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The Shield of Roosevelt Island - Public Safety Incidents for Week of July 13-20

0700 hrs 07/19/08 - 0700 hrs 07/20/08

Missing Youth - NYPD and PSD officers responded to mother apt.who stated daugther is a runaway. And she is staying with friends.

Aided/EDP - Mother called PSD and stated her son is acting crazy and that he is mentally ill. EMS transporting subject to hospital.

Aided - Female tenant rpts having chest pain.EMS transporting to hospital. Daugther on scene.

Unsecured Property-male tenant rpts left his pacelite scooter at the tram over night unlocked. return next day scooter was gone.

harassment - female tenant rpts porter started touching and grabbing her butt etc. nypd on scene and placed porter under arrest.

unsecured vehicle - psd officers observed vehicle window open motorgate attendant notified.

arrest - two male subjects were observed by psd officers one male summonsed for urinating in public, other male was summonsed for unlawful possession of marijuana.
0700 hrs. 07/18/08 - 0700 hrs. 07/19/08

Theft of Service / Attempted Robbery - Driver of livery cab reports one male subject and three females try to take his cell phone and his money. Search made with negative result . NYPD refused.

Car Stop / Unlicenced Driver - Motorist was observed by PSD officer driving through stop sign. Driver I.D. expired 10 yrs ago.
Male subject escorted to PSD. Co worker returned with updated document summonses were issued by PSD.

Aided - Male tenant reports having reaction to his medications. EMS transported to Hospital.

Criminal Mischief - Anonymous male reports broken window at 549 Main St. RIOC was notify of condition. Search made with negative results.

Stuck Elevator - PSD officer responded to 580 Main St. Officer reports elevator between floors. Super on scene. Passenger with dog reports no injuries, refuse EMS. Stuck inside for 15 minutes.

Criminal Mischief - Female reports rear window to her vehicle broken . Search made with negative results. NYPD refused.

Arrest - NYPD Officer took male subject for questioning with PSD assistance.

Graffiti - PSD Officer writing on 4th floor rear elevator. Search made with negative results. Super notified.

Criminal Mischief - PSD Officer observed insulation from steampipe in stairwell pulled off. Search made with negative results.

Reckless Endangerment - PSD Officer responded to 540 for objects being thrown out of a window. Search made with negative results. Super notified of open Window.

Investigation - PSD Officer observed two male subjects taking pictures of 59th St. bridge while vehicle was moving. They were stopped and questioned. NYPD contacted. NYPD Officer spoke to subjects and released. Pictures were taken by NYPD.

0700 hrs 07/17/08 - 0700 hrs 07/18/08 hrs
Water leak - PSD and Super responded to apt for water leak. No water coming from apt. Super secured apt door.
Investigation - Officer observed CBS parked on seawall filming. Was advised to obtain RIOC permit in future. RIOC Parks Director notified.
Brush fire - PSD put out fire. No injuries or damage.
Suspicious male - PSD checked ID and man turned out to be hospital patient. Patient returned to hospital.

7/16/08-7:00 AM to 7/17/08-7:00 AM
Lost Property- A cell phone. Search made with negative results. NYPD refused.
Runaway/Pins/Family Court- 2 Youths taken to Group Home Headquarters. One youth taken to Family Court by NYPD.
Graffiti- Outside of Building. UA notified. Also to be referred to NYPD Graffiti Task Force.
Aided- An ill person was taken to the Hospital by EMS.
Unleashed Dog/Unlawful Possession of Marijuana- Arrest by PSD.
Missing Person- NYPD responded. Search made for the missing with negative results.
Unsecured Premises- On trailers. Search made and appeared to be in order. They were secured by PSD.
Graffiti- 5 Subjects arrested by PSD. 47 cans of spray paint also confiscated by PSD.

7/15/08-7:00 AM to 7/16/08-7:00 AM
Child Custody Dispute- NYPD responded and filed a report. No injuries.
Petit Larceny- A digital camera was left in a store and was taken. Search for the subject yielded negative results. Victim to notify NYPD on his own.
Graffiti- In building. Search for the subject yielded negative results. RY Mgt notified.
Larceny- Subject was shoplifting in a store. NYPD responded and a trespass notice filed.
Reckless Endangerment- Rock thrown to victims hand. EMS refuged and NYPD. No visible injuries. It was thrown from unknown location. Search for the subject yielded negative results.
Aided- Person fell off bicycle and sustained minor injuries. EMS refused.
Arrest-Alcohol/Open Container- 2 subjects arrested by PSD.
Harassment- Subject left threatening note. NYPD refused.
Petit larceny- 2 subjects took money. NYPD responded. Money was retrieved from subjects and victim refused to file charges. No injuries.
Verbal Dispute- Between relatives. PSD responded and it was resolved.
Trespassing/Criminal Mischief- glass found by building and garbage in stairwell. Search for the subject yielded negative results.
7/14/08-7:00 AM to 1/15/08-7:00 AM
Aided- Person slipped from wheelchair and assisted up by PSD. No injuries. EMS refused.
Criminal Mischief- "13B and 19B" burned door bell and damage to the wall. UA notified. Search for the subject made with negative results.
Aided- An ill person was taken to the Hospital by EMS.
Aided- An ill person was taken to the Hospital by EMS.
Disorderly Conduct- Subject arrested by PSD.
Missing Youth- PSD responded. Youth found by PSD.
Aided- An ill person was taken to the Hospital by EMS.
Aided- An ill person was taken to the Hospital by EMS.
Aided- An ill person was taken to the Hospital by EMS.
Aided/DOA- A deceased person of natural Causes. NYPD and EMS responded.

7/13/08-7:00 AM to 7/14-08-7:00 AM

Aided- an ill person was taken to the Hospital by EMS.
Investigation- Light House East gate Th. chain is missing. It may have been removed for Good will Special Event.
Verbal Dispute- 2 roommates of a college No injuries and NYP refused. They will speak to the Dean to make other living arrangements.
Disorderly Conduct/Resisting Arrest/Criminal Mischief/Harassment -Arrest made by LSD.
Aided- An ill person was taken to the Hospital by EMS.
Tampered lock- Tooth pick jammed into the lock. UBA notified. search for the subject made with negative results.
Possible Assault- NYP responded but report was refused.
Trespassing- Subject climbed fence to the pool Subject ran and fled. NYP was refused. Search made for the subject with negative results.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Normal F Train and Tram Service for Roosevelt Island This Weekend And Things To Do

Image from MTA

According to the MTA, there will be normal F Train subway service to and from Roosevelt Island this weekend and the Tram will be running on a normal schedule as well.
Things to do this weekend on Roosevelt Island include Saturday's Roosevelt Island Outdoor Movie showing of the Bee Movie and Sundays Good Shepherd Concert Series at 2:30 PM featuring
Christa Patton (baroque harp) and Elizabeth Baber (soprano) will treat your ears to the music of the palaces of 17th century Spain and Italy. Lively Spanish dances combined with spicey popular songs from theatre and early opera by harpist composers such as Juan Hidalgo, Lucas de Ribayaz and Fernando de Huete begin the concert. The "nuove musiche" of the Italian 17th century follows with sumptous solo pieces for the very rarely heard baroque harp and ravishing melodies for voice by Girolomo Frescobaldi, Sigismondo D'India, Giovanni De Macque, and Jacopo Peri.
Here's a list of other things to do this weekend in New York City from NY Times Urban Eye, and the New York Post.

Roosevelt Island Outdoor Movie Night Returns Without A Spectacular View Again

Image of Roosevelt Island Outdoor Movie Series Showing Bee Movie from Roosevelt Island 360

The second showing in the Roosevel Island Outdoor Movie Series will take place on Saturday, July 19 with the showing of the Bee Movie, an animated film created by Jerry Seinfeld. From RIOC:
Summer Movie Series
Look forward to seeing some of your favorite family movies on a giant, inflatable, 2-story outdoor movie screen.
Where: Fire Fighters Field (near the Tram)
When: July 19th- Pre-show start, 8:45 pm
Film start, 9:00pm
Movies: Bee Movie
Runtime: 90min
Blankets, lawn chairs and picnics are welcome.
As stated in prior posts, I think it is a mistake to move the venue for the Roosevelt Island outdoor movie from Southpoint Park with its spectacular waterfront view to Firefighters field which has merely OK views. The reason given for the venue move by RIOC President Steve Shane in his June 28 Main Street WIRE column is:
The facilitation of attendance by seniors and handicapped at a much more accessible spot is the primary reason for the change, and so far, so good.
Well, if RIOC was able to provide buses for seniors and handicapped people for the July 4 Fireworks event at Southpoint Park, there is certainly no reason why they could not do the same for the outdoor movies as well.

Why then the move?

According to a reader of this post:
"These Islanders" were quite satisfied with the movies where they were. No one asked for them to be moved. It's just easier for RIOC to set them up at Firefighters Field. To say they did it for the seniors is absurd. Did you happen to see the selection of movies? Every one is a kid's movie. No seniors were there, and none will be going to the rest of the kid's movies. So let's at least be honest about the move. It was done for the convenience of RIOC and no other reason.
Maybe RIOC will decide to move the August 9 movie back to Southpoint Park as an experiment to see if it is an impediment for our senior and handicapped neighbors. I tend to think that they and everyone else will find the Southpoint Park Outdoor Movie venue experience far outweighs any burdens or difficulties in getting there.

UPDATE: 7/21 - I saw one person in a wheelchair during the outdoor movie and he left within an hour.

Incredible, Amazing, Unbelievable Waterfront Plans For Roosevelt lsland's Southpoint Park - But With Big Problems Too

Aerial View of Southpoint Park image from SSJ Development

Filed under the category of how did I miss this.

The July 1 Daily News published an article about Brooklyn real estate developer Stephen Jemal's plan for revitalizing abandoned and environmentally unsafe areas of South Brooklyn in Sheepshead Bay, Mill Basin and Gerritsen Beach. According to the Daily News article:
"I'm taking blighted land filled with warehouses, factories and abandoned marinas and bringing them back to life so people can live there," says Jemal, a brand builder who trademarked the name Riviera for his visionary waterfront revitalization strategy that he'll take global in its final phase. "Real estate might be cyclical, but the one constant in this world, historically speaking, even in a down market, is that waterfront property does not go down in value. They're not building it anymore. I just had to find it and improve it.
What does this have to do with Roosevelt Island and Southpoint Park? The Daily News article reports:
Phase two of Jemal's master plan for the Riviera residential real estate brand includes building the south side of Roosevelt Island and several large skyscrapers for mixed-use hotel, residential, retail and commercial facilities in Long Island City, Jersey City and South Street Seaport
In his first foray after selling the Wiz, a plan Jemal conceived himself won a Request for Proposal bid to develop Roosevelt Island's southern tip. He beat out some of the world's most prestigious development companies.
"It takes a long time to build something like the Roosevelt Island project," says Jemal, who has spent more than $50 million without earning one dollar back. "I wanted to learn the ropes and get my feet wet out in Brooklyn first, so to speak."
According to the web site for Jemal's development company SSJ Development LLC:
The Riviera® at Roosevelt Island will actualize a long standing vision residents have had for the entire southern portion of the island. With its amazing views, tranquil setting and close proximity to Midtown this site is the most desirable, glorious and unparalleled piece of land in the city.

... Located slightly north of the Queensboro Bridge and extending to the south side of the bridge, this six-acre site takes up the entire width of the island from Main Street to East Road. SSJ Development's vision encompasses the Tram Site, the existing Goldwater Hospital Site, the Former City Hospital Site and embraces the Master Plan for a New Southpoint Park on Roosevelt Island as prepared by the Trust For Public Land. SSJ Development proposes creating a vibrant and lively community centered around a newly created transportation hub. A nchored by a new ferry terminal on each side of the island, a new pedestrian promenade is proposed just south of the tram. Complete with kiosks selling newspapers, coffee and snacks and benches offering the amazing views of the water, the city, the bridge and the tram, this space would serve as an urban gathering place. The tram station itself would be renovated by creating a glass enclosure on both sides of the tram so residents can enjoy the views while they wait. Just north of the site SSJ Development would also renovate the existing subway station.
Here are some preliminary images of the proposed Roosevelt Island Southpoint project.

This image is the most troubling and is what frightens those Roosevelt Islanders who see the Louis Kahn memorial (incorrectly labeled as a FDR memorial) as the only way to stop such condo development at Southpoint Park. Mr. Jemal says that his development plan:
embraces the Master Plan for a New Southpoint Park on Roosevelt Island as prepared by the Trust For Public Land
but it is hard to see how given this image below.

All Image from SSJ Development

Here is 1999 Main Street Wire column about the last time developer Jemal came to Roosevelt Island with a project for Southpoint Park:
Stephen Jemal is the principal of SSJ, the developer of the proposed Marriott project. He has met with the separate Planning and Development Committees of both RIOC and RIRA. He seems genuinely puzzled over why we wouldn't want a two-tower resort (26 stories each) with 350 first-class hotel rooms and 50 condominiums in a gated community in our back yard.
Blogger Gerritsen Beach has some information about Jemal's Brooklyn waterfront development projects.
The investment companies that fund the Jemal’s Brooklyn projects in Mill Basin, Gerritsen beach and Sheepshead Bay have filed a civil suit against Stephen S Jemal and Sharon E Jemal in Texas Northern District Court.

The companies “Gerritsen Beach Investments Ltd” and “Riviera Investments I Ltd” filed their complaint on 7/14/2008 the cause is stated as a “Contract Dispute“.

Image of developer Stephen Jemal from Daily News

And more from blogger Sheepshead Bites:
I'm no development naysayer. I have nothing against Jemal. In fact, I know surprisingly little about his work, and from what I read of his plans, they're not nearly as terrible, destructive or garish as some of the other work going on in the area. My problem here is with the Daily News. To the residents of Brooklyn's southern coast, development is one of the top issues. It's not to be taken lightly. But, unfortunately, the press too often serves as the number one cheerleader for the developers.
Let the fun begin.

UPDATE - 4PM: Forgot to include link to another skyscraper proposal for Southpoint Park - The Roosevelt Island Tower of Death

UPDATE - 7/23: Lawyers for the developer sent a letter to Blogger Gerritsen Beach demanding post linked to here be removed. More here.

Thank You Howard Shultz For Not Closing Roosevelt Island Starbucks

Several readers have written in advising that the full list of Starbucks stores to be closed has been made public and that our Roosevelt Island Starbucks is not on the list.

Ten of the six hundred Starbucks stores to be closed will be in New York City. According to the NY Times:

When Starbucks released the full list of stores tagged for elimination, it included six in Manhattan, two in Queens and one in Brooklyn. All of those in Manhattan are in Midtown: 340 Madison Avenue (at 44th Street), 400 Madison Avenue (near 48th Street), 1600 Broadway (near 48th Street), 1675 Broadway (near 52nd Street), 565 Fifth Avenue (near 46th Street) and on the fifth floor of Macy’s flagship store in Herald Square.

The stores to be closed in Queens are both in Glendale, one in the Atlas Park shopping center, the other at 8989 Union Turnpike. The Brooklyn shop is at 8414 Third Avenue (at 84th Street) in Bay Ridge.
Thanks Howard for not killing off Roosevelt Island's hope for retail amenities!

Graffiti Arrests on Roosevelt Island And 47 Cans of Spray Paint Confiscated

From the July 16 Roosevelt Island Public Safety Incident Report:
Graffiti- 5 Subjects arrested by PSD. 47 cans of spray paint also confiscated by PSD.
Public Safety Department Keith Guerra provides some more details:
5 people (males & females) between the ages of 17-28 were caught spraying the front of the ship by our Plain Clothes Unit Officers. They were all apprehended and charged with Criminal Mischief. They were processed at the 114 Pct. and their spray cans were vouchered as evidence.
I believe the ship referred to is the boat dock prow near the Octagon and subject of these post regarding the need to clean up it's existing graffiti. Good job by the Public Safety officers in the Plain Clothes Unit.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Roosevelt (Welfare) Island - A Training Ground For FDNY Before Manhattan Park and Motorgate Garage

Before Manhattan Park and the Motorgate Parking Garage were built, this is what that area of Roosevelt Island looked like.

From NYCFire:
In 1960 the FDNY Division of Training was created and a new training center was completed on Welfare Island in 1963.

The training center was located on what is now Motorgate and Manhattan Park.

The Training Center to relocate to Randall's Island in 1973.
Roosevelt Island Historical Society has more interesting photos of FDNY training site on Welfare (now Roosevelt) Island.

Here is a FDNY history of its training program:
The evolution of the present Bureau of Training began in 1869, just four years after the New York City Fire Department was founded as a paid force. The Board of Metropolitan Fire Commissioners, headed by General Alexander Shaler established an "Officers School" and wrote a "Manual of Instruction" for the commanding officers of engine and hook and ladder companies.
UPDATE: 7/21 - According to Roosevelt Island Historical Society President Judy Berdy:
The building south of the bridge is the old neurological hospital. It was shaped like an H with operating rooms in the center. North of the bridge are the old fire dept training center with the "smoke house".

Life Under A Public Benefit Corporation - The Cold Hard Facts For Roosevelt Island

Image from RIOC

I have urged in this blog that certain activities which are free in other New York City neighborhoods, such as viewing the Fourth of July fireworks from a public venue or playing in a city park, should also be free for those same Roosevelt Island activities in areas under the control of RIOC.

RIOC President Steve Shane addresses some of these issues below from his perspective as the President of a New York State benefit corporation.
I think the simple answer to your question about why not free
everything is that RIOC is neither the City of New York nor The State of
New York, but a public benefit corporation, separately funded by
on-island activities whose undertakings are, by and large, restricted to
the benefit of Island residents. I do not think it would be appropriate
to stage an event and spend RIOC's money on an event which is probably
80% attended by off Islanders. Sure, we could do away with the "event"
aspect, but would that be better? We do incur significant cost when a
crowd gathers on RI's shores.

In trying to maintain financial stability and being respectful of the
public fisc, the balancing of revenue production with cost in roughly
equivalent proportion is a necessary act. We do not have the power to
tax or issue debt, so our operating budget has to be roughly matched to
our operating income. Discretionary activity (fireworks watching for
instance), were it not self supporting, would be an activity subject to
being dispensed with at an early level of budget shrinkage. We do not
have a tax base of hotels, restaurants, shopping, etc. to protect by
attracting tourists, nor any significant revenue gains (cf sales tax
receipts) enjoyed by the City from staging public events (although you
will note that Macy's hosts and foots the bill for the fireworks. NYC
provides cops and cleanup, I think, although there may be some
backcharge to Macy's as there is for some sponsored events in the
parks). What are essential functions? We have established a Public
Purpose Fund to support the activities outside of ordinary government
function, as now divied up by the RIRA group. We do support other
Islander activities (movies, concerts, Fall for the Arts, Christmas Tree
lighting, halloween and little league parades, etc.).

Deeper philosophical discussion about the appropriate function of a
public benefit corporation as contradistinguished from a municipality
can always be had.
Mr. Shane presents the problems associated with Roosevelt Island's status under the control of RIOC and the State of New York well. My point has been that Roosevelt Islanders should receive the same benefit of municipal functions that every other resident of New York City does. We pay the same NYC and State taxes don't we? As residents living under the authority of a New York State Public Benefit Corporation apparently we don't.

Also, I have never advocated "why not free everything". We all understand the necessity of balancing revenue and public services. For example, one of Roosevelt Island's 4 ball fields could remain available for use by residents at all times instead of every single one being rented out to corporate groups or other organizations such as Zog. That is a fair balance. And maybe the "Event" status of Roosevelt Island's July 4 Fireworks should be re-considered so that it is open to more residents seeing the spectacular show though that does open up a whole host of new issues and problems.

Here is a 2005 NY State Assembly report by the Committee on Corporations, Authorities, and Commissions titled:
An Inquiry into the Management of Roosevelt Island by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation
that provides some historical background on RIOC as a Public Benefit Corporation. Remember though that this report details events occurring under prior administrations and does not reflect at all upon the current one. For the record, I think that RIOC has improved greatly during Mr. Shane's tenure as President.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Biking to Roosevelt Island - Enjoy the Wonderful Views But Be Careful On Bridge

Map of Bike Ride to Roosevelt Island from Queens is from Blogger Bike Dummy

One of blogger Bike Dummy's favorite New York City bicycle rides is to Roosevelt Island because:
The thing I enjoy most about it are the spectacular views and the fact that you can be completely and totally alone.
Past the ruin of the old smallpox hospital (BikeDummy, Sept. 2007) all the way at the tip of the island, is a spot to view the complete panorama of the East River - from the United Nations to LIC.
As I have written many times before, the wonderful panoramic views described by Bike Dummy are in danger of being ruined forever if what some refer to as the Louis Kahn Death Box (others refer to it incorrectly as the FDR memorial) is ever built.

Bike Dummy advises to be careful on the Roosevelt Island Bridge at 36th Avenue and Vernon B'lvd:
The surface of the bridge is metal grating so I wouldn't ride across it unless you've got a mountain bike. The path is very narrow and is used by pedestrians as well, so you may need to dismount and walk your bike. Once across, just follow the roads. The island is a closed loop so it's not like you can get lost.
Here's more on Roosevelt Island Bike riding including a time lapse video bike trip from Prospect Heights Brooklyn to Roosevelt Island. Have fun.

Financial Accounting of Roosevelt Island July 4 Fireworks Event

A reader of the Roosevelt Island July 4 fireworks post asks for:

a full accounting of the costs of the fireworks production, separating out the cost of VIP food and the lost revenue for providing free admission to the VIP people.
RIOC President Steve Shane provides:
A statement of income and expense from this year's July 4 operation.

Read this document on Scribd: P&L July 4 2008 Festival

One thing I noticed is that all of the revenue comes from ticket sales to the event. Was there no revenue to RIOC from food and beverage sales or concession fees from vendors? I have asked for additional information and will update when received.

Here is similar financial information for 2007 Roosevelt Island Fireworks event.

Be Careful With Your Roosevelt Island Butts - Riverwalk Rooftop Flower Planter Catches Fire

There was a glorious sunset on Monday night that I was lucky enough to view from the rooftop of my building together with other residents and their guests from all around the world. It's funny how so many people remark that they never knew how amazing Roosevelt Island could be at times.

I have always loved hanging out on New York City roofs whether a brownstone deck, pre-war apartment house or fancy, shmancy luxury building with all the amenities and everything in between. This is why.

I've shown this Robson & Jerome You Tube video of Up on the Roof recently but I think it is great and gives me a laugh.

However, not everything is always great up on the roof. On Sunday afternoon there was a smell of something burning on the rooftop deck of the Riverwalk Landing building (Southtown # 3). It turned out that this flower planter caught fire. Luckily, the fire was spotted by an alert resident and put out quickly. it is believed to have been started when another resident carelessly and stupidly put out cigarette butt in the planter.

Let's remember that rooftop deck spaces in apartment buildings are common areas and not one's personal living room. Be careful and respectful of your neighbors please.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trellis Closed Again By Department of Health

Image of Trellis Diner from nrvlowdown

This sign on the window informs Roosevelt Islanders that, as of last night, the Trellis Diner has been closed again by the NYC Department of Health.

The NYC Department of Health Restaurant Inspection Page for the Trellis restaurant does not yet indicate the reason for this most recent closing.

This is a real shame. I know that Trellis receives much criticism by many residents but there are just as many who find the diner a welcoming place to sit, relax and catch up with friends and neighbors. Trellis is also open for early morning breakfast which I am told is of great benefit to early risers. I hope Trellis gets their act together real soon and cleans up the place for good.

And take a look at the Restaurant Inspection Page for all of Roosevelt Island. Fuji East and China One better start making some improvements real fast. Congratulations, Nonnos has zero violations.
Roosevelt Island 360 has the Department of Health's reasons for the most recent closing of Trellis here.

UPDATE: 7/22 - Here's the most recent DOH restaurant inspection report for Trellis.

An Oasis in New York City - Roosevelt Island Profiled on NY!

Roosevelt Island was profiled on my favorite local TV news channel, NY1, being described as:
an oasis in the middle of the big city.
But nothing is as unique as the view – Manhattan to the west and Queens to the east. From Lighthouse Park on the northern tip of the Island, you can also see the Bronx. From the other end in South Point Park you’ll find a 360-degree view that includes the United Nations and Empire State building:
Unfortunately, the report failed to mention that the wonderful 360 degree views are in danger of being destroyed if that boondoggle of a memorial to Louis Kahn , disguised as a FDR memorial, is ever built at Southpoint Park.

“It’s a good place to fish,” says Garces. “I catch big fish here.”

And, says Garces, the fish are good enough to eat.
I don't know about eating the fish though. Good luck with that.

Update on Starbucks Closing - Roosevelt Island Store Still Safe

View Larger Google Map of Starbucks Store Closing Locations

The Seattle Times reports that Starbucks has announced the first 50 stores of 600 nation wide that will be closed.

Further closures will be announced each month after employees receive 30-day closing notices. Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz says the company wants to inform workers about the closures in person; company insiders say Starbucks is not releasing the full list because it is still working to modify and cancel some real estate contracts
The Roosevelt Island Starbucks is not on the list nor is any store in Manhattan but there is one New York City Starbucks in Staten Island that will be closing. Here is the list of the first 50 Starbucks stores to be closed.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Roosevelt Island Stabbing This Past Weekend And Other Law and Order Incidents

Image of boxcutter from University of Minnesota

It's Law and Order Day on the blog. A reader of this post asks about the following incident:
I would like to know what happened this weekend (july 11,12,13) regarding the violence seen on roosevelt island. i heard from numerous sources there was a stabbing as well as a huge fight.
Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Keith Guerra provides the answer:
There were two separate incidents which occurred over the weekend. On
7/12/08, a male, apparently visiting his girlfriend, was approached by 4
unknown males. He was cut with a boxcutter. NYPD handled the
investigation and we were informed he was transported to Elmhurst
Hospital. We have no further information to report at this time.

On 7/13/08, our officers responded to a fight. As the fight was being
broken up, one of the individuals spit at one of our officers and fled.
He was apprehended and placed in the rear of a PSD vehicle. He then
kicked out the rear window of the Patrol car. NYPD ESU and FDNY EMS
interceded and the Emotionally Disturbed Person was transported to
Cornell Medical Center. He has subsequently been transported to
Bellevue Hospital. Upon is discharge, he will be processed at 1 Police
Plaza for Disorderly Conduct, Harassment, Criminal Mischief and
Resisting Arrest.
Another reader comments on separate weekend vandalism incident:
wow, what happened? All I know is when I woke up this morning and looked out of my window at Manhattan Park I saw that some idiots vandalized the Manhattan Park Pool. All the furniture (tables, benches, umbrella stands, even trash cans) were thrown into the water. I wonder if this was in anyway related to this?
Anybody know anything about it?

But, there was some good news. Public Safety Director Guerra forwards this message he received from a resident.
I want to thank Public Safety for their help in getting me back to my

I am a disabled person whose Electric scooter was damaged by riding on
the walk on West Drive by Moorgate.

Since I cannot walk Officer Cortez responded to a call made by A RIOC
employee whose name I did not get.

Officer Cortez immediately put his Bike in the bus garage and pushed me
back to my apartment.

I congratulate the office for dispatching Officer Cortez in a timely

Officer Cortez showed me care and compassion and the ability to
analyze the situation and acting on it to the full satisfaction to me.

God Bless Officer Cortez,

Roosevelt Island Public Safety Officers Assist Resident With Livery Cab Driver

In response to some of the comments to this post concerning the May Roosevelt Island Public Safety report, a reader responds with the following:
I think people need to relax and stop worrying about public safety so much. I say hi to all of them and they say hi back. They are honest workers trying to make a living. People with your comments make me want to sink the island.
Notwithstanding the "sink the island" comment, I think the reader has a point. We should all acknowledge the improvement in the Public Safety Department over the last several months and the valuable contribution made by the Office to the quality of life on Roosevelt Island while remaining vigilant to any errors in judgment or abuses of authority.

Here's an example of the good work done by the Public Safety Department. The July 9 Public Safety report reported that:
Assault/Resisting Arrest/Harassment- Subject stopped by PSD in violation of Unlicenced TLC. Fled scene and charged and two Officers injured.
Public Safety Department Director Keith Guerra provides some additional information on the incident.
An island resident was picked up by an illegal taxi / livery cab at
COSCO. The driver tried to charge her $20.00 for the ride, stating he
had to go over a bridge. She told him she had never paid that much
money for the same trip she often takes. He started yelling at her, so
she called Public Safety. We responded and ascertained he did not
possess a valid TLC license and his vehicle was not registered properly
either. When the officers secured his paperwork, he pulled off and spit
at the woman who he had picked up. The officers chased him and when
stopped by the traffic at the Motorgate Ramp, he exited his vehicle and
moved aggressively toward the officers shouting. He was told he was
under arrest and resisited arrest. He pushed a Sergeant to the ground
and then the Deputy Director secured one of his hands. They fell to the
ground and the Deputy sustained a dislocated finger. {Name Deleted} was charged with Disorderly Conduct, Failure to Comply and Resisting Arrest. He was processed at the 114 pct.
FYI I forgot to mention that when our officers brought {Name Deleted} to the 114 pct., they were told he had been previously arrested multipletimes for the same thing. (He faught with NYPD officers as well.)