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Roosevelt Island Little League Baseball 7 To 10 Year Old Kids In Need Of A Volunteer Coach For Season Beginning April 17 - Promote Fair Play, Team Effort, Sportsmanship And Make New Friends Too

The Roosevelt Island little league baseball season begins next Saturday, April 17 and our youngest players 

are in need of a coach.

Roosevelt Island Mom and Little League Baseball volunteer Susy del Campo reports:

Our RI Little League Baseball is still in need of a Minors Coach 

Every year a handful of parents (Dads and MOMS), Grandparents (we love Mr S!), and Roosevelt Island residents with no kids volunteer

 Image Of RI Little League baseball coordinators Arya And Danny
 for 10 weeks of baseball for OUR Children.   

This year, we are bringing back baseball, with all precautions and measures, but we still need URGENTLY 1 baseball coach for Minors.

Minors Division is ages 7-10.  

This is what you need to know to become a coach:

  • Willingness, a good heart and the commitment to be there for 10 Saturday games and 1 weekday practice per week
  • Weekday practices will be scheduled based on your availability
  • The season begins on April 17 and concludes on June 19
  • You do not need to be A-Rod or Mariano, Babe Ruth or even Fernando Valenzuela to be a coach. There are drills and exercises online to help with the basics of batting, throwing and fielding
  • ALL THE OTHER COACHES and Coordinators will help you and support you throughout the season
  • Our league promotes Fairplay, Team Effort, and Sportsmanship
  • You will make new baseball friends
  • We will play a Coaches game at the end of the season (we have been waiting for that for soooo long)

Can we count on you to step up and be a Minors coach? 

Do you know anyone on RI that you think ideal to be a coach? 

Remember female or male, young or very adult, with kids or without, everyone is welcome to be a baseball coach or assistant coach. 

Email back for more info about the open coaching position to

Roosevelt Island Transportation This Weekend - F And R Train Service To And From Manhattan, Tram Social Distancing Limit Of 55 Cabin Riders, Ferry Service And Citibikes Too

According to the MTA, there is Roosevelt Island F Train service to and from Roosevelt Island this weekend.


R trains run in both directions between 57 St-7 Av Q and 21 St-Queensbridge F station, making stops at Lexington Av/63 St and Roosevelt Island, resuming normal service at 36 St, Queens.
The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) adds:
While we continue to follow social distancing and align our operations with New York Forward guidance, we also continue to incrementally increase the number of passengers permitted on the Tram. Tram capacity will increase on Monday, March 8th, from 35 to 55 passengers per cabin, and we will continue to assess and gradually increase ridership in phases. We understand the need for this mode of transportation, however, the health and safety of our riders and operators are our priority. We appreciate your cooperation.

Here's the NYC Ferry Roosevelt Island Astoria Route Schedule which extends to East 90th street on the Upper East Side.  

 And Roosevelt Island Ciibike docking stations too.

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The Roosevelt Island Foodtown Supermarket invites you to check out their April 9 - April 15 Weekly Flyer


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After 2 1/2 Years Of Review, NY State Attorney General Approves Roosevelt Island Westview Building Affordability Plan - Former Mitchell Lama Building Will Begin Coop Conversion, Current Residents Can Buy Apartments On Average of $246 PSF, Or Remain As Renters

On a regular basis over the last 2 1/2 years,  Roosevelt Island Westview 

residents have been asking about their building's privatization and affordable co-op conversion plan status, expressing frustration 

at not getting any information from the building ownership or the Westview Task Force, purportedly representing the residents:

 I am a tenant at the Westview. Although the deal on the building's privatization has been reached 2 years ago, nothing happened since then. And we get no info on the process from anyone..

Early Saturday morning April 3, the Westview Task Force answered with an email announcing

Friends, Neighbors, Westview Residents,

Great News!

We are very pleased to inform you that the NYS Attorney General has accepted the Westview Affordability Plan allowing Westview to proceed with conversion of the building.

In the coming weeks, the Sponsor plans to distribute the approved Offering Plan (aka Black Book) to all tenants.

Once the Black Book is available our attorneys will provide a summary of the approved Plan.
We also plan to schedule Q/A sessions (virtual and/or voice) regarding the Plan and next steps.

It has been a long wait for everyone and we are thrilled to share this news with you today.

Thank you to all for your patience and support.

On Monday, April 5,  David Hirschhorn, the managing member of Westview's ownership, confirmed acceptance of the offering plan by the NY State Attorney General. 

                       Image Of Mr Hirschhorn Conferring With Then RIOC President Susan Rosenthal During June 2018 Westview Town Hall

 Mr Hirschhorn issued this statement on behalf of the Westview ownership:

Perched atop the East River on Manhattan’s Roosevelt Island, coop apartments in the 19-Story, 360 unit Westview Apartments will soon be offered for sale. The New York State Attorney General has just accepted the offering plan for filing allowing sales of these much anticipated coop apartments to proceed. “We are extremely pleased to now be able to move forward with the sale of these apartments to both our existing tenants, who have so patiently awaited this day, as well as to new individuals and families looking for reasonably priced highly customized renovated apartments on Roosevelt Island,” says David Hirschhorn, managing member of the developer, WV Preservation Partners, LLC,

Westview was one of four original Roosevelt Island buildings that were developed in the 1970s as part of the New York State Mitchell-Lama program providing affordable housing for middle income residents. In 2018, Westview withdrew from the program the last of the island buildings to do so. “We are very appreciative of the tremendous effort and support that we received from our State partners, including the Governor’s Office, the Division of Housing and Community Renewal, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation and Empire State Development, without whose participation in this public private partnership the conversion of Westview and the preservation of affordable housing would not have been possible,” said David Hirschhorn.

In 2015, the same developer successfully converted Island House, Westview’s sister property next door; it was extremely well-received by both existing residents and outside purchasers.
As in Island House, Westview will offer existing tenants the unprecedented opportunity to purchase their apartments for well below market prices or, for those tenants who elect not to purchase, they will be able to continue to rent their apartments with rent increases based on the RGB increases (although the apartments are not rent stabilized).

Buyers looking to experience Manhattan's best kept secret will soon have the opportunity to purchase fully renovated units with high end finishes and unparalleled Manhattan views on Roosevelt Island only 90 seconds to the East Side. Its like living in your own private park,” says Alyssa Brody of the Development Marketing Team ( A limited number of similar residences are immediately available at Island House.

I asked Mr Hirschhorn:

Have there been any changes to the Affordability Plan since agreed to by owner and residents?

He replied:

No material changes, other than that I have more grey hair now.

 Roosevelt Island resident and real estate agent Kaja Meade adds:

This has been a long anticipated outcome. 

Co-op living is real investment in community. Roosevelt Island has peaked a lot of interest from off-island buyers lately, and if that can benefit Westview sellers that have been waiting through this process, than that's great. 

It's also exciting that new co-op owners, that are able to buy their own units, will enjoy the benefits of ownership. Roosevelt Island has a deep community history, and folks continuing to rent in Westview will hopefully enjoy building improvements and shareholder vested interest in a great new co-op.

As reported July 23, 2018, the NY State Department of Homes & Community Renewal (DHCR) approved the terms of the Westview Affordability Plan as detailed in this memo of support to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):

Executive Summary

The decision to be made is whether the State (ESD, RIOC, and HCR) should take the necessary steps to approve an affordable home ownership conversion plan for Westview on Roosevelt Island. The Plan provides for current tenants to be able to purchase their apartments at below market value with non purchasers receiving guaranteed rent protections. In approving the Plan, the State will need to extend the Ground Lease as follows: an increase in effective annual ground to $325,000 escalating by 10% every 5 years through 2048 and then 4% annually through 2068.

The reasons to support the Plan are as follows:

  • Preservation of Mitchell-Lama(s) (M/L) as a housing resource is a priority policy initiative;
  • Non-purchasing tenants will have annual rent increases limited to a formula based on % of AMI tied to NYC Rent Guidelines Board rates
  • Non-purchasing tenants will face an initial 6.16% increase (the first at Westview since 2009), down from an initially proposed 14.8% increase
  • Residents are being offered to purchase apartments at approx. 30% of market value with limitations being imposed on re- sales; rent protections tied to RGB guidleines are guaranteed for non-purchasers;
  • Income restrictions for new purchasers based upon the statutory M/L formula;
  • Sponsor contributions and flip tax proceeds fund a substantial capital reserve fund;
  • Substantial flip taxes on affordable units help keep project affordable;
  • The Plan is overwhelmingly supported by the Westview tenants, with 92% of those voting in favor of the Plan (73% of the apartments voted);
  • The Plan is supported by local elected officials, including AMB Seawright and MBP Gale Brewer;
  • All of the above vs. the owner exercising the option to buyout of the M/L program and transition Westview to a market rate rental or coop likely forcing a significant number of families to relocate
  • Sponsor will deposit into a special fund $3.6 million for Tenant Association expenses and other building related items as may be jointly approved by the Board of Directors of the Corporation and the Sponsor.

Westview is a 361 unit Mitchell-Lama rental housing development on Roosevelt Island. In 1969, the City of New York leased Roosevelt Island to the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) for a period of 99 years. A master development plan, later amended, for the creation of a mixed income community was implemented. UDC (now known as ESD) thereupon entered into subleases with the four housing companies developed under the M/L program, Westview being one of them. The Westview sublease (hereafter referred to as the “Ground Lease”) expires in 2028.

Mitchell-Lama Law/Voluntary Dissolution

Westview is organized pursuant to Article II of the Private Housing Finance Law (PHFL); Section 35 of the PHFL allows a M/L housing company to voluntarily dissolve (buyout), without the consent of the Commissioner, upon prepayment of its mortgage after twenty years from the date of initial occupancy. Westview is currently eligible to voluntarily dissolve. Of the 282 State M/L(s) originally constructed, 133 have bought-ought of the program.

Starting with the Spitzer Administration, a policy initiative was developed to aggressively pursue the preservation of M/L companies as an affordable resource, and these efforts have been greatly expanded upon during the Cuomo Administration. In the case of Westview, we engaged the owner, David Hirschhorn, to discuss the possibility of a conversion to a Business Corporation Law (BCL) cooperative (but with long-term affordability restrictions) modeled on the cooperative regime implemented as part of the 2012 buyout of Westview’s sister property, Island House, from the M/L program. Mr. Hirschhorn has agreed to such an approach, and the current Plan under consideration is the product of our negotions with him and his subsequent agreement to proceed on such basis.

The Affordability Plan

The major provisions of the agreed upon Affordability Plan are as follows:
  • The term of the Affordability Plan is 30 years.
  • Insider prices on average of $246 per sq. ft. (market price of $816 per sq. ft.)
  • Initial resale price by purchaser – $492 per sq. ft. (increasing annually by 7.5%) The first $6 million of flip tax proceeds will be deposited into the Apartment Corporation’s Reserve Fund account. Therafter, the next flip tax proceeds will be distributed a) 50% to the Sponsor, up to the difference between the Reserve Fund contribution, and the Local Law 70 Reserve Fund contribution, and b) the remaining 50% shall be deposited into the Apartment Corporation’s Reserve Fund account. All flip tax proceeds thereafter shall be deposited into the Apartment Corporation’s Reserve Fund account.
  • A flip tax equal to 60% of the gross profit for the first two years, declining by 5% per year to 30%, then declining by 2% per year to 22% through year 30 will be assessed on insider first time sales
  • Future purchasers must meet income qualifications for admission based upon the M/L statutory formula of: “[Max. Income for Admission = 7X or 8X (depending on family size) the annual carrying charge + 6% of equity]”
  • Non-purchasing tenants will receive annual rent increases equal to the then 1 year RGB increase plus a % based upon income as it relates to AMI; for households with an income at less than 200% of AMI, the annual increase cannot exceed 7.5%.
  • Sponsor will fund a $6 million reserve fund for specified capital improvements. 
  • Spsonsor is permitted to sell up to 45% of units at market.


Regarding RIOC’s ground rent payments, an agreement has been reached on an annual ground rent payment beginning at $325,000. In total, there are three (3) revenue sources being used to generate payment under the ground lease: a) a direct ground rent payment of $325,000 escalating at 10% every 5 years through 2048 and then 4% annually through 2068; b) a 5% capital event fee on all sponsor sales (capped at $1,500,000); and c) a 1% transfer fee on all re-sales.

While the negotiated ground lease terms are less favorable than what RIOC had sought based on its appraisal of the land (and admittedly represent a lower percentage of notional value than was achieved as part of the conversion and exit from the M/L program of Westview’s sister property, Island House, in 2012), the negotiated Westview lease terms nonetheless represent in whole dollar amounts a reasonable improvement over what was achieved at Island House ($236,000 per year) in 2012, and constitute a critical and necessary component of the grand bargain being struck with the owner that is enablingWestview to remain affordable for renters for 30 years and to offer affordable  first-time homeownership.


Other than the 2012 conversion of Island House, there has never been a successful conversion of a State Mitchell-Lama rental to affordable home ownership (a NYC supervised M/L, West Village, has been successfully converted). The difficulty encountered is the need to satisfy the goals of both the owner and residents, while maintaining affordability. On the one hand, the owner is being asked to leave some money on the table (it has been pointed out that, in this case, the owner’s profit potential is somewhat limited by only 10 years remaining on the existing ground lease) by offering the sale of units at 30% of market. From the perspective of those tenants considering purchasing, they are being asked to make a fairly significant investment and not only must determine whether the additional monthly cost is affordable but whether the potential return justifies making the investment. Also a factor for the tenants to consider is the owner’s right to exit the Mitchell-Lama program and operate the property as a market rate rental which likely will cause a significant number of families to have to relocate.

In sum, we are attempting to achieve a balance as to the owner’s and tenants’ interests and, once having done so, incorporate additional restrictions so that affordability for future residents and non-purchasers is being achieved.

Summary and Recommendation

To summarize, an agreement has been reached among the involved parties to offer an affordable home ownership opportunity to Westview tenants while preserving long-term affordability for those who choose not to buy and instead continue to rent. Further, an agreement has been reached to extend the Ground Lease between RIOC and the property owner, a necessary action to implementing the conversion. The agreement was successfully negotiated with the knowledge that a failure to do so would result in Westview’s withdrawal from the M/L program and it becoming a market rate rental.

The structure of the conversion plan – insider pricing, flip taxes, resale prices, capitalized reserves, and regulated rents, etc. – negotiated between the owner and the Tenant Association representatives – was presented to the tenant body and received overwhelming support. Also, future ground rent payments through the end of the extended lease term have been settled upon between the owner and RIOC, which effectively reach market levels during the post-affordability term. We view the agreement in its entirety as successfully achieving the State’s goal of preserving Mitchell Lama housing as an affordable housing resource and recommend you support the Plan.

Here's video of the July 23. 2018 RIOC Board Meeting approving the Westview affordability plan.

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How To Get A Better Night's Sleep, A Theoretical Background With Practical Tips Thursday April 8 - You're Invited To Virtual Zoom Session Presented By Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell Tech And Roosevelt Island Seniors Association

Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell Tech and the Roosevelt Island Senior Association Present:  

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep: 

A Theoretical Background with Practical Tips 

This session will discuss sleep and healthy sleep routines, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We hope you will join us virtually! 

Presented by: Matthew R. Ebben, Associate Professor of Psychology in Clinical Neurology Weill Cornell Medicine

This event is FREE and open to the public

Thursday, April 8 || 5:00-6:00 p.m.  

Register Online HERE or at

NY State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright Announces Bill To Define Meaning Of Consent For Sexual Assault And All Crimes - Roosevelt Island Resident Joyce Short, A Longtime Advocate Of Bill, Says It Will "Hold Sexual Predators Accountable"

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Yesterday, April 6, Roosevelt Island's NY State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright announced the introduction of legislation:

.... that would, for the first time, define the meaning of consent in the state of New York’s penal law for sexual assault and all crimes.

Under the Seawright proposal, consent is defined as "freely given, knowledgeable and informed agreement… obtained without the use of malice such as forcible compulsion, duress, coercion deception, fraud, concealment, or artifice."

The measure would replace the current practice at criminal trials of leaving juries to deliberate over the meaning of consent without any guidance from the statute. Advocates for victims of sexual assault say the Seawright law, as proposed, would significantly reduce disparate outcomes in sexual predator convictions....

According to this April 6 press release from Assembly Member Seawright:

... "The United States Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that a sex crime is committed every 73 seconds," said Assembly Member Seawright, who announce her legislation on the National Day of Action of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. "We must stop this rising trend by clearly defining consent, thereby empowering our police and prosecutors to take action."

Joyce Short, the founder of the advocacy group Consent Awareness Network (CAN) and the author of Your Consent – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault, said the measure is the first of its kind in the nation.

"Defining consent in our laws will consistently hold sexual predators accountable and conquer sexual assault as well as laying down the law in other crimes," she said. “Whether consent is applied to your COVID19 vaccination, placing data on the internet, revenge porn, sex trafficking or sexual assault, consent is always… freely given, knowledgeable and informed agreement. New Yorkers desperately need this law – yesterday!"

Tarale Wulff, a New York actor and model who helped convict motion picture executive Harvey Weinstein on rape and criminal sexual assault in March 2020, said, “Before testifying in the trial of Harvey Weinstein, I didn’t know there wasn’t a true definition of consent in our laws,” she said. “Weinstein claimed to be confused, and that he thought most men are confused…There’s a generation of woke individuals who won’t be silenced. By clearly defining consent, there will be no confusion.”

Dawn Dunning, a creative director and model who also testified in the Weinstein trial, said, "Consent is consent in all things, not only sex. Applying consent in the general law makes it clear that the same "consent" that protects your property also protects your body."

The definition for consent in this legislation conveys the same principles as those used by Model Penal Code, Nuremberg Code, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR.) All three highly regarded and currently administered codes guide behavior in medical experiments, medical treatment, statutes that pertain to theft, and the protection of cyber privacy on the internet, as recognized in international law.

But states have been slow to adopt definitions for consent. The jurors in the Weinstein case asked Judge James Burke, "What is the definition for consent." Judge Burke responded, "Use your commonsense." His response was almost identical to Judge Steven O'Neill's response several months earlier in the Bill Cosby trials in Pennsylvania.

Judge O'Neill had responded to the juries in both the first and second trials, "That is a question that cannot be answered. You are reasonable people. Use your commonsense." With no guidance from Judge O'Neill, the initial jury for Cosby's case could not agree on a verdict. The foreperson for the second jury, a cyber security expert familiar with the definition of consent in GDPR, explained this definition to fellow jurors who rendered a guilty verdict.

"The proper definition of consent in New York's laws will clarify lawful sexual conduct, guide behavior, and make it possible to hold sexual predators accountable," said Seawright. "This vital concept must no longer be left to chance."

Roosevelt Island resident Joyce Short, author of  Carnal Abuse By Fraud, has been a leading advocate in support of this legislation. 

In 2018, Ms Short gave a TED talk on the subject.

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Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossoms Starting To Bloom And They Are Gorgeous - Expect More Visitors Coming To See Cherry Blossoms

The Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossoms are starting to bloom. And they are gorgeous.
Some enjoyed the Roosvelt Island Cherry Blossoms with a drink at the Cornell Tech Cafe outdoor patio

And others celebrated a friend's birthday.
Is it a good thing for Roosevelt island to be attracting more visitors to view the Cherry Blossoms?

NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio and Schools Chancellor Meisha Porter Announce Expansion Of 3-K For All With 40 Thousand Early Childhood Education Seats Coming Citywide In September - Council Member Ben Kallos Says He Will Work Hard To Have 3 K Available On Roosevelt Island

Prepare Your Young Learner with 3-K and Pre-K for All

By Meisha Porter, New York City Schools Chancellor

As educators, our job is to prepare our students for a successful, productive life, empowered with the skills they need to chase their dreams—and early childhood programs are where it all begins. That’s why Mayor de Blasio and I are so excited to announce the expansion of 3-K for All to every school district by September, providing 40,000 three-year-olds with free, full-day, high-quality, early childhood education citywide.

These programs are a child’s first step to success throughout the rest of their education and beyond, and I encourage families to explore the 3-K and Pre-K for All options available in their communities and apply. Applications for the 2021–22 school year are open!

As parents and guardians, you know just how quickly our youngest children learn—from birth to age five is a critical period of growth and 90 percent of brain development happens during this time. Our 3-K and Pre-K for All classrooms are full of joy and discovery, and they offer the perfect environment for children to learn to problem-solve, ask questions, and explore the world around them as they grow. In addition, our programs are free or low cost, saving families an average of $10,000 a year on childcare costs.

I remember when the South Bronx’s District 7 was one of the first few districts to offer 3-K for All in 2018 and what it meant for so many families in need to have access to free, full-day, high-quality early childhood education for their children.

I want every family to have that kind of support, and we’ve made so much progress expanding early childhood education in every borough over the last three years. Today, all NYC school districts offer pre-K programs, and there is a free, full-day pre-K seat for every four-year-old child citywide. That means any New York City family with a child born in 2017 can apply to pre-K for the upcoming school year by the new April 19 deadline.

In addition, we are excited to now offer 3-K programs in every school district citywide. All New York City families with children born in 2018 can apply to 3-K for the upcoming school year by the May 28 deadline. There is a 3-K seat for every three-year-old in school districts 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 16, 19, 23, 27, 31, and 32; and we will offer 3-K seats to as many families as possible in the new districts. Families across the city can still apply to programs in any district, and your child has priority to attend 3-K for All programs in your home district. You can find out your school district by calling 311 or visiting Programs in the new districts will be added to the application throughout April and May.

In all school districts, in addition to the free 3-K and Pre-K programs in their communities, families who qualify based on their income and needs also have the opportunity to apply to free or low-cost extended school day and year programs, including Head Start.

Families can apply to 3-K or Pre-K for All for the 2021–22 school year online at or over the phone at 718-935-2009. The online application is available in ten languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Haitian Creole, Bengali, Urdu, and French), and families can submit an application over the phone in over 200 languages. Visit and for more information.

If you are seeking care for your child right now, we encourage you to reach out so we can connect you with a program in your community. Families seeking an open 3-K or pre-K seat for this current school year can call 718-935-2009 or email to learn more.

Children who attend 3-K and Pre-K for All programs get a strong start in school and life, and as incoming Schools Chancellor these are the kinds of opportunities I want to build on and create for our students so they can dare to dream and learn. No matter the circumstances, we are here to provide children across New York City with a safe, nurturing learning community each and every day.

A spokesperson for Roosevelt Island NYC Council Member Ben Kallos adds:

Council Member Kallos will work hard to have 3K on Roosevelt Island available to parents the same way he worked and succeeded in getting Pre-K on the island.

Monday, April 5, 2021

The Dogs Of Chernobyl, A Close Up And Personal Story Told By Roosevelt Island Resident And Animal Welfare Professional Stephen Quandt Describing Spay, Neuter And Research Campaign Of Dogs Descended From Pets Abandoned After Nuclear Plant 1986 Disaster

Stephen Quandt is a Roosevelt Island resident and animal welfare professional. Mr Quandt has worked with the ASPCA Field Investigation and Response Team, Animal Cares Center of New York and currently in private practice doing feline behavior consulting.

Mr Quandt

Photo Of Sthephen Quandt By Rita Gassanova Inside Chernobyl Dog Clinic

shares his experience working with the Clean Futures Fund Dogs Of Chernobyl Project.

According to Mr Quandt, in 2019,

I went to Chernobyl to participate in a spay/neuter campaign for the dogs that were descended from the pets left behind after the nuclear plant disaster of 1986. With many personally shot photos  I tell my story of meeting the inhabitants of the mostly abandoned town of Chernobyl City, the totally abandoned city of Pripyat and the dogs (and some cats!) that we encountered. It is a story of resilience, hope, life and even heroism....
It's quite a story - read it below.

Here's more on the Dogs of Chernobyl from the Clear Futures Fund.

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Best Wishes For A Happy Easter, Watch Fred Astaire & Judy Garland Celebrate Parading Down Fifth Avenue - Also, Long Time Roosevelt Island Resident And Redeemer Presbyterian Church Founding Pastor Timothy Keller Talks About Faith In The Face Of Death And Promise He Says Easter Brings

Best wishes for a Happy Easter.

Judy Garland and Fred Astaire celebrate strolling down Fifth Avenue at the Easter Parade.
Also, long time Roosevelt Island resident and Founding Pastor of the Redeemer Presbyterian Church Timothy Keller discussed the meaning of Easter to him on the MSNBC program Morning Joe.

Not shown in the Morning Joe interview video is Timothy Keller talking about the comfort he finds looking out at the East River from his Roosevelt Island apartment.

UPDATE 3/5 - Roosevelt island resident Matt Katz shares a Tim Keller story:

The Kellers were our across-the-hall neighbors when we moved to Roosevelt Island in 1989. We watched the kids grow up and our gregarious cat, Zeke, would wander into their apartment now and again. 

Years later, after moving out of the building, we met Tim on the Red bus and caught up with family news which included the information that we had acquired a new cat, a female, to keep old Zeke's bones warm and were looking for an appropriate name. Tim thought a moment and said, "First Kings, 1:3." He did not expand on that so we looked up the biblical reference upon returning home. 

It chronicled King David's old age when he brought a virgin into his service to keep his old bones warm, but "he knew her not." Her name was Abishag and Abishag the cat lived with us for many a year, keeping our bones, as well as Zeike's, warm.