Sunday, December 31, 2023

Best Wishes From Roosevelt Island For A Happy And Healthy New Year In 2024 - Cheers, We're Having A Party, Everybody's Swinging, Dancing To The Music On The Radio And With Some Classic Movies Too

Best Wishes to all for a Happy And Healthy New Year in 2024. 

Whether you're staying at home for a quiet New Year's Eve, watching the Green Bay Packer game hoping for a playoff spot or out partying, there's no better way to celebrate the end of the past year than with a traditional last song from Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes together with Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band .
We're havin' a party
Everybody's swinging
Dancing to the music
On the radio
So listen, Mr. DJ
Keep those records playing
'Cause I'm having such a good time
Dancing with my baby



and Best Wishes for the 2024 New Year.

Watch Video Highlights From Trip To The Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Lightscape Holiday Light Show Last Night - Still Open Tonight And New Year's Day

If you're looking to enjoy some colorful Holiday Lights, check out the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Lightscape Holiday lights show that will be open for two more nights, tonight and New Year's Day.

It's an easy trip from Roosevelt Island. Last night, I took the Ferry to the Brooklyn Navy Yard and then a quick Uber ride.

Here are some highlights from last night at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Lightscape Holiday Lights show.

Saturday, December 30, 2023

Roosevelt Island AVAC Underground Garbage Removal System Out Of Service Due To Electrical Issues - Watch Video Of Fascinating AVAC Tour, Learn About Crazy Items Thrown Down Chutes, How AVAC Gets Fixed And Lightning Strike That Shut It Down Too

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) reported this evening:

Dear Roosevelt Island Community:

The AVAC system remains offline due to ongoing maintenance issues. We are continuing to work with DSNY officials to restore service as quickly as possible and apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Building management was notified of the issue earlier in the day and we will keep the AVAC plant gates open for garbage delivery until the system is back online.

We will be sure to keep the community updated on the situation and when we can expect service to be restored.

-Team RIOC

A Rivercross Tipster shares this message received from the building's management:

Good evening,

I am sorry to inform you that our Trash Chute Doors will remain locked until further notice. As per AVAC's engineering department, some complicated electrical issues have occurred at the central plant. There is a strong possibility that the entire AVAC system will be out of service until the end of next week. As you may have already noticed, gray refuse cans have been placed in every AVAC room for your household refuse disposal. Please tie in your household refuse in trash bags to avoid stench and vermin. The building Staff will be collect the refuse from the AVAC rooms several times a day.

The recycling procedure will remain the same. Future updates to follow...

As previously reported:

... The 2022 Open House New York featured a tour of the Roosevelt Island AVAC (Automatic Vacuum Collection) underground garbage collection system yesterday afternoon.

It was a fascinating tour led by TJ who works for NYC Sanitation Department at the Roosevelt Island AVAC facility...

 TJ explains how the Roosevelt Island AVAC tubes get jammed, then fixed and confirmed that the AVAC was at one time shut down because of a lightening strike.

Here's video of the Roosevelt Island AVAC tour.

UPDATE 1/3 - RIOC announced this evening:

Dear Roosevelt Island Community:

We have fixed the maintenance issue affecting AVAC service for the island. The AVAC system is now back online for use.

Building managers should re-open their chutes and resume using the AVAC system in their buildings. Please do not set garbage outside the buildings for further pick-up. The AVAC yard will also now resume operations under its normal schedule.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we worked through these issues.

Thank you.

-Team RIOC

Friday, December 29, 2023

Roosevelt Island New Year's Wish For Residents and Workers, Priority Roosevelt Island Tram Boarding Ahead Of Sightseeing Tourists - No Roosevelt Island F Train Shuttle Next Weekend January 6-7

Very long lines again for the Roosevelt Island Tram Manhattan 

and Roosevelt Island stations 


Here's the Tram line at Manhattan Station last Wednesday too.

Among the comments on Roosevelt Island Instagram page are:

  • That’s nuts! We are not a Disney ride! This needs to be taken off the tour guides books!
  • We moved to Westchester County and the commute is faster than from RI. 45 minutes door to door versus the long wait for tram and trains that are consistently delayed.
  • This is insane for the residents!!!
  • This happens every year new year’s weekend. So ridiculous!!...I’ve counted six maybe seven. You?
  • If only it had been 6 times...I wish. If you used the tram everyday to commute or otherwise you would know better. We are just trying to make transportation efficient for residents, students and workers.
  • This is an every day thing for years
  • 1 Tram for residents 1 tram for tourists
  • This is just ridiculous at this point. Someone needs to fired. This is unsustainable.
  • Unfortunate that this can’t be managed better… Money is the objective here I suppose…
  • There should really be a residential sticker that only allows each cabin to have a certain amount of tourists in, however bc this is technically public transport RIOC says there is nothing that can be done. I still say they should have signs explaining the situation to tourists and dissuading them from taking the tram…
  • It’s full on Christmas/New Year tourist season. Take the F shuttle
  • they are doing work on that particular subway line and I remember a resident of the island asking people to visit after the repairs are finished which I believe would be in April 2024. I like doing research before I visit somewhere so after seeing that info I didn't visit the island again because that would have been a fun experience for me, but a nightmare to residents who just want to get to and from their home. 
  • Someone should get the courage to fight for the islanders in regard to the crowded tram, many people are thinking getting out of the Island since it become unbearable to catch the tram. It is stressful to travel by tram thèse days

The Roosevelt Island Twitterverse reports:

And from 2019:

Tram overcrowding is going to be even worse next weekend when there will be no MTA Roosevelt Island F train shuttle service. According to RIOC

Dear Roosevelt Island Community:


The MTA has issued the following alert regarding upcoming changes to the F-Shuttle Train in support of the ongoing 63rd St track replacement project. During the weekend of January 6th and 7th, the MTA will be running special shuttle buses in place of the F-shuttle train, which will be offline for the weekend:


Track reconstruction work will be moving to the Manhattan-bound track starting on Monday, January 8th


In support of this switchover:


  1. F shuttle train service will be suspended starting on Saturday 1/6 at 5AM through Monday 1/8 at 5AM
  2. Starting at 11:00 PM on Friday 1/5 and for the remainder of the weekend, a free shuttle bus will replace the Q95 and Q94 and will extend to connect Roosevelt Island, 21 St- Queensbridge, and Queens Plaza, following the current Q94 overnight shuttle route.
  3. This shuttle bus will run during daytime and overnight hours for the duration of the weekend and is scheduled to operate approximately every 5-10 minutes.  


Beginning on Monday 1/8, F shuttle train service will resume on the Queens-bound track and will arrive and depart from the lower level of the Lexington Ave/63rd St Station. Q94 and Q95 shuttle service will resume with no changes. 


Project completion is still slated for Q1, 2024, subject to change. 


Other Methods of Travel


In addition to the MTA’s free shuttle bus, island residents may utilize the following methods of off-island transportation during the January 6/7 weekend:


  • Red Bus: RIOC runs a weekly Red Bus Shuttle to Manhattan every Saturday and Sunday from 3:00pm – 7:30pm. The shuttle leaves from the Tram Station at the top of every hour and picks up returning riders from the Southwest side of 2nd Avenue, between 58th Street and 59th Street, on the half hour. 
  • Tram: RIOC is running the Tram on a rush hour schedule every Saturday and Sunday from 7:00am – 10:00pm during the ongoing MTA trackwork. 
  • NYC Ferry: The NYC Ferry Astoria line serves Roosevelt Island and can provide off-island transportation to Queens and Manhattan. You can check its schedule here.
  • Q102 Bus: Travelers can also utilize the Q102 Bus to Astoria for off-island travel. You can view its schedule here.

Please be advised that we expect longer than average wait times for the Roosevelt Island Tram while this track change takes place, so please plan your travel accordingly. Extra PSD officers will be stationed at both the Roosevelt Island and Manhattan Tram stations all weekend to help ensure an orderly travel experience for passengers. 


Thank you.


-Team RIOC

Will RIOC allow Roosevelt Island residents and workers priority boarding before tourists next weekend when there is no F Train shuttle? It could be as simple as allowing Metro Card holders priority boarding, as was done earlier this year,  since most tourists are using the OMNY payment system. 

UPDATE 11 PM: According to the Roosevelt Island resident who took the video at the Manhattan Tram station today:

So RIOC is apparently afraid of a lawsuit for using public tram as a "private" transportation for the island residents. They are not afraid of a lawsuit for using the same tram as their own private transport.

While standing in line for 25 minutes you may notice that residents are a tiny minority and that PSD officers conveniently "forget" about fairness when one of RIOC employees bypasses the line to get to the island. In the tram tourists are glued to the windows to take pictures, and inside the tram it's empty (the space for the residents).

Thursday, December 28, 2023

NYC Community/Ethnic Journalists 2023 End Of Year Q&A With NYC Mayor Eric Adams, Migrant Crisis, Budget Cuts, Accomplishments, Disappointments & More - "I'm Like Broccoli, You Don't Like Me Now, But You'll Love Me Later When You Have A Healthy Body" Says Mayor Adams

Last Friday, December 22, NYC Mayor Eric Adams met with NYC Ethnic/Community Media journalists to discuss the state of NYC at the end of his second year as Mayor. The discussion began with showing this video.

Mayor Adams then took questions from the NYC Ethnic/Community journalists about a variety of local issues including: 

  • migrant asylum seekers crisis,
  • crime,
  • budget cuts,
  • affordable housing/rent freeze
  • renewal of Mayoral control over NYC school system education,
  • relationship with President Biden,
  • illegal cannabis stores
  • NYC Council's revocation of Mayor's emergency powers,
  • criminal justice/solitary confinement,
  • license and registration of e-bikes,
  • relationship with NYC Unions
  • and relationship with the media

According to Mayor Adams:

I'm more angry than any New Yorker because my legacy is being trampled on. I turned around the City in two years. Everybody told me it was going to take me five years. In two years I turned around the city and now that entire Legacy is trampled on because of a national crisis that has been dropped in our city...

... All the plans we had around schools and the plans we had around housing, the plans we had around cleaning our streets, all those plans are now up and on because of what they doing to us...

Mayor Adams added:

... I hate that we're here. It hurts a lot that we're here. The reality is leadership is about making tough choices and I got to make these tough choices. I wouldn't be the leader of this moment if I was not willing to do that. I guarantee you when people look back over this Administration, they're going to say this was one hell of a mayor. This mayor loved this city. This Mayor navigated us through the turbulent times. I'm like broccoli man, you don't like me now, but you'll love me later when you have a healthy body...  

I asked Mayor Adams:

I'd like to follow up on something you were talking about regarding the media. Why do you think your message is being distorted by some in the media? Do you have specific reasons why you think you're being treated differently than other Mayors before you?...

... you mentioned in the context of Mayoral control being an African-American. Do you think that has anything to do with your coverage?

The Mayor answered:


Here's the full NYC Ethnic & Community journalists Q&A with Mayor Adams.

You can follow Mayor Adams on X(Twitter) and Hear From Eric. 

Politico NY reported today:

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Recycle Your Old Christmas Tree At The Annual Roosevelt Island Mulchfest December 28 To January 15 - RIOC Grounds/Horticulture Team Will Chip Christmas Trees And Turn Them Into Mulch To Nourish Local Trees And Plants

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC)

Dear Roosevelt Island Community:

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation is excited to offer Tree-Cycling once again to the community during our annual “Mulchfest” event from Thursday, December 28th through Monday, January 15th, 2024.

The Grounds and Horticulture team will chip all holidays trees provided and turn them into mulch to be used to nourish the islands trees and plants.

There are 2 ways to participate:

Residents whose buildings are participating in the program can drop their trees at the building’s designated drop point for daily pick-up by the RIOC team;


Residents can bring their trees directly to our designated tree-drop location under the Helix.

List of participating buildings:

  • 425 Main Street 
  • 480 Main Street 
  • 551-555-575 Main Street 
  • 595-625 Main Street

Please note that residents should remove all stands, tinsel, lights, ornaments, and bags before disposing of trees.

Thank you!

-Team RIOC

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Roosevelt Island Lighthouse Looks Beautiful All Lit Up For Christmas


Here's more on the renovation of the Roosevelt Island Lighthouse.

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iDig2Learn Looking Forward To Growing Together In The New Year.

May Joy And Happiness Be Yours In 2024.

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Monday, December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas Roosevelt Island - Enjoy Holiday Songs From Bing & Bowie, Ted Lasso, U2, Wham, Dropkick Murphy's, The Waitresses, RUN DMC, Great Big Sea & For Those Who Eat Chinese Food On Christmas

Merry Christmas Roosevelt Island.

Enjoy these Christmas Songs from Bing Crosby and David Bowie,

Ted Lasso,



Dropkick Murphys,

The Waitresses,


Great Big Sea

and for those who Eat Chinese Food At Christmas.

Merry Christmas Roosevelt Island.

Sunday, December 24, 2023

It's Christmas Eve, Time For A Fairytale Of New York and Final Farewell To Shane MacGowan

It's Christmas Eve and time for A Fairytale Of New York by the Pogues

and a final farewell to Shane MacGowan at his December 8 funeral.

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Schedule For Roosevelt Island Christmas Religious Services - Mosaic Church Has Christmas Eve Service And St Francis Cabrini Church Has Christmas Eve And Day Mass Including At Midnight

The Roosevelt Island Mosaic Church is holding Christmas Eve Services 

and St Francis X Cabrini Catholic Church is holding Christmas Eve and Day services including a midnight mass.

Mosaic Church Christmas Eve service is at Good Shepherd Chapel, 543 Main Street,

and St Francis Cabrini Church 

is at 504 Main Street.

Merry Christmas everyone from Roosevelt Islander and Great Big Sea.

Friday, December 22, 2023

RIOC Announces Christmas Gift To Roosevelt Island Residents Tonight - Replacing 14 Hours Of Free Community Play Time At McManus Field With Permitted Time

At 5 PM this evening, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) sent out the following email advisory:

Dear Roosevelt Island Community:

We wanted to make you aware of some important changes we’re making to our permitting process starting January 1st, 2024. These changes are designed to help our team ensure an orderly permitting process and allow us to continue to offer the use of RIOC equipment to the community for events at a very low cost.

Revised Permit Application Timelines  

Beginning January 1st, those seeking to obtain a Standard Event (50 people or less) permit must submit their permit application a minimum of 12 days in advance of the event. Special Event (more than 50 people) permit applications must be submitted 45 days in advance of the scheduled event. These changes will allow our permit team to better manage the overall permit calendar and provide adequate time for permit applicants to submit the necessary paperwork, including insurance requirements, for review.

Table & Chair Rental

RIOC is pleased to offer permit applicants the use of our tables and chairs at a very low, applicant friendly price point. This adjustment will allow us to better maintain and replace any equipment that is lost or damaged during a rental. (See below for more details).

Expanded Permitting Hours for McManus Field

As one of New York City’s most beautiful locales, permits for McManus Field have become highly coveted. RIOC has decided to add an additional 14 hours of permittable time to McManus Field weekly, which will allow more parties to enjoy this popular spot. (Please note that we will continue to keep the majority of McManus Field’s time set as “free to play” for the community. More information, including permittable hours for McManus Field, can be found below.)

Additional details on these changes can be found below. Those interested in submitting a permit application for 2024 can do so here. If you have any more questions, please visit our website or contact the Permits Department: 212-832-4545 exts. 1905 / 1906 / 1919.

Thank you!

-Team RIOC  

Happy Holiday and thank you!

Best regards,

According to the current RIOC website:

RIOC's Christmas Gift to Roosevelt Island residents is alot less time for free community play time at McManus Field.

Sponsored Post - Wengerd Family Farmers Market Wishes A Blessed Christmas Season And A Wonderful 2024 New Year To Roosevelt Island Community - We're Open December 23 & 30 During This Holiday Season

The Wengerd Family,

operators of the Roosevelt Island Farmers Market, wish you a Blessed Christmas season and a wonderful 2024 New Year. 

The Roosevelt Island Farmers Market at Motorgate Plaza under the Helix 

 is open early morning to mid afternoon on Saturdays in good weather and bad 

offering a wide variety of healthy and delicious tasting fruits, vegetables 

and much more.

The Roosevelt Island Saturday Farmers Market is open this Holiday Season on December 23 and December 30.

Eat Fresh, Eat Local and Eat Healthy at the Roosevelt Island Farmers Market. 

Please enjoy the Christmas Carols from the Sugar Hill Mennonite Mission Choir 

who performed at the Farmers Market last Saturday.