Saturday, July 31, 2021

Sponsored Post - Atlantic Hurricane Season Is Here, NYC Emergency Management Department Wants You To Know Your Hurricane Zone, Be Ready And Be Prepared - Roosevelt Island Hurricane Zones Have Changed This Year, Check It Out

The NYC Emergency Management Department (NYCEM) reported last June 1:

To mark the beginning of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season, the New York City Emergency Management Department today unveiled the City's revised hurricane evacuation zones. New York City Emergency Management also relaunched the Know Your Zone hurricane awareness campaign to encourage New Yorkers to find out whether they live in one of the City's six hurricane evacuation zones, and take steps to be prepared for coastal storms and hurricanes. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30.

The City's six hurricane evacuation zones have been updated to incorporate new and improved data, as well as information from actual events to allow the City to more accurately define areas most at risk of flooding due to storm surge from a hurricane. Residents who live in these zones may be ordered to evacuate depending on a hurricane's forecast strength, track, and storm surge. If the mayor orders an evacuation of your zone, do so as directed. With these hurricane evacuation zone changes, roughly 1 million New Yorkers now live in a different hurricane evacuation zone than last year....


What are hurricane evacuation zones? 

There are six hurricane evacuation zones, ranked by the risk of storm surge impact, with zone 1 being the most likely to flood. In the event of a hurricane or tropical storm, residents in these zones may be ordered to evacuate.  

I noticed that my zone has changed. Why is that? 

Zones are updated to incorporate new, higher resolution storm surge model output from the National Weather Service. These data, combined with improved topographic data, and information from actual events, allow the City to more accurately define areas most at risk of flooding due to storm surge from a hurricane....

Roosevelt Island residents live in both Zones 2 and 3 depending upon the building in which you live. As shown in the NYC Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder below, the Roosevelt Island buildings colored in brown are in Zone 2 and those colored in Yellow are in Zone 3. 

The Octagon, Manhattan Park, Westview, Island House, Roosevelt Landings, Cornell Tech, Coler Hospital and Riverwalk 480, 475 and 460 Main Street are in Zone 2.  

Riverwalk 405, 425, 455, 465 and Rivercross buildings are in Zone 3.

Click here to find the Hurricane Evacuation Zone for your Roosevelt Island address.

The Roosevelt Island Hurricane Zones have changed from prior years when only the Octagon and Coler Hospital buildings were in Zone 2.

Here's some scenes of what Roosevelt Island looked like during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012

and report on damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Friday, July 30, 2021

RISA Summerfest Celebrating Roosevelt Island Community In Motion Saturday July 31 At Good Shepherd Plaza - Compost Give Away And Food Scrap Drop Off Site Volunteers Needed Too

Roosevelt Island Musicians, Sculptors, Podcasters, Painters, Creators Of All Kinds Invited To Apply For Graduate Hotel Sweet Dreams Incubator Artist In Residence Program

The Graduate Hotel reports launching it's:

...  "Graduate Sweet Dreams Society” – an art incubator program in partnership with Grammy winning producer DJ White Shadow (produced songs for artists Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and more).  

The incubator program is located in Graduate Hotels across the country with the goal of cultivating the talent of selected local creatives by providing them with the resources and mentorships needed to bring generational change to their industry and the community they call home.  

Graduate Hotels will be accepting applications for the next class of the Sweet Dreams Society on a rolling basis with a deadline of August 15th. Throughout the duration of the 3-month residency, one member per city will have the opportunity to amplify their trade through the use of the on-site Graduate Sweet Dreams Society Artist Lab, an art materials stipend, as well as access to a diverse network of leading creators and connectors who will help the artists grow and expand as artists, entrepreneurs and community members. 

More details on the application process here...

According to the Graduate Sweet Dreams Society:

Musicians, sculptors, podcasters, painters — we welcome creators of all kinds into the Graduate Sweet Dreams Society.

The NYC Roosevelt Island Graduate Hotel  is participating in the Sweet Dreams Society Incubator Program.

More details in the Graduate Hotel press release below.


Good luck Roosevelt Island artists. 

Click here for more info and to apply.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Take A Peek At Pathway And Benches Soon To Be Ready For Visitors At New Roosevelt Island Southpoint Park East River Shoreline.

Cool East River Breezes And Friday Night Jazz At The New Roosevelt Island Cafe And Event Space, The Sanctuary Tomorrow July 30 - Grab A Drink, Bite To Eat And Bring Your Friends To A Night Of Outdoor Roosevelt Island Jazz

Roosevelt Island resident and jazz musician Susheel Kurien has organized live Sunday afternoon Jazz Jams at Gallery RIVAA over the past several years and last month celebrated the return of live Jazz to Gallery RIVAA following more than a year long lapse due to the Covid pandemic.

This Friday evening, July 30, Mr Kurien is bringing live Jazz music outdoors to the cool breezes of the East River waterfront at the new Roosevelt Island Cafe and Event space, The Sanctuary.

According to Mr Kuriel:

Please come out and support some familiar faces from the RIVAA Jam sessions, Bring friends! 

Your support helps keep our jam sessions a destination for some very talented musicians. 

Please share this and encourage friends to stop by and grab a drink at this great venue. Awesome location for jazz! 

Friday Night Jazz at the Sanctuary, Roosevelt Island 

Friday 30th July 7pm to 10 pm 

Music and vocals ! 

Please do share with your friends and associates Peace and jazz.

Susheel Kurien Jazz Guitarist in Perpetual Learning (Flyer below by Roosevelt Island artist Tony Vita).

 Here's a snippet from the June 27 Jazz Jam at Gallery RIVAA.

The musicians were:
  • Susheel Kurien Guitar 
  • Steven Golub tenor, 
  •  Erik Swimmer Tenor. 
  • Nobu Yamasaki bass, 
  • Nicole keys, 
  • Christine Reisner vocal and violin, 
  • Ron Kushner keys, 
  • Kaz Oguro alto, 
  • Dan Yalisove clarinet
See you tomorrow for Roosevelt Island Friday Night Jazz at The Sanctuary

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Was That You At The Glow In The Dark Silent Dance Party At Roosevelt Island East River Pier?

Sponsored Post - Overwhelmed? Need A Hand? NYC Administration For Children's Services Can Help Connect You To Resources Keeping Children Safe And Families Supported

According to the NYC Administration For Children's Services (NYC ACS):

2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the New York City Administration for Children's Services! While much has changed over the past 25 years, one thing has remained the same: our focus on keeping children safe and families supported. 

In recognizing the 25th anniversary, Commissioner David A. Hansell said, "I have a deep appreciation for and pride in the mission of our agency. I want to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to the extraordinary staff members who have contributed significantly to the agency's mission over the last 25 years of protecting and promoting the well-being of New York City's children and families. I feel truly blessed to be in this role and could not be prouder of the steps we have taken together." 

Today, ACS is seen as a model for child welfare systems across the country and the agency continues to charter and pursue a course that is strengthening all aspects of child welfare and juvenile justice work.

Click on the photos for more info.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Only 50% Of Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Officers Inoculated With Covid 19 Vaccine Says PSD Chief Brown - NYC Mayor deBlasio Announces NYPD And All City Workers Must Show Proof Of Covid Vaccinaton Or Weekly Negative Test, Will RIOC Do Same For PSD And All Staff?

NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio announced yesterday:

Yesterday, I asked the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):

Mayor deBlasio announced today that NYC employees will either have to be inoculated with the Covid Vaccine or have weekly testing.

Will RIOC follow the NYC policy regarding Covid Vaccination/testing for RIOC employees? If not, why not?

What percentage of RIOC employees are vaccinated? I understand that 50% of PSD officers are vaccinated?

Please let me know if RIOC will comment.

No answer yet from RIOC.

During the July 20 Roosvelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Pubilc Safety Committee (PSC) meeting, RIOC Public Safety Department (PSD) Chief Kevin Brown reported that one officer recently tested positive for Covid 19 and that only 50% of PSD Officers have received the Covid 19 vaccine. Chief Brown added that he received the Covid 19 vaccine and Deputy Chief Anthony Amoroso has previously said he was vaccinated as well. 

2 officers of the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department died from Covid 19 - Officer Corey Fischer and Detective Wayne Jones. A Roosevelt Island Memorial gathering for both officers will be held in August said Chief Brown during the July 20 PSC meeting.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea told NY 1' Pat Kiernan that he supports Mayor deBlasoi's mandatory Covid vaccination or weekly testing policy.

According to the NYC Health Department Covid Statistics for Roosevelt Island Zip Code 10044, of an estimated population of 11,571:  

  • 8055 residents have at least one dose of vaccination (69.01%)
  • 7636 residents fully vaccinated (65.42%)

The most recent 7 Day Covid Testing Data from July 18-24 for Roosevelt Island Zip Code 10044 shows 279 people tested and 2 Positive Case for a rate of 0.72%.

Will RIOC follow the lead of NYC and require Covid vaccinations or weekly negative testing for all employees? 

UPDATE 7/28:

UPDATE July 29 - RIOC Public Information Officer Amy Smith reports:
Yesterday, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that all New York State employees—about 130,000 people—will be required to get vaccinated for COVID-19 by Labor Day. State employees who do not get vaccinated will be required to be tested for COVID-19 on a weekly basis. New York State is working with state unions to implement the requirement quickly and fairly. As a state agency, Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) will adhere to these requirements as the safety of our employees, partners, and patrons is of the utmost importance to us.

Monday, July 26, 2021

President Biden Celebrates 31st Anniversary Of Americans With Disabilities Act Today, Roosevelt Island Lives It Every Day - Visit The New FDR Hope Memorial Showing President Roosevelt In His Wheelchair Greeting Young Girl With Crutches At Jim Bates & Nancy Brown Plaza In Southpoint Park

Today is the 31st anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act which became law on July 26, 1990.

Roosevelt Island celebrated the Americans With Disabilities Act on Friday, July 16 with the ribbon cuttng and unveiling of the FDR Hope Memorial which depicts President Franklin D Roosevelt sitting in his wheelchair greeting a young girl standing on her crutches at Jim Bates and Nancy Brown Plaza in Southpoint Park.

As previously reported, here are the remarks from Roosevelt Island Disabled Association (RIDA) President Wendy Hersh and FDR Hope Memorial Chair Marc Diamond describing the 12 year effort to build the FDR Hope Memorial and bring it to Roosevelt Island.

More on the history of the 12 year effort to build the FDR Hope Memorial and bring it to Roosevelt Island at this post from yesterday.

When Will Graduate Hotel Panorama Room Rooftop Bar Open Asks Roosevelt Island Residents - Not In July, Sometime In August Due To Covid Production Delays And Staffing Issues Says Rep

The Roosevelt Island Graduate Hotel located on Cornell Tech campus opened June 2 and it's Anything At All ground floor restaurant opened a few weeks later on June 22, to  very good reviews.

"When will the Graduate Hotel rooftop bar open" is a question regularly asked by Roosevelt Island residents who have been looking forward to the planned July opening of the Panorama Room.

I asked the Panorama Room:

I’m told the Panorama rooftop bar opening has been delayed past July. Is that true? What is the new planned opening date? I heard late August? What is reason for the delay? 

A Panorama Room representative answered:

You are correct - unfortunately the opening will not be in July. The delays are pretty run of the mill - finalizing the space, menus, etc. We are looking at August, though we don’t have a firm date at this point. 

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on updates as they happen.

During the July 15 Community Board 8 Roosevelt Island Committee meeting, Graduate Hotel representative Cristina Dalal said:

Screenshot from CB8 RI Committee You Tube Video

 ... Anything At All opened the last week of June and it's open for breakfast lunch and dinner. They serve new American cuisine. We do hope to add outdoor dining. 

With everything going on with Covid, things just don't arrive in the time you would like them too. We're still waiting on some of the furniture but hopefully we'll have that up and running sometime soon.

We will also have our fantastic Panorama Room. Both the Panorama Room and Anything At All are managed by Call Mom who are Med Abrous and Marc Rose. They're New York City natives. Both were living in L.A.  Med actually moved back to help with the opening and so they're running our food and beverage outlets as well as our event space

The Panorama Room is the only part of the hotel that is not yet open. Like with the restaurant furniture downstairs there's still some parts that we're waiting on that have been delayed due to just production delays and also we've had a little issue with staffing as everyone's probably seen in the news.

It's not easy to hire people as you would like so we do aim to open this summer. We still honestly are just waiting for a few more pieces to the puzzle till we can have a firm opening date but once we open it's going to be a great resource to the Island.

We will be open most days likely starting at 3 p.m in the afternoon. Hopefully at one point also adding brunch on the weekend so really more to come on the Panorama Room....

Here's the full Graduate Hotel Presentation by Ms Dalal to the Community Board 8 Roosevelt Island Committee.

As previously reported, The Graduate Hotel Panorama Room has been open for some private parties including on July 4.