Saturday, January 5, 2013

Roosevelt Island Hurricane Sandy Donations To Rockaways Head Start School Continue Sunday January 6 From 8-9 AM In Front Of PS/IS 217 - Also Update On Giving Tree Gifts

Here's the latest update on efforts of Roosevelt Island residents

 Image of Roosevelt Islanders Collecting Donations For Rockaways  From Olya Turcihin
to donate and deliver supplies to the Community and Family Head Start School

in the Rockaways devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  According to Karine Wong, who organized Roosevelt Island Hurricane donations and deliveries

to the Rockaway:
Hi Everyone! This Sunday we will be accepting:

SCHOOL SUPPLIES (Crayons; Washable Markers; Glue sticks; Color construction paper; Pencils;Erasers; Scotch Tape; Paper; Age appropriate kid's books for the Library (2-5 years old); paper towels; Wipes; Ziploc bags; Staples gift cards etc)

No clothes please.

The usual time and place: 8:00am - 9:00am Sunday in front of the school (PS 217). See you there!
Ms. Wong also provides this December 27 update on the Roosevelt Island Giving Tree 

gift donations:
Just delivered the last of the gifts to our Rockaway Family! These will be distributed for their Annual Three King's Day Celebration!

Thank you so much to everyone that took the time to purchase, Wrap and deliver to the Giving Tree! I know many that came from Off the Island and I must say, words cannot express the gratitude!!

The children were over the moon with their gifts!! We collected enough For every single child enrolled AND their siblings!!! Thank you one and all!!
More on Roosevelt Island volunteer donations to the Rockaways Community and Family Head Start School as well as the Giving Tree from previous posts.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Resident Persuades MTA To Add New Roosevelt Island Main Street Q102 Bus Stop

Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Common Council Member for Roosevelt Landing Romano Reid (also Chairperson of the Roosevelt Landings Service Committee) organized a meeting this morning with MTA Bus Company Transportation Planners and Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Transportation Manager Cy Opperman. During this meeting, Mr. Reid persuaded the MTA planners to add a Q 102 Bus Stop at 502 Main Street by the Youth Center.

Image Of New Q102 Bus Stop At 502 Main Street

The new Q102 Bus Stop should be operating in approximately 6-8 weeks.

Another issue addressed during the meeting with the MTA Transportation Planners was the Q102 Bus not always stopping at 40 River Road

Image of 40 River Road Bus Stop

The reason some bus drivers are not stopping at 40 River Road is because the bus sign had been removed and not replaced. Mr. Reid and I were told at today's meeting that the 40 River Road Bus Sign will be replaced and the Q102 will soon be making regular stops by 40 River Road.

Also discussed was adding Roosevelt Island bus service to Astoria (Q104) and Long Island City (Q103). The MTA Planners said they would review the feasability for such service.

Good job by Mr. Reid, Mr. Opperman and the MTA Transportation Planners.

No Roosevelt Island Manhattan Bound F Train This Weekend

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):
The MTA had advised there will be no Manhattan bound F trains from Roosevelt Island beginning 11:15 PM Friday, January 4, 2013 to 5:00 AM Monday, January 7, 2013.

Tram and Red Bus service will run until 5:00 AM during these service disruptions.

For more information, please visit or call 511.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
More subway service disruption information available from the MTA's Weekender.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Changes Starting Tomorrow To Roosevelt Island Red Bus Stop At Tram Plaza - Red Bus Stop Returns To Tram Ramp Area, Kiosk Stop Eliminated

Image of Soon To Be Eliminated Tram West Red Bus Stop

Received the following message from the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) this morning
Please be advised, effective Friday January 4, 2013, the Red Bus will no longer stop at the Tram West bus stop (located near the R.I Historical Society kiosk). The Tram West bus stop has been relocated back to its original location just outside the entrance of the Tram Plaza along the east/west road.

The Q102 will continue to pick up passengers at the Tram West Bus stop.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group

Image Of Current East/West Tram Red Bus Stop

I sent the following inquiry to RIOC Acting President Don Lewis and Transportation Manager Cy Opperman.
Can you please clarify where the Tram Red Bus stop on the east/west road will now be located?

By "original location" indicated in advisory below, do you mean the current bus stop on the east/west road or do you mean the original bus stop location that used to be about 25 feet west, closer to Manhattan, than the current east/west bus stop?

Also, why is the bus stop being eliminated?
Image of former Red Bus Stop By Tram Ramp/Possible New Stop Starting Tomorrow

Will update when answer received. However, I have been advised, though not officially confirmed by RIOC, that the East/West Red Bus stop will return to the original location closer to the Tram Ramp.

Image of Tram Plaza and East/West Road

Looks like no more running down the hill to catch the Red Bus at the Kiosk stop. Will any additional route changes be made such as eliminating the trip to Southpoint Park and a return to going around the Fountain Circle on way back to subway?

More on the Red Bus Stop and Route at the Tram Plaza Station from previous post.

UPDATE 9:30 PM - This evening I saw the Red Bus heading north on West Channel Road, drive past waiting passengers at the Kiosk Bus Stop, turn right at the Kiosk corner, stop at the Tram Ramp to pick up passengers and then go around the Tram Fountain Circle on its way to the subway.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Roosevelt Island Good Shepherd Chapel Roof Restoration Project Complete - Scaffolding Coming Down Restoring Original Condition Of Roof With Slate For $800 Thousand

Image of Good Shepherd Roof Restoration From RIHS President Judy Berdy

Good Roosevelt Island news to begin the year 2013.

Roosevelt Island Historical Society (RIHS) President Judy Berdy reports today:
The scaffolding is coming down this week

Image of Good Shepherd Roof Restoration From RIHS President Judy Berdy

to reveal the wonderful slate roof with copper trim.

Image of Good Shepherd Roof Restoration From RIHS President Judy Berdy

The windows at the base of the building in the Oval Room have been removed for restoration. In spring the brickwork will be repointed.

Stand back and admire the beauty of the slate roof! It is a wonderful addition to the building.

Image of Good Shepherd Roof Restoration From RIHS President Judy Berdy

More work to come hopefully next year, to make the Chapel better than ever.

Our compliments to Sea Breeze Construction for their talented craftsman who worked so well and installed this wonderful roof.
The RIHS has more on the Good Shepherd Chapel here and information on the decision by Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) to restore the Good Chapel roof to its original condition with slate rather than another, less expensive, material is here.

The Good Shepherd Chapel roof looked like this

before its restoration.

According to RIOC's 2012-13 (Page 5) Approved Budget, the approximate total cost of the Good Shepherd Chapel Roof Restoration project was $800 thousand.

Monday, December 31, 2012

RIOC Directors Question & Answer Session With Roosevelt Island Residents - Discuss RIOC Management Upheaval, Cornell NYC Tech, Ferries, Parks & More

Reported previously on the December 20 Question and Answer session between resident members of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Board of Directors and members of the Roosevelt Island community.

Here's more. Among the issues discussed was the management upheaval at RIOC, land use/construction/ barging/air pollution negotiations with Cornell NYC Tech, ferry service, future of Steam Plant site, RIOC's relationship with NYC and NY State, residents/Zog corporate use of the ball fields among other items. Here's what happened

and Part 2.

Previous Question and Answer sessions between RIOC Directors and residents available here.

Meetings like this are a very valuable tool for both residents and RIOC Board Directors. I hope they continue and urge others who are interested in Roosevelt Island issues to attend and participate in the discussion.

Roosevelt Island Larcenies Reported Past Week - Two Incidents At Motorgate Parking Garage

According to the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Daily Reports there have been 6 larceny incidents this past week, two of which occurred at the Motorgate Garage.

12/30 - 1350 - 250 Main St - Larceny - NYPD refused

12/29/12- 1423 - 688 Main St - Larceny - NYPD refused

12/29 /12- 1852 - 400 Main St - Larceny - NYPD on scene

12/28/12 - 0415 - 540 Main St - Grand Larceny - PSD and NYPD responded

12/26/12 - 1358 - 513 Main St - Petit Larceny - NYPD refused

12/24 - 1232 - 688 Main St - Larceny - Criminal Mischief - Central Parking report filed - NYPD refused
The daily Roosevelt Island Public Safety incidents are listed and archived on the blog's sidebar.