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NYPD 114 Precinct Commander Kevin Maloney Speaks To Roosevelt Island Residents Association Public Safety Committee

Reported previously on NYPD 114 Precinct Commander Deputy Inspector Kevin Maloney remarks to the March 14 meeting of the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Public Safety Committee.

Here's the full video of Deputy Inspector Maloney's remarks and discussion with community members.

Following Deputy Inspector Maloney's remarks, Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Jack McManus answered questions from the audience.

Will post full video of the question and answer session with Director McManus as an update soon.

UPDATE 3/18 - Click here for the full remarks by Deputy Inspector Maloney.

Roosevelt Island's Gallery RIVAA Celebrating 13 Year Anniversary With VERNISSAGE X111 Exhibition, Opening Reception Tonight March 15

Roosevelt Island's Gallery RIVAA will be hosting an opening reception later today, March 15, from 6PM - 9PM for their new exhibition, Vernissage X111. From Gallery RIVAA:
Vernissage XIII
Annual RIVAA Members' Anniversary Exhibition, "Vernissage XIII" and guests
Saturday, March 15, 2014 - Sunday, May 4, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 15, 2014 from 6-9 PM.

The Roosevelt Island Visual Art a non-profit organization comprised of an internationally diverse group of artists. RIVAA opened the first gallery on Roosevelt Island in March 2002 and is dedicated to elevating the quality of life in the community through art, music, poetry, dance, events and workshops.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Update On Roosevelt Island Burglaries At Urban American's Roosevelt Landings - NYPD Does Vertical Patrols, Apartment Security Surveys And Distributes Burglary Prevention Flyers

An update on the recent series of burglaries at Roosevelt Landings and response by NYPD. Yesterday, a reader asked:

... around 12pm I saw a lot of NYPD going into 540. Three were 3 cop cars parked on Main Street and one police van parks in the alley btw 540 & the Hardware store.
Image Of 540 Main Street

I asked NYPD 114 Precinct Commander Deputy Inspector Kevin Maloney about the NYPD presence at Roosevelt Landings yesterday.

NYPD 114 Deputy Inspector Kevin Maloney (Standing) and Roosevelt Island PSD Jack McManus (Sitting)

Deputy Inspector Maloney responded yestererday:
The officers on the island today were part of the crime prevention initiative we spoke about. They conducted verticals, distributed several hundred flyers regarding burglary awareness and prevention as well as 17 security surveys within the roosevelt landing complex.

There were no arrests on the island today.
As previously reported:
... a  NYPD Crime Prevention Officer is available to visit your home to identify and make recommendations to improve the security in your apartment free of charge.  If you are interested in the NYPD Crime Prevention Survey, contact 114 Precinct Officer John Glynn (718) 626-9324 or 9327....
and more information on the Roosevelt Landings burglary from Deputy Inspector Maloney.

I asked a representative from Roosevelt Landings owner Urban American about the recent burglaries:
... Any statement from Urban American on this issue?

Does Urban American have any plans on having a doorman/concierge at Roosevelt Landings. Some residents think that will help the security situation.
An Urban American spokesperson replied:
We are constantly reviewing security procedures and meeting with the police department and Public Safety to ensure the security of our residents. We are aware of the arrest and continue to provide assistance to police in their on-going investigation.

Good News, Roosevelt Island F Train Service To And From Manhattan This Weekend Says MTA - That's Two In A Row

According to the MTA Weekender site, there will be Roosevelt Island F train service to and from Manhattan this weekend.


Frank Farance Commends New Roosevelt Island Residents Association President Escobar For Running A Good Meeting But Asks If Good Governance Will Follow

Reported previously on the efforts of some Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Common Council (CC) members to expel CC member Frank Farance. Those efforts created a circus like atmosphere within RIRA and ultimately led to the resignations of several CC members, a new RIRA President and Mr. Farance remaining a CC member.

As reported following the March RIRA meeting:

Just left tonight's RIRA meeting and am happy to say the Circus has left Roosevelt Island. This RIRA meeting under the leadership of President Jeff Escobar was efficiently run, productive, civil and informative. It provides hope for the future of RIRA as an organization.

After the meeting, the overwhelming consensus of those present was that Mr. Escobar did a great job. Some RIRA members even came over to me and said they now understand why Roberts Rules Of Order is a good framework for conducting meetings.

Hopefully, this will continue going forward in the future...
Mr. Farance comments

Image Of Frank Farance

on the March RIRA meeting and governance issues facing the organization. From Mr. Farance:
I believe Jeff Escobar did good job running the March Common Council meeting. There were a variety of potential changes he proposed (e.g., auditorium seating, not circle seating as it had been). I expressed several concerns to the Common Council prior to the meeting, it's possible he was listening to my concerns. It's not the actual use of time, it's the perception about the use of time that is the problem. Ellen Polivy's meetings were so poorly run, every vote needed to be counted over and over.

The CCtalk E-mail reflector, which is not a blog (as reported in the WIRE), is sorely missed because now we are communicating with 30-ish E-mails on a To: line. I've provided the following explanation to old/new CC members and it seems to resonate with some:
"While CCtalk has been shut down, it is merely one mechanism, it doesn't prohibit other email reflectors to be set up. E-mail reflectors provide the important corporate value of making sure all directors are communicated to evenly, not some skipped by the erroneous setting up multiple recipients (three dozen or so) on an E-mail message. So if it has to do with the business of the corporation, any director has the Right to communicate with other directors. ... As I've pointed out, the RIOC board has an E-mail reflector that is public and any person can send to. Clearly, RIOC directors (including our neighbors) are able to manage their E-mail flow. [You] shouldn't look to quash corporate communications among directors. If you don't like an E-mail, you can just ignore it."
Although there are still some imperfect E-mails (even from friends), I think this will calm down soon because: (1) CC members now recognize we have a right to communicate, (2) being perceived as quashing communications is not good, and (3) the receiver can just delete unpleasant messages ... just as the RIOC Directors seem to manage without difficulty.

The lack of the corporation's minutes and prior resolutions are still an issue (a variety of Duty-Of-Care issues). And because the minutes are in poor shape, the RIRA Auditor didn't look at the Cherry Blossom Finances from last year (because the request was in the lost minutes), and thus this topic is still unresolved.

I've heard some say that we were trying to get rid of Ellen Polivy and Lynne Strong-Shinozaki, but that was not so. The goal was to correct the corporate governance, including its finances. Simply, the disagreement isn't between two factions over something arbitrary, such as choosing Chocolate vs. Strawberry ice cream for Roosevelt Island Day. The two factions can be easily described as: those interested in good governance, fairness, openness, and transparency ... and those against it via a variety of methods, such as telling untruths, misrepresentation, obstruction, manipulation, and inaction. Really, almost every argument really comes down that.

Lots of the problems that RIRA had were about getting to the truth/facts behind what was reported. The Cherry Blossom Festival was a spectacular example of a problem with the truthy-ness of the reporting from the Ms. Strong-Shinozaki and others. Simply, had Ms. Strong-Shinozaki reported the truth, been forthcoming, and answered questions, then it would have all blown over ... and RIRA would have had an opportunity to understand/correct financial/legal controls that would positively affect future RIRA fundraising efforts. But Ms. Strong-Shinozaki kept twisting the truth. It reminds me of the story children learn about lying: the first lie begets a bigger lie and so on. So rather than Ms. Strong-Shinozaki telling us the truth in a forthcoming way, her and followers doubled down with a misguided expulsion process that ultimately failed and almost toppled RIRA. The Common Council, via a democratic process, saw it for what it was. Unfortunately, RIRA is unlikely to understand/correct the problems it had with financial/legal controls with Mr. Escobar's approach to ignore the past.

Yeah, a resident writes a letter to the WIRE with genuine concerns about RIRA (which were validated and not refuted), and it percolates into an expulsion, and Ms. Polivy was quoted in the WIRE saying They've Done Us A Favor, Now This Can Drag On. Yeah, the community Got It.

And the WIRE is part of this, too. So you have WIRE staff (Sherie Helstien, Matt Katz) angling to get in something positive, some kind of exoneration for Ms. Strong-Shinozaki. Here is an excerpt of a February 19 E-mail from Sherie Helstien (Matt Katz, Jeff Escobar are CCd) where Ms. Helstien is pressuring the RIRA Treasurer:
Sherie Helstien> "... you agreed that you’d write something for The WIRE letters section, clearing up the issue around RIRA’s finances (w/the "clean bill of health" from the Audit). We’ve not seen that letter you promised you’d write. PLEASE write it and send it to Matt today so he can look it over. ... Preferably, the letter should appear in The WIRE before the March 5 Common Council meeting. Dick Lutz’s deadline for copy in the February 22 issue, the last before the March CC meeting, is past, but he may be able to make space for something important like your letter."
The RIRA Treasurer did not write such a letter. What he has said was:
CBF Financial Report was "misleading", "did not reflect arms length transactions", and "could not be considered a valid accounting report and should not be considered as such".
And for additional WIRE influence on the process, Jeff Prekopa resigned as RIRA Secretary in early December. However, he can develop the WIRE's fancy new website, he advertises in the WIRE (Big City Softworks), and he can attend RIRA Common Council meetings (as he did in February, on behalf of the WIRE?), but for three months he can't seem to give Mr. Escobar or Ms. Polivy the website administrator's user ID and password so that RIRA can correct/update the content. That's not about doing stuff competently, it seems that this is about inaction that favors that protected circle, right? And do you think the WIRE is going to report that Mr. Prekopa, in his sudden resignation, has been irresponsible in not promptly handing over corporate assets - for three months? Certainly, had the WIRE provided unbiased coverage, maybe some attention would have been given to a matter that actually affects RIRA's integrity and long-term governance.

Sure RIRA has a new President and Vice President, but it still remains to be seen whether this translates into good governance, openness, fairness, and transparency ... all for the benefit of our community. Certainly, my constituents have always supported these goals.

Frank Farance
Island House

You're Invited To Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 Parent Teacher Association Silent Auction Fundraiser Saturday March 15 - Help Support Our Local School

The Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 Parent Teacher Association (PTA) will be holding their annual Silent Auction Fundraiser Saturday March 15.

Image From Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 PTA

According to the Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 PTA:
Please join us on
Saturday, March 15th
from 2-5pm
for our annual silent auction fundraiser!

We have an amazing selection of items for you to bid on: summer camp weeks, museum admissions, gift certificates to fantastic restaurants, and themed baskets from every class. Bidding runs from 2-4pm, with winners announced at 4:30pm. Kids will be able to play outside or participate in craft projects, and we will have a fun magic show at 4pm, while bids are being finalized.

Please come out and support the programs at PS/IS 217 and you may go home with a great auction deal!
You can buy your ticket online. You can also support the PTA by purchasing a raffle ticket at the Farmers Market tomorrow - you might win up to $1 Thousand.

Roosevelt Island Parent Selling Raffle Ticket At Farmers Market Last Week

Here are some scenes from the 2013 Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 PTA Silent Auction

as well as interview with some parents explaining

the need for the fundraiser.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Law And Order SVU TV Show Filming On Roosevelt Island Tram Tomorrow - No Disruption In Service Says RIOC

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):
Please be advised that this Friday, March 14 from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM, there will be a film shoot taking place on the Manhattan side of the Tram. Tram service will NOT be affected.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
RIOC confirmed that the long running TV show Law And Order SVU will be doing the Roosevelt Island Tram film shoot.

Not known at this time if there will be any jumping from Tram Cabin to Cabin

 Image Of White Collar Episode Shot On Roosevelt Island From You Tube

as there was on the White Collar TV show episode.

Arrest Made In Series Of Roosevelt Island Burglaries At Roosevelt Landings Reports NYPD 114th Precinct Commander Maloney At RIRA Public Safety Committee Meeting Last Night - Investigation Is Continuing He Says

As previously reported:

... A series of burglaries have occurred at the Roosevelt Landings over the past several weeks. There are no indications that forced entry was used to enter these apartments.

Instead, entry appears to have been made by compromising apartment doors that were not double-locked. In several of these incidents, residents were at home while the Burglary occurred.

The suspect(s) have removed property that can be easily carried such as Laptops, Pocketbooks and Purses...
During last night's Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Public Safety Committee (PSC) Meet and Greet Question and Answer Session With Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Director Jack McManus, the NYPD's 114 Precinct Commander Deputy Inspector Kevin Maloney discussed

NYPD 114 Deputy Inspector Kevin Maloney (Standing) and Roosevelt Island PSD Jack McManus (Sitting)

the recent series of burglaries at Roosevelt Landing, reported that an arrest was made and that the investigation was continuing.

Deputy Inspector Maloney was introduced by RIRA PSC Chairperson Erin Feely-Nahem. Deputy Inspector Maloney told the audience that the Roosevelt Landings burglaries were in the double digits since last November. He also said that a  NYPD Crime Prevention Officer is available to visit your home to identify and make recommendations to improve the security in your apartment free of charge.  If you are interested in the NYPD Crime Prevention Survey, contact 114 Precinct Officer John Glynn (718) 626-9324 or 9327.

Here's what Deputy Inspector Maloney had to say about the Roosevelt Landings burglaries.

Will have video of the full meeting available soon.

UPDATE 4/15 - More here on NYPD Vertical Patrols at Roosevelt Landings.

Here is the full video of Deputy Inspector Maloney's discussion with the Roosevelt Island community.

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney Will Join Ukranian Americans Opposing Russia's Attempt To Take Over Crimea In Protest Rally At Roosevelt Island's FDR Four Freedoms Park Saturday March 15 At Noon

Received the following message from Roosevelt Island Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney's office:

Join Rep. Carolyn Maloney & Ukrainian Americans in Opposing Russia’s Attempt to Take over Ukraine’s Crimea through Illegal March 16 Referendum

Sat., March 15, 2014, 12 Noon

Four Freedoms Park, Roosevelt Island
Image From Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney's Office

Earlier this month, Ms. Maloney voted to provide $1 Billion in loan guarantees to Ukraine and met with members of the NYC Ukrainian community to express her support for them 

during the current crisis with Russia.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Yesterday's Spring Temperature and Sunshine Brings Return To Outdoor Seating At Roosevelt Island Restaurants

The spring like weather yesterday brought the outdoor seating back to Roosevelt Island restaurants at Nonno's,


and the Riverwalk Bar & Grill.

Not much of a chance to enjoy the outdoor seating with today's dreary weather or freezing temperatures expected to return tomorrow. However, spring will soon be here with sunshine, warmer weather and the opportunity to eat and drink outdoors.

Looking forward to that.

Roosevelt Island Street Lights Out By Blackwell House Pathway - RIOC Installs Temporary Lighting But It Shines Into Neighboring Apartment

A Roosevelt Island resident recently asked:

I'm wondering if this is something you may be able to answer?

Are the lights behind the Blackwell House ever going to be fixed? That area is really dark at night and the lights are never turned on for the pathways, new kids playground, or the fountain plaza.
I suggested contacting RI 311 See Click Fix, which was done:
Lights out in multiple areas. Around and in front of Church, next to Blackwell House, behind Rivercross lawn and towards Subway.
RIOC installed temporary lighting behind Blackwell House

But at night the temporary light

shines into at least one neighboring apartment. The Roosevelt Island Twitterverse reports:
which drew this response from a solar power advocate.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Roosevelt Island Mommy & Me Swim Class Online Registration Deadline March 12 Says RIOC - Sign Up Now If Interested

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):
Reminder: Online registration for the March-May session of Mommy & Me Water Safety classes ends tomorrow, March 12, 2014. Visit to sign up! Time slots that do not meet the minimum amount of participants (6 families) will be subject to cancellation or will be combined with another class. The four available time slots are listed below:

Sundays at 11:00 AM or 11:30 AM: March 16 - May 4, makeup date May 11.
Wednesdays at 10:30 AM or 11:00 AM: March 19 - May 7, makeup date May 14.

With preregistration, resident rates are $5/class (total: $40). Drop in rate: $7. Non-resident rates are $10/class with preregistration, or $12 to drop in. If you have any questions or if you prefer to register in person, please email or call (212) 832-4569.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group

You're Invited To March 12 Freewheeling Question And Answer Conversation With Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Jack McManus - Tell Him What Is Going On

Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Public Safety Chair Erin Feely-Nahem invites you to a Meet And Greet Conversation with Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Department Director Jack McManus  7 PM tomorrow evening, March 12, at the Westview (625 Main Street) Lower Community Room.

During the February 24 Criminal Justice/Public Safety Town Hall Meeting with Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance and NY State Senator Jose Serrano, Ms. Feely-Nahem acknowledged the positive changes to the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department brought about by RIOC President Charlene Indelicato and PSD Director Jack McManus but noted that more change was needed as well as an accounting for past misconduct. Here's what Ms. Feely-Nahem said.

RIRA's Frank Farance also spoke during the Town Hall meeting. Mr. Farance focused on allegations of past Public Safety Department misconduct including Officers physically abusing residents and fabricating testimony. District Attorney Vance said his Rackets Bureau Chief would look into the misconduct allegations. Here's what Mr. Farance had to say.

Here is the full video of the Roosevelt Island Criminal Justice Town Hall Meeting as well as September 2013 question and answer session with PSD Director McManus.

Roosevelt Island Mommy & Me Playtime At Starbucks 10 AM Wednesday March 12 - Please Bring Crayons, Notebook Or Small Toy To Share

Roosevelt Island Mom Susy Del Campo Perea organized a Mommy & Me Playtime at our local Starbucks two weeks ago. According to Ms. Del Campo Perea:

During the winter it is very hard for kids to be inside all the time, and it's harder for parents to keep them entertained! And with no indoor place to go in Roosevelt Island it's even harder.

So I pair up with Starbucks to do a Mommy & Me time in our local store. The manager, who is a sweetheart, loved the idea. She reserved the space at the back for us, treats us with cookies, has one staff member in the back helping us with strollers, getting our beverages, with our kids (like not letting them go down the stairs) while we reach them.

It was a great success with 8 moms and 9 kids attending.

Roosevelt Island Starbucks Mommy & Me Playtime

Let's do it again!!!

Our kids had a great time ( and we did as well) and Starbucks wants us back!!!

Mark your calendars next Wednesday March 12th at 10am we will be at Starbucks RI for a special Mommy and Me playtime.

Everybody is welcome, Starbucks has reserved for us the whole back sitting area, there will be treats to eat and a staff person to help us out with our drinks, strollers, kids, messes and to make us feel at home!!! All provided by Starbucks!!

No RSVP necessary!!

Just bring crayons, notebook and/or small toy to share!!

See you there!

RIRA Island Services Committee Report On Roosevelt Island Garden Club, Boy Scouts, FDR Park, Tram Elevators/Gate, New Library And Blackwell Park Playground

Below is the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Island Services Committee (ISC) March 2014 Report to the RIRA Common Council.

The ISC didn’t meet in February.

Updates on active issues:

Management of the Garden Club – In a 2/26/14 meeting with the Garden Club (GB) to discuss proposed measures to increase the number of plots to meet the demands of RI residents, the GB indicated they were not interested in using some of the border areas for gardening. They claimed shade from near-by trees and tree roots would make these areas unsuitable for gardening. They also believe that very few people would be interested in border plots as they would be smaller than the standard plots. The GB also not interested in asking RIOC for more gardening land and in giving RI residents priority in awarding plots. The only action they are willing to take is to prune the waiting list and the membership rolls to remove uninterested people and members who are not using their plots as specified in the By-Laws.

Boy Scouts – Frank France is working with Geof Kerr and Fr. Kevin Malick (of the Catholic parish) to restart the Boy Scouts. He expects we may be able to get a troop going before this summer.

4 Freedoms/FDR Park - In an exchange of e-mails between Eva Bosbach and a Park official, we learned that FDR park has provided an eating area with tables and chairs for visitors to use and they will also operate a food stand during the summer. Transportation for disabled people will be provided from the subway station and the Tram to the Memorial site using golf carts. However, visitors will need to call ahead to get this service.

Tram Elevators – The new maintenance procedures seems to be working as there have been no elevator break downs in the last 4 -5 weeks. A RFP to replace the elevators is ready to be issued.

New Public Library – Demolishment of the first floor interior of 504 Main St. is completed. Installation of new windows is underway. Start-up of the new library is still scheduled for 2017.

Blackwell Park Playground – Signs and some new equipment are being installed in the children’s playground to make the space more suitable and safer for toddlers. Some of the old toddlers equipment will be installed this spring in a yet to be selected area.

Tram Gate At RI Station – We are continuing to work with RIOC to provided quick access to the Tram for baby strollers, the disabled and bikes. The problem still remains but we’re hopeful one of our proposed solutions will be implemented by RIOC in the near future.

Aaron Hamburger, Chair – RIRA’s ISC

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hart Island Potters Field Burial Site Discussion Presented By Roosevelt Island Historical Society March 11 At Library

Roosevelt Island Historical Society (RIHS) President Judy Berdy invites you to a discussion about our East River neighbor to the north, Hart Island, on March 11 at the Roosevelt Island Public Library. According to the RIHS:

More on the Hart Island Project here.
New York's city cemetery on Hart Island occupies 101 acres in the Long Island Sound on the eastern edge of the Bronx. It is the largest tax funded cemetery in the world. Prison labor is used to perform the daily mass burials that number close to one million....
Ms. Berdy also briefed the March Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Common Council on upcoming RIHS events

including the Hart Island presentation, April 26 Cherry Blossom Festival and No F Train Subway Service Door Magnets available for sale at the RIHS Visitors Center Kiosk.

Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) Preparation Offered By Roosevelt Island Youth Program/Beacon - Registation Deadline March 11

An announcement from the Roosevelt Island Youth Program (RIYP). According to RIYP's Adib Mansour:

Here’s another important class we’ve recently added to help our island youth prepare for High School.

The Roosevelt Island Youth Program is celebrating its 35th anniversary with new fun classes as well as educational ones, helping the youth of our Island challenge their creativity, boost their leadership skills, and prepare them for high school and college.

Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) Test Prep:
RIYP / Beacon, in conjunction with Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions is delighted to help our community’s kids prepare for the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test. On March 18th, between 3PM and 4:45PM the youth will be offered a practice test with Kaplan, followed by intensive prep classes in the following weeks at no cost to you. Registration deadline is March 11th.

Please register online using the following link:

For further questions please call Kim Massey, Beacon Director, at (212) 527-2505.

Cornell University President David Skorton Leaving To Head Smithsonian Institution - What Will This Mean For Roosevelt Island?

Cornell Vice President Cathy Dove and President David Skorton Before 4/5/12 Town Hall Meeting

According to the Cornell Chronicle:
David J. Skorton, Cornell University’s 12th president, has been named the next secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, the world’s largest museum and research complex. His appointment was approved by a vote of the Smithsonian Board of Regents on March 9. Skorton will be president and continue all the duties and activities of his office at Cornell through June 30, 2015. At that time he and his wife, Professor Robin Davisson, will relocate to Washington, D.C....
What will this mean for the Roosevelt Island Cornell NYC Tech project? I've asked Cornell for comment and will update when received.

Here's my April 2012 interview with President Skorton as he describes his vision for the Roosevelt Island Cornell NYC Tech school.

UPDATE 3/11 - Yesterday, Cornell NYC Tech released this statement regarding President's Skorton's departure:
As we learned today, David Skorton was named the next leader of the Smithsonian. While David has been deeply engaged with Cornell Tech, this new campus is a significant strategic priority for Cornell, which goes much broader and deeper than any individual President or administration. We look forward to David's continued leadership and active involvement through June 2015 when he steps down, as well as to a high degree of engagement with Cornell's next President. Of course, Provost Fuchs will also continue his significant involvement as well.

MTA's Fast Track Subway Program Comes To Roosevelt Island This Week - No Roosevelt Island F Train Service In Either Direction Starting 10 PM Monday March 10 thru 5 AM Friday March 14, Q Line Extended To Roosevelt Island At These Times

The MTA is reporting that there will be no F train subway service to Roosevelt Island and other stations on the 6th Avenue subway line from 14th Street to Queensbridge/21 street starting 10 PM Monday March 10 until 5 AM Friday March 14 due to the Fast Track Subway repair program.

According to the MTA:
... F Trains run via the E between W 4 St and Roosevelt Av, in both directions.
For service to Lexington Av/63 St, Roosevelt Island, and 21 St-Queensbridge, take the Q...
The MTA describes the Fast Track program as:
... a subway maintenance, cleaning, and repair program that shuts down segments of a subway line for several hours over consecutive weeknights or weekend days, allowing our employees to perform a number of critical maintenance jobs. The line shutdown approach has proven successful in that, under normal conditions in our 24/7 system, the scope and breadth of this important work would be impossible to accomplish with customers and trains moving through work areas. Thus far, since FASTRACK began in 2012, the results have had a positive impact on service with a reduction in train delays and a decrease in the number of track fires, while realizing cost efficiencies and a lower accident rate for employees.

FASTRACK tasks typically include:
• Track – remove debris and repair or replace tie blocks and running rails.
• Third Rail Operations – clean and remove debris from under and around the third rail.
• Signals – perform general maintenance on signals and switches and replace dispatcher holding lights.
• Infrastructure – repair or replace handrails, signs, and tunnel lighting. Clean track drains and repair water damage/leaks.
• Electronic Maintenance – optimize performance of closed-circuit television monitors and cameras. Inspect and test public address system equipment.
• Station Environment – perform high-intensity station cleaning and painting as well as perform elevator and escalator repair work. Clean vents and drains....
The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) adds:
10 PM to 5 AM, Mon to Fri, Mar 10 – 14
F trains are rerouted via the E between W 4 St and Roosevelt Av, in both directions.
•Use 8 Av A, C, E stations to connect with F trains to Queens and Brooklyn.
•Q service is extended to 21 St-Queensbridge via the F after 57 St-7 Av.
•Take the Q for service to/from Lexington Av/63 St, Roosevelt Island, and 21 St-Queensbridge.

This service change affects one or more ADA accessible stations. Please call 511 for help with planning your trip. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, use your preferred relay service provider or the free 711 relay. For more information, click on the link in this email and read station signs.

12:30 AM to 5 AM, Tue to Fri, Mar 11 – 14
179 St-bound F trains make local stops at 36 St, Steinway St, 46 St, Northern Blvd, and 65 St.

Travelers are advised to check online at or call 511 for the most current information on this or any other MTA service advisory. To sign up for real time alerts on planned service changes, visit

NY State Senator Jose Serrano On Roosevelt Island Affordable Housing And Funding For Local Organizations - Constituent Office Hours Today At Senior Center, Stop By If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns

NY State Senator Jose Serrano holds his monthly Roosevelt Island constituent services today from 4 PM to 7PM at the Roosevelt Island Seniors Association (546 Main Street). From Senator Serrano's office:

During the February 24 Roosevelt Island Criminal Justice Town Hall Meeting sponsored by Senator Serrano and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Senator Serrano was asked by a resident about Roosevelt Island affordable housing and received criticism from Roosevelt Island Seniors Association President Delores Green for the lack of NY State funding available for Roosevelt Island seniors.

Here's the question and answer on these two issues.

Senator Serrano Roosevelt Island affordable housing

and NY State legislature member item funding of local groups.