from meeting claiming that MTA could not speak openly or frankly about this subject with us in the room.
After the meeting I spoke with many of those in attendance who said that there was absolutely nothing said by those in attendance that could be construed in any way as being confidential or that the presence of myself or the Main Street WIRE editor would have effected anything being said.

The substance of the meeting was that the MTA does not think there is an overcrowding problem at the Roosevelt Island F train subway station nor will there be one during the Tram outage. Neither will the MTA refrain from the weekend F train subway disruptions during the Tram outage.

Below is slide from MTA's Power Point Presentation used during the meeting dealing with Roosevelt Island. Click on the image for better reading.

Assembly Member Micah Kellner who convened the meeting reports back on what happened
Much of the meeting was based around the MTA's presentation on the review of F line service it completed in October According to the report, "the review shows that the F lags behind other routes in many performance measures and that the older parts of its infrastructure, some of which are 90 years old, can affect service reliability." The MTA has reorganized line management, established a task force of senior managers to review F line operations and develop strategies for improvements, and assigned newer, more reliable cars to the line. It is in the process of "reviewing the F line's schedules and service design to assess potential operational and service changes," and "undertaking a train load analysis to provide line management with critical information for evening out train loads," as well as "developing strategies to reduce the impact of maintenance and infrastructure renewal work on operations, including coordinating previously separate maintenance activities, and establishing a 'Scheduled Maintenance System' for signal repairs."

The MTA noted that it has twice rearranged its F-line maintenance and infrastructure renewal schedule in light of the planned tram outage, but with the additional delay in the tram project (to March 2010) it cannot defer critical maintenance, and it will be forced to do some work during the period of the tram outage that may result in one-way service on the F-line on some weekends and nights (it's also likely that E trains will be routed through the 63rd Street tunnel, and thus RI, on some occasions).

The MTA says it conducts peak load checks at Roosevelt Island twice a year, and that according to its data, average loads on the F train at Roosevelt Island, even during the morning rush, are within its passenger loading guidelines (I believe the figure was that average loads were at 82% of the guideline). It would be within the guidelines even with the additional 500 or so passengers who currently ride the tram during the morning rush. According to the MTA, federal law prohibits it from adding transit capacity to lines where ridership is within passenger loading guidelines, as long as there are other lines that are more crowded (for instance, the 2/3 and 4/5). This means that the MTA is unlikely to add trains to RI service in the near future.

We did talk about strategies for reducing crowding on the F at RI by better distributing passengers who board trains there -- including signage to encourage riders to spread out along the platform, and the possibility of temporarily reversing platform escalators during the morning rush, so that people do not all come down onto the platform in the same two places (by the stairs and the elevator).

The MTA also said that ridership on the Q102 is currently well below passenger loading guidelines (which, again, they are mandated to refer to). It was pointed out that one reason for the Q102's low ridership is that island residents do not consider it reliable, as it comes fairly infrequently and it goes around the island in two different directions, meaning that riders do not necessarily know which direction it will be going in when they are waiting for it. The MTA said that beginning in April, the Q102 will only go in one direction around the island, which should make it more reliable for riders. In turn, if ridership increases, the MTA will be able to increase the line's frequency.

Other topics we discussed:

-Improving the responsiveness of line and station managers to the public
-Improving station signage for riders with disabilities
-Adding signs at the station entrance notifying passengers when the elevator at the 63rd/Lexington station is not working
-Additional pigeon control measures, which may include changing the station doors, as well as other measures (Assembly Member Kellner is looking into finding funds for pigeon mitigation at the station).

As you know, this meeting was part of an ongoing process of dialog between RI residents and elected officials, and the MTA. We will continue to follow up with the MTA to ensure that promised improvements are made, and that passenger loads are closely monitored so that service can be added when loads exceed 95% of the loading guidelines.
Below is the full MTA F Subway Line Power Point Presentation used at the meeting.
rooseveltislandftrainpresentation UPDATE 12/13 - I found a MTA web page that says you can email the Subway Line General Managers including the one for Roosevelt Island F train. Perhaps Roosevelt Island residents unhappy with F line subway service could email the F line manager and see if it works. If you do, please send me a copy as well.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Got Kicked Out By MTA From Roosevelt Island F Train Subway Meeting This Morning - What Happened to New Transparency Mr. Walder?

Waiting For MTA Roosevelt Island Meeting To Begin

Quick post - more will come later. I am very pissed at being removed earlier this morning by MTA Press Office from meeting on finding temporary solution to alleviating the anticipated overcrowding on the Roosevelt Island F Train service during 2010 Tram outage despite being invited to attend by a Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Director, the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) President and with the knowledge of Assembly Member Micah Kellner's office who convened the meeting. I also got soaking wet walking in the poring rain to MTA Headquarters for this meeting which did not help.

MTA press people present removed me and the Main Street WIRE editor from meeting claiming that MTA could not speak openly or frankly about this subject with us in the room.

Unbelievable, how absurd and incompetent can the MTA be?

What happened to new MTA Chairman Jay Walder's policy of openness and transparency. According to the NY Times, Mr. Walder testified at a public hearing that:
...he hoped to encourage “a new communications strategy with the communities we serve” and to make public information about the system more “comprehensive and comprehensible.”...
“We need to address the issues of credibility, accountability and transparency,” Mr. Walder said when asked about his goals upon starting his job. “I’m sure we can all agree on that.”
Apparently, based upon today's actions, nobody else but Chairman Walder believe in credibility, accountability and transparency at the MTA. It is simply ridiculous to bar a citizen journalist/blogger from such a meeting when any of the other participants present at the meeting could just as easily blog about what occurred as I can.

Since I don't yet know what happened during the meeting, here is a summary of what RIRA is proposing for temporary Roosevelt Island subway service during the Tram outage scheduled to start in March 2010.
- We are requesting 4-5 trains, one every half hour, in the morning rush between 6:30-9:00. For example, the schedule might be 6:50, 7:20, 7:50, 8:20, 8:50 -- the exact times are to be refined later.

- The Special-Q service will take an uptown Q train from the 57St-7Ave terminus and send it outbound via 63St tracks to 21St-Queenbridge. Once there, the train will "turnaround" on the Queens-bound track (motorman switches to West end of train) and await a Manhattan-bound F train to pass on the Manhattan-bound tracks. After the F train passes, the Q train will switch tracks and follow to the F train. Once the Q train arrives at Roosevelt Island, the doors will open on the empty train and passengers will board quickly. The Q train will continue on 63St tracks (stopping at 63St-Lex) and continue down 7Av and Bway on the normal Q train service.

- These additional Q trains will *NOT* add load to the 63St connector interlock (in Long Island City) nor the Rockefeller Center interlock, i.e., we are avoiding two congestion points.

- For Roosevelt Island commuters, they can transfer at 63St-Lex, continue on 7Av-Bway (a block away from the F train route), or transfer at Herald Square to the F train.

- The extra service is only for the morning rush. No additional evening trains are requested.

- Has this kind of cross-track routing been done before? Yes, the MTA did this in Herald Square on the 6Ave lines while providing several temporary train services over the years. The 21St-Queensbridge station was the old terminus of the Q train, so it has the signaling to support the turnaround and track changes.

- Fernando Martinez, RIOC's VP of Operations, has assured me that RIOC will collaborate and coordinate the Island's red bus schedule with the MTA's additional trains, i.e., if the MTA provides the additional capacity, RIOC will deliver the passengers.

RIOC Board Of Directors Meeting Followed By Town Hall Meeting On December 10 - Come Ask Your Questions Of RIOC Board/ RIRA Town Hall Tonight Too

Image of 6/25 RIOC Board Meeting

The Roosevelt Island Board of Directors (RIOC) will be holding their final meeting of 2009 on Thursday, December 10. A Town Hall Meeting in which Roosevelt Island residents can ask questions of RIOC Board members follows the Board meeting.

The Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) will be holding a Town Hall Meeting tonight (Wednesday, 8PM Good Shepherd Community Center) to discuss the issues on the RIOC Board's Agenda. All are invited to attend.

Below is the Agenda for the December 10 meeting of the Roosevelt Island Board of Directors

DECEMBER 10, 2009

I. Call to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Approval of Minutes
1. September 17, 2009 Board Meeting (Board Action Required)
IV. Old Business
V. New Business
1. Authorization to "Override" the New York City Public Design Commission Requirements in Connection with the Aerial Tramway Modernization Project (Board Action Required)
2. Authorization to Enter Into an Amendment of the Real Estate Consulting Services Contract with Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. (Board Action Required)
3. Authorization to Enter into Contract for Owner's Representative Services in Connection with the FDR Four Freedoms Park Project (Board Action Required - Materials to Follow)
4. 2010 Meetings of the Roosevelt Island Operation Corporation Board of Directors (Board Action Required)
5. Presentation of the FY 2009-10 QTR 2 Procurement Report
6. Committee Reports
a. Audit Committee
b. Governance/Operations Advisory Committee
c. Real Estate Development Advisory Committee
7. Public Safety Report
8. President’s Report
VI. Adjournment


.1The Town Hall Meeting is not part of the RIOC Board Meeting.
The RIOC Board meeting will be webcast and archived here.

Roosevelt Island Public Safety Reports 11/24 thru 12/7 - Island House Fire, Suspicious Filming, Taking Pictures of PS 217 Students & Unwanted Texting

You Tube Video Of Roosevelt Island Public Safety Recruitment

The most recent Roosevelt Island 24 hour Public Safety Report is posted daily on the blog's inside right sidebar, just below the Roosevelt Island Classified Listings. Listed is a daily log recapping local incidents the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department responded to the previous day.

RIOC is also posting the Daily and October Monthly Roosevelt Island Public Safety Incident reports on their web site. A breakdown of Roosevelt Island Public Safety incidents by location and category (the Blotter) for the months of September/October 2009 is available as well.

Below are the Roosevelt Island Daily Public Safety Reports for November 24 - December 7, 2009. Incidents include:
  • Damage To Car (11/24)
  • Grafitti near Elevator and Stairwell (11/25)
  • Suspicious Filming Near Con Ed Plant (11/26)
  • Assisted Tenant Who Fell From Wheelchair (11/27, 29, 30)
  • GPS Taken From Parked Vehicle (11/28)
  • Allegation of Motorgate Employee Scratching Vehicle (11/28)
  • Garbage Can Set On Fire (11/29)
  • Island House Fire (11/30)
  • Public Urination (12/1)
  • Female Reported Male Following Her To Subway (12/2)
  • Unwanted Text Messaging (12/2)
  • Female Name Calling (12/3)
  • Unknown Male Taking Pictures of PS/IS 217 Students (12/4)
  • Fighting At Eastwood/Roosevelt Landings (12/4)
  • 9 Youths Locked In Eastwood Laundry Room (12/6) and
  • Missing Person Found (12/7)
0700 hrs 11/24/09 - 0700 hrs 11/25/09

Investigation - Resident reported to PSD that a package was delivered to old address and was signed for. When reporter finally received it, package was open. Tenant was referred to management and NYPD.

Found Property - Property turned into PSD. Property was secured.

Aided - PSD and EMS responded for possible aided. Aided was not feeling well. Aided was transported to hospital.

Investigation - Tenant notified PSD that a male subject knocked on her door asking for food donation. Reporter didn't see the person. PSD conducted search with negative results.

Found Property - PSD officer found property. Property was secured at PSD.

Property Damage - Owner reported damage to her car. Owner stated it is a on going situation. NYPD report was filed.

0700 hrs 11/25/09 - 0700 hrs 11/26/09

Graffiti - Porter reported to PSD there was graffiti near elevator and inside stairwell. PSD responded and conducted search with negative results. Photos were taken.

Aided - PSD responded to female that fell down on ground. EMS responded and transported aided to hospital.

0700hrs 11/26/09 - 0700 hrs 11/27/09

Investigation - Resident reported to PSD that her husband who she lives with.Removed top lock and chain from the apt front door.
Husband was not home at this time to be questioned resident stated husband lives with her and they have no problems.
Resident was referred to management to get a new lock and chain.

Aided - PSD and EMS responded to a aided. Aided had abdominal pains and was transported to the hospital.

Alarm - PSD officer responded to an apt in 531 Main street for an alarm. Reporter stated the smoke alarm battery went bad all was in order.

Aided - Aided walked into PSD and stated she fell by the subway and hurt her right knee and shoulder . Aided refused EMS.Sidewalk was checked no damage was found
sidewalk was leveled.

Suspicious Activity - Tenant reported two suspicious persons filming Con ED power plant. PSD responded to location took both subjects information.
Subjects were college film students filming a movie for school.

Smoke Condition - PSD responded to 540 for a smoke condition.Tenant burned food on the stove no damage to apt.
Urban American was notified.

There's More!

0700 hrs. Friday November 27th 2009 - 0700 hrs. Saturday November 28th 2009.

Aided - Male tenant fell inside his apartment. Ems on scene, tenant refused transportation to hospital.

Aided - PSD responded to East Seawall for a female in the water.Upon arrival, female was bleeding from her feet FDNY and EMS on scene, with ladder removed female and transported her to the hospital.

Alarm - PSD responded to apartment, upon arrival tenant stated carbon monoxide ringing. FDNY on scene corrected condition.

Aided - PSD responded to apartment for a female tenant on a wheelchair being disabled. Home attendant refused to help until an officer on scene. EMS Refused.

Aided - PSD Officer and NYPD responded to a male tenant who fell from his wheelchair. EMS on scene helped tenant back onto his chair. No hospital transport required.

11/28/09-7:00 AM to 11/29/09-7:00 AM

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Harassment- A report of harassment by a Central Parking employee who allegedly scratched a parked vehicle. No witnesses. NYPD refused.

Lost Property- A wallet. An Island youth found the wallet. It was returned to the owner.

Petit Larceny- A G.P.S. was taken from a parked vehicle. Victim stated he may have left the vehicle unsecured. NYPD refused at this time. Incident to be reported to NYPD C POP at a later date.

Unlicenced Operator- Subject committed a moving violation and was stopped by PSD. Upon investigation it was determined that he was an unlicenced operator. Subject was arrested by PSD.

11/29/09-7:00 AM to 11/30/09-&:00 AM

Towed Vehicle- A vehicle parked on the sidewalk over 1 ½ hour was towed
by PSD.

Investigation- NYPD conducting an investigation on an incident off island.

Aided- Female in apt slipped from her wheelchair. EMS responded and transported her to the hospital.

Domestic Dispute- Between a Foster Mother and 2 foster youths. PSD and NYPD responded. NYPD filed a report. Youths left apt. Foster mother will notify the agency.

Criminal Mischief- A garbage can was set on fire by a group of youths. PSD responded and extinguished it. Search conducted for the youths with negative results. No damage to the garbage can.

Graffiti- On a pillar rear of 540 Main Street. Search made with
negative results. UA notified. NYPD refused.

Aided- PSD, NYPD and UA responded to an apt for a possible aided. Upon arrival tenant was in apt and fine. He stated he did not call 911.

0700hrs November 30, 2009 through 0700hrs December 1st, 2009

Harassment (off island) - Female was being harassed by the wife of an ex-male friend. NYPD was refused female has order of protection against the ex-male friend and will advise courts of the incident with his wife.

Aided- Male complaining of pain. EMS called and male transported to the hospital.

Fire- Smoke and flames coming from the apt window. PSD units respond, tenants in apt and entire floor is evacuated. FDNY on scene and fire was extinguished. No injuries reported.

Aided- Male fell out of his wheelchair and hit his table. EMS responds and male is transported to hospital.

Verbal Dispute- Between two tenants. NYPD refused. Matter referred to housing management office.

Aided (EDP)- Male youth acting irrational and disorderly with foster parents, also refused to take his medication. EMS and NYPD respond, aided is transported to hospital.

Aided EDP)- Male youth behaving irrational with his guardian. EMS responds and requests NYPD for youth to be transported to the hospital

12/1/09-7:00 AM to 12/2/09-7:00 AM

Aided- Female fell outside of a building. She refused EMS. PSD escorted her to her residence.

Smoke Condition- Burnt food at the Day Care center. No inuries and no property damage. FDNY responded and corrected the condition.

Graffiti- In the hallway of a building. Search conducted with negative results. UA Super notified. NYPD refused.

Public Urination- Adult male urinated on the sidewalk. Male issued a summons by PSD.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

12/2/09-7:00 AM to 12/3/09-7:00 AM

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Harassment- female resident reported that a male resident was following her to the subway. PSD responded and spoke to the subject who stated it was a coincidence. NYPD refused.

Investigation- Unwanted text messages from a "Nite Club." Occurred in March and ceased when called back. But it has resumed since Sept 2009 to the present. Reporter to call the club and advise if it doesn't cease she will have her attorney notified.

Verbal Dispute- Between 2 Goldwater Hospital patients. No injuries. Argument ceased and they departed separately. NYPD refused.

Investigation- Tenant reported a odor possibly Marijuana. PSD responded and searched the hallway and the stairwells with negative results. Odor coming from a bathroom vent. Matter to be referred to RY Management.

Theft of Merchandise/Investigation- A youth took 2 cans of red bull from the Supermarket. He stopped by the manager. PSD responded and escorted youth to his residence. Adult sister took custody and notified the mother. NYPD refused.

Unknown Condition- PSD assisted NYPD to locate an apt. Tenant refused PSD assistance. PSD left area.

0700 hrs 12/03/09 - 0700 hrs 12/04/09

Unknown Condition - PSD escorted NYPD to an apartment. Complainant refused PSD assistance.

Harassment - Female complainant came into PSD to report that another female continues to call her names. PSD report was taken. NYPD refused.

Investigation - PSD responded to vehicle in roadway. Key was left inside and vehicle was moved out of the way. Summons was issued. NYPD was on scene and ran vin number. Vehicle didn't come back stolen.

Aided - PSD responded to an apartment for elderly female that fell inside apartment. EMS responded and transported aided to hospital.

Aided/Lockout - Tenant notified PSD that he was locked out of his apartment. PSD notified service and opened door for tenant.

Aided - PSD and EMS responded to an apartment for possible aided. Aided not feeling well and was transported to hospital.

0700 hrs. Saturday December 4th 2009 tru 0700 hrs. Saturday December 5th 2009

Aided - Tenant not feeling well. Ems on scene , transported to Elmhurst Hospital.

Investigation - Anonymous male taking photos PS 217 school kids. PSD responded, male took off in his vehicle.School Safety and NYPD Notified.

Damaged Property - Store merchant entered PSD stated the rear gate from her store was broken. PSD Caution taped area advised Merchant to contact City Gate to have condition corrected.

Trespass - Five subjects caught inside eastwood stairwell with illegal substances. PSD arrested and transported subjects to the pct. to be processed.

Criminal Mischief / Disorderly Conduct - PSD officer observed two male subjects engaged in a physical fight. One subject pushed other into the lobby door breaking the door glass. Both subjects fled. PSD apprehended both subjects. Urban American Mgr. Contacted wish to press charges. Both subjects transported to Central booking for processing.

There were no incident reports for Dec 5, 2009.

12/6/09-7:00 AM to 12/7/09-7:00 AM

Smell of Gas- Tenant reported a smell of gas in apt. PSD and UA responded and detected no odor of Gas.

Graffiti- On an apt door. UA notified. Search for the subject yielded negative results. NYPD refused.

Investigation/Follow Up- NYPD requested information on an incident previously reported pertaining to a tenant who was followed to her apt.

Trespass- 9 youths locked the East Wood laundry room and would not open the door. PSD responded. Parents were notified and picked up the youths. No damage to property. No injuries.

Vehicle Accident- Between a vehicle and PSD vehicle. No injuries. EMS refused. Damage to both vehicles. NYPD responded and filed a report. Mini Bus Supervisor notified.

Disobey Stop Sign- Motorist stopped by PSD for a moving violation. Motorist did not have a driver's license in his possession. Passenger/friend of motorist, a licensed operator took possession of vehicle.

12/7/09-7:00 AM to 12/8/09-7:00 AM

Car stop/ Unlicenced Driver- Motorist committed a moving violation and was stopped by PSD. Motorist left driver's license at home. Father of motorist/licenced retrieved the vehicle. Motorist issued 2 summonses by PSD.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Missing Person- An elderly female was missing. PSD and NYPD conducted a search with negative results on 12/7/09. Flyers were distributed on the island. On 12/8/09 the missing was found in Queens and taken to the hospital. Husband saw the news story and went to the hospital to get his wife per NYPD.

Lost Property- A wallet at a hospital where Island resident works at (off Island). PSD report filed.

Petit Larceny/Possession of Stolen Property- Subject stole 2 cases of beer and walked out of Gristedes Supermarket without making payment. PSD responded and arrested the subject. Subject also had marijuana in his possession.

Vehicle Accident-Between a private Sanatation Truck and a private vehicle. Passenger of vehicle opened door without looking and truck struck door of vehicle. EMS and NYPD refused. Parties also refused personal information. Vehicle motorist stated he will pay for the damage.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Update On RIOC Directors Effectively Monitoring RIOC Staff & Roosevelt Island Blackwell Park Dog Run - Is It Flaying A Dead Horse?

Image of 2002 Southtown Site From Main Street WIRE Southtown Chronology

RIOC President Steve Shane and Planning & Intergovernmental Affairs VP Rosina Abramson disagreed with last Thursday's post concerning the finding of no contractual obligation in Southtown Development Agreement required the placement of a Dog Run in Blackwell Park which they previously insisted existed to RIOC Board Directors during November's Real Estate Committee meeting (See RIOC Webcast at approx 1 hour 18 minute mark). The point of my post was more about the effective monitoring of RIOC staff by the RIOC Board members present at the Real Estate Committee meeting than the Dog Run itself. I wrote:
... This incident is a small but telling example of the importance of having Roosevelt Island residents on the RIOC Board who are knowledgeable and caring enough to effectively monitor the actions and decisions of RIOC staff as it pertains to the quality of life here on Roosevelt Island. In the past, the RIOC Board would probably have accepted Ms Abramson's statement regarding the dog run as fact and moved on to another matter. THOSE DAYS HAVE CHANGED!...
The next day Mr. Shane emailed:
In fact, while Mr. Leitner opined that there was no obligation for the dog run in the Southtown Development Agreement, as confirmed by the Southtown Developer, Mr. Kraut, then and now a RIOC Board member, offered the statement from his memory that the dog run was put in at the instance of the then Northtown residents, by and through RIOC, as the Northtown residents didn't want those future Southtown dogs running around and messing up the Island. So, the Developer agreed to do so in the spot now occupied by the dog run. With the advent of the new buildings, at some future date, the dog run will be relocated to a mutually agreeable location with Riverwalk and RIOC. No sinister plot by RIOC or grand victory for the self-styled oppressed residents. It is to be noted that many NYC parks do have dog runs, as canine owners are viewed as citizens also.
Later that day Ms Abramson emailed:
Obviously you missed the point. Come in and I will show you the documentation that indicated the Blackwell park location for the dog run. The Blackwell park location for the dog run became a moot issue when RIOC persuaded the developer to build it elsewhere. Also, there was never a contention that RIOC had an obligation to rebuild the tot lot, so what was your point? It's always been clearly the developer's obligation and we never contended otherwise.

I think it would be helpful to you to come in and review the background so you have some context for what you write.
I replied to Ms. Abramson:
Thank you for expressing your view on subject. I am always happy to correct any mistakes, errors or omissions that appear on the Roosevelt Islander blog.

However, in regard to your comment concerning this post about the Dog Run at Blackwell Park, I did not miss your point, obvious or otherwise.

As you know, during the November RIOC Real Estate Committee meeting you clearly and adamantly insisted that under the Southtown Development Agreement, RIOC was under a legal obligation to allow a dog run to be built in Blackwell Park. Had the RIOC Directors present at this meeting not insisted that RIOC General Counsel Ken Leitner examine the Agreement to confirm your statement the understanding would have persisted that the Riverwalk Developer had the contractual right to install a dog run in Blackwell Park. We now know that is not the case. Whatever documentation you reference, other than the Southtown Development Agreement is clearly not controlling.

Your point regarding this being a moot issue because RIOC had already persuaded the Riverwalk developer to put the dog run elsewhere is confusing. When did this occur - if before the November Real Estate Committee meeting why did you insist that RIOC had the legal obligation to build the dog run at Blackwell Park? If after the November meeting why did RIOC have to persuade the Riverwalk developer not to do build the dog run at Blackwell Park when the developer had no such right to begin with? What am I missing here?

As to my mention of the tot lot, it was only included in the post because Mr. Leitner mentioned it in his discussion. No other point was intended or made.

As always, I am happy to include yours and any other member of RIOC's staff perspective in any material published on Roosevelt Islander blog so that the full context of a story is presented. I always endeavor to be fair though at times I may fall short. When that is pointed out to me I will make any correction.
Ms. Abramson replied:
The dog run was agreed by developer not to be in Blackwell park long before Nov. meeting at my insistence, which is why it was moot and not pursued with legal. That it's legality was subsequently raised with legal had no consequence as it wasn't going there anyway. Come in and I'll show you documentation.

The fact that I didn't comment further at the ops meeting is because it has been moot for a long time and I didn't think any more time spent on a non event would be profitable. There's lots of stuff I didn't comment on including whether the sky was falling. Only Orwell would draw implications from that.
I replied to Mr. Shane's message:
Thank you for your thoughts on this matter.

My main point in this post was not whether or not a Southtown Dog Run is a good or bad idea. The main point was that RIOC's VP of Planning and Intergovernmental Affairs provided incorrect information to RIOC Board members on this subject during the November Real Estate Committee meeting but that in this case was challenged by resident RIOC Board members to demonstrate the validity of her statement and it was subsequently determined to be inaccurate by RIOC General Counsel Lietner.

As you know, Rosina adamantly insisted at this meeting that a Blackwell Park dog run was a part of the Southtown Development Agreement and you agreed with her as well. ( See RIOC webcast of meeting at approx 1 hour 18 minute mark forward) that RIOC was obligated to put a Dog Run in Blackwell Park. In the past, the RIOC Board would have accepted Rosina's statement, and your agreement with that statement as true, and moved on to another matter. That did not happen this time and was the point of the post - not the adviseablilty of a Southtown Dog run.

Also, in subsequent email messages between Rosina and myself following the publication of this post, in which you were copied, Rosina explains that she persuaded the Riverwalk Developers not to place a dog run in Blackwell Park long before the November Real Estate Committee meeting. But if that was the case why did she state to the RIOC Board Directors during that meeting that RIOC was obligated to put a dog run in Blackwell Park? Further, why did she think she needed to persuade the Developer to forgo building a dog run in Blackwell Park that the Developer had no right to build in the first place as stated by Mr. Leitner?

In regard to the Dog run, your statement that the dog run is for the benefit of Northtown residents is incomplete at best since you and Rosina both indicated at the Real Estate Meeting that it is a marketing gimmick for the Riverwalk Developer so that he may attract more dog owners to his buildings and Roosevelt Island.

I was not imputing any "sinister plot by RIOC" just reporting what happened and approving of the RIOC Directors actions in this matter.
Finally, Mr. Shane gets the last word - maybe:
Having dogs was and is a marketing matter for Riverwalk. The dog run was originally pushed by the other Island residents. See David Kraut's recollection.Now having been promised a dog run in the marketing materials, the Riverwalk folks of course view it as their prerogative.
I was relying on the map produced by Rosina showing the dog run location. Let us not continue to flay this horse, now dead. The purpose of the community planning exercise is not to impose anyone's will, but to reach consensus. Delighted that the issue, now raised, has been satisfactorily resolved to everyone's satisfaction. Surely, it matters not a whit to RIOC where the dog run is located, so long as the most residents are served and the least disturbed.
Thank you to all who, ever vigilant, kept this matter from further importance.

Missing Roosevelt Island Woman Found In Queens At Roosevelt Avenue & Main Street

Some good news. A missing elderly Roosevelt Island woman was found at a Queens Hospital by her family after the NYPD spotted her wandering around Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing. According to today's Roosevelt Island Public Safety Report:
Missing Person- An elderly female was missing. PSD and NYPD conducted a search with negative results on 12/7/09. Flyers were distributed on the island. On 12/8/09 the missing was found in Queens and taken to the hospital. Husband saw the news story and went to the hospital to get his wife per NYPD.
The Village Voice Runnin' Scared Blog has more but:
... how she got over the bridge to Queens is unknown.

Video Of Roosevelt Island Christmas Tree Lighting

You Tube Video of Roosevelt Island Christmas Tree

Nice video of Roosevelt Island Christmas Tree all lit up. More from last week's Roosevelt Island Tree Lighting Ceremony here.

Missing East Side Manhattan African Gray Parrot May Be On Roosevelt Island - Have You Seen Zoe?

You Tube Video of African Gray Parrot Is Not of One Missing

Curbed recently reported on a deer that managed to swim two miles across New York Harbor to wind up on Governors Island. A similar water crossing journey may have been accomplished to Roosevelt Island not by a deer but by an African Gray Parrot last seen by it's owner last October on Manhattan's East Side.

I noticed several flyers placed around Roosevelt Island last night by the owner of a missing African Gray Parrot seeking help in finding the pet. According to the flyer:
Please help me find my lost African Gray Parrot, Zoe. She escaped from her pet carrier at the intersection of East 47th street and Second Avenue on Saturday October 24th at 3:30 PM.

A large gray parrot, possibly an African Gray, has been spotted multiple times between November 26th and December 6th on the central and western portions of Roosevelt Island....

Click on Image above for more on missing parrot and contact information.

Parrots are no strangers on Roosevelt Island. They are sometimes found on the promenade.

Parrots With Friend On Roosevelt Island Promenade

Other times they are lost and found by RIOC like this Green Parrot.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Roosevelt Island Sportspark Pool Closed Until Wednesday December 9 Due To Mechanical Difficulties

Image of new Roosevelt Island Sportspark Pool From RIOC

RIOC sends the following Advisory regarding Roosevelt Island Sportspark Pool:
Please be advised effective today, Monday, December 7th the Sports Park Pool will be closed due to mechanical difficulties and will re-open on Wednesday, December 9th at 6:00 a.m.

We apologize for any inconvenience.
More information on Sportspark Pool is available at RIOC web site:
November, 19th, 2009 - After more than two months of renovation, the Sportspark indoor swimming pool, located at 250 Main Street, has reopened. The residents, swim groups and surrounding communities who have always enjoyed the pool, can now experience unique features that enhance water play, early swimming instruction and aquatic fitness.

"Remodeling and repairs were done to the pool area including resurfacing the floor of the pool and repainting of the walls and lane lines, says Carol Rubino, Sportspark Facility Manager. The restrooms underwent a much needed facelift which included installing an ADA approved restroom and showering area in both locker rooms....

Roosevelt Island Resident Unhappy With RIOC and MTA's Poor Communication On F Train Subway Disruption This Past Weekend

Image from MTA

A reader sent in this message regarding the lack of notice for this weekend's disruption in F Train subway service to Manhattan from Roosevelt Island:
Poor Communication by RIOC on NO F Train to Manhattan this past weekend

I saw a notice on your blog on Friday that there was no F train service to Manhattan this weekend.

I told my husband and he took the tram on Saturday morning about 8:30.

He overheard a conversation between a woman and a boy, age 6, who was traveling with his dad. The woman said there was no subway service and she had hurried over to make the tram. There was a handwritten sign saying no subway service to Manhattan.

The father replied, "Good thing we came right to the tram, because we might not have made it," gesturing to the three year old boy with him and his son.

When the tram conductor, Greg, got to the tram and closed the doors, the boy asked, "Did you know there was no subway today?"

"No, I did not," said Greg, with a note of surprise in his voice.

When a six-year old boy has to tell the tram conductor there is no subway service, then the residents are in BIG trouble.

RIOC should have someone CALL THE MTA EACH FRIDAY and confirm whether or not there is subway service on the F line and NOTIFY the residents when there is a change in service.

I understand that RIOC is happy to receive the increased revenues resulting from the MTA's suspension of subway service for repairs. But their poor communications with Island residents is inexcusable.

To be fair to RIOC, they usually publish an advisory on their web site when there is going to be a F Train Subway service disruption although I am not sure if they did so this weekend. Also the MTA has a service advisory web site as well. More signage near the subway would be very helpful for future Roosevelt Island subway disruptions - and I am sure there will be more!

Or just read about it on Roosevelt Islander Blog.

Donate A Warm Winter Coat To The Roosevelt Island New York Cares Winter Coat Drive

You Tube Video of New York Cares Winter Coat Drive

Winter will soon be here. It is starting to get cold on Roosevelt Island and the rest of New York City. If you have a warm winter coat that will not be used, please consider donating it to the New York Cares Roosevelt Island Winter Coat drive.

Image of New York Cares Winter Coat Drive From RIOC

Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Keith Guerra reports:

FROM 12/1/09 THRU 12/31/09





Coats can also be donated at the Riverwalk Bar & Grill in Southtown.

Also, Crains and WCBS report of Coats For Clunkers promotion from several retailers. From Crains:
A handful of New York City retailers put new twist on New York Cares' annual charity coat drive by offering discounts and other incentives to appeal to reluctant shoppers.

Unknown Male Taking Pictures Of Roosevelt Island PS 217 Students - Public Safety Responded and Authorities Notified

Image of Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 Front Door From Tim Melideo Photography

The Roosevelt Island 12/4 -5 Public Safety Report noted the following incident regarding an unknown male taking pictures at PS/IS 217.
Investigation - Anonymous male taking photos PS 217 school kids. PSD responded, male took off in his vehicle.School Safety and NYPD Notified.
I inquired of Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Keith Guerra if any further details were available and he replied:
No. We received the call and responded. The person was gone on arrival. School Safety and NYPD were advised by PSD.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Roosevelt Island Christmas Trees On Sale At The Motorgate Plaza - Support The Local Boy Scout Troop

Click On Image For Dates And Times Buy Roosevelt Island Christmas Trees

The Roosevelt Island Boy Scout Troop is conducting their annual Christmas Tree Sale at the Motorgate Atrium. Christmas Trees can be bought Thursdays and Friday from 6 - 8PM, Saturdays 10 AM - 6 PM and Sundays 1 - 6 PM.

Roosevelt Island Christmas Tree Being Prepared For Sale Yesterday

Click on Image below for type, size and Christmas Tree pricing.

If you are in the market for a Christmas Tree why don't you stop by the Motorgate Plaza, pick out a tree and support the local Roosevelt Island Boy Scout troop.

There's also a nearby place to buy Christmas Trees on 1st Avenue and 57th Street.

Ho, Ho, Ho!