Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mitt Romney Picks Paul Ryan As Republican Vice Presidential Candidate - Jon Stewart Ridicules Fox News And Mitt Romney For Distorting President's Obama's Remarks on "You Didn't Build That"

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney today selected Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan to be his Vice Presidential running mate. Here's the announcement.

Nate Silver's NY Times 538 blog had this to say about Governor Romney's selection of Congressman Ryan as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate:

... When a prudent candidate like Mitt Romney picks someone like Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate, it suggests that he felt he held a losing position against President Obama. The theme that Mr. Romney’s campaign has emphasized for months and months — that the president has failed as an economic leader — may have persuaded 47 or 48 or 49 percent of voters to back him, he seems to have concluded. But not 50.1 percent of them, and not enough for Mr. Romney to secure 270 electoral votes.

That reading may be correct. National polls tell different stories about the state of the race — but most have Mr. Obama ahead. Polls of swing states have been a bit more consistent. In states like Ohio, Mr. Obama’s lead has been small — but it has been steady and stubborn....
Click here for the entire 538 post.

Folks over at National Review are very happy at the selection:
Governor Romney has made an inspired choice. Paul Ryan will make an excellent running mate and, if elected, vice president. What is most gratifying about the decision is, however, what it says about Romney himself.

Romney could have decided to run a vague and vacuous campaign based on the idea that the public would default to the out party in a bad economy. By selecting Ryan, he has ensured that the campaign will instead to a significant degree be about a conservative governing agenda....
The Daily Show's Jon Stewart had this to say about the You Didn't Build That Distortions.

Only 87 more days left until the November 6 Presidential election.

Roosevelt Island Outdoor Summer Movie Series Showing Sherlock Holmes A Game Of Shadows At Southpoint Park Tonight - Enjoy The Movie, Views, Food, Music and Friends, Last Outdoor Movie Of The Series

Image From RIOC

The final showing of the 2012 Roosevelt Island Outdoor Movie Summer Movie Series takes place tonight at Southpoint Park with the showing of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):
Don’t miss out on the last movie of the Outdoor Summer Movie Series featuring Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows! Come out to Southpoint Park this Saturday, August 11th, at 7PM for a free night of music, movie trivia, and this exciting movie feature to close out summer. See you there!


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
Here's the trailer from the movie.

You Tube Video of Sherlock Holmes Game Of Shadows Trailer

Friday, August 10, 2012

Things To Do For Roosevelt Island Moms and Kids

You Tube Video of Famous Mothers From Jib Jab

Are you a Roosevelt Island mom looking for activities for your child and to meet other Roosevelt Island moms? If so, you may find this list of activities I received yesterday from Eva, a Roosevelt Island mom, useful.
We are having a Baby group for Roosevelt Island Moms every Tuesday, 9-10 AM in the grass close to the water fountain and the playground behind the 475 building. I am organizing this group at the moment. Anyone interested can just come or e-mail me  eva(dot)bosbach(at)

BARIC - Baby Activities Roosevelt Island Calendar
> Monday 10.30am story time library RI, newborn to 18 months

9-10am baby group RI - Near Blackwell Park Water Fountain By 475 Main Street

5.30-6.30PM Free Tuesday Night Yoga
67th Street Library

11am story time library RI, meant for 18-36 months but you can bring any age baby

2pm story time library 67th st Manhattan, betw. 1st and 2nd Aves,
crowded so need to be there 1.45 -- attention, this is now in the summer happening at 10.30 outside the library in the St. Catherine park!

10am music class with James, $15, 45min, playroom of 455 building
(not tomorrow, James has a concert in MT)

3.30pm tunes for tots, library at Hudson park, F-train to West 4 station which has an elevator

4.30pm music class with Ryan, $25, 45min, at Island Kids space

Every day:
11am and 3pm story time FAO Schwarz, 2nd floor (weekends: 11am, 1pm and 3pm)

John Jay pool at 77th/York, free ( ,
rules at , bring a lock)

Central Park ZOO and children's ZOO (new petting ZOO section!)

Sports Park Pool here on RI, behind the Tram, $5 for adult or $6 for family, babies free, adults need a swim cap, bring a lock ( )

visit to the RI library

New Moms: you might like to take a look at the offers of Tribeca parenting (just 2 blocks from the Tram station on the other side), .

Let me know if you know anything I didn't include!
Have fun!!!!

Whole Foods Second Avenue 57th Street Store Opening Near Roosevelt Island Tram On August 23 - Will You Shop There?

Reported in February 2010:
... Whole Foods signed on as the anchor retail tenant for a new mixed use development project to be located only minutes from the Roosevelt Island Tram Manhattan Station on 2nd Avenue and 57th Street....
 Image of Second Avenue 57 Street Whole Foods Opening on August 23

A reader tipped me off to Whole Foods announcing on its Facebook page that it will be opening its Second Avenue and 57th street store later this month. According to Whole Foods:
Excited to be joining the Midtown East community - opening our new E57th St store on August 23!
Being so close to the Roosevelt Island Manhattan Tram Station, will that make it more likely for you to shop at the 2nd Avenue 57th Street Whole Foods rather than using current grocery options such as Fresh Direct, Gristedes, M&D Deli, Food Emporium or stores in Queens? There will also be a new organic grocer (Wholesome Direct) opening on Roosevelt Island's Main Street - how will the new Fresh Direct impact that business?

Among the many great items sold by Whole Foods will be Sigmunds Pretzels

Hope that includes the sandwich pretzel rolls.

UPDATE 12 PM - Whole Foods answers:
Initial response by Roosevelt Island residents:
Damn Straight I will... I would rather shop there, pay higher prices and buy higher quality products compared to Gristedes. and shooping at a cleaner store will be nice..
see you there!!!
For Sure!!
I was so thrilled to see that a new Whole Foods was opening at that location...but then saw it was opening after I was supposed to move out of New York altogether. If I still lived on R.I., I would be making a weekly trip there for sure!  
I think Roosevelt Islanders will be making plenty of trips to the Second Avenue 57th Street Whole Foods.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Proposed Roosevelt Island Ground Lease Extension For Island House and Southtown Buildings 7-9 Ground Lease Modifications Back On Agenda For August 10 RIOC Board Real Estate Committee Meeting - In Executive Session Closed To The Public

 Image of Roosevelt Island's Island House Entrance

Reported previously that a proposed Island House Ground Lease Extension agenda item had been removed from the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) July 29 Board of Directors meeting and asked:
... how the removal of Island House Ground Lease Extension Agenda Item from tonight's RIOC Board Meeting effects the privatization/affordability plan for Island House's exit from Mitchell Lama program....
That question remained unanswered but modifications of Roosevelt Island building's ground lease are back on RIOC's agenda this week. The proposed Island House Ground Lease extension as well as the proposed Ground Lease modifications for Southtown Building 7 -9 are on the Agenda for RIOC's Real Estate Committee meeting this coming Friday. The meeting will be held in Executive Session which means that the public will not be able to attend the meeting. According to RIOC:
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a meeting of the Real Estate Development Advisory Committee of the RIOC Board of Directors will be held on Friday, August 10, 2012 at 3:00 p.m. at the RIOC administrative office, 591 Main Street, Roosevelt Island, New York.
1.Chair’s Motion for Executive Session to Review and Discuss:
a. Proposed Modifications to the Ground Lease for Island House;
b. Proposed Modifications to the Ground Lease for Southtown Buildings 7, 8 and 9; and
2. Any Other Committee Business That May be Brought Before the Committee.
More information on Island House Ground Lease Extension/privatization efforts available here. No additional information available on Southtown Ground Lease modification other than Hudson Related has previously announced plans for developing building 7 in early 2013 and:
... Southtown 7,8 & 9 – as noted in the budget for the past two years, the development of Southtown 7, 8 & 9 will have a significant impact on the future cash flow of the Corporation. The developer, Hudson/Related (HR) holds an option to develop the site that expires on December 31, 2012....
Stay tuned.

Update On Overnight Queensboro Bridge Construction Work Keeping Some Roosevelt Island Residents Awake - NYC DOT Taking Steps To Mitigate Noise and Adjust Lights

Reported last week on some Roosevelt Island residents being kept awake at night by construction noise and bright lights on the Queensboro Bridge :
... Every night this week (as well as between the 16 and the 20th of july), there has been extremely loud jack hammering on the queensboro bridge, between 10pm and 3-4am. The level of the noise is really unbearable. They also use huge projectors to give light to the workers....
I sent the following inquiry to the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT):
Several Roosevelt Island residents who live near the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge have been upset at the overnight construction noise and lights coming from the Bridge into their apartments between 10 PM and 4 AM.

Can the Department of Transportation provide any information regarding the overnight work which is being done on the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge. When will it be completed and is there any way to reduce the noise and lights keeping Roosevelt Island residents awake at night?
The NYC DOT replied:
work currently is being performed to resurface the roadway on the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge. The project takes place in two phases—milling and resurfacing—and work is being performed during the day, and in some cases overnight. The resurfacing project will create a smoother riding surface, and alleviate bumpy conditions, which we received complaints about in the past.
We checked our records, and it does not appear that we have received any 311 complaints about this issue. Please note that steps are being taken to mitigate noise related to this active construction project, including using newer equipment and mufflers. With regard to lighting, the roadway lighting is essential for worker safety during overnight shifts. DOT is reminding the crew to take a look at the lights, and where possible, adjust them to make sure the lights are directed only at the roadway.

The project will be completed in the fall, based on weather.
Thank you DOT.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nighttime Hula Hooping On Roosevelt Island - Love Those Spinning Lights

That time I was hula hooping on Roosevelt Island and 5 little boys wanted to try... from Sara Michener on Vimeo.

Almost hypnotic.

More Roosevelt Island Hooping at this previous post.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Take A Trip With Curiosity On A Mission To Mars And Watch Landing From Mission Control At NASA'S Jet Propulsion Lab - WOW!!!!!

Are you a space fan or just someone who appreciates great challenges met? If so, watch these two great video showing Curiosity's mission to Mars

as well as the brilliant engineers, scientists and staff at NASA anxiously waiting for Curiousity's touchdown on Mars. Simply FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Here's more on Curiousity's mission to Mars from NASA.

Update On Rat Hordes Overruning Roosevelt Island Tram Plaza Station On Second Avenue - East Midtown Partnership Working With NYC Parks To Fix Problem

Image From Catherine Shells

Reported last June:
A Roosevelt Island resident reported Saturday evening:
Coming home from Manhattan this evening, my daughter & I spotted this large collection of rats feeding, openly in the park near the tram station (manhattan side). It was still quite bright out & many people walking by but that did not stop them....
DNA Info added on August 2:
The tiny Tramway Plaza has a big rat problem — but help is on the way.

Many park-goers have shrieked about the rodent population explosion in recent months, with the little critters scurrying around morning, noon and night the 0.45-acre park along Second Avenue between East 59th and 60th streets where the Roosevelt Island tram lands.

Their complaints caught the ear of the East Midtown Partnership — a business improvement district that oversees 48 Manhattan blocks — planning to bring brooms, rat poison and trees that don’t give the little mammals much cover, BID president Rob Byrnes said.

“Since the park opened six years ago, we have not taken an active role in it,” Byrnes said. “But it’s becoming increasingly clear we really need to form a collaborative relationship [with Parks] to address the situation. Parks’ resources are stretched to the limit, but the resources of the pigeon lady are not.”...
Click here for the entire DNA Info article and video from My Fox News.

The RIOC July 24 Operations Committee meeting discussed the problem of rats at the Manhattan Tram Station. Here's the discussion.

Two Important Roosevelt Island Meetings Today - Con Ed High Pressure Gas Energy Usage and NYC DEP Water Tunnel Plans

Two important Roosevelt Island meetings are taking place today.

This morning representatives from Con Ed, Cornell, Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) and various building representatives met to discuss future Roosevelt Island energy usage including the possibility of Con Ed providing high pressure gas service to Roosevelt Island. (high pressure gas service was discussed at this April 16 RIOC Operations Committee Meeting). Although originally invited to attend this meeting by RIOC, the press was subsequently denied permission to attend the meeting by Con Ed. Hope to have more on what happened at this meeting soon.

Later tonight, the NY City Department of Environmental Protection will be hosting a Roosevelt Island Community meeting for the public to attend.

According to RIOC:
As a reminder, you are invited to attend a community meeting tonight at 6:30 PM hosted by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) at the Manhattan Park Theater Club located at 8 River Road. There will be a presentation discussing the scope of work regarding the third water tunnel shaft site located between Manhattan Park and the Octagon. Topics of discussion will be the overall function and the timeline of construction. Immediately following the presentation, attendees will have the opportunity to ask DEP's representatives questions during the Q&A session.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
Here's the Roosevelt Island area controlled by NYC DEP to be discussed tonight.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Roosevelt Island Main Street Yield Sign By Gristedes Intersection Flattened Like A Pancake - Is A Stop Sign Needed At Intersection?

Image of Flattened Main Street Yield Sign By Gristedes

A  Concerned Roosevelt Island Resident reported this morning:
Saw early this morning that the pedestrian yield sign by gristedes was completely flattened;

Image of Flattened Main Street Yield Sign By Gristedes

the metal rod was bent as far back as it could go. I'm assuming only a car or truck could cause this? Can you imagine if it was a person instead of the sign? As a side note, this is a terrible crossing and I always wait until the cars actually stop (and not just the driver waving me across) before I cross; often they don't stop at all and seem oblivious to the sign.

Image of Flattened Main Street Yield Sign By Gristedes
Is a stop sign needed at this location?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Overnight Queensboro Bridge Construction Work Keeping Some Roosevelt Island Residents Awake

On August 2 a Roosevelt Island resident reported to RI 311 See Click Fix:
Every night this week (as well as between the 16 and the 20th of july), there has been extremely loud jack hammering on the queensboro bridge, between 10pm and 3-4am. The level of the noise is really unbearable. They also use huge projectors to give light to the workers.

Do you have any information of how much time this will last, or if they could stop working during the night, allowing everyone to sleep? 
Earlier today, another Roosevelt Island resident told me that last night he could hear the loud noise of Queensboro Bridge construction work from his apartment at 455 Main Street - 4 buildings away from the bridge

Hope you get a good night sleep tonight.

UPDATE 8/6 - More from Roosevelt Island Southtown residents on Queensboro Bridge construction noise:
Me too in Riverwalk Crossing. Because it's so humid out, we keep the windows closed and the AC on. Otherwise, it would keep us up. :(
I am going to buy earplugs tomorrow, it has been terrible in the past week, and who knows how long this construction will go on. I could not find any information about it online.
UPDATE 8/9 - NYC Department of Transportation reports they will take steps to mitigate the problem. More here.

First Sunday Jazz Salon At Roosevelt Island's Gallery RIVAA Tonight 5-7 PM - Come Dance, Listen To Music, Admire The Art, Hang Out With Old and New Friends

Gallery RIVAA will be hosting its monthly First Sunday Jazz Salon later today from 5-7 PM. According to Gallery RIVAA:
Art & The Impressionists invite all to attend the First Sunday Jazz Salon at Gallery RIVAA, 527 Main St, Roosevelt Island on August 5th, 5 ~ 7 pm.

RIVAA looks forward to seeing you at this highly successful FUNd-raising event filled with wine, water, food, dancing & live entertainment!
 Image Of Gallery RIVAA Sunday Jazz Salon

 Stop on by, dance, enjoy the music and art as well as new and old friends.
Here's a sample of the performances from previous Gallery RIVAA Sunday Jazz Salons