Friday, November 14, 2008

Bill O'Reilly On Jon Stewart's Daily Show - Ozzie & Harriet Versus Greenwich Village?

Did you see The Daily Show last night? Bill O'Reilly was Jon Stewart's guest and the exchange between the two was very, very funny. Both men presented their views well although I tend to agree with Stewart's "prism of rational thought" and "Greenwich Village" opinion rather than O'Reilly's traditionalism and Ozzie & Harriet world view.

Best line of the show was when Stewart, in response to O'Reilly's description of America as a "traditional nation", said that the American tradition is a "progression of individual freedoms".

I would like to see more of Stewart and O'Reilly together. It would be very informative and entertaining.

Things To Do This Weekend in New York City and Roosevelt Island - Art Hopping, Mead Film Festival, Intrepid Museum & Roy Eaton Plays Piano

Image of Williamsburg art map from Raw Magazine

Looking for fun things to do on Roosevelt Island or in some other part of New York City this weekend? Here are some suggestions.

For tonight, Free NYC recommends a trip to Williamsburg for Every 2nd Friday to take in the neighborhood art galleries which are presenting new works and will stay open late.
Celebrate your existence with a glittering adventure along the streets of Williamsburg, where galleries will be keeping their doors open late into the night, with special openings, closings, and events. This Friday we'll also be celebrating the release of RAW 2009, the Williamsburg Gallery Association's guide to the art spaces of Brooklyn. Be sure to come by the afterparty for the Art Battle, special exhibition, burlesque, and other examples of utter madness
On Saturday, if you prefer your art hopping in Manhattan, the NY Times showcases galleries in Chelsea, SoHo, the Lower East Side and Upper East Side together with an interactive neighborhood gallery tour map.

For those looking to explore other cultures, this weekend the American Museum of Natural History is presenting the Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival:
... the longest-running, premiere showcase for international documentaries in the United States, encompassing a broad spectrum of work, from indigenous community media to experimental nonfiction. The Festival is distinguished by its outstanding selection of titles, which tackle diverse and challenging subjects, representing a range of issues and perspectives, and by the forums for discussion with filmmakers and speakers.
On Sunday visit the newly re-opened Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum. It is:
... one of America’s leading historic, cultural and educational institutions. Opened in 1982, the Museum has welcomed more than 10 million visitors. The Museum is centered on the aircraft carrier Intrepid (CVS-11), one of the most successful ships in US history, and now a national historic landmark and one of the most unique attractions in New York City. In 1943, Intrepid was commissioned and served proudly in World War II. She went on to serve as one of the primary recovery vessels for NASA, three tours of duty off Vietnam, and submarine surveillance in the North Atlantic during the Cold War. Today she continues her service as a premiere educational center and a monument to all who have served our nation in uniform.

The Museum features a range of interactive exhibits and events providing a snapshot of heroism, education, and excitement. Children and adults alike find themselves immersed in and inspired by the Museum’s exhibits, which range from thrilling historical re-creations such as Kamikaze: Day of Darkness, Day of Light, to new interactive displays. Visitors also can ride in the A-6 Cockpit Simulator, visit the Virtual Flight Zone, and tour the inside of the world’s fastest commercial airplane, Concorde. More than 50,000 schoolchildren participate in the Museum’s unique educational programs every year. These programs cover every age group and include special initiatives such as character and leadership development. The Museum also hosts the annual Fleet Week celebration in honor of our military personnel.
On Roosevelt Island this weekend, the Farmers Market will be open on Saturday and the Sunday Afternoon Concert series returns to the Church of the Good Shepherd.
Sunday, November 16, 2008
Roy Eaton, Piano
Music of George Gershwin, Scott Joplin and Frederic Chopin
Roosevelt Island has an art Gallery as well, Gallery RIVAA, the Roosevelt Island Visual Arts Association currently showing Georgette Sinclair's Great Escapes.

Good weekend transportation news. The MTA is reporting normal Roosevelt Island F Train subway service in both directions and RIOC is not reporting any Tram advisories.

Check out some other ideas on what to do in New York City this weekend from the NY Times Urban Eye, NY Post Weekend Calendar and Newyorkology.

Roosevelt Island Search and Rescue (RISAR) CPR and First Aid Classes Available - Has Conflict With RIOC Been Settled?

Image of Roosevelt Island Search and Rescue Team from Main Street WIRE (PDF File)

Roosevelt Island Search and Rescue sends the following message to Roosevelt Island residents:
... Roosevelt Island Search and Rescue (RISAR) holds monthly classes in CRP and Basic First Aid. Discounts are available for RI Residents and RI Organizations. More information can be obtained by contacting 212-752-4003. The price of the classes are fully tax deductable.
The May 17 2008 Main Street WIRE (PDF File) reported on a conflict between RISAR and RIOC. According to the WIRE:
A determined Roosevelt Island Search and Rescue organization (RISAR) is enthusiastic about providing emergency medical support to Roosevelt Island residents.

The administration at Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) and the Public Safety Department (PSD) see RISAR’s enthusiasm, which it says it welcomes, as a bit misdirected – to the point of breaking the law to be competitive.

The organization of residents that’s RISAR – and the New York State public-benefit corporation – that’s RIOC – have been at odds over just what RISAR may and may not do on Roosevelt Island....
Commenting on this earlier post describing the permanent stationing of an ambulance on Roosevelt Island, Assistant Chief RISAR writes:
If you read the FDNY site, it states that "It will respond to calls on Roosevelt Island as well as in Queens, when necessary"

This ambulance was just re-deployed from another location. It is not that FDNY assigned or placed into service a "new" ambulance.

As of the time of this posting, there has been NO AMBULANCE stationed on the Island for the last 5 hours, as it has been on another assignment.

This is why Roosevelt Island Search and Rescue (RISAR) is attempting to provide a First Responce Medical Service to the Island, as well as obtaining an Ambulance Operating Certificate so there will ALWAYS be an ambulance dedicated to the RI Community.
I don't know if RISAR has obtained all necessary approvals and permits yet or if the conflict between RIOC and RISAR has been resolved yet. Hope so.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Roosevelt Island Helps the Marine Toys For Tots Program

Toys For Tots image from RIOC

RIOC is participating in a Toys For Tots Program and provides the following information:
RIOC will be hosting collection sites for the 2008 US Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program

Please donate a New, Unwrapped Toy to this wonderful cause.

All donations will be distributed by the US Marine Corps Reserve for distribution to children in need in the local NY area.

Drop off areas will be located at both the RI and Manhattan sides of the Tram, The RI Public Safety Office, Trellis Restaurant and at the RIOC offices at 591 Main Street.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Roosevelt Island Tram Station Drop Off Toys For Tots Box

More information on Marine Toys for Tots can be found here.

Drive Thru Roosevelt Island at Night - Good Directions But Where Are The People?

You Tube Video of Night Time Drive through Roosevelt Island

Let's take a drive through Roosevelt Island at night. First, cross the 36th Avenue Bridge from Long Island City, make a right at the bottom of the ramp heading towards Manhattan Park, then 3 consecutive lefts on River Road followed by a right on Main Street. Stay on Main Street past the original WIRE Buildings, the subway and Southtown's Riverwalk complex before turning left at the Tram. Another left by the Tram Circle will bring you back to Main Street on the Queens side of Southtown. Stay on Main Street until you get to the 36th Avenue Bridge ramp just before the Gristedes supermarket, make a right on to the Bridge and your back in Queens.

Did you notice there were no people on the streets of Roosevelt Island the night this video was shot. No idea what time it was shot but one thing that has always creeped me out about Roosevelt Island is the almost total absence of people walking on the street at night though it is understandable since there is no place to go.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2008 New York City Waterfront Alliance Action Conference Tomorrow November 13 - Come Make A Difference

Image of Waterfront Alliance members

Being completely surrounded by the East River makes New York City waterfront development, transportation, environmental and recreation issues of prime importance to Roosevelt Island residents. A great organization that works to make the New York City waterfront a better place, while attempting to balance often competing interests, is the Waterfront Alliance, formerly known as the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance. According to their mission statement:
The Waterfront Alliance works to transform the New York and New Jersey Harbor and Waterways to make them cleaner and more accessible, a vibrant place to play, learn and work with great parks, great jobs and great transportation for all.

The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance envisions a New York and New Jersey harbor and waterways alive with commerce and recreation; where sailboats, kayaks and pleasure craft share the waterways with commuter ferries, barges and container ships; where beautiful, cared-for parks are connected by affordable waterborne transit; where there are dozens of exciting waterfront destinations that reflect the vitality and diversity of the great metropolis that surrounds it; a waterfront that is no longer walled off by highways and rails, or by private luxury residences; a waterfront that is a shared precious resource and is accessible to all. MWA will be a leadership organization that will make this vision real for our region.
Tomorrow, November 13, the Waterfront Alliance will be conducting a day long Waterfront Conference and request that:
Please join us for the...
2008 Waterfront Conference
Practical Solutions for a 21st Century Waterfront
Thursday, November 13, 2008 - 8:30 am to 7:00 pm
at the National Museum of the American Indian
One Bowling Green, New York, NY 10004
The Waterfront Conference Agenda is here and take a look at their great New York City waterfront documentary City of Water and interview with Waterfront Alliance's Roland Lewis.

There's No One As Irish As Barack Obama Says Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys

Did you know that President-Elect Barack Obama will not only be the first American President of African descent but he also follow in the footsteps of past Irish American Presidents as well. That's right, Barack Obama has some Irish in his blood - just call him Bádhraic Ó Bamaigh.

Barack O'Bama's great great grandfather was from the small Irish village of Moneygall and immigrated to New York in 1850. Here's more of the story from You Tube.

Some lyrics to No One as Irish as Barack OBama by Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys:
O'Leary, O'Reilly, O'Hare and O'Hara
There's no one as Irish as Barack O'Bama

You don't believe me, I hear you say
But Barack's as Irish, as was JFK
His granddaddy's daddy came from Moneygall
A small Irish village, well known to you all

Toor a loo, toor a loo, toor a loo, toor a lama
There's no one as Irish As Barack O'Bama

He's as Irish as bacon and cabbage and stew
He's Hawaiian he's Kenyan American too
He’s in the white house, He took his chance
Now let’s see Barack do Riverdance...
The rest of the lyrics are here.

Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys tell us that they:
have been invited to play in Washington for Baracks Inaugeration in Janurary 2009. Help us get there by making a donation on this page.. donate what ever you can afford to make the dream a reality.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's Veterans Day - Thank You For Your Service!

Veterans Day Image from Small Wars Journal

We can all agree with this statement from President Bush.
Veterans Day, 2008
A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America

On Veterans Day, we pay tribute to the service and sacrifice of the men and women who in defense of our freedom have bravely worn the uniform of the United States.

From the fields and forests of war-torn Europe to the jungles of Southeast Asia, from the deserts of Iraq to the mountains of Afghanistan, brave patriots have protected our Nation's ideals, rescued millions from tyranny, and helped spread freedom around the globe. America's veterans answered the call when asked to protect our Nation from some of the most brutal and ruthless tyrants, terrorists, and militaries the world has ever known. They stood tall in the face of grave danger and enabled our Nation to become the greatest force for freedom in human history. Members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard have answered a high calling to serve and have helped secure America at every turn.

Our country is forever indebted to our veterans for their quiet courage and exemplary service. We also remember and honor those who laid down their lives in freedom's defense. These brave men and women made the ultimate sacrifice for our benefit. On Veterans Day, we remember these heroes for their valor, their loyalty, and their dedication. Their selfless sacrifices continue to inspire us today as we work to advance peace and extend freedom around the world.

With respect for and in recognition of the contributions our service members have made to the cause of peace and freedom around the world, the Congress has provided (5 U.S.C. 6103(a)) that November 11 of each year shall be set aside as a legal public holiday to honor America's veterans.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim November 11, 2008, as Veterans Day and urge all Americans to observe November 9 through November 15, 2008, as National Veterans Awareness Week. I encourage all Americans to recognize the bravery and sacrifice of our veterans through ceremonies and prayers. I call upon Federal, State, and local officials to display the flag of the United States and to support and participate in patriotic activities in their communities. I invite civic and fraternal organizations, places of worship, schools, businesses, unions, and the media to support this national observance with commemorative expressions and programs.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this thirty-first day of October, in the year of our Lord two thousand eight, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-third.

For more on Veterans Day, check out and you can help out active serving members of Viper Company in Afghanistan by sending them winter hats, socks and gloves as well as dvd's and other diversions. Thank you for your service to all veterans and members of the military.

You Tube video of Norah Jones American Anthem

Sailing the East River Past Hell's Gate and Roosevelt Island

You Tube video of Sailing the East River Past Hell Gate and Roosevelt Island from Island Spirit 35

Are you planning a New York City sailing adventure that includes the East River, Hell Gate and Roosevelt Island? The Trip Sailor blog has some advice from a recent late October trip:
.. Passing through New York City on the East River on a week-day is recommended because most of the traffic will be commercial boats who are experienced with the conditions there. For boats such as ours with a low maximum motoring speed (about 7 knots), there is some debate as to the best time to get to Hell Gate, an infamous section of the passage where 7 knot and shifting currents are not unusual. The most conservative approach is to aim to reach the Gate at the slack of high-tide just before the current starts to ebb out into New York Harbor. This requires motoring for an hour against the current to get to Hell Gate at slack water. We had studied the hallowed "Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book" and read numerous online sailing discussions and settled on a plan that should be a bit more exciting, getting us to Hell Gate an hour after stack water when about a 4 knot current would carry us through. Thus, our Monday morning objective was to get to Throg’s Neck two hours after high tide at The Battery (the southernmost tip of Manhattan Island) which that day was at 7:47 am.

A large barge and two local sailboats passed us on our way to the bridge but otherwise we saw remarkably little boat traffic which allowed us to thoroughly enjoy the ride through the city. It was another beautifully sunny day, although hazy at water level, and we swung through Hell Gate at an impressive 10.6 knots (speed over ground) although we were probably only motoring through the water at 6 knots. As we zoomed past we studied: LaGuardia Airport, the partly dismantled Shea Stadium, (but we couldn’t identify the World’s Fair site beyond), Rikers Island (a huge prison complex), Hell Gate (where the Harlem River joins the East River), Roosevelt Island (a narrow island that divides the East River into an east and west channels for about a mile), the high-rises of the Upper East Side, the United Nations Building, the gleaming pinnacle of the Chrysler Building, the familiar Empire State Building, the lower buildings of mid-town and the East Village, the high-rises of the Financial District (including the hyperactive Wall Street – the NY Stock Exchange gained 900 points that day), The Battery, the Statue of Liberty, and around into the Hudson River on the west side of Manhattan Island. We passed under about 10 bridges including the Queensboro (59th St) Bridge over Roosevelt Island, and the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. By taking the western channel around Roosevelt Island we avoided the only bridge that we would have needed to have opened for us (at 110-130 ft the rest are easily high enough) which is just as well because it would have been interesting trying to hold against the current to wait for a bridge to open. With the buildings gleaming in the sunshine it was an excellent ride and we were very glad to have been encouraged back in Newport to make this passage. In addition to the constant buzz of small commercial and sight-seeing helicopters around the harbor, as we started up the Hudson River a formation of six miliary helicopters flew low past us....
Don't forget to give a friendly wave to any Roosevelt Islander you see walking on the promenade. We'll wave back.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Roosevelt Islander Blog Readership Statistics - Over 100,000 Visitors and Growing!

Image of monthly readership statistics from Statcounter

Some time last week the Roosevelt Islander blog, which started on July 4, 2007, was read by it's one hundred thousandth visitor (100,000) since viewer statistics started being kept in September 2007. Since then, there have been 101,321 visitors to the blog.

For the last 6 months, readership statistics have been as follows:
  • May 2008 - 7,947
  • June 2008 - 8,368
  • July 2008 - 10,570
  • August 2008 - 8,898
  • September 2008 - 8,573
  • October 2008 - 8,825
Thanks to all the readers, tipsters, and contributors!

Mortar Fired From Roosevelt Island - Fact Or Fiction From Soderbergh's Che Movie?

Image of Benicio del Torro as Che from LA Times

The Crooks and Liars blog reviewed the soon to be released Steven Soderbergh movie Che. Of particular interest to Roosevelt Islanders was this brief portion of the review.
... The recreations of Che’s visit to New York in 1964 and speaking at the United Nations seem so real as to be actual documentary footage. But again, it is not. Soderbergh shoots in front of the U.N. and in either the actual General Assembly chambers or an amazing look-alike set.

Touched on in a brief film recreation are a bomb attempt of the U.N. (which I knew about) and the firing of a mortar across the East River from Roosevelt Island it seems (which I didn’t know about)...
I have never heard of a mortar firing from Roosevelt Island either and was wondering if this was true or just a fictionalized scene from the movie. After all, Southpoint Park is closed to the public when the UN General Assembly is in session. Potentially scary stuff.

Mortar image from Steven

Grand Larceny, Assault, Robbery, Criminal Possession of Controlled Substance and Other Roosevelt Island Publc Safety Incident Reports For 10/21-11/9

You Tube video of Inner Circle's Bad Boys

Here are the Roosevelt Island Daily Public Safety Reports for October 21 - November 9 2008. Incidents included:
  • Criminal posssession of controlled substance (11/1)
  • $1000 antique lamp missing during Roosevelt Landing window replacement (10/24)
  • Metal Beam fell on Tram mezzanine (10/25)
  • Resident cut mouth on plastic found in food purchased on Roosevelt Island (10/25)
  • Viewing inappropriate material on public library computer (11/5)
  • Food stolen from delivery man (10/26) and
  • other acts of grand larceny, disorderly conduct, assault, robbery, shoplifting and aiding ill persons.
10/21/08-7:00 AM to 10/22/08-7:00 AM

Trespass-Subject arrested by PSD.
Aided- An ill person was taken to the Hospital by EMS.
Aided- An ill person was taken to the Hospital by EMS.
Menacing- A female was violent towards a porter. PSD responded and arrested the subject who resisted arrest and one PSD Officer was injured and taken to the Hospital. the Officer was treated and released.
Harassment- A resident complained of another harassing him. NYPD refused.
Grand Larceny 4- PSD responded and NYPD notified.
Missing Person- PSD responded and NYPD. He was missing for a week. Search for the youth yielded negative results.
Assault- 2 youths struck in face by 2 unknown subjects. Parent refused NYPD. Search for the subject yielded negative results.
Vehicle Accident- PSD vehicle's license plate slightly dented while parking.
Disorderly Conduct- 4 youths were disorderly in a store. All brought into PSD and released to parents. NYPD refused.

10/22/08-7:00 AM to 10/23/08-7:00 AM

Disorderly Conduct- 2 Males fighting were arrested by PSD.
Investigation-Unknown Person unlocked bottom lock of apt door. NYPD refused. No access gained top secured. Tenant to change the locks. UA notified.
Order of Protection/Child Custody Matter- PSD retrieved property for former tenant. Person also wanted to see child but due to order of Protection she was referred to Family Court.
Aided- Motorman of Train sustained a head injury in subway. EMS transported him to the Hospital.
Missing Property- At Tram. Search for property yielded negative results.
Aided- An ill person was taken to the Hospital by EMS.

0700 hrs 10/23/08 - 0700 hrs 10/24/08

Missing property - owner left property on tram. PSD responded and made search with negative results. NYPD responded and made report.
Aided - fell at tram and sustained a laceration to the back of the head. Aided transported to hospital.
Petit Larceny - 3 subjects took unpaid merchandise from store and ran into subway. NYPD was alerted and subjects ran out of subway. Search was made by NYPD and PSD with negative results.
Aided - resident fell in apt. When home attendant returned, aided was up. Attendant called 911. EMS responded, but refused transport.
Suspicious person/investigation - intruder entered residents apt. and when resident turned around person left. Resident didn't get full description. Search was made with negative results.
Hazardous condition - FDNY and PSD responded to apt for detector going off. FDNY checked apt and stated apt was safe, but battery was replaced.
Disorderly conduct - subject was acting disorderly towards PSD. Subject was arrested and issued summons and released.
Petit Larceny - subject entered store and removed juice without paying. PSD responded. Victim refused to press charges. Subject apologized and left store without further incident.
Trespass - 2 subjects issued summonses for trespassing. One summonses issued by PSD and other by NYPD.
Missing child - PSD received notice of missing child. Child was found inside school and reunited with parent.

0700 hrs. Friday October 24th 2008 thru Saturday October 25th 2008

Verbal Dispute - Female was arguing with unknown male subject while waiting at lobby entrance to be buzzed in. PSD Officers responded to location search for subject with negative results.
Missing Youth - Male child jumped the school fence with out and left. PSD conducted a search for child with negative results. Child returned to his house and is with his brother.
Domestic dispute - Male and female parents argument over their child custody. PSD on scene child remained with mother.
Gas Odor - Tenant complained of a smell of gas smell in the hallway . PSD responded search conducted smell was determined to be from a previous fire.
Graffiti - PSD Officer observed blue lettering on a door. Search for subjects conducted with negative results. Urban American Management notified.
Grand Larceny - Male tenant reported an antique Lamp priced at over $1,000.00 missing from his apartment. Tenant reported Roosevelt Landing window workers only people in his apartment. Roosevelt Landing Management notified will conduct an investigation coming this Monday October 27th 2008. NYPD Notified and on scene.

10/25/08-7:00 AM to 10/26/08-7:00 AM

Missing Property- From apt. NYPD refused. Search for the property yielded negative results. UA notified.
Aided/EDP- Mentally ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.
Investigation- tenant reported odor of Marihuana from daughter's room, and a rodent problem. UA notified. NYPD refused.
Aided- An ill person was taken to the Hospital by EMS.
Found Property- A Visa Credit Card. Bank was notified. It was secured at PSD.
Smoking prohibited- PSD issued a summoned to the subject.
Domestic Dispute- Between mother and son. NYPD and EMS refused. Dispute ended upon PSD arrival.
Found Property- USA Passport. It was secured in PSD.
Hazardous Condition- Metal Beam fell on Tram Mezzanine. No injuries. No property damage. Tram Super Notified.
Aided- Female state cut her mouth with plastic found in food that purchased. NYPD and EMS refused. Store owner notified.
Aided- An ill person was taken to the Hospital by EMS.
Unsecured Door- In a Community Rom. Search conducted and the room was in order. PSD secured the door. UA Notified.
Criminal Mischief- 2 holes in the wall of a room. Also the window was unsecured. UA notified. Search for the subject yielded negative results for the subject.

10/26/08-7:00 AM to 10/27/08-7:00 AM

Aided- An ill person was taken to the Hospital by EMS.
Found Property- A Vice like tool was secured in PSD.
Unsecured Door- Interior checked in order and the door was secured by PSD.
Unsecured Door (Steam Tunnel)-Steam Tunnel Personnel notified and secured it.
Robbery- Food stolen from the delivery man. Search for the subjects yielded negative results. No injuries. NYPD refused and EMS.
Criminal Mischief- 2 holes in the wall inside the building. Search for the subject yielded negative results. UA notified.
Harassment- Resident stated 3 males followed her and threatened her. Incident occurred the previous day. NYPD report done. Search for the subjects yielded negative results.
Unlicenced Operator/Unregistered Vehicle/ Arrest- Initial car stop was done as vehicle had no license plates. Upon investigation it was discovered that the motorist was unlicenced, unregistered and uninsured. Subject was arrested by PSD.
Unsecured Premises- The Oil Dock. It was secured by PSD. Premises in order. No one inside area.

10/27/08-7:00 AM to 10/28/08-7:00 AM

Noise Complaint- PSD responded. Noise ceased.
Graffiti- In building. Search for the subject yielded negative results. UA Notified.
Criminal Mischief- Hole in wall. Search for the subject yielded negative results. UA notified.
Aided- An ill person was taken to the Hospital by EMS.
Possible Aided-Mother of resident hadn't seen son in a few days. UA and PSD responded to apt and no answer. Later UA notified PSD that tenant was fine and seen outside on Main Street.
Aided- Female fell and assisted up by PSD. EMS responded and female refused transport.
Aided- An ill person was taken to the Hospital by EMS.
Escort- Large trailer stuck at Ramp caused traffic congestion. PSD corrected condition.
Criminal Mischief- Rear side window of vehicle was broken. Search for the subject yielded negative results. Owner on scene and refused NYPD.
Smoking in an enclosed place. In building. PSD issued the subject a summons.
Unsecured Vehicle- Windows were opened. 2 Vehicles checked and they appeared in order. Nothing missing. No signs of forced entry. Unknown owners. Unable to make contact. PSD conducted periodic checks while on patrol.

10/28-/08-7:00 am to 10/29/08-7:00 AM

Fallen Tree- On River cross Property. No injuries and it was removed. RIOC Personnel responded.
Bus Service Complaint- Referred to Mini Bus Supervisor.
Lost property- A leather glove was lost on RIOC Bus. All Buses notified and it was not found.
Graffiti- In building. Search for the subject yielded negative results. UA notified.
Criminal Mischief- In building. A hole in the wall. Search for the subject yielded negative results.
Criminal Mischief- A vehicle window was broken. Central Parking had no record of owner. Unable to contact. Search for the subject yielded negative results.
Aided- A female fell in apt. EMS responded and transport was refused.
Harassment- NYPD responded and referred matter to Civil Court. Incident involves money owed.
Trespass- In building. Juvenile brought into PSD and released to parent.
Harassment- Female ex-girlfriend of complainant exhibited a vulgar hand gesture. Search for the subject yielded negative results. NYPD refused.

10/29/08-7:00 AM to 10/30/08-7:00 AM

Investigation- Child served himself cup of hot chocolate at Supermarket, and was told by Manager Chocolate not free. Child returned merchandise and exit store.
Harassment Female struck in the face by another female Search for the subject yielded negative results. NYP report done.
Harassment- Male harassing a female. NYPD refused. search for the subject yielded negative results.
Disorderly Conduct- Subject escorted out of building and became disorderly. Subject was arrested by PSD.

0700 hrs 10/30/08 - 0700 hrs 10/31/08

Water leak - PSD officer responded with super to water leak inside apt. Determined that leak was coming from store. Store owner contacted and corrected condition.
Alarm - at RIOC office. PSD officers responded and RIOC personnel inside. Alarm set off by accident.
Gas smell - PSD officer responded with super. Search was made and condition unfounded.
Aided/DOA - PSD officer and EMS responded for unconscious female. Female was unable to be revived.
Aided - fell and bumped her head. Aided transported to hospital.
Smoke condition - PSD and maintenance personnel responded. No smoke was found, but tenant burnt some food. No injuries or damages.
Family dispute - PSD officers responded to apt for argument between grandmother and 9 year old grandson in reference to being tutored. Matter referred to youth officer and NYC Dept of Education.
Stuck elevator - male and female stuck in elevator. Super removed individuals from elevator. Both refused medical attention.
Disorderly conduct - PSD officer summonsed subject for disorderly conduct.
Public urination - PSD officer issued subject summons.
Broken lock/Criminal Mischief - PSD officer observed entrance door lock broken. Super corrected condition.
Investigation - PSD officer observed damages to two RIOC buses. Search was made with negative results.
Arrest - PSD officer arrested subject for past assault. Subject taken to 114 pct. for processing.

0700 hrs Thursday October 31st 2008 thru 0700 hrs. Friday November 1st. 2008.

Criminal Mischief - PSD Officer observed vehicle rear window shattered. Search made for subjects with negative results.
Aided - PSD Officer responded to female apartment who stated was feeling dizzy. EMS Transported to the Hospital.
Harassment - PSD Officer responded to tenant apartment who stated a friend tried to enter apartment without permission. Refused NYPD. Search made with negative results.
Vehicle Accident - PSD Officer responded to ramp. Upon arrival observed NYC Bus and green Ford involved in an accident. No injuries NYPD refused. exchanged information.
Aided - Tenant complaining of low blood pressure. EMS transported to Hospital.
Found Property - RIOC Bus Driver handed over to PSD Officer a Nike back pack that was left inside the bus. Secured in Sgt. cabinet.
Found Property - Anon person reports silver Motorola phone inside leather pouch. Property returned to owner.
Arrest - Female subject was observed by PSD Officer who turned garbage can over. Female became Irrate summonsed and disorderly conduct.

11/1/08-7:00 Am to 11/2/08-7:00 AM

Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance- 2 Subjects arrested by PSD.
Trash Can Fire- PSD extinguished the fire. No injuries or property damage.
Aided- An ill person was taken to the Hospital by EMS.
Theft of Services- Female subject fled owing the car service $45.00. Search for the subject yielded negative results. NYPD refused.

11/2/08-7:00 AM to 11/3/08-7:00 AM

Aided- An ill person was taken to the Hospital by EMS.
Verbal Dispute-Over money owed. NYPD refused.
Petit Larceny- Laundry Room Cart was taken by unknown subject. Search yielded negative results for the subject. UA Notified.
Verbal Dispute-/Aided- Between mother and Son over son not taking medication. EMS transported him to the Hospital.
Unsecured Vehicle- Window Open. No signs of forced entry. Central Parking notified.

11/3/08-7:00 AM to 11/4/08-7:00 AM

Unauthorized Construction- On Sidewalk. PSD responded and it ceased.
Tampering- 2 Subjects observed by tenant tampering with his apt door.Subjects fled. Search for the subjects yielded negative results. No access gained. NYPD refused.
Family Court Papers Served-PSD served court papers pertaining to a child custody matter.
Smoke Condition- In apt. Burnt food. PSD, FDNY, and UA responded. No injuries and no property damage. EMS refused.
Lost Property- A jacket. It was secured in PSD.

11/4/08-7:00 AM to 11/5/08-7:00 AM

Aided- A Male fell and sustained a small laceration to the face. he refused EMS.

Found Property-A Child's Bicycle. It was secured at PSD.

False Alarm- At the Bank. PSD responded and no one inside. No signs of forced entry.

Spitting in Public- Subject issued a summons by PSD.

11/5/08-7:00 AM to 11/6/08-7:00 AM

Minor Vehicle Accident- Between a Sedan and a Van. No injuries and EMS refused
NYPD refused.
Missing property- Tenant left cell phone in another tenant's apt. She knocked on the door and no answer. NYPD refused.
Investigation- Male was allegedly viewing inappropriate material on the computer in the library. PSD conducting an investigation.
Criminal Mischief-Hole in the wall in the building. Search for the subject yielded negative results. UA notified.

0700 hrs 11/06/08 - 0700 hrs 11/07/08

Unsecured vehicle - PSD officer observed unsecured vehicle. Motorgate attendant was notified.
Trespass - PSD officers observed vehicle parked inside lot of Coler Hospital. Male and female were inside. Female issued summons for loitering and male arrested for trespass.
Harassment - female reported to PSD male subject coming on to island looking for her. Female has active order of protection against subject.
Robbery - PSD responded for report of possible robbery. Hospital patient stated he was robbed by two males. NYPD responded and took report.
Aided/EDP - Female in group home was acting out of control and struck another patient. Aided was transported to hospital for evaluation.
Aided /EDP - PSD and NYPD responded for possible EDP. EMS determined person didn't require medical attention.

11/07/08 0700hrs - 11/08/08 0700hrs
Criminal Mischief- While patrolling PSD officer observed a whole in the wall of 546 4th level, Urban American notified, search of area was made with negative results.
Aided- Male tenant reports while walking home he tripped over curb, rear of 560. fell to the ground injured his left side of body. EMS refused, incident occurred 10/28/08.
Unsecured Premises- PSD officer observed a ground level window open. at 543 Main St.. interior search made all appeared in order, window secured, no damage to property.
Possible unlawful possession- one male and two female subjects was stopped because they were behaving suspicious while sitting on bench, search made of subjects with negative results, subjects were then released. observed what appeared to be a small marihuana cigarette near by, stored in PSD office.
Investigation- Female reports that she was upset because no one notified her of work being done inside 510 on the 4th floor near her apartment. She states this is an invasion of her privacy. RIOC notified

11/08 - 11/09

Place -Octagon Soccer Field
Aided/EDP- Male depressed. No injuries. he was transported to the Hospital by EMS.
Property Damage- Crack in a Bus. Pre-existing damage not new.
Graffiti- In building on wall and stairs. Search for the subject yielded negative results. UA notified.
Urinating in Public - Subject arrested by PSD.
Poss Alcohol by a minor/Alcohol Open Container- 5 Subjects young adults. arrested by PSD.
Poss of Alcohol by a minor /Alcohol Open Container-Subject young adult arrested by PSD.
Alcohol/Open Container- Subject arrested by PSD.

11/9/08 - 0700 hrs - 11/10/08 - 0700 hrs
Family dispute - Between cousins who were uncooperative. EMS and NYPD refused.
Alcohol Open Container - PSD arrested subject.
Hazardous condition - Drain pipe hole. It was covered by PSD with a cone. RIOC Engineer was notified. No injuries.
Noise complaint - Loud music. PSD responded and it was referred to Urban American.
Verbal Dispute - Over the fare between 2 passengers and a RIOC bus driver. PSD responded. No Injuries and NYPD refused.
Aided - PSD officer was ill and transported to the hospital by EMS.
Unsecured premises - A building. It was checked and in order. PSD secured premises.
Criminal Mischief - A hole in the wall which provided access into a room. Search for the subject resulted in negative results. UA notified.
Unsecured Property - At South Point Park. PSD Officer posted. RIOC notified. Contractor presently working there and it will be secured. Search of the area conducted and it was in order.