Friday, March 19, 2010

Outdoor Eating & Drinking Returns To Roosevelt Island At Riverwalk Bar & Grill, Nonno's Focacerria and Starbucks - Enjoy The Nice Weather

Image from tiedyes

My mood has certainly improved the last few days with this beautiful sunny weather. A sure sign of spring's arrival and the summer to come is that outdoor eating and drinking has returned to Roosevelt Island around the Riverwalk Commons in Southtown just behind the F Train subway stop.

Nonno's Focacceria is serving Pizza and Italian specialities along with some good stories from owner Alphonse,

the Starbucks Patio is open for coffee, Fraps and other drinks, some reading, relaxing, socializing with friends and neighbors

as well as taking in these fantastic New York City waterfront and East Side views

and the new kid on the block, the Riverwalk Bar & Grill, is serving their excellent food menu and drinks outside.

They even got my Ginger Beer!!!!

I am indeed a happy man now.

Let's not forget that the Trellis Diner will have outdoor seating too.

Happy Spring.

Roosevelt Island Street Lights Going Out Again - RIOC Says Con Ed Still Working On Fix

It looks light the Roosevelt Island street lighting problem continues. Just received this advisory from RIOC:

Due to continuing Con Edison electrical supply problems after last weekend's heavy rains, streetlights remain out on Main Street from Gristedes North to Coler Hospital and West to The Octagon Apartments, as well as the East Seawall from CapoBianco Field North to Coler Hospital.

Con Edison is scheduled to return to resolve the problem on the evening of Tuesday, March 23rd.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Roosevelt Island's Assembly Member Micah Kellner Reports On His Bills Passing NY State Assembly

Roosevelt Island Assembly Member Micah Kellner reports the following:
I am happy to report that four of my bills recently passed the Assembly:

A.3949: Offers a property tax abatement to eligible property owners impacted by the MTA Second Avenue Subway project if they are able to sign or re-negotiate a reduced lease to current or prospective small business commercial tenants.

A.3956: Requires the New York State Office for the Aging to report on the delivery of services to and needs of traditionally underserved populations in their annual report to the governor and legislature; authorizes the Office for the Aging to make grants in aid to organizations to provide technical support to LGBT senior serving organizations when such funds are available.

A.7791: “Blind Patients Bill of Rights;” Requires that documents provided to patients in a health setting are accessible to people who are blind or of low vision.

A.7867: Ensures that residential utility customers, including submetered customers, are provided with an annual notice stating their right to access complaint procedures with the Public Service Commission.

You can follow Mr. Kellner on his blog too.

Take A Roosevelt Island Tram Ride At Night With Miles Davis And Charlie Parker - You Won't Regret It

You Tube Video of Woody Allen"s Opening Scene From Manhattan

Do you remember the fantastic New York montage opening scene from Woody Allen's Manhattan with the George Gershwin score?

Well, it's not a movie, only a You Tube Video, but this Nighttime view from the Roosevelt Island Tram with a Miles Davis and Charlie Parker score is pretty terrific too.

You Tube Video of Tram Ride With Miles Davis & Charlie Parker

I do miss that ride.

During the March 17 RIOC Board Operations Committee meeting, RIOC President Steve Shane reported that so far everything is on schedule for a return of the Tram by late August early September.

Roosevelt Island Red Bus Shuttle To Queens Subway Discontinued After March 31 Due To Sparse Ridership - Manhattan Shuttle Service Continues For Now

Image of Soon To Be Changed Red Bus Shuttle Schedule From RIOC

The Roosevelt Island Red Bus Shuttle service to Queens subway station and Manhattan was intended to provide an additional transportation option for Roosevelt Island residents and workers during the scheduled 6 month Tram Shutdown. How is that working out in terms of ridership usage? Not so well according to RIOC President Steve Shane's March 10 report (Item 2B):
... Shuttle Red Bus service to Queens Plaza (to accommodate handicapped access) during week day morning rush hours is running from 7:00 AM until 9:30 AM, operating every half hour, departing from the west side of East main Street outside the Riverwalk Bar on the hour and half hour, Senior Center (546 Main) 5 minutes later and across from PS 217 five minutes later. The ridership is very sparse and when there are zero riders by the time the last departure stop is reached, the bus does not go to Queens, but just circles the Island as part of regular service...
The ridership is so sparse that it was decided during the March 17 RIOC Board Operations Committee meeting that the rush hour Roosevelt Island Red Bus Shuttle to Queens subway station is not worth continuing after March 31 but the Red Bus Shuttle to and from Manhattan, which has slightly more riders, will continue at least through the end of April. During the meeting it was said the cost of providing taxi service to all those using the Shuttle service would be cheaper than running the shuttle bus. Will have more specific ridership numbers later as an update.

Webcast of the March 17 RIOC Board Operations and Governance Committee meeting available in audio format only.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Arrests 3 For Criminal Trespass, Disorderly Conduct & Harrassment

The 3/16-17 Roosevelt Island Public Safety Report included this incident:
Arrest/Criminal Trespass/Disorderly Conduct/Harassment- Three subjects arrested by PSD.
Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Keith Guerra adds:
On Tuesday March 16, 2010 at approximately 8:15pm, PSD was contacted by a distraught female resident. She stated that while walking home from the subway, a male resident approached her and threatened her with physical violence. She further stated that the male told her "I'll kill you in your sleep." [Note: She has reported previous harassment by this individual.] A search was conducted by PSD members and the subject was apprehended (as he was still at the location where he threatened the female resident).

While placing the subject in the Holding-room at PSD, another male resident entered our Headquarters and attempted to push his way into the Secured Area where the Holding-rooms are located. The Lieutenant on-duty requested that he leave the premises immediately, to which he refused, became combative and was placed into custody as well.

During this incident, PSD received a call of a dispute on the 4th floor hallway of 540 Main Street. The dispute was reportedly between two males. Moments later, a male then entered PSD bleeding from his left forearm and stated to the Sergeant on-duty that while arguing with the above victim's son, he became angry and punched the glass window on the 4th floor of building 540. He was then transported to the hospital. Upon his release, he was transported to the 114th PCT and processed for Criminal Mischief of the shattered window.

All three arrests were processed and confirmed by the ADA, who also arranged for the female victim to receive Orders of Protection against two of the males arrested.
Despite some complaints from time to time by Roosevelt Island residents about the Public Safety Department it's important to remember that they are here to protect and serve the community and it's good to know they are available when you need them as in this case.

More on the specific duties and responsibilities of the Public Safety Department here.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day - Come Celebrate At Roosevelt Island's Riverwalk Bar & Grill But Watch Out For That Old Black Rum Say Great Big Sea

Come celebrate Saint Patrick's Day on Roosevelt Island at the Riverwalk Bar & Grill but follow Great Big Sea's advice and be careful of the Old Black Rum.

You Tube Video Of Great Big Sea's Old Black Rum

Great Big Sea is a Canadian Band from Newfoundland. They have not played New York for a while and are missed. Hope they come back soon.

Roosevelt Island Swimming News - Red Tide Master Swim Class At Sportspark & Marlins Adult Classes At Westview

Are you a Roosevelt Island swimmer? If so, a new group is coming to Roosevelt Island and establishing a Masters Swim Program that you may want to try out. From Red Tide:
I am writing on behalf of Red Tide NYC Masters Swim Program. We are hoping you can announce to the RI community that Red Tide is now running a Sunday afternoon swim practice at the Sportspark from 12-2 pm. We would like to invite RI residents over 18 to try out one of our workouts – the first drop in session is free.

Red Tide is a competitive masters swim team based in New York city and has been in existence for over 20 years. It is a cooperatively run organization of over 100 swimmers from novices to national champions. Red Tide welcomes swimmers over 18 years of age of all abilities, goals and experience. We swim for fun, fitness and competition.

For more information, please visit our website at or feel free to email us at
The Roosevelt Island Marlins also provide adult swimming classes at the Westview swimming pool. A reader and Roosevelt Island swimmer passes along the following tip for Adult Swimming classes with the Marlins.
There is a fantastic ADULT SWIMMING class at the WestView swimming pool Tuesday and or Thursday afternoons, organized by The Marlins. Different members of my family have been students with the Marlins for 4 years now. The teachers are enthusiastic and knowledgeable and the groups are small. In fact, the adult group became recently so small that the class might be suspended due to lack of students. We adults have different commitments that make us drop classes and working out opportunities, and we might loose this adult activity. I would like to invite the community to make use of this wonderful class and this great pool right here in the Island, and thus keep the class open. The Marlins information can be requested at And learn to swim!
Image of Westview Pool From Roosevelt Island Pools

The Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) has recommended that the Marlins receive $18,000 in 2010 RIOC Public Purpose Funds.

The schedule for available swimming hours at Sportspark is here.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Unusual Roosevelt Island On Film Tonight 6:30 PM - Public Health Legacy At Goldwater Hospital

Image of Coler Goldwater Hospital

The Roosevelt Island Public Library is hosting:
A series of presentations by Judith Berdy of the Roosevelt Island Historical Society, featuring our unusual Island on film!
Tonight at 6:30 PM the film shown will explore Roosevelt Island's Public Health Legacy. According to the Roosevelt Island Historical Society, tonight's film will be:
Hospitals, Nurses and Patients

A Century of Caring © 2006 Metropolitan Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association

Take a trip to the 1950’s showing the Island and the Nursing Students in this classic video with great insights into the pre-Roosevelt Island days.

Angela’s Island © The true story of a Goldwater Hospital resident who struggled to become independent and live on her own. The poignant tale of eleven-year-old Angela, who amazingly overcomes the problems of a paraplegic. Her rehabilitation counselor, herself handicapped by polio, works with Angela to help her learn to cope and function in society. Angela’s mother recalls the tragedy of Angela’s birth and its devastating impact on the family, when her father deserted them.

Did you know that during World War 2:
... in the basement of Goldwater's Building D, were assembled what has been called "the workings of elite science"-the scientists who would go on to develop many of the great biomedical research advances in the postwar era.

Goldwater Memorial Hospital in New York was the focus of antimalarial drug research during World War II. Dr. James A. Shannon led the group, which included Drs. Bernard Brodie, Sidney Udenfriend, and Robert Berliner, and future Nobel Prize winner Julius Axelrod. Dr. Robert Bowman came to Goldwater after the war....

Riverwalk Resident Likes New Roosevelt Island Red Bus Route - Says Will Reduce Main Street Traffic & Provide Equitable Service For Southtown Residents

You Tube Video Of Prior Roosevelt Island Red Bus Route From Roosevelt Island 360

RIRA President Frank Farance and some other RIRA members are not happy with the new Red Bus Route. Mr. Farance discussed the Red Bus Routing issue in his March 12 report.

Roosevelt Island Riverwalk resident Steve Silverstein thinks the new Red Bus route is a good idea and has the following to say:
I am writing in favor of the new Red Bus southbound routing along East Road, now providing service to the front of the Southtown Riverwalk buildings. Prior to this routing change, the rest of Roosevelt Island has enjoyed bus service to the front of their residential buildings except for the Southtown Riverwalk buildings. Most RI residents view the Red Bus strictly as transit to/from the subway and the tram, but for Southtown Riverwalk residents it is currently used mainly for intra-island transit to Motorgate because we are the only area without a nearby parking facility.

Continuing the Red Bus service to the front of our buildings will reduce car traffic on Main Street since it enables drivers like me to conveniently bring packages back from Motorgate on the bus rather than driving up to deliver them and then returning to Motorgate. It will also facilitate shopping on an invigorated Main Street for larger or more numerous items by making it possible to ride them back on the Red Bus. Having the new bus stop and shelter at the Riverwalk Commons is also a welcome change during inclement weather. I am encouraged by the proposal to permanently route the Red Bus in front of our buildings, providing equitable service to Southtown residents and promoting intra-island transit and commerce, and I am writing to endorse that change.
I would also like to offer a reasonable compromise to service and safety issues on the Red Bus routing (when the tram construction is completed) - a compromise that is sensitive to Northtown and Octagon commuters:

Morning rush hour only routing could be modified (as is done now to bypass the Motorgate loop) to allow West Road bus service directly to the subway with roundabout at tram. A Public Safety officer or crossing guard could be posted if necessary at the subway during these limited hours, as necessary, to ensure safety. The balance of the day would provide East Road routing for greater safety plus enhanced service to Southtown residents.
More on Red Bus Routing from earlier posts.

More Roosevelt Island Parking Problems - Is There Selective Issuance Of Parking Tickets & Priveledges Depending Upon Whom You Know?

Parking Ticket Being Issued in Front of 425 Main Street

In response to this post on parking problems for Roosevelt Island's Riverwalk residents and workers at Southtown's Main Street, several readers complained: were parked along the sidewalk with Bogus Placards that said Monadnock Construction, Authorized Parking. When I called PSD, they said no construction company had authorization to park on the street, and the placards were apparently fake.
Southtown parking is a joke. Illegal use of parking placards - construction, NYPD, MTAPD, BOE, how about handwritten building concierge, menu's, construction vests, Union County NJ placards, and the list goes on. All of these are passed by Public Safety and not ticketed. Why?? Free food? Courtesy? Like it would be reciprocal, I doubt it. You complain and they tell it's none of your business, I'm just not sure what their business is.
Another reader noticed after the last snowstorm that:
It is interesting that the snow, which began to accumulate on Thursday, and finally ended late Friday evening, can be still found piled up on several automobiles on Main Street.

The cars, clearly in violation 1) of any 40 minute parking limit, and 2) a need for plows to be able to clear the snow from Main Street, remain with full windshields of snow on Saturday evening.

Public Safety has not cleared the snow to put on a ticket and the cars have not been towed away.

Who are these people with parking privileges? How does one get to be on such a favored "no ticket/no tow list?"
I asked Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Keith Guerra about this parking issue:
I have been getting messages recently about parking ticket selective enforcement by Public Safety Department particularly along Main Street in Southtown. Residents and workers are complaining that the few parking spaces available are being taken up by those "favored" by RIOC or Public Safety Department to the unfair detriment of others not so lucky. Others have mentioned fake or "bogus" authorization stickers on windshields that indicate to Public Safety Department that these cars should not be ticketed. On Saturday afternoon, I saw a car with a Monadnock Construction sticker

that was not ticketed while others without the sticker were. Attached is photo of the sticker on windshield and car parked on street next to double parked car.

Also, why are some so-called "authorized" cars allowed to park in the Zip Car area across from 455 Main Street? What makes these cars authorized and others not. Steve Shane has indicated that the Tennis Club patrons will not be allowed to park there but they are still doing so and signage indicates that they are allowed to do so.

Do you care to comment on this and on Roosevelt Island Parking ticket enforcement in general. I will be publishing post on topic this week
Mr. Guerra replied:
I will not dignify the first portion of your e-mail regarding "favoritism" with an answer, as the notion is not only false but offensive. There are no fake or bogus authorization stickers, which indicate to an Officer - not to ticket a vehicle. While part of an Officer's duties are to enforce Parking Violations, that is not their primary function. Sometimes vehicles parked in violation go un-ticketed.

The only Official Placards that are being honored are those used by members of the NYPD Transit Division, who are granted the courtesy of 2 spaces near the Zip-cars parked along the fence of the old Monadnock Construction Area (now being used by POMA for the Tram Operation). Before that lot was turned over to POMA, vehicles belonging to Monadnock Construction workers were authorized to park inside. They were given a piece of paper (by their company) indicating that they worked for Monadnock (or Related).

The picture you attached is that paper, which is no longer in effect. Vehicles bearing that piece pf paper, parked in on the street are subject to the same Parking Rules that all other vehicles have to follow. They are not exempt from receiving tickets, and have received them. If you, or any other resident, sees a vehicle parked in violation, I encourage a phone call to the Public Safety Department so that it may be ticketed.

To my knowledge, the Managers of the Tennis Complex worked out a temporary arrangement to have their patrons park in the area near the Zip-cars, and still have that permission. Another area is being sought out, but until the details are worked out, they are allowed to park there (and have a piece of paper in their windows indicating that they are Tennis Complex patrons).

Lastly, residents who come into the Public Safety Department asking for a courtesy to temporarily park in certain areas, are granted that courtesy and are not ticketed.
I responded:
I am sorry that you think my question regarding selective enforcement of parking tickets by Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department is offensive. It was not intended to give offense but merely to question and give you an opportunity to respond to a belief (commonly held?) by some Roosevelt Island residents.

As to the "courtesy" extended to some who enter the Public Safety Department to ask for temporary parking allowances, that is difficult for Riverwalk residents since they live a distance away from PS office. Perhaps a system could be worked out using a phone to allow the same courtesy for Riverwalk residents as allowed for others living near Public Safety office.
Followed by Mr. Guerra:
Residents coming on to the island have to pass the Public Safety office before they arrive at Riverwalk. They may even stop in one of our spaces to come in and ask for a courtesy parking.

We have fielded calls from Riverwalk & Octagon residents asking for courtesy parking, but they need to provide their license plate, make & color as well as the reason for their request. We have honored those requests and will continue to do so.
There is a prior history on Roosevelt Island, admittedly prior to Mr. Guerra's tenure, of allegations that the Public Safety Department selectively enforced parking regulations. According to this January 2008 Daily News article:
... Some locals said parking regulations are selectively enforced by Roosevelt Island Public Safety, whose officers have the right to ticket cars and make arrests.

"They will not issue a summons to friends," said Ron Schuppert, chairman of the Roosevelt Island Residents Association's public safety committee and a retired NYPD officer with 25 years on the job.

"It's like a small Southern town. It's nothing but nepotism," he said.

Farance and Schuppert alleged there is a secret list of people who are immune from ticketing.

Steve Shane — president of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp., which oversees Public Safety — said the list is an urban legend.

"There's no such list," Shane said. "There may have been one but there certainly isn't one now."...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Are Electricity Charges At Roosevelt Island's Manhattan Park Correct? Ask Roosevelt Island Google Groups-They Help Residents Organize & Solve Problems

Understanding Your Con Ed Electricity Bill from NY Times

A resident of Roosevelt Island's Manhattan Park (MPR) was unhappy with recent large electricity bills received and asked the Manhattan Park Google Group:
I would like to know if anyone has been experiencing high utility costs for the months of January and February. I had a bill of $324 for January stating I used 1967 kwh, for a 1 bedroom apartment! My bill was $224 in February. Exactly $100 less, and my bill came to me a day late. Maybe because I am currently in a battle with Management regarding this issue?

I have not seen any recent posts, but I can see it's been a problem since 2008. I had drafts coming in around my heating registers that needed to be insulated, and it took Maintenance a month to get around to taking care of it. I was told I was still accountable for the high usage by Management. Even though Maintenance did not show up when they said they were going to, never returned any of my calls, etc. They finally picked up the phone when I was leaving a voice mail for Management stating that Maintenance was avoiding me, and I wasn't going to be paying my utility charges. I have sent an email documenting what has been going on to Management. I also informed Management that they need to educate the leasing agents on the actual cost for the charges, since I was told the average was $90- $110/mo.

I asked to have Management reply to my email in writing so I could discuss this with my attorney, and if I did not receive it by April 1st, I would withhold my payment for the utilities. Of course I have not received a written response. And from what I am finding, Con Ed, 311, the NY State Public Service Commission cannot help me, because I need to have something in writing from Management.

They know how to play this game quite well obviously. And it is a known fact that large property managers that sub-meter utilities within their buildings are constantly getting into trouble for false information provided to tenants, in order for them to have financial gain. I am currently working on filing a complaint with the Attorney General. Does anybody know if we have a representative at Manhattan Park that is on the Common Council RIRA? If Manhattan Park is supposed to be receiving such great rates by buying their utilities in bulk, why are the tenant charges so extreme?
In response to a reader who responded that the increased electricity charges were similar to others at this time last year and just a normal reflections of cold, winter months, the MPR explained:
I have been living in NY for 4 years, this winter was no worse than any other. The temperature only dropped below freezing a few days out of the season. I'm from Cleveland originally, I know what freezing weather is like. Everyone else that I have spoken to that lives in Manhattan thinks this is a completely outrageous charge for
electricity. There is something wrong with my bill, because I was out of town with everything shut off for 9 days and still had a $224 bill. Did you pay $324 for your bill in January? Until I see something in writing, or my actual meter reading I can't accept this is a normal charge. Con Ed even told me this charge was high. Previous tenants that lived in this exact building only paid $60 for their heat when they were living there. We're being ripped off...
A former Manhattan Park resident (FMPR) chimed in:
There's also the issue that your unit is also probably facing manhattan. You don't get sunlight to help heat your unit during the day.

If you notice, your summer bills are much lower than the people that are facing queens, because they get much more sunlight, they have to cool more.

Turn off your heaters when you are not home, that should help a bit.

I had the same exact issue during winter before I moved out. I installed my own temporary meter to compare against what i was being billed and it was right on the money.

The electric usage is high because the building has poor insulation, the heating is electric and you are not getting enough sunlight.

What you can request is to have an independent consultant to install a meter inside your unit and compare to your bill.
MPR replied:
Thank you, I do already turn my heat off all day. And only run it in my BR on low at night. I unplug everything as well. I guess I'll have to get a meter installed.
Followed by FMPR:
That's what I did because I refused to believe the charges.

I did the test myself as well so I could control everything.

The results confirmed my fears that everything was OK. Needless to say I was not happy at all. But the data didn't lie.

After I put all variables in, i figured out the high usage. Insulation and sunlight. This building was made 15-20 years ago for the purpose of renting, the developer most probably took advantage of incentives to build in Roosevelt Island and didn't insulate enough.

To balance that, they installed electric heat, so they didn't have to be responsible for heating. I used to live in manhattan for many years and the heat in those buildings is primarily oil based, which means that builders spend more on insulation so as to reduce heating costs.

Put a meter inside your apartment and verify the readings. I can recommend a company that can do these tests for a fee if you want (not associated with me at all. I work in retail).

Cheers and good luck
A Manhattan Park Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) representative added:
My husband and I both live in 10 River Road and are current RIRA representatives.

The electricity charges in both our buildings and "Roosevelt Landings" have been brought up at RIRA before, but unfortunately the electric issues are building specific and are generally referred back to the private management companies. Because we don't have an organized tenants' association (management opposes the organization of one), we have no real way to oppose these things together.

I would say that $100 is about the average electric bill for 1brs in Manhattan Park. We live in a north facing 1br unit and pay $35-40 a month - BUT we do not use the heat or ac. In the winter we bundle up and in the summer we run fans in the windows. Your usage will be lower if you only turn your heat on long enough to warm up the bedroom and then turn it off when you go to sleep.

Your first step would be to, as another tenant suggested, get a second opinion on your usage. You may want to ask maintenance to come up and make sure your heating unit is working properly, and if you have a number of old appliances (ie the original fridge, microwave and dishwasher) you may be using more electricity than other tenants - we had our fridge replaced by complaining that the ice maker didn't work.

Feel free to email me if you have any other questions or issues you would like to be raised at RIRA meetings.
MPR closes with:
Thank you all for your feedback. Much appreciated.
This was an excellent example of online Google Groups assisting Roosevelt Island residents to communicate with each other in order to solve, or at least gain additional information, on specific buildings issues or problems. In addition to Manhattan Park Google Groups, similar groups are available for residents of other Roosevelt Island buildings. More information on these groups available at:
Registration is required to join these groups and is only open to residents of the particular building.

RIOC Governance & Operations Committee Meeting On March 17 - Compliance With Public Authorities Act, Southtown Traffic Patterns & RI Updates On Agenda

You Tube Video Explaining NY Public Authorities and Reform Act

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp. (RIOC) Board Of Directors Governance and Operations Committee will be meeting on Wednesday, March 17. From RIOC:
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a meeting of the Governance Committee of the RIOC Board of Directors will be held on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at 5:30 p.m. at the RIOC administrative office, 591 Main Street, Roosevelt Island, New York. The Committee will meet to:

1. Elect a Chairperson;
Review proposed resolution to take certain actions to comply with the Public Authorities Reform Act of 2009;
Discuss role of RIOC Board as it relates to lobbyists;
Review proposed corporate mission statement;
Discuss new timeslots and new order for RIOC Board meetings;
Discuss putting RIOC Board agenda package on Web; and
7. Discuss hiring an outside consultant to evaluate RIOC operations

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a meeting of the Operations Advisory Committee of the RIOC Board of Directors will be held on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. at the RIOC administrative office, 591 Main Street, Roosevelt Island, New York. The agenda for the meeting will be:

1. Presentation of Roosevelt Island GIS Project;
2. Presentation on Southtown Traffic Pattern;
3. Discussion of Red Bus Shuttle Service;
4. Update on the Aerial Tramway Modernization Project;
5. Update on the Southpoint Open Space Project; and
6. Presentation on Engineering and Maintenance Report.
The webcast of both meetings will be available on line two days later.