Saturday, July 21, 2012

Roosevelt Island Tram Station and Tram Cabin Overcrowding Today- Only 1 Tram Cabin Operating Today And No F Train Subway Service To Manhattan From Roosevelt Island

 Roosevelt Island Tram Station Crowding today

Reported yesterday on the lack of Manhattan bound F Train subway service from Roosevelt Island this weekend and previous meeting of Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Operations Committee meeting in which the RIOC Directors complained to RIOC staff when only one Tram Cabin was operating during previous F train subway service disruptions.

It happened again today that only one Tram cabin was operating when there was no F train service from Roosevelt Island to Manhattan. One resident reported this morning:
The tram station is so packed that I had to wait for the next tram due to overcrowding. I am now running late for work and very irritated; all as the other tram car sits idly behind me. I don't get the point of having two trams if only one will be in use. When are we going to get some better management for this thing???
When I arrived at the Roosevelt Island Tram Station this afternoon, the area was jam packed with people waiting for the Tram. Only one cabin was in operation because there was a problem with a gear on the South Tower. I was told that as soon as the Tram Tower problem was fixed, both cabins would be running.

Here's what happened while waiting at the Tram Station this afternoon

and then boarding the one working Tram Cabin. The Tram Cabin was so overcrowded that several people were asked to get off and wait for the next Tram. The Cabin Operator made the best of a bad situation and did his job very well.

Roosevelt Island Outdoor Summer Movie Series Showing The Help At Southpoint Park Tonight - Enjoy The Movie, Views, Food, Music and Friends

The Roosevelt Island Outdoor Movie Summer Movie Series continues tonight at Southpoint Park with the showing of The Help. According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):
...on Saturday, July 21st enjoy the Academy Award winning Disney film The Help.

Arrive at 7 PM to get a good spot, enjoy music & participate in movie trivia. Food and drinks are available for purchase on site.

For more information, visit
Here's Trailer for The Help.

Friday, July 20, 2012

No Manhattan Bound F Trains From Roosevelt Island This Weekend - Will RIOC and Tram Operator POMA Run Both Cabins When Stations Crowded?

F Train Arriving At Roosevelt Island Subway Station

Received the following advisory from the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):
The MTA has advised there will be:

No Manhattan Bound F-Trains from 10:00 PM Friday, July 20th to 5:00 AM Monday, July 23rd

Tram and Red Bus Service will run until 5:00 AM during these service disruptions.

For more information please visit or call 511


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
According to the MTA:
F Coney Island-bound trains run via the M from Roosevelt Av to 47-50 Sts

Weekend, 10 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon, Jul 20 - 23

No Coney Island-bound service at 21 St-Queensbridge, Roosevelt Island, Lexington Av/63 St and 57 St.
During the June 25 RIOC Operations Committee meeting (audio webcast of full meeting is here), the RIOC Directors complained to the staff about problems with huge crowds waiting for the Tram caused when only one Tram Cabin is in operation during weekend F Train Subway service disruptions.

Here's what happened.

Let's see if RIOC and Tram operator POMA are prepared this weekend to operate both cabins when the Tram gets crowded.

UPDATE 7/21 - A Roosevelt Island resident reports from the Tram Station earlier this morning:
The tram station is so packed that I had to wait for the next tram due to overcrowding. I am now running late for work and very irritated; all as the other tram car sits idly behind me. I don't get the point of having two trams if only one will be in use. When are we going to get some better management for this thing???

Breaking News - Roosevelt Island's Gallery RIVAA Signs New Lease With Hudson Related For Their Current Main Street Premises

Image of Roosevelt Island's Gallery RIVAA

Here's some breaking news. I was just informed by a representative for Main Street Master Leaseholder Hudson Related that they have reached an agreement and signed a lease with Roosevelt Island's Gallery RIVAA.

Tonight's Roosevelt Island Outdoor Movie Showing Of Tangled Cancelled Due To Threat Of Rain - Rescheduled For Sunday July 29

Received this notice yesterday from the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) regarding cancellation of tonight's outdoor movie showing of Tangled at Southpoint Park.
Please be advised due to the threat of rain tomorrow evening, the scheduled movie Tangled has been rescheduled for Sunday July 29th at 7 PM at Southpoint Park.
Remaining Roosevelt Island Outdoor Movie schedule is here including The Help playing tomorrow night at Southpoint Park.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hibachi Heaven Food Truck Coming To Roosevelt Island Right Now, La Bella Torte Returning With Frozen Hot Chocolate and Pier NYC Waterfront Restaurant Open - Where Does One Eat On Roosevelt Island Tonight?

Image From Hibachi Heaven

A new Mobile Food Truck is on its way to serve the Roosevelt Island community tonight - Hibachi Heaven. Hibachi Heaven Tweets:
According to Hibachi Heaven:
The hibachi which means a fire bowl. Our food truck means just that. We are a fire bowl truck filled with delicious food and great service. We are passionate about food and would like to share our vision and Passion for a great meal with our customers.

Hibachi heaven is truly a heavenly truck. Equipped with the largest grill on a food truck it is capable of serving a large crowd and cook food to its perfection. The truck is also equipped to serve on both sides for the consumer convenience, that means no long lines. Also along with serving a great meal we will entertain as well. With large speakers and music for ur soul as well as a good plate for your stomach we will not disappoint out customers. This truck is truly heaven.
Image From Hibachi Heaven

Here's Hibachi Heaven menu.

La Bella Torte Italian pastries food truck will be back tonight as well tweeting:
and Pier NYC will be open too:
Variety and options for Roosevelt Island dining is a very good thing. Looking forward to more coming.

UPDATE 4:40 PM - Eddie Pizza Truck is here too.
Here's an aerial view from left to right of Eddie's Pizza Truck, unidentified van, La Bella Torte and Hibachi Heaven food truck with Pier NYC behind and then the East River.

Future Of Roosevelt Island Mobile Food Trucks, Modification Of Pier NYC Waterfront Restaurant Permit and Island House Ground Lease On Agenda For Tonight's RIOC Real Estate Committee Meeting

Roosevelt Island Food Truck Image From Gothamist

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a meeting of the Real Estate Development Advisory Committee of the RIOC Board of Directors will be held on Thursday, July 19, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. at the RIOC administrative office, 591 Main Street, Roosevelt Island, New York.


1. Review and Discussion of Mobile Food Vendors' Activity During the July Open Access Trial, and Recommendation on Permit Terms Effective Thereafter;

2. Consideration of Modifications to the PierNYC Permit;

3. Chair's Motion for Executive Session to Review and Discuss Proposed Modifications to the Ground Lease for Island House; and

4. Any Other Committee Business That May be Brought Before the Committee.

The La Bella Torte

 Image of La Bella Torte Cannoli From NY Street Food

and Eddie's Pizza Food Trucks

  Image Of Eddie's Pizza Food Truck Spicy Chicken With Pepper 10 Inch Personal Bar

have been great additions to Roosevelt Island. I hope RIOC allows Mobile Food Trucks to continue operating on Roosevelt Island public streets just as mobile food trucks operate in other NYC neighborhoods - without having to pay additional fees to RIOC. At the very least, continue the current experimental policy of waiving $345 monthly fee to encourage La Bella Torte and Eddie's Pizza to stay and to provide incentives for other Mobile Food Trucks to join them on a rotating basis to serve the hungry for choice and variety Roosevelt Island community.

Also, Pier NYC

 Image Of Pier NYC From RIHS President Judy Berdy

has been a wonderful amenity brought to a formerly underutilized public waterfront space on Roosevelt Island for this summer with BBQ provided by John Brown's Smokehouse and seafood from Santos Seafood Shack.

I asked RIOC President Leslie Torres:
What are the modifications to the Pier NYC permit being considered by RIOC that is on the Agenda for July 19 Real Estate Committee meeting?

Do the modifications being considered materially change the terms of the Waterfront Concession RFP that was issued by RIOC for the permit?

Thank you.
Have not received a response from RIOC.

It would be great if other types of food were allowed to be served at Pier NYC such as those offered by the Mobile Food Trucks as well as other existing Roosevelt Island restaurants.

The Island House Ground Lease Agenda Item is in executive session so public will not be able to attend. More information on Island House privatization and Ground Lease available at this previous post.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Roosevelt Island Family Safety Day Thursday July 19 At Good Shepherd Plaza- Prizes, Activities and Free Bike Helmets

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Department:
Come out to the FREE Family Safety Day Event- Thursday, July 19th from 3:30-6:30 PM at Good Shepherd Plaza (543 Main Street)

Both children and adults can participate in many fun activities and will receive prizes! Along with the exciting activities, there will be free bike helmet giveaways! Remember, safety always comes first.

For more information, call (212)839-4750

Sponsored by: Toyota, Safe Kids New York City, New York DOT & Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group

Severe NYC Thunderstorms This Afternoon - Here's A View From Roosevelt Island Starbucks

The New York City Office of Emergency Management tweets:

Did you get caught outside by this afternoon's severe thunderstorm or did you find a safe haven out of the rain?

I found some relief from the rain at the Roosevelt Island Starbucks before running home and getting soaked. Here's what it looked like from outside Starbucks.

Hopefully, the rain will cool down some of the brutal heat from the last couple of days but it will also keep the Mobile Food Trucks from coming to Roosevelt Island tonight.

La Bella Torte tweets:
Too bad. I was in the mood for some Eddie's Pizza.

Subway Sandwich Signs Lease With Hudson Related For Roosevelt Island Main Street - Joins Organic Grocer, Wine Shop and Ice Cream Store

 Image of Subway Sandwich Shop in Forest Hills Queens

Last April Main Street Master Leaseholder Hudson Related prematurely reported that a lease was signed with Subway Sandwiches for 513 Main Street.

Hudson Related's David Kramer informed me yesterday that the lease with Subway Sandwiches has now been signed for 513 Main Street in Rivercross building and should be open in 3-4 months after its design and build out.

Image of Roosevelt Island Subway Sandwich Shop Location at 513 Main Street

So far, new Roosevelt Island Main Street retail tenants with signed leases are:
  • Wholesome Direct, an organic grocer at 530 Main Street, 
  • Island Spirits, a wine shop at 605 Main Street,
  • Coach Scot's Main Street Sweet's at 599 Main Street and
  • the Subway Sandwich shop at 513 Main Street
It's progress. Now the stores just have to open and others follow.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sign The Online Petition To Move July 4 Fireworks Back To East River For 2013 So That They Can Be Seen From Roosevelt Island, Queens, Brooklyn and East Side Of Manhattan

Would you like the July 4 Macy's Fireworks to be set off from the East River next year so that they can be seen from Roosevelt Island, Brooklyn and Queens as they were prior to being moved to the Hudson River in 2009?

Reported last July 3 on NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio's online petition to bring Macy's July 4 Fireworks back to the East River. Today, Roosevelt Island resident Jeff Escobar reminded me of the petition and suggests that those Roosevelt Islanders who want the Macy's July 4 Fireworks returned to the East River still have time to sign the petition. Mr. de Blasio will be meeting with Macy's officials soon so sign the petition if you want the fireworks returned to the East River for next year.

You can sign the online petition here and this is what the 2008 East River Macy's July 4 Fireworks looked like from Roosevelt Island

Intermittent Daytime Closings Of Roosevelt Island Bridge Scheduled For July 18 - 27 From 10 AM to 2 PM

The New York City Office Of Emergency Management Tweets:
The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) adds:
We have been advised by the Department of Transportation that there will limited daytime closures of the Roosevelt Island Bridge scheduled for Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 through Friday, July 27th, 2012. The openings will be conducted between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

As during previous testing periods, the bridge will be closed to all traffic for 15 minute intervals. Traffic in the queue must dissipate before another 15 minute closure occurs. During this testing NYPD, NYFD and EMS units will be available to Roosevelt Island residents and visitors by dialing 911.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group

Roosevelt Island Rivercross Board Of Directors Decide To Exit Mitchell Lama Program Under A Market Rate Plan, Continuing To Negotiate Subsidies With RIOC and ESDC For Affordability Plan Under Parallel Track - Island House and Westview Privatization Updates Too

Image of Rivercross Building Entrance

Last Friday, I learned that the Roosevelt Island Rivercross Tenants Corp. Board Of Directors decided to leave the Mitchell Lama Program under a market rate plan. Yesterday, I asked the Rivercross Board and Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):
I understand the Rivercross Tenants Corp Board advised the Rivercross Shareholders last Friday that the Board has decided
  • to exit the Mitchell Lama program under a market rate plan,
  • to file a Notice Of Intent to leave Mitchell Lama with DHCR and
  • to submit an Offering Plan to the NY State Attorney General for review.
Is that true?

If so, does either the Rivercross Board or RIOC Board have any comment to make for a post I am preparing for Roosevelt Islander Online? Also, how does the Rivercross Board and RIOC Board anticipate Rivercross exiting Mitchell Lama under a non affordable market rate plan will effect the Rivercross Ground Lease with Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) particularly in view of the recent Island House proposal to exit Mitchell Lama under an Affordable Plan approved by DHCR?

I intend to publish post on subject tomorrow. Please let me know if anyone intends to comment on this issue?

Thank you.
The Rivercross Board responded yesterday by providing a memo which was distributed to their shareholders on July 13 explaining the reasons they are seeking to leave Mitchell Lama under a market rate plan emphasizing that the Board is also following a parallel Affordability plan. An excerpt of the memo follows

The full Rivercross Board July 13 memo is below.

Here's more on Rivercross privatization efforts from previous posts and December 2010 Rivercross ground lease extension from RIOC which appears to be dependent upon Rivercross remaining in the Mitchell Lama program.

In other Roosevelt Island Mitchell Lama news, Island House privatization and Ground Lease Extension will be on the Agenda for July 19  RIOC Real Estate Committee:
... 3. Chair's Motion for Executive Session to Review and Discuss Proposed Modifications to the Ground Lease for Island House;...
and the Westview Task Force met on July 12 to discuss their privatization efforts (will have more on this soon).

Additional information on the unprecedented Island House Privatization Affordability Plan here and Westview privatization efforts here.

Going To Be Brutally Hot For Next Two Days But No Cooling Off In Roosevelt Island's Sportspark Pool - It's Closed Until Further Notice Due To Mechanical Problems

Image Of Sportspark Pool From 40 Pools

You won't be able to take a cooling dip in the Roosevelt Island Sportspark pool during the brutally hot days coming up until further notice. According to Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) advisory:
Due to mechanical problems, Sport Park Pool will be closed until further notice.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
Here's more info on Sportspark and Sportspark Pool.

Blogger 40 Pools visited Sportspark Pool recently and gave it a nice review. 
... we did a second annual visit to a lovely indoor pool followed by an outdoor, waterfront picnic and a thrilling tram ride last week. The pool belongs to Roosevelt Island Sportspark, a state-run facility convenient to the tram and subway stops on this residential East River island.

Both times we’ve visited en masse, we received a warm welcome from the desk staff. This time the lifeguard also went the extra mile, politely relocating a swimmer so that we could commandeer our own lane. The staff is justifiably proud of this oasis, a sentiment that also comes through on the Sportspark website: “the pool sits amid stadium seating, giving the vital adult swimmer an ambiance of competition for their laps or energetic kids added grandeur to their play.”...
The Wall Street Journal reports:
A heat advisory remains in effect for the metropolitan New York City area.

The National Weather Service predicts highs around 95 on Tuesday. The humidity will make it feel even worse....
Relief arrives on Thursday.

But first, you might want to brace yourself for Wednesday. The heat and humidity could make it feel like 100 degrees — or higher.
Stay cool.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Con Ed Brown Out Reducing Voltage 5% On East Side Of Manhattan and Roosevelt Island Due To HIgh Temperatures

 According to Con Edison:
Con Edison has reduced voltage 5 percent in some areas of Manhattan where crews are repairing equipment, and the company is reminding customers to use energy wisely as temperatures rise this week.

Con Edison has reduced voltage by 5 percent in Midtown East, East Side and Roosevelt Island. The company is not asking customers in those areas to take any special measures at this time....
Reuters adds:
New York power company Consolidated Edison Inc said Monday it reduced voltage in some Manhattan neighborhoods, an action known as a brown-out, as a heat wave stresses the electric system.

High temperatures in the Big Apple were expected to hit 92 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday, 95 on Tuesday and 94 on Wednesday before falling to near normal levels in the 80s on Thursday, according to
... Customers do not lose power in a voltage reduction, but incandescent lights, hot water heaters and some motors are affected....

Roosevelt Island's NYC Council Member Jessica Lappin Announces $2 Million Funding For New Roosevelt Island Library, Not Clear When Library Will Open

Image of NYC Council Member Lappin, NYPL President Anthony Marx and Roosevelt Island Kids

Last Friday, Roosevelt Island's NYC Council Member Jessica Lappin stood in front of our current dilapidated library accompanied by NY Public Library President Anthony Marx and Roosevelt Island children. Ms. Lappin and Mr. Marx were here to announce that she has secured $2 million from the NYC 2013 Fiscal Year Budget to move the Roosevelt Island Library to a new location at 504 Main Street's first floor. Here's what Ms. Lappin and Mr. Marx had to say about the new Roosevelt Island library.

Following Ms. Lappin's announcements I asked how much money is necessary to open the new Roosevelt Island Library and when it can be expected to open. Ms Lappin said they had enough money to build the new branch and NYPL President Marx said the library could be ready within a matter of months.

I also asked Ms. Lappin about her plans to run for Manhattan Borough President. Ms. Lappin declined to address that question. Here's the Q&A.

But, at the conclusion of Ms. Lappin's remarks, NYPL Spokesperson Angela Montefinise told me that the new Roosevelt Island library may not open quite so fast and that additional monies may be necessary.

Ms. Montefinise followed up with the following message:
1 - We are still in the very early stages of negotiating a lease for 504 Main Street, but regardless of what happens on the second floor, we are going to require sound proofing of our space.

2 - As for money, thanks to the support of Councilwoman Lappin and others, we have more than enough to move forward with the new Roosevelt Island Library. As for the final pricetag, that will depend on the concrete design and plans.

3 - We don't not have a firm timeline yet (when Tony said a few months, he was talking about the time it would take for the space to be ready for us to take over).
I asked Ms. Montefinise:
I just want to make sure I correctly understand whether any additional funds are necessary to open the new Roosevelt Island library at 504 Main Street.

You indicated in earlier message

As for money, thanks to the support of Councilwoman Lappin and others, we have more than enough to move forward with the new Roosevelt Island Library. As for the final pricetag, that will depend on the concrete design and plans.

Is the money now available to "move forward" sufficient to pay whatever the "final pricetag" may be for the Roosevelt Island Library or will additional funds be required? If not and additional funds are required, can you provide a ballpark estimate of how much money is needed?
Will update when additional information is received.

Here's the Press Release from Ms. Lappin's office announcing that she has secured funding for Roosevelt Island organizations and projects
Councilwoman Jessica Lappin is pleased to announce that she successfully secured over $4 million for Roosevelt Island projects and organizations in the FY 13 city budget passed by the New York City Council on June 28th. That funding includes $2 million for the Roosevelt Island Library to move into a new space at 504 Main Street, $1.85 million for the completion of the FDR Four Freedoms Memorial, which is scheduled to open in October 2012, and $150,000 for the FDR Hope Memorial.

“Roosevelt Island is going through a spectacular transformation, and I’m proud to support the groups that have been there in the past and will continue to shape the Island in the future,” Lappin said. “It’s especially exciting that this funding will help build a new home for the Island’s public library.” The current cramped branch has been beset by problems for years, including water leaks that have harmed the collection. Previously, Councilwoman Lappin secured $1 million for the new space, and this year Mayor Michael Bloomberg allocated $500,000 for it.

“We are enormously grateful to Councilmember Lappin, whose $3 million capital commitment allows us to proceed with a vastly improved library for the growing community on Roosevelt Island," said Anthony W. Marx, President of the New York Public Library. "Thanks to the strong support of the Councilmember, as well as Mayor Bloomberg and Borough President Scott Stringer, we can double the size of the Roosevelt Island branch, and in turn offer our patrons increased access to programming, computers, classes, books, and all the services the library has to offer."

“Every step of the way, Jessica provided financial support and personal advocacy to ensure the first memorial to President Franklin Roosevelt in his home state would finally be built as planned on Roosevelt Island,” said Sally Minard, President of FDR Four Freedoms Park. “Without Jessica’s early and constant advocacy, we would not be delivering this new civic space to New Yorkers and citizens of the world, on budget and on schedule, this fall.”

“Jessica has been an absolutely critical champion for this project,” said Gina Pollara, Executive Director of FDR Four Freedoms Park. “We are grateful for her commitment and her understanding of the importance of the park for our city and our nation.”

"The Roosevelt Island Disabled Association and its subcommittee the FDR Hope Memorial Subcommittee have worked to turn a historical fact into a memory and from that memory a memorial that is becoming a constant inspiration to people of all ages and health stages,” said Jim Bates, Chairman of the Roosevelt Island Disabled Association. “This is being brought steps closer by a grant from Councilwoman Jessica Lappin and we appreciate it so much"

“We're thrilled with the all of the tireless work that Council Member Lappin has done to help Roosevelt Island,” said Leslie Torres, President of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC). “The funding that she has secured will directly benefit Roosevelt Islanders of all ages, from school children and little leaguers to members of our senior association. We're also grateful for her support and funding for the FDR Four Freedoms Memorial, which will open in October at the south end of Southpoint Park, and will further establish Roosevelt Island as a must-see destination for visitors. Council Member Lappin continues to be a great friend to our community.”

Council Member Lappin was able to allocate city money for the following:

Roosevelt Island Public Library

$2 million to complete interior and rehabilitate exterior

FDR Four Freedoms Park

$1.85 million for Phase 1-3 of construction

FDR Hope Memorial

$150,000 for construction of memorial in Southpoint Park

PS/IS 217

$175,000 for library upgrade

Roosevelt Island Senior Association (RISA)

$28,000 for senior education and recreation programs

PS/IS 217 Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

$10,000 for in-school art program

Roosevelt Island Youth Program

$10,000 for youth music lessons and free Little League program

New York Junior Tennis League, Inc.

$10,000 for free tennis lessons at Octagon Park.

Roosevelt Island Disabled Association

$6,000 for transportation to events and venues

The Child School

$5,000 for after-school program for children with emotional learning disabilities.

Roosevelt Island Historical Society

$5,000 for preservation and presentation of archival materials and public programming

Island Kids

$4,000 for summer camp program
and the rest of Ms. Lappin's announcement last Friday on Roosevelt Island.

Unedited video of Friday's announcement is here.

UPDATE 7/18 - A NYPL representative advises that the exact cost of building the Roosevelt Island Library at 504 Main Street will not be known until actual plans are developed. However, they anticipate that sufficient funds from a variety of sources will be available for it to be built.

Roosevelt Island Main Street Arcade Prototype Nearly Complete - Window Panels Removed And New Ceiling In Place

Image Of 568 Main Street Arcade Yesterday Without Window and Scaffolding

Reported last June 21:
... Hudson Related has removed the glass window from Main Street Arcade at 568 Main

and is constructing a prototype in the area to test possible designs of what the Arcade might look like.The proposed mockup should be completed in a few weeks....
As I was walking past the area yesterday, it appears that the proposed mockup is almost completed. Here's the windowless arcade viewed from across the street,

looking out to the street from the Main Street Arcade

and the new wooden ceiling

compared to the present ceiling.

Lighting still needs to be added as well as new street furniture. The prototype for Roosevelt Island Main Street Arcade will soon be ready for community evaluation.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Night At Roosevelt Island's Pier NYC - Good BBQ, Views, Breeze and Music, Roosevelt Island Is Changing For The Better

You Tube Video of Roosevelt Island Pier NYC

Sunday night at Roosevelt Island's Pier NYC. John Brown Smokehouse Burnt Ends Sandwich was excellent, views were terrific but just wish that the passing East River NY Water Taxi would stop at Roosevelt Island. The music was much better tonight too.

Did notice that the Pier NYC John Brown Smokehouse Burnt Ends Sandwich was $12 tonight and the same sandwich at John Brown Smokehouse in Long Island City is listed on menu for $10.50. The Pier NYC John Brown Smokehouse menu for Burnt End Sandwiches when first opened was $10.50.