Friday, September 14, 2012

No Queens Bound F Trains To Roosevelt Island Again This Weekend

According to RIOC:

The MTA has advised there will be:

No Queens Bound F-Trains from 10:00 PM Friday, September 14th to 5:00 AM Monday, September 17th

Tram and Red Bus Service will run until 5:00 AM during these service disruptions.

For more information please visit or call 511.
More information on subway service disruptions this weekend from the MTA Weekender.

Roosevelt Island Jewish Congregation Rosh Hashanah And Yom Kippur Services Moved To Manhattan Park Theater - Begins Sunday September 16

You Tube Video Of Masai Blowing Shofar

Received the following message and schedule from the Roosevelt Island Jewish Congregation.
5773 // 2012-2013 High Holy Day Schedule

Everyone is invited to join us for High Holy Day services, led by our outstanding spiritual leader, Rabbi Leana Moritt, assisted by our cantor, Brian Kalver.

New location!!! All High Holiday Services now are at the Manhattan Park Theatre at 8 River Road. The entrance to the Theatre is between 2-4 and 10 River Road.

Rosh Hashanah @ the Manhattan Park Theatre

Sunday, September 16

7:30 pm Rosh Hashanah – Evening Service

Monday, September 17

9:15 am 1st Day Rosh Hashanah – Morning Service

9:30 am Child Care

11:00 am Children’s Service with music and songs

1:30 pm Approximately -- Tashlich outside at the river

7:30 pm Evening Service

Tuesday, September 18

9:15 am 2nd Day Rosh Hashanah – Morning Service

Yom Kippur @ the Manhattan Park Theatre

Tuesday, September 25

6:30 pm SHARP!! Kol Nidre Service

Wednesday, September 26

9:15 am Morning Service

9:30 am Child Care

10:30 am Children’s Service

4:45 pm Afternoon Service, followed by Ne’ilah and Havdalah Service
UPDATE 9/16 - Judy Berdy shares these photos of RIJC's temporary sanctuary at Manhattan Park Theater.

Butterflies Of Memory Sculpture Installation Coming To Roosevelt Island's Renwick Ruins Smallpox Hospital Next Summer - 17 Gold Butterflies Flying Over Ruins

Reported yesterday on beautiful Monarch Butterflies stopping off at Roosevelt Island for some honey from our purple African Queen summer lilacs. Well, don't be surprised if next summer Roosevelt Island is visited by a different type of butterfly and these will be Very Big and Flying Above the Renwick Ruins Smallpox Hospital.

Don't be frightened of the huge butterflies because they are part of a public art project being proposed by Kathleen Griffin titled "Butterflies of Memory":
“Butterflies of Memory” is a public sculpture on the site of the collapsed Smallpox Hospital Ruins, Roosevelt Island, Manhattan. 10 foot diameter gold butterflies will fly above the Ruins, visually carrying the building away. Installed summer 2013, the installation will be viewable from the Midtown Waterfront and the FDR highway, thus bringing an image of inspiration and beauty to over 2 million New Yorkers.

and from September 15-17:
You are invited to a special event at the Waldorf Astoria on the 3rd floor at Couture Fashion Week. For the first time the public will have an opportunity to meet Kathleen Griffin, the artist, of the 3rd largest public art sculpture in New York City, which will be unveiled Summer 2013. “Butterflies of Memory” will showcase 17 giant gold butterflies, each with a 13 foot wingspan; will fly up to 36 feet above the Smallpox Hospital Ruins on Roosevelt Island, visually carrying off the building. This sculpture will be viewable from Roosevelt Island, the Midtown Waterfront and the FDR highway, thus bringing an image of inspiration and beauty to over 4 million New Yorkers.
More information on the Butterflies of Memories event at the Waldorf available  at Black Tie Magazine. 

More information on the Renwick Ruins Smallpox Hospital from the Roosevelt Island Historical Society.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Monarch Butterflies Stop Off For Some Honey From Roosevelt Island African Queen Summer Lilacs On Their Annual Migration

 Image From C Grant

Roosevelt Island resident C. Grant shares these photos of Monarch Butterflies hanging out on Roosevelt Island

Image From C. Grant

by the West Side of the Octagon about a week ago

Image From C. Grant

and reports:
Beautiful Monarch Butterflies stop off for some honey from our purple African Queen summer lilacs (Buddleja Davidii) on their annual migration flight to Mexico and California. Viewing tip: an easy way to tell the difference between a Monarch butterfly and a Monarch moth, the butterfly holds its wings vertical when at rest while the moth holds its wings against its body. A butterfly’s antennae are club-shaped with a long shaft and a bulb at the end, while moth’s antennae are feathery or saw-edged.
For more on Monarch Butterflies, check out this video of a day in the life of a Monarch Butterfly at the Roosevelt Island community Garden

You Tube Video of Monarch Butterfly at Roosevelt Island Community Garden
from this previous post.

Roosevelt Island Security Cameras, Lighthouse Park Restoration, Cultural Center, Meditation Steps, Blackwell House Renovation, Rats, Feral Cats And Other Issues To Be Discussed At RIOC Operations Committee Meeting Later Today

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a meeting of the Operations Advisory Committee of the RIOC Board of Directors will be held on Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 5:30 p.m. at the RIOC administrative office, 591 Main Street, Roosevelt Island, New York


1. Installation of Security Cameras and Poles for Four Freedoms Park
2. Discussion of Lighthouse Restoration Project
3. Update on Cultural Center
4. Update on Blackwell House Interior Renovation Project
5. Update on Good Shepherd Community Center Roof Project
6. Update on Meditation Steps Project
7. Discussion of Tramway Park Rat Infestation
8. Discussion of Roosevelt Island Feral Cats Population
9. Discussion of Verizon Telecom Lines
10. Discussion of September 20, 2012 Board Meeting Items
11. Discussion of Good Shepherd Plaza Renovation Project
12. Chair's Motion for Executive Session to Discuss an Issue Related to Personnel Matter
13. Any Other Committee Business That May be Brought Before the Committee
An audio webcast of the meeting will be available within a few days.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Update On Roosevelt Island Main Street Reconstruction Project - Gristedes/Motorgate Bus Stop Moved Across Street To 10 River Road

Image of Main Street Reconstruction Project Beginning Today

Reported yesterday that:
... on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 Main Street roadway reconstruction will commence from the area below the Helix ramp to 40 River Road. The scope of project will involve removal of the existing Z-Brick Pavers and installation of an asphalt surface....
The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) added today:
Due to the Main Street Reconstruction Project, the Motorgate/Gristedes Bus Stop has been temporary relocated to 10 River Road (On the South West Corner of Main Street and River Road).


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group

Temporary Red Bus Stop At 10 River Road During Main Street Reconstruction Project

Below are some of the  Z Brick Pavers broken up and ready to be removed.

Image of Main Street Z Brick Pavers Being Broken Up and Removed

Latest Information On Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 Construction Project From Principal Mandana Beckman

 Image of PS/IS 217 Construction Project

Commenting on the What's On Your Roosevelt Island Mind post, a Roosevelt Island resident wanted to know:
I'd like to know WHEN the work is going to be finished on the school (and what exactly are they doing to it) Getting real tired of all the lights they leave on overnight and over the weekend.
I asked PS/IS 217 Principal Mandana Beckman if she could provide an answer. Ms. Beckman replied:
I directed your question to our Custodial Engineer. Here was his response to the question posted.

The scope of the construction project is as follows :
  • 1) Replacing all roofs
  • 2) Flood elimination
  • 3) Replacing masonry as needed for elimination of leaks
  • 4) Replacing front facade of building
  • 5) Replacing front window only (Main Street side)
At the present time the masonry work is in my opinion 85% finished

roofing 50%

windows 95%

facade 75%

The work that is most disruptive ( lights, noise, etc. ) would be the roofing . It would be hard for me to give an accurate time of completion , due to factor such as weather, inspections, etc. If the weather holds and The Contractor uses his time wisely I still believe you are looking at November until the roof is complete and with it substantial noise and light reduction.
More information on PS/IS 217 is available at this post which includes a video of Ms. Mandana speaking to Roosevelt  Island parents about the school.

Stray Voltage Investigation Being Conducted By Con Ed and RIOC At Roosevelt Island Tram Station

Image of Roosevelt Island Tram Station Area Being Investigated By Con Ed For Stray Voltage

Yesterday, I asked Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Vice President of Operations Fernando Martinez:
Several readers have asked why the Con Ed cones and yellow warning tape have been placed around light poles on both sides of the Roosevelt Island Tram Plaza for the last couple of weeks?

Is there a stray voltage problem in this area or is it something else?

Thank you.
and received this reply from RIOC's Press Spokesperson:
Con Edison is currently investigating the source of a stray voltage near the Roosevelt Island Tram Station. A Con Edison work crew is on the scene and is working with the RIOC Engineering Department to determine the cause of the problem.
Later in the day, RIOC sent out the following advisory:
Con Edison is currently investigating the source of a stray voltage near the Roosevelt Island Tram Station. A Con Edison work crew is on the scene and is working with the RIOC Engineering Department to determine the cause of the problem.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
Image of Con Ed Cones Around Roosevelt Island Tram Station Light Pole

Con Ed has been investigating stray voltage in the vicinity since last May 25 as reported by Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department.
5/25/2012 R/O 405 Main St Numerous Con Edison cones observed covering five manhole covers, four light poles and one RIOC muni meter as they discovered stray voltage and would return later in the day to correct the condition.
More on Roosevelt Island stray voltage from previous posts.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

World Trade Center Tribute In Light Seen Tonight From Roosevelt Island And The Story Behind Its Creation

Reported last September 12:

... According to the Municipal Arts Society (MAS), the Tribute In Light:
is one of the most powerful and healing works of public art ever produced. The majestic blue twin beams are presented annually by MAS, shining from dusk on September 11, through dawn the next day. Visible within a sixty-mile radius on a clear night, Tribute has become a world-renowned icon of remembrance, honoring those who were lost, as well as those who worked so hard to get our city through that terrible trial....
Here's the Tribute In Light as seen from a Roosevelt Island rooftop tonight

Roosevelt Island resident and photographer Duc Le took this great photo of the Tribute Of Light in 2008.

and this one today.

Here's the story behind the creation of the Tribute In Light.

You Tube Video of Tribute In Light Creation

I always thought the Tribute In Lights was the most fitting and appropriate memorial to the attack on September 11.

Snoop Dogg Endorses President Obama - Gets Right To The Point, Four More Years Needed To Clean Up Inherited Mess

Funny stuff and true.

Roosevelt Island Main Street Road Reconstruction Starts Tomorrow Between Helix Ramp Bottom And 40 River Road - Z Brick Pavers Replaced With Asphalt Surface

Image of Main Street Road At Helix Looking North Tow Manhattan Park

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):
Please be advised on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 Main Street roadway reconstruction will commence from the area below the Helix ramp to 40 River Road. The scope of project will involve removal of the existing Z-Brick Pavers and installation of an asphalt surface. The project will be performed in 3 Phases. During construction, the roadway will be condensed and will continue to provide two-way traffic at all times. Bus stops in the area of construction will be temporary relocated to ensure that passengers can board safely which may result in residual delays in service. The work is estimated to be completed by March 2013.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
Image Of Motorgate Helix Ramp Bottom

UPDATE 7:30 PM - More from RIOC:
Due to the Main Street Reconstruction project that will commence tomorrow morning, there will be no parking between the bottom of the Helix to 40 River Road on both sides of the roadway. The current area designated for disabled parking will be relocated to a temporary parking area between 40 River Road (heading north) to the Octagon Soccer Field/Comfort Station.

The temporary no parking zone will be effect from Wednesday, September 12, 2012 until March 31, 2013.

11th Anniversary Of September 11, 2001 World Trade Center Tower Attack - Do You Remember?

Here's what the World Trade Center attacks looked like from Roosevelt Island on September 11, 2001.

Main Street WIRE Image Of Smoke From World Trade Center Attack by Vicki Feinmel/Linda Heimer

Below is the Roosevelt Island 9/11 Remembrance Garden

Images of Roosevelt Island's Remembrance Garden

and the plaque that honors those Roosevelt Islanders who died in the terrorist attack:
Ed Beyea,
Anthony J. Fallone,
Taimour Khan,
Scott Larsen,
Kevin J. Smith and the firefighters who were based on Roosevelt Island
Deputy Chief Ray Downey,
Deputy Chief Charlie Kasper,
Battalion Chief John Moran, and
Battalion Chief John Paolillo.

In previous years, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) and Roosevelt Island Residents Associations (RIRA) jointly held an annual 9/11 Memorial Service on the anniversary of that terrible day. But not this year. During the September RIRA Common Council Meeting, it was announced that last year's 10th Anniversary 9/11 Remembrance was the last one but it was unclear who made that decision (The NY Times has an article today on communities scaling back there 9/11 Commemorations this year).

Here's more on the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks from previous posts including this memory from Roosevelt Island Historical Society President Judy Berdy:
It was a time that we all just came together. At some point we went to the firehouse and found the firefighters had no fresh food. We went to Gristedes and got them some food. Some folks put up signs in the elevators of the apt. houses and soon the firehouse was overwhelmed by generous islanders. It was such a show of gererousity. One day we went by and the new equipment was pouring in from all over the country.

The islanders seemed to all be in Trellis. No one wanted to go home. We all knew the victims. It was our family.

We put a table out on the Saturday after the event and had posterboard and markers for people to write their thoughts. We bought 4 sheets of posterboard and ended up with 13 sheets, that hung in the store windows afterwards....
and a first hand, moment by moment view of the attack. Be advised, that this video is very disturbing so you may not want to watch it.

You Tube Video Of 9/11 World Trade Center Attack

What an awful day.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Attempted Robbery At Roosevelt Island's 455 Main Street Riverwalk Building Early This Morning

View Larger Map

Earlier today, I asked Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Director Keith Guerra:

According to the Public Safety Report for
9/10 - 0511 - 455 Main St - Attempted Robbery - NYPD on scene no injuries
Please provide additional details as to what happened. Was a weapon involved, the ages of the victim and Robber, what was attempted to be robbed, was the incident inside 455 building, on the Riverwalk Commons or on Main Street as well as any other relevant information.

Thank you.
RIOC's Press Spokesperson replied:
We can tell you that the incident was outside of the building. As the report says, it occurred at 5:11 and there were no injuries.

NYPD Emergency Service Unit Rescue Drill On Roosevelt Island Tram - With the FEMA and Canine Unit Too

Image of NYPD ESU and Police Dog From The Daily You Tube Video

Reported previously on NYPD and FDNY emergency Roosevelt Island Tram Rescue Drills.

The Daily got an up close and personal view of the NYPD Emergency Services Unit practicing rescue drills on the Roosevelt Island Tram last week. Here's what happened.

You Tube Video of NYPD Canine Unit Roosevelt Island Tram Resuce Drills

More from The Daily on NYPD Emergency Service Unit here.

Be Careful If You Feed Roosevelt Island Squirrels - They Can Bite

Be careful if you try to feed a Roosevelt Island squirrel. Received the following message from a Roosevelt Island resident today:
I was bitten by a squirrel on Friday. My wife and I were feeding them nuts when I bent over to pick up something on the ground. One ran over and jumped on my hand and nipped me... not a severe bite, but enough to draw blood. I must have startled him or he mistook me for taking his nuts, it is a behavior I see them display among themselves. The dominate one tend to think all the nuts are his and chase the others away. I washed it and everything, called the health department and they said squirrels don't carry rabies. Then Saturday night I heard about the squirrel deaths and became worried. I assume they tested those for rabies.

What is your take on this. The island is isolated and there have been no reports of rabid animals on the island for at least the past 6 years.
I am not aware of any Roosevelt Island rabies incidents involving squirrels or other animals but suggested that the resident contact Public Safety just to be safe.

The resident reported back:
They seem tame but are still wild animals. I don't think it was trying to bite me, it is not a puncture wound, just a minor cut. I found out another individual on the island was bitten awhile ago, and hers was a deep puncture. Her problem was she was trying to hand feed the squirrel, I just toss the nuts to them.

I called the health department looked it up on the CDC's website and everything came back as Squirrels do not carry rabies...

You Tube Video of Roosevelt Island Black Squirrel (not the squirrel from this incident)

More information on the Roosevelt Island dead squirrels found on the Southtown lawn last July at this previous post.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Roosevelt Landings Robbery, Westview Larceny and More Roosevelt Island Public Safety Incidents From September 1 - 7

I asked Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Director Keith Guerra:
The 9/5 Public Safety Report indicates:
9/5 -2229 - 560 Main St - Robbery - Victim Can ID Subjects - NYPD on scene
Please provide additional information including if the incident occurred on the street or in the building, time of day, was the victim an adult or child, how many subjects were involved in the robbery, what was the item stolen, were there any injuries as well as any other relevant information.

Does 2229 indicate the time of the incident as being 10:29 PM?
RIOC's Press Spokesperson replied
The incident occurred inside the building at 10:29pm (time is listed in military time) and there were no injuries.
I also asked Mr. Guerra:
Please provide additional information regarding the larceny report described below.

9/02 - 1840 - 625 Main St - Larceny - NYPD/PSD on Scene

Thank you.
RIOC's Press Spokesperson replied
We can tell you that there were no injuries in this incident.
Below are the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Incident Reports for September 1 -7.

9/6/12-7:00 AM to 9/7/12-7:00 AM

9/7 - 0400 - 510 Main St - Found property - Property Secured in PSD.

9/6 - 2259 - 694 Main St - Operating Vehicle with Suspended Licence. PSD Arrested Subject.

9/6 - 2020 - 888 Main St - Aided - Male Transported to local hospital.

9/6 - 0430 - 900 Main St - Missing Person/Aided - Hospital Police on scene.

9/6 - 0930 - 516 Main St - Found Property - Property Secured in PSD.

9/6 - 1200 - 546 Main St - Criminal Mischief - Damages repaired by cable company.

9/5/12-7:00 AM to 9/6/12-7:00 AM

9/5 - 1300 - 510 Main St - Family Concerns (Daughter/Mother) - Referred to NYPD

9/5 - 1900 - Adj 888 Main St - Found Property - Owner retrieved the property

9/5 - 2114 - 455 Main St - Lost Property (Off Island) - Referred to NYPD

9/5 -2229 - 560 Main St - Robbery - Victim Can ID Subjects - NYPD on scene

9/5 - 2259 - Known To The Dept. - Child Abuse Inter Family - Referred to NYPD/ ACS

9/6 - 0430 - 900 Main St - Missing Patient - Search made negative results.

9/4/12-7:00 AM to 9/5/12-7:00 AM

9/4 - 1400 - 510 Main St - Unsecured Door - PSD secured door

9/4 - 1405 - 688 Main St - Unsecured Vehicle - PSD secured vehicle

9/4 - 1450 - 510 Main St - Unsecured Mail - Mailman secured mail

9/4 - 1905 - 546 Main St - Aided - EMS Refused/ No injuries

9/4 - 1925 - 510 main St - Water leak - UA Corrected condition

9/4 - 2125 - F/O 1 Main St - Verbal Dispute - PSD corrected condition

9/5 - 0100 - 900 Main St - Missing Patient - Search made negative results

9/5 - 0500 - 531 Main St - Aided - EMS refused/ No Injuries

9/5 - 0600 - 510 Main St - Dispute - NYPD on scene - condition corrected

9/5 - 0630 - 300 Main St - Alarm - Referred to Tram Supervisor

9/3/12-7:00 AM to 9/4/12-7:00 AM

9/3 - 1205 - 560 Main St - Aided - Removed to hospital
9/3 - 1800 - 580 Main St - Found Property - Owner retrieved property
9/4 - 0630 - 531 Main St - Aided - EMS refused- No Injuries

9/2/12-7:00 AM to 9/3/12-7:00 AM

9/02 - 0957 - 560 Main St Aided - Removed to the hospital

9/02 - 1400 - Unsecured door - Door secured

9/02 - 1500 - S/O 1 Main St - Trespassing - PSD arrested subject

9/02 - 1515 - 580 Main St - Verbal Dispute - No Injuries

9/02 - 1840 - 625 Main St - Larceny - NYPD/PSD on Scene

9/02 - 2039 - 546 Main St - Gas Leak - UA corrected condition

9/02 - 2230 - 10 River Rd - Found Property - PSD secured property

9/1/12-7:00 AM to 9/2/12-7:00 AM

09/01 - 0945 - Found Property - Secured at PSD

09/01 - 1220 - Harassment - No injuries

09/01 - 1425 - Harassment - No injuries

09/01 - 2015 - Shoplifter - Search made with negative results
The Daily Public Safety Reports are listed on sidebar.