Friday, February 19, 2010

Roosevelt Island Bike Tour This Morning

Bike tour on Roosevelt Island this morning. Maybe weather will get better soon. Pitchers and catchers have already reported. Is spring just around the corner?

Roosevelt Island Public Safety Reports - 1/12 - 2/18/10 - Profanity, Burglary, Robbery, Punching, Dog Barking, Identity Theft, Money Scams & More

Roosevelt Island 1/10 Public Safety Blotter

The most recent Roosevelt Island 24 hour Public Safety Reports are posted daily on the blog's inside right sidebar, just below See Click Fix Roosevelt Island. Listed is a daily log recapping local incidents the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department responded to the previous 5 days.

RIOC is also posting the Daily and January Monthly Roosevelt Island Public Safety Incident reports on their web site. A breakdown of Roosevelt Island Public Safety incidents by location and category (the Blotter) for the month of January 2010 is embed above and available on RIOC web site as well.

Below are the Roosevelt Island Daily Public Safety Reports for January 12 -February 18, 2010. Incidents include:

  • student profanity directed at teacher (1/12)
  • Burglary, tenant left door open (1/13)
  • Burglary/Criminal Possession of Stolen Property (1/14)
  • Driver Yelling Profanity at Bridge Workers (1/14)
  • Robbery At Motorgate Garage (1/15)
  • Youths Punched Male Talking On Cell Phone (1/16)
  • Noise Complaint of Either Singing or Praying (1/17)
  • Sublessee Sold Residents Property (1/17)
  • Batting Cage Used Without Authorization (1/18)
  • Dispute with Sublessee (1/19)
  • Suspicious Activity - Photographer on Roosevelt Island Bridge (1/21)
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (1/22)
  • Spitting in public (1/23)
  • taking pictures of Queensboro Bridge (1/24)
  • Arrest For Past Assault (1/25)
  • Unknown Male Gestured Students To Enter Car (1/26)
  • Won Millions Of Dollars Scam (1/27,28)
  • Identity Theft Credit Cards (1/29)
  • Excessive Barking (2/1)
  • Robbery In Subway - Pants Cut (2/6)
  • Fire Under Metal Street Grading (2/10)
  • Smell of Marijuana (2/13)
  • Smoke Bombs (2/14)
  • Harassment - 4 Adult Males and 1 Female shouting profanity at another male (2/16)
  • Broken Car Window (2/18)
0700 hrs 01/12/10 - 0700 hrs 01/13/10

Investigation - School teacher came into PSD to make report that student was using profanity and making threats towards him. Youth officer was notified. Reporter stated he notified school principal. Reporter Stated he wanted NYPD to be notified if school principal doesn't do anything about it.

Missing Property - Tenant came into PSD to report items missing from her apartment. PSD took a report and NYPD referred reporter to 311.

Investigation - While PSD officer conducting vertical patrol smelled illegal substance. Search was conducted with negative results.

Aided - PSD officer observed female bleeding from the nose. EMS responded and transported to hospital.

Aided - PSD and EMS responded to an apartment for baby with fever. Aided was transported to hospital.

1/13/10-7:00 AM to 1/14/10-7:00 AM

Burglary- Tenant left door open and other tenant noticed property missing. PSD and NYPD responded. Search made with negative results. NYPD filed a report.

Investigation- Tenant requested a male in her apt be escorted out of the apt. PSD responded. The male was not in the apt. UA notified to change the apt door lock.

Found Property- A man's bag. It was secured in PSD. Late the owner arrived and retrieved it.

Unsecured Premises- Amalgamated Bank door off track. Bank Manager notified. PSD monitored the area. The following day it was repaired.

Aided- Resident fell in apt. PSD and UA responded. EMS transported aided to the hospital.

Domestic Dispute- Over a child custody exchange matter. Both parents had a disagreement
PSD and NYPD responded. No injuries. NYPD report filed.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Found Property- Identification card. It was secured in PSD.

0700 hrs 01/14/10 - 0700 hrs 01/15/10

Harassment - Bridge contractors reported to PSD that male subject yells profanity at the workers and then drives off. PSD responded and made a report.

Vehicle Accident - Between two motorist. PSD responded along with NYPD. NYPD made a police report. No injuries.

Aided - Resident not feeling well was transported to hospital by EMS. PSD was on scene.

Burglary/Criminal Trespass/Criminal Possession of Stolen Property - Doorman called PSD and stated male subject ran passed him into stairwell. PSD found subject and placed under arrest. Subject had in his possession stolen property that was reported stolen the day before. Subject was taken to 114 pct. for arrest processing. Subject known to the department.

There's More!

0700hrs 01/15/10 - 0700hrs 01/16/10

Disorderly Conduct/ Open Container- PSD officer while on patrol observed subject consuming alcohol in public. Officers stopped subject, subject became disorderly, subject was issued two summons.

Robbery- Three male subjects robbed victim in the motorgate, motorgate attendee reported robbery to PSD and NYPD. PSD apprehended subjects, subjects were transported to PSD then 114th precinct.

Smoke- Senior fell asleep while cooking hotdogs, PSD open windows, resident refused EMS.

1/16/10-7:00 AM to 1/17/10/-7:00 AM

Found Property-A California driver's license. It was locked and secured at PSD.

Found Property- A female youth's bag with wallet and Ipod. Parent retrieved the property.

Assault- 2 subjects punched an adult male while he was talking on a cell phone. They fled. PSD, NYPD responded and conducted a search with negative results. EMS transported the male to the hospital.

1/17/10-7:00 AM to 1/18/10-7:00 AM

Criminal Possession of Marijuana- 4 juveniles issued juvenile reports and released into the custody of their parents.

Noise Complaint- Three calls from one resident against the other. PSD responded report of singing. But heard someone praying inside. PSD knocked on the door and no answer. Matter referred to Urban American.

Noise Complaint- Resident stated unknown person knocked on door and fled. PSD responded and conducted a search with negative results. Resident called NYPD. NYPD responded and no report filed.

Smoke Condition- Resident called FDNY for a smoke condition. PSD and FDNY responded. It was odor of burnt incense. FDNY left.

Illegally Parked Vehicle- The vehicle was parked on a hydrant. PSD issued two summonses to it. Authorized tow responded but vehicle had moved.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Criminal Mischief- Two fire doors hedges taken off the doors. PSD responded and conducted a search with negative results. UA notified.

Investigation- A resident sublet an apt. The subletee sold resident's property. PSD and NYPD responded. The matter was referred to Small Claims Court.

0700 hrs 01/18/10 - 0700 hrs 01/19/10

Possible Stolen Vehicle/Investigation - Reporter came into PSD stating that his vehicle may have been stolen. There is no record of vehicle being towed. Reporter notified NYPD.

Investigation - PSD received complaint of loud noise coming from batting cage. PSD spoke with reporter and stated batting cage may have been used without authorization. Locks were changed.

Hazardous Condition - PSD officer received complaint of small hole in side walk. PSD placed cone over the hole and notified Facilities to correct condition.

Aided - Tenant was not feeling well and EMS transported aided to hospital. PSD was on scene.

Public Consumption of Alcohol - Two male subjects were stopped by PSD for drinking in public. Both subjects issued summonses and released.

0700 hrs 01/19/10 - 0700 hrs 01/20/10

Warrant For Arrest - NYPD came into PSD with warrant for male subject. PSD will notify NYPD if subject is picked up.

Investigation - PSD responded to an apartment for dispute. Tenant stated he wanted subject out of his apartment because he punched a hole in the wall. Subject stated he was subleasing room in the apartment. Subject agreed to leave apartment. . NYPD was on scene.

1/20/10-7:00 AM to 1/21/10-7:00 AM

Vehicle Accident- Between a Parks Dept Vehicle and a RIOC bus. No injuries. PSD and Mini Bus Supr and NYPD responded. NYPD filed a report.

Harassment- Between two resident regarding a prior incident. No injuries. PSD and NYPD responded. NYPD did not file a report.

Lost Property-A brown bag. It was locked and secured in PSD.

False fire Alarm- At the R.I. Subway. PSD and FDNY responded. FDNY stated alarm set off by work that Con Edison was doing.

0700 hrs 01/21/10 - 0700 hrs 01/22/10

Alarm - PSD received call of an alarm. Officers checked exterior of the building and appeared in order. Employee of the building turned off the alarm.

Harassment - PSD responded to an apartment to take report of harassment against another tenant. The other party stated reporter was harassing her. Both parties refused NYPD report.

Gas Smell - PSD officer observed FDNY front of the subway. FDNY stated there was a smell of gas. Area was checked with negative results.

Suspicious Activity - PSD received report of suspicious person on RI Bridge. PSD responded and observed male with camera. Male is an amateur photographer, ID was verified and there was no suspicious activity.

Loud Noise - PSD responded to report of loud noise. PSD checked area and was determined that noise was coming form Con Edison working in the area. Condition was corrected by Con Edison.

Aided - PSD observed EMS front of apartment building transporting male. Mother of aided refused to give any information.

0700 hrs Friday 01/22/10 - 0700 hrs Saturday 01/23/10

Aided was transported to hospital and refused to give information.

Verbal dispute/ Aided between two residents at the group home, one youth was transported to hospital.

Aided was feeling ill but still got on tram, PSD responded but aided refused to information and ems.

Aided was assisting with move and slipped off of the back of a pick up track. Aided was Refused Medical Attention.

Harassment The Victim works on the island and states that the same individual when crossing bridge make gestures and comments to him.

Aided passed out on the R I OC bus, E M S/N Y F D n t f and aided was transported to hospital.

Verbal Dispute between husband & wife, wife misses her family and husband hit the wall because of current marital issues. Reporter sustained no injuries. NYPD responded stated no dir necessary.

Arrest - Harassment/Criminal Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia, subject in a verbal disagreement with family member, subject returned to the seen and PSD had responded. Subject was searched to prevent harm to his family member and one piece of paraphernalia was found.

1/23/10-7:00 AM to 1/24/10-7:00 AM

Harassment- Between two residents. PSD responded. No injuries and NYPD refused.

Spitting in Public- A Soccer player split on the ground at Sports Park. He was warned and admonished. The event coordinator advised to get a spit bucket. He complied with PSD. No further incidents.

Harassment- Between a resident and a security guard. No injuries. PSD responded. Security guard to notify Site Supervisor and NYPD on his own.

Found Property- A cell phone. It was secured in PSD.

Aided- A female fell lost her balance and fell on the sidewalk. PSD and EMS responded. She sustained a laceration to her left eye brow. Aided was transported to the hospital.

1/24/10-7:00 AM to 1/25/10-7:00 AM

Investigation- Report of blood on the elevator buttons. PSD and UA Super responded. Search made of the elevator and the hallway with negative results. No blood found or any injured person.

Lost Property- Resident reported to PSD that she lost her wallet in Astoria. She will file a report with NYPD on her own. PSD checked and no lost wallet turned over to PSD.

Investigation- PSD observed male and female parked unauthorized in parking lot. PSD spoked to individuals and warned and admonished. Vehicle left area.

Suspicious Activity- Two males taking photos of the 59th Street bridge. PSD responded and checked identification. Both were tourist and posed no threat.

Aided- An ill child was taken to the hospital accompanied by the mother.

1/25/10-7:00 AM to 1/26/10-7:00 AM

Aided- Elderly female fell in the RIOC Bus and sustained laceration to the nose. PSD and EMS responded and transported her to the hospital.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Smell of Gas- FDNY and PSD responded. MTA construction work taken place and caused the gas like odor. All in order in the subway.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Hazardous Condition - A Motor gate door came off the hedge. No injuries. PSD responded and laid it on the ground. RIOC notified.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Arrest for Past Assault- PSD spotted subject that fit description and detained him. Victim identified the subject who was placed under arrest by PSD.

Unsupervised Youths. Three female youth were visiting a friend on the island. They entered PSD. Due to age they were detained and guardians notified to retrieve the youths.

1/26/10-7:00 AM to 1/27/10-7:00 AM

Investigation-Two youth reported an adult male followed youths the went to his vehicle and gestured youth to enter vehicle. Youths went to school and made the report. PSD responded and conducted a search with negative results. PSD to monitor the area. NYPD to be notified.

Gas Smell- At the R.I. Subway. PSD and FDNY responded. No odor of gas. Subway in order.

Shop Lifter- A Youth took an item from a business establishment. PSD responded and escorted to PSD. he was released to the custody of his adult brother.

Aided- Female fell in a building and sustained pain to her head and shoulder. PSD, UA and EMS responded. The female was transported to the hospital by EMS.

Investigation- Feces found in a stairwell "13." The porter cleaned it up. PSD to monitor the area.

Missing Property- A delivery man left his bicycle front of a building to make a food delivery. Upon his return it was missing. PSD responded and conducted a search with negative results. NYPD refused.

Investigation-Unknown person knocked on a resident's apt door. Resident startled. PSD responded and conducted a search with negative results.

Fire- In a garbage can. PSD responded and extinguished it. No injuries and no property damage.

1/27/10-7:00 AM to 1/28/10-7:00 AM

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Noise Complaint- Report that a resident uses photo lab equipment in the apt in the early hours of the morning. RY Management notified. PSD to monitor the apt.

Police Investigation- NYPD conducting a police investigation.

Investigation- Male called a resident and reported that he allegedly won "millions of dollars," and that resident will be taken to the bank to obtain the funds. PSD responded and contacted the door station to notify PSD if suspicious male arrived. NYPD refused. PSD checked on resident who reported that the phone calls ceased. But next day victim received another phone call. NYPD responded.

Found Mail- Various letters of residence found in a building lobby. PSD responded and the mail was taken to the Roosevelt Island Post Office.

Custody Violation- Regarding three children. matter referred to Family Court.

1/28/10-7:00 AM to 1/29/10-7:00 AM

Aided - Tenant was not feeling well and was transported to the hospital by EMS.

Investigation - Youth was followed by unknown male to school. PSD was not notified until later, PSD report was taken. Youth was not harmed.

Aggravated Harassment - Tenant reported to PSD that he received another call from male subject stating he won money and that someone will come to his apartment to take him to the bank. PSD and NYPD responded.

Escort - Resident wanted PSD to escort her to an apartment to retrieve property resident retrieved property without incident.

Eviction - PSD responded to an apartment for an eviction. Marshall was on scene along with housing management. Tenant left without incident. Apartment secured by management.

Grand Larceny - School Bus driver reported to PSD that window was broken and wallet was taken along with personal property. NYPD responded and made a report.

Harassment / Cross complaint - Two tenants made complaints against each other regarding noise. One of the tenants came back into hallway and used profanity and threats towards the other tenant. Subject was taken to PSD and issued summons and released.

Stalking Investigation Update - Victim was shown pictures of possible subject. No ID was made.

Aided - Child broke away from his home health aide and crawled underneath parked car. Child suffers from Down Syndrome. Child came from underneath vehicle and mother was on scene. Mother refused EMS no injuries.

Found Property - Person turned in found property to PSD. Property was secured.

Disabled Vehicle - School Bus broke down. Driver notified mechanic and corrected condition.

Search Warrant - PSD responded with NYPD to apartment for search warrant. Search was conducted with negative results.

Disorderly Conduct - PSD responded to disorderly group. Subject started using profanity and was taken to PSD. Subject was issued summonses and released.

Alarm - PSD responded to an alarm. Super corrected condition. Interior appeared to be in order.

1/29/10-7:00 AM to 1/30/10-7:00 AM

Investigation-Resident heard noise in apt and thought unknown person inside. PSD responded and conducted a search with negative results.

Identity Theft- Resident reported receiving Department Store credit cards without having applied for the cards. NYPD responded and stated will file a report when victim obtains an affidavit from the credit card company.

Alarm- In a management company. PSD and RY Super responded. Search made with negative results. All in order. Super reset the alarm and secured the premises.

Trespass- Six subjects arrested by PSD.

Escort/Eviction- PSD provided an escort to a former tenant who had been evicted to obtain property. UA handyman responded and locked and secured the apt door.

01/30/10 700 am to 01/31/10 700 am

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Illegal Dumping- Clothes and other items left in the 560 Main Street Breezeway. PSD responed. Per tenant he threw out items in the Avac Room. Tenant cleaned up the mess.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Hazardous Condition-Tenant complained that there is an odor of cigarette smoke coming from the vents. PSD responded and unable to detect the source. Matter referred to River Walk Management.

Minor Electrical Fire- In a bathroom of an apt. The bathroom fixture and light bulb damaged. tenant extinguished the fire and sustained small burn on index fingers. EMS refused. PSD and UA responded.

Broken Bus Window- Rear of RIOC Bus. Two passengers notified the Bus Driver. PSD responded and filed a report.

Aided- n ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Larceny/Investigation- A female started she believed that a male who was with her took money. PSD and NYPD responded. NYPD interviewed both and no arrest made.

1/31/10-7:00 AM to 2/1/10

Criminal Mischief- A vehicles’ window was cracked. PSD responded. There were rocks on the ground. The owner was notified and reported it was a previous incident. NYPD refused. Search conducted with negative results.

Missing Person- Female youth member of a group home. PSD and NYPD conducted a search with negative results. PSD conducted an investigation and located youth at a friend’s house. NYPD notified.

Minor Vehicle Accident- between two private vehicles. PSD responded. EMS refused. NYPD notified and due to being very busy unable to respond. Motorist will go to NYPD on their own.

2/1/10-7:00 AM to 2/2/10-7:00 AM

Excessive Barking- Three complaints made. Incident referred to Dept of Environmental Protection.

Found Property- A book. It was secured in PSD.

Investigation- While warning a motorist for excessive speed the PSD vehicle accidently taped into the other vehicle. No injuries and no damages to either vehicle.

Suspicious Person- An adult male entered a business establishment without saying a word. The owner gave him a dollar and he left. PSD responded and conducted a search with negative results.

Minor Vehicle Accident- A motorist reported that unknown vehicle had caused scratches to her rear bumper of her parked vehicle. PSD and NYPD responded and filed reports.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Identity Theft- Follow up report. Resident obtained affidavit from credit cards companies and will have them notarized. Incident referred to 114 TH precinct detectives.

2/2/10-7:00 AM to 2/3/10-7:00 AM

Hazardous Condition- Rocks thrown stairs. Possibly by youths in the area. UA notified. PSD conducted a search with negative results.

2/3/10-7:00 AM to 2/4/10-7:00 AM

Vehicle Accident- A vehicle struck a parked vehicle. No injuries. PSD and NYPD filed a report.
Search for the vehicle made with negative results.

Found Property- A cell phone. It was secured in PSD. Later the owner retrieved his property.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Graffiti- Rear of a building. Search conducted with negative results. UA notified. Photos on file at PSD.

Smoke Condition- A resident complained that a neighbor's cigar smoke enters his apt. Resident notified the neighbor and River walk management

0700 hrs 02/04/10 - 0700 hrs 02/05/10

Graffiti - PSD officer observed graffiti on east seawall. Search of area was conducted with negative results. Housing management was notified.

Aided - Tenant fell down inside her apartment. PSD responded along with EMS. Aided was transported to hospital.

Illegal Dumping - PSD officer reported unknown person dumped tires rear of Coler Hospital parking lot. NYPD was on scene and spoke to hospital police. Hospital police supervisor will check the cameras.

0700hrs 02/05/10 - 0700hrs 02/06/10

Vehicle Accident- While making a delivery a truck backed into a sedan. Sedan has damage but no injuries. Both motorist refused NYPD, they agreed to handle matter on there own.l

Aided- Female had a seizure, EMS responded, aided was taken to the hospital.

Vehicle Accident- A vehicle hit another while parking, no injuries, both owners refused NYPD, agreed to handle matter on there own.

Investigation- Individual requested Information on a tenant, individual was referred to the Sergeant.

Aided- Female not feeling well, transported to hospital.

Aided- Female not feeling well, was transported to hospital.

Aided- Child hurt his head, PSD, NYPD and, EMS responds, child is transported to hospital his father secure apartment and accompanied him.

Theft of Service- PSD detective observed youth jump turnstile, youth were brought into PSD, there guardians were notified, youth were released.

Open Container Alcohol- PSD observed four male consuming alcohol, subjects were arrested, summonsed and released.

2/6/10-7:00 AM to 2/7/10-7:00 AM

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Suspicious Activity/ Vehicle- Motorist who was driving around the island was stopped by NYPD. Motorist was looking for metal objects in garbage cans to sell.

Unlicenced Operator- Motorist stopped for a moving violation, Stop Sign. But did not have his NYS drivers license. The employer faxed it to PSD. The motorist was warned and admonished.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Spitting/ Investigation-A male subject was spitting in the street. PSD issued him a summons.

Robbery- In the subway. Male was asleep and unknown subject cut his pants and removed a wallet and an I Phone. PSD responded. EMS refused. Victim to file a report with Transit NYPD. search for the subject yielded negative results.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

2/7/10-7:00 AM to 2/8/10-7:00 AM

Investigation-A Truck engine was idling on Main Street. PSD responded and driver not in truck. Reporter to notify the truck company. Later the truck was moved.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Investigation- Stop sign by the corner of a building is missing. RIOC notified. All other stop sign in order.

Investigation- A complaint that a RIOC bus went through stop signs. No Bus number or description provided. PSD responded and observed the RIOC buses and no violations were observed.

Aided- A male fell in apt. PSD and EMS responded. Aided refused EMS transport to the hospital. He will see his private doctor.

Investigation- A tenant attempted to move in without UA authorization. PSD responded and with the super spoke to the resident. Resident left and will obtain authorization tomorrow and move in.

Larceny- A bicycle. PSD responded and conducted a search with negative results. NYPD refused.

Graffiti- In a stairwell of a building. UA notified. PSD conducted a search with negative results. NYPD refused.

Smoke Condition- Burnt food. PSD, UA and FDNY responded. Search made for the source with negative results. Windows were opened to air out the hallway. No injuries or property damage.

Aided- A resident's oxygen machine stopped working. PSD and EMS responded. EMS restarted the machine. Aided refused transport to the hospital. A friend stayed with the aided in the apt.

Criminal Mischief- A burnt Door bell. UA notified. Search made with negative results. NYPD refused.

Possible Illegal Substance- Resident reported an odor of illegal substance coming into apt from the hallway. PSD responded and detected a strong odor of smoke. A search made with negative results for the origin of the odor.

2/8/10-7:00 AM to 2/9/10

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Minor Vehicle Accident-A PSD vehicle sustained scratches to rear bump when officer inadvertently tapped into a sign pole. No injuries. Report filed.

Graffiti- In a building stairwell. UA and PSD responded. Search for the subject made with negative results. UA removed the graffiti. NYPD refused.

Under Influence of Narcotics- Subject arrested by PSD.

Graffiti- Scratched graffiti in the Light House Comfort stations. PSD responded and conducted a search for the subject with negative results.

Harassment- Resident reported a male known to her was harassing her and at apt door. PSD responded and made a search with negative results. Resident to file a report with NYPD on her own.

Escort- Resident reported she wanted son escorted out of the apt. PSD responded and son was leaving.

2/9/10-7:00 AM to 2/10/10-7:00 AM

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Investigation- Report of a burnt candle in the roof of a building. PSD responded and conducted a search of the roof with negative results. No damage to the roof.

Aided/EDP- A Goldwater Hospital patient went onto the rocks and was yelling. PSD, NYPD and EMS responded. Aided was in pain and was transported to the hospital.

2/10/10-7:00 AM to 2/11/10-7:00 AM

Fire-( Under Metal Grading)-In Main Street. PSD, FDNY and Con Edison responded. There was partial street and sidewalk closure necessary to prevent any possible injury. No injuries and no property damage to any of the business establishments on Main street.

Property Damage- A business door window had a previous crack. The cold weather caused it to shatter. PSD and RIOC responded. The window was boarded up. No injuries.

Found Property- A bag. It was secured in PSD. Later the owner retrieved the property.

Domestic Dispute- Between mother and adult son. Mother requested son be escorted out of the apt. PSD provided the escort. NYPD refused. No injuries.

0700 hrs 02/11/10 - 0700 hrs 02/12/10

Domestic Dispute - PSD responded to verbal argument between mother and son. Son was escorted out of the apartment. No physical contact was involved.

Aided - Elderly male fell on a patch of ice. Male got up before PSD arrived. Male refused information and declined medical attention.

Hazardous Condition - PSD responded to missing man hole cover. PSD notified facilities and metal plate was placed over hole.

Dispute - PSD responded to dispute between motorist and employee from parking garage. Motorist left without further incident.

Aided/Dispute - PSD along with NYPD and EMS responded to group home for dispute between two females. Both parties were taken to the hospital for observation.

Harassment - PSD responded to report of harassment. Tenant stated another tenant got in her face and felt threaten. PSD made a report. No physical contact was made. On going situation for years.

Aided - PSD responded to report of child falling. EMS responded and transported aided to hospital.

0700hrs 02/12/10 - 0700hrs 02/13/10

Criminal Mischief- Victim's car was damaged while parked in motorgate, PSD and NYPD responded, observed damage and made a report.

Aided- Female not feeling well transported to hospital.

Domestic Verbal Dispute- Mother and daughter had an argument, they were able to resolve their differences, both agreed to keep it down.

Move out/ Eviction- Movers cleared apartment out, PSD was on scene, UA secured apartment.

2/13/10-07:00 AM to 2/14/10-07:00 AM

Gas Leak- On a stove. PSD, UA and FDNY responded. Tenant was out and arrived. No injuries. Condition corrected. No property damage.

Suspicious Male- male yelling in the subway. PSD and Transit NYPD responded. Male escorted to the train by NYPD. Condition corrected. No injuries or property damage.

Aided- An elderly male fell in the Motor gate garage. He sustained a laceration to his right hand. PSD and EMS responded. Male taken to the hospital by EMS.

Reckless Driving- Motorist driving wrong way. PSD responded and issued the motorist a summons.

Investigation- PSD responded to a building for a strong smell of marijuana. Search made for the subject with negative results. Area to be monitored by PSD.

2/14/10-7:00 AM to 2/15/10-7:00 AM

Minor Electrical Fire- At Gold Water Hospital. A light fixture. PSD and FDNY responded. FDNY extinguished the fire. PSD handled traffic control. No injuries and no property damage.

Verbal Dispute- Between a Gold Water Hospital patient and a cashier at the Gristedes Supermarket. PSD responded and escorted the patient out of the store.

Smoke bombs (Stink Bombs)-Three youths set one off in a lot. PSD responded and escorted the youth to PSD. The parents retrieved the youth. No injuries or damage.

Criminal Mischief- Youth observed play fighting and caused damage to a wall in Westview. PSD responded and conducted a search with negative results. Westview Door person notified. RY Management to make repairs during the week. NYPD refused.

Domestic Incident/Criminal Mischief- Between a male and his common law wife. He was kicking the apt door. PSD responded and conducted a search with negative result. Manhattan Park Super was notified. 911 was notified for NYPD response.

Aided- Female in apt and sustained a contusion. PSD and EMS responded. Female taken to the hospital by EMS.

Assault- An intoxicated adult male had a swollen eye. PSD responded and male was uncooperative and provided no information. He refused EMS and NYPD.

Unsecured Apt- In Eastwood. PSD responded and conducted a search for negative results. The apt was vacant. No property damage. UA Super notified.

2/15/10-7:00 AM to 2/16/10-7:00 AM

Hazardous Condition- A Large pot hole by a man cover rear of 888 Main Street. a cone was placed over it. RIOC Facilities Supervisor notified. PSD responded and filed a report. No injuries reported.

Domestic Dispute- Between a adult female and her boyfriend. Upon PSD arrival male was gone. A search for the male yielded negative results. No injuries and NYPD refused.

Harassment- A group of youth knocked on door of a tenant and ran off. PSD responded and conducted a search with negative results. NYPD refused. No injuries.

Criminal Mischief- Three youths observed damaging the wall ( A hole). PSD responded and conducted a search with negative results. UA notified. NYPD refused.

Harassment- Youths three snowballs at an adult male. PSD responded and conducted a search with negative results. NYPD and EMS refused.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Domestic Dispute- Between Estranged Husband and wife. He dropped off children and refused to live. PSD and NYPD responded. male escorted out and NYPD filed a report. No injuries.

2/16/10-7:00 AM to 2/17/10-7:00 AM

Aided- A male fell in a business establishment. PSD and EMS responded. Male taken to the hospital by EMS.

Found Property- A wallet. It was secured at PSD.

Harassment- Four adult males and a female approached a male and were yelling profanity. PSD responded and conducted a search with negative results. No injuries. NYPD refused. Incident referred to PSD anti crime unit.

Harassment- Threats and vulgar remarks made by one Island resident to another. NYPD refused. No injuries. Incident referred to PSD anti crime unit.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

2/17/10-7:00 AM to 2/18/10-7:00 AM

Vehicle Accident- A private vehicle struck a parked Public safety vehicle. No injuries. PSD Sergeant and NYPD responded. NYPD filed a report.

Found Property- a pair of gloves and was secured in PSD. They were found in a RIOC Bus.

Aided- An ill person was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Investigation- A report of a person possibly being robbed. PSD and conducted a search with negative results.

Unlawful Possession of Marijuana/Trespass- PSD arrested the subject.

Criminal Mischief- A hole in the hallway of a building. PSD and UA Super responded. A search was conducted with negative results. NYPD refused.

Domestic Dispute- Between an adult male and his girlfriend. No injuries. PSD and NYPD responded. Male was escorted out of the building. UA responded and changed the lock.

0700 hrs 02/18/10 - 0700 hrs 02/19/10

Criminal Mischief - Maintenance reported unknown person threw eggs on tenant's door. PSD responded and made search of area with negative results. Maintenance cleaned door.

Smoke Condition - FDNY responded to apartment for smoke condition. Tenant had burnt food. PSD was on scene. FDNY corrected condition. No injuries or property damage.

Criminal Mischief - Reporter called PSD and stated that window to a vehicle was broken. PSD responded and vehicle also had been scratched. PSD conducted search of the area with negative results.

Smoke Condition - PSD responded along with FDNY for smoke alarm. Tenant left food on stove burning. There was no fire. No injuries or property damage.

Investigation - Tenant reported to PSD that unknown youths keep banging on his door in the morning. No damage to the door. Day tour supervisor notified.

Lost Property - Female reported to PSD that she lost her wallet in NYC. Reporter will file report with 19th pct.

Order of Protection - PSD responded to apartment to serve order of protection. Person was served without further incident.

Disable Vehicle - PSD officer observed vehicle blocking intersection ramp at motorgate garage. Owner was notified and vehicle was moved.

Another Roosevelt Island Closed Main Street Store - Grog Liquor Shop Shut Down By NY State Tax Authorities - Not know If Or When It Will Reopen

Image of Grog Shop From Spatial Design

A reader last month asked What Has Happened To Roosevelt Island's Grog Liquor Shop which elicited resident responses ranging from complaints about the quality of the store and inventory selections to supporters.

An update - several readers have noticed a Tax Compliance Seizure sign on the door of the Grog Shop including this report from yesterday:
I just walked by the Grog Shop and the Department of Taxation (or whatever its correct name is) seized the property. There are big red signs in the windows saying that the Grog Shop has not been paying due taxes. Another open store front on Main Street.
Roosevelt Island Grog Shop Seizure Sign on Window

I inquired of Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Steve Shane:
Several readers have reported that signage is up on the Grog Shop window stating that the store has been closed by Tax Authorities and worried that another Main Street store will be vacant.

Do you have any details on the Grog shop closure and whether it will re-open? Has the Grog Shop surrendered it lease?
Mr. Shane replied:
The NY State Department of Taxation & Finance closed the Grog Shop and changed the locks yesterday.
The lease has not been surrendered, nor is it under any legal obligation to do so.
I have asked the principal proprietor to call me to discuss the situation. It is unfortunate as to the community's needs for a retail service establishment. RIOC will do what it can to restore the service as soon as possible.
UPDATE 2/25 -From Mr. Shane's Report to the community (Item 10):
Grog Shop: Sadly, completely outside of the ability of RIOC to influence the outcome, the New York State Department of Taxation & Finance has shuttered the Grog Shop for non payment of franchise and sales taxes. Until the matter is resolved, RIOC has no access to the premises and unless quickly resolved, will have no alternative to commencing legal proceedings to terminate the lease and recover possession, a typically long and expensive litigation process. We are well aware of the loss of an important service establishment and will do everything possible to facilitate a favorable resolution for the Island residents.

RIOC Board Says No To Temporary Roosevelt Island Morning Rush Hour Ferry Service During Tram Outage - Just Too Expensive

RIOC Officials Waving Goodbye To Roosevelt Island Temporary Ferry Service

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) Board of Directors voted yesterday not to go forward on temporary ferry service for Roosevelt Island morning rush hours during the planned March - September Tram outage. The cost of approximately $1 million, which includes operating subsidies and temporary dock construction, was just too much for Directors to approve the temporary ferry despite all wishing for a permanent service.

During the Board meeting RIOC President Steve Shane reported that 800 of the 11-1200 regular users of the morning rush hour tram responded to the Temporary Ferry Service Survey. 400 of those 800 said they would use the temporary ferry to 35th Street and of those 400, 300 said they would pay the $3 fee. The fee would be in addition to any subway or bus fee because the MTA refused to allow the Metro Card to be used for the Ferry.

Since the NY Water Taxi Ferry operators would charge RIOC $4000 per day for operating the temporary ferry service during morning rush hours, a subsidy of $3100 a day would be required from RIOC in order to provide the service ($4,000 - 300 riders X $3 =$3100). All of the RIOC Directors, except for Jonathan Kalkin, decided that was just too expensive. Mr. Kalkin was the only RIOC Director to vote to approve the temporary ferry service.

So it looks like Roosevelt Island transportation options during the tram outage are the F Train, Red Bus, Q102 Bus, Memorial Sloan Kettering Bus Shuttle, automobile and feet.

Here is the February Board of Directors meeting webcast.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Upcoming Roosevelt Island Community Events - Black History Month, Women's History Month, Easter Egg Dying and Hunt

Received the following message from RIOC Community Relations Specialist Erica Wilder on upcoming Roosevelt Island events.
Here's a list of upcoming events on the island:

Black History Month Event
Saturday, February 27 8pm, Good Shepherd Community Center (543 Main Street)

This year's celebration, in partnership with the Roosevelt Island Senior Association, will take you on a musical journey through the evolution of Motown Records. A unique era of music that transformed the face of popular culture against the backdrop of a revolutionary era in American history. Listen to classic Motown hits played by the "Pocket Change Band".
Immediately following the show, there will be a reception inside the community room, lower level, where you will have the opportunity to sample Soul Food prepared by Riverwalk Bar and Grill and meet the artists and performers of the program.

Women's History Month Event
A Celebration of Women Composers
Saturday, March 13th at 7:30pm
Good Shepherd Community Center (543 Main Street)
An educational musical program led by the all women chamber ensemble, L'Ensemble highlights women composers both historically and present day. Reception immediately following the show inside the community room, lower level, where you will have the opportunity to meet the artists and performers of the program.

Easter Egg Dying
March 27th, 2pm-4pm
at Riverwalk Lawn
Come out and dye eggs for the upcoming community Easter Egg Hunt
All Ages Welcome
In case of rain, we will meet at the Riverwalk Bar and Grill (425 Main Street)

Easter Egg Hunt
At Blackwell Park
Sunday, March 28th
1:30pm- Ages 2-4
2:30pm- Ages 5-12
In association with Riverwalk Bar and Grill
Remember to mark your calendar!

Roosevelt Island Tram Shutdown Ready & On Time For March 1 - Final Ride At 2 AM Will There Be A Party?

You Tube Video of Snowy Roosevelt Island Tram Ride

Above video is a view of the Roosevelt Island Tram not seen in the past - from the rooftop of the new Riverwalk Rental building at 405 Main Street and in the snow. Pretty cool!

It looks like some other media outlets are finally picking up the story of the Roosevelt Island Tram shutdown.

In addition to the WPIX video above, both NewYorkology and Gothamist have mentioned the soon to be out of service Roosevelt Island Tram. According to NewYorkology:
Roosevelt Island Tram — famous for its “Spider-Man” movie cameo as well as stranding real-life riders over the East River in 2006 — is on schedule to shut down March 1 through Aug. 31 for a major modernization project.

This past weekend, the Roosevelt Islander blog reported the oft-delayed project is almost ready to begin. The tram is “on schedule for March 1 shutdown,” Roosevelt Island Operating Corporaton President Steve Shane states in a report to island residents reprinted on the blog
Image From Vidiot via Gothamist

Nothing yet from the major print papers, NY Times, Daily News or NY Post.

At yesterday's RIOC Operations Committee Meeting and the RIRA Town Hall Meeting we learned that:
  • the final trip for the the current Roosevelt Island Tram will take place at 2 AM (will there be a party like the one at Jackson Hole?) on the morning of March 1 and that one of the cabins will be ready to resume operation by mid to late August and the other in early September.
  • the construction plan schedule for the Tram Modernization has been altered slightly. Initially, RIOC and POMA planned working on the Tram Towers on the Roosevelt Island side first, which they say will be easier, in order to gain some experience prior to working on the more difficult Manhattan side towers. That has changed because RIOC was informed by NYC that the Department of Transportation is scheduled to start working May 15 in the same 59th street area on a water tunnel project. POMA will now work on the Manhattan side Towers first so that there is no conflict with DOT's projected May 15 water tunnel start date.
  • The Manhattan Tram Station booth attendant will be eliminated and replaced with Public Safety Officers at both stations during rush hours as well as 24 hour seven day security cameras.
  • The plan is for all of the current Roosevelt Island Tram workers to be asked back but that there will be reductions due to retirements and attrition.
  • The Q 102 bus to Queens will now make a single loop around Roosevelt Island instead of the current confusing practice of alternate North and South routes coming from the Roosevelt Island Bridge. RIOC President Steve Shane indicated that there is a possibility the Red Bus Shuttle service to Queens may be eliminated if more people use the Q102 than the Red Bus. The number mentioned was that if only 2 to 4 people are using the Red Bus to Queens then the service could be stopped. RIOC Director Margie Smith said she would not approve of that idea.
  • The MTA will provide no additional trains during the tram outage and will continue planned weekend subway work which will eliminate Roosevelt Island subway service in at least one direction at these times.
  • Temporary Ferry Service from the oil dock appears unlikely due to cost but will be voted on at today's RIOC Board Meeting.
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital will be running shuttle bus service for it's employees during Tram outage
  • RIOC will be filming the Tram Modernization process. Maybe a future movie?
On a non- tram outage transportation issue, RIOC and RIRA both agreed to provide information and apply to be a test community for Google's new high speed broadband ISP service mentioned in this earlier post.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RIRA Town Hall Meeting Tonight, RIOC Tomorrow - Ask Questions About Roosevelt Island Tram Outage, Ferry, Ground Lease Extension & More

Image Of RIOC Officials Addressing Febraury 2010 RIRA Meeting

Do you have any questions about what is happening on Roosevelt Island? Concerned about affordable housing, gound lease extensions for Rivercross, Island House, Westview and other buildings including Riverwalk Condominiums? Interested in transportation, parks, retail, RIOC's budget or anything else about life here on Roosevelt Island? If so, you have the opportunity to speak with Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Directors/Staff and Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Common Council Members at two separate Town Hall Meetings this week.

The first Town Hall Meeting is sponsored tonight by RIRA and will take place at the Good Shepherd Community Center - 543 Main Street. According to RIRA President Frank Farance:
The next RIRA Town Hall meeting is on February 17 at 8PM in the church. This meeting is a prep for the RIOC Board meeting the next day. Come talk to RIOC board members and staff on agenda topics.
The Agenda for the February 19 RIOC Board of Directors Meeting is:

FEBRUARY 18, 2010




I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes

January 14, 2010 Board Meeting (Board Action Required)

IV. Old Business

V. New Business

1. Authorization to Enter into Amendment of Contract with Parametrix Consulting Inc. for the Aerial Tramway Modernization Project (Board Action Required)

2. Authorization to Enter into Amendment of Contract with Alternate Construction Concepts LLC for the Renwick Ruin Stabilization Project (Board Action Required)

3. Authorization to Enter into Contract for Temporary Water Ferry Service (Board Action Required - Materials to Follow)

4. Presentation of the FY 2009-10 QTR 3 Procurement Report

5. Expression of Intention in Connection with Ground Lease Extension Transactions for the Rivercross, Island House and Westview Projects (Board Action Required)

6. Committee Reports

a. Audit Committee

b. Governance Advisory Committee

c. Operations Advisory Committee

d. Real Estate Development Advisory Committee

7. Public Safety Report

8. President's Report

VI. Adjournment

As stated above the second Town Hall Meeting will take place immediately after the February RIOC Board Meeting. There is no better time to learn about what is happening on Roosevelt Island then during the next two days.

The RIOC February Board of Directors meeting will be webcast and available for viewing two days later and minutes will be posted online "when available".

Early Childhood Teaching Positions Available At Roosevelt Island's Bright Horizons School

You Tube Video of Day In The Life Of Early Childhood Teacher

Are you an early childhood teacher looking for a job on Roosevelt Island. If so, there are several positions available with Bright Horizons.

According to Craigslist:

Interested candidates must meet the follow requirements. If you don’t meet these requirements please do not apply.

• BA or above in Early Childhood Education
• NY State Certification in B-2 or N-6
• Experience as a Head Teacher (2 to 3 years preferred)
• Experience working with children between the ages of 3 to 6 years of age
• Excellent Communication Skills
• Ability to effectively communicate with parents
• Willing to work 40 hour work week with a flexible schedule (M-F between the hours of 7:30 am to 6:30 pm)...
There are several different positions available for infant and pre-K teachers with Bright Horizons on Roosevelt Island.

According to the Bright Horizons web site:
Founded in 1986, Bright Horizons Family Solutions is the world's leading provider of employer-sponsored child care, early education, and work/life solutions. Conducting business in the United States, Europe, and Canada, we have created employer-sponsored child care and early education programs for more than 700 clients, including more than 90 of the Fortune 500.
CNN Money reported that Bright Horizons was #89 on Fortune Magazine's 100 Best Companies to work for.

More listings for Roosevelt Island jobs available here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Will Residents Party Or Mourn The Shutdown Of Roosevelt Island Tram - RIOC Operations Committee Meeting 2/17 On Transportation Options During Outage

Last Tram Jackson Hole from Jim Stanford on Vimeo.

What will Roosevelt Island be like on February 28, the last day that the current Roosevelt Island Tram is in operation before it's March 1 shutdown? Will Roosevelt Islanders party like they did in Jackson Hole or worry that the scheduled September 2010 resumption of service with a brand new dual haul tram will be delayed for much longer? We'll soon see.

In the meantime the RIOC Operations Committee is meeting tomorrow to discuss Roosevelt Island transportation issues relating to the Tram shutdown.
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a meeting of the Operations Advisory Committee of the RIOC Board of Directors will be held on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. at the RIOC administrative office, 591 Main Street, Roosevelt Island, New York. The Committee will meet to:
1- receive an update on the Aerial Tramway Modernization Project;

2-discuss transportation alternatives during the Aerial Tramway shutdown, including water ferry and bus service; and

3- discuss the extension of the contract with Parametrix Consulting Inc. for the Aerial Tramway Modernization Project.
The meeting will be available on line two days later. RIOC does not live webcast Committee meetings.

It's Snowing Again On Roosevelt Island

You Tube Video of Roosevelt Island Snowstorm

Roosevelt Island Grandparents Day Activities At The Seniors Center On February 18 From 10 AM - 1 PM

Image From RIOC

Roosevelt Island Grandparents Safety Day is Thursday, February 18 from 10 AM - 1 PM and will take place at the Seniors Center, 546 Main Street.

Update On Last Week's Transformer Fire In Front Of Island House

Image From Frank Farance

An update to last week's transformer fire in front of Island House. According to RIOC:
On February 10, 2010 at about 10:10 a.m., one of Con Edison's transformers in Vault #2 under the sidewalk in the vicinity of 559 Main Street (Orphan International), caught on fire. Roosevelt Island Public Safety Officers were immediately on scene and placed emergency calls to both FDNY, who responded promptly, and Con Edison whose Emergency Unit responded about 40 minutes after the call was made.

The area from the Trellis Restaurant to the Dry Cleaners was corded off, interrupting both vehicular and pedestrian traffic along Main Street. Upon the arrival of Con Edison's emergency personnel, Mr. Ferraro made a visual inspection of the immediate area and shut off power to the transformer. Vehicular traffic on Main Street and the east sidewalk were restored shortly thereafter. Access to the Newspaper stand was also restored.

It was reported by Con Edison's representative that salting during the winter season infiltrated the grating cover and lodged on the insulation of the cables, eroding them over time, causing conducting activities and subsequently the fire. Upon inspection by the RIOC Engineering Staff, power had been lost to five street lamps along Main Street between Good Shepherd Community Center and 559 Main Street, and along the Westside Channel Road between the Meditation steps to Good Shepherd.

Temporary power was restored to Main Street on that evening, however, a special cable is required for the restoration of power to the west side. Power on the west side should be restored early next week.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Riverwalk Developers Principal For A Day At Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217 - Fall 2010 Kindergarten Admission Info Due March 12

You Tube Video of What Teachers Make

Are you considering sending your child to PS/IS 217 kindergarten next year? If so, be aware that there is a:


Families that are interested in kindergarten admission for PS/IS 217M for the Fall of 2010 must submit intake information to the school. This process will take place from February 8 through March 12 from 9:00 AM until 11:00 AM in the Main Office.

Please bring the following documents:

  • Proof of residency (copy of the lease, letter from the Management and utility bill)
  • Proof of Birth (Birth Certificate or passport)
  • Name of any other child in the school.
Information on whom to contact here.

Image of Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 From Geocities

I recently learned that David Kramer and Kimberly Sherman Stamier of Riverwalk's Hudson/Related development team participated in PENCIL's Principal For A Day Program at Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217. According to PENCIL:
PENCIL's Annual Principal For A Day® event serves as the official kick-off for our Partnership Program. Held each year in October, Principal For A Day® mobilizes partners to launch their collaborations on a citywide basis. Hundreds of New York business leaders visit their partner schools in all five boroughs to start or continue their collaborations. These visits provide business Partners with valuable exposure to their school’s culture and unique strengths and challenges.
I asked Ms. Stamier to report on her experience as a Principal For The Day at PS/IS 217 and she kindly agreed to do so. From Ms. Stamier:
I have had the pleasure of spending hundreds of hours on Roosevelt Island and when I was offered the opportunity to collaborate with PS/IS 217, I jumped at the chance.

As part of the Related/Hudson co-development team behind Riverwalk, the six buildings located just north of the tram on Roosevelt Island, I have been working with RIOC and on these developments for over a decade. Throughout my tenure on the island the entire team has become immersed in the neighborhood, and as we have added residents to the island, the families that inhabit our residences have too. As a new mother myself, I had always been interested in the island’s home school located on Main Street. I had reviewed the school statistics through the DOE and other websites, however, a website does not give any sense of the school. The school environment was a key factor that I wanted to learn more about.

When David Kramer of Hudson Companies, who had partaken in the PENCIL partnership in the past, suggested that he and I collaborate to work with PS/IS, my first question was, what is PENCIL? I visited their website for all of the details, Per their website, “PENCIL builds and supports customized relationships between business leaders and principals to inspire innovation and transform public schools. By bringing together the best ideas, resources and talent across sectors, we develop strong leaders, build school capacity, enhance student learning, and inspire greater community and corporate support, to create real change in our City's schools”. What the PENCIL partnership between Related / Hudson and PS/IS 217 meant for us was that we were formally introduced to the school with the goal of making a difference in any way that we could.

On the morning of October 15th, David and I initially met with Principal Mandana Beckman and Assistant Principal Jennifer Bartolino and received a full tour of the school. We were amazed by the terrific facilities. Apart from the beautiful and open view of Manhattan over the East River, we were impressed by the size of the school, the large acoustically attenuated auditorium that seats over 100 people, the dedicated gym facility (as opposed to a shared gym / lunch room), the Mac room, the music room with a large variety of instruments, and the large courtyard playground. The school is home to kindergarten through eighth grade, and recently embarked on a gifted and talented program. The methods of communication were high tech in many of the classrooms, with overhead computers and programs that are projected onto screens instead of

We also got a feel for the school by looking at the bulletin boards in the entry hall that leads to the principal’s office. Though the content is continually changing, I particularly enjoyed the postings from my last two visits of “Pajama Day” and the letters to President Obama after he won the election. The students represent over seventy countries and the main hall is home to flags from each one.

At our meeting with Mandana and Jenn, we assessed the school’s needs and specifically where and how David and I could help. We came up with three goals:

(1) Create a school logo and brochure, replete with photographs and information;

(2) Produce a Career Day series for sixth and seventh graders to learn about different career paths and steps to take in order to achieve career goals. This exercise is particularly applicable to this age group as they will soon decide if/ which specialized schools they would like to apply to; and

(3) Increase outreach on the school to the Roosevelt Island population. You’d be surprised how many families do not know about the great things happening at PS/IS 217.

So how are we achieving these goals? Shortly after our meeting with Mandana and Jenn, David saw a friend in the graphic design world, who generously offered to create the school’s logo. Thank you Pat Thompson. At a recent meeting with Mandana and Jenn we were joined by 3 PTA members, who thought they could source photographers for our brochure. Once that’s done we’ll all work on the copy, and this summer we’ll have a brochure in hand.

We have also made progress on Career Day. David and I are working on list of industries that we think would be interesting to the students, and careers that they might not know about at a young age. Communications, aviation, culinary arts, fashion and marketing are a few of the presentations that we are planning. We will have two guests from each field speak with the students, and are currently sourcing speakers.

As for the school outreach, we’ve planned a meet and greet for Mandana and Jenn for the residents of Riverwalk. We have quite a bit of families at Riverwalk, many of whom are growing. We are looking forward to the introduction.

PENCIL brought us all together with the goal of creating goals – and we are headed down that path. PENCIL has excellent resources to facilitate all of our needs. There are monthly seminars hosted by PENCIL on a range of topic from attaining corporate sponsorships to a lecture by Meryl Tisch, the Chancellor of the New York State Board of Regents. The PENCIL team is always eager and ready to help with anything they can, and they are a real pleasure to work with.

David and I look forward to spending more time with the faculty, staff and students at PS/IS 217 and to working with the team to achieve our goals.
PS/IS 217 Computer Room From rigandt

PS/IS 217 Cafeteria From rigandt

Additional information about Roosevelt Island's PS/Is 217 is available from the PTA, the excellent Roosevelt Island School G & T Blog and NYC Department of Education Portal.

Could Roosevelt Island Be A Site For Google's New Ultra High Speed Internet Broadband Network - Hey Google, Give Us A Try

You Tube Video of Google's Experimental Fiber Network

Since Google decided not to send it's Street View Trike to Roosevelt Island last year, here's a second chance for Google to use Roosevelt Island as a site for one of it's new products. A tech savvy reader sends in this message:
First, the link:

Looks like Google is planning to become a Internet Service Provider. At current, they are going to test out their fiber service in small communities and I think our "microcosmic Manhattan" could be a great candidate for this project. Since Google is planning service up to 1 gb/s (roughly 100x what most Americans experience currently) at a "competitive price", this could be just the right kind of competition to push all other service providers out of their stagnant pricing and bandwidth caps.

Because I don't have enough information on the status of broadband connectivity on the island, I am reluctant to fill out the info form on the website. I am also unsure about the willingness of our community to get more connected. Also, I'm not sure what the availability of fiber optic connection is for the buildings on the island. I believe the Octagon is fiber-ready and that's already a ~500 resident market.

I hope that by posting this on the blog we can get the word out to the residents. Not to forget the community leaders who may have a bit more knowledge and influence to bring such a revolutionary project to our little island. It seems like Roosevelt Island has been welcoming these kinds of projects lately (namely, the electric water turbine project from Verdant Power) and we could add to our image of a progressive and positive leader in these eco/techno-logical times.

While RI is technically part of Manhattan and NYC, I think that we may have a better chance of obtaining a top spot in this experiment because of our "small community in a big city" nature. It would be more difficult to implement a project like this in any other borough since they are so dense.

Of course this is not a totally altruistic cause, I know that I and many other people would love a higher bandwidth at lower prices; what with all the internet TV and gaming and media-heavy applications now in use.

Thanks for reading my long email. I just saw this on a blog today and thought this would be a great opportunity for our community.
I asked RIOC Director Jonathan Kalkin what he thought of the idea for Roosevelt Island. Mr. Kalkin likes the idea and replied:
Yes. I saw this the other day on gizmodo and was going to address it at the operations meeting. It looks interesting. From their page it states that anyone can file and government cooperation would be helpful.

I also like some of the initiatives that Google has incorporated on their campus like solar powered parking areas and options for plug-in electric cars. Perhaps this could be a relationship that would branch into other opportunities.
The response deadline is March 26. Governments and communities can respond to Google's Fiber service here.

More on Google's experimental fiber network plan from the NY Times:
Google said Wednesday that it would offer ultrahigh-speed Internet access in some communities in a test that could showcase the kinds of things that would be possible if the United States had faster broadband networks...
The Washington Post adds:
... In experimenting with broadband access, the company said, Google would create networks in a select number of communities across the country to deliver Internet service directly to homes at 1 gigabit per second. Google plans to request proposals from municipalities to determine what areas would be part of the experiment. It said it would pay for the construction and operation of the networks and charge consumers rates that would be competitive with other service providers.

The trials would involve relatively compact areas, the company said, with the networks reaching at least 50,000 and up to 500,000 people. The District has a population of about 591,000...
UPDATE 2/19 - Good News. RIOC and RIRA both agreed to provide information and apply to be a test community for Google's new high speed broadband ISP service. RIOC Director Jonathan Kalkin and RIRA President Frank Farance are both highly interested in this service and will take lead in effort.