Saturday, July 2, 2022

Sign Petition To Bring The MTA OMNY Payment System To The Roosevelt Island Tram - Residents Ask MTA And RIOC What Is The Very Long Delay Getting OMNY Payment System On Roosevelt Island Tram?

Roosevelt Island resident Paul Krikler started a petition to bring the MTA OMNY payment system to the Roosevelt Island Tram.

You can sign the petition here.

Last March, NYC Council Member Julie Menin told me that the MTA and Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) assured her that the OMNY payment system will be installed on the Roosevelt Island Tram within this year.

During a June 8 RIOC Board of Directors Audit Committee meeting, RIOC Chief Financial Officer John O'Reilly said that discussions with the MTA about the OMNY payment system integration with the Roosevelt Island Tram are scheduled to begin in the July or August time frame (video here at the 7 minute mark.

You can sign the petition here.

Friday, July 1, 2022

You're Invited To See How Art Can Flourish In The Gap At RIVAA Gallery Opening Reception For New Exhibition Saturday July 2 - RIVAA Go Fund Me Campaign Seeking To Raise $500,000 For Gallery Renovation

According to the Roosevelt Island RIVAA Gallery:

The Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association (RIVAA) is having an exhibition at Gallery RIVAA | 527 Main St. | 10044 YOU ARE INVITED Opening Reception – Saturday 7/2, 6-9pm

Roosevelt Island resident and RIVAA artist Laura Hussey reports:

Gap Show

7/1 - 7/17/2022

See that man in the poster, stretched to the limit, facing the void of time and space, in a confrontation with our common enemy Boredom, or worse, Nihilism? Enter: The Artist. 

An expert, a magician at creatively solving the problem of empty space, empty hours. A nightmare for most, this is an artist’s dream, an opportunity to shine, to express, to thrive.

In this two-week exhibition, squeezed between two longer shows, you will see how Art can flourish in The Gap, as the void becomes beautiful.

Gallery RIVAA adds:

Our artists – painters, photographers, printmakers, sculptors – are filling our gallery space with their unique and diverse expression. Please come, enjoy the work, meet the artists and your neighbors, be nourished by homegrown creativity, consider buying, bringing a work home,

join in and support our own Roosevelt Island cultural scene. We are a diverse group – inclusive, international and native-born – devoted to delivering culture to our entire Island community.

Join our group. Participate. Buy our work. Donate to our GoFundMe page.

Gallery RIVAA's new leadership under recently elected President Sandra Gavelyte

started a Go Fund Me campaign seeking to raise $500 Thousand for renovation of their premises. According to the RIVAA Gallery Go Fund Me Page:

In 2001, the Roosevelt Island community blossomed as a diversifying neighborhood for all ages, abilities and ethnicity; its residents saw the need for an art center where families and children could gather.

Right in the center of the east river, Roosevelt Island can be isolated from its more prominent neighbors, Queens and Manhattan. Their wealth of visual arts programs is not always easily accessible. There is only one bus and train line that our thousands of residents rely on. But in all necessity, Families, schoolchildren and adults old and young may go without the visual enrichment of the city’s arts and culture. The Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association was formed to fill this gap, as there was only so much such a small neighborhood could offer.

The Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association (RIVAA) came to “bridge” this gap by continually transforming the neighborhood into the Island of Art. Its mission, founded by Island residents and allies, is to encourage the sharing of art within the community. Some of its most anticipated events included the Fall for Arts Festival, where children and adults of all ages are given creative outlets all around Main Street to draw, paint, and use their murals to vouch for justice and world peace. For every community-day festival, from Roosevelt Island Day to the tourist-attracting Cherry Blossom Festivals, there is always an activity at the Gallery RIVAA. This past week, visitors were welcomed to a complimentary sculpting excursion inspired by the RIVVA’s temporary exhibition on Vitality in Stillness. Kids of the Island took to this especially; dozens of clay molds and interpretive drawings filled the gallery’s walls and tables.

We are looking to meet our goal of $500,000 so that RIVAA may continue to provide the love and beauty to maintain that Island of Art within us all. Unfortunately, art programs all over the country are closing by the day. Being a non-for-profit especially places us at risk of closure, as we rely on few but meaningful contributions our visitors are willing to make. Yet again, the issue of isolation has taken a new form in this post-pandemic future, as we must adapt to new ways of artistic inclusion. Meanwhile, we are eagerly promoting our space for the content of new and emerging artists worldwide, but we face the reality that this may not be as easily attainable as before.

Projection of needs - Accommodating the Resident's Population:

If we renovate our existing storefront space to meet the needs of a post-pandemic future, we will be able to lend our resources to our increasingly growing population. Over the past 20 years, the Island has experienced a steadily increasing rate of population growth:...

... RIVAA hopes you may consider our plea to fund the Gallery’s Renovation. It will be the first significant reinstallation project in over 20 years, and its neighbors are counting on them to be part of the arts and cultural revival. The revival of the Gallery cannot be done without your financial support, experienced advice, and dedication to the Roosevelt Island community. Thank you.

Click here for the Gallery RIVAA Instagram and Go Fund Me page and website.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Did You Miss Out On Getting Free Roosevelt Island July 4 Fireworks Celebration Tickets At FDR 4 Freedoms Park Yesterday? Tickets Still Available For Fantastic July 4 Fireworks Views At Roosevelt Island Graduate Hotel Panorama Room Rooftop Cocktail Bar, Only $250 To $1750

According to the Panorama Room:

Ticket prices range from $250 to $1500.

Or you can watch for free almost anywhere on the Queens side of Roosevelt Island particularly south of the Queensboro Bridge or on the Roosevelt Island Bridge.

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It's also a gathering spot to meet with our neighbors and learn about the latest neighborhood news and gossip. 

The Roosevelt Island Saturday Farmers Market at Good Shepherd Plaza is open early morning to mid afternoon on Saturdays in good weather and bad.  

Eat Fresh, Eat Local and Eat Healthy at the Roosevelt Island Saturday Farmers Market.

See you Saturday at Good Shepherd Plaza for the Roosevelt Island Farmers Market

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Roosevelt Island July 4 Fireworks Viewing Celebration Online Registration For 1500 Tickets At FDR Four Freedoms Park Sold Out In Minutes Today, Same As Ever - Did You Get Tickets?

As reported July 2021:

Many Roosevelt Island residents are outraged over the way the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) handled last Wednesday's online ticket registration for viewing the July 4 Macy's Fireworks Celebration at FDR Four Freedoms Park.... 

Every year as July 4 gets closer, like clockwork, Roosevelt Island residents look forward to viewing the Macy's East River Fireworks celebration at FDR Four Freedoms Park. Residents try to register for the limited number of tickets available through the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) online system only to find out the free tickets are no longer available within minutes (sometimes seconds) as happened again today.

1500 tickets were available this year for viewing the July 4 Fireworks at FDR Four Freedoms Park. According to RIOC:

Registration for the Roosevelt Island Fourth of July Family Fireworks Celebration will be opening, Wednesday, June 29th, at 12 PM for residents. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to register for advanced tickets. If any tickets remain, they will be released to the public on Friday, July 1st 12 PM ...

A few minutes after 12 PM today, I started receiving emails like this:

We logged on at 12:00 for tickets today. Gone. Do you think they sold out to residents in two minutes?
I was online at 12 and after giving all the info clicking 4 tickets the sight said that I couldn’t get them with my code.  It’s amazing how they can’t get anything right.    
 A Roosevelt Island Mom of 2 shares this message she sent to RIOC:
Dear RIOC Board and staff,

This was a terrible experience. We logged in one minute before 12 and tried constantly to get even one ticket for our family of four. It just kept saying no tickets available even when refreshing the page, clearing history, trying different browsers, etc. And at some point it said that even the code would not be valid. We think we did everything right and are now left with zero tickets for our family for the “family celebration”. We extra delayed our summer travel because our children wanted to see the fireworks. Many families have the same frustrating experience, as just shared on the Roosevelt Island Parents’ Network. Very sad. 

Please if you can release more tickets to Roosevelt Island families and residents. Thank you.
Some residents were able to get tickets.  According to this comment from Roosevelt Islander Facebook Page:
 Heh. In all fairness -- since last year I was one of the people complaining about how I couldn't get a ticket despite trying at the exact time, I'll just say -- this year I *was* able to get tickets off eventbrite. I honestly assumed it was better for everyone... but looks like I just lucked out. Hope they expand it next year. 
Another Facebook Page comment:
I have been trying since noon and nothing. I was prompted to get on the waitlist. I am also in a group chat with 16 other residents all trying to get tickets and none of them were able to get tickets either.

if you ask me, it is a total PR stunt to make it look like they tried to give residents access to their own community


I have been checking and checking since 11:59 to 12:05, it’s unavailable all the time


Tried since noon then after 10 minutes it said unavailable then it said sold out, this isn’t the first year this has happened

 Here are more comments from Roosevelt Islander Instagram Page.

I asked RIOC today: 
Any comment from RIOC on today's July 4 online Ticket Registration process.

I'm receiving many reports from angry residents who logged on at 12 PM and were not able to get tickets.

For example:
We logged on at 12:00 for tickets today. Gone. Do you think they sold out to residents in two minutes?


Year after year it’s a debacle

Any comments from RIOC?
No reply from RIOC.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Sponsored Post - Advantage Day Camp Summer 2022 City Fun For City Kids At The Roosevelt Island Racquet Club, Tennis, Sports, Enrichment Classes, Art Activities, STEAM Projects, Chess, Lunch & More - Flexible Daily & Weekly Options For Busy Families, Schedule A Tour, We'd Love To See You

The Advantage Day Camp at Roosevelt Island Racquet Club Summer Fun 2022


Your camper will get a fantastic summer camp experience right here in NYC! On the West Side at Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club or East Side at Roosevelt Island Racquet Club or the Wagner Middle School on the Upper East Side. LEARN & GROW

Take enrichment classes and discover new levels of creativity and more with STEAM projects TRY SOMETHING NEW

Learn or improve your tennis game, take up chess, express yourself with an art project COME VISIT ANYTIME!  

Call us anytime to schedule a family tour: 

East side/Roosevelt Island, 212.935.0250 , 

Upper East Side/Wagner Middle School, 646.884.9648 or 

West side/Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club, 212.594.0554. 

We’d love to see you! Advantage Camps

Click Here For More Info.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Wednesday June 29 Advanced First Come First Serve Online Registration For Roosevelt Island Residents Of 1500 Hundred Tickets To FDR Four Freedoms Park Macy's July 4 Fireworks Celebration Viewing

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC

It’s almost time to reserve your tickets! Registration for the Roosevelt Island Fourth of July Family Fireworks Celebration will be opening, Wednesday, June 29th, at 12 PM for residents. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to register for advanced tickets. If any tickets remain, they will be released to the public on Friday, July 1st 12 PM.

How do I get resident access to tickets?

  • Residents must sign up for RIOC Advisories. 
  • The resident access code will be posted via the Advisory system prior to the ticket registration period. 
  • Sign Up for RIOC Advisories! 
  • Unable to sign up? Stop into PSD Headquarters, valid island resident I.D. required, to get the resident code.

Event Information

  • FDR Four Freedoms State Park will host a limited-ticket viewing from 6 PM-10:30 PM: 
  • Registration is required and will open to island residents on Wednesday, June 29th at 12 PM. 
  • 1,500 tickets are available for Four Freedoms Park. 
  • You can register for up to FOUR (4) free tickets PER HOUSEHOLD using your name, address, and email address. 
  • Only attendees with tickets will be allowed to enter Four Freedoms Park; no tickets will be available at the door. 
  • Ticket holders MUST bring a digital or printed ticket with barcode to gain access to FFP. 
  • No entry is permitted after 9 PM. Latecomers will not be admitted. 
  • Southpoint Park will be closed for the day.

For an alternative way of viewing the fireworks celebration on Roosevelt Island, see details below:

The Cornell Tech campus lawn will be open and available to the public as a viewing location, starting at 12 PM:

  • No ticket is needed for access. 
  •  Entrance is first-come, first serve. 
  • All visitors will be subject to airport-style security. 
  • No entry is permitted after 9 PM. Latecomers will not be admitted.

All attendees who have NOT been vaccinated against COVID-19 are reminded to kindly wear a mask throughout the event.

Please be aware that upon any potential safety concerns or overcrowding, we reserve the right to limit access to Roosevelt Island and the fireworks viewing locations.

RIOC Public Safety Department Chief Kevin Brown discussed July 4 Fireworks Celebration preparations with the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Public Safety Committee during a June 21 meeting.

Chief Brown reported that:

  • Roosevelt Island residents will have one day advanced notice to register for 1500 available tickets to view the July 4 Fireworks at FDR Four Freedoms Park. Tickets usually are gone in the first 15 minutes,
  • Ticket holders will be searched before entering FDR Four Freedoms Park,
  • 10 to 12 thousand people will be allowed on the Cornell Tech campus to view the fireworks. No tickets needed.
  • Security precautions are same this year as last year,
  • People will not be allowed to stay and view the Fireworks in Southpoint Park on their way to FDR Park and
  • Roosevelt Island residents will be able to drive over the Roosevelt Island Bridge after 3 PM to park their cars in the Motorgate Garage.


RIOC adds:


Ticketed Attendees

  • Have access to FDR Four Freedoms State Park beginning at 6:00PM
  • Will receive a stamp
  • Must enter no later than 9:00PM
  • Reentry is not permitted
  • There are no tickets available on-site

 Non-ticketed Attendees

  • Will have access to the lawns at Cornell Tech starting at 12:00PM
  • Once capacity is reached, further admittance will not be permitted
  • Must enter by 9:00PM


  • Food Trucks
    • Eight (8) trucks in total
    • Will be located on West Road near the lawns at Cornell Tech
  • Restroom Locations (all locations have ADA accessible restrooms)
    • South end of Firefighter’s Field
    • West of the Tram Station
    • West Loop Road near the lawns at Cornell Tech
    • East Loop Road near the lawns at Cornell Tech
    • South Loop Road at bottom of Cornell Tech lawns
    • Southpoint park entrance
  • Cooling Center Locations
    • Tram Plaza
    • Just north of the East Road checkpoint #1 (East Road just south of Sportspark)
    • Just north of the West Road checkpoint #1 (west side of Sportspark)
    • West Road near the lawns at Cornell Tech
    • West side of Southpoint Park, just south of the comfort station
  • First Aid Locations
    • West Road, towards the southwest side of the lawns at Cornell Tech
    • The southeast side of Southpoint Park, north of the Smallpox Hospital


  • Roosevelt Island Tramway
    • For access to Manhattan
    • Will run on its rush hour schedule from 7:00AM to 8:00PM with both cabins operating at full capacity
    • The Tramway may be temporarily shut down if the viewing areas/island reach capacity
    • There will be no Tram shuttle bus
  • Subway
    • F Train access to Manhattan/Brooklyn and Queens
    • Visit or call 511 for information. For electronic updates, sign up for MTA alerts at MyMTAAlerts.
  • NYC Ferry
    • Service will end early on July 4th
    • For more information, visit Ferry Schedules
  • Q102
    • Q102 Bus - The Q102 will not serve any stops on Roosevelt Island during preparation and viewing for the Macys 4th of July Fireworks. Buses will operate in both directions between 27th Ave at 2nd St. and Vernon Blvd. at 36th Ave., the last stop.
  • Roosevelt Island Red Bus
    • Will run on its weekday schedule
    • There will be no Octagon express bus
  • Citi Bike
    • There will be no Citi Bike stations available from Sunday, July 3rd until Tuesday, July 5th.
  • Roosevelt Island Disabled Association (RIDA) Shuttle
    • Will run from 6:00PM to 10:30PM from Tram Plaza to the east entry gate in Southpoint Park
  • Parking
    • Will be restricted in the following areas:
      • From the Meditation Lawn to 250 Main Street on the West side.
      • Around the entire Cornell Tech campus (North, South, East, and West Loop Roads).
      • The area in the vicinity of 250-281 Main Street.
    • Residents who need to park in Motorgate Garage should do so by 3:00PM


  • Between 12 PM – 3 PM residents will only be permitted to travel North bound from the helix and into the Motorgate.
  • The lawns at Cornell Tech open at 12:00PM
  • Residents looking to park in Motorgate Garage should do so before 3:00PM
  • From 3 PM – 12 AM there will be no vehicular traffic onto the island EXCEPT emergency vehicles.
  • FDR Four Freedoms State Park opens at 6:00PM
  • The Roosevelt Island Disabled Association (RIDA) shuttle will operate from 6:00PM to 10:30PM from Tram Plaza to the east entry gate in Southpoint Park
  • No one will be admitted to either viewing area (lawns at Cornell Tech, Southpoint Park/FDR Four Freedoms State Park) after 9:00PM
  • The Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular is anticipated to start at approximately 9:25PM

Earlier today, I asked RIOC:

The RIOC July 4 Advisory says that Southpoint Park will be closed.

Will it be open for FDR Park Ticket Holders to stay and picnic or watch the Fireworks at Southpoint Park?

Last year Southpoint Park was open for any of the 1500 FDR Park Ticket Holders.

See link here from 2021.

If Southpoint Park not open for FDR Park Ticket Holders, why not, since it was open last year.

Also, will Roosevelt Island residents be able to drive their cars over Roosevelt Island bridge after 3 PM to park in the Motorgate garage?

No answer yet from RIOC. Will update if RIOC responds.

Here are scenes before, during and after the Roosevelt Island July 4 celebration last year.

Sponored Post - Hey NYC, Pick Up A Free Covid 19 At Home Test From Locations All Over The City - Including the Roosevelt Island Public Library

According to the NYC Health & Hospital Corp:

Hey NYC, pick up a free Covid 19 Home Test from locations all over the City.

Free At Home Covid 19 Tests 

are available at the New York Public Library Roosevelt Island branch (504 Main Street).

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Roosevelt Island Summer Friday Night Scenes - Southpoint Park Outdoor Movie, East River Kayaking & Fishing On The Promenade

It was a lovely Friday evening last night for the the Roosevelt Island Outdoor Summer Movie series to begin at Southpoint Park with the showing of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory and to watch East River kayakers paddling by. Also, just outside Southpoint Park on the waterfront promenade there were a lot of people fishing though I did not see many fish caught.

Hope you're having a good weekend.