Saturday, January 18, 2020

First Roosevelt Island 2020 Snow Day, But Where Do Kids Go To Sled? 2 Youngsters Found The Sloping Hills Of Cornell Tech Campus A Fun Place To Sled

Roosevelt Island got its first snow day of 2020 but unlike past years, local kids having fun and enjoying themselves sledding in the snow was not to be seen.

Unless you happened to be walking on the Cornell Tech campus and spotted 2 youngsters having a great time sledding down one of the sloping hills on the campus.

In past years, Roosevelt Island kids and their parents would be sledding on the Southtown Hill

which is no more due to the construction of Riverwalk Building 8.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Public Lewdness Incident At Roosevelt Island Roosevelt Landings Building - Witness Unable To Identify Suspect, PSD Increasing Patrols And Building Management Checking Security Cameras To Identify Him Says RIOC

I asked the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Chief Kevin Brown yesterday:

Any more details on Public Lewdness Incident yesterday at Roosevelt Landings described in Public Safety report below.

01/16/20 – 0026 – 546 Main Street – Public Lewdness – PSD responded – Report Written.

Is it related to past incidents of Public Lewdness?
RIOC Public Information Officer Terrence McCauley replied today
On 1/6/2020, the Public Safety Department received a lewd conduct complaint in 546 Main Street. Upon further investigation, PSD determined that the witness was not able to identify the suspect. However, PSD will increase patrols in the building and the building management company will also be looking at their security footage in an attempt to help us identify the subject.

The suspect appeared to be pleasuring himself.

Very Cool Time Lapse Video Showing Artist Painting Sunset On The Roosevelt Island Lighthouse.

Take a look at this very cool time lapse video showing an artist watercolor painting of the Roosevelt Island Lighthouse.

Click on full screen icon at bottom right of video for better view.

NYPD 114 Precinct Alerts Roosevelt Island Residents To Phone, Text & Email Scams - Just Hang Up

The NYPD 114 precinct, which covers Roosevelt Island, wants us to be aware of phone, text and email scams.

Good News, Roosevelt Island F Train Service To And From Manhattan This Weekend - E Train Service Too

Good news for this weekend.

After the last 2 weekends of Roosevelt Island F Train service disruptions, there will be Roosevelt Island F Train service to and from Manhattan this weekend.

 There will be Roosevelt Island E Train service to and  from Manhattan too.

Both Roosevelt Island Tram cabins are operating and here's the NYC Ferry Roosevelt Island Astoria Route Winter Schedule. 

During June 13 Roosevelt Island Town Hall Meeting organized by Council Member Ben Kallos, MTA representative Markus Book spoke about Roosevelt Island F Train subway service. Watch the full MTA Roosevelt Island presentation below.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Meet Long Time Roosevelt Island Resident Nancy Brown, Moved To RI As Goldwater Patient In 1965, Got Own Apartment In 1976 - RIDA Vice President And Living Proof That No Matter Disability, One Can Live A Happy And Fulfilling Life

Nancy Brown is a long time resident of Roosevelt Island and the Vice President of the Roosevelt Island Disabled Association (RIDA).

Ms Brown, born 1941 in Greenwich Village, contracted polio at the age of 7. In 1965, Ms Brown moved to Roosevelt Island's Goldwater Hospital as a patient and to be with her husband Tom, also a Goldwater Patient. In 1976, she and Tom moved to their own Roosevelt Island apartment and Ms Brown has lived on Roosevelt Island  ever since. Ms Brown says of the day they moved into their own Roosevelt Island apartment:

... It was the happiest day of our lives because finally we have full control of our daily lives....
Ms Brown remains very active with RIDA activities and many other Roosevelt Island community events. She says:
... I'm 77 years old now and sometimes my body feels its age. But my mind is still young and I still like to do the things I used to do when I was younger....

... I want to thank RIDA for everything I am able to do with them and through them.  The accomplishments that it gave me, the places I've visited , the events I attended. The wonderful and caring people I've met. I'm living proof that no matter the disability, one can still live a happy and  fulfilling life....
 Take a look at this video about our Roosevelt Island neighbor - Nancy Brown - A Fulfilling Life.

According to RIDA:
The Roosevelt Island Disabled Association’s mission is to improve and enhance the quality of life of our disabled population on Roosevelt Island. The disabilities of our members are quite diverse so we try to provide activities and programs geared to their strengths and abilities., both mental, physical, and emotional. We also provide social services to help broaden their knowledge of organizations and facilities that can assist them in activities of daily living so they can live a ore independent and socially active life.
More info on RIDA available at their web site.

The Nancy Brown - A Fulfilling Life video was directed by Andres "Jay" Molina of the Coler Hospital Open Doors project.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

What Do Residents Think About Roosevelt Island Historic Sites Preservation - Is It Important To You, Please Take The Survey And Give Your Thoughts

A Barnard College student is writing her Senior Thesis about:

Resident Interaction with Historic Preservation: A Case Study of Roosevelt Island, NY
and asks for your help by filling out this survey.
My name is Emma Brody and I am a student at Barnard College writing my senior thesis about historic preservation on Roosevelt Island. The purpose of this survey is to determine how Roosevelt Island residents interact with historically preserved sites on the Island in their everyday life. I greatly appreciate your participation.

Data will be collected anonymously and no identifying information will be collected. Participation is voluntary and you may refuse to participate or stop participating at any time. There are no expected risks to the participant for completing this survey.

This survey is open to adults age 18 and older.

This survey is expected to take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. If you have any questions about this survey please contact Emma Brody at
Survey questions include:
Take the Survey here.

Roosevelt Island Historical Society (RIHS) President Judy Berdy discusses the history of Roosevelt Island and landmark buildings

in this 2017 interview on CB 8 Speaks. Also, in 2017, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer expressed support for

preserving the Renwick Ruins Smallpox Hospital 

 and not tearing it down.

Tqke the Roosevelt Island Historic Sites Preservation Survey.

You're Invited To Facades & Fashions In Medical Architecture Talk By Bert Hansen Presented By Roosevelt Island Historical Society Lecture Series Thursday January 16 At RI NYPL Branch

According to the Roosevelt Island Historical Society (RIHS):

Roosevelt Island Historical Society Lecture Series at the
NY Public Library
524 Main Street
Thursday, January 16, 2020 6:30 p.m.
Bert Hansen’s “Facades and Fashions in Medical Architecture”

Bert Hansen’s “Facades and Fashions in Medical Architecture” takes a look at buildings that provided medical care in New York City. While much medical history has been lost, New Yorkers are fortunate that our streets still provide visual remnants of the past. This slide talk places such sites into the major medical development of the last 200 years. Hansen taught history at Baruch College of CUNY, and he has published Picturing Medical Progress from Pasteur to Polio: A History of Mass Media Images and Popular Attitudes in America, as well as articles about medicine in art and society, including the medical history seen in political cartoons, New Deal murals, Hollywood films, and children’s comic books.

All programs are free and open to the public. These programs are funded by: Amalgamated Bank, RIOC Public Purpose Funds, NYC Council Member Ben Kallos through the Department of Youth and Community Development.

Meet Momo, Newest Roosevelt Island Resident And Specially Trained Therapy Dog At Coler Hospital, Momo Will Be An Ambassador Of Love To All Residents And Staff - Donated By Angelica Patients Assistant Program And Healing Pause

Meet Momo, the newest resident of Roosevelt Island.

Angelica Patients Assistant Program Founder Trish Duval reports on Momo's welcome to her new home at the Roosevelt Island Coler Rehabilitation and Long Term Care Facility last Friday:
Momo, a specially trained therapy dog, joined the staff of Coler Hospital today. Momo will live onsite and her duties will include spending time with residents in community rooms, making regular bedside visits and attending special events. She will also travel outside the hospital with the OPEN DOORS team when they speak with community groups and young people about the danger of gun violence.

Everyone is thrilled to have Momo living at Coler. She will be an ambassador of love to all the residents and staff.”
Channel 7 Eyewitness News reported on Momo's introduction to Coler on Roosevelt Island too.

Here's January 10 NYC Health & Hospitals Corp release about Momo.
NYC Health + Hospitals/Coler today announced the arrival of Momo

the health care system’s first in-residence therapy dog that will supplement and support the facility’s residents’ treatment and recovery. Residents and staff hosted a “collar ceremony” to welcome the therapy dog, a yellow Labrador Retriever. Momo comes to NYC Health + Hospitals/Coler as a donation from Healing Pause, a charitable organization that places therapy dogs in facilities that serve people in need, and Angelica Patient Assistance Program, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents at the facility. Momo will provide therapy support spending time with residents in the dayroom or their rooms, making regular bedside visits and attending the facility’s special events. Animal-assisted therapy has been shown to help promote a patient’s recovery and allow them to better managed their health issues related to trauma. Momo was delivered this past Tuesday by head trainer and handler Beth Robison. Staff members and residents underwent specific training to handle Momo.

“We are happy to welcome Momo to the NYC Health + Hospitals/Coler family. Studies have clearly documented the healing power of animals on patients, and I know that Momo will have the same effect on ours. Momo will help to reduce stress and anxiety, while promoting the health and wellbeing of our residents,” said NYC Health + Hospitals/Coler CEO Robert K. Hughes.

“Healing Pause is honored to partner with Angelica Patient Assistance Program and NYC Health + Hospitals/Coler in bringing this long-time dream of an on-staff therapy dog to fruition,” said Founder and Director of Healing Pause Nathan Davila. “It is our mission to bring the intrinsic healing qualities of dogs to those in need. A moment to pause, a moment to love in our hectic schedules, because there is healing in the pause and a moment can change a lifetime.”

In her role, Momo will also support members of the facility’s Open Doors program in their efforts to encourage youth to become positive change makers and inform on the realities of gun violence in NYC. Open Doors is an arts and justice initiative based at NYC Health + Hospitals/Coler, where members collaborate with established artists, use storytelling, hip-hop and spoken word to challenge audiences to combat the injustice that breeds violence in our cities. The addition of an in-residence therapy dog at NYC Health + Hospitals/Coler builds on its commitment to community healing and engagement. Internally, Momo will serve as a resource for various departments as she becomes integrated into the facility’s daily routine.

The in-residence therapy dog received specialized training from Drachten Performance, a specialized training program for show, service and hunting dogs, which includes advanced certifications for emotional support, dealing with patients with visual impairment and cognitive disabilities and skilled service for mobility impairment. For the past 12 years, Angelica Patient Assistance Program has supported social, cultural and recreational activities that have made a tremendous difference in the lives of NYC Health + Hospitals/Coler’s residents. In 2016, Angelica partnered with residents in Open Doors to support the creativity and leadership of people who have been harmed by gun violence.

“Congratulations to Momo and her new NYC Health + Hospitals family,” said Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard N. Gottfried. “Animal-assisted therapy, like art and music therapy, is increasingly recognized as a valuable service for patients dealing with trauma. I look forward to meeting NYC Health + Hospitals’ newest employee!”

“A ray of sunshine and hope, therapy dogs bring comfort and joy those in need,” said Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright. “We welcome Momo and the important support she will provide at NYC Health + Hospitals/Coler for patients who are recovering from violence and trauma.”

NYC Health + Hospitals/Coler provides high quality short-term rehabilitation and long-term skilled nursing services in a warm and comfortable setting on Roosevelt Island. From specialized rehabilitation equipment to expert wound care, they offer a variety of health care services – all designed to deliver excellent care and maximize patient independence to more than 500 patients and residents.

Learn about Healing Pause mission to bring therapy dogs to those in need.

Also, more info on the Angelica Patient Assistant Program and and NYC Health & Hospitals/Coler facility.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Up to $3,000 Neighborhood Grants For Community Improvement Projects Available For Roosevelt Island Groups From Citizens Committee For New York City - Application Deadline January 20

The Citizens Committee For New York City (CCNYC) is inviting Roosevelt Island community groups to apply for up to $3000 in CCNYC Neighborhood Grants. Application deadline is January 20.

The mission of CCNYC is:
... to help New Yorkers —especially those in low-income areas— come together and improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods.

CCNYC reports that they are currently:
... accepting applications from volunteer-led community groups for its Neighborhood Grants program, which provides funding of up to $3,000 and project planning support for initiatives aimed at improving the local quality of life. The application deadline is January 20th and grassroots organizations from across the five boroughs are invited to apply. Organizations do not have to be a registered 501(c)(3) to receive an award from CCNYC. Eligible groups include block and civic associations, schools (PTAs, teachers, student-led groups), gardening groups, and others.

Grants of up to $3,000 will be awarded for neighborhood improvement projects planned and executed by local residents. Examples of eligible projects include turning a vacant lot into a community garden or community composting site; facilitating workshops on healthy cooking and eating; beautifying public spaces; arts and cultural programs; youth fitness initiatives; and much more. Groups working in the city’s most underserved and low-income neighborhoods will be given priority. In addition to funding, groups selected for a 2020 Neighborhood Grant will receive project planning assistance, opportunities to participate in skills-building workshops, and access to CCNYC’s equipment resource library....
More info and application for CCNYC Neighborhood Grant available here.

Previous Roosevelt Island recipients of CCNYC Neighborhood Grants include iDig2Learn and the Roosevelt Island Garden Club. iDig2Learn spruced up and beautified the Coler Hospital Campus and according to CCNYC:
... the Roosevelt Island Garden Club replaced and repaired all of its garden paths to make the infrastructure more accessible to all community members, including those who use wheelchairs, mobility devices, walkers, strollers, carts, and wagons. As Roosevelt Island is a geographically isolated Manhattan neighborhood, it is important for all residents to access the garden.
Don't miss this chance to apply for a CCNYC Neighborhood Grant for your Roosevelt Island project.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Don't Be Alarmed By Law Enforcement Armed Personnel Tomorrow (January 13) Morning At Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech Campus - It's A Training Exercise, Area Closed To Pedestrian And Vehicular Traffic

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):

The Cornell Tech Campus on Roosevelt Island will be hosting law enforcement personnel on Monday, January 13, 2020. The roads and areas south of Sportspark will be closed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic during a police exercise from 9:00 AM until 11:00 AM. Please be aware that armed personnel will be visible in the area throughout this time period. Please do not be alarmed. It is a training exercise. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Image Of Entrance to Cornell Tech

I asked Cornell Tech:
Is the law enforcement exercise specifically about security at Cornell Tech or is it more general and just taking place there?
A Cornell Tech spokesperson replied:
The exercise is for security at Cornell Tech.
UPDATE 1/13: