Friday, November 8, 2019

Cornell Tech Professor Wendy Ju Talks Self Driving Cars, Human Interaction With Automation, David Letterman/Melinda Gates Campus Visit And You Can Volunteer For Self Driving Car Study On Roosevelt Island

Are you interested in taking a ride around Roosevelt Island in a self driving car as part of a Cornell Tech study?  Here's how you can do it.

According to Cornell Tech:

Participate in a Ride-Share Study!

The Future Autonomy Research (FAR) Lab is looking for participants to take a ride around Roosevelt island!
  • Receive a ​$15 Amazon gift card
  • This study takes approximately an hour
  • Participants will be audio/video recorded and may have to wear wrist mounted physiological sensors
  • The entire ride takes place on Roosevelt Island
 If you’re interested, please get in touch with Ilan Mandel at​ or go to
 h​ttps:// to schedule a time to participate.

Cornell Tech Professor Wendy Ju is studying human interaction with automation and self driving cars. During the October 10 Cornell Tech Faculty Roosevelt Island Community Conversation, Professor Ju described her research to a group of very interested residents.

 I asked Professor Ju about the Optimus Ride self driving car pilot project at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

and whether Roosevelt Island could be a location for self driving car experimentation. Professor Ju replied:

Professor Ju also describes a recent visit by David Letterman and Melinda Gates to the Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech' campus

and  Self Driving Car Lab for his Netflix TV interview show.

Here's Professor Ju's full presentation to the Cornell Tech Faculty Roosevelt Island Community Conversation on human interaction with automation, self driving cars and her life here as a new Roosevelt Island resident with her family.

Part 1.

Part 2

Also a very interesting article on possible futures for self driving cars in NY State from City and State NY.

Roosevelt Island F Train Service To And From Manhattan This Weekend, Tram And Ferry Service Too And Watch Video Of MTA Rep Talking Roosevelt Island Subway Service

According to the MTA there will be Roosevelt Island F Train service

to and from Manhattan this weekend. 

Both Roosevelt Island Tram cabins are operating and here's the NYC Ferry Roosevelt Island Astoria Route new Winter Schedule. 

During June 13 Roosevelt Island Town Hall Meeting organized by Council Member Ben Kallos, MTA representative Markus Book spoke about Roosevelt Island F Train subway service. Watch the full MTA Roosevelt Island presentation below.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

McManus Field Flood Lights Shining Into Roosevelt Island Manhattan Park Apartment All Night Says Resident, RIOC Replies Problem Fixed Today - But Rivercross Resident Has Same Nighttime Light Pollution Problem With Rockefeller University Across East River And No Response So far

A Roosevelt Island resident tweeted today about lights at McManus Park soccer field being left on overnight and shining through his apartment window at 5 am.

I asked the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) about matter and RIOC Spokesperson Terrence McCauley replied:
We had a problem with the timing mechanism and have fixed the problem this afternoon. We will have staff on site late this evening to make sure there are no other problems. We remind all residents that if they see a problem or a concern, they can easily report it via our Occupant Help Center at . If it is an emergency, they can contact PSD at 212-832-4545.
and RIOC tweeted

A Rivercross resident has a similar nighttime lighting problem with Rockefeller University across the East River and writes seeking help:
Regarding the linked project..., why do you never turn the lights off at night? I live on Roosevelt Island and have to endure your light pollution nightly.

I watch as rooms close, no one is in them, and the lights stay on, interior and exterior lights. It isn't green of you. And it hurts the eyes of many hundreds, probably several 1000 people here. My bedroom faces your building. If you don't believe me, I'd like to invite you to dinner to see for yourself.
Have not hear back from Rockefeller University on their light pollution problem - hopefully they'll fix problem as quickly as RIOC has in this case today.

Sponsored Post - Roosevelt Island Local Hometown Fusion Salon, Exceptional Hair Care Services For Men, Women & Children In A Modern, Relaxed & Comfortable Atmosphere

Welcome to Roosevelt Island's local, hometown Fusion Salon

located at 523 Main Street (212-688-0055).

Our mission has always been to provide exceptional hair care services for men, women and children in a modern, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. We provide the finest selection of professional hair care products – We are a Certified Concept Salon featuring expert Hair Care, Cuts, Styles, Highlights, Color and Keratin Treatment. Our experienced stylists are dedicated, well trained professionals who provide our clients with a phenomenal salon experience that will allow you to always look your best.

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At Fusion Salon we are always happy to discuss your hair care needs or styling questions. Ask your stylist which products or treatments are most appropriate for your type of hair. We appreciate how important your hair is and how it affects the way you feel.

Please review our services, pricing and special packages.

Fusion Salon hours are:
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Please stop by our shop at 523 Main Street, call 212-688-0055 or email us.

We look forward to working with you on your individual hair needs.
UPDATE 11/8 - Roosevelt Island residents recommend Fusion Hair Salon:

Ira Slav says:
Very friendly environment.

Boris ,the owner, is very easygoing guy with the highly professional skills.
And from Katherine Yeske Taylor:
They do a fantastic job!! I often get compliments on my hair color that they do.

Speeding Cars Race Down Roosevelt Island East Promenade Street Yesterday Afternoon - One Loses Control Slamming Into And Crashing Through Southpoint Park Gate

A Roosevelt Island tipster reported yesterday that two cars were speeding in what appeared to be a race down the East Promenade South Loop Road next to the Cornell Tech campus when one car lost control, slammed into

and crashing through the Southpoint Park East gate

yesterday afternoon at about 2:30 PM missing a pedestrian by a few seconds.

Yesterday, I asked the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):
Any info on two cars speeding and crashing into Southpoint Park today...

Were there any injuries or arrests?
RIOC Spokesperson Terrence McCauley replied:
There were no injuries in the car crash.

The vehicle with 3 occupants under the age of 18 lost control while traveling south on East Loop Road and crashed into the gate. One of the sections of the fence was damaged. Again, no injuries or arrests.
UPDATE 5:10 PM - According to the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Incident report:
11/06/19 – 1446 – 50 Main St – Vehicle Accident – PSD/EMS/NYPD responded – Referred to NYPD - Aided transported to the hospital
.I asked Mr. McCauley:
I'm told there were 2 cars racing on road before crash into gate. Is that true. Why were there no tickets given or arrests?

Were they Roosevelt island residents

... someone was taken to hospital due to the car crash.
He replied:
They must have been transported out of an abundance of caution and the report updated after I got back to you. The NYPD investigated the accident and determined that a summons for speeding was not warranted. The NYPD issued a summons for driving without a license, but no one was arrested.

None of them were residents.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Coler Post Acute Care Facility Named As Top 5 Nursing Home In NY State But What Is It's Future On Roosevelt Island? Residents Worry Number Of Beds May Be Reduced And Possible Future Closure - NYC Health & Hospitals Corp Says It's Committed To Maintaining/Improving Services And No Current Plans To Close

The Roosevelt Island NYC Health & Hospital Corp (NYCHHC) Coler post acute care facility, 

was recently ranked 5th out of 63 NY State nursing homes by Newsweek study.

But, there is ongoing concern among some Coler patients and Roosevelt Island residents that the facility may one day soon be shut down for future real estate development as it's sister facility Goldwater Hospital was closed in 2013 to make way for the Cornell Tech campus.

In 2018, a resident asked current Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) President Lynn Strong-Shinozaki (at the time, a candidate for RIRA President):
I've heard that Coler Hospital might be for sale or might be closing at some point. Do we know what plan for that whole area is?
Ms Shinozaki replied:
The answer to that is no, but what I do know is that you are correct that the City list of properties that can be bought, Coler Hospital is on that list...
Last October 15, I asked NYC HHC:
There have been persistent rumors that NYC HHC is planning on closing The Coler Hospital Facility on Roosevelt Island.

I learned from a source recently, that Coler is planning to reduce the number of beds and patients being served from approximately 500 to 200.

Is that true?

Any comment from NYC HHC regarding future of Roosevelt Island Coler Hospital and any plan to reduce the current number of patients being cared for?
A spokesperson for NYC HHC replied regarding the status of Coler:
NYC Health + Hospitals is committed to maintaining and improving our post-acute care services, and there are no current plans to change services provided at the facility.

There are approximately 500 long-term care residents and short-stay patients receiving care at NYC Health + Hospitals/Coler. The majority of patients receiving care at NYC Health + Hospitals/Coler are there to receive long-term care.

NYC Health + Hospitals/Coler is a post-acute care facility—think, a nursing home—and NOT a hospital.

Sponsored Post - Grow NYC Second Annual Roosevelt Island Stop N Swap Free Community Reuse Event Saturday November 9 - Bring Items You No Longer Need To Give Away, Take Something New Home With You & Help The Environment By Keeping Waste Out Of Landfills, Bring Healthy House Plants In Need Of New Home Too

New Yorkers looking to clean out clutter or pick up some new-to-you items are invited to participate in Stop ‘N’ Swap®, a free community reuse event organized by local non-profit GrowNYC. “Reuse is one of the best ways to conserve natural resources, prevent waste and pollution, and save money,” said Ida Yu, Grow NYC Stop N Swap Coordinator. At last year’s Swap, Roosevelt Island community members saved almost 5,000 pounds of reusable items from the landfill.

This year, we hope to see even more goods going to new homes when Stop ‘N’ Swap returns to Roosevelt Island in November, in partnership with iDig2Learn, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, and Manhattan Park!

The public is invited to bring clean, portable, reusable items to share with those who can use them. No one is required to bring something to take something — you can simply show up with a bag and see what’s free for the taking. Books, toys, fashionable clothing, housewares, and electronics are just some of the offerings. Anything leftover at the end of the day is donated or recycled. Furniture and other large items are not accepted at the swap.

WHAT: Free Stop ‘N’ Swap Community Reuse Event

WHEN: Saturday, November 9, 12pm-3pm

WHERE: Manhattan Park Theatre Club, 8 River Road, Manhattan 10044

Since 2007, GrowNYC Stop ‘N’ Swaps have developed a regular following among thrifty and environmentally conscious New Yorkers. “The average NYC household discards about 2,000 pounds of waste a year. By reusing through events like Stop ‘N’ Swap, NYC residents can take part in diverting over 40 million pounds of material a year from the landfill,” said Marcel Van Ooyen, GrowNYC President and CEO. “In fact, it’s a triple-win; in addition to economic and environmental benefits, they also build community as New Yorkers come out and meet their neighbors.”

"The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) is happy to support an event that encourages and supports environmentally sound policies," said Susan Rosenthal, President and CEO of RIOC. “Many Island residents have quality items they no longer use. A free community swap is a great way to find a new home for them while possibly finding something for themselves in return.”

iDig2Learn's founder, Christina Delfico said, "At holiday time waste can be abundant and the Swap offers us free top-quality goods. This resource is kind to neighbors, our wallets and the earth. RI Garden Club will join to host the exchange of healthy houseplants looking for a new home and Gristedes Supermarket returns with a generous donation of dried goods in reusable bags to boost community sustainability efforts.”

Girl Scout Troop 3233, 3001 and 3244 will also be at the Roosevelt Island Swap, helping share ideas with New Yorkers about reuse and its value. “I’m proud to see these Girl Scouts taking action to make the world a better place by working to use resources wisely, and reuse items rather than buy new ones,” said Meridith Maskara, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Greater New York.

The Roosevelt Island Garden Club agrees that these kinds of Swaps make perfect environmental and equitable sense for our world today. “We can reduce our carbon footprint when we drop by to support reuse and reduce unnecessary consumption. Share a barely used treasure before the holidays. Simplify to ring in a healthier, happier holiday season. Swaps make perfect sense for our Island community.”

Ms Delfico and Grow NYC's Victoria Dearborn describe the very successful 2018 Roosevelt Island Stop N Swap

and our local Girl Scouts encourage us all

to recycle at the Roosevelt Island Stop N Swap.

You'll be glad to get rid of things you no longer use, may find some good new stuff and help the environment by keeping waste out of landfills.

More interesting info on Grow NYC Stop and Swap from this video,

 their web site here and check out more scenes from the 2018 Roosevelt Island Stop N Swap.

See you on Saturday November 9 for the 2019 Roosevelt Island Stop N Swap

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Roosevelt Island Moving Forward Initiative And RI Public Safety Department Hosting Know Your Rights When Interacting With Police Presentation For Teens and Young Adults Thursday November 7 - PSD Chief Kevin Brown To Discuss De-Escalation Strategies

Moving Forward is a Roosevelt Island based multi-staged initiative by local non-profit organization Island Kids to:

... help teens and young adults successfully navigate the personal, social and emotional growth necessary to reach their full potential.  The program moves through 3 stages, designed to help participants gain the skills a and confidence needed to become successful participants in the workforce...
On Thursday evening November 7, the Moving Forward is presenting in collaboration with the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department a program for teens and young adults to know their rights when interacting with law enforcement. According to Moving Forward:
Encounters with the police can be a stressful experience and can escalate into a situation that puts your safety at risk. Roosevelt Island Public Safety Chief Kevin Brown will discuss de-escalation strategies if you ever feel yourself in this situation. In addition, Kevin Brown wil give a presentation on Knowing Your Rights, What to do if You're Stopped by a Police Officer.

Parents, Teens and Young Adults are invited to learn more about the topic and the Moving Forward Vocational Program.

Thursday, November 7
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Good Shepherd Chapel 543 Main Street.

More on Island Kids Moving Forward initiative here.

Residents Ask What Was The Large NYPD Presence On Roosevelt Island This Morning Closing Portions Of Main Street? - Man Threatened To Jump Off Motorgate Garage Roof, Rescued By NYPD Emergency Services Unit

A tipster reported this morning at 8:30:

Main Street north of Post Office is closed. NYPD ESU. Motorgate is closed too. What's happening?
According to the Roosevelt Island Twitterverse:

Image from Allesandro Monetti

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) sent out this advisory at 9:05 AM:
Due to Police Activity, Main Street from 2 River Road to 40 River Road and Motorgate Garage will be shut down until further notice. We apologize for this inconvenience.
The Roosevelt Island Twitterverse adds:

The incident began shortly after 7 AM. At approximately 10 AM the NYPD Emergency Services Unit talked the man down.

UPDATE 5:30 PM - Roosevelt Island resident Frank Farance witnessed the incident. Mr Farance shares these photos and reports:
Thank God that the jumper was talked down, did not take his life, and accepted help.

NONE of the photos include the jumper. The jumper is on the other side (south-facing). The first photo is around 08:30-ish when NYPD ESU was still negotiated with the jumper.

The second photo is the air cushion that was quickly inflated.

The third photo is the last moments where officers are pleading and reaching out to the jumper.

Moments later (and not in photos), the negotiations appear to be successful as the officers have switched from Negotiation to Rescue: officers taking precautions to safely extract the jumper from the ledge.

I prayed several times for the jumper, my prayers were answered, and we were all very relieved for the jumper to have turned away from suicide.