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Sponsored Post - Roosevelt Island Local Hometown Fusion Salon, Exceptional Hair Care Services For Men, Women & Children In A Safe, Modern, Relaxed & Comfortable Atmosphere

Welcome to Roosevelt Island's local, hometown Fusion Salon located at 523 Main Street (212-688-0055).

Our mission has always been to provide exceptional hair care services for men, women and children in a safe, modern, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. We provide the finest selection of professional hair care products – We are a Certified Concept Salon featuring expert Hair Care, Cuts, Styles, Highlights, Color and Keratin Treatment. Our experienced stylists are dedicated, well trained professionals who provide our clients with a phenomenal salon experience that will allow you to always look your best.

At Fusion Salon We have created a warm and friendly family atmosphere where our aim is to always exceed your expectations and to ensure a safe and superb experience time and time again. 

We check temperature from each client. Our employees regularly take a test for COVID-19. Our employees will wash hands or sanitize after each client, sanitize station and chairs after each client & wear face mask. 
All our Employees have completed Covid-19 training rules regarding precautions and safety for everybody.

At Fusion Salon we are always happy to discuss your hair care needs or styling questions. Ask your stylist which products or treatments are most appropriate for your type of hair. We appreciate how important your hair is and how it affects the way you feel.

Please review our services, pricing and special packages.

Fusion Salon hours are:

  • Tuesday – Saturday 9am – 7pm
  • Sunday 10am – 7pm
  • Monday – Closed
Please stop by our shop at 523 Main Street, call 212-688-0055 or email us.

We look forward to working with you on your individual hair needs.

Much Of Roosevelt Island Moved To Higher Risk Hurricane Evacuation Zone 2 This Year By NYC Emergency Management Department Map Change - Local Activist Says Higher Risk Zone In Error And Will Cause Needless Evacuation, NYCEM Rep Replies They're Listening And Appropriate Authorities Will Review

Last June, the NYC Emergency Management Department (NYCEM) announced changes to the City's hurricane evacuation zones including moving much of Roosevelt Island from Zone 3 to the riskier Zone 2. 

According to NYCEM:

To mark the beginning of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season, the New York City Emergency Management Department today unveiled the City's revised hurricane evacuation zones. New York City Emergency Management also relaunched the Know Your Zone hurricane awareness campaign to encourage New Yorkers to find out whether they live in one of the City's six hurricane evacuation zones, and take steps to be prepared for coastal storms and hurricanes. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30.

The City's six hurricane evacuation zones have been updated to incorporate new and improved data, as well as information from actual events to allow the City to more accurately define areas most at risk of flooding due to storm surge from a hurricane. Residents who live in these zones may be ordered to evacuate depending on a hurricane's forecast strength, track, and storm surge. If the mayor orders an evacuation of your zone, do so as directed. With these hurricane evacuation zone changes, roughly 1 million New Yorkers now live in a different hurricane evacuation zone than last year....


What are hurricane evacuation zones? 

There are six hurricane evacuation zones, ranked by the risk of storm surge impact, with zone 1 being the most likely to flood. In the event of a hurricane or tropical storm, residents in these zones may be ordered to evacuate.  

I noticed that my zone has changed. Why is that? 

Zones are updated to incorporate new, higher resolution storm surge model output from the National Weather Service. These data, combined with improved topographic data, and information from actual events, allow the City to more accurately define areas most at risk of flooding due to storm surge from a hurricane....

 As reported August 21:

Roosevelt Island residents live in both Zones 2 and 3 depending upon the building in which you live. As shown in the NYC Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder below, the Roosevelt Island buildings colored in brown are in Zone 2 and those colored in Yellow are in Zone 3. 

The Octagon, Manhattan Park, Westview, Island House, Roosevelt Landings, Cornell Tech, Coler Hospital and Riverwalk 480, 475 and 460 Main Street are in Zone 2. 

Riverwalk 405, 425, 455, 465 and Rivercross buildings are in Zone 3.  

 Click here to find the Hurricane Evacuation Zone for your Roosevelt Island address.

The Roosevelt Island Hurricane Zones have changed from prior years when only the Octagon and Coler Hospital buildings were in Zone 2 as shown in 2020 NYCEM map below.

During the September 22, 2021 Roosevelt Island Emergency Preparedness workshop with the RI Public Safety Department, NYCEM and NYPD, resident and local activist Frank Farance challenged the accuracy of the new NYCEM Hurricane evacuation zone maps. Mr Farance expressed great concern that the NYCEM hurricane evacuation zone map change placing most of Roosevelt Island in the higher risk Zone 2 would cause residents to needlessly evacuate when not necessary.

NYCEM Senior Outreach Coordinator Ed Powell replied:

...I'm listening to you and I'm listening to other people who are feeding us information from points all over  the city so  don't think what you're saying is not being heard. Believe me, I'll see that it  goes to the appropriate authorities.
Here's the discussion.

Mr Farance describes himself as being:  

... FEMA-trained on hurricane planning, simulation, evacuation, and recovery; a graduate of FEMA's National Emergency Management Advanced Academy; trained by the City as a hurricane shelter manager and evacuation center manager; served at shelters for Hurricanes Irene and Sandy; served at the Hurricane Maria service centers; and has 15 years as a NYCEM CERT

Prior to the Emergency Preparedness workshop, on September 2, I asked NYCEM:

...  Much of the Roosevelt Island Hurricane Risk map has changed from Zone 3 to the higher risk category Zone 2 including the Cornell Tech campus. Other Roosevelt Island buildings have changed to the higher risk category 2 while adjacent buildings remain category 3.

My understanding is that the Cornell Tech campus construction included building 18 feet above the previous Goldwater Hospital campus on the same location to take into account the risk of climate change and Roosevelt Island Flooding. 
What changed in 2021 to move most of Roosevelt Island from Category 3 Hurricane Zone to the higher risk Category 2....
and followed up asking:
 ...  Why are buildings adjacent to each other, a matter of a few feet apart, in different risk zones? For example, 465 Main Street is in Zone 3, 475 Main Street Zone 2.  555 Main Street is in Zone 2 and 531 Main Street is in Zone 3.

Why is Cornell Tech (2 West Loop Road), which built their campus 18 feet above the former Goldwater campus site location placed in the higher risk zone 2 when it had previously been in Zone 3 last year?

A concerned Roosevelt Island resident with emergency management knowledge has told me he believes the new data NYCEM is using as applied to Roosevelt Island is incorrect.

Can NYCEM confirm the new data and Hurricane Zones for Roosevelt Island buildings are correct?

Can NYCEM explain why Cornell Tech is in a risker zone than in the past despite building their campus 18 feet above the former site and adjacent Roosevelt Island buildings are in different Hurricane Risk Zones?
A NYCEM spokesperson answered:
New York City’s Hurricane Evacuation Zones are drawn to represent areas of the city that may experience potentially life-threatening impacts, directly or indirectly, from storm surge resulting from a hurricane or tropical storm. 
The Evacuation Zones are based on data from the National Hurricane Center’s (NHC) latest SLOSH model for the NYC area. The NHC estimates storm surge impact for a range of scenarios and NYC Emergency Management uses those scenarios to delineate our six evacuation zones. 
Because of the amount of time needed to evacuate large numbers of New Yorkers and the uncertainty of weather forecasts, zones are drawn conservatively so that if any portion of a block may be impacted by storm surge the entire block is drawn into the lowest appropriate zone. Other factors such as the ability of first responders to access areas during a storm may also be factored in when drawing the zones.
I also asked Cornell Tech about NYCEM's changes to the Roosevelt Island Hurricane evacuation zone including moving the Cornell Tech campus from Zone 3 to riskier Zone 2.

Diane Allegretti, Cornell Tech Director of Design and Construction replied:
From the beginning, we knew we had to prepare for potential flooding and rising sea levels on Roosevelt Island and that is why we built the Cornell Tech campus with maximum sustainability and resiliency measures to withstand different risk scenarios.
To protect against rising sea levels and flooding, the campus was raised seven feet, elevating it above both the 100-year and 500-year floodplains. The public open space also includes a rainwater harvesting tank, gravel trenches to hold and slow down stormwater, and bio-filtration gardens that treat stormwater runoff before it enters the river.

Mr Farance prepared a critique of NYCEM's hurricane zone changes, reporting: 

In response to disasters, we hear many times "No one could have imagined such a circumstance or outcome" and are left with suffering huge failures, typically, with catastrophic losses of life and property. 

These are Fatal Flaws, both literally and figuratively, that affects City-wide evacuation. This response seeks to avoid such catastrophic failures by identifying problems, causes, and alternate actions. 

On August 2, 2021, I identified several problems with NYC Emergency Management's (NYCEM) new 2021 Hurricane Flood Zone (HFZ) map errors that greatly impact Roosevelt Island's safety, emergency preparedness, and response to coastal storms, including hurricanes, Nor'easters, and cyclones. (These problems also affect other communities within the City.) 

The following is an excerpt: 

  • They [Hurricane Flood Zone maps] have the wrong GIS data — a decade old, when other City agencies like Department of Finance have current GIS data 
  • The elevation data is wrong 
  • They are hydrologically wrong — according to NYCEM, water flows uphill 
  • The physics model is wrong 
  • They are historically wrong
The above concerns are all true and verifiable....

Below is the full critique by Mr Farance. 
 The Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) unanimously approved a resolution seeking a review of the changes made to the NYCEM Roosevelt Island hurricane evacuation zones.

Date: August 13, 2021

WHEREAS, Roosevelt Island is an Island community of 12,000 people;

WHEREAS, Roosevelt Island, with respect to FDR, was built to serve the special needs seniors and disabled, who still comprise a substantial portion of our community;

WHEREAS, Roosevelt Island previously was mostly in hurricane Zone 3, with its north and south ends in Zone 2;

WHEREAS, the prior Zone designations actually corresponded to flooding areas and land elevations;

WHEREAS, the June 1, 2021 issued Hurricane Zone maps use old GIS data (street and landform) that is a decade old, as the old Goldwater Hospital that was demolished in 2013, yet it is still on the new maps;

WHEREAS, other City agencies, such as Department of Finance, have current GIS data in their on-line maps, and Google Maps has current GIS data, which is supplied by the City;

WHEREAS, the new maps have faulty hydrological and physical modeling and incorrect landform elevation data, e.g., the new Zone 3 (Rivercross and its promenade) are downhill from the Good Shepherd Chapel (Zone 2);

WHEREAS, the new maps do not reflect actual flood data, such as there was flooding in the east and west promenade areas of Rivercross and Eastwood/RL;

WHEREAS, our Roosevelt Island community was not consulted on historical or actual data, nor was Roosevelt Island notified of the changes;


RESOLVED, that RIRA requests the current maps to be corrected immediately as the hurricane season is soon reaching its peak;

RESOLVED, that RIRA requests an investigation on why these changes were made to the maps and the review process for the changes;

RESOLVED, that RIRA ask for urgent assistance from City, State, and Federal agencies, entities, and elected officials to immediately resolve the errors and promote and publish the correct information.

No word back from NYCEM yet on Mr Farance's or RIRA's concerns.

Here's some scenes of what Roosevelt Island looked like during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

Westview Promenade Image Courtesy of Brian Dorfman

 Roosevelt Island Lighthouse Park Under Water From Hurricane Sandy Via Kate Williams Tweet

 and report on Roosevelt Island damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Here's a NYCEM video showing the importance of being prepared for an emergency.

Here's full video of the September 22 Roosevelt Island Emergency Preparedness workshop.

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Take A Virtual Bike Ride From First Avenue, 59th Street Over Queensboro Bridge Thru Long Island City Around Roosevelt Island And Back From The Comfort Of Your Home

For all of us armchair bike riders.

Click on full screen icon at bottom right of video for better viewing.

Roosevelt Island Couple Walking Dog Tuesday Evening On Waterfront Pedestrian Promenade Next To Rivercross Watch In Horror As Beloved Dog Hit And Killed By Car - Next Time It Could Be A Child Or Senior Citizen Says Resident

On Tuesday evening, October 5, Roosevelt Island residents Laura & Giovanni Battistini went for a walk with their dog Luigi.

along the west waterfront promenade. (picture below taken today)

Ms Battistini reports what happened next:
I am writing to you to bring up an issue that is worrying many RI resident: the continuous and growing motorized vehicle use of the “pedestrian” promenade.

Last night, around 11:00 my husband and I were walking along the promenade, beneath River Cross condo with our 4 pound, 14 yrs old, little Luigi Yorkie mix. Because of his age and the quiet atmosphere of the evening, we decided to let him go off leash for a five minute walk. He had stopped to smell the grass for a moment when I saw from behind that the light was changing and becoming brighter. I only had a second to turn and see the vehicle that was approaching. Luigi, at that same time, ran toward us. He was hit, and died of his injuries a couple of hours later in our arms at the Animal Hospital across the river. He was the love of our lives. The driver never even stepped out of his car. He pulled down the window and told us he had a permit to drive on the promenade. Then continued and parked under the River Cross building.

Whether or not our Luigi deserved a five-minute freedom walk on a quiet night on a so called pedestrian promenade (Public Safety promptly reminded me that he should have been on the leash), is beyond the point.

The point is that it could have easily been a toddler and the outcome would have been the same.

In fact, the RI promenade has become much less of a promenade in recent years, and much more of a motorized vehicle way. There are too many cars that have permits like the one that killed our little Luigi, and for no good reason. If a building doorman cannot walk a few block to his job, couldn’t he get a permit to park on Main Street, for example, instead of having permission to drive his car along the promenade?

There are also too many food delivery scooters who want to avoid the stop and crossing signs on Main Street, and instead choose to speed along the promenade as if it was a highway. Then, there are plenty of residents who use motorized bikes and scooters and zig zag along the way trying to avoid walkers.

This is a recipe for disaster and it need not be.

The promenade should be for pedestrian use only, or non-motorized bikes and scooters. The mix does not work. People who choose to walk along a promenade will drop their guards in regards to motor vehicles. Like we did, they will assume that their kids and pets are safe from injury and death from cars on a pedestrian walkway.

I hope that there will soon be regulations that will protect the residents of RI on this matter before what happened to our pet happens to a child....

Vehicle traffic safety problems on the Roosevelt Island waterfront promenade and Main Street have been a long time concern for residents. As reported last August 27, there were:

... 2 separate weekend incidents last Saturday and Sunday of cars hitting Roosevelt Island pedestrians as they were walking in the Main Street crosswalk...

... UPDATE 8/25 - Roosevelt Island residents react to the hit by car incidents last weekend:

  • Cars don’t stop. They roll through STOP signs, I have seen the Red bus, PSD, delivery trucks do it, daily! I think it’s time for speed bumps! We now have motorized bikes, scooters Vespas driving on the promenades! Any thing motorized belongs on the street. Unless your 12 and under!
  • Yes!! I am getting afraid Every time I cross the street..I have been almost hit more than once!
  • We need more patrolling of bikes and cars- a lot more near misses than ever. And more visible stop signs
  • They need to slow down! People don’t abide by the crosswalk driving there.
  • I’m concerned that now that we are becoming a NYC hotspot with the Panorama Room we will have people driving onto the island and drinking. Public Safety needs to be diligent about traffic after dark.

During September 21 Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Public Safety Committee (PSC) meeting, Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Chief Kevin Brown reported that speed bumps will be installed on Main Street to:

... Slow people down all around the Island. On Main Street from AVAC all the way to Blackwell and down and around Cornell and also around the roadway coming from Coler Hospital.... 

Chief Brown also said during the September 21 PSC meeting that the waterfront promenades are only to be used by emergency vehicles but that some residents are using the breezeways for Roosevelt Landings to park their vehicles. In some instances, parking is allowed in the breezeways but when not allowed, the cars are being ticketed and could be towed.

More enforcement is definitely needed to stop motorized vehicles, including scooters, from using the pedestrian promenades before a child, senior citizen, any Roosevelt Island resident or another dog gets killed.

UPDATE 4:50 PM - Roosevelt Island residents react:

  • So sorry for their loss 💔 Heartbreaking. And I agree that cars driving there is an issue! Both sides of the island have too much traffic in relation to playgrounds and people walking… even PSD/RIOC traffic should decrease their use of these areas if not necessary— often times they come when children are using the sprinklers/playgrounds or school dropoff/pickup when there are 600+ students with their families in the area - it’s truly a safety hazard
  • The parking and driving behind Manhattan Park is out of control too… kids run on those sidewalks (and the circle stairs have completely turned into a parking lot)
  • Not true what PSD says. They do not see the cars using breezeways and then speeding all the way to Motorgate. I see them from my window.
  • I called PSD over a year ago explaining that Uber and Lyft was directing their vehicles via GPS onto those roads and how dangerous it was. Almost running over kids and animals. Doubt anyone looked into it though
  • What are cars doing there? And why is the PSD not instructing cars not to be there.
  • That’s so sad and horrible. Our condolences to the family

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Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 PTA Welcomes Back Students And Families To The School And Introduces The Administration, Teachers And Staff In Amusing Video

The Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 PTA welcomes back students and families to the school and introduces the administration, teachers and staff in this amusing video.

Covid 19 Pfizer Booster & Moderna Third Dose Shot Clinic Appointments Available For Eligible Persons At Roosevelt Island NY State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright's District Office - Roosevelt Island Vaccination Rate 76%, What You Need To Know About Covid Booster Shots

Roosevelt Island NY State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright is sponsoring Covid 19 vaccination clinics for those seeking the Pfizer booster or Moderna third dose vaccine.

According to this announcement from Ms Seawright:

The booster and third dose shots are free and administered in cooperation with Drug Mart Pharmacy at Seawright’s district office located at 1485 York Ave., near 79th Street.

The all-day clinics are scheduled for Friday, October 8, Tuesday, October 12 and Tuesday October 19.. Appointments available from 9 AM until 6 PM.  "We are happy to partner with Assemblymember Seawright to help serve our community," said Drug Mart owner Ilana Aminov, RPh.


The Pfizer booster shot is available for individuals 65 and over, and for individuals 18-64 who live in a nursing home or long term care facility, or for those who have an underlying medical condition, or at increased risk of COVID-19 exposure due at their jobsite (for example, health care workers), or where they live or frequently visit such as homeless shelters.


To schedule an appointment for the Pfizer booster shot visit:


The Moderna third dose shot is available for people who are moderately to severely immunocompromised or have a weakened immune system. They are eligible for a third dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine 28 days after their second shot as part of their initial vaccination series.

To schedule an appointment for the Moderna booster, visit:


Call Assemblymember Seawright’s office at 212-288-4607 for further assistance.

The Roosevelt Island Duane Reade/Walgreens is offering Covid 19 Vaccinations but not booster shots yet. 

According to the NYC Health Department Covid Statistics for Roosevelt Island Zip Code 10044, as of today, of an estimated population of 11,571:

  • 8882 residents have at least one dose of vaccination (76.1%)
  • 8388 residents fully vaccinated (71.87%)

Here's latest info on Covid 19 vaccinations and booster shots.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Buried Treasure, Covid 19 Test Site, Shoppers Bus, Used Clothing Drop Off Bin, RIOC Directors Residency Requirement, Broken Sidewalks, Overflowing Garbage Cans & $5 Yoga Classes Among Concerns Raised By Roosevelt Island Residents At RIOC Board Meeting Public Session

Roosevelt Island residents can ask questions or share concerns about local issues during the opening Public Session before the start of every Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Board of Directors meeting. 

Prior to the September 29 RIOC Board meeting, questions and comments from the community submitted to the Public Session included:

  • Resumption of Senior Citizens Shoppers Red Bus to Costco and Long Island City,
  • PS/IS 217 parents asked for the return of a Roosevelt Island Covid 19 test site,
  • Request for used clothing drop off bin,
  • Paving broken sidewalks and streets,
  • Why do RIOC Board Directors who are no longer Roosevelt Island residents remain on the RIOC Board,
  • Public Purpose Fund grants have not been received by local organizations,
  • Expedition Unknown TV program seeks permission to look for buried treasure on Roosevelt Island,
  • Trees should be planted for shade in new concrete surface area next to the Public Library,
  • Overflowing garbage cans in Southtown Riverwalk Commons and
  • Return of $5 Yoga Classes at Sportspark

RIOC Board Members and staff rarely respond to questions during any Public Session though they sometimes do or address the subject during the actual Board meeting.

Here's the September 29 RIOC Board Meeting Public Session.

You can submit your questions or comments to a future RIOC Board Meeting Public Session here.

Video of the full September 29 RIOC Board meeting is here.

Sponsored Post - Mexican Inspired Cuisine On Menu For 1:1 Foods Wednesday, October 6 Pop Up Lunch At Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech Cafe - Reviews From Past 1:1 Foods Cornell Tech Cafe Pop Up Lunches Have Been Delicious

Brooklyn based 1:1 Foods is a culinary social enterprise that has been collaborating with the Constellation Culinary Group bringing a tasty and innovative Lunchtime Pop Up menu to the The Café at Cornell Tech 

every Wednesday since last July.

The 1:1 Foods Mexican cuisine inspired menu for tomorrow Wednesday October 6 at the Cornell Tech Cafe is:

prepared by Chef Edgar Gonzales.

According to 1:1 Foods:

Who We Are 

1:1 Foods is a culinary social enterprise dedicated to community-led food justice in Brooklyn. We not only make good food, but we do good — investing our profits, culinary resources, and compensated labor into grassroots food justice work in Brooklyn. 

What We Do 

We provide boutique drop-off and on-site catering services, launch collaborative pop-ups across Brooklyn, and organize special culinary and community events. We emphasize sourcing seasonal product from local, values-aligned farms and producers. 

Why We Do It 

We believe access to good food is a human right. We invest 100% of our profits to support community-based, people-centered food justice work—primarily through collaborative operation of the FIG Food Security Program, which delivers fresh local produce and weekly groceries to New Yorkers fighting food apartheid. We also offer culinary services and operational support at low-to-no cost to other local grassroots organizations committed to transforming the food system. 

Constellation Culinary Group x 1:1 Foods

In our partnership with Constellation Culinary Group, 1:1 Foods is highlighting incredible, mission-aligned chefs from Brooklyn and beyond. Each week, we serve up a unique menu crafted by a local chef in our rotating Guest Chef Series!

I spoke with.1;1 Foods founder Tadesh Inagaki and Culinary Director Kyrelle Leefatt last July about their food justice mission and upcoming Roosevelt Island Pop Up menus with a series of rotating chefs.

Stop by the Cafe at Cornell Tech and have a taste of the 1:1 Foods menu.

Reviews from past Pop Up lunches have been they're delicious.

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Upcoming Programs This Month At The Roosevelt Island NYPL Branch - Gigantic Gilgamesh Discussion,Terrifying Tuesday Movies, Lecture On The Cemeteries Of Queens, Conditional Citizens; On Belonging In America Book Talk & More

The Roosevelt Island NYPL branch 

is excited to be able to offer in person programs this month.

As previously reported, according to Roosevelt Island NYPL branch manager Carlos Chavez:

... Patrons can stay at the library as long as they want during our hours of operation.  All our computers are back in service that includes desktops and laptops. You can reserve them with your library card. We also have photocopying services and scanning services available and our community room is also back in service....

Roosevelt Island Parent Disgusted At Broken Beer Bottles And Cigarette Butts Everywhere At Grandpa Al Lewis Playground - Grandpa Munster Would Not Be Pleased

The Grandpa Al Lewis Playground at Capobianco Park across the street from PS/IS 217

is a popular spot for Roosevelt Island families and young children.

Apparently it is also popular with evening beer drinkers and smokers. A Roosevelt Island parent reported yesterday 

First off thanks for everything you do with the blog. It’s a huge asset for the residents of Roosevelt Island.

This morning I took my children to Al Lewis Playground and was disgusted to see broken beer bottles 

and cigarette butts everywhere.

Wanted to bring it to your attention. Thanks again. 

I forwarded info on to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC).

The children's playground was named after long time Roosevelt Island resident Al Lewis who played Grandpa Munster on the 1960's TV Program.

More info on Grandpa Al Lewis

at this previous post. 

UPDATE 10/5 - According to RIOC Public Information Officer Amy Smith:

Local playgrounds are cleaned daily. If debris is found, we encourage residents to submit inquiries through our tikkit system. 

The complaints and inquiries sent to RIOC's Tikkit system are not public for the Roosevelt Island community to be made aware of.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Roosevelt Island Outdoor Country Bluegrass Live Music At Granny Annies Restaurant Sunday Brunch This Afternoon With Terrific Band, Sunshine Nights - Nice Version Of Folsom Prison Blues, More To Come Every Sunday

Sunday afternoons just got a lot more interesting on Roosevelt Island. Granny Annie's Bar & Kitchen  is offering a Country Bluegrass live music Sunday Brunch with a terrific band - Sunshine Nights.

Take a listen - a pretty good version of Folsom Prison Blues.