Saturday, June 23, 2012

NYC Aquatic Marathon Swimmers Pass Roosevelt Island In East River On Way Around Manhattan

Image Of NYC Swims Marathon Swimmers passing Roosevelt Island From Irina Hage

Did you get the urge over the last few days to beat the heat with a swim in the East River? For some intrepid swimmers today, that's exactly what they did but not only did they take a dip in the East River, they swam all the way around Manhattan Island. According to NYC Swims:
On June 23, 2012 NYC Swim will present the annual 28.5 Mile Manhattan Island Marathon Swim. This is our longest and premier event of the season, a full counter-clockwise circumnavigation of the island of Manhattan....
Roosevelt Island resident Irina Hage spotted some of the NYC Swim aquatic marathoners heading north on the East River passing Roosevelt Island and shares these photos.

Image Of NYC Swims Marathon Swimmers passing Roosevelt Island From Irina Hage

The Washington Post reports:
Abby Nunn won the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim on Saturday, finishing the 28.5-mile counterclockwise course in 7 hours, 36 minutes, 26 seconds.

Friday, June 22, 2012

No F Train Service To Roosevelt Island From Manhattan This Weekend - 10 PM Friday June 22 Thru 5 AM Monday June 25, Tram Will Run Extended Service During This Time

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):
The MTA has advised there will be:

No Queens Bound F-Trains from 10 PM Friday June 22nd to 5 AM Monday June 25th

Tram and Red Bus Service will run until 5:00 AM during these service disruptions.

For more information please visit or call 511.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
More information on subway service disruptions this weekend from the MTA Weekender. 
Jamaica-bound trains run via the from 47-50 Sts to Roosevelt Av

Weekend, 10 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon, Jun 22 - 25

No Jamaica-bound service at 57 St, Lexington Av/63 St, Roosevelt Island and 21 St-Queensbridge.

Plan accordingly.

It's Brutally Hot On The Roosevelt Island Tram - Can Industrial Strength Fans Help Cool Off The Sweating Passengers?

Roosevelt Island resident Todd Williams sends in a suggestion for cooling down the Roosevelt Island Tram on brutally hot days:
Because it is dangerously hot in the tram on warmer days (in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if someone passes out on the tram one day), I have suggested to a couple of the operators and to one of the guys in the control station that they place some industrial strength fans at the tram station to blow air through the tram while it is stationary and people are waiting inside. This will help remove some stale air and keep people a little cooler before it takes off. They could easily turn it off while the tram is in motion and turn it back on when it docks. The tram folks seemed to like the idea and suggested that I write or tell RIOC. I'm not sure how to do that, but I knew that you are good at getting the word out about stuff. No worries if I'm harping on an old issue that has already been discussed to death. But it sure seems like a good idea to me that wouldn't be too expensive.
Last summer, a reader asked why no air conditioning on the Roosevelt Island Tram.
I just realized last week that the Tram does not have A/C because we were sweating buckets. Do you know why they did not decide to add A/C to the new Tram? Was it just a matter of cost?
I replied:
I think it was a function of cost as well as the limited time of the trip - approximately 4 minutes
Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Director (or perhaps former Director?) Jonathan Kalkin answers the reader's question:
Really has to do with weight and the amount of passengers we would have to lose each trip. The new tram with an AC unit would have held less people and the battery to charge the AC wouldn't have enough time to charge at the station. However, I noticed that they haven't opened up all the windows when I was on it. All windows should be open which should really cool it down. I took pictures, sent it to Ops, and they are talking with the Tram team to make sure they open all the windows.
 Would Mr. Williams suggestion of an industrial strength fan make a difference?

Roosevelt Island Exposure Incident At Motorgate Garage Late Wednesday Afternoon And May 2012 Roosevelt Island Public Safety Incident Blotter - Disorderly Conduct, Stroller On Red Bus, Con Ed Stray Voltage, Stolen Iphone, Grills, Knife, Noise, Cats, Squirrels and More

Yesterday, I sent the following message to Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Director Keith Guerra:

The 6/20 -21 Public Safety Report indicated:
Exposure Of A Person - Male and female subject issued summonses and released.
Please provide any additional information including time, place, age and if any children were involved.

Thank you.
RIOC's Press Spokesperson replied later that day:
Date: 6/20
Time: 5:48pm
Place: Motorgate 6th Fl.
Injuries: No injuries to either adult
Below is the May 2012 Roosevelt Island Monthly Public Safety Blotter. Incidents include:
  • 5/6/2012 400 Main St Dispute between passenger and bus driver as passenger refused to fold her stroller prior to boarding the bus. Passenger was advised of the safety regulations for the future.
  • 5/13/2012 300 Main St Red Bus driver reported an irate woman causing a disturbance on her bus being very disorderly
  • 5/29/2012 566 Main St Adult female and female youth involved in a dispute in front of location as adult was picking youth up from school for a friend. Both parties were brought into PSD. School teacher was called in to mediate both parties. Youth agreed to go home with family friend. All in order.
  • 5/25/2012 R/O 405 Main St Numerous Con Edison cones observed covering five manhole covers, four light poles and one RIOC muni meter as they discovered stray voltage and would return later in the day to correct the condition.
  • 5/26/2012 Adj. 100 Main St Three females observed covering and taping up barbeque grills at location. Females stated the fumes were disturbing the stray cats. Females were warned and admonished.
  • 5/13/2012 546 Main St Reporter advised an unknown male talking to himself was displaying a knife. Search of area yielded negative results for subject.
  • 5/5/2012 540 Main St ARREST Report of noise at listed location. Tenant was advised numerous times to turn the music down. On the fourth advisement tenant was issued a lawful order to turn the music off. Tenant was issued a summons for unreasonable noise.
  • 5/4/2012 510 Main St ARREST Reporter advised of vehicle shooting paintballs at passersby. Described vehicle was stopped and motorist advised they were throwing water balloons. Search of vehicle found water balloons. Summons issued and subject was released.
  • 5/9/2012 400 Main St ARREST Female victim contacted PSD to report two male youths took her phone while on the subway and fled the scene. Victim and two other witnesses gave chase and saw them at location. Officers arrived on scene and took both subjects into custody. Subjects were transported to 114 Pct for arrest processing. Subject #1 was released to his Mother as he is a youth. Subject #2 was transported to Manhattan Central Booking for arrest processing
  • 5/13/2012 516 Main St Report of cat stuck on a pillar. Owner was able to retrieve the cat without incident.
  • 5/23/2012 455 Main St Reporter advised he observed a dying squirrel. Reporter placed the squirrel in a box and brought into PSD. Squirrel was deceased when it was brought in. 311 contacted and they advised squirrel to be taken back to the place it was found.
Full May 2012 Roosevelt Island Public Safety Monthly Blotter here.

Roosevelt Island Public Safety statistics for the year thru May 2012 are here.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sure Would Be Nice To Have A Roosevelt Island Main Street Ice Cream Store On Hot Days Like Today

Ice Cream Cone Image From Bentnorthrup

Guess what - that will soon happen. Several reliable sources have told me that Hudson Related is about to sign a lease with a Roosevelt Island resident for an Ice Cream Store on Main Street. Hopefully this will occur in the next few days but just to be clear, the lease has not been signed and Hudson Related has not confirmed the accuracy of this report.

In other Roosevelt Island Main Street retail news, Hudson Related has removed the glass window from Main Street Arcade at 568 Main

and is constructing a prototype in the area to test possible designs of what the Arcade might look like.The proposed mockup should be completed in a few weeks.

Some residents have expressed unhappiness with Hudson Related's plan to remove the Arcade windows. For instance, resident Raye Schwartz writes:
Please consider this.

Whether or not we, Kramer, H-R or the current RIOC or RIRA likes or dislikes the aesthetics of glass partitions is irrelevant. Roosevelt Island was built as a planned community to integrate a variety of levels of housing and a diverse population into a multi-everything community: income, age, mobility, physically challengedm, ethnicity, etc.. That meant that disabled people and seniors would have more mobility and freedom than in any other place in New York, and probably even the country. So to compare it to other places that manage without glass partition protection in spite of inclement weather is missing the point...unless one wants to ignore the intent of this community

While it is essential to improve the retail corridor, removing the glass partitions will wipe out everything this island stands for, or at least was meant to stand for. And the argument about sanitation is absurd too...not when Kramer is entertaining the notion to place a "Subway" store at 531 Main Street and Public Safety will not do a damn thing to get people to stop feeding the pigeons, squirrels and rats because "it's a city ordinance and they work for the state"! Same is true for ignoring the trash the people throw on the ground, the lawns and into planters, not only on Main Street, but outside of Starbucks and Motorgate as well. It seems as if RIOC and Kramer are catering to the trust fund babies and yuppies as they are making efforts to obliterate and override everything this island was meant to be, rather than incorporating new ideas and improvements into the current model. Yes Virginia, improvements, not obliteration, are needed.

Those glass partitions should not be removed. However, they could be improved. Perhaps they could be replaced with larger shatterproof and non-reflective glass panels and the ugly and dirty metal partitions could be removed. The store windows should also be revamped. And instead of the enormous red mastheads, make those smaller and install better lighting so that the storefronts are visible through the glass both day and night. Directories should also be installed on both sides of Main Street, such as the "you are here" directories they have in malls, with maps and store listings as well as arrows. Thos directories should be on both the north end and south end of Main Street, as well as at the tram and the mall at Southtown. They should be all inclusive of the entire retail corridor, from Motorgate and the post office, all the way down to Southpoint Park.

Another thing to consider, not only for seniors or the disabled, is that Main Street is a wind tunnel and those glass panels provide safety and protection for everyone on rainy or stormy days, not just when there's snow. That protection is not only for seniors and the disabled, but also for the kids who attend PS 217, The Child School and even the day nursery.

And as a matter of fact, there should also be some standards for the window displays of all the shopkeepers, i.e. the video/general store which thankfully is somewhat hidden by those partitions! And in addition, when is Urban America going to remove thos hideous chartreuse signs from Eastwood?

I therefore submit the idea that a better aesthetic and the needs of the people of this community can exist in a symbiotic relationship without one sacrificing the other. Just in case RIOC forgot to tell Kramer about the needs of this community, someone please tell him to go back to the drawing board and come up with a better solution that will work for both the people and retail.

Let's not throw out the baby when we simply need to change the bath water!
Roosevelt Island resident Fred Plastino, who chairs Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Main Street Retail subcommittee, has a different point of view on the window arcade removal:
Let me start off by saying, I have walked many nights in the cold and rain to and from the garage to my home. And while I appreciate the protection of the overhang, I can't say removing the glass and planters will significantly change things under most conditions.

The intent is to open up views, light, and visibility to and from the store fronts. Hudson and their architects feel this is a step in the right direction towards improving street appeal, and I happen to agree. Opposition to this change has been voiced many times, and David Kramer is aware.

They've been hired to revitalize the retail corridor, I think we should give them a chance to implement their ideas for improvement. It's not beyond the realm of possibility they might consider re-establishing the original design if things don't work out. However, if you disagree you can contact David Kramer directly. He has extended this invitation to everyone.
For now, I am just happy about the Ice Cream store!!!

Community Board 8 Cornell Roosevelt Island Task Force Meeting Tonight - Come Learn What Is Going On With Proposed Cornell NYC Tech Campus And Provide Input With Your Questions and Concerns

Cornell Power Point Presentation From May 8 2012 Cornell Roosevelt Island Task Force Meeting

The Community Board 8 (CB 8) Cornell/Roosevelt Island Task Force will be meeting tonight.

According to CB 8:
Meeting Date:
Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 6:30pm
Meeting Location:
The Child School/Legacy H.S.
566 Main Street
New York, NY

1 - An update by Cornell University on the Technology Graduate School on Roosevelt Island
2 - A discussion of the ULURP process
3 - Feedback from Roosevelt Island residents on their issues/concerns

Nicholas D. Viest and James Clynes, Co-Chairs
During the May 24 conversation between Roosevelt Island residents and Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Directors, support was expressed for the Cornell NYC Tech project, but strong concerns were expressed over the impact of the project's development on Roosevelt Island's inadequate infrastructure as well as who will pay for the necessary repairs and improvements. RIOC is certainly not in a position to provide funds for these repairs and improvements. Here's the discussion.

Like Roosevelt Island, the Harlem community is also about to undergo a university development project but with Columbia expanding its campus not Cornell building a brand new one. According to this June 9, 2012 NY Post article:
After years of delay and ineptitude, the West Harlem community may finally get its hands on a $76 million fund from Columbia University.

The money is meant to lessen the burden of Columbia’s expansion in the neighborhood but has been in jeopardy because of the mismanagement of the group in charge of it.

Columbia has given only $3.5 million to the West Harlem Local Development Corp. because the group has been in chaos. It had no director, office or way for the community to apply for money....
Will Roosevelt Island advocates and negotiators, be they RIOC, CB 8, RIRA, Silicon Island Coalition or elected officials be able to secure a similar fund for Roosevelt Island needs?

More information on the May 8 Cornell Roosevelt Island Task Force meeting including video of Cornell's presentation of their plans available at this post.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Loud Noises Still Coming From Transcanada Big Allis Ravenswood Power Plant Keeping Roosevelt Island Residents Awake At Night - Are Earplugs The Only Solution For An Uninterrupted Night Of Sleep

 Image Of Transcanada Big Allis Ravenwood Power Plant Across East River From Roosevelt Island

Commenting on the What's On Your Roosevelt Island Mind thread earlier today, a frustrated Roosevelt Landings/Eastwood resident, Ms Cunningham reports:
Once again excessive noise from Ravenswood Power Plant for the past 36 hours straight & still going. All those in Eastwood with Queens facing windows have no chance of sleep. Are there really not any noise related laws that can assist us in reining this in?
Loud noises coming from the power plant is nothing new. Reported last December on the loud noises, sometimes deafening, coming from the Transcanada Big Allis Ravenswood power plant in Long Island City:
 An update to posts earlier this week on the deafening noise that woke up and frightened many Roosevelt Island residents coming from Transcanada's Big Allis Ravenswood Power Plant steam release early Monday morning at around 6 AM....
Responding to last December's steam release from the Transcanada Big Allis plant, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and other Roosevelt Island elected officials wrote to Transcanada officials urging Transcanada to take:
... steps to mitigate noise disturbances resulting from your facility operations and to improve communication processes with the surrounding community...
Full letter is here.

I am not aware of any response from Transcanada to the letter from Roosevelt Island elected officials but have asked Borough President Stringer's office if there has been one. Will update when responses is received.

Cheshire Kitty responds to Ms Cunningham frustration with a solution - earplugs:
Probably "revving up" because of the big demand for power due to the excessive heat.  The scrubbing noise is even louder, but doesn't last that long.   We deal with it, just as folks in LIC deal with it; there is also a big plant in N. Astoria.  Forget about the pollution that comes out of the stacks - which is why the stacks are so tall.  The thought it the pollution is wafted away from populated areas - hah!  This is the trade-off of not having to pay as much in rent as in Manhattan, or in fact, many other areas that do not face a huge electrical generating plant.  Still, we have to thank Con Ed (or whichever company currently controls Ravenswood):  Without them, there would be no air-conditioning, no refrigeration, no fans.. and in the winter, no electrical baseboard heating.  A handy "fix" for power plant noise:  Earplugs!
Here's the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) discussion of issue from December 2011 Common Council Meeting.

Stray Voltage From Two Roosevelt Island Light Poles - No Injuries, Repaired By Con Ed

Yesterday, I sent the following inquiry to Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) VP Of Operations Fernando Martinez:

The 6/17 - 18 Public Safety Report indicates a stray voltage incident
Con Edison / Stray Voltage - Work was performed on two light poles. No injuries and Con Edison corrected the condition.
Where did the stray voltage incident occur and how was it spotted - by RIOC employee, resident, some other person? Were these two separate incidents at different locations or one incident at same location?

Also,what was the Con Ed investigation in the 6/5 -6 report asked about in previous email below about. Was it also stray voltage or something else.

Thank you.
Will update when a response is received.

More on Roosevelt Island Stray Voltage from previous posts.

Here's how Con Ed handles Stray Voltage.

Its Hot Out There - Roosevelt Island New York City Cooling Center Set Up At Seniors Center For Today and Tomorrow

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC)
Please be advised due to the extreme weather conditions forecasted for today and tomorrow, a cooling center has been established at the Senior Center, located at 546 Main Street. The cooling center is available now and will remain open until 10 PM. The cooling center will re-open tomorrow morning at 9 AM and close at 10 PM.

For more information, please call 212-980-1888.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
Here's a listing of NYC Cooling Centers.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Newborn Babies and Small Infants Sought For Role In Lullaby Film Shooting On Roosevelt Island At Goldwater Hospital - Star Amy Adams Looking Forward To Meeting Good People Of Roosevelt Island

Image of Amy Adams and Garrett Hedlund On Gramercy Park Lullaby Set From imnotobsessed

Are you the Roosevelt Island parent of a newborn baby or small infant interested in an early in life acting job for your child in the movie industry? If so, here's a chance to get a role for your child in a film currently shooting on Roosevelt Island at Goldwater Hospital. According to Craigslist:
Grant Wilfley Casting is currently seeking Caucasian babies, approximately 5 weeks old or younger for upcoming scene in feature film "Lullaby". Also seeking premature infants that maybe small for there age. Babies will portray newborns in nursery and role works THIS WEDNESDAY 6.20.12. The scenes will shoot at hospital on Roosevelt Island. This is a paid role. If interested, please email a snapshot of your infant and please include contact phone number, as well as child's age and size in email. If baby is chosen you will be contacted and instructed on how to obtain a NY state work permit online but babies must have social security numbers to do so. All rules regarding infant work hours according to SAG-AFTRA will be followed.
Click here for full Craigslist listing and contact info.

On Location Vacations reported that the film Lullaby starring Amy Adams is currently shooting on Roosevelt Island at Goldwater Hospital:
According to various sources, Lullaby, which is described as “a drama about a broken family reunited for one last moment as they say goodbye to their dying father, husband and mentor”, will begin filming in New York City before the end of the month.

Lullaby stars Garrett Hedlund, Amy Adams, Jessica Brown Findlay, Terrence Howard, Richard Jenkins, and Jennifer Hudson. From what we’ve heard, it is currently in pre-production on Roosevelt Island....
and Amy Adams tweets about looking forward to meeting good people of Roosevelt Island:

RIOC Advisories For Wednesday June 20 - Roosevelt Island Southpoint Park Closed For Herbicide Spraying and No Parking From 559 to 571 Main Street

Received the following advisories from the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) for Wednesday June 20.
On Wednesday June 20, 2012 Southpoint Park will be closed due to a scheduled herbicide spraying of the east and west areas.

A further notice will follow regarding Southpoint Park’s re-opening.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
More on Roosevelt Island herbicide spraying from previous posts.

As a reminder there will be no parking on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 from 559 Main Street to 571 Main Street between the hours of 12:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Any vehicle found in violation will be summonsed and towed.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
UPDATE 6/20 - RIOC adds:
This is a reminder that Southpoint Park will be closed today due to a scheduled herbicide spraying of the east and west areas of the park. Additional work will be performed in the park which includes cutting and removing weeds. The spraying is the second scheduled herbicide treatment to the area that was originally scheduled for earlier this spring. Please note that the organic herbicide is not harmful to wildlife or humans.

A further notice will follow regarding Southpoint Park’s re-opening.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group

Monday, June 18, 2012

Nice Place To Have A Roosevelt Island Outdoor Party Tonight - Riverwalk Apartment Outdoor Patio With Fantastic NYC Skyline and East River Waterfront Views

(Click On Image To Enlarge)

A party tonight at Riverwalk Place 455 Main Street. You really can't beat the views from Roosevelt Island buildings.

Roosevelt Island Business Networking Group Meeting Tomorrow Night June 19 7:30 PM, Local Entrepreneurs Meet, Share Stories and Potential Opportunities - Will You Be Next Presenter?

The Roosevelt Island Business Networking Group (RIBN) will be holding their next meeting tomorrow night, Tuesday, June 19, at 7:30 PM. According to the RIBN:

Make Time for Networking on Roosevelt Island Tuesday, June 19 at 7:30 pm

To spur your business growth, you need to plan your next steps, and that includes NETWORKING.

Join us and share ideas of how you will productively use the slower summer months to prepare for the rest of 2012.

For location, please contact Janet Falk at or reply via LinkedIn.

If you wish to present to the group, please contact Janet Falk.
Here's an excerpt (full video here) from previous presentation by Roosevelt Island resident and event designer Mathew Myhrum

More information on the Roosevelt Island Business Network available at previous post and RIBN Linked In.

Roosevelt Island Stars Traveling Kids Baseball Team Playing At Pony Field

Image Of Roosevelt Island Stars Traveling Baseball Team

Roosevelt Island resident Jamal Perry reports on the Roosevelt Island Stars, a traveling baseball team of 10-12 year ballplayers from Roosevelt Island:
The Roosevelt Island Stars is the name of our travel team. About 2 yrs ago we gathered a group of kids that wanted to play more competitive baseball who were from our community within the ages of 10-12 yrs old and formed a baseball team that travels to Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx,  Queens and Long Island.

We play different teams about 3 times a week and have also entered the Roosevelt Island Stars baseball team in upstate New York tournaments. Those games consist of 3 to 6 games within a 3 day period.

I had a dream many years ago to start a travel team so that the children on the island would be able to show case their athletic abilities with outside competition rather than just playing their friends every week.

Being a long time resident and raising my family on Roosevelt island as well as volunteering as a coach for my sons sports teams, I realized how important this dream was and with the help of my assistant coach Carolyn Christianson and my older son Javon Perry our dream came true. We have been able to provide this amazing experience for these children through fundraising by our parents with bake sales and food sales.

We pay for umpire fees , baseballs, bats as well as hotel and travel expenses. I teach the children that school is first and sports is second.. But when you put those two together you create an amazing tool for these children to carry through their lives. Ask any of my kids from past teams that still call me coach.
Here are the Roosevelt Island Stars playing on a recent weekend at the Pony Field.

One thing to learn is not to try to go to third from second on a grounder hit in front of you.

Invitation To Urban Gardening Talk From Roosevelt Island Garden Club - Member Asks RIOC Directors What Is The Status Of Roosevelt Island Community Garden?

Received the following invitation from the Roosevelt Island Garden Club::
Talk on Urban Gardening by John Ameroso of Cornell University Extension on June 23rd 2012 11:00AM-1:00PM. Meet in the southern end of the garden by the picnic tables. Open to all Roosevelt Island Gardeners and interested parties. Please contact Karen Lee at to RSVP

During the May 24 Roosevelt Island residents dialogue with RIOC Directors, a question was asked by a member of the Garden Club regarding the continued existence of the Roosevelt Island Community Garden at its current location and concern was expressed at the lack of information on this subject being provided by Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) staff. The RIOC Directors said they would look into the matter. Here's the dialogue on issue.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

High Speed Test Run Of Roosevelt Island To Long Island City's Anable Basin Ferry Service - Whew, That's Some Trip, Hope Ferry Service Comes Real Soon!!

Is ferry service to Long Island City (LIC) from Roosevelt Island close to becoming a reality? I don't know for sure, but this video shows what is described as a test run for a ferry between Roosevelt Island and Anable Basin in Long Island City.

Whew, that's some trip.

It would be great if this happens soon, opening up access to and from LIC's Vernon B'lvd, Gantry State Park and East River ferry service to Roosevelt Island.