Friday, April 29, 2011

Roosevelt Island's Andrew and Andrew Two Man Performance Collective Review Broadway's The House of Blue Leaves and Jerusalem - Theater This Weekend Anyone?

Image From AndrewandAndrew

Looking for something interesting to do this weekend in New York City in addition to the Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Extravaganza?

Roosevelt Island's two man performance collective Andrew and Andrew share some Broadway theater suggestions for the weekend. Using their Iphone 4, they review The House of Blue Leaves

You Tube Video of Andrew Andrew Theater Review of The House of Blue Leaves

and Jerusalem.

You Tube Video of Andrew Andrew Theater Review of Jerusalem

More on our Roosevelt Island neighbors, the Andrew and Andrew Collective from previous post.

Roosevelt Island Cat Adoption Day for Tomorrow Postponed Until Next Saturday May 7 at Farmers Market - Correction Will Take Place at Good Shepherd Church Plaza

Image From Island Cats

Received word earlier today that the Roosevelt Island Cat Adoption Day scheduled for tomorrow at the Farmers Market has been postponed until the following Saturday, May 7 from 10 AM - 2 PM and still at the Farmers Market.

UPDATE 5/6 - The cat adoption day site has been moved to Good Shepherd Plaza. Everything else is the same.

More on Roosevelt Island Cat adoption day from earlier posts and from Island Cats.

Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Extravaganza This Weekend - Festival in Support of Japan Earthquake Relief on Saturday and Walking Tour on Sunday - Parking Advisory on Saturday

This weekend will be a Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Extravaganza. On Saturday, April 30, from 1- 3 PM the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) will be having a Cherry Blossom Festival to support the Japanese Earthquake relief efforts including a photo contest. Then on Sunday May 1, the Roosevelt Island Historical Society (RIHS) will be conducting it's annual Cherry Blossom Walking tour of Roosevelt Island starting 11 AM at the Tram Visitors Kiosk.

Be advised that according to RIOC:
Please be advised there will be no parking on the West Drive Saturday, April 30th from the hours of 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. due to the Cherry Blossom Festival.
More information on Saturday's RIRA Cherry Blossom Festival here and Sunday's RIHS Cherry Blossom Walking Tour here.

Still No Verizon FIOS Service for You If You Live in Roosevelt Island's Westview Building - Why Is That RY Management? And What About the Elevator Renovations Paid For By Rent Increases 2 Years Ago?

Image of FIOS from Verizon

The other day I struck up a conversation at the Riverwalk Bar & Grill with a new Roosevelt Island resident who recently moved into Westview.

Image of Westview Entrance

The new Roosevelt Islander was not happy that Verizon FIOS service was unavailable at Westview and that Time Warner Cable and Internet service was the only choice for building residents. Being a former Time Warner Internet subscriber who switched to  FIOS internet several years ago, I understood the dissatisfaction.

I asked Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) President and Westview resident Matt Katz about FIOS service for Westview. Mr. Katz responded:
I have been informed by Jennifer Jones, on-site manager for R-Y Management, that Westview and Island House owners have been in negotiation with Verizon for FiOS service. Unfortunately, I’ve been hearing that for at least the past year. I asked for a follow-up on this ambiguous information as recently as April 18, but have yet to get a response. I’ve also asked for information regarding the renovation of Westview’s four elevators, work that was paid for by the tenants two rent increases ago. Again, I was told there was a contract in negotiation, but no start time for the work has been shared with me. The Westview Task Force, a corporation created in 2003 to represent the 361 leaseholders in Westview at rent hearings and in privatization discussions, has declined to ask these questions, with the elevator questions pending since a June 2010 inspection report by DHCR requiring R-Y Management to present a plan to replace these 35-year-old antiques. The lack of shared information is appalling.
Here is the website for RY Management and the Westview Task Force.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser for Japanese Earthquake Relief Tomorrow - Proceeds to be Donated at Saturday's Cherry Blossom Festival

Received the following message from the Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 PTA:

Dear P.S./I.S.217 Families,

We are calling on our Roosevelt Island families and friends to extend their caring and generous nature to those victims that have been affected by the recent Tsunami/Earthquake tragedy that hit Japan.

We are organizing a Walk-a-thon/Fundraiser and WE NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION! On Friday, April 29th students of P.S./I.S. 217 will be walking around the island in an effort to raise money for the people of Japan. Our goal is for each student to acquire 4 sponsors to complete the Roosevelt Island Loop. We are hoping that each sponsor will donate at least $5.00. All proceeds will be donated to approved organizations from the Japanese Society and presented at Saturday’s Cherry Blossom Festival.

Please have your child bring in the money with the completed Sponsor form by Friday, April 29th.

We are so excited to have P.S./I.S. 217 involved in a worldly cause that will showcase our compassion and community spirit.

Thank you, The P.S./I.S. 217 Community
More information on the Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Festival and Japanese Earthquake relief from this previous post.

Free Mammogram Breast Cancer Screening Available From Project Renewal Mobile Scan Van During May and June Reports Senator Jose Serrano - Roosevelt Island Testing Available June 3, Appointments Necessary

Image of Project Renewal Scan Van Mammogram Room

Received the following message from Roosevelt Island's State Senator Jose Serrano's office:
Free Mammogram Screening Events in the 28th District during the months of May and June.
Click on the image to enlarge.

The Roosevelt Island free mammogram screenings will take place Friday, June 3, 2011 from 8:30 AM - 4 PM at the Good Shepherd Church Plaza. Appointments are necessary, so please call 1 800 564 6868.

Also, remember that Senator Serrano has Roosevelt Island constituent office hours on the first Wednesday of every month from 4 - 7 PM at RIOC Headquarters 591 Main Street right before the start of the monthly RIRA meeting. The next Serrano Constituent office hours will be May 4.

More on Project Renewal's Mobil Mammogram Scan Van from earlier post.

Free Ferry Ticket to Blackwell's/Welfare/Roosevelt Island on Way to Penitentiary Courtesy of Roosevelt Island Historical Society - It's Still Nice To Be Here

Roosevelt Island Historical Society President Judy Berdy shares this image showing at one time there was ferry service to and from Roosevelt Island and it was FREE.

At the time this steam boat ticket was used, Roosevelt Island was named Blackwell's Island and the ferry was used for transporting visitors to the penitentiary on what is now Roosevelt Island. From Ms. Berdy:
I just acquired this ferry ticket that was used when visitors were coming to the penitentiary.   It was free!!!!  What can I say!  The ticket is now part of our archives.... Please note it was for ROUNDTRIP
Former Roosevelt Island resident Mike P sent in this link to the New York Public Library's Digital Collection of Roosevelt/Welfare/Blackwell's Island images.  As Mike wrote:
Great stuff, thought you'd like to see.
Here's a convict boat on it's way to Blackwell/Welfare/Roosevelt Island

Image of Convicts Boat to Welfare Island from NYPL Digital Gallery

and the view of the East River and Blackwell's/Welfare/Roosevelt Island from 86th Street in Manhattan.

Image of Blackwell's Island from 86th Street via NYPL  Digital Gallery

More pictures from NYPL Digital Gallery here.

In addition to Blackwell's, Welfare and Roosevelt Island, the original Indian name for the Island that is our home was Minnahannock which means:
It's Nice To Be Here
More on early history of what is now Roosevelt Island from this previous post.

UPDATE 11:45 PM - Ms. Berdy adds:
This was the last steamer to travel between Manhattan's East 78 St. and the Octagon Pier. The service ended when the Welfare Island Bridge opened in the late 1950's.

 Image from Judy Berdy and RIHS
The lore is that the ride could take 3 minutes or 30 minutes depending on the currents in the river. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Great Roosevelt Island NYPD Assignment Controversy Resolved - NYPD Officers Assigned on a Temporary Basis Now Until Full Time Replacement Designated

NYPD Inspector Cirabisi and Colleague Speaking With RIRA's President and Public Safety Chair at April RIRA Meeting

Received some good news today in the ongoing controversy over recent re-assignment of the only NYPD officer assigned to Roosevelt Island. Two anonymous comments made on the Blog yesterday here and here indicated that a new NYPD officer was patrolling Roosevelt Island. To check out the accuracy of the comments, I was just about to email Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Leslie Torres and Public Safety Director Keith Guerra when I received this email from RIOC Press Spokesperson Anat Gerstein:

As a result of RIOC's on-going dialogue with the commanding officer of the New York Police Department's (NYPD) 114th Precinct and the Mayor's Office, requesting a replacement of the NYPD officer who was recently reassigned, the NYPD has informed RIOC that Roosevelt Island will be receiving a daily patrol.

“RIOC is very happy to be able to report that there will continue to be a regularly scheduled NYPD presence on the Island  working hand-in-hand with our Public Safety Department.  We are grateful to the NYPD and the Mayor’s Office.  This is great news for our residents and businesses,” said Leslie Torres, President of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation.
As you recall, Roosevelt Island residents had been told that after the previous officer was re-assigned, it was extremely unlikely that the 114th Precinct Commander would be able to allocate a new NYPD officer to Roosevelt Island. The 114th Precinct Commander, Deputy Inspector Stephen Cirabisi, indicated that the NYC budget cuts to the NYPD would make it difficult to assign an officer to Roosevelt Island but that he would do his best to try.  Some Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Common Council Delegates claimed that a new NYPD officer would never be assigned again to Roosevelt Island because of alleged poor treatment received by the previous NYPD officer by other RIRA members and that those RIRA members owed an apology to the officer and NYPD.  This angry discussion/confrontation occurred at the April RIRA meeting.

You Tube Video of April RIRA Meeting Confrontation

Fortunately, those RIRA members who said a NYPD officer would never be assigned to Roosevelt Island were wrong.

So what happened. How did the a new NYPD officer get assigned to Roosevelt Island? Following the publication in the NY Post of an article with the headline:
No Sheriff in town
Roosevelt I.'s only cop transfers amid complaints
RIRA President Matt Katz emailed Inspector Cirabisi:
Dear Inspector Cirabisi:

I want to thank you for your visit to the RIRA Common Council last Wednesday. Your remarks helped to clear the air on several issues that have hung fire within our organization.

I’m looking at today’s New York Post, which printed an article (page 6) on Roosevelt Island policing. It quoted unnamed “police officials” as saying that, “The 114th Precinct in Astoria, which oversees Roosevelt Island, will not reassign another officer to the isle…” When you addressed us last week, you indicated that no decision had been reached and that this would be decided based on manpower availability and need.

Can you clear up this contradiction for us? Despite our low crime stats, we would welcome the presence of an NYPD officer here to supplement Public Safety and to confirm our credentials as City residents entitled to City services. Many thanks for all your officers do,
Inspector Cirabisi replied:
As you know Police Officer Fernandez was not transfered out of the 114 Precinct and I don't know who their Police source is but it is inaccurate. I am reviewing my staffing and I am currently looking for a replacement for Police Officer Fernandez. Once I find his replacement I will let you know.
There was also a meeting between RIOC and the NYPD at the Mayor's office referenced above, but I have not received any information yet on what occured.

RIRA President Matt Katz adds:
Inspector Cirabisi of the 114th Pct. called me yesterday to report that he has assigned temporary officers to Roosevelt Island on Officer Fernandez’s old forty-hour shift.  This will remain in place until he assigns a full-time officer replacement, which he intends to do....
At the last RIRA Common Council meeting, 144th Pct. commanding officer, Deputy Inspector Stephen Cirabisi informed us that Officer Fernandez’s reassignment was not as a result of any action by the RIRA Public Safety Committee, and that, based on personnel and need, we might expect a new officer to assume that forty-hour shift exclusively on Roosevelt Island.  In his phone call to me yesterday, Insp. Cirabisi made good on that offer, noting that temporary officers are now assigned to that four-to-midnight shift until a full-time replacement is designated.  This is good news!  Roosevelt Island is fortunate to have both NYPD and Public Safety patrols, which have helped to make our community one of the safest in New York City.  Yet another reason to consider our home unique in the City and in America.
As both Ms. Torres and Mr. Katz state - Good News!!

What's Going On At Roosevelt Island's Blackwell House - Historical Society to Produce Public Programming for Site But No Word When that Might Start

Image of Blackwell House

What's going on at Roosevelt Island's Blackwell House? Way back in 2008, a previous post asked:
... at what point will the condition of Blackwell House be such that it can be used for some purpose other than just staring at it?
Image of Blackwell House Porch and Park

During the April 6 Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Board of Directors Meeting, a resolution was passed which will permit the Roosevelt Island Historical Society (RIHS) to use and produce public programming at Blackwell House under the terms and for the period of time specified below.
RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation of the State of New York (“RIOC”), as follows:

Section 1. that RIOC is hereby authorized to negotiate and enter into a license agreement with the Roosevelt Island Historical Society for use and public programming of the Blackwell House upon such terms and conditions substantially similar to those outlined in the Memorandum from Steven Chironis to Board of Directors dated March 17, 2011, attached hereto;

Section 2. that the President/Chief Executive Officer or her designee shall take such actions and/or execute such instruments as necessary to effectuate the foregoing;

Section 3. that this resolution shall take effect immediately.
Below is a memorandum written by RIOC Chief Financial Officer Steve Chironis to the RIOC Board of Directors in support of the RIHS License Use Agreement for Blackwell House
As a requirement of the funding agreement, in the amount of $364,000, between RIOC and NYC Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) for the interior renovation of Blackwell House that for a period of twenty (20) years after completion of such construction, Blackwell House be kept open for public view and community and public programming to the extent practicable.

The Roosevelt Island Historical Society (RIHS) has proposed a (5) year license agreement for the partial use of Blackwell House for the purpose of hosting public exhibition events, archival storage and the use of a second floor office for event planning and research in Blackwell House. The terms and conditions of the agreement are as follows:

Term: 5 year term commencing upon the date of Certificate of Occupancy or a reasonable time thereafter.

Use of the Following Areas Within Blackwell House:
  • Attic: Storage Space (470 sq. ‘) – This space used to store archives (documents and photos for public (general public, historians and students) to review. 
  • Second Floor: Small Office- (232 sq.’) – planning events and historical research space to review archives. The public to make appointment through curator, RIHS. 
  • First Floor: Closet/Information Booth (15 sq.’)
Additional use of 1st Floor Public Meeting Room for the following dates, subject to availability deemed by RIOC;
  • RIHS Board Meetings: - Every 3rd Thursday (6:30 – 8:30) January through November - Every 2nd Thursday (6:00 – 9:00) December
  • Public Exhibitions: - (1st Floor Corridor) – Every January, May & September starting the 1st week and to remain on display for at least 3 weeks.
  •  Special Lecture Series: - Every April for 4 consecutive Tuesday evenings (6:00 – 9:00) 
  •  Fundraising: - Every May the 2nd Sunday of the month
RIHS will be given access to Blackwell House by RIOC representative.

RIHS will obtain standard liability insurance. The cost for insuring archive property is more than the value of archives and RIHS will give letter of indemnification for loss of property.

I believe that the proposed RIHS licensed agreement will provide valuable community and public programming at Blackwell House and I recommend its approval.
The full RIHS Blackwell House License Agreement Resolution and Supporting Memorandum is here and below.
RIHS License Agreement for Blackwell House

According to RIOC:
At the corner of East Road and Main Street is a charming wooden home called Blackwell House. Built in 1796 for the Blackwell family who owned the island for many generations, this cottage is the sixth oldest farmhouse in New York City.

The original resident of the home was James Blackwell, whose father had inherited the island from his wife's stepfather, Captain John Manning the Sheriff of New York. Since New York City purchased the island from the Blackwell family in 1823 to build institutions for the most populous city in the country, Blackwell House has been a living quarters for wardens of the almshouse, the hospitals, and the penitentiary.

The exterior of the modest colonial home has been refurbished and plans are in the works to renovate the interior. Once complete, Blackwell House will be used as a community center, mainly for local committee meetings and periodic historical tours.
More info on Blackwell House from RIHS and from these previous posts.

Roosevelt Island 360 reported on what happened to the Blackwell family after they left what is now Roosevelt Island. Hint - they went to Brooklyn.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Roosevelt Island East River Water Rescue - Duck Tangled Up in Fishing Wire Released By Passerby After Calls to Animal Rescue Go Unanswered

Image from You Tube of Roosevelt Island Duck Rescue

An East River Duck got stuck in fishing wire near the rocks just below the Roosevelt Island seawall last Friday evening. Luckily, some kind people passing by stopped and rescued the duck. According to our Duck Heroes, they first called animal rescue centers but nobody came to help the duck so a few hours later our Duck Heroes returned and decided to do the job themselves. Fortunately, for the Roosevelt Island Duck, they were able to release it from the fishing wire.

Here's the rescue footage.

You Tube Video of Roosevelt Island Duck Rescue

Good job by the Roosevelt Island Duck Heroes!

UPDATE 11 PM - Queens Crap blogger adds:
That's actually a Brant Goose, not a duck.

Roosevelt Island Bicycle Riding - Commuters On Way to Work, Visitors Riding the Tram and Anybody Else Seeking a Beautiful Waterfront Bike Ride in New York City

Image From Streetsblog

Roosevelt Island bicycle riding in the blogosphere recently. Streetsblog reports on Sally, a Roosevelt Island resident who commutes to her job in midtown via bicycle.
... While she has been a bike rider all her life, she didn’t begin bike commuting in New York until about a year ago. Besides the health benefit, one of the main reasons for the change was that her commute on the F train became increasingly unpleasant and unreliable. She would often have to wait for two or three packed trains to pass before she could board....

With the encouragement of a bike messenger friend who helped ease her into New York cycling, she now has a reliable commute that takes 25-30 minutes on an average day.
The Huffington Post reports that among the reasons New York City is the world's best bicycling destination is because:
... You can take your bike on a Tramway from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island....
First you get to the Manhattan Tram Station on Second Avenue and 60th Street,

then you get on the Tram,

ride the Tram Cabin over to Roosevelt Island and

exit the Tram Cabin and begin your Roosevelt Island bike ride.

You can also ride your bicycle over the Queensboro Bridge through Long Island City to get to Roosevelt Island.

Roosevelt Island 360 shares his 2008 bike rides from Lighthouse Park to the Tram and over

You Tube Video of Roosevelt Island Bike Ride

the Roosevelt Island Bridge.

More on Roosevelt Island Bike riding from previous posts and a proposed bicycle sharing program for Roosevelt Island.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pleasant Roosevelt Island Sunday Afternoon Spent on Newly Patched Meditation Steps and Riverwalk Bar & Grill Outdoor Tables - Summer's Almost Here Folks!!!

On a warm Sunday afternoon yesterday, Roosevelt Island residents and visitors came out to enjoy the day, the East River waterfront and the newly patched Meditation Steps.

Others enjoyed the food, drink and friends at the Riverwalk Bar & Grill outdoor tables.

It was a nice day. More will be coming.

Questions Raised on Traffic Safety After Accident Averted at Intersection of Roosevelt Island Motorgate Helix Ramp and Main Street By RIRA Planning Committee Chairperson - Is an All Way Stop Sign Needed at the Intersection?

 Public Safety Officer Directing Traffic at Motorgate Helix

Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Planning Committee Chairperson Frank Farance is concerned with traffic safety at the intersection of the Motorgate Helix Ramp and Main Street.

View Larger Map

Mr. Farance shares a message he sent this past Saturday to Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Keith Guerra.
Director Guerra-

We have spoken about this several times, but this now requires quick attention.

Today at 12:51, I was returning to Roosevelt Island in a taxi. The officer at the bottom of the helix waved us on (we were turning left), meanwhile the red bus barreled through the intersection northbound oblivious to the traffic situation and the officer's instructions. Even though we had the right of way (because of the officer's direction), the red bus almost hit us. The PSD officer shouted at the red bus driver (with no effect).

I know you have received requests to have an officer on Saturdays at the base of the helix to improve safety and I'm not suggesting you change.

However, it has been the position of the Roosevelt Island Residents Association for several years that an ALL-WAY stop configuration is the best. It was an ALL-WAY stop for about three decades until circa 2005 when RIOC started removing stop signs on Main Street in the hopes that the red bus would run more reliably (the loss of stop signs had no positive effect on the red bus schedule).

One reason this intersection is dangerous is that it has unbalanced stop signs: one for southbound traffic, but none for northbound traffic. Thus, both westbound and southbound traffic believe northbound traffic will stop (and it won't).

This intersection is confusing because there aren't any others like in NYC. At the April RIRA Common Council meeting, I asked the commander of the 114th Precinct if he was familiar with any intersection like this in Astoria, Long Island City, or anywhere else and he couldn't think of one (Mr. Bryan attended and he can report on the discussion).

So today you had the extra benefit of a PSD officer, yet an accident almost occurred. The officer didn't do anything wrong, it was clearly the fault of (1) the red bus driver who was not paying attention to the officer in the intersection, and (2) the intersection itself is unsafe and prone to accidents.

You mentioned that the present configuration conforms to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD 2009), but that is not so. MUTCD sections 2B.05 and 2C.59 apply yet the present configuration violates those requirements (see excerpts below) that clearly acknowledge the driver's expectations when arriving in an intersection and require the use of ONCOMING-TRAFFIC/TRAFFIC-FROM-LEFT DOES NOT STOP plaques (plaques are missing).

I am requesting two things:

(1) Reconfigure the helix intersection to an ALL-WAY stop: northbound STOP sign, additional ALL-WAY plaques, and roadway markings would say STOP northbound. Do not continue use of unbalanced intersections, do not install traffic-does-not-stop plaques. The ALL-WAY stop would help pedestrians crossing the helix roadway because northbound traffic pushes its way through (unsafely) and an ALL-WAY would force a full stop prior to cars confronting pedestrians.

(2) Instruct the red bus drivers to pay attention to Public Safety Officers directing traffic.

Today's scenario (in theory) had the best: a PSD officer directing traffic, a taxi driver from Olympic Car Service who is familiar with Island traffic patterns, and a RIOC red bus driver thoroughly familiar with the traffic and regular Saturday help from PSD in the intersection. However, we still almost had an accident. Rather than continue to deny that the present configuration is safe, why not try a safer configuration that had worked well for three decades.

Thank you.

Frank Farance
RIRA Planning Committee Chair

Section 2B.05 STOP Sign (R1-1) and ALL WAY Plaque (R1-3P)
01 When it is determined that a full stop is always required on an approach to an intersection, a STOP (R1-1) sign (see Figure 2B-1) shall be used.
02 The STOP sign shall be an octagon with a white legend and border on a red background.
03 Secondary legends shall not be used on STOP sign faces.
04 At intersections where all approaches are controlled by STOP signs (see Section 2B.07), an ALL WAY supplemental plaque (R1-3P) shall be mounted below each STOP sign. The ALL WAY plaque (see Figure 2B-1) shall have a white legend and border on a red background.
05 The ALL WAY plaque shall only be used if all intersection approaches are controlled by STOP signs.
06 Supplemental plaques with legends such as 2-WAY, 3-WAY, 4-WAY, or other numbers of ways shall not be used with STOP signs.

07 The use of the CROSS TRAFFIC DOES NOT STOP (W4-4P) plaque (and other plaques with variations ofthis word message) is described in Section 2C.59.

08 Plaques with the appropriate alternative messages of TRAFFIC FROM LEFT (RIGHT) DOES NOT STOP (W4-4aP) or ONCOMING TRAFFIC DOES NOT STOP (W4-4bP) should be used at intersections where STOP signs control all but one approach to the intersection, unless the only non-stopped approach is from a one-way street.

09 An EXCEPT RIGHT TURN (R1-10P) plaque (see Figure 2B-1) may be mounted below the STOP sign if an engineering study determines that a special combination of geometry and traffic volumes is present that makes it possible for right-turning traffic on the approach to be permitted to enter the intersection without stopping.

10 The design and application of Stop Beacons are described in Section 4L.05.

Section 2C.59 CROSS TRAFFIC DOES NOT STOP Plaque (W4-4P)

01 The CROSS TRAFFIC DOES NOT STOP (W4-4P) plaque (see Figure 2C-9) may be used in combination with a STOP sign when engineering judgment indicates that conditions are present that are causing or could cause drivers to misinterpret the intersection as an all-way stop.
02 Alternative messages (see Figure 2C-9) such as TRAFFIC FROM LEFT (RIGHT) DOES NOT STOP (W4-4aP) or ONCOMING TRAFFIC DOES NOT STOP (W4-4bP) may be used when such messages more accurately describe the traffic controls established at the intersection.

03 Plaques with the appropriate alternative messages of TRAFFIC FROM LEFT (RIGHT) DOES NOT STOP or ONCOMING TRAFFIC DOES NOT STOP should be used at intersections where STOP signs control all but one approach to the intersection, unless the only non-stopped approach is from a one-way street.

04 If a W4-4P plaque or a plaque with an alternative message is used, it shall be mounted below the STOP sign.
A Public Safety Officer has recently been assigned to direct traffic at intersection of the Motorgate Ramp Helix and Main Street on Saturday's during the Farmers Market.

UPDATE 1:30 PM - Mr. Farance follow up his message to Director Guerra.

More information here

Director Guerra-

As a followup on street signage, the new "[STATE LAW] STOP FOR PEDESTRIANS WITHIN CROSSWALK" signs are the wrong signs and provide conflicting instructions to drivers -- drivers might believe they don't have to stop at all. According to the MUTCD 2009, the Stop/Yield For Pedestrian Within Crosswalk signs are to be used at "uncontrolled multi-lane approach" (see MUTCD 2009 Section 2B.11). The emphasis here is on "uncontrolled", which is incorrect for the Roosevelt Island crosswalks where there is a STOP sign (543 Main, 591 Main, 645 Main, etc.). By using the "STOP FOR PEDESTRIANS WITHIN CROSSWALK" (sign R1-6a) drivers believe they can proceed an NORMAL speeds (i.e., no full stop) UNLESS THERE IS A PEDESTRIAN IN THE CROSSWALK. Certainly, we INTEND for drivers to make a full stop at these intersections, but the new signage is wrong.

If you'd like, I can show you a video of how other NYS drivers treat these signs (i.e., driving through at normal speeds).

As for the remainder of the Island, there is no distinction between the STOP (R1-6a) and YIELD (R1-6) variants of "[STATE LAW] STOP/YIELD FOR/TO PEDESTRIANS WITHIN CROSSWALK" because the driver must STOP (regardless of STOP or YIELD) if there is a pedestrian in the crosswalk. Elsewhere in NY State, I've seen the STOP version used at crosswalks like the ones at 510 Main and 564 Main.

Regardless, the signs present a confusing picture of NYS law: are we supposed to STOP or YIELD to pedestrians in a crosswalk? The law is one or the other, not both, right?

I make the recommendations:

(1) Replace all present R1-6 "[STATE LAW] YIELD FOR PEDESTRIANS ..." with R1-6a "[STATE LAW] STOP FOR PEDESTRIAN ..." if that is in fact the correct NYS law.

(2) Immediately remove the present "[STATE LAW] STOP FOR PEDESTRIAN ..." because they conflict with other signage and give drivers the impression they don't need to stop at all (regardless of whether or not there are pedestrians in the crosswalk).

(3) For crosswalks with STOPs, immediately return the mid-street STOP SIGNS and plan for a better long-term solution on reminding drivers to stop (flashing lights, etc.).

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Roosevelt Island Easter & Passover - Fred Astaire, Leftover Matzo and Mmmm Good Matzo Ball Soup

Best wishes for a Happy Roosevelt Island Easter

You Tube Video of Fred Astaire Wishing a Happy Easter fromEaster Parade

and Passover.

Here are some suggestions for those with any leftover Matzos.

You Tube Video of Things To Do With Matzah

Passover is always a good time to go down to Katz's deli for some great Matzo Ball soup.

You Tube Video of Katz's Matzo Ball Soup Review

Mmm Mmm good!!!!!!