Saturday, February 13, 2010

Report From RIOC's President

Roosevelt Island Operating Corporaton President (RIOC) Steve Shane sends the following report to Roosevelt Island residents.
1. Board Meeting 2/18 at 4:30, Town Hall meeting to folloW.
2. Tram: All on schedule for March 1 shutdown. Please familiarize yourself with alternate transportation options. See RIOC's website and posted materials. Less than 3 weeks to go. None should be surprised.
3. Projects continue. Avac, Octagon, Motorgate, etc.
4. FDR 4 Freedoms: nearing final documentation with NYC. Agreements for Development, Joint Funding, $ Escrow Deposit, State Parks, etc., all in final throes before execution and project commencement.
5. Snow: While I am in California this week, staying in close touch as to storm preparation. Everyone's cooperation in assisting in snow removal is much appreciated.
6. Budget: Presentation of proposed draft for fiscal year 2010/11 has been made to the community via RIRA, RIOC website and the WIRE. Any issues can be discussed at the town hall meeting on the 18th. Formal adoption of the final budget scheduled for the March Board meeting.
This message was also published as the RIOC column in the 2/13/10 Main Street WIRE.

UPDATE 2/16 - Here's some more information on Roosevelt Island Red Bus schedule during the tram outage and the forthcoming Upper East Side traffic disruptions that will result from the work required to complete the Tram Modernization.

Will there be a party for the last trip on current Roosevelt Island Tram?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Roosevelt Island On The Web Links

Roosevelt Island on the Web Links as appearing in the February 13 2010 Main Street WIRE.

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RI Gifted & Talented Class Blog - PS/IS 217 Art Show & Silent Auction
Vimeo - Video Interview With Orphans International WW Jim Luce
Real Deal - Urban America Sues State Over Electric Submetering
Curbed - Roosevelt Island Grocery Rebellion
Transit News - Roosevelt Island Tram Shutdown
Daily News - Verdant Power East River Water Power Turbine's Next Stage
Jewish Week - Roosevelt Island Jewish Community
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I Roll NY - Extreme Roosevelt island Skating
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Unicycle Bridge Tour - Trip To Roosevelt Island
NY Mag - B'klyn Bridge Park Uses RI Bridge Granite
Webtech Wireless - Roosevelt Island's Next Bus System
Gondola Project - Roosevelt Island Tram Modernization
Post Grad Blog - Roosevelt Island Great Sunny Day Place
Citizen NYC - Roosevelt Island Gristedes Promises Improvements - Engineering Job With RIOC Available
Craigslist - RI Lifeguard Job
NY Post - RI Mom To Be Uses Womb Box
Incliner - Roosevelt Island Poetry
You Tube - Extreme RI Unicycling
You Tube - Spencer Waits For Nightime Tram
Judith's Picasa Web Album - Snowy Roosevelt Island
Lore's Picasa Web Album - More Snowy Roosevelt Island Pictures
You Tube - Twisted Traceurs Parkour Moves

No Manhattan Bound F Train Service From Roosevelt Island To Manhattan Sunday From 12 AM - 12 PM

Received the following F subway train advisory for Roosevelt Island from RIOC earlier this afternoon:

Please be advised there will be no Southbound F Train on Sunday, February 14th from 12:01 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation will be running the Tram and Bus service throughout the service disruption.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
There is no indication on the MTA web site yet of this Roosevelt Island F Train subway service interruption for Sunday.

It sure is not going to be pleasant when these F train service interruptions hit us during the Tram Outage.

Legendary Railroader Casey Jones
is worried about Roosevelt Island train service.

You Tube Video of Johnny Cash's Casey Jones

RIRA President On Being Annoying, Roosevelt Island Budget, Directors, Transportation, MTA Lawsuit(?), Lego Robots & Future Meetings

Image Of 1/10 RIRA Meeting Discussing Budget With RIOC Management

Roosevelt Island Residents Association President (RIRA) Frank Farance sends the following report to Roosevelt Island residents.
1. That "incredibly smart but annoying Frank Farance". This is in the category of If You Can't Laugh At Yourself .... In the last WIRE issue, long-time resident Nina Lublin was wondering out aloud why we (RIRA, me, both?) don't have the gumption to do Article 78 proceedings to halt further development in Southtown. I ran into Nina last week and thanked her for compliment. Regarding Nina's points ...

We have enough residents as board members on RIOC and, if there is a will, then things can change. But even our own resident board members don't seem to make the connections at the right moments: spend $25 million on a tram (when we only need to spend $15 million), now 14 months later it's clear we could have saved $10 million and put the savings to good use to shore up RIOC's finances; RIOC board members had the opportunity to decline Hudson-Related request for an extension for Southtown 7-9, but now they say "Gee, I didn't understand what that vote was about"; yet another year of RIOC board meetings with directors complaining about not having details until last minute or not all, and your fellow resident board members haven't figured out how to vote as a bloc to get the message heard or the procedures changed.

2. I Told You So. Last year, I complained loudly about RIOCs finances and I worried about their finances. In 2009, I estimated that RIOC would go bankrupt in about 10 years if Southtown were not completed. So I was cranky and annoying about RIOC not revealing long-term budgets and about RIOC board members who didn't seem to care as they approved spending over $40 million on this year's budget. In RIOC's 2011 budget proposal, page 9 (PDF page 11) concerns What If Southtown 7-9 Aren't Built? On the bottom row of that page you'll see that RIOC cash balance goes from $60 million (2010) to $2 million (2019) to negative $2 million the year after. RIOC President Steve Shane and RIOC CFO Steve Chironis say that on December 31, 2012 RIOC will assess which way to go on their spending (read: possibly severely curtailing spending). That $10 million extra we paid for a dual-haul rope tram (rather than a design like the present tram) is really looking like money we should not have spent — you can thank resident board members for not having a backbone on this one. By the way, although I am critical of the financial status of RIOC (a long-term issue), I really must compliment Steve Chironis on making the extra effort to work with the residents to better understand the RIOC budget and for providing much of the information requested by RIRA.

3. Transportation Problems with Tram Shutdown. In short, I might be heading to an Article 78 against the MTA. While the MTA is a huge opponent, I want to be able to say: I have done everything possible on behalf of the residents to improve transportation. I'm consulting with attorneys and our elected representatives on the best course of action. In short, what you read from the MTA in the last WIRE issue is either wrong or poorly researched. For example, the MTA rejects our suggestion on reserving the first car for Roosevelt Island because there are stairs at Roosevelt Avenue and a high number of passengers at the front of the platform. The MTA seems purposely un-creative here: if there are problems with the first car, then why not look into reserving the last car? The MTA didn't look into any alternatives and, yes, the last car would work better because people on the rear of the Roosevelt Avenue platform are largely waiting for E trains, not F trains (see photo 1).

Image From Frank Farance

As another example, the MTA says that occasionally putting an R train on our tracks (so we don't have to wait several F trains to board) is operationally infeasible, yet the MTA can do this in the morning rush, as shown in the attached photo 2.

Image From Frank Farance

The R train, with its relatively empty cars, was able to take all the passengers that were not able to board the prior overcrowded F train. After spending time on the platforms, I realized that the there is significant available capacity on the local tracks in Queens for additional R trains — adding more R trains over our tracks on 63 street would help Queens and Roosevelt Island. More to come on this topic.

4. Robots for Kids 6-13 Years Old. This is a repeat of my last column on robots: Last year, we had a great team of children who learned about and built robots (based upon Lego Mindstorms NXT), and they competed well in a City-wide competition. With the help of the Roosevelt Island Youth Program and the PS/IS 217 Beacon Program, we are continuing again this year with a longer/larger program. Brian Dorfmann and I are the mentors/coaches. The cost is free. We meet once a week 6:30 - 8PM at RIYP's second floor at 506 Main Street. We might expand to two days a week. Both boys and girls enjoy this, they enjoy socializing with children different than their own age, and it is a rewarding experience in many ways and at many levels. Pizza is served for kids.

5. Upcoming RIRA meetings. The next RIRA Town Hall meeting is on February 17 at 8PM in the church. This meeting is a prep for the RIOC Board meeting the next day. Come talk to RIOC board members and staff on agenda topics. The next Common Council meeting is March 3 at 8PM in the church lower floor. Former RIRA President Steve Marcus is chairing the Public Purpose Grant committee as will present his committee's recommendations to RIRA for discussion and approval, and for forwarding to RIOC.
The RIRA President's message is also published as the RIRA column in the 2/13/10 Main Street WIRE.

Roosevelt Island Red Bus Shuttle Schedule To Queens Subway Station and Manhattan During Tram Outage - It's Almost Here!

Image From RIOC

The time is rapidly approaching for the shutdown of the Roosevelt Island Tram, initially planned for July 2009, now scheduled to begin on March 1, 2010. RIOC and POMA, the contractor for the Roosevelt Island Tram Modernization Program, are ready to begin and promise that the Tram will be returned to service by September 2010.

RIOC has published their plans for Red Bus Shuttle service to Queens subway station during morning rush hours and Manhattan near 2nd Avenue and 59th street during Weekends and non-rush hour weekdays. Click on image below to enlarge.

During rush hour weekday mornings, the Red Bus Shuttle will pick up passengers in Southtown near the Riverwalk Bar & Grill on the half hour starting at 7 AM until 9:30 AM, stopping 5 minutes later at the Q102 stop across from PS/IS 217 and then proceed to Queens Plaza South and Jackson Avenue where residents can take the E, G, R, V, 7, W, or N subway lines. The shuttle bus trip to Queens subway will take approximately a half hour from Southtown.

During n0n-rush hour weekdays, the Red Bus Shuttle will pick up passengers in Southtown near the Riverwalk Bar & Grill on the hour starting at 10 AM until 2:00 PM, stopping 5 minutes later at the Q102 stop across from PS/IS 217 and then proceed to Second Avenue and 59th Street. Return trips from Manhattan will be on the hour starting at 10:30 AM until 2:30 PM. The shuttle bus trip to Manhattan will also take approximately a half hour from Southtown.

Between 3-7 PM weekdays there will be no Red Bus Shuttle service to or from Manhattan due to rush hour traffic but will resume at 7 PM to Manhattan on the hour until 11 PM with returns from Manhattan starting at 7:30 PM until 11:30 PM.

Weekend Red Bus service to Manhattan will be on the hour starting at 10 AM until 11 PM with return trip on the hour starting at 10:30 AM until 11:30 PM.

Regular Fares will be $1, Seniors, Disabled and children 5-16 years of age 50 cents.

No final determination yet on the status of temporary ferry service during tram outage. According to RIOC' VP Of Operations Fernando Martinez:
Before we can make a final decision on the ferry service, we have to first get the approval from the Ops Committee and then the full RIOC Board.
The Operations Committee is scheduled to meet on February 17 and the full RIOC Board on February 18. Following the February 18 RIOC Board Meeting there will be a Town Hall Meeting where the public can discuss these issues with RIOC.

UPDATE 2/23/10 - The Red Bus Schedule to Queens and Manhattan during the Tram outage has been revised as illustrated below.

Revised Red Bus Schedule Image From RIOC

The new schedule includes an additional Red Bus Stop at the Seniors Center at 546 Main Street and a 3:30 PM weekday bus shuttle from Roosevelt Island to Manhattan with a return from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island at 4 PM. Everything else is the same. The additional afternoon bus shuttle was scheduled for the returning school kids. According to RIOC President Steve Shane:
Since the 3:30 bus was added at the special behest of Matt Katz for the returning kids from school, please do whatever that can be done to get the word out to the community. I am presuming that during the months of July and August, will not be necessary as the school kids will either be away at camp or in any event, not attending a Manhattan school.

The Door: Poems By Margaret Atwood Subject Of Roosevelt Island Public Library Book Discussion Club - February 18 6:30 PM

Image of Margaret Atwood's The Door From the Guardian

Are you interested in participating in a Book Club Discussion? If so, check out this listing from the Roosevelt Island Public Library for February 18:
The Roosevelt Island Branch Library meets on the third Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m.

We will be discussing The Door: Poems by Margaret Atwood.
From a Guardian review:
...The Door is her first book of poems in more than a decade, and there is nothing rushed about it. Each of the poems is a well that slowly fills, and there are few duds. Atwood looks around her at a world full of dark figures and forebodings, as in "The Singer of Owls", a haunting poem about a man who "wandered off into the darkness" as a boy. "He preferred dim corners, camouflaged himself / with the hair and ears of the others, / and thought about long vowels, and hunger, and the bitterness of deep snow." In the end, the singer and owl combine into a solitary figure of the poet who sings "out of necessity", a night song that includes the moon, the lake, and the thicket....
More on Margaret Atwood here.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gristedes Keeping Promise To Rid Roosevelt Island Supermarket Of Outdated Items - Alternative Grocery Shopping Options Includes Angel Food Service

Roosevelt Island Gristedes Image From Roosevelt Island 360

An earlier post on Gristedes owner John Catsimatidis' promise to improve the quality of his Roosevelt Island Gristedes supermarket, included this:
... Every item in the store is being removed from the shelves and checked for quality and proper dates. This will be accomplished by the end of February...
It looks like they are doing so, at least if my experience last Monday night is any measure. As I was checking out with some items, including my favorite Heat Is On Peanut Butter, the cashier informed me that the expiration date of two of the Peanut Butter jars had expired and removed it from my bag.

That is a good first step and I hope Gristedes continues to remove outdated expired items from their shelves. Also, please restock soon more Heat Is On Peanut Butter and whatever favorite foods other Roosevelt Island residents may have. I am still waiting for the Ginger Beer.

Ginger Beer Image From Stewart's

Another grocery shopping alternative for Roosevelt Island residents besides Gristedes, web based Fresh Direct, Queens' Trade Fair and Costco and the Food Emporium in Manhattan, is the low cost Angel Food service sponsored by the Roosevelt Island Disabled Association. Once a month a menu is distributed for that month's items with a deadline for ordering and a pick up location here on Roosevelt Island. The February menu is located below and includes pricing as well as item information. Angel Food service is available to all regardless of income.
Click On Image To Enlarge February Angel Food Menu

More information on Roosevelt Island Angel Food service is available at earlier posts.

Roosevelt Island Fire With Flames And Smoke Rising From Below Sidewalk In Front Of Island House- But Was It Really Fire?

Image From Frank Farance

There was a fire yesterday afternoon in front of Island House with smoke and

Image From Frank Farance

flames rising from the sidewalk. (Click on images to enlarge for better view).

Image From Frank Farance

I asked Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Keith Guerra what happened and he replied:
There was a fire earlier today across the street from Public Safety Headquarters. We do not know exactly what caused it, although one of the FDNY Firefighters on the scene stated that it could have been salt that had fallen through the grates onto the wires below. Con-Ed has been working to repair the damage as well as to provide temporary power to support the five light poles that are out between 543-563 Main Street. The Public Safety Department has an officer posted at the location. There were no injuries or traffic issues.
Image From Frank Farance

Roosevelt Island Residents Association Frank Farance was on the scene and states that what appears to be flames is not so but is instead:
On several of the pictures, you might think you are seeing *fire* coming out of the grate, but that is not what is actually happening. If it were fire, it would be melting the snow/ice around the grate and that is not happening. What you are seeing is smoke, particles, and sparks that are being *illuminated* by the very bright arcing below.

For example, in picture 1/6 (1303) it looks like fire is breathing out of the grate, but if it were a really big fire, then there would be a lot of convection above it -- in fact, the smoke puffs are rising slowly. So the apparent strong streams of smoke are really just sharp rays of light from the arcing. When you see the video, this will make more sense. ( The picture below is what Mr. Farance is referring to -a video is forthcoming).

Image From Frank Farance
Con Ed was working on the site later in the afternoon and will advise as to whether the problem was caused by transformers or something else.

Images From A Roosevelt Island Snowstorm - February 10, 2010

Image of Roosevelt Island Tram and Historical Society Kiosk By Judith Berdy

Roosevelt Island was a snowy winter wonderland on Wednesday. A little birdy sent in these pictures of Southtown sledding by the East Channel,

Blackwell House looking like a winter picture postcard,

and Main Street near the Rivercross Lawn.

Ms Berdy also shows us that the streets were not shoveled by themselves but by snowplow trucks

as well as a strong back and shovel.

More pictures from Ms. Berdy of a snowy Roosevelt Island day in February are available here.

Another Roosevelt Island resident, Lorena Fortuna, sent in these images and more of a snowy Roosevelt Island Wednesday.

The Queensboro Bridge,

and sledding in its shadow.

There was a snowman near a playground,

the Red Bus waiting for the Tram

and a snowblower clearing a path.

Ms. Fortuna's February Roosevelt Island Snow Album is here.

Finally, a sample of Roosevelt Island snow people

and on the way home from a fun filled Roosevelt Island snowy day.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Roosevelt Island Tram Service Cancelled During Rush Hour Due To Snow Storm, RIRA Town Hall Meeting Cancelled & Southoint Park Closed Today

RIOC Plowing Roosevelt Island's Main Street Snow
RIOC issued the following snow advisory at 3:20 PM regarding the Roosevelt Island Tram:
The Tram has canceled the rush hour schedule due to the weather and service will be intermittent until further notice.
I am also advised by Roosevelt Island Residents Association President Frank Farance that tonight's RIRA Town Hall Meeting has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for next Wednesday, February 17.

I had planned to go down to Southpoint Park today. I am sure it is beautiful with all the snow. Fortunately, before I made the trek, I asked the Public Safety Department if it is open. I was told that it is closed today. Not known yet if it will be open tomorrow.

King Of The Hill At Manhattan Park Commons

RIOC and Roosevelt Island building managements have been doing a good job clearing the snow from the streets and pathways so far.

Roosevelt Island Jobs Available - Engineering Project Manager For RIOC, Pharmacist At Coler-Goldwater and Real Estate Leasing Director

Image of Want Ads From Boston College

Another job opportunity with the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) is available. Yesterday, there was an opportunity for a part-time lifeguard and today a position as a Senior Project Manager in the Engineering Department. According
The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) is a NYS Agency with the responsibility of developing and maintaining Roosevelt Island, NY, Located in the East River between Manhattan and Queens counties.

RIOC is currently looking for a qualified candidate to join its Engineering Department. The Sr. Project Manager will take responsibility for the daily management, supervision, coordination and successful completion of Island-wide construction projects on Roosevelt Island.

Reporting to the the Director of Engineering, the Senior Project Manager will be responsible for the daily management, supervision, coordination and successful completion of Island-wide mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) construction and maintenance projects....
Click here for more information.

There are two additional Roosevelt Island job listing on the Monster web site. One is for a Director of Pharmacy at Coler Goldwater Hospital and the other is for a Director of Leasing at what is described as a 500 unit luxury rental building on Roosevelt Island.

Best of Luck.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Roosevelt Island Pregnant Mom Using Womb Box To Boogie With Fetus

Image From NY Post

Today's NY Post has an article about pregnant women using a device called a "Womb Box" to communicate with their fetus. Some even play music to the fetus. One of the woman mentioned in the article is from Roosevelt Island. According to the NY Post:
... Five-months-pregnant Maria Suarez, 32, of Roosevelt Island, pipes in classical tunes to her fetus using “Belly Buds” ($60), which has suction cups for speakers that connect straight to her iPod.

By the time her baby boy is born, Suarez expects him to have a broad musical appreciation.

“Hopefully by seven months he’ll be listening to BeyoncĂ©,” she says.

But doctors are now warning against the potential hazards of a mother turning her womb into a boom-boom room. “This could be a hindrance to a baby’s sleep cycle,” says Dr. David Cabbad, a pediatrician at the Brooklyn Hospital Center....

RIOC Issues Snow Advisory For Roosevelt Island Starting 6 PM Today - A Winter Wonderland Or Pain In The Butt?

You Tube Video of Roosevelt Island Snowfall from rebknell

Received the following snow advisory from RIOC:
Due to the upcoming winter storm please be advised there will be no parking on Main Street from 6:00 P.M. today, February 9th to 12:00 P.M. Thursday, February 11th. This rule is in effect to allow for the passage of emergency vehicles and snow removal.
Although we did not get any of the predicted snow last week on Roosevelt Island, tomorrow will probably be the real thing. According to Weather Channel:
...Many areas will likely see over a foot of new snow, including the Philadelphia and New York metro areas as well as in some locations in the Appalachians...
Be Prepared!

In addition to the no parking rules and regulations which are in effect for 2/9/10 - 2/11/10, please be aware if you are unloading groceries, etc. to put your hazard lights (blinkers) on so Public Safety will know you are not parking illegally. Please also be mindful of not blocking the breeze ways unless specific permission is obtained by Public Safety.

Roosevelt Island Lifeguard Position Available

Are you a certified lifeguard and looking for a job. If so, RIOC may have a position available for you on Roosevelt Island.

According to Craigslist:
The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp. (RIOC) is recruiting for a NYS qualified Lifeguard for it's indoor pool facility located on Roosvelt Island. This is a Part-time position which includes an EARLY (6:00 AM) shift, some evenings and weekends. Non-certified applicants, need not apply.

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation is a New York State Agency with the responsibility for the development, maintenance and safety of Roosevelt Island, NY. Located in the East River between Manhattan and Queens counties, Roosevelt Island is a vibrant community with residential and commercial properties, a transportation system, various parks and community areas.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Man Falls Asleep On Roosevelt Island Subway Platform - Pants Cut, Wallet & Iphone Stolen

Subway Sleeper Image From Through My Third Eye

Filed under the category of Don't Fall Asleep On The Roosevelt Island Subway Station Platform. According to the 1/6 - 1/7 Roosevelt Island Public Safety Report:
Robbery- In the subway. Male was asleep and unknown subject cut his pants and removed a wallet and an I Phone. PSD responded. EMS refused. Victim to file a report with Transit NYPD. search for the subject yielded negative results.
Subway Sleeper Image is for illustrative purposes only and does not involve the incident described.

RIOC Real Estate Committee Meeting Today On Roosevelt Island Main Street Retail & Ground Lease Extension For Mitchell Lama Buildings Privatization

Main Street Image Of Roosevelt Island Is The Village From Glark

A reader of this post on the good bread sold at the Roosevelt Island Farmers Market commented:
BTW, I liked the bread and think we should have a bakery here. maybe sometime soon.
and another asked:
I thought getting new stores here was now in the laps of the RIOC Board Members.... Can someone ask them what's being done to fill the storefronts?
We may be getting some answers soon regarding the deploring condition of Roosevelt Island's Main Street retail situation. Later today, the Roosevelt Island Board of Directors Real Estate Development committee will be meeting and one of the items on the Agenda is an update on the Main Street Master Leaseholder status..
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a meeting of the Real Estate Development Advisory Committee of the RIOC Board of Directors will be held on Monday, February 8, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. at the RIOC administrative office, 591 Main Street, Roosevelt Island, New York. The Committee will meet to:

discuss ground lease extensions for the Mitchell-Lama projects in the context of privatization plans; and

receive an update on the Main Street master lease RFP initiative.
During the December 2009 RIOC Board Meeting, the Real Estate Development Committee reported (From the Minutes of RIOC's December Meeting Page 9):

...Mr. Kalkin noted that the Committee met on November 20, 2009 to discuss the draft of the appraisal of the Main Street commercial spaces that was prepared by Liberty Appraisal Services. Mr. Kalkin stated that the Committee agreed to go ahead with an RFP for the retail master lease, and today the Board voted to hire Jones Lang to provide necessary consulting services and draft the RFP. Mr. Kalkin also noted that the Committee decided not to extend the hardware store lease, but rather to offer the current tenant a month-to-month tenancy, so as to allow it to pay its arrears and continue operating the business until an alternative arrangement is set in place....
More Roosevelt Island Main Street retail real estate news from the minutes of December 2009 board meeting (page 10):
... Mr. Shane noted that the hardware store’s lease had expired as of November 30, 2009. Per the Real Estate Development Advisory Committee’s directive, RIOC will seek to offer the tenant Liberty of Roosevelt Island Corp. a month-to-month tenancy with a requirement to vacate the premises upon the expiration of a 30-day period after appropriate notice is given by RIOC. For the time being, the tenant will pay $3,400 per month, along with the additional $100 per month as amortization of its arrears until the entire sum of $2,400 is paid...
Here's some additional information on Main Street Master Leaseholder concept and the Roosevelt Island Main Street Retail Study.

On the Ground Lease extension for Roosevelt Island's Mitchell Lama Buildings, the December 2009 minutes also reveal (Page 4)
...The second item of new business was the authorization to enter into an amendment of the real estate consulting services contract with Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.

Mr. Shane reminded the Board that RIOC has an agreement with Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. (“Jones Lang”) with respect to real estate consulting on Roosevelt Island. He provided a brief history of Jones Lang’s consulting services for the Corporation. Mr. Shane mentioned that according to the agreement, Jones Lang’s compensation was comprised of a monthly stipend and commission. He then noted that the Jones Lang agreement has been tolled for the last two-and-a-half years.

Mr. Shane stated that the Island House, Rivercross and Westview projects are currently seeking to extend their ground leases and withdraw from the State’s Mitchell-Lama program. Mr. Shane further noted that DHCR worked out a formula for building conversion, which meets DHCR standards for long-term affordability. However, according to Mr. Shane, given the complexity of the Mitchell-Lama withdrawal process and the diverse scenarios that may ensue, RIOC would need a consultant to provide economic modeling and formulas to make appropriate assessments of the financial consequences of such withdrawal. Given the intricacy of these transactions, the assessments would be crucial in several matters, including RIOC’s negotiations with the ESDC regarding tax equivalent payments, the City of New York regarding diminution of tax abatement, as well as in ensuring that the conversions do not create a windfall for the project owners...
The resolution authorizing the hiring of Jones Lang as a real estatae consultant passed (Page 6):
... RIOC is hereby authorized to negotiate and enter into an amendment of the Contract with Jones Lang to eliminate the prior brokerage arrangement and to engage Jones Lang to furnish financial and leasing advisory services on an hourly basis in connection with the Rivercross, Island House and Westview negotiations, the Main Street retail/commercial space master lease initiative and such other related matters on as needed basis, upon such terms and conditions substantially similar to those outlined in the Memorandum from Stephen H. Shane to RIOC Board of Directors dated November 24, 2009, attached hereto;
A webcast of the February 8 Real Estate Development Committee will be available a few days later. Audio Cast of the meeting is now available.