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Update On April 29 Island House Fire, Property Manager Says Fire Was Accident, Not Caused By Faulty Wiring - Apartment Owner Had No Insurance, Roosevelt Island Residents Trying To Help

Reported May 1 about a fire at Roosevelt Island's Island House co-op building:

Multiple FDNY vehicles responded to a fire coming from a first floor Island House apartment shortly after midnight on Saturday April 29.
On May 4, Island House Property Management representative Steven Greenbaum sent a letter to building residents about the fire. According to these excerpts from the letter:
... A fire occurred in a ground floor apartment at Island House in the early morning of Saturday, April 29. On behalf of the Island House Tenants Corp and Management, we have expressed our profound sympathy to the Shareholder for the loss that occurred. We are thankful that no one was injured and have been doing everything possible to work through this unfortunate situation with the shareholder....

... The rumor that the fire was started as a result of faulty wiring or the microwave blowing up is unfounded. The apartment has been inspected by the New York City Fire Marshall, an independent licensed electrician and the insurance company adjuster. The collective opinion is that the fire was an accident.

Flooding from overflowing toilets, baths and clogged drains are a regular event in residential buildings. These overflows are immediately addressed and present no residual damage. Any prior overflow played absolutely no role in the fire.

There is no legal requirement for fire extinguishers in residential apartment building hallways and apartment buildings like Island House. There is no legal requirement for Island House to have a sprinkler system in the residential hallways or the apartments. Island House is a fire proof building as evidenced by the fact the the fire in the apartment did not spread but was contained within the apartment....

... All shareholders must have their own cooperative owner's apartment insurance. This is a requirement of the Proprietary Lease. Unfortunately, the Shareholder of the apartment in which the the fire occurred did not have insurance. Management will be working with the building's insurance company to obtain the most favorable settlement possible, however, the building policy does not generally cover losses to the apartment itself, including improvements and betterments, which are the responsibility of the Shareholder, nor does the building policy insure the personal property of the Shareholder or a rental tenant. ...

... If you do not have insurance, please obtain insurance immediately....
The full letter is below.

Roosevelt Island Daily reported on efforts by Roosevelt Island residents to assist the owner of the Island House apartment damaged in the fire including a Go Fund Me page.

The Roosevelt Island twitterverse reported on the fire:
Rebecca Knell added:
... after Midnight, around 1am, multiple fire trucks arrived on island and stopped in front of Westview / Island House. I smelled smoke when I stuck my head out my window.
and shares this video

of response to the fire.

The insurance company for Island House Co-Op is continuing to investigate said building management representative Richelle Neufville.

SPONSORED POST - Check Out The Roosevelt Island Farmers Market For Fresh Fruits, Vegetables & Homegrown Products - Open Every Saturday, Rain Or Shine

The Roosevelt Island Farmers Market under the Motorgate Ramp is open early morning to mid afternoon on Saturdays in good weather and bad, rain or shine.

The Roosevelt Island Farmers Market features healthy and delicious tasting fruits,vegetables, homegrown products and much, much more.

Eat Fresh, Eat Local, Eat Healthy.

Visit the Roosevelt Island Farmers Market every Saturday early morning until mid-afternoon under the Motorgate Ramp.

Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech Campus Jobs Available - Executive Chef and Assistant Director Of Facilities Operation

Are you interested in a Roosevelt Island job at the new Cornell Tech Campus?

Check out these opportunities.

According to Culinary Agents:
Starr Catering Group is looking for an Executive Chef to work on a College Campus on Roosevelt Island, NY.


An executive chef’s job duties include managing the kitchen employees as well as directing the preparation of all meals in the restaurant. Depending on the restaurant, the executive chef offers culinary instructions to the kitchen staff. In addition, he/she demonstrates culinary skills....
Click here for more information and to apply.

Also, Cornell Tech reports:
Cornell Tech Facilities Operations is conducting a search for an Assistant Director of Facilities Management to join our staff on Roosevelt Island in New York, NY.

Department & Position Background
Working closely with Campus Security, Dining, Faculty and Students, the Facilities Department at Cornell Tech is committed to creating and sustaining a world class higher education institution. It is not very often an opportunity presents itself to help build an Ivy League campus from the ground up, however the facilities department is currently in a position to lay the foundation for Cornell Tech’s state of the art campus of Roosevelt Island. Come and join us as we set the bar high for the academic future of Cornell!...
Click here for more information and to apply.

Additional Roosevelt Island

 Cornell Tech job opportunities here.

You're Invited To Annual Roosevelt Island Lag ba'Omer Bonfire Celebration Sunday May 14 - Best Schnitzel In NYC Too

The Chabad Lubavitch of Roosevelt Island invite you to the annual Lag ba'Omer celebration. According to Nechama Duchman:

Annual Lag ba'Omer Bonfire Celebration Sunday, May 14, 5-8 PM.

Lot across from 455 Main Street (Queens Side)

$8 Child - $12 Adult

Fun for young and old.

Food by Schnitzl - best Schnitzel in NYC

For more info, contact.

Roosevelt Island F Train Service To And From Manhattan This Weekend

According to the MTA, there will be Roosevelt Island F Train service

to and from Manhattan this weekend.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Adventures Of A Roosevelt Island Canadian Duck Family, East River Swimming And Southpoint Park Exploring - But One Kid Will Always Runs Back To Mom For Help

The Roosevelt Island Twitterverse reports:


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Roosevelt Island Red Bus Next Bus GPS System Returns To Service Today

As reported last February, the Roosevelt Island Red Bus Next Bus GPS mobile phone app has been out of service for quite a while.

Good news today. the Red Bus Next Bus app is now working.

Check out the Roosevelt Islansd Red Bus Next Bus app for yourself.

You can download the mobile app here.

More info to follow.

UPDATE 5/11 - Received multiple reports this morning that the Red Bus Next Bus app was not working.  As of 12:43 PM, the app was still not working.

According to Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Transportation Manager Cy Opperman:
Next Bus support services are working on the problem.
UPDATE 5/12 - As of 11:10 AM, Roosevelt Island Red Bus Next Bus app still not working.

Residents And Public Safety Officers Work Together To Help Roosevelt Island Woman Who Fainted At Subway Station

Frank Farance shares this message he sent to Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Department

Image From RIOC

Director Jack McManus last night:
Tonight I was getting off the F train and up the first escalator when I heard something drop, and it looked like people were having difficulty getting off the escalator (a dangerous condition). A woman had collapsed and a man was picking her up. I asked if they needed help, and she fainted again. He held her from the side, and I was behind her in case she fell backward on the next sets of escalators. I told her Public Safety could pick her up and take her home (not really walkable in her condition). So we sat at the bench outside the subway, people made room for her, and Public Safety was there in minutes: first Officer Bonafacio, and then Sgt. Rivera. They called EMS, who arrived a couple minutes later, checked her condition, and then released her. Public Safety gave her a ride, and an escort home. She had messaged her roommates, and they would take care of her now.

Thanks to Officer Bonafacio and Sgt. Rivera, for their quick response - this was comforting to the woman. And thanks to the PSD staff that coordinated the EMS call and directed them to our location. Great coordination, great teamwork, and uniquely Roosevelt Island!
Good job.

Roosevelt Island Parents' Network Crafts For Kids Making Love Mommy To Pieces Ice Cream Stick Picture Frames Saturday May 13 - Please RSVP

Roosevelt Island Parents' Network Coordinator Cecilia Chen reports:

Dear RI Parents and Caregivers,

WE would like to invite you all to our next free "Craft with Kids"series by the RI Parents network on this Saturday 05/13. There are so many ways to show your love to your Mother and they are never enough!!! We are making picture frames from ice cream sticks

and we will be decorating them. Lets have a morning with our toddlers bringing our creativity and love together for the most Special person: "MOTHER " !!

There will be a memorable picture taken to fit inside your frame as well !! You can bring or add your own pictures as well:)) We are inviting all dads too to come along with their little ones and make a last minute surprise for Mothers Day;)

We will invite each family to make an extra frame for Seniors and they will be distributed at the Senior Center during their Mother's Day event.

Please register at this link below before Friday.

We are looking forward to another crafty morning !!!

Neha, Monica and Cecilia
Please RSVP for this RIPN Crafts for Kids event via this link and contact the Roosevelt Island Parents' Network for more information. 

New Light Fixtures Bring Back Pooping Pigeons To Roosevelt Landings Arcade - There Has To Be A Better Way Says Frustrated Roosevelt Island Resident

Received the following message from a Roosevelt Island resident:

A while ago Hudson-Related replaced the lights again in the arcade. I’m not talking about the hanging lights but the lights attached to the walls in the middle of the arcade. The lights that are there now have a flat surface that pigeons sit on and now we are back to the same problem.

There is pigeon poop in the middle of the arcade every morning, and most of the day, that the Urban American guys have to clean up every day. Not only is the clean-up a problem but people can no longer just walk freely in the arcade but one has to move to the sides so that they don’t get hit with pigeon poop. There has to be a better way.
I asked Hudson Related to comment. Will update when answer received.

UPDATE 1:30 PM - A Hudson Related spokesperson replied:
We are actively looking into solutions.

New York Junior Tennis & Learning Free Roosevelt Island Spring Program For Kids Has Begun - No Equipment Needed, Just Bring Sneakers And A Smile To The Octagon Tennis Courts

New York Junior Tennis & Learning (NYJTL) report:

The NYJTL Free Spring Program for kids has begun!

For: All ages, 5-18
Location: Octagon Park Tennis Courts
Days & Times: Monday Wednesday Friday, 3-6 PM for kids who are 7-18 years old
Wednesday, 3:30-4:30, for kids who are 5 & 6 years old

For further information, call 347-417-8177 or write to

No equipment needed, Just sneakers and a smile!

This program is supported through the generosity of City Council and Council Member Ben Kallos

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Great News - Outdoor Tables & Chairs Return To Roosevelt Island East River Pier - Fantastic Place To Bring Your Food, Relax And Enjoy The NYC Waterfront View

Last March, I asked Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Susan Rosenthal to bring back the outdoor tables and chairs to the Roosevelt Island East River Pier:

... I think it would be great if RIOC would put these tables out at the West Pier so people can sit there and bring some food over from the local restaurants and/or food trucks.

Here's what the Pier with outdoor tables looked like in 2014.
Ms Rosenthal liked the idea and said RIOC would consider it. Today, the outdoor tables and chairs were put back at the Roosevelt Island Pier and used.

There were 5 tables with chairs out today. I asked Ms Rosenthal if more were available and she said:
We’ve got more---assuming they are in demand, we’ll increase the #.....bottom line: we’re here to serve!
Thank you RIOC and Ms. Rosenthal.

It Was A Happy 2017 Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Festival Day - Over 6 Thousand People Participated In Japanese Music, Food, Dance & Culture

Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) 2017 Cherry Blossom Festival Committee Chair Lydia Tang reports:
The 2017 Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Festival was a tremendous success!

Attendance at Four Freedoms Park exceeded 5000 people, who came to watch performances by world-class performance groups, as well as local community groups. Many of these outstanding performers have volunteered to perform since our first festival year in 2011. Our two most recent additions have also delighted our audience. We again presented traditional Japanese Folk Dancing Instruction sponsored by Main Street Theatre and Dance Alliance; members of the community audience were invited to join the dancers. Plus, there was a special dance performance by the delightful Young Roosevelt Island Japanese Association Dancers.

The Japanese Cultural Fair at Gallery RIVAA was very successful as well, with strong attendance and activities enjoyed by children of all ages. Many members of the Roosevelt Island Parents Network participated in the calligraphy, kimono try-on and origami fishing game activities. This year we presented an ink painting workshop sponsored by Resobox, our LIC affiliate. Attendees also enjoyed the Shakuhachi performance by Gerald Starlight.

Our community picnics at Southpoint Park were also well attended, especially by the seniors and disabled communities. RIDA donated the use of their bus, so our seniors and disabled neighbors were transported from the Senior Center to the park. RIDA also provided transport for other Cherry Blossom Festival operations.

Island Wine and Spirits hosted a sake tasting event and the Tea Ceremony was a highlight of the festival. The two Japanese food vendors received rave reviews.

Between the attendance at the performances, the community picnics at Southpoint Park, the participants at Gallery RIVAA and the throngs of people picnicing under the cherry trees that necklace the island, we estimate more than 6000 people participated in our Cherry Blossom Festival this year.

Thanks to the efforts of everyone who stepped up and offered to go above and beyond, we surpassed expectations for this wonderful event.

A special thanks to our many hardworking volunteers:
  • Takashi Ikegawa, our Japanese-speaking performance group manager, Michael Shinozaki, our stage manager, and Jim Luce, our MC.
  • Lizette DeJesus of Four Freedoms Park supplemented her staff by driving people movers to meet the increased transportation demands necessitated by Public Safety mandate.
  • Madeline Grimes of Four Freedoms Park helped with our Facebook page.
  • Dave and Jim Tang drove the RIDA bus and other vehicles.
  • Sayuri Lindholm, our Japanese Association liaison, spearheaded the Japanese Cultural Fair for the second year and organized the Japanese community to produce the activities.
  • Julia Palermo, our lead for the performers' reception, plus and her seconds, Sharon Williams and Laura Hussey, produced a sumptuous spread to thank our volunteer performers.
  • Mary Coleman and Wendy Hersh spearheaded the senior and disabled picnic.
  • Adib Mansour designed the beautiful posters, programs and banner.
  • John Dougherty designed our webpage.
  • Flo Kerr made our signature volunteer identifying obis.
  • Our hard working resident and other volunteers, ranging from high school students, BMCC and Cornell-Tech volunteers to senior citizens: Bintu Cisse, Mathew Luce, Renate Narr, Bryan Neis, Sandy Newell, Sherry Ryan, Mark Shinozaki, Ruth Titus.
  • A big shout out to Jane Swanson and the Cornell Tech volunteers for printing and posting last-minute signage on the morning of the event.
  • Our RIRA volunteers: Linda Hussey, Adib Monsour, Scott Piro, Mickey Rindler, Melissa Wade, Cindy Wilkerson, Sharon Williams, and Shuang Yu. And everyone else I missed. I am so grateful for your service, whether you served one hour or all day long.
  • And finally, my gratitude to Lynne Strong Shinozaki, who stepped up to help with everything.
This year, the generous donations to this event from the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, our site partners, housing management companies and merchants covered our needs and expenses. A special shout out of thanks to Charlie Abdul and his wife Isa at Roosevelt Landings, for their last-minute efforts regarding the stage. Thank you again to everyone, and I hope all of you were able to enjoy at least some part of our 2017 Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Festivities.

Here are some performances from the 2017 Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Festival.

UPDATE 5/11:

Monday, May 8, 2017

NYC Roosevelt Island Ferry Service On New Astoria Route Starting In August - Dock Located Next To Queensboro Bridge

The Roosevelt Island Twitterverse reports:

As previously reported, here's the location of Roosevelt Island ferry dock

and Astoria route starting in August

Images From NYC Ferry

that includes Roosevelt Island.

More Roosevelt Island Ferry  info here.

NYC Ferry web site here.

What Was That Slimy Ooze In East River Yesterday Asks Roosevelt Island Resident? Holy NYC Combined Sewer Overflow

The Roosevelt Island Twitterverse reports:

Image From NYC DEP

According to the NYC Department Of Environmental Protection:
The majority of New York City’s sewer system is combined, which means it is used to convey both sanitary and storm flows. Sometimes, during heavy rain and snow storms, combined sewers receive higher than normal flows. Treatment plants are unable to handle flows that are more than twice their design capacity and when this occurs, a mix of excess stormwater and untreated wastewater discharges directly into the city’s waterways at certain outfalls to prevent upstream flooding. This is called a combined sewer overflow (CSO). CSOs are a concern because of their effect on water quality and recreational uses in local waterways.
Here's more on

NYC Combined Sewer Overflow,

UPDATE 5/10 - The East River slimy ooze came from a Con Ed oil spill according to Gothamist.

Sponsored Post - Weill Cornell Medicine & NY-Presbyterian Present Free Health & Wellness Spring Seminar Series - May 9 & 16, You're Invited, Please RSVP

You're invited to the Weill Cornell Medicine & NY-Presbyterian Free Health & Wellness Spring 2017 Seminar Series.

May 9 - Healthy Heart:

Coronary Artery Disease Update

Jessica M. Peña, MD

May 16 - Hearing and Ear Health:

Diagnosing and Treating Adults with Hearing Loss

Diana Callesano, Au.D, CCC-A

Eric G. Nelson, Au.D, CCC-A

All seminars are FREE and open to the public. Seating is available for 250 people on a first-come, first-served basis.

We encourage you to register via Eventbrite here:

If you require a disability-related accommodation please call 212-821-0888 and leave a message.


6:30 – 8:00 pm


All seminars held at Uris Auditorium

Meyer Research and Education Building

Weill Cornell Medicine

1300 York Avenue (at 69th St.)

For more information and to register, please click here.

Learn more about Weill Cornell Medicine from our You Tube Channel Videos.

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Goodbye Beautiful Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossoms, Wonderful While It Lasted - See You Next Year

The Twitterverse reports end of the Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom season.

The Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossoms were beautiful while
they lasted.

The Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossoms will be back next year.

Here's more pictures from 2017 Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossoms.