Friday, February 8, 2008

Legendary Railroader Casey Jones Smiling in Grave - Roosevelt Island F Train Subway Service Back to Normal This Weekend

Today is Friday and I am happy to report that there are no F Train weekend subway advisories for Roosevelt Island from the MTA as there has been for the last 4 weekends. Let's see how long this lasts. Legendary railroad man Casey Jones and Johnny Cash are pleased, at least for this weekend.

Casey Jones lyrics here.
Come all you rounders if you wanna hear the story about a brave engineer
Casey Jones was the roller's name on a 68 wheeler course he won his fame
Caller called Casey bout half past four he kissed his wife at the station door
He climbed in the cabin with his orders in his hand
Said this is the trip to the Promised Land
Casey Jones climbed in the cabin Casey Jones orders in his hand
Casey Jones leanin' out the window taking a trip to the Promised Land...
The skipper from Gilligans Island, Alan Hale Jr., played Casey Jones in this old TV series.

Roosevelt Island Public Safety with NYPD Detectives Kojak, Crocker and Stavros

Is a day in the life of the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department anything like that of Kojak, Crocker and Stavros, characters from this great 1970's NYC police show? According to the 24 hour Public Safety Report for 2/1-2/6, Roosevelt Island had incidents of public intoxication, failure to pick up doggie doo and pushing an officer among other occurrences below. Did Kojak ever tell a perp to "Curb Your Dog"?

0700 hrs 2/1/08 to 0700 hrs 2/2/08
Unsecured gate - officer observed gate to fuel station left open. R/O secured area and report field.
Verbal dispute - two males 560 16th floor hallway. R/O advised both to leave area. Both parties complied without incident.
Water leak - Eastwood bldgs 560 apt 760. Management ntf.
Grand Larceny - female left wallet unsecured in teachers locker. Wallet was taken and credit card was used. PSD and NYPD report taken.

2/2/8-700 AM to 2/3/08-700 AM
Investigation At 580 Main Street a male wearing Law Enforcement uniform entered apt without ringing the door bell. Later reporter stated that her wallet with credit cards and ID was missing. PSD responded. NYPD refused. Later she stated that she found the wallet and money was missing. PSD report done.
Criminal Mischief- At 540 Main Street liquid food substance was smeared on an apt door. PSD responded and conducted a search of the first floor for the perp with negative results. PSD report done.
Aided- At 400 Main Street a female fell on the sidewalk f/o the subway station. PSD responded. Female stated that she was fine and refused EMS. She left the area. No damage or imperfection on the sidewalk. PSD report done.
Criminal Mischief- At 560 Main Street in stairwell "G" unknown perp kicked the wall causing a hole. A search for the perp yielded negative results in the stairwell. PSD report done.
Investigation-An illegally parked vehicle was towed by PSD on 1/31/08. The complainant stated when he retrieved the car that a GPS and a kodak camera was missing. The tow report was checked and it noted that the doors were open. said items were not in the tow report. PSD report done.
Failed to clean Canine waste-At 510 Main Street a male was walking a dog and failed to curb the dog. PSD Det issued a summon to the dog walker. PSD report done.
Found Property-At 595 Main Street credit card was brought into PSD. It was secured by PSD. The bank was notified and will notify the owner. PSD report done.
Smoke Condition-At 546 Main Street there was a smoke condition which was caused by a tenant who burnt food. PSD responded. No injuries and no property damage. The hallway windows were opened to air out the hallway. PSD report done.

UPDATE 2/10 - Including each 24 hour Public Safety report has made the page more cluttered and harder to read so I will be posting only a few 24 hour reports on this page but linking to all daily reports here. A permanent 24 hour Public Safety record can be found on the right column under the Roosevelt Island link page element. I removed the 2/3 -2/6 reports previously found here to the link above.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Roosevelt Island Grog Liquor Shop Lease Renewed

Image of Grog Shop from Spatial Design

At the 1/31 RIOC Board of Directors meeting a renewal lease for the Roosevelt Island Grog Liquor shop was approved. Take a look at the web cast of Board meeting to see how the process of decision making on Roosevelt Island works. More on this and how it impacts Main Street retail later.

Vampire Weekend at Southpoint Park Roosevelt Island With and Without Blocked Views from Louis Kahn/FDR Memorial

Vampire Weekend is profiled in 1/29 New York Magazine.
Vampire Weekend's just-released debut album is enjoyable enough. Actually, it's all we've been listening to since it leaked last week. Still, if ever there were a band guaranteed a backlash, it's these guys: They're white, bookish, Columbia-educated nerds pillaging African music (or at least Paul Simon's Graceland) for their hooks (which we freely admit are very catchy). Typically, when the songs are so good, we're able to overlook such transgressions — but their Night Out With in this week's "Sunday Styles" made even this geeky Vulture editor want to steal their lunch money and give them all swirlies
When they hit it big will they remember their outdoor gig at Southpoint Park on Roosevelt Island in June 2007? Such concerts, as well as other passive and active recreational activities that benefit from the sweeping, panoramic views of the NYC skyline and waterfront will only be a memory to those few who have experienced it to date if the Louis Kahn designed FDR mausoleum is funded and approved.

Roosevelt Island 360 shows this version of the views from Southpoint Park as it currently exists

and his take with the Kahn/FDR Memorial V shaped Linden trees.

Quite a difference don't you think?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A View From RIOC Management on Affordable Housing at Southtown - Are Roosevelt Island Bloggers Fanning the Flames of Controversy?

Image of Fanning the Flames is from Brian's Bonfire

Yesterday, RIOC President Steve Shane, blogger Roosevelt Island 360 and myself conducted an email dialogue concerning recent posts about the letter sent from Roosevelt Island elected officials urging RIOC Chair and DHCR Commissioner VanAmerongen to ensure that the Southtown buildings are in compliance with their 40% affordable housing commitment. Another subject was this blog's online affordable housing versus market rate housing poll located on the right column page. Below is that message thread.

Original message from RIOC President Shane to me and 360:
There is a 40% affordable requirement in the development agreement.
Staff housing for hospitals is and always has been in the affordable
housing category, financed under the tax exempt financing in the
Mitchell Lama program and subject to the regulatory schemes of DHCR or
the City under their respective programs. I refer you to Article II of
the Private Housing Finance Law.

The existing, executed Development Agreement for the Southtown
Developer, is applicable to Buildings 5-9. Going back to retrade that
Agreement would be painful, if doable at all. There is no funding for
affordable housing except as developed under subsidy programs which are
now all but extinct. High rise, reinforced concrete, fireproof
elevatored buildings are almost impossible to deliver under the
affordable housing banner in current times because of the costs of
construction and development. Any proposal would necessarily diminish
dramatically the availability of revenue to RIOC as the holder of the
masterlease, impacting all future budgets for both operations and
capital projects.

Where are you going with your editorializing? I suggest you come in and
talk about realities of real estate development in the subsidized
affordable housing business before fanning the flames of an unlikely
My Response: Steve,
As always, I am happy to talk to you about issues of concern to Roosevelt Island or anything else for that matter.
However, I fail to see how anything posted in the last two days concerning the letter written by Roosevelt Island elected officials expressing concern over the 40% affordable housing compliance at Southtown is "fanning the flames of an unlikely scenario". Also, There was no express or implied mention at all to "retrade the agreement" with Southtown developers.
I'm just trying to find out what the facts are. There is absolutely nothing you can point to indicate that these inquiries are nothing other than responsible requests for information. If you disagree please be specific and If I am wrong about a fact or irresponsible in any commentary I will correct immediately.
Shane's response:
Quoting the 360 blog on not sure how units for staff could be considered
affordable housing and then asking for a vote in the last paragraph
about the desires for more affordable housing. I too would like to see
more affordable housing, but, one has to deal with the present
Back to me:
The purpose of the poll is as follows.
There may be a divergence of opinion on the Island as to whether "affordable" or "market rate" housing is preferable given current conditions. Some people have expressed the opinion that additional amenities and retailers are more likely to come to Roosevelt Island if there was more "market rate" housing here and they prefer that. Others are concerned about being priced out of their homes and don't care much if the retail situation stays the way it has always been here. An online poll is certainly not scientific but I thought it would get a discussion going and give a flavor of opinion regarding issue.
Further, questioning whether Hospital staff units should constitute "affordable housing" is certainly not an unreasonable position and certainly does not constitute fanning the flame.
As to the realities of Affordable Housing Development, I am always interested in learning more.
Shane replies:
Whether there is a divergence of opinion on the Island or not is of
academic interest, perhaps, but the decisions as to the mix were made
long ago. "Preferable" is highly subjective and what are current
conditions? Are these loaded questions?
Roosevelt Island 360:

I just came to find this email discussion so I have not purposefully been keeping quiet. So far from what I read I believe I agree with Rick regarding the ability to ask the residents what they think. I don't see these comments as fanning the flames. We are only reacting to the letter sent to the Commissioner by our elected reps. If the 40% goal is partially met by the hospitals the drafter of the joint letter did not seem to be aware of that fact either.

To be truthful I was unaware of the document text that Steve quotes which treats staff housing as "affordable" housing. Even knowing that fact, and accepting it, I still feel that that inclusion in the formula is inequitable as I believe it limits the availability of those apartments to a defined group and not the public. But as it is part of the larger agreements these buildings are being developed under then it is part of the percentage they are working towards and they certainly would be compliance. I disagree but they are in compliance.

Heck on my own blog the comments on this topic I seem to be getting run along the lines of educating me re Manhattan Park history and the most recent comment called for market value saying that the time of affordable housing here should be seen as a part of the past.

For the record the staff housing comment by me was in the form of a comment I submitted on Rick's blog and not on my own.
Back to Shane:
The problem is that you have posed the question as if there were a choice currently available. There is no such option. If you want a philosophical discussion, discuss the socio economic consequences of different community parameters. At a minimum, you ought to pose the question in the subjunctive.
I think this is a very interesting, topical discussion and thank RIOC President Shane for presenting the RIOC management's view. I do not believe this would have been done under prior administrations.

Update 2/8 - RIOC President Shane advises of the following:
Btw, note specific reference to staff housing in the GDP as posted on your web site.
Link to General Development Plan is here as well as included in Roosevelt Island governing documents page element on right side column of page.

Roosevelt Island Presidential Primary Voting Machine Malfunction - At Least We Won't Need the Supreme Court to Decide The Election This Time

Ballot Examination Image from MSNBC

According to a Main Street WIRE email bulletin, there were significant problems with the voting machines used on Roosevelt Island for yesterday's Democratic and Republican Presidential Primary elections. As reported by the WIRE:
Island Results in the Presidential Primary will not be available for about two weeks, according to the City Board of Elections. At the conclusion of voting, poll workers were unable to open more than half the machines, and full counts were not available. Where counts were available, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama seemed to be running about even on the Island. The same was true for Mitt Romney and John McCain in the GOP primary voting on the Island.
Thankfully these voting machine problems will not rise anywhere near the level of the 2000 Florida "hanging chads" debacle.

The national results in the Democratic Primary appear to be a dead heat between Senator Obama and Senator Clinton while on the Republican side Senator McCain is close to wrapping up the nomination.

The Politico is reporting that by Obama winning 13 state primary elections to Clinton's 8, notwithstanding that Clinton's victories were in larger states such as in New York, California and New Jersey. Obama has a slight lead in the actual delegate count.
NBC News, which is projecting delegates based on the Democratic Party's complex formula, figures Obama will wind up with 840 to 849 delegates, versus 829 to 838 for Clinton.

Clinton was portrayed in many news accounts as the night’s big winner, but Obama’s campaign says he wound up with a higher total where it really counts — the delegates who will choose the party’s nominee at this summer’s Democratic convention.
I hope this little girl knows her Presidents.

You Tube video link via Andrew Sullivan

Operaman Says Goodbye to Rudy Giuliani- He Might Have Liberated Roosevelt Island From New York State!

Arizona Senator John McCain won yesterday's NY State Republican Presidential Primary. Not too long ago conventional wisdom was that today should have been a triumphant day for former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani following his easy win in the New York State Republican Primary and capture of many delegates in the other Super Tuesday Republican state primaries. Alas, that was not to be. Now it is appropriate to join this 2001 Concert for New York City refrain from Adam Sandler's Operaman and ask Rudy Giuliani - "Why must you ever be gone-y".
Rudy may make a comeback. Nixon did.

As reported in this earlier post and the Main Street WIRE, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani took some baby steps toward the liberation of Roosevelt Island from the State of New York in 1999 during a Roosevelt Island Town Hall Meeting when he proclaimed:
"I'm very much in favor of the City controlling our own destiny... Ultimately, you'll be better off when you can touch it, scream at it, deal with it. The Commissioners are accessible... You're much better off moving more of this back to the City. We'll try."
According to the same article this comment from a Roosevelt Island Resident:
"What we're looking for here is democracy," and an escape from the "bureaucratic quagmire" that is RIOC.
drew this response from former Mayor Rudy Giuliani "I would be very happy to work with you to liberate Roosevelt Island".

If Roosevelt Island had been returned to New York City, we would not have had to go through the election of RIOC nominee candidates concluded last night.

I will miss Rudy not because I agreed with everything he did as Mayor. Whether you agreed with him or not on any issue, he certainly made life interesting and entertaining and on balance New York is a better place than it was because he was Mayor. New York is an even better place because Mike Bloomberg is Mayor now.

UPDATE 2/8- A reader sends in this explanation as to why Rudy did not advance in the Presidential Primaries. Rudy's support of the Boston Red Sox in the World Series certainly did not help his credibility since he is known as the world's biggest Yankee fan.

Video from

RIOC Board Nomination Election Results - More Ballots Cast for RIOC Nominees than for Spitzer, Clinton or Maloney

According to the Main Street WIRE, the six winners for nominees to the Roosevelt Island Board of Directors in order of total votes are:
  1. Kathie GRIMM with 937 Votes
  2. Jonathan KALKIN with 933 Votes
  3. Frank FARANCE with 911 Votes
  4. Erin FEELY-NAHEM with 832 Votes
  5. Fay CHRISTIAN with 803 votes and
  6. Howard POLIVY with 750 votes
A total of 1718 ballots were cast in the election.

The Main Street Wire has complete building by building election results.

Congratulations to the six winners and sincere thanks to all of the ten candidates for their dedicated civic efforts.

Now the real work begins. Vetting the nominee candidates by the the New York State Police, getting Governor Spitzer to nominate the winning candidates and then approved by the State Senate.

For comparison purposes with other Roosevelt Island elections the Main Street WIRE reports that in 2006 Governor Spitzer received a total of 1363 votes, Senator Clinton received a total of 1315 votes, Congress Member Maloney received a total of 1351 votes, State Senator Serrano received a total of 1248 votes and former Assembly Member Grannis received a total of 1282 votes.

I think the legitimacy of this election cannot now be challenged given the fact that more ballots were cast by Roosevelt Islanders for these RIOC Board nominees than were cast for any of the local Roosevelt Island elected officials including Governor Spitzer. Assuming the winning candidates pass background checks they should be appointed to the RIOC Board.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ferry Dock Landing Becomes Available - Will Octagon Call?

Image from DumboNYC

Via Curbed, Blogger Brooklyn 11211 is reporting that the NY Water Taxi dock at Schaefer's Landing in Williamsburg has been removed to be replaced with a more permanent one later this year. Hopefully when and not if East River ferry service returns, perhaps that dock can be used by the eventual Roosevelt Island Ferry dock landing at the Octagon.

Some Hospital Staff Housing Units at Southtown Constitute Affordable Housing

Image of Weill Cornell Medical Center from NY Times

In yesterday's post regarding letter sent by Roosevelt Island Congressional, NY State and City elected officials to DHCR Commissioner and RIOC Chair VanAmerongen urging the Spitzer administration to ensure the affordable housing component to Southtown's Riverwalk development is complied with I wrote:
I am not sure if this is accurate, but I recall being told that the Weill-Cornell Medical College and Memorial Sloan Kettering units in Buildings 1 and 2 being used for staff housing constitutes "affordable housing".
RIOC President Shane confirms that this is the case suggesting:
I believe that if the occupants are at or below 150% of median income, then the answer would be "yes" . I suspect that many of the lab researchers/workers or nurses or interns or residents would all fall within that income group.
I see nothing wrong with that except this as stated by Roosevelt Island 360 in comment to yesterday's post:
Not sure how Bldgs 1 and 2 could be considered part of the affordable 40% if the rentals are not open to the public and available only through those employers.
If you wish to participate in a new poll on the topic of Roosevelt Island housing, here is the question: Should there be more subsidized "affordable housing" or "market rate" housing on Roosevelt Island"? The poll is located on right column page below Roosevelt Island Governing document links

Election Day on Roosevelt Island - Vote Because Americans Have Fought and Died For The Right and Obligation

Today is election day. An opportunity for Roosevelt Island residents to select up to 6 potential nominees for appointment by the Governor and then approval by the NY State Senate to the Roosevelt Island Board of Directors. Voting machines are located at the Octagon for residents of that building, at 455 Main Street for residents of Southtown and at P.S./I.S. 217 for residents of all other buildings. The Polls are open from 6 A.M. - 9P.M. The Main Street WIRE has a special election issue out today. All Roosevelt Island residents over the age of 18 regardless of citizenship or voter registration status are eligible to vote for the RIOC nominees but should bring proof of Roosevelt Island residence such as a photo ID with address, a lease or credit card bill.

Today is also an opportunity to vote in the Democratic and Republican Presidential Primaries. The polls will also be open until 9 P.M. tonight but remember the polling location is only at P.S./I.S. 217 and only those party members can vote in their respective primaries. Also, a resident at Riverwalk's 425 Main Street advises that 425 residents may have to vote by affidavit because:
yesterday I was on the phone with the NYC elections board and lawyers from the Obama team because 425 Main Street is not in the elections system yet. I registered by the deadline, but because my address was not in the system, my registration was discarded. I was told that everyone in 425 will have this problem, and will have to vote by affidavit, which I did this morning. I am worried people who want to vote will be turned away, so I am trying to spread the word.
The important thing about today is that whoever you are going to vote for - just go out and do it. I will vote in the RIOC election but am unable to vote in the Presidential Primary because I am a registered Independent. As a registered independent, I and many others are not eligible to vote in a party primary and even if we switched our affiliation to a political party could not vote in that primary until after the next general election. If I could vote in the Presidential Primary today it would be for Barack Obama.

For more than 2 centuries Americans have been fighting and dying for the right to do so. The least we can do is to honor that memory by exercising our right to VOTE!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Is Roosevelt Island's Southtown Riverwalk Project Complying With Affordable Housing Requirements?

Below is joint letter from Roosevelt Island elected officials to Deborah VanAmerongen, Chair of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation and Commissioner of New York State Department of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR). In light of NYU's $43 million purchase for faculty housing of 58 Riverwalk condo units, the letter urges the Spitzer administration and RIOC to comply with the Roosevelt Island General Development Plan by ensuring an affordable housing component to the 9 Hudson/Related Southown Riverwalk buildings. To date, the extent of the required 40% affordable housing component included in the 4 existing and 2 almost completed buildings remains unclear.

Here is an advertisement for 25 affordable rental units out of a total of 221 at Riverwalk's Building 4. I am not sure if this is accurate, but I recall being told that the Weill-Cornell Medical College and Memorial Sloan Kettering units in Buildings 1 and 2 being used for staff housing constitutes "affordable housing".

The letter is signed by Congress Member Maloney, Assembly Member Kellner, State Senator Serrano, Manhattan Borough President Stringer and Council Member Lappin.

January 29, 2008

Deborah VanAmerongen
Chair, Board of Directors
Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation
25 Beaver Street
New York, NY 10004

Dear Chair VanAmerongen:

Together we have worked hard to preserve affordability in Northtown, and we are pleased that the new administration appreciates the role of the General Development Plan (GDP) as Roosevelt Island’s blueprint, a document that cannot be ignored or amended at a whim.

We appreciate the Governor’s commitment to ensuring 100 years of affordability on Roosevelt Island, and we take this opportunity to remind you that this goal must encompass not just Northtown but also Southtown, and that the latter remains just as subject to the mandates of the GDP as the former.

In light of the recent news that New York University has agreed to purchase 58 apartments in Riverwalk Landing for faculty residences, there has been a renewed focus on Southtown’s place in the fabric of the Roosevelt Island community. We believe it is important that the administration and RIOC ensure that new housing in Southtown includes truly affordable units as required by the GDP.

Roosevelt Island’s amended General Development Plan mandates that at least 10-20% of housing in Southtown must be reserved for families whose incomes do not exceed 50% of the prevailing median income in the New York City metropolitan area, while at least 30-40% must be reserved for families whose incomes do not exceed 120 % of the area’s prevailing median income. With four of Southtown’s nine buildings completed, and the fifth and sixth buildings having just been topped off, it is vital that RIOC and DHCR be prepared to ensure that this 40% benchmark for affordability is upheld. What is being done to ensure that Hudson-Related upholds the terms of the GDP and that when all nine buildings are completed, 40% of their units are affordable and occupied by low- and middle-income residents?

Preservation and expansion of affordable housing is at the core of the State’s role in Roosevelt Island. This administration has demonstrated its commitment to this principle with respect to Northtown. It must act now to show that it is equally committed to guaranteeing affordability for Southtown.

We ask that you reply to Assembly Member Kellner at 315 East 65th Street, New York, NY 10065.

Very truly yours,

Carolyn B. Maloney Scott M. Stringer José M. Serrano
Member of Congress Manhattan Borough President State Senator

Micah Z. Kellner Jessica S. Lappin
Assembly Member Council Member

cc: Steve Shane, President, Roosevelt Island Operation Corporation
David Kramer, Hudson-Related
James Clancy, Office of the Governor
Mathew Katz, President, Roosevelt Island Residents Association
Here is May 2007 Main Street WIRE interview with VanAmerongen in which she discusses the issue of affordable housing on Roosevelt Island.

UPDATE 4:51 - 1/10 Main Street Wire interview with VanAmerongen on Roosevelt Island Mitchell-Lama affordable housing:
On affordable housing in New York City as a whole: "It demands a greater level of creativity and commitment. But we are doing new affordable housing within the five boroughs every year... Almost everything we have done required weaving together various sources of financing. Affordable housing in New York City is difficult because of the lack of available land, the high cost of construction, and a number of other factors that make it more complicated. But it is something we are definitely committed to." She said she would look into whether there might be a way to use the $20 million mortgage pay-off Rivercross made to ESDC over a year ago for affordable housing on Roosevelt Island.

UPDATE 2/5 - If you wish to participate in a new poll on the topic of Roosevelt Island housing, here is the question: Should there be more subsidized "affordable housing" or "market rate" housing on Roosevelt Island"? The poll is located on right column page below Roosevelt Island Governing document links

Reminder from Senator Jose Serrano of 2/7 Eastwood Housing Forum and Constituent Service Hours

Below is a message from State Senator Jose Serrano to Roosevelt Island residents.

The Senator continues to fight for housing affordability and justice on Roosevelt Island and throughout the 28th District. He hosts the Eastwood Housing Forum this Thursday, February 7th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Church of the Good Shepherd. Community forum followed by one-on-one attention from people in the know and experts in the field. Confirmed attendees include Urban American management, DHCR, Center for Independence of the Disabled NY, Citywide Task Force on Housing Court, and Legal Director Paul Kushner at Eviction Intervention Services (EIS). The event is co-sponsored with the Eastwood Residents Association and EIS. Click here for the flyer.

* * *
Serrano constituent services hours on the island are this Tuesday, February 5th from 3 to 7 p.m. in the RIOC offices @ 591 Main Street. If possible, bring a photocopy of any paperwork you may have related to the situation or issue you wish to discuss so that we may better serve you. RIOC elections take place the same day, and Senator Serrano wishes every candidate the best of luck. "I applaud this fabulous step toward greater engagement and democratic representation on the island," he said.
Both Serrano and Assembly Member Micah Kellner have regular constituent office hours on Roosevelt Island and to my knowledge maintain excellent communication with the community. I wish the same could be said for Council Member Jessica Lappin who does not maintain regularly scheduled office hours on Roosevelt Island (does she even have Any Roosevelt Island office hours?) although to be fair she did make a brief appearance at last Saturday's RIOC Nominee Candidate's forum. As a reader to this post put it:
Has Lappin been seen or heard from lately? Since the press conference on the Kahn FDR memorial. Her web site looks like it hasn't been updated since October.
A report from 2/24/07 Main Street WIRE from 2007 housing forum here and more here.

Weekend Sports on Roosevelt Island - Cricket, Basketball and Ironman Football

Congratulations to the New York Giants on their remarkable win of last night's Super Bowl. It was one of the most exciting Super Bowl games ever played. Eli Manning's scramble avoiding a last minute sack by the Patriot defense and then pass to David Tyree who made a remarkable catch with his helmet was unbelievable. It reminded me of the immaculate reception catch by Franco Harris though Tyree's catch is of greater importance since it occurred in the Super Bowl rather than a Divisional Playoff game.

There was sporting activities on Roosevelt Island this weekend as well. Walking by the playground on way to Roosevelt Island Farmers Market on Saturday, I saw a couple practicing their cricket swings. They were pretty good and kindly allowed me to take their picture.

Then there was the father and son shooting hoops at the basketball court.

Finally the Roosevelt Island Super Bowl. Not only was it Full Contact, No Pads football, but it was played with spikes and mouth guards. The players and fans joked about who would be knocked out of the game first and when. These were tough guys!

Now that Football season is over ( the Pro Bowl does not count) we can turn our attention to my favorite sport Baseball. New York Yankee Pitchers and Catchers report to spring training on February 14, only 10 more days!

James Earl Jones talking about baseball from Field of Dreams You Tube video link.