Saturday, October 21, 2023

Sad News, Pioneering Roosevelt Island Resident Jale Turcihin Passed Away October 19, 2023 At 87 Years Of Age - Condolences To Her Family, Friends And Neighbors

Long time Roosevelt Island resident Jale Turcihin passed away earlier this week. Her daughter Olya Turcihin shares the news:

It is with great sadness that I write about my mother, Jale Turcihin, who passed away on October 19, 2023. Her life was filled with love and beauty. She was 87 years young. 

Beloved grandmother to Ayla and Leyla Stern. Loving mother to Olya. Predeceased by her husband and love of her life Ilusha, her cherished daughter Lelya. Also survived by sons-in-law Al Stern, Sten Evenhouse, and Alan Lupiani, and loved by so many. Born in Istanbul in 1936, graduate of Robert College of Istanbul and Ecole Lemania, Lausanne, Switzerland. Proudly worked for decades at Mobil Oil (now ExxonMobil), at first in Istanbul, and later in midtown. Moved to New York from Istanbul in 1967 and was one of the pioneers to move to Rivercross in 1977, which reminded her of living on the Bosphorus in Istanbul. She loved living in Rivercross and the island!

An avid daily reader of The New York Times who was always fashionably dressed, often in cashmere, and full of wit, humor and abundant amounts of love. Although she moved to New York more than five decades ago, she visited Istanbul many times, including most recently in 2019 and never lost touch with her birthplace. Her fondest memories of her youth included climbing trees, eating fruit from her family garden, the lifelong friends she made at boarding school and the beautiful family she created after meeting and falling in love with her husband, Ilusha. She was an excellent Turkish Sephardic cook, spoke Turkish, and Ladino as well as English, French and Spanish.

My mother will be so very missed by us, and so many of you on Roosevelt Island. 

Graveside services to be held on Sunday, October 22, 2023, 11 a.m. at the Shearith Israel, Beth Olam Cemetery, Queens, NY. Open house shiva between 2 and 6 p.m. on Sunday, October 22 (531 Main Street, Rivercross Apt. #506).

Condolences to Jale Turcihin's family, friends and neighbors.

Friday, October 20, 2023

Sponsored Post - Astoria Grown Loves Being A Roosevelt Island Saturday Farmers Market Vendor, It's The Highlight Of Our Week Coming Here Says Owner - Put Microgreens On Your Salad, Sandwich, Pizza, Tacos, Pasta & More, Eat Them Like A Snack

Astoria Grown is a family owned solar powered micro urban farm growing Microgreens located in a private home located a few minutes from the Roosevelt Island Bridge. Astoria Grown became a vendor at the Roosevelt Island Saturday Farmers Market last April and very quickly established themselves as a popular destination for Roosevelt Island residents with their tasty and healthy Microgreens and friendly service.

I spoke with Astoria Grown owner John Fawcett last week. According to Mr Fawcett:

We're really happy to be here on Roosevelt Island. The community has been so welcoming over this spring and summer. Repeat customers coming by. They're so happy to be able to buy something they can't get anywhere else. In fact, some of these greens you can't get in New York at all. This is the only place.

Roosevelt island has been so fabulous to us. We now know people. We're friends with them. It's the highlight of our week to come here.

The Microgreens are grown indoors, hydrorponic so they're not growing in soil, they're growing in water, on the top floor of our house. We can grow them 12 months out of the year. We have lights and fans and the whole area of the house is designated just for growing the Microgreens.

One of the things we're seeing is a lot of people come to the market because of the Wengerds Farm and it's great. It's wonderful they got everything. What we say to people get the salad at Wengerds, it's great salad. Then come over here and Jazz it up with our Microgreens.

 Mr Fawcett adds:

Micro greens are very young vegetables harvested at 2 to 3 weeks old. 

Microgreens are high in several key vitamins, including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin K They are also rich in many essential minerals, such as Brassica micro greens (broccoli, cabbage, kale, etc.) and are rich in the precursors necessary to protect against cancer. Microgreens have far higher nutrient levels than the same mature vegetable.

We grow:

  • Arugula, 
  • Broccoli,
  • Cabbage, 
  • Kale, 
  • Kohlrabi,
  • Peas, 
  • Daikon Radish and
  • Purple Radish

You eat Microgreens fresh, like a salad. No cooking necessary. Put them on everything, in salads, sandwiches, pizza, tacos, pasta.

Get them out of the fridge and onto the table, 

nibble away regardless of what else you are eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack.

Young children love this finger food.

Astoria Grown Microgreens are locally grown for local consumers using no pesticides. They are available at the Roosevelt Island Farmers market and 5 grocery stores in Astoria and Long Island City.

Stop by the Roosevelt Island Saturday Farmers Market, chat with John and Alba

and try some Astoria Grown Microgreens.

More info on Astoria Grown available at their website and Instagram page.

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Roosevelt Island Has Above Average Domestic Violence Issues Says PSD Chief During Community Engagement Meeting Earlier This Week - Also, Discussed Were Roosevelt Landings Package Thefts, Bicycle Patrols, 3 Robberies This Year, Illegal Promenade Driving, Illegal Parking, Homeless Camping Out Inside Buildings & More

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Department (PSD) hosted their monthly Community Engagement meeting on October 17 at Good Shepherd Community Center. Given only one day notice of the meeting, about 15 residents attended to hear the presentation by PSD Chief Kevin Brown and ask him questions about community concerns.

Chief Brown began the meeting announcing that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness month. Chief Brown noted that Roosevelt Island:

... has above average domestic violence issues. Half of my complaints a year are attributed to some kind of domestic violence. It runs the gamut, partners, spouses, children, parents...

Chief Brown reported:

... as far as violent crime on the island, we've had three robberies this entire year. 

I've heard some people say that we've had a lot of crime issues. We've had three robberies and of the three robberies, two of them were young people, one was a student from the Child School and he robbed another student, took his Airpods. Another one was two kids from a a group home. Again they took the Airpods. The third one was a person that took some property from Wholesome. It was a larceny but turned into a robbery because they bit the person at Wholesome... Those are our most violent crimes on Roosevelt Island... 

Other issues discussed by Chief Brown included:

  • Bicycle patrols from 7 am to 11 PM every day (particularly effective on the Promenade),
  • Illegal driving on the Promenade (Wesview and Rivercross building management were told not to allow Maintenance workers to drive on the promenade),
  • Illegal parking on Main Street (Cars are being summonsed and towed),
  • 460 Main Street (problems starting up again),
  • Homeless camping out in building particularly Roosevelt Landings,
  • So far this year, there have been 26 crimes on Roosevelt Island, 14 of which are assaults,

Most of the question time centered around package theft at Roosevelt Landings. A resident asked Chief Brown for help stopping packages from being stolen in the buildings. Chief Brown said he did not think the thefts occurred as often as some residents do, but PSD will look into the matter and reach out to the building management.

Chief Brown was asked for updates about the May 2023 stabbing at Bread and Butter Deli and the May 2022 altercation between a Frito Lay delivery driver and PSD officers in the Deli. Chief Brown said the deli stabbing victim was uncooperative and no arrest has been made. Chief Brown added that regarding the Frito Lay delivery driver, there is:

... no outcome in her case yet, she's still in criminal court...

No mention of any internal investigation regarding the PSD involvement in the altercation with the delivery driver.

Here's video of the full meeting.

Roosevelt Island crimes this year not mentioned by Chief Brown during his presentation include:

UPDATE 10/24: 

Roosevelt Landings C+C building management spokesperson responded on October 13:

Roosevelt Landings is equipped with secure lockers in the lobbies to prevent package theft. If an incident of theft occurs, we advise residents to notify management and file a report with the Public Safety Department. We take all reports of such incidents seriously. It's of the utmost importance to us that residents feel they can securely receive their correspondences and packages at Roosevelt Landings.

The C+C spokesperson added that if the secure lockers in the lobbies become full, management contacts residents to pick up their packages in the office.

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

National Shake Out Day Is October 19, Join The World's Largest Earthquake Drill With Roosevelt Island Emergency Preparedness Zoom Presentation For The Whole Family

Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Community Emergency Committee Chair Frank Farance reports:

October 19 is national Shake-Out day where, nationally, communities prepare for earthquakes. Earthquakes do occur in New York City, we've had a couple. Although they can be small, the hazards are the same, and the response is the same everywhere. This is a whole community event for Roosevelt Island, children and youth are especially invited. 

We will cover the following topics:

  • Basics of earthquakes and their impact
  • How earthquakes affect different structures (you might not be home)
  • Response: DROP, COVER, HOLD ON
  • Scenarios: In A Car, On A Highway, Out In the Field
  • Mobility: Wheelchairs, Walkers, Canes
  • Simulation: We'll participate in a surprise drill
  • Q&A

Our Shake-Out event will be on October 19, 2023 at 8-9 PM via Zoom.

Zoom info:

Zoom Meeting ID: 912 3049 8521

Passcode: 591680

Dial in: +1 929 205 6099 

Fox 5 New York reported in May 2023 that New York earthquakes are not uncommon.

RIOC Communications Director Will Give An Update To Community Board 8 Roosevelt Island Committee October 19 Via Zoom - Public Invited To Attend And Ask Questions

According to Manhattan Community Board 8

Community Board 8 represents the Upper East Side of Manhattan and Roosevelt Island. Specifically, our area extends from the north side of East 59th Street to the south side of East 96th Street, Fifth Avenue to the East River, and Roosevelt Island....


Community Board 8 will be holding their annual Full Board Meeting on Roosevelt Island this evening, October 18.

Tomorrow, October 19, CB 8's Roosevelt Island committee will meet via Zoom.

According to CB 8 Roosevelt Island Committee Chair and Roosevelt Island resident Paul Krikler:

The next RI Committee meeting of CB8 will be on Zoom at 6:30 PM on October 19. We are being joined by Bryant Daniels, Communications Director from the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp for an update and any questions from the public.

More info here.

On September 21, the CB8 Roosevelt Island and Transportation committees co-hosted a transportation forum at the Good Shepherd Church on the MTA's 63rd Street Tunnel Rehab project.

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Roosevelt Island Celebrates 2023 Indian Festival Of Lights Diwali Holiday Saturday October 21 At Good Shepherd Plaza - Come By And Learn About Indian Culture With A Symphony Of Events Under A Lantern Lit Sky

Roosevelt Island Disabled Association (RIDA) President Wendy Hersh reports:

RIDA invites you to a Dawali event at church plaza this Saturday, October 21. Come by and learn about the Indian culture and enjoy this Festival of Lights. 

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):

Dear Roosevelt Island Community:

RIOC and the Roosevelt Island Disabled Association will be hosting a special Diwali celebration on Saturday, October 21st from 5PM to 9PM at Good Shepherd Plaza featuring special dance performances, meditation, music, food and more!

Let's celebrate the Festival of Lights with a symphony of events under the night sky!

Inside Edition has this 2021 report on the Indian Festival of Lights Diwali holiday.

Monday, October 16, 2023

Scenes From Saturday's Roosevelt Island City Of Forest Day - Local Volunteers Lay Full Dump Truck Of Compost Around 100 New Baby Trees At Lighthouse Park In The Rain - Time Lapse Dance Ensemble Perform At Good Shepherd And Young Painters Create One Of A Kind Colorful Hats

Roosevelt Island resident and iDig2Learn founder Christina Delfico reports on the Roosevelt Island City Of Forest Day activities held on a rainy Saturday October 14. According to Ms Delfico:

The 2nd Annual City of Forest Day on Roosevelt Island brought the art and dance elements indoors

Images From Ghila Krajzman GKNY Photo

while others braved the elements

for tree stewardship with compost at Lighthouse Park. If you missed Saturday's City of Forest Day, take a walk through Roosevelt Island's Lighthouse Park anytime. You'll love it.
Lighthouse Park Images From Jenna Longo

You can also join connected activities at the Roosevelt Island Plogging Club weekly meetup Sundays at the Good Shepherd bell from 2-4pm, after all a clean island is good for all living things. Join teen-led founders of the RI Plogging Club who welcome all ages to share in the joy of a fresh air activity. Each Sunday they gather to capture recyclables and other litter, keeping neighbors and surrounding land and water healthy. 

We wish to thank everyone who came for Saturday’s City of Forest Day festivities. Lead partners Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance, Coler Hospital and RIOC who created a day of tree-themed care, recycled art and dance to remember. 

Smiles outnumbered rain drops on Saturday while partners Gil Lopez from Big Reuse (funded by NYC Council Member Julie Menin), Green Roosevelt Island Neighbors, Coach Scot’s baseball players and Roosevelt Island Garden Club gardeners braved the elements at Lighthouse Park to lay 7 cubic yards (a dump truck full) of compost around 100 new baby trees! Thanks to all the islanders and Haki Compost Collective volunteers who drop off food scraps for the Big Reuse compost program each Saturday from 9am to 2pm - your actions transform peels to parks!

RIVAA Gallery featured artist George Krassas and friend Bernard, supported by Coler Hospital, led a colorful hat-creating workshop using reclaimed paints. The word got out via Roosevelt Island Parents' Network and Girl Scouts and even the Red Bus.

Images From Ghila Krajzman GKNY Photo   

Images From Ghila Krajzman GKNY Photo

Young painters kept joining the activity loving every minute of it, as did parents and Judy Berdy too! 

Images From Ghila Krajzman GKNY Photo

Images From Ghila Krajzman GKNY Photo

Look out for one-of-a-kind caps Island-wide.

Jody Sperling’s Time Lapse Dance ensemble awed a full audience at Good Shepherd Church. Opening with “Plastic Harvest” six dancers engulfed in plastic bags rustled by, tumbling and blowing about. Close your eyes and you heard wind and ocean which had us thinking about the origin of plastic in it’s natural fossil-based state deep within the earth.

The 45-minute performance concluded with a larger than life “Arbor” piece. 8 foot tall flowing silks hand-painted with tree roots stretched high above us. Three dancers revealed three others growing upward underneath their tree silks. Sometimes undulating slowly growing in tree time, other times moving in quick coordinated synchronicity whipping in the wind. Jody Sperling’s work had us in wonder, giving us renewed commitment to honor and protect trees.

Jody’s first visit to Roosevelt Island was 30 years ago when Meredith Monk performed at Lighthouse Park and the audience followed down to the Small Pox Hospital uplift ruins! Please visit Jody Sperling’s Time Lapse Dance website for upcoming performances, several are free.

Jody Sperling’s Time Lapse Dance ensemble’s upcoming November 17 performance will be at NY Society for Ethical Culture. The program will include the official premiere of "Arbor" (Saturday's was work-in-progress) with the music played live by the composer and a string quartet from the Met Orchestra. Also to be performed is a full version of Wind Rose, a repertory favorite.

Click here from more info and to RSVP.

iDig2Learn wishes to thank volunteers Isla, David, Lucas, Derek, America, Bronwyn and Zehra. Special thanks to Dr. Ali Schwayri for teaching us about the trees here. And a huge thank you to the Longo family, Valerie Cashour Gallagher for communication, Julia Ferguson of RIGC, and dancer Chris Bisram who introduced Sperling’s work to us and was our performer at the inaugural City of Forest day in 2022 and City of Water Day this past summer.

This event would not be possible without support from NYPL, Roosevelt Island Library branch, RIOC communication and grounds team and PSD. Photos by local photographer Ghila Krajzman and food by Mediterranean Eatery.

If you enjoyed our City of Forest Day celebration on Roosevelt Island please fill out this 5 question post-event short survey  to show island love for this Forest for All NYC citywide day.

As organizers of this event, Forest for All NYC is working hard to expand the city’s tree canopy to 30% by 2035.
Click here for more photos from Ghila Krajzman GKNY Photo of the 2023 Roosevelt Island City of Water Day.