Friday, October 2, 2009

Manhattan Town Hall Meeting On Ferry Service Takes Place Monday October 5, Show Up And Lend Your Voice In Support Of Roosevelt Island Ferry Service

You Tube video of New York Water Taxi leaving Fulton Landing underneath the Brooklyn Bridge

Residents are always asking when Roosevelt Island will be part of a comprehensive New York City Water Transportation System and are befuddled that there is no ferry service available serving this East River waterfront community. It is extremely frustrating to see the yellow New York Water Taxi traveling up and down the East River within shouting distance but knowing that it will not stop at Roosevelt Island.

Roosevelt Island's representative to the NYC Council, Jessica Lappin, has been an outspoken advocate to include Roosevelt Island in an East River Ferry Transportation system. Her Press Spokesperson, John Moore, sends the following message:
On October 5th, EDC is sponsoring a town hall forum on their plan to expand subsidized ferry service throughout the city. In particular, they’re looking to identify the sites at which they would subsidize service. They’re holding a forum in every borough. For obvious reasons, we’re trying to get a good turnout from the Island to the Manhattan meeting to help convince EDC to include Roosevelt Island in their subsidized plan.
Click On Manhattan Ferry Town Hall Meeting Flyer For Full Details

Streetsblog published this message from NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn on NYC Ferry Service:
Dear New Yorker,

In May of 2008, the New York City Council and Mayor Bloomberg presented a three-phased plan to better utilize New York City's waterways. The first phase of our plan introduced ferry service between Rockaway, Queens, the Brooklyn Army Terminal and Pier 11 in Lower Manhattan (Wall Street). Phase 1 also included constructing a dock to complete the South Williamsburg landing to facilitate privately subsidized ferry service.

Now, the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) have begun a six-month Comprehensive Citywide Ferry Study. This study aims to further expand ferry service around New York City and identify areas in each borough that are suitable for new ferry landing sites.

If you care about this issue as much as I do, please join us at a Manhattan Town Hall Forum and let your voice be heard!
Don't let Roosevelt Island's water transportation need be bypassed again. Attend the Manhattan Ferry Service Town Hall Meeting and make your voice heard. It would be helpful if RIOC sends a representative as well.

What's the current status of Roosevelt Island ferry service? Octagon developer Bruce Becker sent the following update to RIRA regarding Roosevelt Island ferry service:
There have been no remaining delays at all in getting the permits. We obtained all required permits more than a year ago from all City, State and Federal authorities. This was more than a 3 year process that we began in 2005 which cost us over $400,000 in legal and engineering fees.

The only delay and the real logjam is in getting NYC EDC to authorize their design consultants to proceed to review and complete the construction documents for the dock improvements so the work can be sent out for bidding. Carolyn Maloney obtained more than enough federal funding to cover all these costs which have been available to EDC for over a year. Jessica Lappin considers this to be an unacceptable bureaucratic delay and has been trying without success to move things forward at the EDC. The physical construction of the only takes 3 months. It is quite frustrating....
More on Roosevelt Island Ferry service here.

The August 29 Main Street WIRE reported about Bungling on Water Taxi Deck here.

The Waterfront Alliance, a great advocacy group for waterfront communities and interests, produced this excellent White Paper on Mass Water Transit.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Roosevelt Island Riverwalk Parking Problems Exacerbated By Goldwater Hospital's Decision To Prohibit Weekend Parking On Adjacent Street And Lot

Empty Weekend Street On Queens Side Of Coler

Some Southtown residents living in Roosevelt Island's Riverwalk buildings are not very happy with the lack of parking spaces close to their apartments. They complain of very few street parking spots and being too far from the Motorgate Parking garage for it to be convenient.

As a result, they have been parking on the Queens side street adjacent to Goldwater Hospital on weekends, when the street is nearly empty of employees and visitors, but have recently been advised of a decision by Goldwater to prohibit weekend parking on the that side of their facility.

Last Sunday afternoon, I took a walk over to Goldwater Hospital and found the street parking nearly empty except for one lone person fishing,

and the parking lots empty as well.

A Riverwalk resident sent a message to RIRA President Frank Farance, myself and the Main Street WIRE regarding parking problems in Southtown, particularly those caused by the recent decision of Goldwater Hospital to prohibit weekend parking on the Queens side of their facility. Below is the message.
Dear Mr. Farance

I, like many residents of Southtown, keep my automobile in the Motorgate parking garage. However, on weekends, when we often use the car for several trips, I have frequently parked it on the street near Goldwater Hospital, on the Queens side. If I lived in the WIRE buildings or in Manhattan Park, I would not have a problem parking in Motorgate in between such trips, but it is a different story when you live at Southtown‘s southern end. Our distance from Motorgate is such that it takes at least 18 minutes to park there and walk back, whereas it takes just 6 minutes to park at Goldwater and walk back. As is true in general on Main Street, it is very difficult to find parking on the street near our buildings; longer-term parking, such as overnight on Saturday, is out of the question with the metering system.

Until recently, parking near Goldwater was prohibited Monday through Friday, but permissible on the weekends. My guess is that it has been that way for 30 years. On Sunday, September 6, however, I noticed that the all signs were changed and parking was now for authorized vehicles only, Tow Away Zone. The signs state that the Authority agency is RIOC.

The question is, why was this change made? What authorized vehicles need to park there? I can only guess as to what lurks in the mind of RIOC (if there is such as thing as a mind of RIOC) or, more likely, the hospital administration, which may still have influence over street parking there despite having abandoned their security huts. Here are some possibilities I came up with:

1. Hospital employees and visitors need to have priority for parking. While this may be true near the principal entrance of the hospital on the Manhattan side, which is often parked up, there are easily 100 available parking spots in the hospital parking lots on the Queens side of the building. On weekends, perhaps 5-10 of these are occupied. Conclusion: there is plenty of parking on weekends.

2. The signs were put up to discourage non-residents who drive to the Island to fish, barbecue, picnic and enjoy the river view. This is absurd as well; those visitors stay very close to their parked cars. If Public Safety officers show up to ticket the car, the owners will be at their vehicles in seconds – saying that they were standing, not parking. However, there will be law abiding citizens, I’m sure. On Labor Day, I saw a group of perhaps a half-dozen Hasidic Jewish families enjoying a barbecue. As God-fearing citizens, they obeyed the signs and did not park their cars on the street. Indeed, I saw six minivans parked side by side in the nearby Goldwater parking lot! It is ironic that the result of the new parking restriction will be to encourage visitors to park in the hospital lots.

3. The signs were put up to cut down on traffic around the hospital for the safety of the wheelchair-using patients. This again is a specious argument, because the vast majority of the traffic is due to buses, employees, hospital visitors, and picnickers/fishermen, and the parking restrictions will not change the situation significantly. Moreover, because we residents are mindful of the fact that there are many wheelchair users in the vicinity, we drive carefully. The occasional visitors present much more of a problem in this regard. In addition, the roadway is wide in this area, so there is plenty of room for delivery trucks, busses and wheelchairs, for that matter.

4. People are taking advantage of the situation and parking at Goldwater for extended periods for free. I think it is perfectly legitimate and desirable for RIOC to prohibit parking on weekdays to prevent residents from parking there permanently. Public Safety should ticket the cars of those who do.

Finally, the parking restrictions do not simply create an unnecessary inconvenience for the residents who park there each weekend to save time, they add to the traffic on Main Street. Most of the time, when we take our autos from Motorgate, we drive back to our buildings to pick up our children and our parcels before heading off the island. If we can park nearby between trips, we will not need to disturb our neighbors in the WIRE buildings by constantly driving back and forth.

In summary, we in Southtown demand that the recently imposed parking restrictions on the Queens side of Goldwater Hospital be rescinded. Parking availability will only get worse in Southtown when the two new buildings are fully occupied. This is especially important, because RIOC did not grant permission for Hudson/Related to build the parking garage they requested for their buildings, unlike that granted to the Octagon’s developer. Moreover, there is a gravel lot near Lighthouse Park that residents and visitors on the North end of the island use on weekends. It is clearly discriminatory that the situation should it be different at our end of the island.
In response, RIOC President Steve Shane replied:
The signs were a replacement of the old faded signs which, at the request of hospital personnel, state "no parking except for authorized vehicles". Since the perimeter streets are under RIOC's jurisdiction, necessary for the signs to be posted by RIOC. The hospital is concerned with availability of parking for staff and visitors. A joint meeting produced the instant signs.

Anyone who parks there, weekends or otherwise, does so at their own risk.
I followed up with this:
I am told that the parking spots on the Queens side of the Hospital are not usually used by Hospital staff or visitors on weekends which is why some from Southtown have been able to park there.

As to anyone parking there "at their own risk" - what does that mean? Will RIOC ticket these cars? Since this area is not part of RIOC's jurisdiction, is Public Safety authorized to do so?
Mr. Shane replied:
Yes, rioc can issue tickets wherever it is unlawful to park.
In an effort to be a good neighbor, Goldwater Hospital might want to reconsider their decision to ban Roosevelt Islanders from parking on their adjacent street and/or parking lot on weekends when they are empty.

Above, Queens Side Coler Street And Lot Empty Of Parking On Weekends, but below

crowded with employees and visitors during the week.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Robbery of Delivery Person In Roosevelt Landings - Roosevelt Island Plain Clothes Public Safety Officers On The Look Out

You Tube Video Of Muggable Ron Undercover Police Officer

The 9/21 24 Hour Public Safety Report indicated that there had been a robbery committed in a Roosevelt Island building.
Robbery- Victim was robbed in building, search was made of subjects with negative results. NYPD responded.
I inquired of Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Keith Guerra for additional information and he replied:
A Delivery-man was robbed in Building 560. No injuries were sustained.
Plainclothes Officers have been detailed inside the buildings to help prevent this from occurring again.
This is not the first time that a Roosevelt Island delivery person has been robbed.

Plain Clothes undercover officers have previously been utilized at the Motorgate Garage and acts of vandalism have seemed to decrease there. Hopefully, the same result will occur with robberies of Roosevelt Island delivery people and anyone else as well.

Does the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department have their own version of Muggable Ron? Bad guys better watch out - you never know who may be an undercover police officer.

Grand Opening Of New Roosevelt Island Amalgamated Bank Branch Thursday, October 1 At 10: AM

Image of Amalgamated Bank Logo

I received the following announcement regarding Roosevelt Island's new Amalgamated Bank Branch Grand Opening Ceremonies on Thursday October 1.
Hello. Please include in your Roosevelt Islander’s calendar of events the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting ceremonies at Amalgamated Bank’s first branch on Roosevelt Island. Located at 619 Main Street, Amalgamated’s program on Thursday, October 1 will begin at 10 AM.

Special invited guests will include: R.I.O.C. President and CEO Stephen Shane, New York City Department of Finance Commissioner David M. Frankel, Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer, New York State Assembly Member Micah Z. Kellner and Amalgamated Bank’s President and CEO Derrick D. Cephas.

Special Guest will be Principal Mandana Beckman, teachers and students as well as parents from P.S./I.S. 217. In mid October, Roosevelt Island’s elementary and middle school students will take part in Amalgamated’s Children and Tween Green Savings Program. The children will open savings accounts at the Bank and with help from their teachers, classmates and parents will start to get into the habit of savings money. They also gain skills about how to make choices on spending or saving their money.
Let's hope that Amalgamated Bank succeeds unlike the previous bank branches that have opened and closed on Roosevelt Island.

RIOC sends the following parking advisory regarding the event:
Please be advised there will be no parking from 591 Main Street to 625 Main Street between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. due to the Grand Opening of the Amalgamated Bank.

Your cooperation during this time is greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spa and Beauty Day Volunteers Apply Make Up And Give Massages To Coler-Goldwater Hospital Patients

Here's a nice feel good story about helping others. Blogger Diary Of A Freelance Makeup Artist reports on on volunteers who participated in Spa and Beauty Day at Roosevelt Island's Coler-Goldwater Hospital. According to the blogger, it:
... was a wonderful experience for ppl who don't get to experience the things that we often take for granted. I had alot of fun this day and met wonderful and amazingly talented ppl with huge hearts. See it things like this that me me love what i do:)
More information about volunteer opportunities at Coler-Goldwater Hospital is available from the Angelica Patient Assistance Program.

Roosevelt Island Public Safety Reports 9/3 thru 9/28 - Robbery, Underage Drinking, Smoking Illegal Substance, Shoplifting & No Pooper Scooper

You Tube Video of Pooper Scooper - Just For Laughs

The most recent Roosevelt Island 24 hour Public Safety Report is posted daily on the blog's inside right sidebar, just below the RIOC Directors email address. Listed is a daily log recapping local incidents the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department responded to the previous day.

RIOC is also posting the most current Daily and Monthly Roosevelt Island Public Safety Incident reports on their web site (July 2009). The August Monthly Stats are not yet available online. However, a breakdown of Roosevelt Island Public Safety incidents by location and category (the Blotter) for the month of August 2009 is available.

Below are the Roosevelt Island Daily Public Safety Reports for September 3 - September 28, 2009. Incidents include:
  • Disorderly Conduct Following Traffic Incident (9/3)
  • Illegal Use of Tennis Court (9/4)
  • Shoplifting Youths (9/5)
  • Underage Drinking/Open Alcohol Containers (9/6, 9, 14)
  • Slapping (9/7)
  • Aided Child With Head Lacerations (9/8)
  • School Truancy (9/9, 14)
  • Suspicious Males In Building Hallway (9/10, 11)
  • Bed Bugs Reported In Eastwood/Roosevelt Landings (9/11)
  • Youth Disorderly To Public Safety Officer (9/12)
  • Smoking Illegal Substances In Building Stairwell (9/14)
  • Failure To Clean Up After Unleashed Dog (9/15)
  • Internet Scam (9/16)
  • Drug Transaction Taking Place In Public (9/17)
  • Driver Refused To Lower Radio Volume During Traffic Stop (9/19)
  • Rider Threatened On Tram (9/21)
  • Victim Robbed In Building (9/21)
  • Person Fell on Sidewalk Reported Raised Sidewalk
  • Missing Bike (9/24)
  • Loud Noise Complaint At Birthday Party (9/25)
  • Smoking Illegal Substance (9/26)
  • Dispute Between Neighbors Over Dog (9/27)
0700 hrs 09/03/09 - 0700 hrs 09/04/09

Papers Served - Resident requested papers served to her children's father. Papers were served without incident.

Vehicle Accident - Between RIOC bus and passenger car. PSD and NYPD responded. NYPD took a report. No injuries reported.

Verbal Dispute - Two females engaged in verbal dispute in laundry room over cart. PSD responded and spoke to both parties. Both parties will stay away from each other. No physical contact.

Criminal Mischief - Complainant stated lock to a ventilation room broken. Search of area was conducted with negative results and nothing was taken. NYPD was refused.

Disorderly Conduct - While on car stop, motorist left vehicle against orders of PSD officer and refused to move from the roadway. Male subject knowingly obstructed traffic and was issued summons and released.

Found Property - Resident walked into PSD and turned in purse found on street. PSD secured property. Owner later retrieved property.

Graffiti - PSD officer observed graffiti in stairwell. Super was notified.

9/4 - 9/5

Found Property- Black wallet found on red RIOC bus. PSD secured property.

Verbal Dispute- To females engaged in dispute in library . PSD responds resolves dispute over printer.

Aided- Aided transported to Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Investigation - PSD responded to Tennis courts for calls for help. Individuals were using tennis courts illegally. RIOC manager notified.

Found Property- Macy's shopping bag found . Property secured by PSD and returned to owner.

There's More!

0700 hrs 09/05/09 - 0700 hrs 09/06/09
Disorderly Conduct- Two subjects were stopped for disorderly conduct and summonsed.

Open Container- Two subjects were stopped for open containers of alcohol and summonsed.

Dispute- Red RIOC Bus driver reports he is involved in a dispute with customer. Officers respond customer leaves bus and will file a complaint with RIOC.

Aided- aided with laceration to the head is escorted to NY Presbyterian Hospital. Injuries sustained at construction site.

Trespass- While patrolling Motorgate an officer spots subjects riding bikes in location. Subjects flee leaving bikes. One bike is later retrieved by owner.

Found property- Victim lost NY Benefits card. Secured in PSD.

Petite Larceny - Two youths were stopped taking items from store. Subjects were held and released to parents.

Harassment- Victim reports being harassed by another resident. No injuries to report.

9/6 - 9/7 NA

Aided- Victim received a cut on her left finger, but refused medical attention.

Aided- Emotionally disturbed victim was transported to Mt. Sinai Hospital for irrational behavior.

Unlawful Possession/ Open container- 7 subjects were detained for drinking alcohol in public and drinking underage. One subject was placed under arrest for possession and intent to sell.

Found Property- A digital Camera was found and secured in PSD.

Aided- Victim fell on escalator, hitting his head and scraping his knee. Victim refused medical attention.

Smoke Odor- Resident complained about the smell of cigarette smoke coming from basement in his building. Officer responded and checked area with negative results.

Unsecured Vehicle- Vehicle unsecured font of 625 Main street. Owner notified and secures vehicle.

Dispute/ Assault- Victim slapped by female. Reported to PSD and NYPD.

Investigation- Victim alleges super tried to cash his personal checks. Report taken.

Aided - Aided transported to Elmhurst Hosp for stomach pains.

Criminal Mischief- While on patrol officer noticed broken wall in stairwell.

0700 hrs 09/08/09 - 0700 hrs 09/09/09

Found Property - Black backpack secured by PSD was picked up by owner.

Alarm- Alarm set off by teacher entering school. Superintendent corrects condition. Officer respond and check location with negative results.

Criminal Possession- While patrolling officer noticed subject with illegal substance. Subject fled scene.

Aided- Ems responded for a child with laceration to her head. Victim was transported to hospital.

Found Property- Officer received lost credit card which was returned to victim.

Aided - Aided feeling dizzy and weak was transported to Mt Sinai Hospital.

Aided- Goldwater Hospital Patient reported missing. Island was searched with negative results.

0700 hrs 09/09/09 - 0700 hrs 09/10/09

Lost Property- Resident lost her wallet in the train station. Officer located wallet and owner retrieved property form PSD.

Investigation/Truancy- Youth from the Island was reported absence from school. The Island was searched for youth with negative results.

Trespass/ Loitering/littering- Two subjects were stopped at 900 Main street and summonsed.

Aided- Aided was transported to Astoria Hospital for difficulty breathing.

Open Container- Two individuals were stopped consuming alcohol and summonsed.

0700 hrs 09/10/09 - 0700 hrs 09/11/09

Aided - Parent reported to PSD that her daughter bumped her head at the tram. Parent refused medical attention.

Missing Property - Complainant reported to PSD that property was taken from KIOSK. Search of area was conducted with negative results.

Criminal Mischief/Aided - Youths threw a object at a tenants door causing door bell to brake. EMS responded for tenant because she was shaken up. EMS responded and checked out tenant. Tenant refused EMS.

Malfunction Fountain - PSD was notified that fountain malfunctioned and Power was turned off.

Water Leak - PSD responded to water leaking from breezway over pass. Super was notified and corrected condition.

Escort - Two females reported to PSD that there was a suspicious male in hallway and requested escort to their apartment. PSD escorted residents to there apartment. Search was conducted for suspicious male with negative results.

9/11/09 - 9/12/09

Escort - A suspicious male was reported by 2 females on the 4th floor of Eastwood; the male was not found and the females were escorted to their apartment.

Investigation - A complainant reported bedbugs in her mattress, complainant referred to Urban American Management.

Dispute - 2 persons disputed over amount of money owed to one another; parties reached an agreement and refused NYPD.

Harassment - Victim stated she was being harassed by her ex-husband who was attempting to serve her court papers, a NYPD report was filed.

9/12/09 - 9/13/09

Unlicensed Operator - A female was stopped for making a U-turn and did not produce license, summonses issued to operator.

Water Leak - Lighthouse comfort station sink had a water leak, appropriate repair company notified.

Disorderly Conduct - A 14 year old male juvenile became disorderly to Public Safety Officers, youth officer notified.

Littering - A male subject was summonsed for littering in Coler Hospital Parking lot.

Harassment - Victim stated a juvenile harassed her, juvenile was apprehended and released to parents.

0700 hrs 09/13/09 - 0700 hrs 09/14/09
Criminal Mischief- Unknown subject turned over planters. Search was made for subject with negative results.

Aided- Victim stuck a needle in her finger was transported to Mount Sinai Hospital.

Aided- Victim with hypertension was transported to Mount Sinai Hospital.

Aided- Victim reporting difficulty breathing was transported to Mount Sinai Hospital.

Harassment- Victim reports youths in hallway threatened her. Subject was taken into custody and released to parent.

Unsecured Gate- Dock gate was found unsecured and secured by Officer with padlock.

0700 hrs 09/14/09 - 0700 hrs 09/15/09

Truant/Escort- Youth failed to go to school was escorted home and returned to his guardian.

Aided- Aided feeling dizzy was transported to Mount Sinai Hospital.

Investigation/Endangerment- Workers on roof caused debris to fall on pedestrians below. Management notified workers were ordered to stop.

Investigation- Unknown subject throwing food out of window. Search made with negative results.

Aided- Aided reported she felt unknown individual was following her. Caseworker on scene, children were notified. Aided appears coherent and to pose no harm to herself or others.

Alcohol- Subject was observed with an open container alcohol and summonsed.

Attempted Shoplifting- Store Manager called PSD giving a description of a subject who tried to steal items from store. Subject was apprehended and issued a trespass notice.

Aided- Hospital patient with disabled wheelchair was assisted in returning to hosp by officers.

Illegal Substance- While patrolling officer found 4 individuals smoking illegal substance in stairwell. Subjects fled. Marijuana was retrieved and secured in PSD.

Trespass/Exposure - Two subjects were observed by officers trespassing and summonsed.

Aided- Aided with lacerations to arms and legs from fall was transported to Mount Sinai Hospital.

Alarm- PSD and NYPD searched DEP Water Tunnel search was made with negative results.

Escort- Officer escorted elderly female to train station.

0700 hrs 09/15/09 - 0700 hrs 09/16/09

Aided- Ems responded for a male with chest pain. Aided transported to Lenox Hill Hospital.

Aided- Aided feeling dizzy with a history of hypertension refused medical transport.

Aided/EDP - Male acting irrationally was transported to Queens General Hospital.

Aided - A home attendant requested assistance getting an elderly patient proper medical equipment. Patients family was notified.

Property Damage- Tow truck company exiting Motorgate broke the access control arm.

Unleashed dog/Failure to clean waste - Subject was observed by officer failing to clean up after his unleashed dog. Summons was issued.

0700 hrs 09/16/09 - 0700 hrs 09/17/09

Aided - Victim stepped into construction glue causing no injuries. Superintendent notified.

Fraud - Victim was scammed over the internet. NYPD responded referred victim to Special Fraud Unit.

Aided - Victim complaining of flu symptoms was transported to Cornell Hospital.

Graffiti - While patrolling officer found graffiti in stairwell. Management was notified.

Trespass - Resident reported two subjects near window in court yard. Officer responded spoke with subject who stated she lost an item in area.

Verbal Dispute - Victim reports having a argument with her son. Officer responds talks with male. Condition corrected.

Aided- Victim complained of fever and chills was transported to Mount Sinai Hospital.

Water Leak- While patrolling an officer noticed water leaking from apartment. Resident was not home. Superintendent on scene.

Hazardous Condition- Porter reports all lights have been unscrewed in stairwell. Super notified, reporter corrected condition.

0700 hrs 09/17/09 - 0700 hrs 09/18/09

Smoke Condition - PSD responded with FDNY to an apartment for smoke condition. Tenant corrected condition before FDNY and PSD arrival. No injuries or property damaged.

Investigation - Resident reported to PSD of possible drug transaction taking place in public. Incident was referred to PSD Detectives and NYPD.

Aided - PSD responded to elderly female falling down. Upon arrival, aided was helped up by her home attendant. EMS responded and aided refused medical attention.

Trespass - Two male subjects were stopped by PSD for trespassing. Both subjects were issued summonses and released.

0700 hrs 09/18/09 - 0700 hrs 09/19/09 N/A

0700 hrs 09/19/09 - 0700 hrs 09/20/09

Assault 3/Unlawful Poss. Marijuana- While Reporting to work officers was advised by victims of an assault, made a search for subject. Subject was placed under arrest and determined to also be in possession of marijuana.

Disorderly Conduct-Officer requested that an illegally park vehicle move. Passenger exited vehicle
becoming disorderly. Subject was summonsed and released.

Unreasonable noise from auto- While issuing a traffic violation, subject turned up his radio. Refusing to lower volume, subject was issued summonses.

Found Property- Property was left in public safety by MTA police. Property was secured at PSD.

Investigation- Residents reported waiting a long time for the Red RIOC bus.

0700 hrs 09/20/09 - 0700 hrs 09/21/09

Trespass- Unknown subjects mistakenly entered Southpoint Park. Officer escorted subjects out.

0700 hrs 09/21/09 - 0700 hrs 09/22/09

Possible Burglary- PSD and NYPD responded to apartment determined the call unnecessary.

Lost Property- Victim reported property lost in park on 9/20/09. Property was not turned into PSD office.

Investigation- Victim reported feeling threatened by a group of males on tram. No injuries or verbal harassment was reported.

Lost Property- Victim lost NYS Benefit card.Property not turned into PSD.

Water Leak- The Public Library reported a water leak which was emanating from the air conditioner.

Robbery- Victim was robbed in building, search was made of subjects with negative results. NYPD responded.

Aided/EDP- Victim with emotional problems was transported to Elmhurst Hospital.

0700 hrs 09/22/09 - 0700 hrs 09/23/09

Investigation- Victim alleges common-law-spouse is having emotional problems and he is in fear for his life.

EDP/Aided- Aided transported to Queens General Hospital.

Dispute- While engaged in a argument both subjects received injuries and refused to press charges. NYPD on scene and took no report.

Unsecured Premises- While patrolling an officer found a door unsecured checked premises with negative results and secured door.

Harassment/Disorderly-Subjects hit cab driver an fled scene. PSD officer respond summonsing subjects.

0700 hrs 09/23/09 - 0700 hrs 09/24/09

Aided/Escort- Victims wheelchair became disabled, PSD officers escorted victim home.

Aided- Victim complaining about raised sidewalk reports she fell. Victim refused medical attention.

Lost Property- Victim reports two scooters missing, a search was made by officers with negative results.

Found Property- A Blue cloth wallet containing 20 cents was secured in PSD.

0700 hrs 09/24/09 - 0700 hrs 09/25/09

Investigation - PSD responded to dispute between mother and son. PSD spoke to both parties. Mother stated son didn't want to go to school. No physical injuries.

Unsecured Door - PSD received call of unsecured door. PSD checked interior and appeared in order. Door was secured.

Water Leak - PSD responded to water leak. Maintenance corrected condition.

Lost Property - Anonymous male turned in debit card to PSD. Owner came into PSD and retrieved property.

Lost Property - PSD received report of missing bike. Search was made with negative results.

09/25/09 0700hrs- 09/26/09 0700hrs

Noise Complaint- Tenant having a birthday party and playing music, neighbors began complaining, PSD responded tenant lowered music.

Dispute- PSD responded to area for possible fight, upon arrival negative results, search of area yield no injured person or property.

Aided- Female twisted ankle coming upstairs on the manhattan side of the subway, EMS responded, Aided was transported to hospital.

Aided- Male not feeling well, EMS responded, Aided transported to hospital.

Verbal Dispute- Male reports a female customer said he damaged her clothes, unknown female left was not on scene.

Harassment- Subject enters Thrift Shop looking for infants clothes, victim explains they no longer carry infants clothes subject started cursing, as per store supervisor subject is banned from the store.

Sept. 26, 2009 - Sept. 27, 2009

Water leak- Officer responded for a water leak. Condition was corrected by housing.

Aided- Aided suffering from asthma was transported to Elmhurst Hospital.

Aided- Aided was transported to Booth Memorial Hospital for unknown condition.

Aided- Aided was transported to Mount Sinai Hospital for internal bleeding.

Aided- Aided was transported to Mount Sinai Hospital for shoulder pain.

Found Property- Individual brought a black leather wallet containing victims credit cards and debit cards, which was secured in PSD.

Aided- Victim transported to Mount Sinai Hospital for leg pain.

Dispute- Customer and store owner were in a dispute over missing items. Owner found and returned items to customer.

Criminal Possession/Controlled Substance- Three subjects were observed smoking illegal substance in a vehicle. Subjects were place under arrest. While searching vehicle belonging to subject other narcotics were found.

Sept. 27, 2009 - Sept. 28, 2009

Investigation- Victim reports problems with her neighbor and her dog. Officer responds her neighbor is not home.

Harassment- Victim reports her neighbor yelling at her for making a complaint. Incident occurred 2 days in the past.

Water Leak- Officer responded to an apartment for water leak. Condition was corrected by housing.

Aided- Aided was transported to Mount Sinai Hospital for stomach pains.

Dispute- Victim reported to officer that subject refused to return personal property. Officer responded to location where subjects was last seen to find victims property intact.

Sept. 28, 2009 - Sept. 29, 2009

Aided- Aided in wheelchair was struck by a vehicle, was treated by EMS on the scene and released.

Harassment- Victim reported being threatened by a resident. Refused NYPD and medical attention.

Aided-Aided was transported to New York Presbyterian Hospital for previous injury.

Aided- Officer responded to check on a possible aided with negative results.

Unsecured Premises- An apartment was reported unsecured. Officers responded made a check of location
found apartment empty. Officers secured location.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Report From RIOC's President - Board Nominees, Southpoint Park Projects, Tram Modernization, Main Street Retail Report & Other RI Isssues Of Concern

Image Of RIOC Logo

RIOC President Steve Shane sends the following report to Roosevelt Island residents. Mr. Shane updates us on RIOC Board Nominees, FDR Memorial, Green Rooms/Wild Gardens, Renwick Stabilization, Tram Overhaul, various construction projects, Main Street Retail Report, Southtown Condo Plan effective, the passing of long time Roosevelt Island resident and other issues of concern to Roosevelt Island.
September 25, 2009

1. Board of Directors: The meeting on September 17th and the Town Hall meeting which followed seemed to go relatively smoothly in our first effort to replace the bulky and expensive to produce Board Books with electronically disseminated materials and providing individual mini lap tops for each director. The nominations of Margie Smith and Mike Shinozaki to the Board and the re-nomination of Dr. Grimm have been made by the Governor, but are still pending confirmation by the NY State Senate.
2. Southpoint:
(A) Renwick Ruins: Stabilization completed and building secured.
(B) Green Rooms/Wild Gardens: The contractor continues rough grading, paths and stone walls. Phase 2 to complete the park, including finish grading, capping, and utilities, fencing and planting to follow as protocols for permitting with City are finalized.
(C) FDR Memorial: Following Board Project approval in June, RIOC is working with the State and City Parks Departments on integration of funding and oversight mechanics for the $4 million State appropriation, the matching $4.5 million from the City and at least $8 million from FERI as necessary for Phase I. Legal work on finalizing development relationship is ongoing.
3. Tram Overhaul: On schedule for shutdown March 1, 2010 and reopening end of August 2010. See renderings of the proposed Tram stations on our web site. We continue to have regular monthly progress meetings with architects, engineers, POMA, expediters, City and State agencies, etc., all to move to an orderly execution of the project.
4. Projects: Work is ongoing on many projects and others are being completed. New Public Safety space is done and PSD moved in this week. Motorgate lighting trials continue. Resurfacing and waterproofing work has been contracted for, but awaits finalization of asbestos abatement plan. AVAC fencing completed and enclosure work under way. Repair of ramp on the helix finished, but there will be further long term repairs needed. Swimming pool at Sportspark is closed for repairs to be reopened by end of October. Rehabilitation of the gym (bleachers, flooring and padding) and installation of a fire safety system also underway. Sidewalk and pavers repairs being accomplished, with restoration of grass area in Blackwell Park West (with “curb your dog” signs which will be enforced!). RIOC is studying solar panels for the rooftop of Motorgate with NYPA. Octagon sewer connection restoration from the water tunnel to begin, allowing reopening of the comfort station. Octagon field back in operation with natural surface, pending final conclusions about artificial surfaces.
5. Bank: Amalgamated Bank’s official dedication is scheduled for October 1.
6. Southtown Building 5 has declared the condo plan effective and has commenced closing units. Building 6 has commenced occupancy as a rental. Landscaping for the tram turnaround fountain is being installed. Sidewalk completed.
7. Bridge: The NYC Department of Transportation is now operating the bridge as is customary during United Nations week to accommodate the security concerns which close the west channel to ships. Obviously an inconvenience to the Island when it happens, but part of being in New York City. See gridlock in midtown. If within your control, avoid emergencies!
8. Main Street Retail: The final consultants’ report was presented on the 22nd. Much to think about in approaching the leasing of vacant stores, upgrading the appearance of occupied stores and consolidating, relocating and otherwise accommodating the various non profit users of space, all with an eye on the essential service functions. Less than terrific retail space results in less patronage which results in less than terrific retail space, etc., etc.
9. On a sad note, Archie Seale, long time resident, political activist and proprietor of the Grog Shop, passed away last weekend. His twinkle and smile will be missed.
This message was also published as the RIOC column in the 9/26/09 Main Street WIRE.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Coast Guard Patrolling East River Just Off Of Roosevelt Island

On a dreary, drizzly day, the Coast Guard patrolled East River near Roosevelt Island during United Nations Week.