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Things To Do This Weekend In New York City & Roosevelt Island- Free Outdoor Movies, Off The Grid Music, Lifting The Giglio & Roosevelt Live Concert

You Tube Video of Giglio Feast Lifting in Williamsburg 2008

Looking for fun or interesting things to do on Roosevelt Island or in some other part of New York City this weekend? Here are some ideas:

Tonight, there is a wide selection of outdoor movies to be seen including The Wizard of Oz at Pier 46 in the Hudson River Park. the French Film Love Is In The Air at Tompkins Square Park and Rooftop Films presentation of The Way We Get By in Williamsburg.

On Saturday and all weekend long, Solar One will be holding Citysol, an Off The Grid Music and Art Festival. According to Free NYC:
Date: Friday July 10th - Sunday July 12th
Time: 6pm-10pm, 1pm-10pm, 11am-6pm
Location: Solar 1 (Stuyvesant Cove Park, 2420 FDR Drive & East River)
Cost: Free

NYC's first green energy, arts and education center, Solar One, kicks off their annual 3-day, sustainability festival today. Continuing all weekend, CitySol gives NYC residents and visitors the opportunity to experience a zero-waste, carbon-free event where all materials are recycled or reused and all electronic equipment is powered by the photovoltaic panels on the Solar 1 roof. Festival-goers can dance, listen to bands, drink beer, play games and learn about strategies and technologies that are already available to help make the transition to a more sustainable world.
On Saturday afternoon, Roosevelt Live will also be presenting a free concert on Roosevelt Island's Riverwalk Commons:
New Orleans in New York
Brother Joscephus and the Love Revival Revolution Orchestra with Ingrid Lucia and the Flying Neutrinos.
On Sunday, The Brooklyn Paper proclaims It's Giglio Time In Williamsburg:
Music will fill the air. Kids will fill the rides. Canolis will fill the mouths. And, most important, an 80-foot-tall, three-ton statue will rise above it all.

It’s all part of the Feast of the Giglio — a 122-year Williamsburg tradition that honors St. Paulinus of Nola.

You may have your heroes, your stars, your celebrities, but in the fifth century, Paulinus was Abraham, Nelson Mandela and Harry Houdini all rolled into one, having sacrificed himself for his son, been enslaved in Africa and then escaped back to Nola in one piece.

Hence the reason that 130 men hoist a three-ton statue of the saint — covered in lilies — three times during the 11-day Italian festival next week.

Upon his return, you know what happened: He was showered with lilies — otherwise known as gigli....
When does the statue lifting begin? Sunday at 1 PM:
Dancing of the Giglio & Boat. (This is the main event of the feast - both of these structures are carried from 1 PM - 6 PM)
On Roosevelt Island this weekend, in addition to the Roosevelt Live Concert featuring Brother Joscephus and the Love Revival Revolution Orchestra with Ingrid Lucia and the Flying Neutrinos on Saturday, the Farmers Market is open as usual as is Gallery RIVAA, the Roosevelt Island Visual Arts Association which is holding a public opening reception for it's new exhibition titled Holocaust - Never Forget, Never Again on Saturday at 6 PM.

Another suggestion - RIOC has produced a great self guided tour map (PDF File) of Roosevelt Island for any visitor or resident looking to stroll the Island and learn something more about it. There will also be Light Jazz performed outside of The Trellis restaurant on Friday and Saturday evening, weather permitting.

The MTA is reporting no Roosevelt Island F Train subway advisories this weekend and neither is RIOC with Tram advisories.

Check out some other ideas on what to do in New York City this weekend from the NY Times Urban Eye and Spare Times, Free NYC, NY Post Weekend Calendar and Newyorkology.

Christmas & Thanksgiving Holidays Cause For Another Postponement of Roosevelt Island Tram Modernization - This Time Until March 2010

Roosevelt Island Manhattan Tram Station Rendering From RIOC

The approximately $25 Million Roosevelt Island Tram modernization project (including $15 Million from the NY State ESDC) was originally scheduled to begin with June 22 being the date the Tram was to go out of service. That date was postponed to July 6 in order to have the Tram available during the Fourth of July Fireworks Celebration viewing on Roosevelt Island (which never happened because the Fireworks were moved to the Hudson River this year) and that date was subsequently pushed back to just after Labor Day.

Roosevelt Island Tram Station Rendering From RIOC

The start of the Tram Modernization program and service outage has been postponed again - this time until March 1 ,2010 - at least partially due to the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday season. RIOC President Steve Shane explains:
As published, the tram closure is now scheduled for March 1, 2010, to reopen in August, 2010. Specifically, the City was making it very difficult, near impossible, to arrange the necessary street closings for removing existing tower tops, demolition of Manhattan Station roof, removal of existing machinery, installation of new machinery and hoisting new tower tops. SOP for DOT is no street closings Thanksgiving through Christmas (year end) and with winter weather creating uncertainties in the scheduling, became very problematic to assure minimizing closure time. Hence, postponing until March 1.
Roosevelt Island Tram Cabin Design Image Provided By RIOC

If you have any of the 3D paper glasses available, take a virtual ride across the East River on the Roosevelt Island Tram with this You Tube Video shot in 3D.

You Tube Video of Roosevelt Island Tram in 3D

The same person who filmed this 3D video also shot a video of the recent PS/IS 217 Roosevelt Island reunion at Southpoint Park.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Community Supported Agriculture Comes To A Part Of Roosevelt Island - And They Deliver Too!

You Tube Video of Park Slope Brooklyn Community Supported Agriculture

I received a message from a Riverwalk reader reporting that a Communty Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is now available for Roosevelt Island residents but only those who live in Southtown, at least for now.
Holton Farms is in Vermont and they started a CSA this year (community supported agriculture) with delivery to NYC. ... and they deliver to our building on Friday evenings and can leave with the doorman. I have looked into other local CSAs, but they require a bigger commitment of money and time and no one else delivers! We have enjoyed the fresh eggs, freshly picked greens and su said they had excellent bacon. If we build up enough of a population on roosevelt island we may be able to ensure delivery here as their business expands in future years (they are guaranteeing delivery to 455 this season). ...
According to blogger Lifestyler, CSA's usually work like this:
... Now, for those of you aren’t totally familiar with the concept of Community Supported Agriculture, here’s the 411: It’s a pretty new model for farming and food distribution. The way it works is pretty simple, with a group of local community members getting together and basically pledging to support a local farm, which they then become “shareholders” of. It’s a less-risky model for the farmer and gives them a closed market of buyers. The community members, on the other hand, get fresh, locally grown and in-season produce. Instead of buying produce from a supermarket where you may or may not be eating food that was grown with pesticides, you know exactly where your food is coming from and under what conditions it was grown...
and this is the CSA experience from neighborhood blogger Ditmas Park.

Holton Farms appears to operate differently in that they deliver and:
No Commitment Required. Unlike most community supported agriculture programs (CSA), our CSA Select™ program allows you to join us for the season (our preference) or go with our week to week service (fine by us too!).
If enough Roosevelt Island residents are interested in this service, perhaps it can expand to include all of the buildings.

RIRA President Reports On Blackwell Park Plan, Red Bus Schedule/Signage, Public Safety Investigation & Town Hall Meeting

Image of June 2009 RIRA Meeting

RIRA President Frank Farance sends the following report to Roosevelt Island residents.
1. RIOC-RIRA collaboration on Blackwell Park. At the June 17 RIRA town hall meeting, Rosina Abramson, RIOC Vice President of Planning and Inter-Governmental Affairs, led an interactive discussion on RIOC's intention to remodel the park. RIOC is seeking the community's input on developing a master plan (not a blueprint). Abramson's first step is to identify the stakeholders. RIRA's committee chairs will convene meetings over the summer. Residents are welcome to participate in the discussions. Meeting announcements will be posted on kiosks.

2. Ongoing progress on RIOC-RIRA collaboration on red bus schedule. Following the improvement of segment #2 (late morning, 9:55 to noon), RIOC is now experimenting with segment #1, the morning rush. Segment #1 is more complex because three routes operate simultaneously (Octagon Local, Octagon Express, and Firehouse Local), and Main Street traffic is more congested. According to Fernando Martinez, RIOC Vice President of Operations, they are testing a single synchronization point at Octagon (rather than both Octagon and the tram), which means that service is likely to be regular at the southbound stops during the morning rush. There are still some quirks, so we are trying variations. The current versions will need refinement once school resumes in September. Meanwhile, it's nice to see steady progress in improving the red bus schedule.

3. Assemblyman Kellner provides funding for red bus signs. Mr. Kellner has allocated $10,000 to RIRA for bus arrival displays that will indicate the number of minutes until the next bus. RIOC will install the signs.

4. RIRA Public Safety Committee. Erin Feely-Nahem, elected committee chair by the RIRA Common Council, will lead RIRA's investigation into the May 30 baseball field incident, and report back to RIRA and the community. She would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who witnessed events at the field. She's at 917-939-1178 or, by e-mail, at Confidentiality will be honored.

5. RIRA Town Hall Meeting on Public Safety. RIRA will hold a town hall meeting on July 22 from 8-9:30 p.m. for community input on Public Safety. The agenda will be posted on kiosks prior to the meeting. Public Safety will participate in the meeting, and has been asked to give a presentation on how adults and children should interact with officers.

6. RIRA experiment on Town Hall meetings are a success. For the past six months, in advance of RIOC board meetings, RIRA has held monthly town hall meetings (separate from RIRA's monthly Common Council meetings) that enabled residents to participate in community discussion of items on the board agenda and other topics. RIOC has helped by encouraging participation of their officers, directors, and staff. The events have been moderated, informed, and civil, and they have started and ended on time. The experiment is a success, and the meetings will be a regular occurrence.
The RIRA President's message was also published as the RIRA column in the 6/27/09 Main Street WIRE.

Roosevelt Island Bridge Work Now Complete and Open For Traffic

Image of Half Open Bridge From The Onion

Received the following message from RIOC regarding the recent Roosevelt Island Bridge Closure:
The Roosevelt Island Bridge reopened to vehicular traffic on July 9, 2009 at 5:00 AM. All work scheduled during this bridge closure period has been completed, and the closure scheduled for 12:30 AM to 5:30 AM on Friday, July 10, 2009 will not take place.

Gallery RIVAA Exhibition On the Holocaust-Never Forget, Never Again Opens Saturday July 11 With Reception

Deportation" by Dana Naumann Image From Gallery RIVAA

Gallery RIVAA will be having an opening reception this Saturday at 6PM for their new exhibition titled Holocaust - Never Forget, Never Again.
A Holocaust Memorial Exhibition of Hammered Lead Sculptures by Dana Baldwin Naumann

Public Reception: Saturday, July 11, 2009 6:00 to 9:00 PM

Exhibition: July 11 to August 7, 2009

Guest Curator: Johnes Ruta
More on Never Forget, Never Again from the Naumann Gallery.

From Deportation pictured above:
the Jews filed in.
"stay in line," the Nazis would say.
"keep moving."
no room to sit down, no time to breathe.
no choices. "Just keep moving."
leave all possessions behind,
just bring the clothes on your back.
God, where are they taking me?
Now get in the train car. NOW!
Keep moving, all the way to the back.
Plenty of room, push in tighter.
There is no room to move, no air to breathe,
no place to relieve. So tight the fit no one could fall. The door slams shut, the train moves out.
Where are they taking us? God I feel sick,
God I'm scared. God help us all !

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Design Trust Public Space Potluck Visiting Southpoint Park To See Water Views In All Directions - Last Chance Before Destroyed By Kahn/FDR Memorial

Image from Design Trust

The Design Trust For Public Space have announced that they will be visiting Roosevelt Island's Southpoint Park tomorrow, Thursday July 9.
We're happy to announce that the next Public Space Potluck is coming up, next Thursday, July 9th at 6:30pm. As many of you correctly guessed, this month we'll be investigating the public space on the oft-forgotten, historically rich, public space paradise of Roosevelt Island. We will meet on the Southern tip of the island, in Southpoint Park, and 11 acre oasis with views in all directions....

Of course, it may be the last time to enjoy these great views of NYC skyline and waterfront in all directions if the Kahn/FDR Memorial Boondoggle supporters are able to secure the funding for their proposed project. No word yet if FERI has been able to convert any of the so-called pledges of approximately $4.2 million into real money, which is required before construction may proceed, despite having received the RIOC Board's approval.

More information on event below:
What: Design Trust Public Space Potluck: Roosevelt Island
When: Thursday, July 9th, 6:30pm - Dark
Where: Southpoint Park, Roosevelt Island
Who: Everyone is welcome!
RSVP is appreciated:

Roosevelt Island Summer Outdoor Movie Returns To Southpoint Park Where It Belongs - But For One Night Only, August 8

Image of New York City and East River Waterfront View during prior Southpoint Park Movie Night from Fresh Air Flicks

According to RIOC Community Relations Specialist Erica Wilder, the Roosevelt Island Outdoor Summer Movie Series is moving from Firefighters Field to Southpoint Park - the best outdoor movie venue location in the entire City of New York including Brooklyn Bridge Park (my opinion) - for one night with the Saturday, August 8 showing of Forest Gump.

Image by Joergen Geerds From New York Panorama

One of the reasons for the change in venue is that although Firefighters Field is unquestionably easier to access, it is also adjacent to the new Riverwalk Buildings and has created a disturbance for some of those residents.

Whatever the reason, I am certainly glad that the location for the outdoor movies will be at Southpoint Park. It may be the last time to enjoy these great views if the Kahn/FDR Memorial Boondoggle supporters are able to secure the funding for their proposed project. No word yet if FERI has been able to convert any of the so-called pledges of approximately $4.2 million into real money, which is required before construction may proceed, despite having received the RIOC Board's approval.

Mommy Poppins and Time Out New York list of other free outdoor movies in New York City this summe

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Roosevelt Island Public Safety Reports - 6/24 thru 7/6 - East River Rescue, Smoke Bomb, Dispersing Large Groups, Federal Arrest, Child Found & More

Image of Life Preserver From RIOC

I recently started a new feature on the blog. Every day, I am posting the current Roosevelt Island 24 hour Public Safety Report on the inside right sidebar, just below the RIOC Directors email address. You can now read a daily log of the incidents for which the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department responded to the previous day rather than the previous compilation of aggregated reports, though I will continue to post the aggregate listings like those below from time to time.

RIOC is still posting the most current Daily and April/May 2009 Monthly Roosevelt Island Public Safety Incident reports on their web site. Also, available is a breakdown of Roosevelt Island Public Safety incidents by location and category (the Blotter) for the months of April/May 2009. The June Monthly Blotter and Incident reports are not yet on the RIOC web site. When they are, I will link to them.

Below are the Roosevelt Island Daily Public Safety Reports for June 24 - July 6, 2009. Incidents include:
  • Verbal dispute between 2 employees (6/25)
  • Smoke Bomb Thrown Into Window (6/25)
  • (2) Public Consumption of Alcohol By Minor (6/26)
  • Eviction (6/26)
  • Possession of Marijuana (6/26,27)
  • Drinking Alcohol in Public (6/26)
  • Verbal Dispute Between 2 Groups (6/26)
  • Open Container of Alcohol (6/26,27,28)
  • Dispersal of large group in street (6/27)
  • Water Rescue (6/27)
  • Trespass - Youth entered yard without authorization (6/28)
  • Trespass Footprints on patio furniture (6/29)
  • Federal Agents placed subject under arrest (6/30)
  • Fight in Park (7/1)
  • Failure to clean up after dog (7/3)
  • Purse Taken out of shopping cart (7/3)
  • Public Urination (7/4) and
  • Missing Child Found (7/5)
0700 06/24/09- 0700 06/25/09

Escort/ Lock-out - Victim responded to PSD, was escorted home by PSD, upon arrival victims dad let him in.

Noise Complaint- Tenant of Westview reports an unknown sound in courtyard, officer believes its coming from the AC, Westview door station notified.

Water Leak- Urban American requested PSD for a water leak, Tenant was not home, lock was drilled, door was secured by Urban American.

Aided- Male approximately 60 fell while stepping off curve, refused medical attention, victim has a scratch above left eye.

0700 hrs 06/25/09 - 0700 hrs 06/26/09

Found Property - Apartment keys turned into PSD. Tenant was not home and keys secured at PSD.

Escort - Housing management authorized former tenant to remove property from apartment that is under possession of the Marshall. PSD responded and tenant removed property without incident.

Verbal Dispute - PSD responded to management office for verbal dispute between employees. PSD escorted employee out of building at the request of management. One employee was escorted out without further incident. No physical contact between employees.

Shoplifting - Male subject ran from store without paying for item. PSD made search with negative results.

Found Property - Resident found bank card on street. Card was secured at PSD.

Smoke Bomb/Reckless Endangerment - Resident reported unknown subject threw smoke bomb into window. PSD responded and tenant advised that she was uninjured and no damages. Search was made with negative results.

Investigation - Resident reported to PSD that a small child threw toys onto her patio. PSD responded to apartment above and advised the grandmother of incident.

Stuck Elevator - Two people stuck in elevator. PSD and super responded. The two people were removed and refused medical attention. Elevator placed out of service.

Trespass - Five subjects were issued summonses for trespassing by PSD.

Lock Out Service - Female locked out of apartment. Super was called and let tenant back in. PSD was on scene.

There's More!

0700hrs 06/26/09 - 0700hrs 06/27/09

Possession of alcohol by minor/ Public consumption of alcohol- Minor drinking in public, PSD observed, two summons issued.

Lockout service- Female missed placed apartment keys, paid $140 for the super to open her door, keys will be available for her in the morning.

Court order eviction- City Marshall making an eviction, traffic obstructed PSD officer on traffic control.

DOA- Funeral home on island to recover a body for funeral arrangements.

Verbal Dispute- Customer of Card and Gifts bought a Boost phone card, scratched card to hard, upset because he cant read card numbers, Store is not liable he contacted Boost for compensation.

Underage consumption of alcohol / Drinking in public- Minor drinking in public, PSD observed, two summons issued.

Aided- Female not feeling well, EMS responded, aided transported to hospital.

Criminal Possession of Marijuana- Three males were observed smoking marijuana, placed under arrest, 3 zip lock bags of marijuana were found after subjects were searched, subjects were transported to 114th precinct for processing, then lodged at Manhattan central bookings.

Open container- Two males observed drinking in public by PSD, both were issued a summons and order to leave park.

Verbal dispute - Two groups got into a verbal dispute, PSD responded, upon arrival both groups separated and left.

Found Property- Male resident found a drivers license and turned it into PSD.

Found Property- PSD was notified of a ladies bag left on Main St, an officer brought bag into PSD, a Property log was made with items in bag.

0700 hrs 06/27/09 - 0700 hrs 06/28/09

Dispersing Group of People - PSD officers observed large group on street. As PSD approached the group, the group got into their vehicles. Witness stated she didn't see any physical contact between the group. Group left without further incident.

Found Property - Drivers License turned into PSD. Property was logged.

Open Container - Two male subject stopped by PSD for open container. Subjects were summonsed and released.

Criminal Possession of Marijuana - PSD arrested three male subjects for Criminal Possession of Marijuana. Taken to 114 pct. for arrest processing.

Found Property - Handbag turned into PSD. Property was turned over to owner.

Stolen Property - Truck driver made delivery and when he returned, hand truck was missing. NYPD responded and made report.

Domestic Dispute - PSD responded for dispute. Male subject left apartment. No physical contact between both parties.

Lost Property - PSD made a report for lost wallet. Owner will go to 114 pct. to file report.

Aided - Male aided not feeling well. EMS transported to hospital.

Water Rescue - PSD, EMS, and NYPD responded for man in the water. Man was pulled out of water and refused to be transported to hospital.

Trespassing - Male and female subjects issued summonses by PSD and released.

0700 hrs 06/28/09 - 0700 hrs 06/29/09

Vehicle Accident - Between two motorist. PSD and NYPD on scene. NYPD made police report. No injuries.

Investigation - Female driver reported to PSD that she sustained flat tire on R.I. Bridge. PSD responded and observed debris on bridge. Debris were removed. Reporter with flat tire was not on scene when PSD arrived.

Aided - PSD and EMS responded for aided not feeling well. Aided was transported to hospital.

Found Property - PSD found unattended bike and brought bike to PSD.

Graffiti - PSD officer observed graffiti at various locations. Search conducted with negative results. Management was notified.

Trespassing - Tenant reported youth entered her yard without authorization. Tenant chased youth away. PSD made search with negative results.

Petit Larceny/Criminal Possession of Stolen Property - PSD arrested male subject for shoplifting at store. Subject was taken to 114 pct. for arrest processing.

Burglary - PSD responded to Sports Park Pool for shattered rear door. PSD conducted search for subjects with negative results. It appeared that nothing was taken.

Criminal Mischief - Motorgate attendant reported that a vehicle broke access gate arm. PSD checked computer, but didn't show vehicle hitting arm. PSD made search for vehicle that entered last before gate broke with negative results.

Open Container - Male and female subject issued summonses for open container and released.

Aided/Assistance - PSD assisted aided off floor. Aided refused medical attention.

Unsecured Vehicle - PSD officer observed door to car open. Officer closed door and it appeared not to be tampered with. No damage to vehicle.

Aided - PSD and EMS responded for aided. Aided was not feeling well and transported to hospital.

0700 hrs 06/29/09 - 0700 hrs 06/30/09

Found Property - Unattended hospital wheelchair secured by PSD. Wheelchair turned over to hospital.

Trespass/Investigation - Two tenants reported to PSD that they saw foot prints on patio furniture indicating someone hopped patio fence. No entry to dwelling was gained and no missing property reported. NYPD refused.

Escort - PSD responded to apartment for tenant requesting visitors in her apartment to leave. Subjects were escorted out and left Island via cab.

Found Property - Cell phone turned into PSD. Phone secured at PSD.

Lights Out - In several areas of apartment building. Super stated condition will be corrected within a few minutes. PSD officer reports lights came back on and conducted vertical patrol of affected area.

Aided - Injured himself playing baseball. EMS transported aided to hospital.

Youths Running - Female reported to PSD that several youths running on seawall almost knocked her cart over. PSD responded and advised youths to go to the park.

Missing - NYPD brought victim to PSD and stated that victim was found in Manhattan and could not find her children after they walked away from her in Manhattan. Victim stated children maybe on R.I. PSD and NYPD conducted search with negative results. NYPD is handling case.

Trespass - Male and female subjects issued summonses by PSD and released.

0700 hrs 06/30/09 - 0700 hrs 07/01/09

Graffiti - PSD responded for report of graffiti. Conducted search with negative results. Super was notified.

Stuck Elevator - PSD responded with service for stuck elevator. Service corrected condition with elevator and placed back in service. Nobody was inside elevator.

Found Property - PSD officer found handbag. Owner was contacted and retrieved property.

Court Order - PSD responded with super for court order allowing tenant to retrieve personal property from apartment. Tenant picked up property and left. Super secured door.

Arrest -(other agency INS)- PSD and Federal Agents responded to apartment for arrest warrant. Agents placed subject under arrest.

Alleged Harassment - PSD responded for report of harassment. P`SD spoke to both parties and made report.

0700hrs 07/01/09- 0700hrs 07/02/09

Aided- Male not feeling well, transported to hospital.

Landlord/ Tenant Dispute- Tenant refused to let workers do a job, NYPD on scene, management advised to take matter to court.

Vehicle Accident- Truck hit a "DO NOT ENTER" sign, grounds supervisor notified.

Broken Park Apparatus- A swing hook detached from chain, PSD secured location, grounds was notified.

Fight- Two female youth had a fight in park, PSD stopped fight, escorted youth to PSD, notified parents, youths released to parents.

Found Property- A lost wallet was turned in, victim retrieved wallet from PSD.

Aggravated Harassment- Victim reports subject keeps calling her, NYPD on scene.

Investigation- Victim reports someone banging on their window, PSD responded, search made with negative results.

0700 hrs 07/02/09 - 0700 hrs 07/03/09

Aided - Fell on ground. PSD responded with EMS. EMS checked out aided, but aided refused to be transported.

Graffiti - PSD officer observed graffiti. Pictures were taken and management was notified. Search of area for subjects conducted with negative results.

Found Property - Resident turned over found property to PSD officer. Property was secured at PSD.

Found Property - PSD officer found bike in hallway. Bike secured at PSD.

0700hrs 07/03/09- 0700hrs/04/09

Lost property- RIOC bus operator found a phone on bus, PSD attempted to contact owner with negative results, phone vouchers and secured.

Disobey authorize vehicle only- Motorist driving in authorized vehicle only area, parked vehicle, walked dog, failed to clean up after dog, issued two summons.

Verbal dispute- Tenants had a verbal dispute over the volume of a stereo, PSD responded, tenant lowered volume.

Investigation- Female reports someone is continuously calling her and hanging, she is unable to identify the person making the calls, NYPD refused.

Aided- Female not feeling well, EMS responded to scene, aided refused medical attention.

Aided- Female not feeling well, transported to hospital.

Criminal trespass/ Resist arrest- While patrolling PSD observed a male subject trespassing, subject attempted to flee scene and resist arrest. Subject was arrested transported to 114th for processing and Central bookings for lodging.

Grand Larceny- Victim reports her purse was taking out her shopping cart while she was shopping, she did not observe who took it, NYPD responded to scene.

0700 HRS 07/04/09 TO 07/05/09 0700 HRS






0700 hrs 07/05/09 - 0700 hrs 07/06/09

Property Damage - To RIOC property. PSD responded and made report. Photo taken.

Found Property - Resident found property and turned it into PSD. Owner was notified and retrieved property.

Missing Child - Mother reported her child was missing. PSD responded and found child. Child was returned to mother. No injuries were reported.

Lost Property - Owner came into PSD to report that she lost her purse. NYPD was notified and report was taken.

Unsecured Door - PSD officer found door open. Search of area was conducted and found to be in order. Door was secured by PSD.

Latin Dance Party Cruise Fundraiser For Roosevelt Island Based Orphans International Casa Ana Azua Dominican Republic Orphans Project July 9

Roosevelt Island based Orphans International (OIWW) is holding a Latin Dance Party Cruise on Thursday July 9 to raise funds for OIWW's Casa Ana orphans project in Azua, Dominican Republic.
July 9 Latin Party Cruise of Manhattan Harbor only $10.

To benefit Orphans International – Dominican Republic

Aboard the Queen of Hearts

Board on Right Side of Pier #40

West Houston Street & West Side Highway

New York | NY 10003


Thursday July 9

Boarding 6:00PM - 7:30PM We leave the dock at 7:30 sharp!

Sailing until 10:30PM

More information is available here on Orphans International and the Casa Ana Orphans Project in Azua Domincan Republic. Click here to register for the event.

Monday, July 6, 2009

State Senator Jose Serrano Presents Roosevelt Island Seniors Health Workshop Tomorrow and Tries To Save Arts Education In NYC Public Schools

Double Click On Image To Read More Easily

A reminder from earlier post and Roosevelt Island Sidebar Calendar.
On Tuesday July 7, State Senator Jose Serrano, NY Presbyterian Hospital and the Roosevelt Island Seniors Center will be presenting a health workshop for Senior Citizens at the Good Shepherd Community Center - 543 Main Street. According to State Senator Serrano:
Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to stay healthy! There will be an information session, healthy refreshments and a simple stretching workshop for you to take part in.
In addition to being the Chair of the NY State Senate Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks and Recreation Committee, Senator Serrano is also a member of the Committee on Aging.
Senator Serrano has written an op-ed in today's Gotham Gazette on Saving Arts Education from the political mess currently going on in Albany. Senator Serrano writes:
I fear arts education may become the next casualty of the Albany war.

Last week I came out in support of a bill to continue, but amend, mayoral control of the city's public schools. As a fierce advocate for arts in the classroom, I was moved by the bill's establishment of a citywide council to advise, comment and issue reports on arts-related policies in our school system. Unfortunately, with the lack of deliberation and dialogue in the capital right now, we might not have the chance to vote on the best legislative proposals....

... No one can deny that continued and positive exposure to the arts and New York's rich and multi-faceted cultural heritage is a sound investment for our children. Let's not use our current political and budgetary challenges as an excuse to deny them this opportunity.

Gateway To America - Preserving New York City's Ellis Island Presentation At Roosevelt Island Public Library - July 7, 6:30 PM

You Tube Video of Today Show Interview on Ellis Island Restoration

Received the following invitation from the Roosevelt Island Historical Society:


More than 12 million of our grandparents and relatives gained entry to freedom and the opportunity to seek their fortune when they reached Ellis Island.

Learn the fascinating history of the gateway to America, in a presentation by Judith McAlpin, President of Save Ellis Island, Inc. The restored Ferry Terminal Building is only part of the island’s architecture. There were extensive hospital facilities, with two general hospitals housing doctors’ offices, operating rooms, fluoroscopy (predecessor to x-rays) rooms, contagious disease wards and other operational areas, and other buildings.

The presentation, sponsored by the Roosevelt Island Historical Society, will be held on Tuesday, July 7 at 6:30 pm at the Roosevelt Island Branch of the New York Public Library, 524 Main Street. The event is FREE

The presentation is the last in a series of four events, Preserving New York City’s Smallest Islands, which focuses on Hart, Roosevelt, Randall’s and Ellis Islands.

DIRECTIONS: Take the Tram at 59th Street and Second Avenue or the F train to Roosevelt Island. Walk 10 minutes north on Main Street or take the red bus (25 cents)
More information available from the New York Public Library Roosevelt Island branch and Save Ellis Island.

Fishing The East River From Roosevelt Island - Not Healthy To Eat But No Legible Warning Signs

Image of Big Fish Caught on Roosevelt Island From Yfrog

We see them all the time - people fishing at Lighthouse and Southpoint Park as well as other areas of Roosevelt Island - and wonder do people really eat the fish they catch from the East River?

Image from Kingfal

The Daily News reports that people are eating the fish they catch from the East River, more so now with the poor economy, and, surprise, it is not wise to do so. According to the Daily News:
... Want to know how much fish is safe to eat from polluted local waters? Good luck.
The Daily News, which reported on Sunday that the plunging economy has forced some New Yorkers to eat fish from polluted local waters, found crucial state health advisories missing from most fishing spots and clinics where officials claim they are available.

"It's shocking," said Hunter College public health expert Jack Caravanos. He wants officials to make sure people know the dangers of cancer-causing PCBs and mercury in local fish.

"The people who need to know about these warnings are not getting the message."...
The Daily News randomly checked several fishing areas for warning signs and found:
... The only sign The News found is at Lighthouse Park on Roosevelt Island - but it is so rusted and weather-beaten it is almost illegible.

"Nobody can read that sign," said angler Rafeal Knipping, 59, who was fishing near the barely decipherable warning.

"They need a big sign advertising the health concerns," he said. "Bring me a poster and I'll paint a sign."
Roosevelt Island Illegible Fishing Advisory Sign From Daily News

Will legible warning signs give people reason to pause before eating fish caught in the river? According to this 2008 story from NY 1 about a Roosevelt Island fisherman:
...Javier Garces comes in from Woodside Queens, looking for striped bass and bluefish.

“It’s a good place to fish,” says Garces. “I catch big fish here.”

And, says Garces, the fish are good enough to eat....