Saturday, June 25, 2022

Sponsored Post - Elect Your Roosevelt Island Neighbor Joyce Short New York State Democratic Committeewoman 76 AD - Put Roosevelt Island On The Political Map Of NY State


Early voting is currently underway thru June 26 with Election Day on June 28. Roosevelt Island residents can vote early at Gallery RIVAA (527 Main Street) and at PS/IS 217 (645 Main Street) on Election Day.

Friday, June 24, 2022

A Piece Of New York Reviews Roosevelt Island Panorama Room Brunch - It's A 5 Star Experience With Breathtaking Views!

According to A Piece Of New York You Tube Channel

What's better than brunch? How about brunch with a breathtaking view! Located atop the Graduate Hotel on Roosevelt Island, Panorama Room is a trendy and modern rooftop bar/lounge. It serves up fanciful cocktails and tasty small plates, as well as amazing views. The venue is perfectly situated on the East River to offer up the cityscape of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and even a bit of the Bronx.

I'm usually not a brunch guy, but I polished off my selection of brunch plates and was thoroughly impressed by each dish. The dishes were creative, decadent (caviar, quail eggs, and gold dust?), and highly Instagram-able. While this was not a boozy brunch (this time), I plan on coming back one evening to sample their cocktail offering and check out the night view. Come along for this food adventure!

The Panorama Room is located on the rooftop of the Graduate Hotel on the Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech campus.

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Early voting is currently underway thru June 26 with Election Day on June 28. Roosevelt Island residents can vote early at Gallery RIVAA (527 Main Street) and at PS/IS 217 (645 Main Street) on Election Day.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Roosevelt Island Residents Joyce Short And Mark Block Running For NY Democratic Party State Committee With Support Of Top State Party Leadership - Oppenents Erica Vladimer & Jeremy Berman Claim That's A Problem

Roosevelt Island residents Joyce Short and Marc Jonas Block are running for the NY Democratic Party State Committee for the 76 Assembly District which represents Roosevelt Island and the Upper East Side. 

According to Ms Short:

Each State Assembly District gets 2 Committee Members, a man and a woman. Voting for Marc and for me helps Roosevelt Island have two duly elected committee members who actually live in our community. We have never had one in the almost 47 years I've lived on Roosevelt Island. I believe that contributes to Roosevelt Island's needs being overlooked by NY State's government.

Being an elected State Committee Member is a political policy, not a government position. But it has a significant affect on government. They are tasked with a number of influential priorities:

  • Oversight for campaign spending 
  • Creating the Democratic Party's platform in NY State 
  • Selecting National Democratic Committee Members 
  • Providing endorsements for candidates throughout NY State 
  • Oversight over the party's Ethics Code 
  • Encouraging political activism

As the present Committeewoman has stated, the party's established leaders have long seen the party's treasury as their campaign's piggy bank. In principle, however, those funds are raised to support new-comers with fresh ideas who will grow the future of the democratic party. As a senior, I recognize how important it is to be able to pass the baton to the next generation of leaders.

Among a host of other issues, I'd like to make sure the Democratic Party addresses two important things.....

  1. No residential community in NY State should ever be deprived of democratic government. Our legislators throughout NY State have either turned a blind eye, or are unaware of this situation on Roosevelt Island. I intend to change that.
  2. I have long fought for changes in our laws to conquer the pandemic of sexual assault, sex trafficking and domestic violence. Legislators have ignored the transformational changes that are needed. I aim to change that as well.

Residents in any Assembly District can impact government through Democratic Clubs. We don't have one on Roosevelt Island. I believe we need to change that. Any resident who would like to take part in the formation of a Democratic Club for Roosevelt Island can contact me at

I spoke with Ms Short

and Mr Block 

during Roosevelt Island Day about their running for the NY Democratic Party State Committee for the 76 Assembly District. Watch the videos to hear what they have to say.

Erica Vladimer and Jeremy Berman are running against Ms Short and Mr Block for the 76 AD Democratic Party State Committee. According to their website

How will Erica and Jeremy reform State Committee?
  • Increasing access to voting
  • Building the bench
  • Training Democratic candidates for office across New York
  • Professionalizing the New York Democratic Party and reducing bureaucracy
  • Walking the “ethics” walk
  • Building a Party platform for all New Yorkers

For more details on how we plan to accomplish these goals, see our full Policy Platform.

I spoke with Ms Vladimer and Mr Berman recently at the Roosevelt Island Farmers Market.

Supporters of Ms Vladimer and Mr Berman have gone to Twitter to attack the fundraising of Ms Short and Mr Block.

Mr. Block responds: 

The referenced tweet is nothing more than an attempt to fabricate an issue that does not exist. Joyce and I, in compliance with election laws, made disclosures of contributions received by our campaigns. There is nothing nefarious with compliance with disclosure laws, support by party leadership or raising campaign capital. The merits of our campaigns are supported by knowledgeable folks who understand the far reach of the positions for which we are campaigning.

The claims are ludicrous, including the idea that the Democratic Party of New York is controlled by the Republican Party. If the tweeter was serious, they should have checked their facts including how to spell my name.

The truth of the matter is that Joyce and I are both long-time residents with strong community ties. We are serious about this election.

Ms Short responds:

State Committee members are entrusted with policy making for the entire State, even though we're elected district by district. Similarly, when I served as RIRA's Secretary and Government Relations Chair for many years, although Common Council members were elected by our individual building's residents, we served for the common good of the community.

NY State Committee Members also impact the National Democratic Committee, hence interest from outside NY State. There's no surprise that a knowledgeable person, who recognizes the far-reaching role of NYS Democratic Committee Members, supports Marc and I.

One of the many reasons we're running for Committee positions is to provide Roosevelt Islanders with a seat at an important political table where we've never had a voice. Being acknowledged by a party leader is evidence that our voices are welcomed and and that Marc and I have already made an impact.

The Upper East Side Patch has more on the campaign donation issue.

Early voting for State Committee members is currently underway thru June 26 with Election Day on June 28. Roosevelt Island residents can vote early at Gallery RIVAA (527 Main Street) and at PS/IS 217 (645 Main Street) on Election Day.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Dr Kathy Grimm And RIRA Working To Bring Comprehensive Health Care Facility To Roosevelt Island - Do Local Residents Need And Support A Local Health Care Facility?

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney joined with Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) President Rossana Ceruzzi, long time and soon to retire Roosevelt Island pediatrician Dr Kathy Grimm and a group of about 20 concerned residents 

to explore plans to bring a comprehensive health care facility to Roosevelt Island during a Saturday, June 11 morning meeting at Cornell Tech. Following the meeting, Dr Grimm took Congresswoman Maloney on a tour of the medical offices she currently shares with Dr Jack Resnick at 520 Main Street. That office is hoped to be the future home of a new Roosevelt Island comprehensive medical facility.

I spoke with Ms Maloney and Doctor Grimm after the office tour which included the room where an X-Ray machine was left by the Urgent Care company that vacated the premises several years ago. According to Ms Maloney:

I'm here with Dr Katherin Grimm who has served this community for many years. She regretfully is going to cut her hours back and we need another medical facility here on the Island. 

We just had a meeting with community leaders. We have come up with a plan. We are going to approach RIOC to see if they will buy into it and support it.

 We are conducting a survey of the residents of the Island. If they would use this facility if a world-class medical establishment came in. 

Medical care is needed on the Island not only for Covid shots and treatment but for pediatrics and for all types of care. 

I hope I'll be able to work with community to achieve this goal

During the meeting at Cornell Tech, RIRA President Rossana Ceruzzi told the group she has spoken with Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Shelton Haynes about the proposed new medical facility for 520 Main Street. Ms Ceruzzi requested RIOC and Hudson Related (the Main Street Retail Master Leaseholder) provide some incentives such as free rent for a period of time to a new medical practice as an inducement to open on Roosevelt Island. Ms Ceruzzi said Mr Haynes indicated he was open to the idea and is willing to explore it further.

Ms Maloney and Ms Ceruzzi hope to attract a first class medical provider such as Weill Cornell Medicine, NYU Langone or Northwell to a new Roosevelt Island facility.

On Roosevelt Islander Instagram page, I asked if Roosevelt Island residents need and support a local health care facility. Responses included:

  • We will miss you Dr. Grimm. We definitely need a pediatrician and family Doctor.
  • We need urgent care office with an option to have a rapid PCR tests to be done. And general physician office if possible.
  • Yes, we need local health care to Ri
  • Yes, please!!!!!!
  • I hope they do quickly
  • Yes!!! We need a multi specialty care practice and urgent care facility years ago!!!
  • Need a pediatrician

Roosevelt Island resident Christina Delfico adds:

Supporting the health of people and planet is vital. Local access to pediatric care sets children up for a bright future. As the doctor of the only Roosevelt Island pediatric office retires, please don’t let that close the door on services for our community - help us keep care local to serve the population now and into the future. Roosevelt Island needs healthcare access locally.

Stay tuned for an upcoming survey that will be distributed to the Roosevelt Island community about your health care needs.

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Click here for more info from the NYC Department Of Education.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Doordash Resumes Food Delivery Service To Roosevelt Island Thanks To Request From Local Resident And Constituent Services From NYC Council Member Julie Menin Working With Department Of Consumer And Worker Protection - Local Restaurant Helped Too

Here's an example of NYC Council Member Julie Menin providing constituent service to a Roosevelt Island resident, helping a local business and working with the municipal bureaucracy to solve a problem and improve the food delivery quality of life on Roosevelt Island.

As reported May 16, Roosevelt Island resident Theo Wolf:

... asked why DoorDash is no longer making food deliveries to Roosevelt Island:

  ... Roosevelt Island's NYC Council Member Julie Menin is looking into the matter:

It appears Doordash is no longer delivering to Roosevelt Island because of recently enacted NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) third party delivery app regulations....

On June 9, a spokesperson for Council Member Menin provided an update about Roosevelt Island DoorDash delivery:

Great news! We got an email from DCWP and they said said they fixed the rules so that certain bridges and tunnels are not considered out of the way ie. Roosevelt Island Bridge. So you should be getting deliveries again without issue.

And Ms Menin added:

Roosevelt Islanders have a limited selection of take-out and restaurant options, and my office made it a priority that the rules were amended to take into account Roosevelt Island’s unique situation. I’ve been actively working with the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection to make sure that Roosevelt Islanders have access to eateries off the island. I applaud DCWP for correcting this rule that left Roosevelt Island isolated.

Today, Ms Menin tweeted that Doordash has resumed delivering to Roosevelt Island.

 Theo Wolf is happy to learn that DoorDash resumed food delivery to Roosevelt Island:

That's incredible news! Thanks so much for looking into this, and what incredible work by Julie Menin getting this resolved so quickly. It's such a testament to the importance and power of local journalism and local government. It may seem like a small thing, but I know a lot of Roosevelt Islanders were adversely affected by this change, which made the island feel all the more cut off from the rest of the city. Plus I know Zhongzong was really hurting from this, so I hope this helps them out! 

What should Roosevelt Island ask Ms Menin for help with next?

Monday, June 20, 2022

First There Was Sundance,Then Tribeca And Now 2nd Annual Roosevelt Island Film Festival Taking Place June 23 To 26 At Main Street Theatre, Get Your Tickets Now For Movies, Red Carpet Opening, Info Panels And Awards Ceremony - Local Filmmakers Too

Roosevelt Island movie lovers are in for a real treat this week - our very own Roosevelt Island Film Festival. The Second Annual Roosevelt Island Film Festival will take place Thursday June 23 thru Sunday June 26 at the Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance (548 Main Street).

According to this Roosevelt Island Film Festival press release: 

2nd Annual ROOSEVELT ISLAND FILM FESTIVAL makes its return to the Main Street Theater. 

President/Founders Toni Vitale and long-time resident Daniel Jordano announce a terrific lineup for the 2nd Annual ROOSEVELT ISLAND FILM FESTIVAL June 23-26th at the Main St. Theater and Dance Alliance.


THE ROOSEVELT ISLAND FILM FESTIVAL  is dedicated to the discovery and development of independent American and International filmmakers. The festival seeks to discover, support, and inspire independent film, and introduce audiences to new exceptional works in Feature Films and Short Films in addition to special categories such as Female Filmmaker, Emerging NYC Filmmakers, Comedy, and Foreign Language Films. 

This year’s selections include local films as well as  international offerings from Spain, Germany, France, England and Nigeria. 

“This year's mixture of films is unique. Quality artistic films with a mixture of genres by Female filmmakers, New York, and Foreign filmmakers. It takes you on a cinematic ride. says Toni Vitale. “We have several films about aging artists and their struggles, and about non-traditional love and its challenges. We were surprised as themes were revealed this year”,  said Daniel Jordano. There is “Frankie” about the coming out of a transgender and “Now You See Us” about the struggle of aging actresses, one among many comedies this year.

“We expanded the festival by a day for our second year and I’m glad we did because we needed to make room for so many excellent films.'' said Toni. “We are also pleased that two films in the festival are actually helmed by Island residents,” said Daniel.  

“Aaron with 2As”  about an actor plagued by self doubt, was directed by Island House resident, Michael Goldburg and “Removal” about an immigrant struggle with the system was produced and directed by Island couple, Shu-Ying Chung and James Rosenthal

There is also the addition of two no cost discussion panels this year with accomplished filmmakers. “Making the Most of Your Short Film” Saturday at 2pm and “The Future of Indie Filmmaking” Sunday at 2pm.

There will be a Red Carpet Opening Ceremony on Thursday with a lineup including “A Bird Flew In” starring Jeff Fahey and Derek Jacobi. The festival culminates in the awards ceremony at The Sanctuary, 851 Main St. on Sunday evening where they will bestow the GOLDEN TRAM to the best in festival, followed by an outdoor closing party, with Roosevelt Island’s own hip hop legend, Drew Carter,  or “Grandmaster Dee” of Whodini on the turntables. 

Go to for Tickets  and use the promo code - indiefilms - for 30% off the ticket price, or visit for the full schedule. 

I spoke with Roosevelt Island Film Festival Founders Tony Vitale and Daniel Jordano during the June 11 Roosevelt Island Day. They described how the RI Festival began and what to expect this year.

Also, Roosevelt Island resident Michael Goldburg is the Director of one of the films being shown at the RI Film Festival.

Mr Goldburg reports:

As a filmmaker and recent transfer to Roosevelt Island in 2020 from Brooklyn, I was looking to get more involved in the cultural affairs of the Island and ended up submitting and then winning Best Comedy Short for my film, SURE-FIRE, at last year's inaugural Roosevelt Island Film Festival. I then hit it off with the founders of the festival, Toni Vitale and Daniel Jordano, who asked me to be on the Board of Directors and I jumped at the chance. Fast forward to this year when the producer of my most recent film, a short comedy-drama called AARON WITH TWO A'S which I directed and co-wrote, submitted the film to this year's festival and was accepted. It's a funny, inspiring film about Aaron, played by Steve Lichtenstein (TV's "Bull"), who starts his second career at age 65 as an actor and has to learn to get out of his own head. Anyone going through a career or life transition (or crisis!) will likely relate. AARON screens on Saturday, June 25 at 3:15pm in Shorts Block 5. Here's the trailer for the film:

AARON WITH TWO A'S - Official Trailer © 2022 Baby Boo Boo Productions. All Rights Reserved. from Michael Goldburg on Vimeo.

I'm also moderating two FREE panels at the festival: "Making the Most of Your Short Film" on Saturday June 25 at 2pm and "The Future of Indie Filmmaking" on Sunday June 26 at 2pm. Having graduated from the MFA film program at NYU and then gone on to screen my work extensively at festivals and been immersed in the New York City independent film scene, I've met a lot of incredibly talented people, and it's a pleasure to host such an esteemed, award-winning group of filmmakers on the panel who have screened their work at major festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, Tribeca, and Toronto and have them share their wide-ranging experience and expertise. Panelists include Amos Poe, considered by many to be one of the "fathers" of modern American independent film, and Dallas Brennan, a Gotham Award and Independent Spirit Award-nominated writer/producer.

Click here for tickets and more info on the June 23-26 Roosevelt Island Film Festival.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Bubble Gum Pop, A Celebration Of Pride And Self Expression From The Joffrey Ballet Danced At Roosevelt Island FDR Four Freedoms Park - Watch The Video And Try To Recreate Your Favorite Moves

According to the Joffrey Ballet You Tube Channel: 

 “Bubble Gum Pop” is an unapologetic explosion of self expression. This June, celebrate your Pride and #danceyourfreedom by recreating your favorite moves from this video at the Progress Pride staircase at Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island in New York or near any Pride flag in your city.

“Bubble Gum Pop” is a collaboration between The Joffrey Ballet, Action Lines, and The Four Freedoms Park Conservatory. Starring Joffrey Artist Fernando Duarte

More info about the Joffrey Ballet at their website.

Visit the Roosevelt Island FDR 4 Freedoms Park to practice your favorite Bubble Gum Pop dance move or just relax and enjoy a relaxing day like today.