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RIOC Shuts Off Roosevelt Island Southpoint Park Cat Sanctuary Fresh Water Supply Says Wildlife Freedom Foundation - RIOC Says They Are Looking For Solutions To Water Supply Problems

Roosevelt Island resident Rossana Ceruzzi is founder and President of the Wildlife Freedom Foundation (WFF) According to the WFF:

... The Wildlife Freedom Foundation, Inc. is a non profit organization 501 (c)(3) formed for the purpose of protecting and conserving wildlife and caring for stray animal populations in NYC.

Among other causes, we work to control and reduce the population of stray cats in NYC through the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) and get them adopted when possible; to provide care for stray cats who are not adopted or adoptable; to advocate to prevent and end ALL forms of cruelty towards animals...

... Our Cat Sanctuary in NYC is located on Roosevelt Island in the SouthPoint Park. It houses 22 happy, wonderful stray cats. They are all spayed/neutered, friendly and they love to meet and greet residents and visitors. Come to meet our cats! Share your love....

Ms. Ceruzzi is also a Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Common Council Member. During the June 6 RIRA meeting, Ms Ceruzzi reported that that three weeks ago the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) shut off the fresh water supply for the Southpoint Park Cat sanctuary without any prior notice.

Yesterday, I asked RIOC Public Information Officer Alonza Robertson:
At last evening’s RIRA meeting, Rossana Ceruzzi said that RIOC cut off the fresh water supply to the Southpoint Park cat sanctuary?

Is that true? Why?

Rossana said that RIOC claims the cat sanctuary hose is leaking and wasting water.

Rosana denied there is any leaking water and says they use the water judiciously. She also says that cutting off fresh water access endangers the lives of the cats.

Some RIRA members claimed RIOC is using the denial of fresh water as an excuse to remove the cat sanctuary from Southpoint Park.

Any comment from RIOC?
Mr. Roberson replied:
We applaud the volunteer work that the non-profit Wildlife Freedom Foundation (WFF) is doing on Roosevelt Island to help promote compassion and provide protection for wildlife, stray animals and more specifically the feral cat population on the Island.

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) has a long history – more than seven years - of supporting the Foundation’s efforts by building several cat sanctuaries, providing locked storage facilities, installing car speed bumps near the cat colonies and just today, awarding the first half of a $5,000 public purpose grant to help subsidize WFF’s program and administrative costs.

But now RIOC - in trying to find a compromise over a water use dispute with WFF - is slandered as an animal cruelty corporation by a few who’ve only heard one-half of the story.

When we learned, more than a month ago, that the Southpoint Park irrigation system tap - of which WFF was using as a water source for drinking and cleaning at its Southpoint Cat Sanctuary - was causing pressure-related problems, we contacted WFF several times via email, telephone and in person to discuss potential solutions.

These alternatives included: installing a new water tap at the Southpoint Park comfort station (with the free use of a push cart) at no cost to WFF; installing a rainwater collection tank with a pressure pump, at no cost to WFF; or building a water line directly to the cat sanctuary, at their expense since this requires us tearing up the pavement, excavation, installing the pipe and then repaving. None of these were acceptable to WFF.

There are two other cat sanctuaries RIOC built on the Island; one near the rear of the NYC Health + Hospitals/Coler parking lot and the other at Pony Field just south of Octagon Park. RIOC does not supply water taps there, but the cats all had an abundance of fresh water in their bowls when we went to check this Thursday afternoon.

And in the six months of the year that the Southpoint irrigation system is not on and no tap is available to WFF (usually in the late fall and winter), none of cats at the Southpoint sanctuary go thirsty. WFF delivers water, by cart or by car, to keep all the felines hydrated.

And there’s one last point we should make. Irrigation system water, like the one WFF was using, is not potable; that means the water is not suitable for drinking by humans or animals since it’s contaminated by fertilizer, pesticides, feces and other contaminates.

Nobody wants the cats ingesting those types of pollutants. Let’s find a solution for the Southpoint Cat Sanctuary that makes healthy sense for everyone.
Here is the hose and water supply for the Southpoint Park Cat Sanctuary.

Below is the RIRA discussion on subject. The RIRA Common Council expressed support for the Cat Sanctuary and are seeking ideas for persuading RIOC to return the fresh water supply.

Some RIRA members were skeptical of RIOC's reason for cutting off the water supply speculating that RIOC may want to remove the Cat Sanctuary from Southpoint Park.

Will update when more info available.

UPDATE 6/10  - Correction, RIOC told Ms Ceruzzi that reason for shutting off water supply was "negative impact on pressure and flow".

UPDATE 6/17:
UPDATE 6/25 - RIOC agreed to restore the water supply to WFF Cat Sanctuary today following a meeting with Ms. Ceruzzi. According to this statement from RIOC:
The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) announced today an agreement with the non-profit Wildlife Freedom Foundation (WFF) to reactivate water access at the Island’s Southpoint Park cat sanctuary.

“WFF has agreed to use the water supply in a way as to not adversely impact the RIOC irrigation system,” RIOC President Susan Rosenthal said Monday afternoon. “WFF also does not believe that the recirculated, non-potable irrigation system water will harm the feral cats at the sanctuary”.

Those were two of the main issues RIOC cited earlier this month in statements explaining its decision to not permit WFF to connect to the irrigation system. (The non-potable irrigation system water – which is not safe to drink – has nothing to do with the Island’s domestic water supply).

The resolution came after an hour-long meeting between RIOC officials – including Rosenthal, Chief Operating Officer Shelton Haynes, General Counsel Jaci Flug, and Vice President of Capital Project Stephen Noone – and Rossana Ceruzzi, president of WFF and her legal representatives. Noone explained details of how the Southpoint Park irrigation system works, how the WFF tap had caused pressure issues, how sprinkler heads reabsorb excess run-off water - that often contain “harmful for human and animal” consumption organic fertilizers, pesticides, animal feces, and other materials – from the lawn and flower beds.

The Southpoint cat sanctuary is one of four sanctuaries for more than 60 feral cats on the Island. During the past seven years, RIOC has supported WFF by helping build the sanctuaries, enclosing sanctuary areas with chain-link fencing, providing free storage for cat supplies and food as well as this year providing $5,000 for WFF administrative and program costs.

“Considering the relationship RIOC and WFF have enjoyed for years, I’m very pleased that this is now resolved,” Rosenthal said.
Ms Ceruzzi spoke to the June 25 RIOC Board of Directors Meeting Public Session announcing the agreement to restore water to the cat sanctuary.

RIOC Announces Sunday Gardening Program With iDig2Learn For Roosevelt Island Kids 5 -12 At The Youth Center Environmental Learning Center Garden Courtyard - Children Explore Science And The Origin Of Food Through Plant Life

 Roosevelt Island non-profit organization iDig2Learn's:

... purpose is to unite the community around the idea that city children benefit greatly from time outdoors in nature using their environment to explore science, math and the origin of food through plant life.

​iDig2Learn believes that working together to create green spaces, including science gardens, builds knowledge and creates another source of interest that will strengthen the bonds of friendship in diverse communities for years to come.

​iDig2Learn provides an environment in a real world setting that excites children about food they can grow. Often city children do not get to connect with nature and this educational garden program is a hands on experience within their natural world....
iDig2Learn is beginning a new Roosevelt Island gardening program this summer. According to Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Information Officer Alonza Robertson:
A new Roosevelt Island youth program invites students in grades K-5 to “get planting” on Sunday mornings at the Center.

On Thursday, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), announced registration is now open for the summer iDig2Learn: Sundays in the Garden program allowing children to explore science and the origin of food through plant life.

“In high-density urban environments, many young people do not get the opportunity to experience nature up close,” said Erica Spencer-EL, RIOC’s Director of Community Affairs and managing director of Island’s Youth Center. “Allowing youth to grow plants in the garden excites them about science, deepens their understanding of where their food comes from and can empower them to make healthy choices.”

“When children are allowed to care for and nurture plants, they get a better understanding of the interconnectivity of living systems as a whole,” said RIOC President Susan Rosenthal. “We want young people to know they belong and have value and a role in our community and the world around them.”

Created by a local resident and TEDx finalist for “Changing the Way We Eat”, the iDig2Learn science garden initiative began on the Island and has been proudly serving Roosevelt Islanders since 2012.

“Knowing that chocolate, tea, even rubber from the bottom of our sneakers, all come from plants, boost our curiosity to find out more,” said iDig2Learn founder Christina Delfico who will lead the Sunday program. “Nature is amazing, and young people who experience garden learning are more interested in science and eating vegetables than those who don’t.”

An Emmy-nominated children’s media producer, science enthusiast, and avid gardener, Delfico shares her love of nature through iDig2Learn experiences in Nolita, Brooklyn and Roosevelt Island.

The program is open to resident youth of Roosevelt Island, ages 5 to 12, and encourages them to plant and to use their senses to see, hear, smell, touch and observe the wonders of nature up close in the Environmental Learning Center garden courtyard at the Roosevelt Island Youth Center. Children examine seeds and fruit to make the connection that food comes from the earth. They even reveal that they are seed and root eaters - a fact they initially love to deny!

“iDig2Learn: Sundays in the Garden is a program that allows youth to experience the calming elements inherent outdoors while learning where their food comes from and getting up close and personal with the science of living things. Understanding healthy food choices benefits youth and our community,” Spencer-EL said.

The free program will run Sundays in June - September at the Roosevelt Island Youth Center’s Environmental Learning Center garden courtyard. Starting at 10:30 a.m., there will be garden sessions for youth age 5 to 12 for one hour. No gardening experience is needed and all tools will be supplied. Dress for mess and come enjoy the garden.

Parents should go to if interested in signing up their children; to volunteer, parents are encouraged to email the program at

“Children never tire of permission to get messy and to plant something in the soil here on Roosevelt Island,” Spencer-EL said. “We’re excited to offer this popular program to get children outdoors, moving and planting.”
Sign up here to register for the program.

Bad News For Roosevelt Island Transportation This Weekend, No F Train Service To Manhattan, Only 1 Tram Cabin Working & No Metro Card Machines At RI Tram Station - But NYC Ferry New Summer Schedule Has More Service

 No Roosevelt Island F Train service

to Manhattan this weekend. According to the MTA,

TRACK MAINTENANCE | 9:45 PM Fri, Jun 8 to 5 AM Mon, Jun 11 Coney Island-bound F trains run via the E from Roosevelt Av, Queens to 5 Av/53 St, Manhattan

Trains resume regular service at 47-50 Sts.

No Coney Island-bound service at 21 St-Queensbridge, Roosevelt Island, Lexington Av/63 St and 57 St.
Also, only 1 Roosevelt Island Tram Cabin operating this weekend. As previously reported:
... Construction work on the Tram Station platforms, at both Roosevelt Island and Midtown Manhattan, will resume this Wednesday, May 16; and continue for up to 30 days reducing commuter service to one cabin. The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) will operate a free, weekday roundtrip Red Bus service from 3 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. to help alleviate evening rush-hour waiting and congestion...
Plan for long lines at the Tram Station.

And no Metro Card Vending Machines working at Roosevelt Island Tram station. Fill up your Metro Card at RI Subway or Tram Manhattan station.

There is Roosevelt Island ferry service on the Astoria Route. Here's the new summer schedule for Roosevelt Island ferry service.

UPDATE 1:05 PM - More bad Roosevelt Island transportation news.

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You're Invited To The Annual Roosevelt Island Day Saturday June 16 - Help Clean Up & Beautify, Plant Flowers, Food, Music, Games, Carnival Rides, Petting Zoo, Pony Ride, Blood Drive & More Family Fun Festivities For All

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Information Officer Alonza Roberson reports:

The annual Roosevelt Island Day festivities are an opportunity for residents, organizations, and guests to celebrate the Island’s unique community.

One major asset of that community is the Island’s natural beauty and at this year’s event, to be held Saturday, June 16, 2018, attendees are being asked to pitch in, at least one hour, to help enhance that beauty.

From 9 a.m. to noon that day, several Island organizations - like the RI Garden Club, Green Roosevelt Island Neighbors (GRIN), Girl Scouts, and Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance - will lead volunteer teams in a variety of flower planting and general clean-up activities throughout the Island. The theme of the day is “Island Beautification” and all volunteers who complete a shift, will receive a free Roosevelt Island Day T-shirt.

Interested individuals can sign up; groups are encouraged to apply by calling Jessica Murray at 212.832.4540.

Also anyone dropping off food scraps for the BigReuse compost program, which will have collection bins on Good Shepherd Plaza during RI Day, will also receive a free T-shirt.

Besides the volunteerism, the Roosevelt Island Day community festival – hosted by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation in partnership with several Island groups including the RI Senior Association, the RI Residents Association, the RI Garden Club, Island Kids, and others, includes a blood drive, informational kiosks, food, music, free games, face-painting, giveaways, carnival rides, a petting zoo, pony-rides, a bounce house and Good Shepherd Plaza concert performance by The Funktion, an eight-piece funk, Motown, and soul-inspired band.

Here are some scenes from the 2017 Roosevelt Island Day, which was fun despite the rain.
More 2017 Roosevelt Island day pictures here.

Remember to sign up here to help beautify Roosevelt Island.

Political Newcomer Suraj Patel Running Against Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney In June 26 Democratic Party Primary For 12 CD - Meet Mr. Patel 12 PM June 8 At Roosevelt Island Senior Center

Roosevelt Island's long time Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney has an oppenent in the upcoming June 26 Democratic Party primary. Political newcomer Suraj Patel is running against Ms Maloney, a 25 year incumbent, to represent the 12 Congressional District that includes Roosevelt Island as well as other portions of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens (District Map here).

Mr Patel will be visiting the Roosevelt Island Carter Burden Senior Center on Friday, June 8 at 12 PM. You're invited to come meet him and learn more about his background and ideas.

Here's more on Mr. Patel

and a candidate's forum with Ms. Maloney and Mr. Patel hosted by Empire State Indivisible and Indivisible Brooklyn.

More information on Mr. Patel at his web site.

More information on Congresswoman Maloney at her web site.

UPDATE 6/19 - Mr. Patel spoke with me and the Roosevelt Island Daily during his visit to the Roosevelt Island Senior Center.

The Roosevelt Island Daily asked Mr. Patel about Roosevelt Island issues

and I followed up asking about the power of Congressional seniority and incumbency on the race.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Harrowing History Of Roosevelt Island, Poor, Sick, Mad & Criminal In 19th Century New York - Listen To NYPL Podcast Interview With Damnation Island Author Stacy Horn

Damnation Island is the title of a new book by author Stacy Horn about the history of our home here on Roosevelt Island.

According to the NY Public Library:

Before there was Rikers Island, there was Blackwell's—today known as Roosevelt Island. Historian Stacy Horn's newest book Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York is the first in-depth look at its dark past. In addition to a penitentiary, the small strip of land housed an almshouse, mental institution, and a number of hospitals for the poor—which, as one can imagine, lead to disturbing outcomes for the city's most disenfranchised people. From annual reports of the Women's Prison Association to an unpublished autobiography of a survivor of the NYC draft riots, Horn walks us through some of her findings from the NYPL archives used to write this chilling story, and how it sheds light on the same issues of today.
Listen to this NY Public Library podcast interview with Ms. Horn discussing the dark history of Blackwell's, then Welfare and now Roosevelt Island.

Damnation Island is available for purchase at the Roosevelt Island Historical Society Visitors Center Kiosk or click here.

Roosevelt Island Residents Association Monthly Meeting Tonight June 6 - July 4 Celebration, Weekend Races, Disconnection Of Cat Sanctuary Fresh Water Source, Sportspark & Future Of RIRA As An Organization On Agenda

The Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Common Council will hold it's monthly meeting this evening, June 6 at 8:00 PM in the Good Shepherd Community Center (543 Main Street).

As always, prior to the start of each monthly meeting there is a Public Session in which residents can come and address the Common Council Delegates on any issue of concern.

According to the RIRA Agenda:
If at all possible, please arrive 15 mins early to help set up tables and chairs

Date: Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Time & Place: 8:00 pm, Church of Good Shepard, Basement

1. Public Session (please sign-in to be placed on the Public Session Speaking List)

2. Petition to Reseat, Westview Representative David Lawson

3. Roll Call of Common Council Members

4. Adoption of Agenda

5. Approval of Common Council Minutes
a. May 2, 2018 Common Council Meeting

6. President's Calls
a. Treasurer
b. Co-Chair Planning Committee (as called by Chair of Planning Committee, Mickey Rindler)

7. Committee Reports & Business
a. Communications Committee Meeting Minutes i. RIRA Community Calendar Update
b. Planning Committee Meeting Minutes
c. Public Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

8. Old Business
a. Southtown Delegation Report re May 23, 2018 Meeting with Susan Rosenthal, Races on Roosevelt Island
i. Resolution in Support of Southtown Delegation Efforts to Reduce Impact of Weekend Morning Races. (Movant: Mickey Rindler, on behalf of Southtown Delegation)
b. Update re Discussion: "Should the Roosevelt Island Residents Association's Common Council Objectives Change in the Face of a Changing Roosevelt Island Community?" (Speaker: Dave Evans, Southtown)

9. New Business
a. Discussion: "RIOC July 4th Celebration and Procedures for Roosevelt Island Resident Attendance" (Speaker: Chris Gassman, Manhattan Park)
b. Discussion: RIOC Disconnection of Fresh Water Source for Cat Sanctuary at South Point Park (Speaker: Rosanna Ceruzzi)
c. Discussion: RIOC Adoption of Cornell study re Sportspark

Roosevelt Island Station, P.O. Box 341, New York, New York 10044

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Roosevelt Island Getting 2 New Red Bus Replacements This Week - RIOC Cancels Red Bus Shuttle To Manhattan During Tram Platform Work Due To Lack Of Ridership

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):

Beginning Monday, June 4, the Tram shuttle, a round-trip Red Bus to the Midtown Manhattan Tram Station that ran during the weekday afternoon rush hour, will no longer be in operation due to insufficient demand. The bus will be re-inserted into the Island's Red Bus rotation to help alleviate evening commuters’ wait times at the RI Tram Station during the current platform construction period.

A Roosevelt Island resident objects to the cancellation of the Red Bus Shuttle to Manhattan. According to the resident, the Red Bus Shuttle is:
... over 30 minutes late leaving the Manhattan side so it’s completely unreliable. I have a feeling it’s because of the helix ramp.... Regardless it’s not a demand issue if it actually ran as promised.
Another resident adds:
Low ridership doesn't make this right. Are they truly short of buses ?? Maybe short of drivers.

Bad for wheelchair-users, walker-users, others w. appliance-dependent disabilities. Bad for Stroller-pushers too.
I have heard from a number of residents that there is much more overcrowding on the Red Bus recently during evening rush hours at the subway station.

Also, RIOC announced today:
How much joy can the arrival of two new transit buses bring?

Plenty, especially if they are 2018 New Flyer XD40s with Cummins ISL straight-6, clean-air diesel engines.

The latest additions to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation’s Red Bus fleet are bringing a huge smile to RIOC Motorpool Supervisor Joe Marino’s face.

“We can’t wait to put them on the road,” Marino said but first RIOC needs to complete registration, inspections and downloading the information on the destination signs.

The buses - which were driven and delivered directly from New Flyer Industries Inc.’s St Cloud, Minnesota manufacturing plant - are 40-feet long, can hold up to 60 “customers”, and are expected to make their first trips later this week.

Roosevelt Island’s very first public transit vehicles, that debuted in 1974, were noiseless, fumeless battery-operated minibuses that cost $10,000 apiece. Today’s Red Bus fleet, of eight, are a mixture of diesel/electric hybrids and clean-air diesels that cost $438,000 each.

The buses are expected to last up to 12 years. “We do all the vehicle maintenance here at the Bus Garage on the Island,” Marino said, “oil changes, brakes, engine repairs and minor body work from road damage.”

And based on seniority, the operators selected to drive the buses’ first Island routes are Angel Tinoco, a 24-year veteran and Edwin DeLeon, 11-years.

The Red Bus transit service is free and operates Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. - 2:30 a.m.; on Saturday and Sunday from 5:30 a.m. – 4 a.m. It makes 12 stops at locations around Roosevelt Island.
I asked RIOC Public Information Officer Alonza Robertson:
Are these 2 new buses additions to the existing fleet of 8 or replacing 2 of the 8?

Also, how often and how many Red Buses operate during rush and non rush hours?
Mr Robertson replied:
Replacing two of the eight.

It takes about 15 minutes to make a complete route.

AM Peak – 4 local buses and one express

Mid-day – 2 locals

PM Peak – 4 local buses

What's Going On With Roosevelt Island Sportspark Facility Renovations And Program Improvements - Cornell Tech Students Submit Sportspark Renovation Proposal To RIOC

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) operates the Sportspark Facility. According to RIOC:

... Sportspark is located just south of the Tramway Plaza on Roosevelt Island. The facility opened in 1977 and is available for the public to use on a membership, drop-in, or permit basis. Permit price varies according to the event, date, and number of hours.

The Facility

The Sportspark Complex is designed to offer numerous athletic opportunities for the New York City community. This indoor athletic recreation facility is equipped with a pool, gymnasium, multipurpose room, and locker room areas. Sportspark offers multiple indoor athletic and general fitness opportunities for all ages throughout the year....
Sportspark Image From Google Maps

The Sportspark facility is in need of building renovations and program improvements. The Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Island Services and Planning Committees have asked to meet with RIOC to provide community input on Sportspark renovations, improvements and future programing. To date, RIRA has not been successful in obtaining a meeting with RIOC on Sportspark issues.

RIOC President Susan Rosenthal reported on the status of Sportspark renovations and community input in her April Community report: According to Ms. Rosenthal:
Sportspark Renovation

RIRA also recently asked us to review their report and ideas for the Sportspark renovation project. While we have more plans to solicit community input on this project, we first should update you on the plan’s current state.

The first Sportspark RFP, set to be released by mid-June, is for design services and biddable documents only; not for physical renovation (that will be addressed in a subsequent RFP). Once we have a firm in place, then we will engage you, and the RIRA committee (and utilize our Cornell community study on possible programs) to receive your input and ideas on the renovation.

Members of our staff have reviewed the information RIRA provided, of which a majority involves facility concerns that we are aware of and agree should be addressed with the design.

We recognize RIRA is excited about the project and so are we. We look forward to working together. I will share additional updates as the project moves along.
Below are excerpts from the December 2017 Cornell Tech Sportspark Student Report.
Executive Summary

This report constitutes the recommendations for Sportspark improvements based on the discussions between Mary Cunneen and the Cornell Tech student team, as well as objective data gathered by a community-wide survey. The goal is to take advantage of the planned resources for renovation to make Sportspark more available, accessible, and relevant to the community, as well as drive conversion from daily passes to memberships. To this end, we recommend a use case for the upper floor, elucidation of Sportspark information, opening enabling facility amenities outside of class-hours, the creation of additional activities, and other suggestions as determined by the information we collected....

... Closing Thoughts

The biggest current problems with Sportspark are unclear messaging to potential patrons, a lack of “open-gym” activities, misalignment with the needs of some community members, and maintenance concerns. Our goal for this proposal was to address those problems, and we believe that the renovation provides a perfect opportunity to solve many of them. We hope that Sportspark can benefit from some of the suggestions provided here, and that the survey data collected can help guide future decisions that are out of scope of the topics discussed herein....

... Most commonly cited issues/suggestions from the Additional Comments section:

The locker rooms need renovation, including:
  • Fix the showers to have adjustable water temperature o Add hooks to hang towels
  • Fix toilet stall doors
  • Showers should be sanitized regularly
  • Soap dispensers should be filled
The website needs to be updated to be more navigable and clearer to readers

There should be a weight room with a trainer

Extend open hours (6am-10pm)

The water temperature in the pool is too cold

Make a group-priced membership available

Make the multipurpose room nicer with a softer floor

Add more family activities

Add more Yoga and Swimming lessons

Increase awareness of the facility across RI

Basketball Court should be mopped more frequently

Add Tennis lessons

Add Yoga-specific membership option

Add Cardio equipment

Add mirrors to multipurpose room

Establish partnership with Cornell Tech

Better AC in multipurpose room

Reconsider swim-cap rule for younger children
and here's the full Cornell Tech Student Sportspark Renovation report.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Families & K-8 Students Invited To Roosevelt Island Community Night Stem Activities Fair Thursday Night June 7 - Ignite My Future Program Presented By Tata Consultancy, Discovery Education & Cornell Tech

The Cornell Tech Tata Innovation Center is hosting a Roosevelt Island Community Night STEM Activities Fair on Thursday June 7 from 6 - 8 PM. Families and K-8 students are invited. Please RSVP here to attend.

Please join Tata Consultancy Services, Discovery Education, and Cornell Tech for Community Night STEM Activities Fair Drones, Games and More!

All Roosevelt Island families and K-8 students are invited.

Register here.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Cornell Tech – Tata Innovation Center 11 East Loop Road New York, NY 10044
According to this September 2017 press release announcing the start of Ignite My Future program:
Tata Consultancy Services, a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, and Discovery Education, the leading provider of digital education content and professional development for K-12 classrooms, today announced the launch of Ignite My Future in School. This a first-of-its-kind, multi-million dollar initiative leverages computational thinking and new teaching resources as a catalyst to transform the way K-12 students learn across America.

Recognizing the importance of computational thinking as a foundational skill, Ignite My Future in School has a goal of engaging 20,000 teachers and one million U.S. students by 2021. As a first step towards this goal, TCS and Discovery Education also announced that 10 U.S. school systems – with more than 6,700 teachers and 194,000 students – joined the effort as early adopters of this transdisciplinary approach....
More info on Tata Consultancy Services and Discovery Education Ignite My Future program in videos below.

and on the Tata Innovation Center at Cornell Tech's Roosevelt Island campus.
RSVP here to the Roosevelt Island Community Night STEM Activities Fair on Thursday June 7 from 6 - 8 PM at the Tata Innovation Center.